Bank run on American and western banks imminent

 The desperadoes in Washington have slammed in the last nail to the coffins of American and western banks, including the banks of allies and lackey countries with their reckless and thoughtless freezing and confiscating of Russian assets and funds, including deposits of rich individual Russians. This callous and senseless breach of faith has destroyed all confidence in American and western banks and all their associates. Which country would still dare to put money into these banks? Which individuals would still think their monies would be safe in the hands of white men and their lackeys?

The Middle Eastern countries, African, Latin American and Asian countries, including those in Southeast Asia, are all potential targets to have their assets and monies supposedly kept in the safe hands of the white men would now be shivering in their pants.  When would it be their turn to have their monies seized by the white men?  They would all be panicking and thinking seriously where to park their money safely and when to move them out quickly from the American and western banks. And if they are to pull out their deposits, in what currency would they be converted to for their own protection. 

If there is a bank run in American banks and western banks, the American dollar and Euro would likely be hit badly and their values would also take a nose dive. The daily barrage to discredit Chinese banks may now sound hollow and AIIB, Bric banks and major Chinese banks and the yuan may now look safer and more attractive a bet.

How much money would flow out of America and Europe and how many would be seeking new safe havens is still in the making but surely a big sum would flee America and Europe. Not only the American and western banks would lose customers and favours, the American SWIFT banking system would also be questionable. It's reliability is no longer a guarantee and could be weaponised anytime against any country, hijacked by the white gangsters to serve their political interests.

This rash and desperate act of the Americans have upset the whole international banking and finance system and the value of the US dollar. The Americans did not see the nuclear bomb they have set off in the financial world. Their exceptionalism to do as they pleased with no concern for the interests of the rest of the world means payback time. They are no longer trustworthy, their banks are hellholes of pirates, bandits and mafias.

It is the end of American hegemony, American dollar, American banks and banking system. It is the end of the American Empire, dismantled and destroyed by the Americans themselves. The rest of the world would be seeking a new system to replace everything American and western.

Thanks and no thanks to the idiots in Washington, a brave new world and a new world order would rise from the ashes of this Ukraine debacle. The world would not be the same again.

Good riddance to the evil American Empire.


Virgo49 said...


Good morning Mr RB and All

For a starter this interesting topic as discussed.

How far are we from the internationalisation of Chinese Yuan


Anonymous said...

Gold run like good old 80s?

Anonymous said...

Gold got destroyed throughout the good old 80s.

You mean 1973-1981.

And if you haven't been holding gold over the last 10 yrs, it's very unlikely you'll ever hold gold in any substantial amounts for the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

The US and its Western allies always slander China of possible "debt" trap.

Now the rest of the world have seen and woken up to the real dangers of the West's "monetary reserves" trap.

Singapore has undermined confidence on its reliability as a global financial center after it obediently follows the West to impose sanctions on Russian banks.

Anonymous said...

US banks are the strongest group of banks in the world now. All banks are shitty -- it's just that US banks are less shitty.

The best proven assets for the long term is quality stocks/companies, followed by productive property (e.g. farmland, industrial, commercial) in certain countries.

Most other things are either shit or too fucking volatile.
Including SGD, RMB, USD -- they are good for short term, not long term.

Anonymous said...

Really? Before the financial crisis, all American banks were reporting billions of dollars of profits every year.

When the crisis hit, all went belly up, winding up unless US government save them by pumping in money. How come? From making billions to losing many more billions? Cooking the book all the time?

Any company or country that pay excessively are being robbed, daylight robbery, legitimate until they cannot afford to pay. Think money so easy to make in the billions?

Beware of banksters. When things are too good to be true, it ain't going to be true.

When countries are claiming to be very rich but everyday raising taxes, it means something is not right. Raising taxes to cover some big holes.

Anonymous said...

Heard of Gold bullion trap? Sent gold bullions to the US for safe keeping. So safe until cannot see and cannot take back. Where have the gold bullions gone?

Anonymous said...

Now rumour has it that US will turn off GPS for those countries that are either fence-sitting or helping Russia avoid sanctions:


China is prepping BeiDou satellite system to replace GPS..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. The Americans are becoming a joke. What they are doing is to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. The sanction becomes a sanction by the world against themselves. They are retreating from the rest of the world in so doing.

Quick America, cut of the GPS. China is all ready to replace them with Beidou, just like China is replacing all the American businesses in Russia and saying good riddance to the American businesses.

Don't come back. If you do come back, there will be nothing left for you. There is no place for Americans, Europeans and American lackeys in the Russian market.

Anonymous said...

Trump should offer to build the Great Wall of America to keep out all the countries from doing business with America.

Anonymous said...

More crap stories about our fav topic aka Covid 19:


'Dr. Chetty’s grand discovery, and his conclusion, were that the COVID virus was not the pathogen. It did cause an infection but our immune system was strong enough to fight it off. But after that, the debris left behind by the 8th day caused allergic reactions and it was this that was killing people. The spike protein was the primary pathogen and this was responsible for the illness, hospitalisations and deaths. For those who were not allergic to the spike protein, their body would clear it away, but for those who were allergic, and if the allergy were severe, it could kill them. It’s the same as a bee sting; most people have only an itch while a few will obtain a body rash that requires some time to abate. But if your allergy is severe, you will die without immediate treatment. He noted also that a study in China found a very high correlation between allergic markers and the spike protein, confirming that his diagnosis had been correct and that it was not the virus but a severe allergy to the spike protein that was responsible for the injuries and deaths.'

'With his suspicion from the start that they were dealing with a lab-made virus, he wrote an article on what he had learned about treating the virus, and “that was where the trouble started”. He said in his article that if people applied the early treatment, then the use of an mRNA vaccine developed hastily and rushed to market would be unnecessary. He shared his findings with everyone who came to mind, beginning with the President of South Africa, various government members, and the country’s health systems. They all ignored him. He sent his findings to all the hospitals and labs, with the same result. He also sent it to every doctor he knew, with somewhat better results.

In an attempt to gain more traction for what he had learned about COVID, Dr. Chetty submitted his paper to “every publication I could find”. All refused to publish it, usually on the grounds that they needed the copyright or they published only from subscribers. He said that when his government and health officials ignored him and the medical journals chose to “cherry-pick” vital scientific health knowledge, he knew he was dealing with a vast “collusion”. And when he considered the political drama with HCQ, the sanitation measures, all the media hype and misinformation, the so-called “medical experts” advising his government, the intense push for vaccines, he knew there was “a bigger plan in play” and that the virus had to have been a deliberately-released lab creation.'

Anonymous said...

US will soon target China companies & billionaires doing biz in Russia. Don't think no big deal. Look at Huawei, only a shadow of its former self. Who here still buying Huawei phones???

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

The chances of a bank run in the US happening are virtually negligible. If it happened, it'll last a few days, no longer than a week at the most.

The American Banksters Criminal Organisation is the most powerful in the world, and they hold all the strongest hand---which is why they are trying to BAN Bitcoin.

The US has a money-printer which can go Brrrr... to "bailout" its "friends". every time the US market collapses, billionaires pick up "distressed assets" CHEAP, and end up becoming RICHER, whilst the average Jo is wiped out. He defaults on his debt, loses his house, job and sometimes his life due to stress or suicide.

The Banksters OTOH reward themselves with bonuses, and no one goes to jail.

Everyone who isn't in the Bankster's exclusive club HATES the USD and if they hold US debt, good luck...you'll be paid back with printed money worth far less than the amount you loaned to the US Treasury. So what do they do? Buy US stocks which has driven the market to eye-watering levels.

Now there's been a crash in certain sectors, people are soaking up all the "cheap stuff". But energy, war stocks, financials, and commodities are already sky-high and going higher.

So "little people" have a choice: do they jump in and "do like the billionaires, banksters and the military-industrial-political complex" and thus reap nice profits or do they sit around and COMPLAIN about how UNFAIR the world is?

Your life, you choose lah.😂

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why everyone, including many locals are jumping on the bandwagon to raise funds to help the Ukrainians refugees.

Not saying it isn't a good thing or the Ukrainians don't require help, but from what I understand the Ukrainian refugees are the best treated of all in the western countries they sought refuge in as compared to those from the global south . They have got free food, good decent accomodation and even free transport.

Shouldn't funds be raised to really help those in real need especially the women and children in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Palestinians etc? Go to YT and see some PRC nationals are on the ground buying food and essentials to many children and families in these countries who couldn't even afford basics for their daily existence. Since they have no help from the West with US even sanctioning and took part of Afghan reserves, shouldn't people in non white countries like Singapore prioritise in helping them first? The Europeans certainly know how to take care of their very own.

Anonymous said...

The bananas think they are white . .

Anonymous said...

US Senators are to discuss freezing Russian gold assets with US Treasury Secretary Yellen, according to Axios

Anonymous said...

Bananas read English media and easily swayed by them. English media say laugh, they laugh, say cry, they cry.

English media say Ukrainians blue eyes, so nice yet so pitiful. Quick help. So they help.

English media condemn the Arabs and Muslims, they also condemn Arabs and Muslims.

English media say Chinese are bad, they also say Chinese are bad. They don't have anything in between their ears, only than semen.

Anonymous said...

Americans are so lucky. Everything is free to them.

Took the continent of North America from the native Indians for free.

Hunt black Africans to work as slave for free and got free entertainment from them.

Got free money from petrol dollars.

Now want to take free gold and money from the Russians. But they forgot Russians also got big big nuclear bombs. Want to bully the Russians? Want to rob the Russians?

Wait for payback time.

Virgo49 said...

The Americunts can sanctioned the Russians, the PRCs, the North Koreans and Iran etc but they don't give them a damn.

Soon, they be boomberang and killed themselves.

MOT their own very civilized barbarians would riots and kills their own with their unbearing costs of living.

They cannot bear hardships like those sanctioned countries.

Anonymous said...

I guess the collapse of Lehman Bros has been forgotten. If not for the help from the USA Government using taxpayers money to bail out the big banks, many more banks would have fallen and taken the whole world economy with it.

Never say never again. This time, with the hundreds of trillions in derivatives swimming in the books of the big banks, saving them is beyond the ability of the USA Government even if it wants to or be forced to.

So, if you do not believe, no proof is possible. If you believe, no proof is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Did they helped or bothered to do something for the Afghans, Iraqis or Syrians?

Or they did not know because the western media would not report on them, not worthy because not blue eyes?

Hillary Clinton even laughed about how they were killed in the thousands and called them war collateral, not human beans. Killing them meant nothing.

Anonymous said...

They don't lie. They only cooked the books.

They are not involved in money laundering. They just let it happened.

Virgo49 said...

Ya later on those NOT on good terms with UassA and kena sanctioned and this little lap skunk also have to follow his Masters Wishes and sanctioned.

So all those SMART ones better parked some where safer.

Will be an avalance withdrawals.

Anonymous said...

Countries May Cut Dollar Holdings After Russian Reserves Frozen – IMF

Global economies will be rethinking how safe it is to rely on the US dollar in their foreign currency holdings, the deputy head of the International Monetary Fund, Gita Gopinath, said on Tuesday.

The statement comes after half of Russia’s forex holdings were effectively confiscated by international financial institutions amid sanctions placed on Moscow following the launch of its military operation in Ukraine.

“We are likely to see some countries reconsidering how much they hold of certain currencies in their reserves,” she stated in an interview with Foreign Policy magazine.

China is holding USD1,060.1 billion of US Treasury securities as at end-Jan 2022, second only to Japan which is holding USD1,303.1 billion. Singapore ranks 15th highest, holding USD192.5 billion.

Virgo49 said...

All these Financial Expurts talked only of their SMART SMART ways of making monies from stocks, properties and etc as though they are Peter Lim.

Peter Lim made his fortune at the right plave and at the right time and made a quick exit.

You think he is still punting for all his balance WEALTH.

These are actually the parasites who don't work an honest day for an honest day wage as heralded by LKY.

Think so easy to make such quick bucks. Nobody needed to work anymore.

Had seen kaikis lost all their CPF's savings in these quick get rich schemes and now still at aged 70 plus still have to work like a dog.

Chop Hoo Thye is a fine example.

Virgo49 said...


Biological labs of UAssA created COVID 19 as a biological weapon : Russian experts.

Anonymous said...

Logically countries would have seen what has happened to Afghan and Russian assets being seized by the Mafia, and could not be nonchalant about it. They probably are discreetly shifting their wealth away from the reach of such highly erratic and crazy 'robbing hoods'.

But how fast and how much, the MSM would never reveal truthfully for sure.

Anonymous said...

Big investors with big assets will take time to move out of USA and the West. It is not as simple as transferring money.

By the way, those big USA and EU companies are said to want to cease operations in Russia with immediate effect, which means abandoning all their assets over there, which they built up over decades? That is a massive loss for sure and China is moving in fast on the big 'fire sale' going on in Russia. Wonder who is laughing all the way to the bank?

You know, Japan and South Korea must be kicking themselves silly for being classified as unfriendly countries of Russia, otherwise they will be among the first to move in to enjoy the 'fire sale' as well.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, sanctions are coming for China companies & biz owners.

Singapore's $200B of US treasuries is kuching kurak compared to our overall reserves. We have total of US$1.5 trillion & is growing larger each year.




Anonymous said...

Pay us in Roubles, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday Russia would start selling gas to “unfriendly” countries in roubles, after a freeze on Russia’s assets by foreign nations had destroyed Moscow’s trust.

“Russia will continue, of course, to supply natural gas in accordance with volumes and prices...fixed in previously concluded contracts,” Putin said at a televised meeting with top government ministers.

“The changes will only affect the currency of payment, which will be changed to Russian roubles,” he said.

Putin said the government and central bank had one week to come up with a solution on how to move these operations to the Russian currency and that gas giant Gazprom would be ordered to make the corresponding changes to gas contracts.

As of Jan 27, Gazprom’s sales of natural gas to Europe and other countries were primarily settled in euros, at approximately 58 per cent.

“An understandable and transparent procedure of making payments should be created for (all foreign buyers), including acquiring Russian roubles on our domestic currency market,” Putin said.

Anonymous said...

The president explained that Russia plans to abandon all “compromised” currencies in payment settlements. He added that illegitimate decisions by a number of Western countries to freeze Russia’s assets destroyed all confidence in their currencies.

"It doesn't make sense to deliver our goods to the EU and the US and get paid in dollars and euros," Putin added.

Anonymous said...

Russia still keeps US treasuries? That is news to me! Tell me how much S$ did Russia keep as well.

Anonymous said...

USED TO KEEP. Doesn't matter now. All confiscated. S'pore using the confiscated SGD to give you extra GST vouchers.

Virgo49 said...

Out of Topic-Apology

Now sering George Galloway Talk Show and one caller from Germany commented that Bidamn's visit to Europe is on the Topic of "Taiwan" on the Agenda.

Oh mad and senile old man strring shits again to have chaos in Asia.

Desperado of a dying Empire.

Anonymous said...

And we are seeing the roubles strengthening again. The West is deluded to think they could break Russia with sanctions and even talk of threatening to do the same to China if they helped Russia militarily.

Laughable given China's economy is many times bigger and top trading nation with more than 120 countries.

Anonymous said...

Biden and the west would like tk take care of their pawn Taiwan in their strategic comfrontation with China.

If you watch Tsai Ingwen. She is always quick to send her sycophantic condolence and support to US,Japan or any western country when there is any mishap or natural disaster but keeping mum about the airline crash in China. A real white and Jap asskisser and a useful idiot.

Anonymous said...

Getting rob by the Safe-keeper of the Money entrusted.

Anonymous said...

PetroRouble has just been launched:

Reuters) -The Russian rouble briefly leapt to a three-week high past 95 against the dollar on Wednesday in Moscow, before settling close to 100, after President Vladimir Putin said Russia would start selling its gas to "unfriendly countries" in roubles. The potential ramifications of that move, which Putin ordered his government to sort out in one week, could boost the Russian currency, with a host of European countries still dependent on Moscow for much of their energy supplies.


Anonymous said...

'The Belligerent Imbeciles: Fools Drag the West Down the Path of Poverty and War'


Anonymous said...

Russia already dumped all their USA treasuries years ago. Confiscate what/ The Russian fart?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.55

The other time NO choice as international trading and have to park at the Gangsters Coffers.

Now awaken they chow kars so MOT they all know what's to do.


Anonymous said...

Russia does not need US$ for oil from the Middle East. They have all the oil they need.

Germany is said to be in talks with Qatar for gas and oil, but do they have a pipeline to deliver to Germany? Buying liquified gas shipped to Germany is going to cost a bomb. Probably five to ten times more expensive than Russian gas. All the same, whether from USA or Middle East, the gas and oil will sink the Bismarck.

Poke the Russian Bear some more and see what happens. Russia has not cut off Nord Stream 1 yet.

Pentilium5 said...

One thing for sure, the entire world going to love vodkas

Anonymous said...

By 2027 Europe will be independent of Russia oil & gas. By 2030 the world will only need 1/2 the current amount of oil & gas. Countries depending only on selling oil & gas without other innovations will die a slow death.

Anonymous said...

T. Agee Kaye
The Russians can cite Gresham's law. Successive American administrations have transformed the US dollar into "bad money". None moreso that the current Biden Administration. When a currency becomes too risky to hold, its value goes to zero. Today, the risk of holding dollars is too great. Even Americans are awakening to this. No longer is the dollar the currency of peace and the guarantor of commerce. Today it is a weapon wielded by ideologues against the very people who hold it! Many of them Americans. It is no longer being used to promote trade but to restrict it; it is no longer the guarantee of future wealth but the theft of it. In this context, demanding rubles for oil makes sense. It promotes expanded trade and increases value.