U.S. frenzied fear of losing its number one position to China is lunacy, hysterical and irrational.

      The United States had inherited the mantle of British brutal colonialism and imperialism. It went further than the British in its barbaric treatment of the natives who were subjected to wanton atrocities and merciless tortures to fulfill their colonial demands of taking over native lands, resources and properties.

There are many facets of American imperialism in which it has persistently pursued to achieve its number one world power status. They involve political control and governance, the military dominance, economic control, trade and finance and monetary control, use of illegal toxic sanctions and blockades. 

Let's take a look into British imperialism and colonialism which was later followed by the Americans. British savage aggression and expansion into China from the 1830s to 1940s corrupted Chinese society adversely. Chinese culture was greatly affected and compromised by the introduction of toxic Christian religious doctrine and Western immoral acts and behaviour. British and Western speculative land deals in China had altered the Chinese countryside adversely to the benefit of the Western occupation powers. Everywhere the British went be it in India, Africa, Malaya or elsewhere it was the same operandi of exploitation as if it was the natural order of things. 

The British colonialists did not care to learn local languages and customs though they did teach the natives English out of utility necessity. They built churches to cater to their own kind of Christian believers. They invariably tried to subvert the natives religious beliefs and their local deities. They eradicated local customs and religious practice and social norms of behaviour without anything better to offer.

The British imperialist and the West would always bring their own business practices which they expected the natives to follow and their own goods or merchandise to be traded. They brought their own laws and imposed the same strictly on the native peoples. 

Of course with their presence the British and Western colonialists even brought their own diseases like influenza, small pox, veneral diseases, gonorrhoea and other European diseases which soon scourge the local populations. 

When the British imperialists could not get their own way with the natives they resorted to rule the natives by treachery of dividing the natives. They sow dissensions among the natives by pitting tribes against other tribes, clans against clans and religion against religion. When all the aforementioned failed they brought in their military, their troops and gunboats to impose their dictatorship on the natives. They would never hesitate to kill, murder, assassinate  and massacre the natives to get what they wanted and to impose their rigid control and hegemony as savage imperial power. In short they never care to show their barbaric power to rule by force.

The Anglo-Saxon  British imperial empire had set the way of stringent barbaric imperial rule over conquered lands and peoples  by killings, massacres and genocides  and the evil mantle of which was later to be inherited by its descendants the even more savage and wicked Anglo-Saxon American Empire.

The barbaric United States was founded in 1776 as a breakaway entity from the evil British Empire. It inherited all the evil traits and mal practices of the British imperialist and colonialist. From day one of its founding it had already prepared in detail its ambition of taking over the whole of North America by invading the hundreds of native American states and by invading large swathes of Mexico territories. To ensure white Anglo-Saxon permanent occupation of these new invaded territories the United States went on a spree of weeding out all native American Indian population through massive killings, massacres and genocides.

In 1823 President Monroe instituted the diabolical Monroe Doctrine to let US exercise full absolute control of all Latin America countries. Under the Monroe Doctrine all foreign countries especially the continental European countries were not allowed to trade or sign any treaty with any of the Latin American countries except through permission from Washington. All trade, import and export of Latin American countries must first obtain permission from Washington which would have first charge of custom and excise duties on all products imported or exported. This was imperial United States practice of extra territoriality and hegemony which turned all Latin America countries into American semi-colonies. The United States enforced the Monroe Doctrine by means of its powerful military.

Of course all the while there were strong oppositions to US imperialism. It was only after the Second World War that  Latin America countries were able to get rid of the toxic Monroe Doctrine. Even then the evil United States has never ceased to interfere with the sovereign rights of the Latin American countries for it always interfered militarily with their internal affairs often through subterfuge, subversion, military coups and brutal regime change.

The United States had similarly tried to impose its imperialism on China since the late 1918 to late 1940s and even to this day. In 1918 US ganged up with the European powers to hand over the Chinese province of Shangtung to Japan. Then in the 1930s to early 1940s it connived and colluded with England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and Japan to carve off enclaves or concessions in many Chinese ports and cities to be controlled exclusively by them under their extraterritorial rights thus reducing China to be a semi-colony of these foreign powers. 

However, in 1949 China under the Chinese Communist Party led by Chairman Mao Tse-tung and his comrades was able to throw off the yoke of Western and Japanese imperialism and established the Peoples Repunlic of China in Beijing on 1st October, 1949. 

However, after the establishment of the PRC the US continued to interfere in China's internal affairs. With the defeat of Chiang Kai-shek in the Chinese civil war, the US helped ferried over a million of Chiang's followers and soldiers to Taiwan to continue to harass mainland China. The US Seventh Fleet stationed in the Taiwan Straits prevented the PRC from liberating Taiwan which was occupied by Japan in 1895 but restored to China legally after the Second World War via the Potsdam Treaty.

From 1973 to early 1980s America entered into some sort of peaceful detente with China when it felt threatened by the military might of Soviet Russia. The United States under three joint communiques with China recognized 'Taiwan' as an integral Chinese sovereign territory and that there is only Óne China' in which the island of Taiwan belongs to. The United  Nations Organisation and the United States as well as the 180 over countries in the world recognize the PRC -- The People's Republic of China as the sole government of China.

In the meantime China was busy labouring very hard to build up its shattered economy after more than a century of wars imposed on her by the Western countries and Japan which was followed by their relentless extreme diabolical exploitation that impoverished China to no end and reduced her to a dilapidated pauper state. 

In the interim period of a more peaceful environment from end of 1980s to 2015 China's reconstruction proceeded at a very rapid tremendous pace  in all spheres of economic activities, in industries and manufacturing, in trade and commerce, science and technology, high tech, infrastructures, space technology, cyber , internet, 5G and 6G. 

The West especially the United States  watch at China's phenomenal rise with neurotic fear and consternation. How can a non-white country be a ble to achieve so much in so short a time. No, China must not be allowed to continue with such phenomenal advancement. Thus the US which looks at China's rise with jaundiced eyes has decided to kick in the Wolfowitz Doctrine against China. And that is China's development must be stopped at all cost in its path and China must be destroyed for the US will not allow China to become as rich and powerful as the United States and to grow in status either as a regional or global power to challenge America. This is America's utter arrogance which demands a challenge from the world especially from Russia and China.

That is a sort of insidious doctrine that poses a threat not only to China but to the whole world and yes to US itself. The evil US is so illogically consumed with false ego that it is the world's only superpower and no matter what it wants to preserve its primacy, supremacy and hegemony over every other country. The United States now seems intent on no holes barred confrontation against Russia and China, both powerful nuclear armed states. It looks at China's peaceful rise with hysterical neurotic fear that it has been provoking China endlessly with naval and jet fighters incursions into China's coastlines and airspace. Further it tries to contain China's peaceful development with a multitude of diabolical factors. It carries out a trade war with China and impose unreasonable  technological sanctions against Chinese companies and Chinese professionals. It intentionally creates endless tensions in the Taiwan Straits by violating the three joint communiques. It is also misleading its puppets like Japan, South Korea and Australia as pawns and frontline provocateurs under its mafia gang blocs QUAD, ANKUS and whatever to go against China. All these nefarious and diabolical activities will not bring a good end to the United States. America is extremely irrational and is now behaving like a beheaded dying cockerel strutting violently in its last moments of life.

China has made it very clear that its strive for progress and development is to bring a better life and living for all Chinese people and citizens. China has no interest to displace US as the world's policeman or its number one position in the world. So why is the evil United States so uptight and unreasonable and still has frenzied fear of China and in wanting to provoke and draw China out for confrontation and conflict in an unnecessary nuclear war. 

A nuclear war between nuclear powers like US, Russia and China poses a threat to the end of mankind and must never be allowed to happen. Hopefully the  warmongers in Washington, Wall Street and Pentagon will wake up to this lethal danger and change their ways and thinking to walk a more peaceful path before it is too late.


Monday, 1st November, 2022


Picking political allies, friends or relatives to top leaders

Many western media reported that Xi Jinping has consolidated his power and appointed his allies into the Politburo Standing Committee, which is the top decision making body of the Communist Party of China.

I find this narrative to be dishonest.

The above is a comment by Tan Kin Lian in his article posted in TRE. Tan Kin Lian said all political leaders did the same thing.

How many people agree or disagree with him? Is this a practice only in China? Did Singapore practise the same? Oops, let's not use Singapore for this discussion. Let's use the USA. Did the Americans practise the same, the President of USA appointing his allies to top positions? Did Biden do it? Did Trump do it?

In the case of Trump, I think he did not. This is not western practice as it portends some kind of corruption of power.  And Trump did not do it, or he did a bit of it. Trump only appointed his family members into power, his son in law, his daughter and dunno who. And this is different from appointing his allies like Bannon, Bolton and the likes. This is nepotism. Which is more serious? Appointing allies or family members? Or appointing allies plus family members?

Why is this an issue when Xi appointed his 'allies' who are top leaders that rose from the ranks and have proven themselves and had worked with Xi before? From another perspective, Xi had seen them worked and tested them and thus trusted them and their abilities. Xi needs able and trusted men to work with him when he is making decisions that affect the whole country of 1.4b people.

Where did Trump or Biden picked their allies from, other than family members? Many of them were not tested in government, some were just salesmen or koyok sellers from God knows where.

The Chinese system of picking able men that have proven themselves and handpicked by the President is a much better and meritorcratic system that the American system of anyhow pick anyone from anywhere, even from the bedroom.

What do you think?

Covid19 - Who is lying and why are they lying?

 'A Closer Look At The COVID Mortality Rate'

'One of the most consistent efforts made by “experts” during the early stages of the pandemic was to attempt to impress on the public that COVID was an extremely deadly disease.'

'While “experts” could be forgiven for being unsure about the death rate of a brand new illness with very little data available, the fear-mongering and world-altering policy enacted based on these estimates has caused incalculable damage.

It’s now widely known and accepted that these estimates were wildly incorrect, off by orders of magnitude.'

'But a new paper out from one of the world’s leading experts confirms that they were off even more than we previously realized.

John Ioannidis is one of the nation’s leading public health experts, employed at Stanford University as Professor of Medicine in Stanford Prevention Research, of Epidemiology and Population Health,” as well as “of Statistics and Biomedical Data Science.”'

'He also took part in the infamous seroprevalence study conducted in Santa Clara County, led by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.

That examination, which looked at antibody prevalence in the San Jose area, came to the conclusion that COVID was already significantly more widespread by March and April 2020 than most people realized.

This had wide-ranging implications, but the most important revelation was that the estimates of COVID’s mortality rate used by “scientists” and the WHO were almost certainly much too high.'

'Ioannidis and his co-writers reviewed 40 national seroprevalence studies that covered 38 countries to come to determine their estimates of infection fatality rate for the overwhelming majority of people.'

'So what did they find?

The median infection fatality rate for those aged 0–59 was 0.035 percent.

This represents 86 percent of the global population and the survival rate for those who were infected with COVID pre-vaccination was 99.965 percent.'

'For those aged 0–69, which covers 94 percent of the global population, the fatality rate was 0.095 percent, meaning the survival rate for nearly 7.3 billion people was 99.905 percent.

Those survival rates are obviously staggeringly high, which already creates frustration that restrictions were imposed on all age groups, when focused protection for those over 70 or at significantly elevated risk would have been a much more preferable course of action.'

'The researchers broke down the demographics into smaller buckets, showing the increase in risk amongst older populations, and conversely, how infinitesimal the risk was amongst younger age groups.

Ages 60–69, fatality rate 0.501 percent, survival rate 99.499 percent
Ages 50–59, fatality rate 0.129 percent, survival rate 99.871 percent
Ages 40–49, fatality rate 0.035 percent survival rate 99.965 percent
Ages 30–39, fatality rate 0.011 percent, survival rate 99.989 percent
Ages 20–29, fatality rate 0.003 percent, survival rate 99.997 percent
Ages 0–19, fatality rate 0.0003 percent, survival rate 99.9997 percent'

These numbers are astounding and reassuringly low, across the board.

Yet now we have another piece of evidence suggesting that the initial WHO estimates were off by 99 percent for 94 percent of the world’s population.

'If sanity and intellectual honesty still existed, these estimates would be front page news for every major media outlet in the world.

Instead, because the media and their allies in the tech, corporate, and political classes promoted and encouraged lockdowns and restrictions while censoring dissent, it’s ignored.'

Link to article:


But they’re almost nonexistent for children. 


Rishi Sunak - Calls for Indian PM gets louder

“Will Rishi Sunak’s rise in UK prompt soul-searching in Chinese-majority Singapore?” asked South China Morning Post writer Dewey Sim, who also pointed out that the country’s top leaders have all been of Chinese descent, as is Finance Minister Lawrence Wong, who has been designated to succeed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong....

...when asked by Assistant Professor Walid Jumblatt Abdullah of NTU’s School of Social Sciences’ public policy and global affairs programme, “Is it Singapore who is not ready for a non-Chinese prime minister, or is it the PAP (the ruling People’s Action Party) who is not ready for a non-Chinese prime minister?”

Mr Heng said, “My own experience in walking the ground, in working with different people from all walks of life, is that the views — if you go by age and by life experience — would be very different.”

The above comments were from an article in theindependent.sg titled 'Netizen: ‘Will Sunak’s rise in UK (as 1st Indian PM) prompt soul-searching in Chinese-majority Singapore?’'

The struggle for an Indian PM in Singapore has been going on for quite some time. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Indian MPs and ministers did not seem to be interested in wanting to become the PM and thus the heat was laid off for a while. Now this Sunak Miracle in the UK has started a revival for an Indian PM. Would any Indian MP or minister be ambitious enough to say he is ready to be the PM of Singapore now? If not, the debate would die off soonest, and the coffin would be sealed once Lawrence Wong is appointed as the next PM. Then the wait would go on till the next GE.

On the other hand the ground is being prepared for greater acceptance of Indians as part of the family. If you notice the advertisements on Youtube, not sure if it is happening in Mediacorp channels, whenever the clip is about a couple or a family, it is always an Indian man and a Chinese girl or woman. This is a consistent message. How it started, when it started, who started this, but something is going on to bring greater acceptance that an Indian man is the choice for the Chinese woman. Is this an official campaign, or just the initiative of commercial advert producers, not sure. Let this subtle message go on for a while and Indians would become part of the Chinese family by choice, and an Indian PM would be more easily acceptable. Then there would be no more angst about when Singapore is going to have an Indian PM. And Indian MPs and ministers would be more forthcoming in wanting to be the next PM. Bravo!

The quest for an Indian to be the next PM of Singapore has been set in motion. The ground is being prepared dunno by who.  And many Chinese girls would be looking for an Indian man as husband or boyfriend. Be patient. Singapore is social engineering another big mindset and social change. More kopi susu?

Churchill turning in his grave


Sunak is out to prove Churchill wrong. For a start, he is ruling Britain now. The Brits think he is fit to rule them.  Any more Churchills out there?

Devils preaching about virtues and human rights

 Olaf Schultz is a different man going to China. Believe that. He is a changed man, or so it seems. Anyway, it is becoming apparent that there is no real convergence of views and policies within the German Coalition Government, between Schultz, Bareback and the other one Humpback or whatever. Strange names that are confusing to remember.

Schultz is going to China to teach Xi about human rights. He must be crazy to do that. Xi will tell him that China does not need the Germans or the West to teach them about human rights. In fact no Western country has the moral authority to talk about human rights, after what they did to China during the Opium War, trying to force China to open up to the Opium trade and breaking up China into concessions, which they claimed was their sphere of influence. The Germans were there.

Can they say that China then was different? You see, the USA new 'Rule of Law' is all mainly centred on human rights. In Africa it is human rights issues. In China, North Korea, Russia and Myanmar, it is all about human rights. Did Julian Assange enjoy his human rights in the USA? Did Edward Snowden, who has now been given Russian citizenship, enjoy his human rights in the USA? The easiest thing to stir up unrest in any part of the world is human rights issues if the USA and the West cannot find any other straw to grab in order to stir up unrest. And that is the territory of the CIA and USA funded NGO's, that are working the ground of those countries they want to destablise.

Right now, Iran is the top target. Pakistan has already been targeted long ago and is in full blown chaos. Myanmar is being targeted, but the strong military hold is preventing a full blown unrest. ASEAN is trying to soften the ground for the West to capitalise and the Military Junta has warned ASEAN not to try anything funny.

How to rein in Myanmar when ASEAN refused to allow the Military Junta to be represented in their deliberations? And like Venezuela, they only recognise the non legitimately elected representative to have a voice.


European companies fleeing to China


Not only is BASF going to China, others like Volkswagen and Mercedes are following behind as well.

The USA had created this energy crisis in Europe and wanted to benefit from it for two main reasons. They wanted Europe to be permanently dependant on them for energy instead of Russia. Germany in particular is realising that cheap energy from Russia is now a thing of the past, and relying on the expensive gas from the USA is going to hollow out their industrial base.

The bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, which they knew were the work of the USA, though they never openly said so, is the straw that broke Germany's back. They know that the USA is out to make sure Russia does not have any chance of providing any more cheap oil and gas to Europe by destroying the pipelines.

The other reason is that the USA had been presuming that the hollowing out of industries in Germany and elsewhere in Europe is going to benefit them, hoping that such de-industrialisation in Germany and Europe will push car manufacturers and others to invest in the USA. That did not happen and is not happening, as German companies are choosing China for it's cheap energy, low inflation and fair joint ventures, apart from lower wages than if they were to move to the USA.

So, the USA is making one mistep after another. The sanctions on Russian oil and gas is hurting Europe, their allies, more than Russia, and hitting their economy badly, while reaping in all the benefits of selling expensive LNG to them. The Europeans are crying foul.

Now, instead of attempting to push European investors to the USA using the energy crisis to decimate them, the result is that China is going to be the main benficiary of all the dirty tactics used by the USA. That is exactly the same result with oil and gas, with China, India and Saudi Arabia benefiting tremendously from highly discounted Russia oil. To add insult to injury, China, India and Saudi Arabia are reselling Russian LNG to Europe and laughing all the way to the bank. 


Scholz leading German investors to China - Scholz anti China or just a feint?

Meanwhile Germany is going to be blamed for WWIII:

'In early October 2022, it was announced that Scholz and about 200 of his farmhands will be visiting Xi Jinping in China in early November. Scholz obviously wants to be the first head of state to congratulate Mr. Xi in person after the Chairman was confirmed by the 20th CPC‘s Party Congress [The Communist Party of China] for a third term.'

'Scholz I. the Forgetful has completely forgotten that he was in Tokyo in August for 26 hours and asked the Japanese to sanction and cripple China‘s economy. The Chinese side was watching your actions on TV, you damn moron!'

'Scholz I. the Forgetful has also completely forgotten that his government sent euro-fighter planes and warships to the South China Sea in order to threaten Beijing with World War III.

Not only that, but it also escaped the German chancellor that the European Union had just so demoted China as, I quote: “rival system” [meaning the antagonist to the West], and the United Nations had just vilified China as, quote: “a human rights offender and a threat to the rules-based international order.”

Scholz isn‘t going to smile a lot in Beijing, lest he forgets that one of his henchwomen, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, had recently visit Japan, too, and called upon the Japanese shoguns to escalate tensions with Russian and China and join Germany and the EU in a full-scale hybrid war against “the enemies of democracy.”

This is World War 3, and the Germans started it.'

'Why did the Germans start it, and not Russia, China, or the United States? Well, because the Germans are the closet assholes that will be blamed for all World Wars.'

But Scholz and his forgetful government don’t see it this way, he said: This time, Germany fights Russia not against Stalin but against Putin. So it is different. And Russia wasn‘t even Russia back then but the Soviet Union, so that is also different.
Also, Putin was democratically elected. Scholz is not. The Germans can‘t elect any specific person. Anyways, in the history books, the Germans are the evil Nazis. Not the Russians. The Russians are the enemies of the Nazis, the communists.'

'Also, in World War II, Germany allied with Japan, Italy, and Spain. That basically proves that Germany was alone. This time—World War III—it is totally different, according to Scholz: This time, Germany is not alone, the man insists: Berlin is not gonna fight Russia and China alone, no way. It would look like World War II again, so No thank you. Instead, Berlin now allies with France, England, and the United States. Evidently, this time, at last, Berlin is on the winning side of a World War. Nice.'

'The Scholzesque state visit to China is likely to set into motion a chain of catastrophic economic events. Scholz I. the Fistfork is going to antagonize the leaders in Beijing badly, and on a scale not previously conceivable. If the Chinese were to stop buying Adidas panties and Porsche cars, the last two German industries would collapse. Although Mr. Scholz is sure to forget everything about ‘decoupling’ next week when he is supposed to middleman the latest US missile systems from the German Ramstein base to murder more Russians.'

'Which brings us back to the 1900 declaration of war by Emperor Wilhelm II. at Bremerhaven: This fine speech of German savagery was later coined ‘the Hun speech’. It was the Germans who colonized, raped, and murdered the Chinese in China, yet the papers published the exact opposite: “The Chinese are attacking us! No mercy will be granted, no pardon will be given!”'

'Why would China tolerate another military German-Japan axis? Because Mr. Xi is wise and will go with the flow of History. That much attitude he shares with most world leaders: When World War III breaks out, it will be blamed in any way possible on Germany. You better believe it.'

Link to article:


American gangsters arresting anyone in sight as they please

Russian governor’s son detained in EU after US request

US Department of Justice suspects the detainee and several others of evading anti-Russia sanctions

The above is reported in RT.

After what happened to Meng Wanzhou, after what happened to the Russian assets and assets belonging to private Russian citizens. After what happened to Afghans and Venezuelan funds in the American banks, now the Americans are arresting the children of Russian leaders in EU.

If you are Russian, Chinese, Latin Americans or Arabs, do you still dare to put your money in the US, UK and Europe? Do you still dare to send your children or family members to the US, UK and Europe?

The Americans are threatening to take serious actions against the Saudis for OPEC cutting oil production. Would the Saudis still dare to leave their funds and assets in the US, UK or EU? Would the Saudis still dare to let their princes and princesses and private individuals to be in these American controlled states, and park their monies there?

Would people of the world dare to send their children to the US, UK and Eu or part their savings in these states?
The USA is a rogue state run by international terrorists and psychopaths. Period.  They have all gone out of their minds. They know that their empire is crumbling and are desperate to do anything to cling on to their evil Empire. They lie, they cheat, they steal and they kill. 

They lied that they founded America when the natives were already populated the land.
They stole the whole of North America from the natives.
They massacred them to near extinction.
They cheated the black African slaves of their lives and freedom.

And they are very proud of this formula till this day. 
They are now lying and cheating the Europeans that they are protecting them but forcing them into a war they don't need. They are stealing their wealth by forcing them to donate to the war and buying heavily overcharged oil and gas from them. And they are killing them over this winter without shortages of oil, gas and food. And if they survived the winter, the Americans are going to start a nuclear war to kill all of them to steal their land.


8 billion foreign talents out there to be recruited

 The world is our hinterland. This is now extended to the world is our hinterland for top talents. When Singapore taps in on the world to provide its top talents, Singapore is spoilt for choices. Can you imagine there are 8 billion people out there to choose from against our population of less than 4m citizens or less than 6m locals cum residents?

1% of 8b is 80m. If Singapore go for the best of the best, the top 0.1%, there are 8m to choose from. And Singapore only needs 4 to 6m of these talents to replace every single no talent or sup sup suay talents we have here.  Mind you, the top 0.1% of the best in the world, they must be the best in their fields or geniuses. And these are the top people in high earning jobs. What about the top talents in their respective fields, like the top cleaners, top security guards, top taxi drivers, top food deliverors? The number of these talents could be in the tens of millions.

If Singapore were to put its craving for the world's top talents, using meritocracy and talents as the guiding factors, I think every Singaporeans can be replaced by the top talents of the whole world. And Singapore would become the top city of the world with all the top talents of the world here.

It would really be a city of excellence. $30,000 pm talent would not be able to find a place here. Even above mediocre talents earning more than a peanut would not fit in, would not qualify, if this is the way to go. And surely all the fake talents with fake degrees would also not qualify unless they are the top cheats, so talented that the world's top talents also can be cheated by them.

What do you think? Should Singapore replace all the Singaporeans with all the really top top talents of the world?

Minister in new Sunak Cabinet Strongly Oppose UK CECA


Rishi Sunak’s UK government is in talks with India over whether to increase the number of business visas granted to Indian nationals as part of a potential trade deal, a stance that risks causing friction in the new prime minster’s top team.

Business visas remain an area of “active negotiation” in the discussions, Trade Minister Greg Hands told the House of Commons on Wednesday. He said talks are complete on the majority of the deal.

Loosening visa arrangements could put Sunak -- the UK’s first British prime minister of Indian origin -- on a collision course with Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who recently expressed concerns about the arrangements.

Braverman, a hardline Brexiteer, appeared to oppose a more generous visa policy in an interview with the Spectator earlier this month, saying: “I do have some reservations. Look at migration in this country -- the largest group of people who overstay are Indian migrants.”

Braverman also told the Spectator that she had “concerns about having an open-borders migration policy with India because I don’t think that’s what people voted for with Brexit.”


PS. They should learn from Singapore. See how happy Singapore is and how Singapore continues to extend the CECA and improves on it to bring in more Indian talents.  Singapore will grow stronger with more Indian talents coming in to help to create and provide jobs for the no talent Singaporeans. 
The UK will be as well run as Singapore if they adopt the Singapore formula on foreign talents, especially from India.

Evil American playbook - agitate for wars and instability

If you see one Arab country fighting against another, look around and you will see a White man standing nearby, waiting to reap the benefits. Creating tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a good example and tells the whole story. Giving support to Saudi Arabia to commit genocide against Yeman is another example. They professed that they do not support dictators, but isn't Saudi Arabia a dictatorial regime?

If you see one Asian country fighting against another, look around and you will see a White man standing nearby, waiting to reap the benefits. Pitting Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Philippines against China says it all. Prodding India to counter China is another worth noting. And trying to create bad blood between India and Pakistan by playing one side agains the other is all from the USA and White men's playbook.

If you see protest in any country that does not tow the USA line, you only have to look for the CIA and USA funded NGOs agitating inside the country, and you will find the culprit responsible. What is happenning in Iran is an example. A country does not descend into such chaos over the death of one woman. A mountain was made from a molehill, all to destablise the Iranian Government. Iran is the next target for subterfuge.

And what happened in Pakistan has already made the country stuck in poverty stricken status. All because the previous PM, Imran Khan, praised and sought to follow China's footstep to lift his people out of poverty. How could they let Pakistan follow China's communist system and make Pakistan another success story, that is going to kill the myth of progress only through the supremacy of democracy? It must be stopped.

What I could see is that the Africans are also waking up to reality. They were made to fight each other for centuries, all to benefit the White men. Again, if you see one African country fighting another, look around and you will see a White man standing nearby, waiting to reap the benefits.

If the world continue to pretend not to see the hypocrisy of the USA and the West, the world is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Let me add, if you see a white man's country fighting against another white man's country, you can see the AngloSaxon white men around.

The Americans' primary assignment to the CIA, as part of their national policy, is to create unrest and instability, better still, wars, anywhere outside the American homeland. When other countries are fighting or quarrelling, they have no time to look after their country and people. And if war started, the Americans can sell more weapons for them to kill each other and for some silly asses to thump their chests to show their silly manhood.

The Koreans and the Japanese are eager to go. The Indians also thinking of going against China, but find the going tough. The silly pro independent Taiwanese may do a Zelensky. Nevermind if the rest of the Taiwanese suffer the same fate as the Ukrainians. If they win, they still rule Taiwan. If they lose, they escape to the US or Japan.

These desperadoes must be executed to stop them from starting wars.



The Arab World unites

For centuries, the white men have divided up the Arab and sowed discord among them, leading to centuries of distrust and warfare with Arab countries fighting one another, like puppets on a string, pulled and made to jump and dance by the white men. There were natural differences among the Arab countries and these were fully exploited by the white men to divide them against each other. The Arabs fought among themselves more than against the Jews. The Arabs were more distrusting of each other than the Jews. And the white men sat on the sideline reaping all the benefits at the expense of the Arabs.

The white men's role is to divide up the Arab countries and to keep them undeveloped or underdeveloped. Destroy their countries and economies if needed to. Practically every Arab country has been invaded and turned into war torn dysfunctional countries except for a few, supposedly the good boys of the American Empires, and a few that were too small to be a threat to the Empire. These good boys or stooges were treated well only if they obey and do as told by the Americans. When the Americans want them to jump, to sing, to be dragged into wars against the enemies of the Americans, to talk bad about enemies of the Empire, they would dutifully do so. When they refused, or did something wrong, they would be punished by the American Empire. Saudi Arabia is a good case in point. It is now called a pariah country, its crown prince was attacked and threatened. Now the Americans are threatening to take more actions against Saudi Arabia for not listening and not obeying the command of the Empire. Saudi Arabia is a good example for all the American stooges to take note of, do as you are told, be good, and the Empire woud be nice to you. If not, be prepared to be spanked. You are only good if you behave good.

As it is today, many of the Arab countries are crippled by the Americans and worst than poor developing countries. Saudi Arabia and Iran are still wary of each other. But this is changing. While the Americans are there to cripple and destroy the Arab world, China has arrived to not only repair and rebuild the torn cities and countries of the Arab World, China is also playing the role of a peace maker, to patch up the differences of the Arab countries, to help them to coexist in peace. There is now less animosity between Saudi Arabia and Iran. They know who are their real enemies, enemies that divided them, stoked fire and aggravated their differences and agitated them to be at war with each other.

Just like Africa, Latin America, Asean, the Pacific Nations, and the rest of the world, they no longer believe in the lies of the Americans, the world's number one terrorist state, that Russia and China are the threats to them. They are now putting down their own differences, to unite, to cooperate among themselves and with like minded countries like China and Russia, to seek peace and economic development, not wars, for the good of their people.

The Arab countries are coming together as a single bloc of countries to determine their own fate, not to be incited to fight among themselves and help the Americans to destroy their Arab brothers. There are bigger and better things to do for their countries and people, to progress, to live well and to prosper in peace and security. The fabricated security threat are all white men's lies used to instil fear in them and for them to waste their precious time and resources in the purchase of weapons of wars, to fight among themselves. The Arab World does not need wars but peace and unity, to be rich and strong. 

The white men that brought wars to their countries, invaded their countries, massacred the Arabs, made them homeless, become refugess, are the real enemies of the Arab people. They must not be trusted and must be evicted out of their land. There is now China and Russia and BRICS to depend on to chart their own course for peace and prosperity and not be conned and coerced into endless wars among themselves.

There is a new awakening among the Arab World. They have seen who are their real enemies, very clearly. They would not be made to turn the Arab World into a war zone by the white men. The destroyed nation states of the Arab world need peace and recnstruction. China, Russia and the BRICS countries would be there to lend a helping hand, to bring stability and to rebuild these war torn countries, to rebuild the lives of the destroyed and impoverised Arabs, to build a better future for them...in peace, like the Muslims in Xinjiang, China, growing richer and living better by the day.

A united Arab World can look forward to a brighter future for all the Arabs in the Middle East, to enjoy peace and prosperity, not as refugees or homeless and jobless in their own countries....as long as they can keep the white men away from inciting them to fight among themselves.  A united Arab World's first priority must be to bring peace and reconstruction of their broken land and homes. Middle East must return to be an oasis of peace and prosperity.

PS, When Africa unites, Latin America unites, Asia unites, Pacific Islands unite...they will grow and prosper in peace and prosperity.

Ukraine - The Neocons are loosing it:

'The bottom line is this: at this point in time, NATO needs any distraction or, even better, as much chaos as possible to change the narrative and hope to use that distraction to regroup and try to find an out from the abject defeat NATO is facing in the Ukraine.

So don’t seek a military rationale for a dirty bomb attack, look ONLY for optics.

What else could the Hegemony try to do to delay the inevitable?
The most often mentioned options are:

Blow up a damn and put thousands of people into a flood-zone
Rain a huge number of missiles at Kherson or any other liberated major city
More diversionary/terrorist attacks inside Russia
Again, the goal here would not be any real military advantage, but the only two things NATO is really interested in now:

Optics (the Ukrainians are winning! the Ukrainians are winning! The Ukrainians are winning!)
Chaos (both as a means and as a goal in itself)
By the way, there are plenty of folks in Russia who fully realize that the Hegemony is “losing it”.

Why? Because some are saying that attacks on the NS1/NS2 and Crimea Bridge have shown that Neocons which run the Hegemony are capable of anything, including trying to assassinate Putin. This would be an especially attractive option if it could be done with some (even thin) “plausible deniability”.

So are we about to see a dirty bomb go off somewhere in the Ukraine or Russia?

My best guess is that no, not after Shoigu and Gerasimov called their western counterparts and spelled out to them what the consequences of such an action might be (the Russians know exactly where this dirty bomb is being designed and manufactured, they know who is doing this work, and they know what the current stage of the project it. Of course, they could bomb/strike these locations, but that would risk releasing the nuclear material into the air, thus exactly creating the dirty bomb the Nazis are working on.

Now that the Russians have warned the entire planet (via this intervention at the UNSC) nobody besides the doubleplusgoodshiteaters in Zone B will believe that “Russia done it”.

So will “they” do it? I don’t know. I hope not. I think not. But I know that they are capable of anything, including a dirty bomb or any other conceivable atrocity (including biowarfare, by the way).

Russia wants to build a stable and safe Eurasian continent as part of a multi-polar world. The Hegemony just wants to destroy anything standing in its way. In this sense, it has a huge advantage as destroying is always much easier than building or even preserving something.

Full article at:



Biden's chip war backfiring

The chip war unleashed by Biden is, like the oil and gas sanctions on Russia, going to backfire badly on the USA and other major chip manufacturing entities.

The oil and gas sanctions is now crippling Europe, while the chips ban against China will cripple companies in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and other major producers of chips and chip manufacturing equipment. The USA itself will not be spared. But Biden seems intent on sacrificing even his own manufacturers, besides pulling down manufacturers in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan among others, just to contain China. It will not succeed.

China is the biggest market for chips, accounting for 70% of the world's chip demand. The USA is already gloating about China going to suffer immensely over chip shortages due to the chip war. They conveniently forgot the other side of the equation, that of demand. If these manufacturers are forbidden to sell their products in the China market, who else is there to absorb all the chips being made?

No matter now good the chips are, it means nothing without a big market like China. Therefore, even before the ban starts, many companies involved in chip making and equipment making, are against the ban and some could eventually collapse. Now there are producers already having excess inventories and some are cutting prices and dumping stocks. The signs are already there and not good.

So, like the energy issue to punish Russia that failed miserably. Russia did not collapse, and instead Europe bears the brunt of the punishment. And likewise China will not collapse because of the ban, but instead some USA allies in particular will bear the brunt of the punishment.

The Evil Empire is so evil, and besides starting wars, is now starting all kinds of sabotage against countries just because it fears competition. And the irony is that their action is hurting their own allies. Can I just quote Kissinger's words -' To be an enemy of America is dangerous. To be it's friend is fatal'. How apt.



Africa : No oil and gas for Europe, go screw yourself


2 min clip telling how pissed off the Africans are of white men and their colonialism. Basically Africa is say to hell with the white men and their white lies. China is the true friend of Africa, helping Africa to rebuld itself and helping Africa when in need since the 1950s. Africa has had enough of white men lies, deceit and exploitation.

Many African states are offering their minerals and mines to China exclusively against bids and offers by white men and half white men.

Africa is awaken. Africa would not allow the white men to rubbish them anymore, to cheat them, to lie to them, to steel their resources, to enslave them, to hunt them down as slaves.

The Africans remember what the white men did to them, to their forefathers. They remember who are their enemies and who are their real friends. They could not believe the mischievous white men would still go to Africa to preach to them that they are the white Gods and China is bad, Russia is bad.  They were furious and were at the point to chasing the white men out of Africa. See how arrogant the French are, still bullying their former colonies and wanting to rob of them of their gas and oil in a time like this. And the ugly Americans are demanding that Africa supply gas and oil to Europe at a cheap price while the Americans keep their oil at home.

Wake up white savages, the Africans are awoke. No more white men's lies, deceit, bullying and oppression. Stop insulting the Africans and think that they are fools.  The present African leaders are well educated and know what is happening and what they are doing for their countries and people.

Africa is the next growth centre for themselves, decided by themselves, for the prosperity of Africans, not to be cheated again by the white men.


Rishi Sunak - The rise of India is unstoppable

Liz Truss and the Brits could not steal this premiership from Sunak. What is destined cannot be stopped. The whole script has been written in such a way that there is no need to go to the masses to vote for the next PM. So Sunak is given the premiership of the United Kingdom on a silver platter, without having to fight for it. There were no able contestants, there is no contest.

India and the Indians should celebrate this big day, the arrival of a real Indian to head the British Empire. Oops, the ex British Empire. It is still called the United Kingdom though the Empire has shrunk to a few islands here and there. Some may still want to include Canada, Australia, New Zealand as part of the Empire. And there are still islands in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean with the Falklands standing up like a sore thumb.

India has done the impossible and unimaginable. The Indians have done the reverse colonisation of the British Empire. And the Brits have been so fixed up by the turn of events that they could not do anything to stop Sunak from becoming their Prime Minister. Queen Elizabeth did not stay long enough to see this moment. Lucky, no need to sing God Save The Queen. 

Now Charles would have to say hello to Sunak and may knight him as a Knight of the British Empire with a aristocrat title on the way. 

The big loss maybe Singapore. We would not have Sunak and his likes to become Singaporeans for sure. Also, more Indians may make the beeline for England instead of Singapore. It would be a brain drain away from Singapore. Our more foreign talent scheme may take a hit. Jia lat leow.

All the best to Sunak and his team, to rule England for India.

Happy Diwali. 

PS. Next target, the President of the USA. Can you imagine Indians ruling the USA and the UK?  India would be elevated immediately to become the world's Number One superpower.

Ukraine - White savages getting more ruthless and insane

 While the world watch and celebrate the killing fields in Europe, watching the white savages killing each other, what the world did not expect is the viciousness and ruthlessness that is taking place. The dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan as a preferred choiced over dropping them on Germany was a conscious and considered act of choosing not to drop it on white men countries.

What is happening in Ukraine, white men killing white men, was totally avoidable. Zelensky was at the verge of a peaceful settlement with Russia until the AngloSaxons, in the form of the unruly Boris Johnson, stepped into Kiev to convince Zelensky to continue fighting to the last Ukrainians. And this was bad enough.

Now both sides are talking about nuclear war and preparing for it, conducting military exercises to drop nuclear bombs on each other. Zelensky flirted with the idea of blowing up the nuclear plant controlled by the Russians. The unthinkable is about to happen. The white savages are desperate. A nuclear war is even in the lips of everyone. When they think and talk about it, be prepared for it.

The nuclear solution is the final solution and would be a last desperate ditch should it happen. A lesser alternative is now on the table, dirty bombs. A dirty bomb is basically a radio active bomb, killing people by radiation. The white savages have floated this option. Russia is taking it very seriously and has warned the Americans not to touch it. In response, the American and Ukrainian savages jumped on it and alleged that the Russians are going to use a false flag incident, to drop a dirty bomb on the people of the newly declared independent states on eastern Ukraine to start a nuclear war.

This is American playbook 101. Accused the other party of a crime that the Americans are going to commit. Get all the western media to report on it. Then do a false flag incident and blame it on the Russians. This is going to happen. The new independent states of eastern Ukraine is going to be hit by dirty bombs from the Americans, to provoke the Russians to hit back with the same dirty bombs. Ukraine is finished, and so would be Europe.

The people of eastern Ukraine are Russians.They are now with Russia. There is absolutely no reason for the Russians to hit them with a dirty bomb. The Russians are in full control of the war and not desperate to want to commit such a wicked act. The Americans and the Ukrainians have all the reasons to want to wipe out the people in eastern Ukraine. They have been doing it since 2014 and now is the best time to wipe them out completely with dirty bombs, to cleanse these states of all Russian speaking Ukrainians.

Watch it, the white savages are desperate and would stop at nothing to escalate this war and to kill more Russian speaking Ukrainians and Russians. What they did not bargain for is that Russia would return the favour tenfolds or many folds should the Americans and Ukrainians dare to do it.

The ruthless white savages are revealing their worst animal instinct, to kill wantonly, like they had done in other parts of the world, in Afghanistan and in the Middle East. Now it is the turn of white slavic people for a start, and the rest of the Europeans would complete the full course.

All American, NATO and western media have mounted a smear campaign against Russia, pretending to be warning Russia not to use dirty bombs, while the West are preparing to use it and blame it on the Russians. They have set the world to think that the Russians are going to use. But the whole world have been used to this silly ploy of the Americans and would know who would do it, just like the sabotage of the gas pipelines, and the blowing up of the Crimea Bridge. The more they scream and shout against Russia, the more they expose their intent to do it, the more imminent is the execution of this false flag incident.

China - The West is in panic as President Xi Jinping extends his rule

 The West is in panic as President Xi Jinping extended his rule over China by another five years.

The biggest testimony to China’s success under the decade-long rule of Xi Jinping is the endless deluge of American hysteria, sanctions and trade wars over the last 5 years. In 2012, nobody around the world had heard of Xiaomi, Huawei, DJI, Alibaba, WeChat, TikTok, BYD etc. Under Xi, China became a global power and is so successful that the US has placed killing sanctions on 500 plus Chinese tech companies and is now going after China's entire semiconductor field.

China’s GDP had more than doubled from USD8.53 trillion in 2012 to USD17.7 trillion in 2021, and the disposable income of the average Chinese person also doubled during this time. In 2014, China surpassed the US as the world’s largest economy when measured in purchasing power parity. China’s manufacturing also kept growing, from 22% as a share of global output in 2012 to 30% in 2021, and moved up the value chain to becoming more high-tech.

Under President Xi, China became the world’s largest trading nation - its combined imports and exports around USD6 trillion in 2022. Xi completed the job of eliminating extreme poverty in China.

In 2012, China had very little presence in smartphones, solar panels, electric cars, semiconductor design, telecom etc, but by 2022, China had become number 1 in these sectors. China now accounts for more than 50% of global sales and manufacturing of smartphones and electric cars; 70% of solar panels; 75% of 5G stations worldwide. The central kingdom surpassed the US in international patents in 2019 and has overtaken the US in publication of top scientific papers.

The value of mobile payments in China has grown from USD1 trillion in 2012 to a staggering USD75 trillion in 2021. Regarding automation, China now buys more industrial robots than the rest of the world combined. 10 years ago, China’s e-commerce market was smaller than that of the US, but by 2021, China was 3 times larger than the US.

China is now the world’s absolute leader in solar energy, wind power, hydropower, and electric vehicles. 149 countries have joined Xi's BRI and the New Silk Road projects are worth more than USD4 trillion. China now has 170,000 km of expressways - more than the US and Europe combined - 40,000 plus km of bullet trains, and the world’s largest metro system.

Under Xi Jinping in the last decade, China has built its own space station, that after the US kicked China out of the international system. Chinese rockets went to Mars and placed a rover. China was the first country to land on the dark side of the moon. In another trip to the moon, China managed to bring rocks back to earth. And China launched BeiDou satellites for navigation. China’s military now has aircraft carriers, hypersonic missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, 5th generation fighter jets etc, and a rapidly expanding nuclear arsenal.


How the developing world overtakes the developed world

 This sounds like the impossible. How can the developing countries overtake the developed countries? Some may think it is possible, just look at China, the biggest developing country overtaking the developed countries in many fields and charging ahead, leaving the developed world in its rear mirror.

China may be just an exception, an aberration. Really? Can developing countries in Africa, Middle East, Latin America or Asean do better than the developed countries? What is happening is by default of the developed world dictated by the Americans. They chose or allowed the Americans to hold them back, not to move forward but stuck in the mud in a way. Pride, rivalry and becoming too smart for their own good.

When Huawei proved that its 5G technology was the best in the world, what did the Americans do? Cripple Huawei by all kinds of mean and unethical means.Cooked up the lie that Huawei 5G system would lead to a spying on the users. Despite several developed countries already did their due diligence and found nothing wrong with Huawei, still they have to live along with the American lie. The main reason is simply not to use 5G from Huawei even if Huawei's 5G has proven to be the leader in the field. 

Since the American's edict to forbid the use of Huawei's equipment, practically all the developed countries have stopped using Huawei, had to strip down Huawei's equipment. For this selfish and mischievous act, the developed countries are still grappling with 5G, unable to come up with a workable 5G system comparable to Huawei's. The Americans created a OpenRan platform using open system and roped in all the developed countries into, to come up with a better 5G system. Till today, OpenRan is also ran. One by one is dropping out from this platform, unable to come up with a better and cheaper system than Huawei.

Huawei continues the race despite losing ground in 5G mobile phones. Huawei's 5G IOT system has been accepted by nearly 60 countries, more than Nokia and Ericsson combined. Russia, Turkey, Brazil and a few others have contracted Huawei to develop their 5G infrastructures. UK is quietly using Huawei's 5G system, the first developed country to accept Huawei but forced to decommission and to dismantle the Huawei installation. UK has not dismantle the Huawei system, supposedly to tear down everything at a colossal loss by January of 2023 to please the Americans. It has just decided to delay this to end of 2023, probably hoping that the Americans would change their mind and cave in to use Huawei's 5G. Heard latest, the Brits are keeping the 5G installation from Huawei.

The net result, none of the developed countries has a 5G network, but developing countries are leap frogging them to have their 5G network installed.

The Americans and many developed countries still did not have high speed train system, for similar reasons, though not about security, but chose not to engage China to do the job. On the other hand, developing countries are running high speed trains running. Pakistan, Indonesia, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Turkey, and coming soon in several Asean, and Latin American countries.  5 African countries already have high speed trains running, ie Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya/Uganda, Djibouti, and Dakar.  Poor America and UK are slipping further and further away. Ooops, heard the Brits have commissioned the Chinese to build their first high speed railway as well.

More and more developing countries would soon be operating 5G networks happily and looking funnily at the developed countries that are still stuck with their 4G networks. And more and more developing countries would proudly ride in the high speed trains and sneering at the developed countries that are still operating WW2 train systems.

The developed countries are slipping behind by default, by their own arrogance, pride and animosity, while the developing countries would run away from them with better and modern infrastructures and operating systems. Strange, silly, but it is happening. The developed countries are falling behind the developing countries in some areas and would be falling behind in more areas out of their own stupidity and choice.

Indonesia is going to have high speed trains by November 2022, a step into the future. The USA and UK still cannot smell one. Brazil and Turkey are going to have real 5G communication systems but not the USA, still lying to themselves that their 4G is 5G. And UK is holding dearly to the Huawei 5G installed in 2019 and not willing to dismantle, not willing to let go.

Watch out for the rise of Africa. As individual countries, they are relatively small and have separate identity. As a continent, China is helping Africa in areas that matters, building the infrastructure for economic growth, high speed trains, ports, roads, telecommunications like 5G, dams for hydropower, building new economic zones and industrial parks, education and training, turning their resources, raw materials into real assets to be mined and exported, developed upstream and downstream processes. As a whole, the combined development and eventual wealth of Africa would outstrip even India. Africa does not have the historical baggages of protecting a large indigenous population and industries. Africa is starting with a clean slate and with China helping in the overall planning and execution, the rise of Africa is the next miracle of the 21st Century. 

What did China bring to Africa? Infrastructure, roads, rails, ports, schools, hospitals, telecommunication, electric power by building dams, organisation, education, technology, and wealth, by turning all their resources, minerals, oil etc etc into money, helping Africa to mine them, transport and sell them with railways and ports. China is helping the Africans to capitalise and maximise their wealth and to be in control of their national assets and charting their own future. 

China has shown the developing world it can be done, and will help them to do it, to become developed nations.

PS. Happy Deepavali to all.

True news - Read the alternative media, not the main media

After a nuclear strike, it will be civil disaster, if they survive that is. I think surviving in the aftermath of a nuclear strike would be worse than just getting turned into ashes, which is immediate. It will be the end of mankind, of whatever colour. Nuclear bombs have no conscience, only targets and annihilation.

Now, when the USA nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they even choose cities with large population. They also calculated how high to detonate the bomb to cause maximum damage. They knew that detonating the bomb at ground level will cause less damage. Isn't that a war crime, targeting cities and civilians? Yet, now the hypocrites are talking about Russia targeting Kyiv and civilians and shouting - war crime, war crime. Spare us the agony!

The hypocritism is killing those who know, fooling those who are blind, and using world bodies like the UN, ICC, Human Rights to shout for them for better effect. When people can get information from the internet, all that fakery is not going to fool the world nowadays.

Just like keeping their own citizens ignorant of what China looks like today and still selling the hubris of an underdeveloped and poverty stricken China. Those who had the opportunity to visit China today, were shocked when they compared facilities like airports, railway stations, high speed trains in USA and China. That is just what they see, and what is not seen is the advancements in the military, technological field, and manufacturing acumen, which will jolt them out of their pants. Just one Huawei already makes them nervous and paranoid that they have to call out their stooges to target Huawei.

So, from the standpoint of the rest of the world in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, all that fabrication of the China threat is not gaining any ground for the USA and the West. They are losing support in every corner of the world, save for Europe. But Europe is also turning away, trying to get rid of Nato, and by extension trying to get rid of the shackles of the USA in Nato. People in France are already protesting for France to get out of Nato, that have brought them nothing but trouble.

Good riddance if they can succeed. 

Recommended sites, George Galloway's MOAT, Natalie and Clayton Morris' Redacted, Democracy Now, speakers like Prof Jeffrey Sachs, Socialist Vijay Prashad, Kim Iversen, Yonden Lhatoo, Cyrus Janssen etc etc for good alternative news that tell the truth and question the fake news and disinformation.


Taiwan wants to punch above its weight, to be another Ukraine

Taipei issues warning to Beijing

Any Chinese military flights into Taiwanese airspace will be regarded as a ‘first strike,’ says defense minister

Taipei has warned Beijing against carrying out any military flights into Taiwanese airspace, vowing to treat any such intrusions as a “first strike,” according to Taiwan Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng.

The above is from RT. A first strike is a very serious hostile act. Taiwan is now saying Chinese aircraft flying over Taiwan is a first strike against Taiwan and would, this implies, strike back. As far as China is concerned, Taiwan and the airspace over it belong to China. China is flying within its airspace.

Let's see if Taiwan would dare to shoot down any Chinese aircraft in China's airspace. China is waiting just for this moment to move into Taiwan to reunify the breakaway Taiwan with the motherland. 

Taiwan, just do it. The Americans and the Japanese would be behind you. NATO would be behind you. Tsai Ing Wen can be another Zelensky. Taiwan can be just like Ukraine. Taiwanese can become like Ukrainians. Some can flee like refugees, to Europe and America. Some can stay and fight. The Americans and NATO and Japan would be sending their weapons to help defend Taiwan, but must be paid back in the billions. Not to worry, Taiwanese would not die. Taiwan's economy would be as healthy as Ukraine for the next 100 years. The Americans and their allies would be sending Taiwan food and energy to keep Taiwan going. Just be reminded that these also are not free and have to pay back. TSMC can close down production in Taiwan and move to Arizona for good.

Good luck to insanity! The Taiwanese are wishing to become the dead Ukrainian 'heroes'. Go for it Taiwan. It is a great thing to become another Ukraine in the history books.  All dead and gone.
Meantime the Americans are stoking for war with more provocative behaviours, wanting to joint produce weapons in Taiwan to be used against China, presence of Special Forces in Taiwan working with the Taiwanese against China.

Ukraine - Evil US refuses peace but blames Russia for it

USA's chip war on China is going to backfire. Just wait. Toyota of Japan cut production of cars by 40% in Septemeber, and that just gives an idea what it will be like going forward. Cars do not need high end chips anyway, so what is the issue?

Chip war will affect many Asian countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, themselves chip producers. But they have still to depend on raw materials for making chips from who? Mainly Russia and Eastern Ukraine, for Neon and Palladium. Being considered non-friendly countries by Russia, what do they expect. China will of course be able to get Russian raw materials, as they now have an agreement for chip co-operation with Russia. Will the USA help South Korea, Japan and Taiwan when the USA itself has to rely mainly on some raw materials from Russia and Ukraine as well? Sure, the USA can supply, but at what price?

Just as Europeans were banking on the USA to supply them oil and gas, it was a evil ploy and they were suckered into buying USA oil and gas, at four to five times the price they could have sourced from Russia. Now crying foul, but they deserve the treatment without having a plan as to how they can overcome the shortage.

Following the USA blindfolded is not the way, and proven costly, even if they are allies. The USA does not treat them as allies and their own interest is the only thing they care about, and so it is slaughtering the Europeans like enemies. Does that prove that Kissinger's warning that 'to be a friend of the USA is fatal'. Well, I do think so.

Now, Olaf Schulz is going to China and already they are howling and warning him not to act unilaterally in dealing with China. Schulz obviously has taken the advice of Angela Merkel and knows that Germany cannot decouple from China. It would be catastrophic. The fact that Schulz is going to China alone, shows that all is not well in the EU, as far as unity is concern. We have also seen that Hungary still honours it's good relations with Russia and ignoring the USA's and Nato's coercion.

Meanwhile the USA is said to be restoring defence talks with Russia, but as usual, start with antagonising Russia and saying Russia is not interested in talking about ending the war in Ukraine. Does that needed to be said? When Ukraine and Russia reached agreement to stop the war in March/April after negotiations, the USA and UK scuttled the agreement, with Boris Johnson the main instigator.

Now why would Russia want to talk about ending the war, when what the USA and UK did earlier, makes talking about ending the war an exercise in futility. The USA is trying to show their hypocritical stand of showing the world that they want peace in Ukraine, which is totally and diametrically opposed to their real intention of keeping the war going. There is really no sincerity in their approach of wanting peace, when they keep pouring weapons and aid to Ukraine.



Shameless bullying and hypocrisy of the Americans over North Korea

Worldwide nuclear testing totals by country
Country TestsDevices fired 
USA 1,032, 1,132 
USSR 727, 981 
UK 88,  88 
France 217,  217 
China  47,  48 
India 4,  6 
Pakistan  2,  6 
North Korea 6,  6 

The above statistics show the great discrepancies in the number of nuclear devices tested and fired by the respective countries. The Americans have tested and fired more than a thousand nuclear devices. On the other hand the North Koreans have tested and fired 6 miserable nuclear devices. But the Americans have been using the western media to demonise the North Koreans as the most dangerous nuclear threat 'to the world'. And many silly American stooges also repeated this as if it is real, that the North Koreans are going to fire nuclear weapons at them, for what?

North Korea would also have to think very seriously to even attempt to fire at the Americans as any such move would see North Korea being vaporised by the Americans. The handful of nuclear devices possessed by the North Koreans cannot be a threat to anyone but only as a deterrent against the Americans using nuclear weapons on them. It is a case of if the Americans fired at the North Koreans, the latter would say I would take some American cities with me, even one would be good enough, to tell the Americans it is not a free punch.

Given the disproportional number of nuclear devices, how many silly American stooges still believe the North Koreans are a threat to the world, to them?

The American propaganda machine may blast at full volume every time the North Koreans test fire a missile, but the reality, the odds against them are just too high that they would be inviting death to their whole population. It is a malicious American lie, a myth that the Americans are spreading to frighten the unthinking stooges and to coerce them to sing along, North Korea is a threat.

The Americans are the real threat to the North Koreans and to the rest of the world given their huge possession of nuclear weapons and the savage instinct to want to use it. Now they are exercising on the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine against the Russians. These primitive savages only believe in killings and destructions to protect their own interests. Killing others is second nature to savages.

Stop listening to the American lies and mischiefs.

Evil American Empire's undeclared economic war with China

Imagine that a superpower declared war on a great power and nobody noticed. Joe Biden this month launched a full-blown economic war on China — all but committing the US to stopping its rise — and for the most part, Americans did not react.

History is likely to record Biden’s move as the moment when US-China rivalry came out of the closet. America is now pledged to do everything short of fighting an actual war to stop China’s rise.

It is not clear that corporate America, or its foreign counterparts, have fully digested what is about to hit them. For decades, serious businesses have based their growth models on having a China strategy — whether it be by exporting to China, or producing there, or both. Unless a company’s product is, say, luxury goods or agricultural commodities, Biden’s technological decoupling will hit their bottom line. His escalation also marks a final break with decades of US foreign policy that assumed China’s global integration would tame its rise as a great power.

America’s conversion to China containment is bipartisan. It was one thing for Donald Trump to target Huawei and ZTE, the Chinese telecoms conglomerates, and aim for managed trade. It is another for Trump’s Democratic successor to isolate China’s entire high-tech sector. It is notable there are no prominent voices raised in either political party against US-China decoupling. Washington’s China politics is now about which party can get more to the right of the other.

There are two big risks to Biden’s gamble. The first is that America is now close to making regime change in China its implicit goal. The new restrictions are not confined to the export of high-end US semiconductor chips. They extend to any advanced chips made with US equipment. This incorporates almost every non-Chinese high-end exporter, whether based in Taiwan, South Korea or the Netherlands. The ban also extends to “US persons”, which includes green card holders as well as US citizens. That presents a binary choice between America or China. Most will choose the US. But there are tens of thousands of Chinese green card holders who will now be inclined to believe Beijing’s claim that there can be no such thing as divided loyalty.

The hit to China’s economy will be far bigger than the word “semiconductor” implies. Biden’s move draws on the premise that any advanced chip can be used by China’s military, including for nuclear weapon and hypersonic missile development. It is also meant to undercut China’s goal of dominating global artificial intelligence by 2030. But all such chips are dual use, which means that the US is now committed to blocking China in all kinds of civilian technologies that make up a modern economy.

In Chinese eyes, it will look like the US wants to keep communist China permanently down. It is no great leap from that to regime change.

The more imminent risk is that Biden’s gamble could prompt Xi Jinping, China’s president, to accelerate his timetable for Taiwan reunification. The island state is by far the world’s largest maker of high-end chips. That Biden’s move took place shortly before China’s 20th party congress, which ends on Saturday with a likely third five-year term for Xi, is notable. Many China watchers think Xi wanted to put the party congress behind him before turning to his vow of fixing the Taiwan problem. Biden could have made a violent resolution to China’s Taiwan policy more likely. He could equally have given Xi pause for thought. We will find out.

What we do know is that national security is once again the lens through which Washington sees the world. Rest in peace “the world is flat” and the “end of history”. The US has endorsed a zero-sum metric in which China’s rise is seen as being at America’s expense. You could say that Biden is belatedly reacting to what China has been talking about for years — with increasing unsubtlety by Xi. But that is hardly reassuring. It means that the world’s hegemon and its only serious rival now see each other through the same lens. As is usually the case in history, nobody else gets much of a say.



Liz Truss resigned - Indian ministers leaving UK Parliament

 Rishi Sunak, Suella Braverman, Priti Patel, Alok Sharma, Sajid Javid, these are names of Indian ministers and MPs in the UK cabinet. Some have resigned while some could still be in the British Parliament. They were doing very well and within a short span of a few months, in the last days of Boris Johnson and now Liz Truss, it seems that they were quite willing to quit their jobs as elected representative or ministers of the British Parliament.

These are the best of the British politicians available today and it would be a big waste. Ok, these I mean the Indian ministers and MPs, not Boris, not Liz Truss. Are they planning to make a come back or quit politics for the time being? These are top talents, would definitely be welcomed in Singapore as top foreign political talents. If they were to come to Singapore, and get elected, if they could get a pink IC, they would definitely give our Parliament a big boost in foreign talents.

Did they know that Singapore's door for top foreign talents is fully wide open? Singapore is pushing ahead to recruit real top talents, earning $30,000 pm minimum. Not sure if it includes political talents. Oh, not sure if they earn $30,000 pm to qualify.

They need not join the ruling party. They could join the opposition parties as there is a dearth of good and experienced political leaders in the many opposition parties.  Ooops, it is the ruling party that is welcoming foreign talents. Not sure if the opposition parties would also play by this mantra and welcome foreign talents. 

Indian political talents have an added advantage. They have been proven to be very good politicians locally. And Indians have been the choice candidates for top jobs here. Now these are not the normal Indians from India, but battle proven top Indian talents from the UK, our colonial masters. They have proven to be as good as our colonial masters in their home ground. Must be really good. Very impressive.

And in Rishi Sunak, there is a PM material, a potential PM.

What do you think?

PS. Maybe Singapore should lay out a red carpet to welcome them.

This is the best of Britain. And no one else is better than him, oops, no one else except Rishi Sunak, to be good enough to be the PM of Britain.

White savages considering using nukes (going M.A.D.)

'If you are a Russian military planner, you realize that M.A.D is no longer a reality. In the event that Russia believed it faced a genuine existential threat from the West from a nuclear strike, even a tactical hit, the Russian military could present President Putin with a viable plan that would destroy the U.S. nuclear response with limited (albeit horrific) damage to Russia. I am not suggesting that Russia would walk away unscathed. But Russia, with a field tested, integrated anti-ballistic missile defense system, would have a better than even chance of surviving a nuclear exchange with the United States.I will repeat–this is a last resort action and I am steadfastly opposed to it. But I think it should be part of the public discussion. Too many ignorant pundits and politicians in the West disparage Russia’s military capabilities as second rate at best.'

'United States realized that a very real technological gap growing, both in missile and anti-missile systems, which creates a rationale for the US to use a first strike as a preventive measure. It doesn't mean that the probability of these scenarios are high, but they are not trivial either. However the Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.) is pretty much a dying concept against new Russian technologies being rolled out and deployed in industrial quantities.'

'The S-500 is designed to destroy all existing and prospective means of aerospace attack of a potential enemy in the entire range of altitudes and speeds.'

Why? 'Cos the US "elite" (Ivy League) universities produce imbeciles. So do London "elite" education. E.G. why the U.K. is over:

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now emerged as the Conservative Party's most popular potential replacement for the current head of government, Liz Truss, a new YouGov poll has shown. The survey, which was conducted on October 17-18, revealed that 32% of respondents would like Johnson to return as prime minister, despite a series of scandals and cabinet resignations that precipitated his eventual departure. “Those who voted for Truss to take over are particularly keen on a Boris Johnson return if she left: 44% put him top of their list of potential successors,” the pollsters noted.

Link to article: https://smoothiex12.blogspot.com/



Singaporeans in despair, sold out and being replaced by foreigners

Below article is from TRE. I just have to repost this in full here to show how pathetic and hapless Singaporeans have become in getting a decent job in their home country. Kenneth Tan still affectionately called it his motherland without knowing that it is the playground of foreigners. The foreigners have taken over many industries, including human resource, to sit in interview boards to decide who they want to hire, with a penchance to hire their own kinds over Singaporeans. And no Singaporeans seem to know that this is happening or did not want to know.  Everything is fine, so fine. Everyone is so happy about this state of affair. If anyone were to complain, he would look so ridiculous, so out of this world. And you know who they would vote to be the next govt in the next GE to continue with this sorry state of affair? 

9 Years – Never Find A Single Interview Or Job Through Mycareers future

After spending many years in China working for MNC for Asia Pacific, decided to heed Singapore govt advice to head back to Singapore to help our country move forward. I read all the growth and abundance of opportunities by our MSM, promoting that our country is in need of talents and there were many vacancies available that Singapore could not find people to fill up. Believing after spending so many years plying trade in China, setting up head office and working throughout Asia Pacific region, my skills would be highly sought after, I left China without a job.

Arriving home, my motherland after many years abroad, I was happy to be back having local food like nasi lemak, mee rebus and carrot cake that I missed a lot in China. Started applying for equivalent jobs in Singapore in 2013, did not get many interviews that I anticipated. I thought all the news promoting vacancies in abundance were real but reality was interviews were few and rare after sending few hundred of CVs. When I had interviews, it was always global talent from India and one was from Philippines. They were either PRs or new citizens. The shocking feedback I got from some of these interviews that my experience was not good enough or my English wasn’t good. I checked on their linkedin profiles and found they were some middle or low level PMETs in their third world homes but in Singapore, they some how managed to get quick promotions to senior management. And the most ironic of all is that the person who said my English wasn’t perfect was speaking with some strange South Asian accent that I had hard time trying to decipher the exact words he was trying to express. But during that time, the govt did say these global talents spoke better English than local. I decided to lower my expectations and applied for lower level jobs but however the outcome was similar.

I went to NTUC and WSG events, the shocking truth was I found many senior PMETs made redundant by retrenchment or forced out by foreign born politicking. Some had even not found any job after a decade!! And from the ground, I discovered that these events were organise largely to advise local PMETs to downgrade to menial jobs like security guards or self employed. So I decided to stop going to these events. I applied for every single positions on CareersFuture portal, few thousands through the years and never got an interview or even reply. I concluded it is for show or wayang to hook wind locals that the govt is offering help just like WSG/NTUC Work Fair. The worst part is I discovered a lot of local born PMETs hire foreign PMETs instead of locals. This is why the PAPPY has been able to divide and conquer because local born are not unite. In the end, I gave up using WSG/NTUC and CareersFuture,I also stop looking for jobs locally.

What did I do? I decided to go approach the companies in US/Europe directly. It seems that it works better than the wayang careerfuture/ntuc/wsg. Some of the interviewers commented that they know Singapore PMETs are generally good quality and hard workers, they do not understand why our govt is preferring third world quality
instead! This does not come from me, it came from the people in US/Europe.

I am not sure how many local PMETs still believe in these local wayangs about helping locals. If the vacancies are in abundance, how come so many thousands of ex PMETs driving PHV and doing food deliveries? Secondly, unemployment is freaking high until they changed KPI that any part time job of 1 hour is now considered employed! If employment is so good, why are so many people complaining? Why need to set up all these wayangs? And the sole reason to why there is no break down in local born or foreign born stats as more and more foreign born are now included as PRs and new citizens. Actually many global talents who live here for years start to see their future and many have gotten the red passports and applied to move to US/CAN/AUS. They do not want to suffer the same fate like local PMETs.

My suggestion to local PMETs is if you are young, think about moving out of Singapore just like Hong Kong PMETs moving out of HK. It is painful but it is better for you and future generation. Unless you don’t mind being a security guard after 30s (locals are losing their jobs much earlier since the non stop of massive import of global talents will displace more and more local PMETS).

Don’t be misled by the MSM or the marketing or the heavy brainwashing propaganda that you need to retrain/downgrade and accept your fate.

Kenneth Tan

PS. Singaporeans cannot blame anyone except themselves. It is their own doing. Once the best and well educated workers in Asia, now being despised by third world fake talents with fake degrees from fake universities or at best third rate universities. And Singaporeans are not fighting back, accepting the disparaging remarks and comments from third world craps as if it is the truth, no talent, no experience, no skilles, they are no good, third world craps are the talents, better trained and more talented than them. And the mantra is to take in more and more foreigners.

Can you believe that?

Nord Stream pipelines sabotaged - Everyone knows who did it but no one dare to say it out

That is the USA's modus operandi. Where they cannot compete, they sabotage using sanctions, threats and terrorist tactics. Against China, they have used trade war, COVID19 and now using technological sanctions to stifle China. They have no guts to take up the challenge and compete.

Nord Steam 2 was sanctioned right from the start, with those Europeans involved being warned and they had to pull out of the project. Fact is, Russia was able to complete the pipelines itself. That is a big lingering threat to USA's intention to cut the energy link between Russia and Europe, and when asked earlier how the USA can hope to stop Russian energy flow to Europe with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline already completed, Biden told them, in no uncertain terms, that the USA have a way of doing that. Well, does that answer the question of who blew up the pipeline a month ago?

When the USA and colluders blew up the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines on 26th September, 2022, nothing is more co-incidental that leaders of Norway, Poland and Denmark had, the next day, choosen to launch their Baltic Gas pipeline on 27th September, 2022. Blinken, in fact, gloated that this was an opportunity for other countries and they did take the opportunity. And why did the ex Polish Foreign Minister tweeted the 'Thank You USA' message immediately after the explosions, even showing the picture of the pipeline explosion? The sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline were carried out in the offshore areas of Denmark and Poland. Think about all the co-incidences and self defeating messages!

Russia, the owners of the two pipelines, was not even allowed to participate in the investigation into the explosions, and that supports another theory that Sweden, that conducted the investigation, was pressured to stop the Russians from getting to the evidence that will reveal the real culprit.

Adding further to the hidden pressure on the Swedes, is their hidden fear of releasing the findings. The Swedes are saying that revealing the findings will jeopardise their security.

Now, think about this. If the findings reveal that it was the Russians themselves blowing up their own pipelines, would Sweden not reveal it for the USA and the West to use that evidence to capitalise on their anti-Russian rhetorics and demonisation? They never will miss an opportunity to make hay while the sun shines. Even leaders like Putin, Xi and Kim not appearing for a short spell, makes the MSM run amok with lurid tales of their health and fate. How pathetic!

On the other hand, if the Swedes now know it was the USA and it's colluders that did it, does it makes sense that they are fearful of revealing that? Think about it and think hard!


The coming gameover for US Empire - The USA is screwed

'The USA has depleted all its economically viable sources of oil and gas, all its remaining sources have woefully low EROI and hence are super costly (energy wise and hence price wise) to extract, process and transport. Fracked shale oil is nothing like crude oil, it has the API index and volatility of paint thinner, which is why the trains used to transport it are called “bomb” trains. You cannot make diesel, the indispensable workhorse fuel, from fracked shale oil.

Russia, along with the Caspian area, has in aggregate gone past the peak of oil production, with declining EROI (with only a few fields pre-Peak eg Kashagan). However compared with the USA, the Eurasian oil and gas sources have a far higher EROI, which is IMPOSSIBLE for the US to economically compete with. The fact the the USA is now depleted of easy, cheap oil is the reason they are now stealing oil from Syria and also why they hijacked several Iranian oil tankers. Pipeline terrorism was the only way the US could sell uneconomic LNG to Europe, just as provoking a war was the only way the US could “sell” their obsolete old ordnance to Europe. Dirty tricks and devious skulduggery is how the US “free market” and “rule based order” operates, indeed how it has always operated.

The US financial sector: It was the drug crazed dream of the USA that sanctioning Russia would cause Russia to economically collapse which would then spur a coup d’etat against Putin. This goal backfired spectacularly after Russia demanded energy payments in Rubles, which caused the Ruble to appreciate beyond all expectations. Sanctioning Russia’s fossil fuel exports only caused the European and global price of oil and especially natural gas to skyrocket, leading to a huge financial windfall for Russia, which by now has largely compensated for the US theft of $300 billion of Russia’s foreign reserves. In times of global uncertainty, many nations move their financial assets into US treasury bonds / securities as a default “safe haven” which has kept the US dollar value afloat so far. However those nations now also realize that their savings could be arbitrarily stolen at any time by the US “rules based order”, hence they are figuring out ways to shift their reserves. At present the European currencies have fallen against the USD, primarily as a result of their own energy sanctions against Russia which has caused the recession of their own economies. The European industrial sectors are poised to collapse from energy starvation. Once the BRICS+ currency arrangements and financial systems, which bypass the USD, get up and running, there will be massive flight of away from US bonds and securities and the massive international repatriation of US dollars back to the US, which will result in hyperinflation and devaluation of the US dollar, resulting in their inability to afford any imports. Along with the deindustrialised condition of the USA, resulting in no significant domestic manufacturing, that all spells extreme poverty for “Exceptionalistan”.

In summary: any initial hopes by the US banking/financial sector that they might benefit from the Ukrainian war have at best resulted in the USD remaining neutral so far, but will inevitably lead to the accelerated collapse of the USD.

CONCLUSION: The USA is screwed. Get over it.'

Full article: