The Toxic Petro Dollar & US Military Might Threaten Other Countries Sovereignty & Independence.


     During the seventy over years since the end of the Second World War in 1945 America has been cheating,defrauding and impoverishing every country in the world through its control of trade and finance and later via the solid control of the Petro Dollar and its military might. All the American actions are geared to undermine other countries governance and sovereignty and to establish ultimate American control and dominance over every country with the US military might overseeing and ensuring US world hegemony. American dominance of the world is only possible because of its control of the toxic petro dollar and its military might. No country big or small can ever hope to get rich and powerful with independent sovereign rights unless the world unite to destroy the petro dollar and the US military.

Below is a transcript story from CGTN which explains clearly how the United States enrich itself at other countries expense and how it secures and ensures  its  world hegemony through its military might.

     " Recent news about the crazy printing of money by the USA which may lead to a global fincncial crisis is a topic that many care about . Today I will talk about the secret behind it in depth. We all know that the US dollar is the universal currency. If China wants to trade with other countries, including buying crude oil, they must use the US$. We have to produce lots of products, sell them to others to exchange for US$. Now, how does America gets the US$? They only have to switch on their printing machine to print it.

That is to say, America has to print those green papers, they can buy all the goods they want in this world. For China, after selling their products to the Americans, they need to convert the proceeds into the bonds issued by the USA. In other words, you must lend your hard-earned money to the United States again.

The United States then uses the depreciation or appreciation of the US Dollar, creating financial crisis, that make the loans from other countries shrink. For example when we lend the US $100, it can buy a goat. But when they repay you the same amount can only buy one ice-cream.

This is how the United States obtains wealth through finance. On one hand without any cost of production or services, by merely printing the money , USA can buy the goods and services they want. On the other hand through their control of the global finance, the World Bank and IMF they can get a lot of wealth just by weakening the value of the loans from other countries.

You may ask "Can I not trade with US$ or don't buy US bonds?" No, you cannot! Why? Because the USA has the most powerful military presence in the world. They are literally telling you that they will attack and punish you if you are not playing by their rules. 

The reason why there are so many wars in the gulf region and oil  producing nations ( such as Iraq, Libya & Iran ) is because they tried to stop trading using US$ . USA will not allow you to go after their achilles heel. USA will declare war and attack any nation who attempt to defy the domination of the US$.

Apart from their influence on the global financial system  USA also dominates the manufacturing of high-tech products. Although China is the world's factory, but we produce mostly mid to low priced goods which yield slim and marginal profits. For example, the profit from tons of clothing, shoes we produced is nothing compared to one jet-plane by USA.

That's why they have better income, easier working lives, plenty of holidays and don't worry about money. But most Chinese have to leave their hometown, work long hours under extreme hardship just to earn some miserable income. Why is it so? That's because our well deserved profits had been stolen by the bloodsucking USA.

The US now has the worlds top financial institutions, while China is the world'slargest physical industry. That is to say every day the US uses finance to suck the blood of our industry and we can only supply blood to the US. Another important reason is, apart from the Wall Street, the US has the high-tech know how. 

That explains why, now that China is investing in high-tech manufacturing  USA panicked and tried to sabotage via trade-war. We have touched their achilles heel and it will have an impact on them. Also, why we have to strengthen our military position? It is because we have been plundered by them for too long.

Now China is getting stronger, able to defend ourselves. We will not plunder the wealth of other nations. We want to ensure that our hard-earned wealth will not be plundered by others too. 

Chairman Mao, from the lesson he learned from the wars knew that no matter what, China too must have the nuclear knowledge. He foresaw that if you don't have the military might to defend yourself, no matter how good your development is you are just a fat pig to be slaughtered sooner or later. 

Look at Japan and Korea, although they are rich nations, USA can plunder them whenever they feel like doing so.

So now China must use strong military strength to guarantee the results we have created and then enter the high-end manufacturing industry to recapture our own profits and no longer be swayed by other countries. It is our future national policy to get back the labor profits created by ourselves. 

An accident happened in 2020 - the new corona virus. The virus let everyone know China thoroughly and the world knows China better. Who is in better shape? Whose system is bad? Who has strength? Who is reliable? Therefore culture is not just by words, but more importantly speaking through results.

The final result proves that China and Chinese civilization are the hope of humanity's future. The unity of the Chinese community and the responsibility of China as a great nation will surely lead the future of humanity. So our China will definitely get better and better. Chinese children let's work toward this goal".

What applies to China in struggling for survival against USA predation and aggression  also applies to all non-white countries of the world. Therefore all other non-white countries must work with China to resist American /West predation and aggression and unite with China to work for the prosperity and common win-win destiny that we deserve. As examples Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia would have succumbed to American aggression had not Russia and China gave it great support both financially and physically with military aid. America intends to invade Venezuela because of its world's largest reserve of oil and it tries to take over Bolivia because of its world's largest reserve of litium a vital mineral for making batteries and the AI industry. Similarly USA and its western allies try to undermine Iran and Syria but failed because of strong support from Russia and China to these two countries. 

Never trust or believe in USA toxic propaganda for it is always trying to sow suspicion and instigate and incite hostilities  among the non-white countries so as to create wars for the benefit of the US war industries - the Pentagon Military Industrial Complex. One of the USA evil and toxic values is creating permanent wars among all non-white countries so that USA war industries will hum non-stop and benefit at the lethal expense of others. Never trust a single word of the Anglo-Saxon white Americans as the native Americans always remind us that "white men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted."


Tuesday, 31st, March,2021.

Terrorists? No, the western media would say they loved Muslims


Such nice and kind people. They never kill anyone. See their beautiful and handsome smiles?

Devils can disguise themselves as angels too.  They are the protectors of Muslims, dead Muslims, millions of them. 

With such kind and loving people, who would dare to condemn them, except Mahathir. UN or ICJ would not dare to prosecute them for war crimes or crimes against humanity. They are heroes of the white men.

What do you think?


Covid19 - Doomsday in USA


What a beautiful sight to behold. So much freedom. No need to wear mask in the USA. What doomsday? Credit to RT.

By Jeff Mason and Carl O'Donnell

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Biden administration officials pleaded with Americans on Monday to continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amid an increase in cases across the country.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with emotion in her voice, urged public officials and others to spread the word about the seriousness of the situation in an effort to prevent a fourth surge.

She said the United States surpassed 30 million cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, and that the seven-day average of new cases was slightly less than 60,000 cases per day - a 10 percent increase compared with the prior seven-day period. Hospitalizations also increased and deaths started to rise.

"I'm going to lose the script and I'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom," Walensky told a briefing with reporters. "Right now I'm scared."  Yahoo News

Now compare this statement in an AFP report,

'The United States will be "the leader" in vaccinating the world against Covid-19 after making rapid progress at home, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday.

"I anticipate that, as we continue to vaccinate the entire American population, that we will be able to do even more around the world," Blinken told a virtual news conference after talks at the United Nations.'

 On one hand the Americans are bragging about how many people they have vaccinated and wanted to be the leader to vaccinate the whole world, but not before they vaccinated all Americans.  This is the main reason why EU and other American crony countries are forbidden to use Russian and Chinese vaccines by the Americans. The Americans want them to use their vaccines only and make a pile from it and also claiming to be the leader in vaccination.

Vaccination is one thing, but effectiveness is another. Though they are boasting about more than 90% efficacy, even more than 95% efficacy, the continued hike in cases in the above report, and the doomsday fear speak of another reality. If their vaccines are effective, the infected rate should be coming down, not going up, no need to fear another big wave, no need to cry over a doomsday scenario. 

Dr Walensky was not speaking out of the blue.  She is accessible to real statistics, not those reported in their questionable media. The actual statistics could be very frightening. The Americans are just as untruthful and non transparent about their statistics as anyone else. They are hiding the truth, telling lies about vaccine efficacy and infection rate. What are the real numbers that drove Walensky almost to tears?

No matter how much lies the Americans are telling, how much they are hiding, the truth cannot be hidden for long. And their irresponsible behaviour of not wearing masks, starting to party, to travel and have fun, lifting control measures at the slightest sign of improvement, are not going to help. They are going to meet their doomsday soon, no matter what. The 90 plus percent efficacy of their vaccines is now in question. The reality on the ground is telling a very different story.

Keep on lying and keep on politicising the pandemic and use of vaccines, or forbidding its allies and cronies from using Russian and Chinese vaccines. The mRNAs they are injecting into themselves would be telling in the near future. Star Wars fantasy could become a reality.

PS.  3 cases of fully vaccinated Hawaiians still infected by Covid19. Not sure many cases were infected after getting the jabs but not reported. The effectiveness of the vaccines is not how often they hyped about their efficacy.  The proof is on the ground.  After fully vaccinated can still get infected. What a joke.

America - Hypocrisies versus Hypocrisies


Pics of refugees lying on the floor, side by side, wrapped in plastic foils.

An official tried to block Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) from recording after he turned up at a Customs and Border Protection detention center to film the inhumane conditions of migrants under the Biden administration.

Cruz published a video on Sunday showing the facility in Donna, Texas packed with migrants wrapped in foil blankets with no social distancing, despite the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic, as an unnamed woman frantically attempted to get Cruz to stop recording.

“Please give dignity to the people… Please respect the people,” complained the woman, who stood in front of the camera, prompting Cruz to question, “Is this dignity and respect? Look at these people, there's a pandemic.”

“You were instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here because the political leadership at DHS does not want the American people to know it,” he claimed, adding, “This is a dangerous place and your policies are unfortunately trying to hide them.”

Cruz concluded, “I want to fix this situation and the administration you're working for is responsible for these conditions. This is not respect.”

The above is posted in RT website. 

Now the Republicans are tearing at the Democrats for inhumane treatment of immigrants. They forgot how the Trump Administration tore mothers and little children apart and many now could not even trace who were the parents of those children and children could no longer recognise or remember their mothers.

Can you imagine both sides committing all the heinous and inhuman crimes against the immigrants and now trying to prove who is the angel? This is American hypocrisies in a state of orgasm. Put on the show America, the world is waiting to see who is the angel and who is the devil or who is the bigger devil.

The whole world must try to emulate the inhumane treatment of the immigrants by the caring Americans. Oops, I mean they were so humane and so kind to the immigrants. Ok, ok, please punch my nose for this last sentence.

I think the Americans should continue to pretend to be fighting for the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. How about welcoming the Uyghurs to America like the way they welcome the immigrants from Latin America. 

America is the land of the free, free land from the native americans, free labour from the black slaves, free oil from the Arab countries, free killing fields to practise with their extremely sophisticated state of the art weapons, freedom to drop bombs on any country, free to invade any country they like, free to kill the blacks, free to beat up Asians, free prisoners to practise water boarding, free to see if the prisoners could be put on a leash and move about on 4 legs like dogs. And of course free money, no need to work for it, just print and print and print.

Return of the diaspora - A personal experience


The early powerless China during the era of foreign invasion and under 毛泽东主席 was so poverty-stricken that there was no seeing of light at the end of the tunnel.  Chaos and starvation were rampant...  All that were left for the badly battered China was humiliation and a shattered country without money to pick up the pieces.  Impoverished Chinese set sail for the far horizons literally seeking for survival rather than fortunes.

I know this distressing dark chapter in history including the Japanese occupation of Singapore because they were passed down to me by my parents many times over.  I may be born many years later after these catastrophic events, it however did not give me a sense of ignorant to bypass such horrendous human cruelty.  The pages of precious story will forever ingrained in me till eternity.  The values instilled in me were strong foundations to build my self-confidence to able to appreciate and feel proud of my identity.  To many, it's strange that I have this weird yearning to search for my roots (寻根) and to study Chinese in China.  Perhaps it is wistful thinking but it remains my heart's greatest desire.

Having said that, I have completely failed to comprehend why there are so many Chinese desperately rushing to embrace and worship white foreigners by forsaking their ethnic identity.  They have lost their sense of identity and have no confidence about themselves.  Feel ashamed about their roots, not interested to know about their forefathers.  They cast away their Chinese name and proudly adopt Western or European names, dye their hairs and what else?...  I am not surprised they must be dying to expunge their DNA too.  I describe such group of people as shameless and pathetic 崇洋媚外 (chóng yáng mèi wài), 六亲不认 (liù qīn bù rèn), 数典忘祖 (shǔ diǎn wàng zǔ).

Many years back, when I chanced upon your blog, I was surprised to see your romanised Chinese name.  I thought this is a rarity when people generally are abandoning their own name and use alien name to boost their self-esteem.  It's so good to know that there are English speaking people out there like you and Southernglory1 who are feeling proud of their identities and share a keen interest in China.  I wish to thank you and Southernglory1 for the meaningful and well-articulated pieces.

The latest attack on China with the American mafia ganging up with his obeying no substance stooges cause me to think of the 八国联军 invasion of an unprepared China.  But they surely have gravely mistaken today's China..., no longer a hapless and helpless country to be trampled upon at will.  China is like a phoenix rises from the ashes, from strength to strength, constantly scaling new heights and is unquenchable.  The white gangsters are green with jealously, filled with rage and fear but unable to contain the super giant from soaring.  It's time for the dreamers to consign their rusty cannons to the scrapyard, save the previous space of the museum.

伟大的中国再接再厉吧,国外的华人同胞都在为您加油打气。衷心祝中国鹏程万里,前程似锦。(How I wish I could shout “我的祖国”, but it's not appropriate as I was not born in China.)


PS. This is the first post by Mingfeng, a Singaporean that has rediscovered and reconnected with her roots and the Chinese Civilisation. More and more of the diaspora would be reawakened to reconnect with their roots when they understand where they were originally from and would want to be a part of this ancient Civilisation again.  Redbean


Americans defending Muslim Uyghurs hypocrisy - 500,000 Iraqi chidren death worth it


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken caught flak after he praised the legacy of Madeleine Albright, who once appeared to justify the deaths of Iraqi children, saying that she made the country “more respected globally.”

Blinken took to Twitter on Friday to hail Albright, a former US ambassador to the UN and secretary of state under former President Bill Clinton, as a ‘woman of courage’....

His choice of role model struck many as odd. The replies were inundated with the clip of Albright’s infamous 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl, in which Albright said that the deaths of half a million Iraqi children allegedly due to sanctions was “worth it.”

Well, I believe you're serious. A great choice as a role model!

The above is quoted from RT.

If killing 500,000 Iraqi children is worth it, made America more respected globally, and this woman is now a role model for Blinken, what kind of people do you think the Americans are? Do you really believe they care a damn about the Uyghurs, a Muslim tribe?

How much more American lies and hypocrisies would it take for the unthinking to finally remove their blinkers and see the Americans as what they really are, mass murderers!

Albright called the killing of 500,000 Iraqi children worth it, Hilary Clinton conveniently called them war collateral, not human beans, just numbers. It is not the point blank shooting of 1 or 2 unarmed Syrian boys by Australian mercenaries called soldiers, it is 500,000 children's lives. Ok, Ok, I must qualify, Muslim children, not white American children. Does it matter if it is Muslim children or white American children or black lives?

'Caitlin Johnstone: The entire world should be laughing at America for pretending to care about Muslims in China....

The US president's preaching about human rights in a nation he wants to undermine have never sounded as hollow as when he speaks about the 'oppressed' Muslims of China. Just ask any Muslim-majority country bombed by the US.' Quoted from RT

Chinese diaspora or Indian diaspora - Why?

 The Chinese would never forget the massacres and plundering of their country by the foreign invaders from Europe and also Japan. They ganged up to invade Manchu China and robbed China of its wealth, then the richest country in the world. The war indemnities from the invasion and the wars to sell opium in China bankrupted the Manchu Dynasty. They had no more funds to run the country as it was before and had to impose heavy taxes on the already poor citizens hit by wars, famines and droughts. There was literary nothing left in China and decent work was non existence. 

Then came the Japanese invaders attempting to colonise the whole of China, a second phase of massacres and looting and plundering. More unequal treaties, more land carved away by the Japanese, including the Ryukyu island chain of today's Okinawa, Diaoyu Islands and Taiwan.

When the Japanese were finally driven out of China, there was no economy to talk about in China. A hundred years of foreign domination, semi colonisation and wars depleted everything in the Chinese govt's treasury, depleted the soul of the Chinese citizenry.  China was robbed of every penny in the Treasury, in the whole country, and still not enough, still in debt to the invaders. China was again at Year 0, so to speak, to start everything from nothing in 1949. 

The outflow of Chinese gathered speed, from the 19th Century to the early 20th Century. There was no industry of reasonable scale to provide employment for the masses of impoverished Chinese, actually hardly any industry existed other than agriculture, handicraft and small traders. The hungry masses had to seek a living elsewhere. The British started by providing indenture labour to Malaya to provide coolie manpower in the rubber plantations and tin mining as well as coolies for the ports. Many left for the Americas and Australia to work in the gold mines, many were cheated and sold as semi slave workers.

China was like the proverbial rich village landlord being robbed and killed by the gangsters or bandits coming down from the hills. The people, the children of the landlord became poor orphans. Some died, some ran away, and a few were kept by the bandits as workers. When the children grew up, many forgot that the rich landlords were the bandits that killed their parents and stole their homes and wealth that forced them to flee their homeland. Those that were given better jobs by the bandits turned landlords were grateful to their benefactors and willingly served their new masters.  They forgot that the wealth of the bandit landlords were theirs in the first place and they were serving the murderers of their parents. These are the Chinese diaspora of today, descendants of a very poor and broken China.

Some of the children worked their way to rebuild their lives and their fortune. They grew up in the hard way and not forgetting how it all began and the history behind their sad past. Now they are strong enough to want back the wealth and properties stolen from their parents by the bandit landlords. The latter accused them of being assertive and aggressive and spread lies about their 'bad' behaviour, to want to live a better life and to want to take back what were stolen from their parents. 

Some of the diaspora could not understand why, did not know why, also sided with the bandit landlords and hate their forgotten brothers for being assertive and demanding the return of their assets and land. Some of these Chinese diaspora even despised their long lost brothers thinking that they are overbearing and over reaching, unreasonable, to want to seize the wealth of the bandit landlords that gave them good jobs and a good life, a life better than their long lost kins.

This is the tragic story of the Chinese diaspora, acknowledging the thiefs and murderers as their benefactors without knowing why they became the diaspora, eking a living in far off land, away from their impoverished country of origin. They think, live and act like they are part of the bandit landlords and yes, they hate their lost long kins.

They even could not see that the bandit landlords are getting poorer with no free wealth and properties to rob to feed their good life. They think their good life, a given to them by their gracious and generous bandit landlords would continue forever. They could not see that their long lost kins have rebuilt their fortunes and would be richer than their bandit landlords and deserved a rightful place under the sun. 

The diaspora have forgotten their roots, their origins and how they became the diaspora, also by courtesy from the good grace of the bandit landlords that killed their parents and stole their wealth and everything from them.  Their parents were like the refugees today running away from their war torn and destroyed homes and countries. When would the diaspora know who they really are and wake up from their fake existence, calling and treating the murderers of their parents as fathers, the bandits that made them poor and had to run away from home, from a place called China?


Xinjiang truth versus lies - A Canadian perspective (English version)

This video is made by a Canadian Indian on the Xinjiang controversy and hypocrisy of the Americans and the West. 12 min.

Genocide in Xinjiang or USA?

 Genocide is a very serious act of violence and oppression against a people. It involves not only the termination of a people from the surface of earth, but also their culture, language, religion and their way of life. The Americans genocided almost 100 million native Americans aka Red Indians in the 300 years of forced occupation of Indian land but today strutting around as the protectors of minorities and accusing China of genocide against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, China. This is not counting the their scorched earth bombing of North Korea, Vietnam and the invasion of Iraq, Libya and many Arab and African states and the killings of hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Muslims. Then there were the many massacres in Australia of aborigines, Red Indians in Canada and many Africans in Africa.

Just look at the words in the American notes, all in English. Not a trace of the original native Americans. This is genocide of the Red Indians to wipe them off and any trace of their existence.

Then look at the Chinese notes, on the back top right corner, the official languages of the 4 minority ethnic groups are included, ie Mongolian, Zhuang, Tibetans and Uyghurs. They are immortalised, preserved as living languages in China, taught in schools and practised by the minority groups, including their religions and way of lives. These are the hard proof of their existence unlike the complete wiped out of Red Indian existence. The Red Indians were forced to convert to Christianity and speak English. Many still stuck in their concentration camps called reservations.  Many had perished under the harsh environment of the concentration camps.

Below are a few pics of the reservations aka concentration camps in the USA when the Red Indians were dumped to live in the wild, at the mercy of mother nature with little help from the American govt. Many parts have no piped water or electricity in the richest country on earth.  The reservations are barren with little life activities and few survivals of the American genocide. No proper surface roads, barely any utility facilities. The reservations/concentration camps were like time stood still for centuries. There were barely any attempt by the white American govt to uplift the quality of life of the few surviving Red Indians, forgotten and left to fend for themselves.

Below are pics of Xinjiang and the Uyghurs, a province teeming with life and happy people compare to the Indian reservations in the USA. The population of Uyghurs are several times more than the few Red Indians that are still alive today, with American historical records stating between tens of millions to a hundred million being massacred by the white Americans. They could not agree on the exact number as records were sketchy and the genocides was all over a continent of people.

Who is lying about the genocides in Xinjiang and in the USA? The evil Americans got the gumption to spread the lies that China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs.  Maybe this is the way to divert the attention to their genocide of the Red Indians in the land they stole from the native Americans. As the white men like to say, dead men tell no tales. 

From the pics one can see whether the Red Indians or the Uyghurs are thriving or dying, happy or oppressed.

Japan bowing to envoy of American Emperor


Japan's PM Suga taking a bow to American envoy, Secretary of Defense of the American Empire. This is expected from a semi colony of the Empire. What I find it unpleasant is the arrogant look of the two envoys. Very condescending.

Western media's silence on American crimes and aggression


Western main media's agenda for decades has been about attacking China, Russia and the enemies of the Americans. Everyday without fail, they will smear and demonise China as a hostile, aggressive predator out to conquer the world when the truth is just the reverse. They are totally silent on the crimes against humanity committed by the evil Americans in wars, invasions, sanctions, fabricating white lies, oppression and massacres of the innocents all over the world.

American hostile acts of threatening a war with China in the South China Sea were reported as Freedom of Navigation, to protect the freedom of maritime travel when no ship has been harassed or stopped in their movement through the area. There was no condemnation of the reckless American warships violating Chinese territorial integrity and risking a major war.

American invasion of Iraq, Syria, Libya and many other nations in the Middle East was reported as a matter of fact with no crimes committed against the hundreds of thousands of innocent Arabs and Muslims killed and maimed and their homes and economies destroyed.  Many have become homeless and refugees. No respectable media would take the Americans to task on their vicious attacks on the Arab and Muslim countries, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.

None of the western media would question the presence of American soldiers in Afghanistan, killing the Talibans and Afghanistan tribesmen under the pretence of fighting terrorism and threats against the mighty USA. What threats can these poor tribesmen in the barren mountains of Afghanistan posed to the USA? The truth is that they became live practice targets for the Americans to test their weapons and to expend their end of life bullets and ammunition. No condemnation by the western media for such live firing against human beans labelled as threats to far away American homeland.

The American economic sanctions, some for decades and generations, have caused extreme hardship to the people of Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela etc etc, destroying their economies and millions of innocent lives with no exceptions, with no mercy in the name of human rights and democracy. Millions of lives are at stake, millions of people suffered because of the evil American sanctions. What did the western media have to say about them? Nothing, complete silence, while the people of these countries suffered everyday for years, decades and generations.

The vicious bombings and assassinations in the Middle East continue everyday, Arabs and Muslims are dying everyday. Did the western media breath a word about, about how vicious and cruel the Americans are, and how many unnecessary loss of lives and limbs of innocent Arabs and Muslims?

The constant threats of wars, to attack and invade countries labelled as enemies, as threats of the number one super power did not raise any alarm or any condemnation as vile, baseless and aggression. Evil Americans have the right to attack any country they like under all kinds of white lies and fabricated lies and get away with them. The western media are as good as accomplice to these crimes against humanity and acts of war. No, they would not condemn the warmongering Americans for their reckless and heinous acts against anyone or any country that posed no threats to them. They just attached the threats label on anyone or country as licence to kill. And the western media would support the killings.

This is how unjust, how hypocritical the western media are today, accomplices to American warmongering, American war crimes and cruelties against the human race in every corner to the world. They turn a blind eye to these evilness but use all their resources to attack China, a country that does not conduct wars, does not engage in wars of destruction and killings and demonise China as aggressive and a threat to world peace and security.

What about white lies being fabricated as truth? This one the western media would definitely not comment. They are part of the sinister team that cooked up these white lies and reported them as truths. Never have they ever discredited the white lies spread by the American and the West. This is how objective and honest they are,  all liars in cahoot.

The western media are just as evil and irresponsible as the evil American Empire. Period. And many media from American crony countries would deliberately reproduced the white lies in their papers to deceive and feed their readers with the lies.

PS.  The evil Americans claimed that they were invited to stay in Iraq by the Iraqis.  Now the democratically elected Iraqi govt is asking to leave by the end of the year. Would they leave? 

Would the western media denounce the Americans for overstaying their welcome and not moving out, occupying Iraq illegally even after being told to get out?


China's new no nonsense diplomacy

 The meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, marked the turning point in Chinese Diplomacy, from a non retaliatory and non reactive policy to one of mutual respect and reciprocal in nature. For decades since China return to the world stage as a super power, China continued to adopt a conciliatory and accommodating policy of not hitting back when attacked or wronged by hostile and aggressive countries. The USA and many western countries, including silly Asean countries did not appreciate the non aggressive Chinese policy and took it as a sign of weakness. Instead of accepting China's appeasement as a friendly gesture and reciprocate with lowering the temperature, they continue to attack and demonise China on a daily basis, even with hostile and aggressive acts.

The meeting in Alaska was the last straw on the camel's back. China went there hoping to start a new relatonship with the Americans under a new Biden regime, but prepared for the worse. And the Americans chose to show their animosity, to want to continue to bully China by their hostile interference with China's domestic affairs. China had to react with plan B, ie tit for tat, aggression for aggression. China was blunt and firm in hitting back at the Americans and not giving an inch to the Americans. The Americans had been bragging about being firm with the Chinese, after flirting with the Quad members and thinking they could put China under pressure, sanction Chinese officials on eve of the meeting as a show of force. 

The Chinese hit back forcefully and stating in no uncertain terms, enough is enough. China would henceforth hit back at anything the Americans throw at them and at anyone that think they could take potshots at China. The EU's sanction on China the next day was returned with bigger sanctions against the EU members. China meant business and would treat everyone with equal respect and equal animosity, come what may.

China's Wolf Warrior Diplomacy is now in full view to the world. Deal with China as an equal and with mutual respect. Any country having wild ideas thinking they can still irritate China and wanting to pick a fight with China must be prepared to have their ass kicked by China. China has now given the Brits a big ass kick as well.  This silly little has been country is still dreaming in high noon that China could be bullied.

China getting more assertive and aggressive? Wait till you see the real assertive and aggressive China in the days to come. You want respect from China you have to treat China with equal respect. You want to trade and do business with China, you are welcome. But not when you think you can muck around with China and doing silly things behind China's back, attacking China with white lies.

The world would now have to live with a more assertive and aggressive China or a more respectful China if treated with respect and sincerity. The evil and aggressive Americans and the West will have to rethink how they are going to be treated by, yes, a more aggressive and confident China. Period.

China today is self sufficient in almost everything, in science and technology.  China can manufacture anything it needs. China has no reason to trade with hostile countries that regard China as enemy. China would decouple with the US if necessary and cut off trade with smaller countries if it needed.

Here comes aggressive China and the world has got to adjust and live with it, like it or not. Has China made its position clear? Have the enemies of China understood the new China?

Covid19 - Singapore under foreign pressure to choose vaccines?

SINGAPORE — The delivery of the Chinese-made Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine to Singapore prior to an assessment by the authorities for its use here was based on a bilateral commercial contract, and did not involve any "coercion" or "influence by other bodies", said a top health official on Wednesday (24 March).

The Ministry of Health (MOH) director of medical services Kenneth Mak was responding to media queries on whether Singapore was unable to turn down the delivery of Sinovac's CoronaVac because it wanted to avoid upsetting the Chinese government.  Yahoo News

The above Yahoo news implied that Singapore was under pressure for taking delivery of Chinese vaccines. And the Singapore govt had to explain that it was not. Why didn't they asked, was Singapore under pressure by foreign govts not to use Chinese vaccines and not to approve Sinovac or to deliberately delay its approval and use? 

Or why didn't these reporters be asking if Singapore was pressured to use western vaccines, to quickly approve the use of these western vaccines that were only approved for emergency use after a warp speed bypass without going through the proper procedures. And to make matter more serious, these are untested vaccines, using these vaccines would put the people into uncharted territories that would take years to confirm its safety or otherwise.

Of course the manufacturers would say it is very safe, that the mRNA would be destroyed by the antibodies triggered. Is that so? The main purpose of the mRNA is to induce the body to produce more mRNAs to trigger the body immune system to produce anti bodies to fight it. Two possibilities can happen. If too much mRNAs are produced. Two, not enough antibodies are produced to kill all the mRNAs. Any mRNAs not killed or destroyed would stay in the body to produce more mRNAs.  That is its job. What would happen to the recipients if this happened? 

The body will continue to produce mRNAs nonstop and at the same time to produce antibodies nonstop in an unending process, causing extreme stress to the body system. What then?

And the possibility of mutation of DNAs cannot be ruled out. This could be the beginning of human civilisation injecting voluntarily, DNA bending material into the human body, planting the seed of mutation that no one can predict the consequences.

Is any country pressuring Singapore to use mRNA vaccines on its people instead of Sinovac vaccine that is based on dead Covid19 virus? It is looking more like Singapore is being pressured by some countries not to use Sinovac vaccine?

The question posed to the Task Force was politically loaded to imply that the Task Force was compromised in their choice of Sinovac and the poor buggers furiously trying to explain away the allegation.  They forgot to ask the reporter what was his agenda or motive to frame such a question. The answer is obvious. The question was a warning to Singapore not to use Sinovac vaccine or it would be seen and reported that Singapore was pressured to do so.  Would Singapore acquiesce to this demand and reject the Sinovac vaccine so as not to offend the party making the demand?

Now which country/countries are politicising the use and distribution of vaccines? Many European countries were under political pressure not to use the Chinese or Russian vaccines even when available while the western vaccines were not available to them.  This political game of life and death is highly irresponsible and reckless as innocent lives could be lost because of it.

Singapore must not be caught by this irresponsible western political game on the use of vaccines.

What do you think? What is the agenda?


China assertive or American bullying more assertive


Tommy 'Koh said bilateral ties between both superpowers have evolved from one between "a rich, powerful country and a poor, weak country" to one between "two approximate equals".

And while they are not yet equal, both economically and militarily, China would "naturally be more assertive" and more reluctant to be subordinate to the U.S., the veteran diplomat added.

He continued to explain that the U.S. has a long list of complaints against China over several issues, including trade relations, accusations of technology theft, human rights in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the South China Sea.

China, on the other hand, dismisses these criticisms as an attempt to deter their rise even further....' 


Above article quoting Tommy Koh appeared in themothership.com. Many Asian leaders kept parroting this American catchphrase that China is assertive or becoming more assertive while implying that the Americans are such nice guys, not assertive, not aggressive, so peace loving.

Why is China standing up and doing a tit for tat against the Americans? The Americans have been attacking China daily, interfering in China's domestic affairs and demonishing China, and how come no one would say the Americans were the assertive one, the aggressive one, the one that is bullying China and China is justified to hit back, a reaction rather than being assertive? Why is it acceptable for the Americans to attack China daily, started a trade war and still being passed off as a nice and peaceful country, not assertive, not aggressive when it is agitating and provoking for war, forming military gangs to threaten and to want to start a war with China? Why are there so many blind cronies around?

Why no one is saying the Americans are assertive, aggressive, the bully, the international gangsters, sending warships into the South China Sea to threaten and taunt China? These are not aggressive, not assertive, because it is the right thing to do, the right of the Americans to threaten and taunt China and other countries like N Korea and Iran or Venezuela?

The Americans are not assertive, not aggressive? Why is China to be blamed for standing up to the American bullying and this be called assertive? Why should these people be telling China not to hit back when slapped by the Americans, that it is better to turn the other cheek, then it would be very nice, China not hitting back, not assertive, be bullied like before for the last 200 years? It is for the good of China to remain docile, be the timid little boy to be pushed around by the big bully, and no one else would be hurt as long as the bully has someone to bully.

Should China listen to these silly people and be very nice to the Americans and apologise to the Americans for hitting back when attacked by the Americans? Who bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, killing 5 Chinese Embassy staff? Did anyone dare to condemn the Americans for this sneaky attack or say the Americans were aggressive rogues? China must not be angry and accept it quietly because the attackers were the very nice Americans and the attack was normal, to be expected? To react means becoming assertive? Psst, China, the best place to attack the Americans is the de facto American Embassy in Taipei. Then claim to have used an outdated old map, but be prepared to be called aggressive by all the silly Asian leaders. They kept quiet when the Americans did it, but would be the first to come out and condemn China if China do it. Only Americans are allowed to do such dastard and heinous things and would not be condemned.

Many silly Asean leaders simply repeat what the Americans said, China is assertive, even aggressive, without bothering to think a little and identify who is the real assertive, aggressive one and the big bully. Just because the Americans said so, they just repeat what their master said.

Look at what just concluded in Alaska, the Americans continued to bash China and meddled with China's domestic affairs as if it is the Imperial overlord. And many silly little countries also like to poke China in the eyes, parroting the narratives of the Americans.  Who are doing the attacks, who are doing all the sanctions? Not assertive, not aggressive, very friendly towards China? What do they expect China to do, bend its head and say nothing, or turn the other cheek to be slapped?

China is just reacting to the aggressive and abusive Americans and the West, and silly American cronies trying to smear and demonise China. It is right for China to kick asses and make them know that it is silly to try to be little mischievous rats or a big bully.  In Alaska, China had made it known to the world that it no longer tolerates meddling with its internal affairs and would hit back immediately.

Immediately after Alaska, many broke and bankrupt little countries in Europe also joined the sanction game against China.  China would be taking them to task, one at a time to make sure they never recover from their slide to bankruptcy and poverty. China would no longer lend a helping hand to ingrates and enemies of China.

A new chapter of Chinese history has just begun. The world would now see a new China and the meaning of assertive and aggressiveness. China will kick asses. You have been warned. Any more silly little American cronies still wanting to mess around with China under the instruction of their American master?



Beijing warns Five Eyes that an ‘irritated’ China would be ‘difficult to handle’ ‘You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’

Beijing warns Five Eyes that an ‘irritated’ China would be ‘difficult to handle’ ‘You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’

The Chinese foreign ministry has called on the nations of the Five Eyes alliance to enter the 21st century and stop viewing Beijing as the Qing Dynasty, after the allied countries successively accused China of human rights abuses.

Speaking at a regular news conference on Wednesday, foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying warned the nations of the Five Eyes alliance (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US) to stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.

Hua said the Five Eyes nations needed to move into the 21st century and realize the China of today is very different to the Qing Dynasty. She said the five-nation grouping is reminiscent of the Eight-Nations alliance (Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, the United States, Italy and Austria-Hungary) which invaded and plundered northern China in 1900.

Questioning the legitimacy of these nations to call out China for alleged human rights abuses, the spokeswoman stated “the United Nations has more than 190 member states. Several allies such as the “Five Eyes Alliance” cannot represent the international community.” She added that there was “scant” support for their criticism of China.

On Tuesday, Australia and New Zealand, in a joint statement, welcomed the decision of the US, EU, Canada and Britain to impose sanctions on senior Chinese officials.

“Just look at the world map and you will know that China has friends all over the world," she said.

"The China now is not the China of 120 years ago. The era when a few cannons can open the door to China is gone! The Chinese people are not irritable, but if they are irritated, they will be difficult to handle,” she added 



Where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?

Where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?

The EU, US, UK and Canada on Monday banded together to announce sanctions on Chinese officials over alleged human rights violations in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a concerted move directed at China by the West. It is an attempt to force China to accept interference from outsiders. This was a crude assertion of their dominance in world affairs.

The US and its main allies are defining human rights and democracy in terms of a set of values that can be used as leverage to consolidate Western hegemony with the US as its center. They know that it will impact the governance of big developing countries like China and Russia and bring chaos to these countries, but they insisted in doing so as a way of playing strategic games.

This is unacceptable. The essence of this "struggle" for human rights is a struggle between hegemony and anti-hegemony. It is a struggle between pursuing the development of human rights and playing with human rights for geopolitical purposes, between respecting the sovereignty of all countries with no interference in each other's internal affairs or a few countries dominating the majority.

Double standards in recent times have been running rampant. Who is responsible for the development of human rights and democracy in each country? Should it be the country's sovereign government or external countries and forces? Under international law, all sovereign countries are equal regardless of size. This is the basis of the international law and the UN Charter. Should a few countries out of the 193 members of the UN have the right to make policies for the majority of countries?

The US strictly prohibits the infiltration of other countries into its own affairs, including its election, but the US and its allies have infringed upon the political affairs of quite a number of countries, destabilized these countries, and led to many tragedies. If all the countries believe they have the right to lecture others and rally support for such aggression, does the world still have order?

Should China raise a serious demand that guns should be banned throughout the US after the recent shootings in Atlanta and Colorado? If Washington thinks China has no right to do so, where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?

There is no basis for China, Russia and many other developing countries to discuss human rights issues with the West, because what the West really cares about is not human rights, but the right to define human rights one-sidedly. This is an expression of hegemony in which only the Western countries can set the rules for the world.

China and Russia will never allow the West to be this rude and insolent, nor will they succumb to the ambitions of the West.


March 24, 2021 10:51 am

Joseph Mendoza - Creative talent and Creative Confusion


SINGAPORE: An Indian composer who said he wrote the song We Can Achieve – which is nearly identical to national song Count on Me, Singapore – has withdrawn his claims and apologised for the “confusion caused”, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) said on Sunday (Mar 21).

Mr Joseph Mendoza earlier claimed that he composed We Can Achieve in 1983, three years before the creation of Count on Me, Singapore, after footage of a performance of the former went viral. CNA

Whatever the outcome, this Mendoza is a real creative talent. He can create things and make them disappear as he wishes. He can turn Singapore's national song, Count On Me Singapore, into We Can Achieve, even before the Singapore song was written, in 1983. This kind of creativity is rare among Singaporeans, just like fake degrees, but most valued in other countries.

Singaporeans are dead beat, dead pan, unable to twist and turn facts into fiction and fiction into fact. This is one of the key reasons why Singaporeans would not be around for long.  They cannot compete with street smart talents from the world, especially from India, like this Mendoza. 

In a way the flood of Indian talents into Singapore and for Singapore to embrace them whole heartedly with few question asked, is a good thing. Singaporeans have not been exposed to the real world of real talents and creative talents and fake talents.  Singaporeans have a lot to learn to survive in the real world. With so many of these creative talents and fake talents in Singapore, very likely some even in high places, the creative juice and culture are starting to rub into the straight jacket mindset of Singaporeans.

A good sign is the new mantra, no degrees never mind, can work good enough. Or no point getting a good degree, a fake degree or degree mill degree is just as good, and cheaper some more.  And the light touch on anyone caught with fake degrees is also another good sign of the shifting morality of what is right and wrong, for Singaporeans to learn and to survive in the midst of fakes and creative talents.

Mendoza should be brought in to Singapore to conduct courses on how to make things appear and disappear and get away with it with an apology. It is not about cheating, just a bit of confusion. No harm intended. Take a bow and move on.

Make this Mendoza course compulsory for all civil servants and politicians. Course fee can be subsidised by the govt. Singaporeans would have a lot to learn and benefit from this course and would be more able to face the world in a smarter and more creative way than just blindly and unthinkingly follow the rules.

The title of this course, From Disruptive Innovation to Creative Confusion.

It is good to lower the bar, to compromise and accept fakes to create economic growth. Come to think of it, Singapore has been practising Creative Confusion all along.

What do you think?

PS. When one lost the direction of what is good, right and proper,  fakes, cheats, crooks and con men make good company.


Made in China - A Chinese Miracle

 From a GDP of US$150 billion to US$15 trillion in 42 years. This is a phenomenal growth of 100 times, never seen in the history of human civilisation for a big country, or any country big or small. This is China in 2021, from a poverty stricken agrarian economy that had nothing but small machinery and village factories supporting agricultural produces to a modern industrial economy producing practically anything on earth that is needed by humankind, and the biggest consumer market in the world.

The economic achievement of China, with a population of 1.45b, did not come easy. After a century of humiliation and oppression and exploitation by the western powers, China was bankrupt as a country in every sense of the word. A country with 90 per cent of its people living in poverty, 90 per cent of its people uneducated, barely any schools and a handful of under equipped tertiary institutions, barely any industrial base to talk about, and facing isolation and sanctions by the western economic and military powers, China and Chinese could not expect to see daylight for eons to come like many under developed and ex colonies of the West. It was unimaginable then to think of what China is today, a global economy and a global power at par with the number one super power, the USA, and in the process of being number one, over taking the Americans in a matter of years, maybe less than 10 years.

1949, China broke free from all external forces of Imperialism and oppression to be once again an independent state, as a new nation, a republic, and to rebuild itself literary from ground zero. The task was intimidating and extremely difficult as it was not allowed to develop freely as a free nation. The West imposed a complete locked down on China, cutting it off from international trade, technology and economic assistance. It was a case of only the Chinese to help themselves with their bare hands and elementary tools. 

China was forced to experiment itself to leap out of the poverty trap to give its people a better life, but with limited resources and technology and with limited funds and talents, the task was daunting. Today, many still sneered at the failure of the Great Leap Forward, an economic plan for self sufficiency and to hasten the speed of economic development in the 1960s. Given the circumstances and the unsupportive nature that brought drought and flood to lay waste the great plains of China, the Chinese people took a big toll with famines, deaths and suffering all over the country. 

There was no help coming from the international community, definitely not from the hypocritical West that were hell bent on strangling China and the Chinese people to death. There was no foreign aid, no Red Cross, no humanitarian organisations to lighten the suffering of the Chinese people. The Chinese people tighten their belt and ploughed on, slogging day and night, many living in absolute poverty. No meat on the table. An egg was a luxury that few were able to afford or to have and often shared by a few persons.

All kinds of obstacles were thrown into the path of China and the Chinese people to keep them poor and undeveloped in all fields. China still chucked along furiously, in quiet fury, longing for a better day when they could have 3 decent meals a day and a decent roof over their heads. 

In the face of grave depravity and poverty and isolation, China still managed to produce the Atomic and Hydrogen bombs. 100,000 men and women disappeared into the wilderness to achieve this feat. They went into the deserts of Mongolia without their families knowing where they had gone and what they were doing. They exchanged their names for a number to protect themselves from assassination attempts, and their families from blackmailed. The cruel fate we saw today of many Iranian scientists, assassinated by the West for their roles in advancing their nation's goal of scientific development in nuclear technology. The 100,000 nameless Chinese were saved from this cruel fate and survived and built the bombs for China.

A detente with the West came in 1972 when Nixon visited China and reestablished diplomatic relations and allowed freer movement of people, exchanges of scientific knowledge and technology in exchange for China's support against the Russians. This was followed with the opening up of trade and lifting of sanctions and isolation in many fields. 

In 1978 China under Deng's leadership China opened its economy to international trade and have more exchanges with the world.  The door to the WTO was opened in 2001 when the Americans relented with the prospect of exporting their dirty factories and labour intensive industries to China to take advantage of China's cheap labour. China ate the humble pie, did the dirty jobs that the West had given up doing and at dirt cheap prices.

China was willing to start from scratch, to learn everything they could and to acquire skills and knowledge in the process, to rebuild its economy. There was no dispute about the West having a bigger slice of the pie, no criticism and acrimony about the West exploiting the Chinese labour. The Chinese people continue to slog along, quietly, no protest, no demonstration, no strikes. It was too good to be true for the western companies, making huge profits and paying very low wages for it.

China and the Chinese people learnt very quickly, from just making shoes and copies of everything, they acquired new knowledge and skills and funds to do it on their own. They innovated and improved on whatever they had learnt and done for the West. And the rest is history.

The poor Chinese peasants have come knocking at the doors of every country in the world, in Europe and the Americas, with stash of cash to spend, the nouveau riche of the 21st Century. 

Then came the meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. The Chinese have been bidding their time under the guidance of Deng's policy of working quietly and not to speak up to ruffle anyone's feathers. The Americans were still expecting the Chinese to bend their heads when lectured by the West, speak politely and not to talk back. And when slapped by the West, just turn the other cheek. The Chinaman, condemned to be railway workers, cooks and laundrymen, berated the Americans for their bad behaviour as a hegemonic power, and talking down to the Americans as the new super power to be reckoned with.

This time, on 18 Mar 2021, the Chinese stood up and told the Americans they would not take American white lies anymore. Instead of being lectured by the Americans about their domestic affairs and unacceptable behaviour, the Chinese gave the Americans a lecture they would never forget. The Americans are not fit, not qualified to lecture Chinese for fabricated crimes that the Americans had been committing and perpetuating for centuries, in the genocide of Red Indians, inhuman treatment and abuses of the black Americans, for abuses of power and hegemony in invading countries, in conducting regime change, in wars etc etc.

The Chinese gave notice to the Americans that henceforth, if the Americans do not stop meddling in China's domestic affairs or the domestic affairs of other countries, China would be putting its fingers into American domestic affairs and air American's dirty laundry to the world. The Chinese told the Americans in no uncertain terms, to mind their own business, and China would mind its own. China would deal with the Americans in exactly the same way as the Americans think fit to deal with China.

The Chinese Miracle has arrived, a new and rich China, economically strong and wealthy, scientifically and technologically on par with the Americans and surpassing the Americans in many fields, would be talking down to the Americans, the number two super power, with confidence and strength.

The Americans can try to make America Great Again, if they could, in trade, science and technology. They could no longer use military might to threaten and coerce the Chinese Miracle not to overtake them and be better and richer and stronger than the Americans. The Chinese have every right to be rich and live a better life without having to fight a war for dominance. To be rich, to want to live well, is not a crime against anyone or any country. This is not a threat to anyone or any country. Every country has the same right as the Chinese and the Americans to want to live well and good. This is basic human right and freedom for every human bean on earth.

The Chinese Miracle is going to become the nightmare of the Americans. From virtually penniless, they have amassed a national reserve of US$3 trillion. On the other hand the Americans have gone from being the richest country to a poor country with a national debt exceeding US$30 trillion. China is now the world's biggest creditor and banker while the USA is the biggest debtor and borrower of the world.

The Chinese Miracle is the new reality waiting to explode and overturn the American apple cart.


More housing projects - One trick millionaire pony's solution


The above pic from ST is the story of one trick pony, build more housing for more people, for more economic growth from more consumption. This is how brilliant the millionaires are, ignoring the consequences of overcrowding in a little piece of rock that on one day they said there is land scarcity and on the next day they want to build more and more and denying working towards 10m population while the import of foreigners continues not stop. There is no need to pay millions for this kind of thinking or unthinking. No wonder some have so much free time to do ECAs or talking about dogs and cats.

It is not rocket science to know what would happen in a crisis with so many people crammed in a little piece of rock without self sufficiency in food, water and energy. It is like pumping a hot air balloon and hoping that it would not go bust but knowing that it would as a matter of time. This is recklessness!

The building of more housing and importing of more heads to consume more as the main factor for economic growth is simply stupidity. Period. Primary school kids could also come up with such a solution. This dangerous and reckless policy must stop immediately. Economic growth must come from other ways and not an easy way out that would lead to intractable problems that would create a bigger and unmanageable crisis when it hits.

Anyone responsible for crisis management of such a small piece of rock must be having nightmares looking at what would happen should there be an economic crisis or a pandemic of any sort domestically or internationally. The impact on the island and people would be critical. It would become an existential problem and the remedies would be very painful for the people.

Singaporeans must speak up against this silly population pumping policy to strain every little land available in the island and every little resources just to give the impression of growth. The cost is too high and unacceptable when the day comes.

Built, built, built, then fill them up with people. Not enough people, import, import, import. Anyone bother to ask why?


WW2 - The Battle of Singapore

Someone send me a link to remind me of the glorious Battle of Singapore. With all due respect to the platoon of brave Malay Regiment, I think they were volunteers, this so called Battle was a joke in military terms but fondly remembered by Singaporeans as the Battle of Singapore.  Why was the Battle of Singapore best remembered by this event? Did the British put up a fight or none at all? There were 70,000 to 85,000 soldiers according to Singapore Infopedia.

What happened in the Battle of Singapore was a platoon of volunteers, poorly armed with outdated rifles, maybe no machine guns at all, taking the brunt of the attack from the main force of the Japanese invading Army, two divisions according to historical records. The rest of the fighting was really just aerial bombings by the Japs.

During those days, the locals, especially the volunteers, would not be issued with the latest weapons, mostly old weapons or rejects that the British would not use. What a mismatch, and the poor soldiers of the Malay Regiment were left there to be slaughtered by the Japanese. Outgun, out man and with no British soldiers around to provide any form of fire support. The British soldiers were hiding safely in their bunkers. The area was supposedly to be defended by Australian soldiers.  Where were they, did they fight or hide or fled? 

The Brits had been withdrawing their main forces from the Malay Peninsular all the way back to Singapore for safety, not engaging or barely engaging the Japanese Army.  And they let a platoon of volunteers to take on two divisions of the Japanese Army, nearly 20,000 men!  This is first degree betrayal, first degree murder!

It was a ridiculous battle. The Brits should have the decency to pull back the Malay Regiment from the slaughter. How could they keep a platoon of Malay Regiment there to fight the Japanese Imperial Army? The British commander should be charged for causing the unnecessary death of the brave Malay soldiers.  How many British or Allied soldiers were killed in the Battle of Singapore? The numbers would revealed how bravely they fought or how cowardly they hid in their bunkers.

Does anyone feel sorry for the unnecessary death of the brave soldiers of the Malay Regiment? Did anyone apologise for it, give every one of the brave men a medal of valour? They deserved the highest military honours for putting up a senseless fight in vain. 

The British Empire had forgotten about these brave men. Their story is only of interest to Singapore.

What do you think?


Who is leading USA? Or who is the 'President' of USA?

 This is a queer question but must be asked. Of course everyone would be saying Joe Biden. or Trump's supporters would say they still believe Trump is their president. There was a comment by a vlogger, the European, saying that till today, the Democrats forbid Joe Biden from meeting the press to answer unscript questions. They are afraid that he would mess up the whole session due to his dementia, unable to recall facts and low IQ.  So, who is running the USA, or who is running Joe Biden?

It could be obvious that the Democrats are running Joe Biden and thus running American from behind. Biden is just for show. But this view is not really the truth.

The man that is running Joe Biden and America is really Donald Trump. How so? This low sleepy Joe not only did not have the intellect to run America in his own agenda, he also did not have the guts to overturn Trump's policy, all dictated by Trump before he departed. And sleepy Joe could only be seen to carry out Trump's policies and even has to prove that he is doing better than Trump by following what Trump wanted him to do.

This is how weak and how clueless sleepy Joe is as the de jure President of the USA but the de facto President is still Donald Trump. Nothing important has really changed.  Sleepy Joe is just there to carry out what Trump set up for him to do. Can you believe that, a US President does not dare to do anything contrary to his predecessor even if he disagrees and obediently carrying out what Trump wanted him to do?

What good is an American President that has no will of his own, afraid of his predecessor and doing his bidding?

Who is running USA? Of course it is Donald Trump, the man behind the curtain, sitting in his office in Florida, the new White House. And Trump is looking over the shoulder of Biden, watching him very carefully. And sleepy Joe is hapless, clueless, dunno what to do except to do what Trump set up for him to do, and to do it well, very well.

How pathetic! A puppet president on the string, pulling by Trump. He is so frightened of Trump and his supporters.

The Americans have voted in a new President. His name is Joe Biden Trump, dutifully carrying out the policies of Trump.


US China top level meeting in Anchorage, Alaska


Anonymous said...

China's top diplomats will meet US Secretary of State and White House National Security Adviser in Alaska on Friday.

Due to a series of offensive words and deeds by the US, Chinese public has little expectations that this dialogue can achieve any substantive results. Chinese society as a whole is prepared for greater tensions between China and US.

The meeting is a platform for strategic dialogue rather than a stage for the US to put unilateral pressures on China. Any idea that US could dominate this dialogue is illusory. Their perceived strengths could have been used for other things, but they cannot shape China's attitude on issues concerning China's core interests.

Could they ask China to withdraw the national security law for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or to recall the decision made by National People's Congress to amend and improve Hong Kong electoral system? Every Chinese can tell the US that this is simply wishful thinking.

China believes that communication is always necessary because the US has an overall misjudgment about China. China wants the US to gradually understand some of its basic positions and the sources of its confidence in defending them.

First, China has no geopolitical ambitions in the Asia-Pacific region. China's development is driven by the desire of 1.4 billion people to pursue a better livelihood. Further satisfying this desire is the fundamental focus of China's political governance. China does not believe that it has the ability, or that it's necessary to pursue development by imperialist expansion.

Second, China has explored a set of domestic governance methods that suit its national conditions. There are some ideological differences between China and the West, but China has no hostility toward the West. China has, since ancient times, always been an exponent of keeping harmony in diversity. The US initiated the strategic containment of China, which has deteriorated China's security environment, forced China to speed up development of its military power and carry out tit-for-tat ideological struggle.

Third, China will never accept US interference in its internal affairs. How US consumes the so-called human rights domestically is its own business. China will never give foreign forces a window to exercise long-arm jurisdiction on its internal affairs. What China can do is to help US understand China's political logic and the moral basis for all its governance measures. Such a dialogue does not mean that China is likely to yield to any US pressure.

Fourth, it is true that China has territorial disputes with some of its neighbors, but China's consistent position on these disputes is to resolve them peacefully, except Taiwan. China has always advocated that territorial disputes should not become the dominant aspect of bilateral relations and should not interfere with cooperation between China and other countries. China is firm in its position of managing territorial disputes.

Fifth, it is China's sacred right to develop. China has never contemplated as a geopolitical goal the possibility of overtaking the US in economic growth in a few years, nor has China ever considered replacing US hegemony with "Chinese hegemony."

Sixth, the Chinese are confident that they are capable of defending their own national security, and no matter how hard the US tries, it cannot contain China. If USA is willing to coexist and cooperate with China in peace, China welcomes that and will work hard to make that relationship work. If USA is determined to engage in confrontation, China will fight to the end.

It is important to point out that US has seriously overestimated the matching degree between its national power and its strategic fantasy of containing China.


USA - The Beast of War

 The  aggressive warmongering Americans, the Beast of War, fighting wars non stop for the last 8 decades and still fighting in 76 countries around the world, got the cheek to accuse China of being aggressive when China has not fought a war for the last 40 years.  This kind of wild and baseless accusation coming from the evil and lying Americans is a daily affair propagated by western media and silly Asian media as well. The most aggressive country in the world, the warmongers, is accusing China of aggression and expansion when all China did was trade and infrastructure development, including developing its own islands by pouring more sand on them to make them liveable and useful for humankind.

This beast and its equally hideous leaders are now gathering a bunch of equally monstrous countries, infamous for aggression and war crimes, the barbaric Japan of WW2, the murderers of aborigines Australia, and the slimy pretentious super power dreamer India, to form a 4 member gang to want to start a war with China, just by lying and smearing China as an aggressive power that is not involved in any war and had been victims of invasion by these 4 warmongering countries. The aggressors accusing their victim of aggression! This is textbook war rhetoric of these warmongering countries.

The world must tame this monster of a beast, the USA and the equally aggressive and monstrous members of the so called QUAD, an international gang of aggressive nations set to destabilise peace and security in east Asia.

The Beast of War is fighting so many wars all over the world and wanting to start more wars, to sell more weapons at the cost of destruction and lives of countries it has invaded and occupied, robbing their resources and the gold and money in their bank vaults. They are the robbers benefiting from wars and invasion of weak countries. America's main business is war and the selling of weapons for more wars.

The Beast of War is strutting around the world carrying an olive branch but mustering and gathering countries to join them to start new wars.  They are not satisfied with the wars they are conducting in 76 countries and wanting to start more wars. With their huge offensive war budget of US$1 trillion dollars and the massive weapons of destruction and war criminals and murderers in uniform, they need wars to justify their existence and the cost to support them. Without wars they have no reason to exist.

War is the bread and butter, the daily bread of this Beast of War. These evil people thrives and benefited from the turmoil, destruction and death in countries they invaded and in continuous wars, unending wars. Their agenda is not just about starting wars and fighting wars, but about endless wars, perpetuating wars and making countries keep paying for the weapons they are peddling to them to kill or be killed.

The world must not be deceived by this Beast of  War and must work together to put this Beast in a cage to prevent it from agitating, inciting and conducting more wars. For world peace, this American Beast must be locked up for good, or better dead than alive. They have killed and maimed too many people around the world and brought untold sufferings to the victims of their wars.

Tame the aggressive Beast of War, the evil American Empire.

The Truth About Meritocracy

 The Truth About Meritocracy

Meritocracy, like democracy, has become a dirty word in the world today.

It does not bring about equality but creates inequality.

It does not bring about freedom but creates restrictions and limitations.

It does not bring out the beauty of those who have talents but their ugliness and their iniquities.

It does not help the majority nor the society but only serves the few who set out to grab the best of everything for themselves.

Most importantly, it does not bring happiness to the country and its people but only questionable happiness to a few.

Finally, it leads to a elitist society controlled and manipulated at the very pinnacle of power by a tiny group of self-serving, self-enriching and self-praising elitists, always hungry and greedy for more and more.....


Evil Americans still thinking that war is good business

 Just a few years back, war was still a very lucrative and 'safe' business for the evil Americans. The whole of the American economy is built on wars and the sale of weapons. Selling weapons costing hundreds of millions per piece or billions per system is good business, definitely better than selling mobile phones or soya beans. The whole American economy now depends on the military war complex to generate the revenue and provide jobs for the American middle class. Without wars, the American economy would become irrelevant.  Without wars, there would be no meaning to a 1 trillion dollar military budget, to maintain 1,000 military bases all over the world and 11 nuclear aircraft carriers and hundreds of thousands of highly paid killers in uniform, killing innocent people in the name of democracy, human rights and protecting them.

Today, the business is still very profitable but 'safe' is no longer relevant. The Americans then was able to start wars, control the theatres of wars, limit the size of wars, as it was a one sided affair.  The Americans carrying the stick to knock at everyone with no one able to hit back. Today, the other side, the victims of American wars, can hit back equally hard, equally destructive. The Americans have lost the initiative and edge to manage and control a war. Can anyone imagine what a war would be like between the Americans and the Russians, the Chinese or even with the Iranians? The damage on both sides would be unimaginable.  The destruction is unacceptable on both sides.

But still the American gangsters are stoking for wars. The latest, the so called QUAD alliance of the USA, Japan, India and Australia, is about war against China. Its mission is to contain China, to block China by military means when all China did was to become a rich and successful nation in science and technology, in trade and economic development, in helping and sharing with the lesser developed countries to rebuild their countries. These are unacceptable to the evil warmongering countries now called the QUAD. 

Economic development and trade to prosper, to live a better life, maybe better, but to the QUAD members are acts of wars! China for the moment, the primary target, labelled as the enemy, must not be allowed to prosper and be richer than the Americans or the QUAD members. To do that, to achieve such a dream to better the lives of its people is equivalent to aggression. China must be kept down, be a poor nation of people, to be pushed around, to be dependent on western charity and kindness and generosity. For China and the Chinese people to want to live a better life is unacceptable, forbidden by the Americans, is hostility and must be attacked, even by means of wars.

This is how evil and belligerent the evil Americans and the members of the QUAD are. They want to go to war with China for the mere fact that China is getting richer and more prosperous.  And they want the rest of Asia to come to be part of the gang to go to war with China when the only crime of China is trade and economic development, BRI, scientific development etc etc. And they labelled China as assertive, aggressive, while they sent their warships into China's front yard to threaten China with wars. 

And as expected, many silly and unthinking leaders would take sides with the evil Americans, blaming China for the tension in the region, telling China not to hit back, to turn the other cheek when slapped by the evil Americans. It is the fault of China for becoming rich and prosperous and working very hard to make its people richer and living a life better than the Americans. This is a crime and cannot be allowed, so said the evil Americans.  And silly unthinking leaders would echo, aye aye sir. When the Chinese people become rich they become a threat as they would consume more resources. This is the silliness in this kind of thinking.

China today is in a position to sink every warship in the South China Sea or Yellow Sea when war starts. China is no longer a hapless nation to sit there and get bombed by its enemies, unable to hit back. It would hit back with equal or greater force than the enemies could deliver. Silly little countries like Britain, Australia, France, India and even Japan still think this is the 19th Century era. Then 8 countries could invade China and got away with it.  Today China could turn the table against 8 countries led by the number one terrorist country, the USA.

China must sink the British aircraft carrier in the South China Sea when provoked. The British would not be able to do anything about it. The USA would not dare to start a war with China because of this. Forget about the antique Indian aircraft carrier. It would sink by itself if it did not limp back to India in time.

War is no longer a safe business for the evil Americans. Try it on Iran or Myanmar and see what would happen. The sinking of an American aircraft carrier would be a remarkable spectacle to watch.