Where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?

Where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?

The EU, US, UK and Canada on Monday banded together to announce sanctions on Chinese officials over alleged human rights violations in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a concerted move directed at China by the West. It is an attempt to force China to accept interference from outsiders. This was a crude assertion of their dominance in world affairs.

The US and its main allies are defining human rights and democracy in terms of a set of values that can be used as leverage to consolidate Western hegemony with the US as its center. They know that it will impact the governance of big developing countries like China and Russia and bring chaos to these countries, but they insisted in doing so as a way of playing strategic games.

This is unacceptable. The essence of this "struggle" for human rights is a struggle between hegemony and anti-hegemony. It is a struggle between pursuing the development of human rights and playing with human rights for geopolitical purposes, between respecting the sovereignty of all countries with no interference in each other's internal affairs or a few countries dominating the majority.

Double standards in recent times have been running rampant. Who is responsible for the development of human rights and democracy in each country? Should it be the country's sovereign government or external countries and forces? Under international law, all sovereign countries are equal regardless of size. This is the basis of the international law and the UN Charter. Should a few countries out of the 193 members of the UN have the right to make policies for the majority of countries?

The US strictly prohibits the infiltration of other countries into its own affairs, including its election, but the US and its allies have infringed upon the political affairs of quite a number of countries, destabilized these countries, and led to many tragedies. If all the countries believe they have the right to lecture others and rally support for such aggression, does the world still have order?

Should China raise a serious demand that guns should be banned throughout the US after the recent shootings in Atlanta and Colorado? If Washington thinks China has no right to do so, where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?

There is no basis for China, Russia and many other developing countries to discuss human rights issues with the West, because what the West really cares about is not human rights, but the right to define human rights one-sidedly. This is an expression of hegemony in which only the Western countries can set the rules for the world.

China and Russia will never allow the West to be this rude and insolent, nor will they succumb to the ambitions of the West.


March 24, 2021 10:51 am


Anonymous said...

Anon //Where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?//

It's a very good and pertinent question indeed. Yah ..where do these Yankees got this power to teach the Chinese how to do in Xinjiang ? Most probably, they got this kind of a KPKB or Kabo powder or big mouth only. China got many talents but they aren't going to keep quiet anymore, China going to bulldoze them with their diplomatic Fire and Fiery first off.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The waning American Empire can be seen everywhere. They used to garner majority votes in the UN against their enemies. Today many voting issues they ended up being the minority, defeated by the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

The meeting held at Alaska, marked the end of USA hegemony of control over planet earth. China showed the world how to slap USA properly. Like fashion trend, many countries now would be devicing ways to slap USA face. Very interesting, Russian and North Korea had acted already. Slap America face again.

Anonymous said...

The USA thinks this is still the mid 19th century and they can still push China around. Just like Whites expecting to be treated in more special ways than Asians. Those days are gone.

The USA thinks it can continue to lecture and talk down to China and China will take all the insults and do nothing. Those days are gone as well.

As one analyst commented, China is no more a subservient nation pandering to the USA. The USA has to treat China as it's Peers, not it's perpetual underling. Those high ground days are gone too.

Virgo49 said...

Not to worry. China main Agenda now is Tick for Tack.

A Tooth for a Tooth and an Eye for Eye.

Had tolerated too long and too much their bullying and nonsense.

See their fast actions in retaliations against EU and USA.

Now, not going to give more face to them.

To be a Mafia Leader, you have to have Gangland clashes to protect those who looked up to you for protection.

The World's smaller and weaker nations would feel safe and leaned towards China if She were to be more proactive and have their Armed Forces interfere like what the Russians do to fight against the Americunts and the Rest of their Barbarians.

Fight in other countries to show your might and the West with their cronies will not be so garang to show their prowess.

China must ignore their what's stupid sanctions on the countries that were imposed by the U.N and UAssA and support and trade with them.

They must also send their troops to counter the Americunts who invaded other countries.

Have to sacrifice some lives to earn the trusts and respects of the smaller nations that were bullied by the West and UAssA.

Then they would leaned towards China and dared to go against the Americunts and their cronies.

That's will be the New World Order.


Anonymous said...

Beijing warns Five Eyes that an ‘irritated’ China would be ‘difficult to handle’ ‘You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’

The Chinese foreign ministry has called on the nations of the Five Eyes alliance to enter the 21st century and stop viewing Beijing as the Qing Dynasty, after the allied countries successively accused China of human rights abuses.

Speaking at a regular news conference on Wednesday, foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying warned the nations of the Five Eyes alliance (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US) to stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.

Hua said the Five Eyes nations needed to move into the 21st century and realize the China of today is very different to the Qing Dynasty. She said the five-nation grouping is reminiscent of the Eight-Nations alliance (Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, the United States, Italy and Austria-Hungary) which invaded and plundered northern China in 1900.

Questioning the legitimacy of these nations to call out China for alleged human rights abuses, the spokeswoman stated “the United Nations has more than 190 member states. Several allies such as the “Five Eyes Alliance” cannot represent the international community.” She added that there was “scant” support for their criticism of China.

On Tuesday, Australia and New Zealand, in a joint statement, welcomed the decision of the US, EU, Canada and Britain to impose sanctions on senior Chinese officials.

“Just look at the world map and you will know that China has friends all over the world," she said.

"The China now is not the China of 120 years ago. The era when a few cannons can open the door to China is gone! The Chinese people are not irritable, but if they are irritated, they will be difficult to handle,” she added

Virgo49 said...

Wow that's a good response!


Anonymous said...

A New World Order can only come with the demise of the US$ Hegemony. That is the primary target to aim for, in order to stop the madness.

Then, no more unlimited money printing to sustain the military establishment of a thousand military bases all over the world, not to mention maintaining also those battle ships and submarines. With that gone, what remains may just be empty threats without substance to back up, like what remains of the UK.

With the threat gone, smaller countries may then be willing to alter alliances for a saner global community.

Apart from that scenario, I see only human extinction. The mental illness of the USA is incurable.

Virgo49 said...

Won't think that the UAssA will start a Necular War as they are
also vulnerable to extinction.
With the combination of Russia, North Korea and won't be surprised that Iran may have also theirs and with China's they be burned to dust.

So in Conventional Warfare, All been equal with China's Military Prowess to engage them, they are comparable to fight them in helping those countries that are been attacked by UAssA.

Just like the Russians engaging them in the Syrian Wars.

See they won't dare even to fight the Russians as they are just Hot Air Created Myths that they are Invincible.

So in just a few engagements with them from China, the World can then see the Americunts as ordinary as any other Military Forces.

Won't be surprised that many be even surpassed them in men to men ground fighting.

Americunts won't dared to engage any forces in ground fightings as they knew that they are on losing grounds.

Their strategy is to use their socalled Air and other Firepowers to weaken their enemies.

China and many other Nations or North Korea and Russia together with Russia can also bombarded them the same.

So in ground combats Americunts cannot beat the PRCs and North Koreans who are trained to fight and die for their countries.

Americunts soldiers are just mercenaries on payrolls parasites.

Anonymous said...

A nuclear war seems quite unlikely. The USA nuke Japan in WW2 knowing Japan had no nukes or means to retaliate, and by then Japan was already on the verge of collapse due to overstretching their troops and logistics, apart from controlling territory seized.

Actually, the nuclear option was also considered in Korea and Vietnam, but the USA knew China and Russia would not tolerate that option. Retaliation from them was therefore under paramount consideration.

A nuclear war means no holds barred and there will unlikely be any winners. Even the viruses will end up as collateral damage material.

Anonymous said...

The self-declared champion of human rights reintroduced torture - Kishore Mahbubani

Queen of Hearts said...

Why does Shanmugam now, after 50 years, then see good reason for nurses to wear tudung?

Is it because of political pressure, or is it because of legal requirement / law enforcement problems, or is it because of trying to open up the Pandora box?

Or,is it because of something broader/deeper?

What do you think?

Virgo49 said...

Queen of Hearts

My opinion is that Sinkies Chinese are just like the PRC Chinese which others took them as Sick Cats.

Others especially the Whites took delight in their BAD Pubic Hair Days to wallop the PRCs to have their Good Days.

Likewise Sinkie Chinese which also like the Qing Dynasty PRCs been walloped by the Rest of their BAD Pubic Hair Days to been mute and Chinese said Aa kow like Kows or Dogs.

A what's IPS study noted that Sinkies Chinkees are not interested in Politics and the Rest are different.

They are now gaining more and more political powers due to the Chinkees weakening of their Sinkieland Qing or Lee Dynasty and are testing their waters or balloons in condom sizes.

Soon, we also be like the Old PRCs Qing Dynasty pig tailed Chinkees been bullied for the next 150 years before we wake or will never ever wake up.

The PRCs had woken up and had shown their middle fingers to the Rest of the World not to irriate them.

Not its Sinkies Chinkees to take over their fates and suffer the consequences of been boh chap. Apatetic to the Core as Punching Bags.

Their own kind as long as they are OK then you not OK we don't give a damn as long as we are Ok with our luxurious lives.

We had other contingency plans besides living in Sinkiekand Land as we had our friendly allies to let us settle there due to our past relationships with them.

We have had studied in their Military Colleges or Academy and their Unis as as Elites Scholarships Holders and even as ex President por lam pars Scholars. They will definitely welcome us there to be their laundry men and cooks of Old China.


Virgo49 said...

Now first test waters just wayang wayang first the Next higher majority group their demands.

If everything ok then will come the Game Changer which is now actually the BIGGEST majority group in Sinkiekand now.

They are just bidding their time to wait for the Kill when they find that you Sinkies Chinkees are already completely impotent and unable to go against them.

That's would be the day even the Rest of other Sinkies less the Sinkies Chinkees be the Chinkees of Matland under their balls.

That day of reckoning will be soon with even the original Mats of Sinkies Land not knowing it.

They are just throwing some sugar for them to eat first.

Later when they are in charge, every damn policy will be revoked or restrinded.

Once they are in Power by their Caste systems the Rest will be Dalits to them.