US China top level meeting in Anchorage, Alaska


Anonymous said...

China's top diplomats will meet US Secretary of State and White House National Security Adviser in Alaska on Friday.

Due to a series of offensive words and deeds by the US, Chinese public has little expectations that this dialogue can achieve any substantive results. Chinese society as a whole is prepared for greater tensions between China and US.

The meeting is a platform for strategic dialogue rather than a stage for the US to put unilateral pressures on China. Any idea that US could dominate this dialogue is illusory. Their perceived strengths could have been used for other things, but they cannot shape China's attitude on issues concerning China's core interests.

Could they ask China to withdraw the national security law for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or to recall the decision made by National People's Congress to amend and improve Hong Kong electoral system? Every Chinese can tell the US that this is simply wishful thinking.

China believes that communication is always necessary because the US has an overall misjudgment about China. China wants the US to gradually understand some of its basic positions and the sources of its confidence in defending them.

First, China has no geopolitical ambitions in the Asia-Pacific region. China's development is driven by the desire of 1.4 billion people to pursue a better livelihood. Further satisfying this desire is the fundamental focus of China's political governance. China does not believe that it has the ability, or that it's necessary to pursue development by imperialist expansion.

Second, China has explored a set of domestic governance methods that suit its national conditions. There are some ideological differences between China and the West, but China has no hostility toward the West. China has, since ancient times, always been an exponent of keeping harmony in diversity. The US initiated the strategic containment of China, which has deteriorated China's security environment, forced China to speed up development of its military power and carry out tit-for-tat ideological struggle.

Third, China will never accept US interference in its internal affairs. How US consumes the so-called human rights domestically is its own business. China will never give foreign forces a window to exercise long-arm jurisdiction on its internal affairs. What China can do is to help US understand China's political logic and the moral basis for all its governance measures. Such a dialogue does not mean that China is likely to yield to any US pressure.

Fourth, it is true that China has territorial disputes with some of its neighbors, but China's consistent position on these disputes is to resolve them peacefully, except Taiwan. China has always advocated that territorial disputes should not become the dominant aspect of bilateral relations and should not interfere with cooperation between China and other countries. China is firm in its position of managing territorial disputes.

Fifth, it is China's sacred right to develop. China has never contemplated as a geopolitical goal the possibility of overtaking the US in economic growth in a few years, nor has China ever considered replacing US hegemony with "Chinese hegemony."

Sixth, the Chinese are confident that they are capable of defending their own national security, and no matter how hard the US tries, it cannot contain China. If USA is willing to coexist and cooperate with China in peace, China welcomes that and will work hard to make that relationship work. If USA is determined to engage in confrontation, China will fight to the end.

It is important to point out that US has seriously overestimated the matching degree between its national power and its strategic fantasy of containing China.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Senior US and Chinese diplomats publicly clashed at the start of their first face-to-face encounter since Joe Biden was elected president.

The meeting in Anchorage, Alaska turned into a very undiplomatic war of words as the US accused China of "threatening global stability" and risking a "far more violent and unstable world."

Chinese officials responded by accusing their US counterparts of hypocrisy on human rights and said black people were being "slaughtered" in America. Yahoo News

This is the way to talk to the white liars and warmongers. The white liars are not there to talk about resuming normal relations but to attack China.

So China must hit back with everything it could and not try to reason with the gangsters about good relations.

Just slam them for human rights and racism and attacks on coloured people, on the blacks, on Chinese and Asians and their ill treatment of native Americans, their neglect in the reservations aka concentration camps.

Anonymous said...

If the Americans insist on hurling shits, China must do the same, throw them the same shits until they are willing to talk sense. If not, if they insist on meddling with China's domestic affairs, China should just talk about their domestic affairs.

The gangsters are not sincere in wanting to talk and normalise relations. Why waste time trying to convince them about the good of normalising relations?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China's Wolf Warrior Diplomacy must focus on airing all the shits of American hypocrisies, tell the world about their crimes against humanity, their war crimes against the Arabs, against the Muslims, against the Afghans, against Venezuelans, against the Cuban, against the North Koreans, against the Iranians etc etc

No one dares to talk about this and all the western media would not talk about them, sweeping them under the carpet and act as if nothing happens. This must be repeated daily in all Chinese and non western media.

Let the white gangsters have a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy of the white racists is unmentionable. They have fanned the flame of racism and home and many Asians are being attacked because of the colour of their skins and they don't care, they don't fucking care and go around the world trying to pick a fight with everyone.

Solve your own racism problems at home first. Protect the minorities in homeland America. It is unsafe for minorities in homeland American. American streets are dangerous for non whites and Asians...and blacks.

Anonymous said...

The evil Americans think only they can be tough and China must be meek and let them attack and slime and smear.

China must be equally tough to attack and slime the lying and morally bankrupt American gangsters.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the Americans are using the meeting in Anchorage for "grandstanding," and public theatrics and dramatics over substance. China should make this the last wasteful meeting with the devils and stop talking to the insincere evil Americans.

Let's see who is tougher, let's see who needs who.

Anonymous said...

The unprincipled lying Americans are talking about principles!

What a joke. Did they know that no one in Asia believes or trusts them anymore, not even the Japanese and South Koreans. They just paid lip service and agitating for the Americans to fight China and to watch from the side.

Go, attack China, we are all behind you.

Anonymous said...

The United States delegation came to Anchorage committed to lying about principles, interests, and values that animate our hostility to Beijing,” the official said, adding there was still lots of fabricated lies to say.

And the Americans had a rude shock. For so long, the Chinese were polite to listen to their will allegations and lies. This time the Chinese came prepared to punch the daylight out of them. They could not believe it, that China would dare to talk back. They expect China to turn the other cheek when slapped by the Americans.

No way, China would now fight the Americans, tit for tat, punch for punch. They are not going to waste time talking to cheats and liars that are not sincere in talking.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

“I don’t see the Biden administration believing that cooperation is essential,” said Elizabeth Economy, a fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. “And the Chinese are willing to tolerate quite a high degree of confrontation.”

Keep on dreaming, Americans. Fat hope. This is a China standing up to the bullies and liars and would not give an inch of ground anymore. It is now head on crash if the evil Americans choose confrontation instead of detente.

Anonymous said...

I think the Americans reading this blog must be very grateful to RB for a good feel of their relationship with China, how China perceived the Americans and Chinese positions, and the follies of a has been antiquated Empire still thinking that they could put China in a corner to be slammed dunk as and when the Americans wanted to.

Going forward the Americans would have a very rough road to travel, no longer a one sided relationship where they do the punching and China taking the punches. China is going hit back just as hard.

Anonymous said...

‘No way to treat your guests’, Wang Yi tells US hosts at Alaska summit'

What can China expect from poor upbringing international rogues?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Below are stats of people and country of origin reading my blog as at 19 Mar.

Singapore 5,312
United States 2,001
Indonesia 1,247
Russia 1,093
Malaysia 593
Norway 330
France 262
Australia 249
Canada 95
Other 842
United States

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The number is for the last 7 days.

South Korea
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
Myanmar (Burma)

Queen of Hearts said...

UK Prince Philip looks like an exact replica of a zombie from recent video released after he left the hospital, after an operation. I got a feeling he is going to die soon. All the signs of impending death are there - sunken eyes, dropped jaw, disoriented, movement severely restricted and drooling saliva and low heart beats.

UK is now in a shit state. Economic downturn. Covid-19 cases keep rising instead of decreasing, despite rolling out vaccines at one of the highest rates, at the expense of Europe.

When Prince Philip is gone, the Queen will follow suit within 3 years. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

The EU is planning to sanction some Chinese officials over Xinjiang. The planned EU sanctions will consist of travel bans and asset freezes against four Chinese officials and one entity, and foreign ministers of EU countries may formally approve the sanctions on Monday.

The Chinese government is formulating countermeasures against the EU. Some EU institutions that have been spearheading accusations against China's Xinjiang policies will bear the brunt of the countermeasures, and some individuals in EU countries who have behaved badly will not escape punishment.

The so-called "genocide" in Xinjiang is nothing but a slander with ulterior motives, and if there had been "genocide" in Xinjiang, would the Uygur population in Xinjiang have more than doubled from 5.55 million to more than 12.7 million in the past 40 years, and would more than 1,200 people from over 100 countries turn a blind eye during their visits to Xinjiang in the past two years?

China welcomes everyone to Xinjiang, no matter what country they are from, including EU diplomats in China, and the door of Xinjiang will always remain open.

As to why EU diplomats put off visits for various reasons, the answer was simple: "Because they dare not look at the real Xinjiang, which is completely different from what they imagine."

They would rather believe the lies of a few people than listen to the common aspirations of more than 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, which only proves that they do not care about the truth.

Instead, they are keen on political manipulation and attempt to create so-called Xinjiang issues to undermine the security and stability in Xinjiang and hinder China's development and growth.

"Genocide" is a label that can never be put on China. In contrast, Germany, which initiated the sanctions on China, has had so many misdeeds that constitute genocide with ironclad evidence.

German Nazis conducted a large-scale planned massacre of Jews during World War II and 6 million died in the Holocaust; German colonists in 1904 slaughtered numerous Namibians to crack down on people's uprising and killed more than 100,000 natives as of 1908. Other European countries also had infamous misdeeds in their colonial histories.

Europe, which sees itself as a "teacher of human rights," is zealous to point at other countries' affairs with a condescending attitude, and has caused countless unrests and tragedies worldwide, and Libya is just one of the examples.

The Europeans were morally wrong to spread lies on Xinjiang, and they compound the mistake by coercing China on the issue. China will take resolute, strong and just countermeasures.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The two clowns had done the same stupid thing. Trump walked away from TPP. Boris walked away from EU. Both became fish without a pond to swim.

This is the consequence of having idiots in charge of a country.

Anonymous said...

The USA is really a joke. We thought George W. Bush was bad. Then came Trump and he was a clown. Now we have one joker with dementia as President of the USA. They better not let him have the nuclear football or the codes. He may forgetfully press the wrong button.

For calling Putin a 'killer', Joe Biden has been taken to the cleaners by the global community commenting on Youtube videos highlighting Putin's classy response. It is really embarrassing for the USA to go from bad to worse in choosing their Presidents. No need to say what the future holds for the USA with these nuts destroying the country.

Virgo49 said...

Wah really shiok.

China lambasted the Americunts and they looked lost and sheepish.

BRAVAO China screwed them till they quiet.

Just saw the 9 pm news on Media Cock


Virgo49 said...

Cannot even reply when the PM screwed them of their killings of the African Americans!

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Think China Paper Tigers?

Now UAssA like a pussy and quiet.

Hokkien said Chui tak lan.

China must whack them and pa see kuan sai!


Virgo49 said...


India only 9?

Caused hurts so much to read their shameful deeds and ashamed.

That's why only nine?



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans went into the meeting acting as if they were representing the world, speaking for the world, the Empire of the world.

China quickly snuffed that out by telling the Americans they were not representing the world but just America, China was talking to them as a country, America.

China was telling the Americans, we were on equal terms, one country talking to another country. And if America was still thinking of lecturing China, China would respond by lecturing to the Americans.

The Chinese also made a very important point, to keep the media in the room to witness the whole proceedings, knowing very well that western media would distort the truth and what the Chinese had said.

Now the whole world is privy to the discussion, that China is not going to take American shit anymore. Both can throw shit at each other if that is what the Americans chose.

Anonymous said...

"Several current and former State Department diplomats, who asked not to be identified sharing their impression of the events, said they were horrified, saying that Blinken and Sullivan had lost control of the meetings from the start and gave the Chinese an easy opportunity to tee off on them." - Bloomberg

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The slimy Americans did the same unscrupulous act of announcing sanctions against Chinese officials a day prior to a major meeting supposedly to ease tension, just like clown Trump did in the arrest of Meng Wanzhou while having a meeting with Xi.

What is China waiting for when dealing with international gangsters? Close the American diplomatic office in Hong Kong immediately. There is no need for an American presence in Hong Kong after all the sanctions. The next office to close would be the British's.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The comment in Bloomberg reflects the American thinking, that they are in charge and in control of China. That was the past when China was weak.

China is not going to let that kind of relationship continues. China is telling the Americans, you are just America and stop pretending you are representing the world and the world is on their side. Other than the 5 eyes and the two colonies of South Korea and Japan, the rest of the world has abandoned the Americans, not going to take sides, not going to be part of the American Empire, ruled by the Americans.

Just speak for yourself and your own little shrinking Empire. China is big enough to take the Americans head on, on equal terms if things come to blows. The sneaky attack of sanctioning some Chinese officials, an unfriendly act as a show of force, is only as good as toilet papers.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo. Biden appointed these jokers just as old and as senile as him.

All mostly white hair also pale to their white barbaric skins.

How can they challenged the Yellow.

Anonymous said...

It is one of several recent attacks on older Asian-Americans in San Francisco.

Police did not reveal the motive behind the attack, but many believed Xie was targeted simply because of her race and said they felt “sorry”, “sad” and “heartbroken” about a grandmother being the target of a hate crime....

Images of the attacker being taken to hospital on a stretcher were the subject of much of the online discussion. Many praised Xie for setting a good example in standing up to racism.

“The elderly woman kicked ass! The white man was afraid of the strong and bullies the weak. It’s time to teach him a lesson so that he knows that not to mess with Chinese,” one Weibo user said.

“I hope every Asian person has this simple desire to fight back. No use being civilised with the savages,” another echoed.... Yahoo News

The above shameful incident of an adult white man attacking a 76 year old grandmother is exactly what the Americans are good at, bullying and attacking the weak. When the weak turned the table on them, fought back, they would be taken out on a stretcher.

Anonymous said...

The thrust of Mr. Yang’s remarks presages difficult dealings ahead, said Michael Pillsbury, a China expert at the Hudson Institute. “The tone seems to be different. Now China is not just equal to us, they are superior.”

Anonymous said...

Chinese grandmother, 76, fights off attacker in San Francisco with wooden stick

‘Disgusting’ attacker punches Asian woman in face in Vancouver, amid spate of racist hate crimes

Vancouver police hunt ‘despicable’ racist attacker who threw down a lost 92-year-old Asian man and shouted Covid-19 slurs

Coronavirus: Suspected racist attacker of 92-year-old Asian man identified by Vancouver police after ‘overwhelming’ public response

Virgo49 said...

Canada, the Heavens of the Hongkies are living in fears.

See how many wanted to hold the Brits second class passports.

Now those who are so Arrogant and proud to be called Asian Americunts and also Brits Asians are getting their just desserts.

Soon they be in the deserts and deserted by their lordships whites soon.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The arrogant Americans called for a meeting in Alaska to discuss about China's internal affairs!

Can you believe it? Who did the Americans think they were? China must stop this nonsense and stop meeting the Americans if the agenda is to talk about China's domestic affairs.

To continue to meet the Americans to talk about Chinese domestic affairs is plain stupidity of the Chinese government. Simply tell the Americans to fuck off. If they want to talk, talk about mutual interests, not about Chinese affairs. Those are not American's business and not for them to meddle with. Period.

Going forward, there shall be no meeting with the Americans or any silly countries if the agenda is about China's domestic affairs. Anyone raising Chinese domestic issues in a meeting must be cut off immediately and shown the door.

Anonymous said...

US went in with the smugness attitude of negotiating on "position of strength". China wouldn't have none of it and gave it their all.

Master class from some Yang Jiechi's retorts to Blinken's and Sullivan's faces by insisting having all reporters stay to hear that :
The US is No 1 in tech and political espionage but hypocritcally pointing to China as the main culprit.
The US preach about world based order when its only all about American rules. China goes by what is defined by the United Nation rules.
The US shouldn't preach democracy and human rights not when the treatment of blacks is still abysmal and many Americans have no confidence in their own democratic system.

Japan should learn something to negotiate on equal terms with the viral pics of PM Suga bowing to the hugh US Sec of Defence, in a symbolic reflection of domination and submission of the US-Japan relations.
And also not to forget what US did to their businesses in the 80s when they were No 2 as US is trying to do the China's now.
Also lesson for Vietnam on My Lai and Agent Orange the next time they collude with US to take on China.

Ooh! This was better and more realistic than Summerslam.

Anonymous said...

RB 11.07,
One day before the talks, the US State Dep sanctioned another 24 Chinese and HK leaders,one of them,a politburo member. Talk about giving face and attitude of arrogance. China FM Wang Yi commented they were invited to the talks but given a hostile reception, "not a way to treat your guests"

Right from the start in the talks, Blinken laid down all the accusations of China's alleged misbehaviour, nearly all of them concerning China's internal affairs- HK, Xinjiang, TW.
Yang retorted he was expecting the talks to go according to diplomatic protocol.
And it was all gloves off and popcorn time for viewers.

I bet the US never expected any country's leaders to talk to them this way. Even former adversaries other than Putin and the Iranians.
(btw should read Putin's classy response to Biden calling him a killer)

Virgo49 said...

Of all the names called "Blinken"

Really blink and blink and sheepish like an IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

Calvin Cheng

India is an amazing country with lots of talented people.

A lot of the anti-Indian sentiment amongst a group of Singaporeans is racism, xenophobia, and a complex mix of inferiority and superiority complex.

These locals cannot understand why a people and a country they look down on can beat them, and are more successful than them.

It’s not only in Singapore that people of Indian origin have risen to the top.

Globally, many corporate giants are/were helmed by Indians. Adobe, Alphabet (Google), Nokia, Microsoft are some examples.

Many top bankers globally are also Indian.

Also tech people and entrepreneurs.

There are several reasons.

Firstly, India has some of the top educational establishments. The fake degrees we hear of in the press are a tiny minority. The Indian Institutes of Technology are world beaters.

Secondly, due to political instability, domestic economic development in India has always been challenging. These talented Indian people thus are forced to go abroad. This is different from China where domestic opportunities are more than overseas.

Also, Indian nationals speak English and are thus able to work anywhere.
Finally, with such a large population, with even 1% of their best going overseas , that’s millions.

Many years ago, our banking industry was dominated by Caucasians. Was there such a big reaction to them ? No. In fact, people treated them as superior.

Let’s not disguise racism as nationalism.

Let’s not disguise a false sense cultural superiority as pride.

I agree that we need fair employment practices.

But many of this group of Singaporeans attacking Indian nationals all the time are not doing it because they feel some injustice.

They are just insecure racists disguised as patriots and I condemn them.

We should have nothing to do with them.

I stand against these Singaporeans, and more public figures should do the same.

It’s a moral imperative.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This young prick is so superficial in his understanding of social and historical events.

The early colonial history was a time when white men ruled the world. The Chinese came here as labourers, uneducated, not citizens of this island and thus apolitical or did not care who ruled this island. They were just looking for 3 meals. They had no political will or might to object to white colonial rule until after WW2 when things started to change.

Indians, if they could not even survived at home with the low quality of competition, how could they be better than the whites in their home countries?

The reason, history and timing. China and India are reviving while America and in general the white civilisations are in decline. A dying Empire would sell out its own interest without knowing why, emptying its own manufacturing industrial capacity, destroying its own middle class, and allowing foreigners to take over key professions. They could not appreciate the consequences of their stupidity and now it is too late. Destiny and fate also have a big part to play to put an end to the white Empire.

Singapore is in the same state of decline, and we have pricks like this to tell you this is the new normal, that Singaporeans deserve to lose their island to the Indians because the Indians were better and Singaporeans were less talented.

Is India doing better than Singapore, more developed, better run, on a per capita basis? India's strength is sure volume. Go visit India, the biggest slum country in the world and try to live there and earn rupees.

Anonymous said...

This guy belongs to the Indianphile camp and idolises everything Indian. You don't have to guess who is his guru. They would not complain even when DBS India is being taken to the laundry by the Indians.

Eventually they will all be FBI.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Blinken tried again to deceive the Chinese and the world audience that the world welcomes the return of the evil American Empire. All he could quote was Japan and South Korea. Did he hear the voices of Russia, North Korea, Iran, and the rest of the world, the Arab world and Latin America etc etc.

The views of two semi American colonies, S Korea and Japan, are so pathetic. What would anyone think these two American colonies would say about their masters, the Empire?

Virgo49 said...

This Chiap Cheng Mo Peng Teow Teng is a disgrace to the Chinese?

Is he a Chinese?

More of a Chiap Cheng Indie.

Real suay.

Virgo49 said...

If the Indians with just 1% can be so SMART why don't they build up their own Motherland like China in to a Super Power?

Why offered their services and their backsides to be just as employees to others?

That's proved that they are only so called smart in taking over established build up organisations with just their glib tongues

Just hot air

Anonymous said...

Watch this 6-minute video, it reveals the truth about the US and China:


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.50

No use lah. Their police parasites will said that he has a bad day.

When he saw any Asians, he must whacked them lah.

King Flu by China that killed 600 thousands of Americunts you know as preached by Dotard Trump.

The whites just like the Mats in Matland had special immunity from any prostitution.

They are special a set parasites.

Heavens is Great that now it's revelation that the once proud and arrogant Elites Natives of all different creeds thought that their White Saviours are genteel people who adopted them.
Now have those Elites children and families whacked and gun down by their Saviours.

Karma works in mysterious ways.

Guess who are the special ones in Sinking Land.

Anonymous said...

Is is hoping to be invited for coffee with the elite to stand in next GE knowing the pervasive pro-India view of the establishment?
Or is he dating an Indian chick?

This guy is only being pretentious and smug.

Virgo49 said...

One time nominated as Non Constructive MP and he behaved so arrogantly.

Just like that Wheel chair woman who said that CPF are NOT your MONIES.

Nominated these just to speak more on the virtues of their Papies policies.

WTF for?

Diverse and useful other opinions?

Now, we even have those colourful shades of dyed parrot coloured hair in our NCMPs as clowns in our Parliament.

Thinking that they are Smart and what's farking parasitic Y or X rated generations who only knew good lives as built up by their fore generations.

Anonymous said...

RB, I'm not good at twitter but if you can manage twitter @CarlZha an excellent guy to watch.. He's a mainlander.
Graduated from Rice University and last Oct married a Balinese, He's now living in Bali Indonesia. Kindest Regards JC

Mar 19
US officials caught on camera trying to kick press out from the US China meeting in Alaska because they got cucked so hard

Anonymous said...

RB Here another @carlzha. Kindest Regards JC


Anonymous said...

Let the white racists headed by clown Trump continue to spread their white lies about Xinjiang. The more they spread their white lies, the more they will die from Covid19.

Anonymous said...

As Washington advances its new Cold War strategy, it has amplified accusations of genocide and other atrocities against the Chinese government, all focused on Beijing’s policy in Xinjiang. To broaden support for the dubious narrative, the US government has turned to a series of pseudo-academic institutions and faux experts to generate seemingly serious and independent studies.

Any critical probe of the reams of reports on Xinjiang and the hawkish institutions that publish them will quickly reveal a shabby propaganda campaign dressed up as academic inquiry. Western media’s refusal to look beneath the surface of Washington’s information war against China only highlights its central role in the operation.


Anonymous said...

China and Russia should lead the world to investigate into the genocide of native Red Indians and the abuses against the blacks and black slavery and racism in the USA.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.58

Not to worry. China main Agenda now is Tick for Tack.

A Tooth for a Tooth and an Eye for Eye.

Had tolerated too long and too much their bullying and nonsense.

See their fast actions in retaliations against EU and USA.

Now, not going to give more face to them.

Our Goldfish DPM getting more worried.

To be a Mafia Leader, you have to have Gangland clashes to protect them who looked up to you for protection.

The World's smaller and weaker nations would feel safe and leaned towards China if She were to be more proactive and have their Armed Forces interfere like whats the Russians do to fight against the Americunts and the Rest of their Barbarians.

Fight in other countries to show your might and the West with their cronies will not be so garang to show their prowess.

China must ignore their what's stupid sanctions on the countries that were imposed by the U.N and UAssA and support and trade with them.

They must also send their troops to counter the Americunts who invaded other countries.

Have to sacrifice some lives to earn the trusts and respects of the smaller nations that were bullied by the West and UAssA.

Then they would leaned towards China and dared to go against the Americunts and their cronies.

That's will be the New World Order.