Covid19 - Doomsday in USA


What a beautiful sight to behold. So much freedom. No need to wear mask in the USA. What doomsday? Credit to RT.

By Jeff Mason and Carl O'Donnell

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Biden administration officials pleaded with Americans on Monday to continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amid an increase in cases across the country.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with emotion in her voice, urged public officials and others to spread the word about the seriousness of the situation in an effort to prevent a fourth surge.

She said the United States surpassed 30 million cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, and that the seven-day average of new cases was slightly less than 60,000 cases per day - a 10 percent increase compared with the prior seven-day period. Hospitalizations also increased and deaths started to rise.

"I'm going to lose the script and I'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom," Walensky told a briefing with reporters. "Right now I'm scared."  Yahoo News

Now compare this statement in an AFP report,

'The United States will be "the leader" in vaccinating the world against Covid-19 after making rapid progress at home, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday.

"I anticipate that, as we continue to vaccinate the entire American population, that we will be able to do even more around the world," Blinken told a virtual news conference after talks at the United Nations.'

 On one hand the Americans are bragging about how many people they have vaccinated and wanted to be the leader to vaccinate the whole world, but not before they vaccinated all Americans.  This is the main reason why EU and other American crony countries are forbidden to use Russian and Chinese vaccines by the Americans. The Americans want them to use their vaccines only and make a pile from it and also claiming to be the leader in vaccination.

Vaccination is one thing, but effectiveness is another. Though they are boasting about more than 90% efficacy, even more than 95% efficacy, the continued hike in cases in the above report, and the doomsday fear speak of another reality. If their vaccines are effective, the infected rate should be coming down, not going up, no need to fear another big wave, no need to cry over a doomsday scenario. 

Dr Walensky was not speaking out of the blue.  She is accessible to real statistics, not those reported in their questionable media. The actual statistics could be very frightening. The Americans are just as untruthful and non transparent about their statistics as anyone else. They are hiding the truth, telling lies about vaccine efficacy and infection rate. What are the real numbers that drove Walensky almost to tears?

No matter how much lies the Americans are telling, how much they are hiding, the truth cannot be hidden for long. And their irresponsible behaviour of not wearing masks, starting to party, to travel and have fun, lifting control measures at the slightest sign of improvement, are not going to help. They are going to meet their doomsday soon, no matter what. The 90 plus percent efficacy of their vaccines is now in question. The reality on the ground is telling a very different story.

Keep on lying and keep on politicising the pandemic and use of vaccines, or forbidding its allies and cronies from using Russian and Chinese vaccines. The mRNAs they are injecting into themselves would be telling in the near future. Star Wars fantasy could become a reality.

PS.  3 cases of fully vaccinated Hawaiians still infected by Covid19. Not sure many cases were infected after getting the jabs but not reported. The effectiveness of the vaccines is not how often they hyped about their efficacy.  The proof is on the ground.  After fully vaccinated can still get infected. What a joke.


Anonymous said...

Doomsday is not only happening in US but also UK and a few EU countries.

The worse doomsday scenario is India. India is 1/3 the size of China and has a population just as big. Their social habit and behaviour and the crowding in public places would tell you that the infection is out of control and they are not controlling it. At least 50% of Indians are infected ie 500m not 11m.

No western media is challenging this number or calling them lies.

The next doomsday country would be the one that is happily importing the infected Indians into the country. One in two Indians is infected and spreading out of control.

Virgo49 said...

Dotard Trump before as Ex President of the UAssA had warned Dr Fark Chee and another lady CDC Director NOT to alarm the Americunts by their stupid protocols.

He wanted to exterminate as many Americunts as possible to take revenge for his German ancestors.

2024 or even earlier he be back to do what's Heavens instructed him to kill more of their Evil beans.


Anonymous said...

Trump knew that the Covid19 virus attacked and mainly killed blacks. So he is happy to let it happen and make America white again.

Anonymous said...

That is why people must get the real news from RT. Not those propaganda rags from USA and the West.

I grew suspicious of India's infection figures when at one stage, all of a sudden, they keep reporting less and less, probably by testing less and less. But as infections grew, they could no longer keep the lid on the can and the truth now is that the virus is out of control.

How is it possible that a country that is dirt poor with such a huge population, able to vaccinate so many of it's people living in far off outlying urban areas and bragging about it, when the drum beating does not support the truth.

Anonymous said...

God is great and knows what to do.

Anonymous said...

Trump most probably had been briefed by his own White 'perpetrators' that the COVID19 virus would only attack non Whites.

That was why in the initial period he was so confident and sure and not making plans to contain it, with even PPEs and mask not on his agenda. He keeps denying the dangers of the virus, saying it will go away by April, 2020 like magic. The USA even mocked China about it's lockdown efforts, accusing China of using draconian methods against it's own people.

In an interview recorded 'purportedly' secretly he was claiming that his inaction was all about not alarming the population, knowing lives are at stake. How much truth can we take that interview at face value. For all we know, it could be an effort cooked up to steer suspicion away from the narrative that he was dead sure the virus would not infect the Whites, but when that assurance fell through, he had to lie through his teeth.

After all, it is not impossible for the USA to pull off such a stunt after what they did, by going to such lengths, to fabricate fake evidence to invade Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Knowing trump's level of intellect or no intellect, you are probably right. For a clown talking about injecting disinfectant into the body, he can be easily be convinced telling him what he wanted to hear.

Anonymous said...

Demanding too much in their believe in Democracy and Human Rights is going to do the USA in.

When the Government cannot do anything to it's own people who are making a mockery of wearing masks and safe distancing, the path ahead is indeed a Doomsday scenario.

Anonymous said...

Even if the vaccination is effective, how long can its efficacy lasts before one needs to be vaccinated a second time? 6 months? 1 year?

Anonymous said...

Vaccinating the whole world is going to take three more years at least.

Not vaccinating the whole world is not going to bring back normality for every country.

But before they finished vaccinating the whole world, those who have been vaccinated now would probably already be on second, third or even more cycles of vaccination, if we take their word for it that vaccines only gives protection for 9 months to a year.

It is a story with no end in sight. A story that opens a path laid with gold right to the banks for vaccine manufacturers. They will even be laughing with solid gold teeth going to the banks.

That is why there is a battle going on between vaccine manufacturers, using proxies throwing mud against each other.

Anonymous said...

Its comical show that UK and EU are fighting over the supply of vaccines when all they have to do is ask- China. Look at Hungary and Serbia having no problem with the supply as when saving lives are concerned, to hell with US geopolitical BS. Chinese vaccines are part of their rollout.

China has only vaccinated 10% of their people yet they supply miilions doses to many countries in Asia, Africa and South and Central America. Czech Republic, when one group of MPs pissed off China by visiting Taiwan, had their request acceded when the president asked China to help urgently.

US and UK now talking big about sharing vaccines. Having vaccinated about 40% of their population, they have yet to export a single dose while millions of doses are still in their stockpiles.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on the evil men that created this Covid19 virus and spread it around the world and blaming it on China.

They have been practising this scenario many times, wanting to reduce the world population to a quarter of the present.

Ask Bill Gates and his American mafia aka generals of war what were they discussing and planning in their hideouts in 2019.

Anonymous said...

The evil Americans and Brits are politicising the vaccines and turning it into a war and the Europeans are their victims, not enough vaccines and still cannot use Russian or Chinese vaccines. The Americans choose to let them die than let them use Russian and Chinese vaccines.

The Europeans only have themselves to blame for not fighting back to save their people's lives. This is how the Americans and Brits are killing them.

Doomsday Europe.

Anonymous said...

Alamak, from the above photo its look like Zoombie Apocalypse in the movie coming into live.

Anonymous said...

Slovakia's ruling coalition, formed after Matovic's Ordinary People (OLANO) party failed to secure a majority in the February 2020 elections, came close to collapse after Matovic ordered two million doses of the Sputnik V Covid-19 jab without apparently consulting with his partners.

The arrival of the first 200,000 doses of the Russian vaccine in early March reportedly came as a shock to other members of the coalition, who insisted that as the vaccine hadn't yet been cleared by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) it shouldn't be used.

Buying Russian vaccines is also a crime. This is how the Slavs are going to kill their own people, for not using vaccines that are available while unable to get vaccines from the West.

SSO said...

Doomsday is also just lurking around the corner for one tiny piece of rock in SE Asia.

Happily, merrily and willfully importing Covid-19 disease infected people from India, South Africa, USA, UK, EU, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia at an average of 12 spreaders a day.

In one month, it would easily be 360. In one year, 3,600.

How many of those 3,600 would spread the disease to the Community? None? Do you believe that none of those imported cases would further spread the disease to the locals?

Anonymous said...

There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of community infections that went undetected because there is simply no active program to check and test everybody in the country for the Covid-19 infections.

They are only checking at the airports and seaports for arrivals who come from some infected countries, not all countries.

The fact that they discovered more than 87,000 of those 350,000 foreign workers have been infected and went undetected during their "thorough" testings at the dormitories shows that their system for the detection of Covid-19 infections is not thorough enough and left much to be desired.