The Toxic Petro Dollar & US Military Might Threaten Other Countries Sovereignty & Independence.


     During the seventy over years since the end of the Second World War in 1945 America has been cheating,defrauding and impoverishing every country in the world through its control of trade and finance and later via the solid control of the Petro Dollar and its military might. All the American actions are geared to undermine other countries governance and sovereignty and to establish ultimate American control and dominance over every country with the US military might overseeing and ensuring US world hegemony. American dominance of the world is only possible because of its control of the toxic petro dollar and its military might. No country big or small can ever hope to get rich and powerful with independent sovereign rights unless the world unite to destroy the petro dollar and the US military.

Below is a transcript story from CGTN which explains clearly how the United States enrich itself at other countries expense and how it secures and ensures  its  world hegemony through its military might.

     " Recent news about the crazy printing of money by the USA which may lead to a global fincncial crisis is a topic that many care about . Today I will talk about the secret behind it in depth. We all know that the US dollar is the universal currency. If China wants to trade with other countries, including buying crude oil, they must use the US$. We have to produce lots of products, sell them to others to exchange for US$. Now, how does America gets the US$? They only have to switch on their printing machine to print it.

That is to say, America has to print those green papers, they can buy all the goods they want in this world. For China, after selling their products to the Americans, they need to convert the proceeds into the bonds issued by the USA. In other words, you must lend your hard-earned money to the United States again.

The United States then uses the depreciation or appreciation of the US Dollar, creating financial crisis, that make the loans from other countries shrink. For example when we lend the US $100, it can buy a goat. But when they repay you the same amount can only buy one ice-cream.

This is how the United States obtains wealth through finance. On one hand without any cost of production or services, by merely printing the money , USA can buy the goods and services they want. On the other hand through their control of the global finance, the World Bank and IMF they can get a lot of wealth just by weakening the value of the loans from other countries.

You may ask "Can I not trade with US$ or don't buy US bonds?" No, you cannot! Why? Because the USA has the most powerful military presence in the world. They are literally telling you that they will attack and punish you if you are not playing by their rules. 

The reason why there are so many wars in the gulf region and oil  producing nations ( such as Iraq, Libya & Iran ) is because they tried to stop trading using US$ . USA will not allow you to go after their achilles heel. USA will declare war and attack any nation who attempt to defy the domination of the US$.

Apart from their influence on the global financial system  USA also dominates the manufacturing of high-tech products. Although China is the world's factory, but we produce mostly mid to low priced goods which yield slim and marginal profits. For example, the profit from tons of clothing, shoes we produced is nothing compared to one jet-plane by USA.

That's why they have better income, easier working lives, plenty of holidays and don't worry about money. But most Chinese have to leave their hometown, work long hours under extreme hardship just to earn some miserable income. Why is it so? That's because our well deserved profits had been stolen by the bloodsucking USA.

The US now has the worlds top financial institutions, while China is the world'slargest physical industry. That is to say every day the US uses finance to suck the blood of our industry and we can only supply blood to the US. Another important reason is, apart from the Wall Street, the US has the high-tech know how. 

That explains why, now that China is investing in high-tech manufacturing  USA panicked and tried to sabotage via trade-war. We have touched their achilles heel and it will have an impact on them. Also, why we have to strengthen our military position? It is because we have been plundered by them for too long.

Now China is getting stronger, able to defend ourselves. We will not plunder the wealth of other nations. We want to ensure that our hard-earned wealth will not be plundered by others too. 

Chairman Mao, from the lesson he learned from the wars knew that no matter what, China too must have the nuclear knowledge. He foresaw that if you don't have the military might to defend yourself, no matter how good your development is you are just a fat pig to be slaughtered sooner or later. 

Look at Japan and Korea, although they are rich nations, USA can plunder them whenever they feel like doing so.

So now China must use strong military strength to guarantee the results we have created and then enter the high-end manufacturing industry to recapture our own profits and no longer be swayed by other countries. It is our future national policy to get back the labor profits created by ourselves. 

An accident happened in 2020 - the new corona virus. The virus let everyone know China thoroughly and the world knows China better. Who is in better shape? Whose system is bad? Who has strength? Who is reliable? Therefore culture is not just by words, but more importantly speaking through results.

The final result proves that China and Chinese civilization are the hope of humanity's future. The unity of the Chinese community and the responsibility of China as a great nation will surely lead the future of humanity. So our China will definitely get better and better. Chinese children let's work toward this goal".

What applies to China in struggling for survival against USA predation and aggression  also applies to all non-white countries of the world. Therefore all other non-white countries must work with China to resist American /West predation and aggression and unite with China to work for the prosperity and common win-win destiny that we deserve. As examples Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia would have succumbed to American aggression had not Russia and China gave it great support both financially and physically with military aid. America intends to invade Venezuela because of its world's largest reserve of oil and it tries to take over Bolivia because of its world's largest reserve of litium a vital mineral for making batteries and the AI industry. Similarly USA and its western allies try to undermine Iran and Syria but failed because of strong support from Russia and China to these two countries. 

Never trust or believe in USA toxic propaganda for it is always trying to sow suspicion and instigate and incite hostilities  among the non-white countries so as to create wars for the benefit of the US war industries - the Pentagon Military Industrial Complex. One of the USA evil and toxic values is creating permanent wars among all non-white countries so that USA war industries will hum non-stop and benefit at the lethal expense of others. Never trust a single word of the Anglo-Saxon white Americans as the native Americans always remind us that "white men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted."


Tuesday, 31st, March,2021.


Anonymous said...

America is a 'MAFIA STATE' run by hoodlums. It has been cheating, swindling and extorting money for decades from every country in the world via the petro dollar and using its military to enforce payment of the blood sucking money from victimized countries.

Hope Russia and China will lead the world with concerted actions to destroy the 'petro dollar.'

Anonymous said...

The Anglo-Saxon EWR - evil white race Americans are financial highway robbers. They have been robbing hundreds of billions of dollars from all other countries with impunity as they are protected by their powerful military.

Their sole control of the petro dollar and the international financial exchange 'SWIFT' enables it to sanction freely all the victimized countries. Sanctioned victimized countries are barred from world trade and finance thus depriving them from importing or exporting goods and services and they would have no income at all. These evil sanctions cause the citizens of victimized countries to suffer poverty and hunger.

The savage vile Anglo-Saxon Americans are guilty of travesty and transgression of human rights and of crime against humanity. The day must come when all these evil American leaders from the president downwards to every evil leader in the Senate, Congress, House of Representatives, CIA, FBI and the Pentagon must be hauled up and sentenced to face the firing squad.

Anti savage barbaric Anglo-Saxon Americans

Anonymous said...

The evil empire is a financial terrorist too. Hundreds of thousands of people in victimized countries die because of it diabolical sanctions which deprived people of their livelihoods.

Rise up citizens of the world and help to destroy the petro dollar and the evil empire.

Anonymous said...

Taking down the US$ hegemony is the only way possible to curb the terrorism by the USA against the global community. Without that hegemony, USA military will also collapse. US$ hegemony and US military power compensate and support each other. They have to exist together or fall together. And that is why the USA is fighting tooth and nail, using hooks and crookery, against China to maintain that status quo.

China, Russia have been working in that direction for a few years now. Much of their trade is now settled outside of the US$. Now Iran is also joining up with China, and soon with Russia as well. This is a big enough and strong enough push against the US$ hegemony, with no fear or bending over backwards fearing retaliation, military or otherwise.

What Saddam and Gaddafi failed to put this into fruition, the Chinese, Russian and Iranians are going to try. And there is little the USA can do like what they have done to Saddam and Gaddafi.

Anonymous said...


A publisher in Germany has censored a children’s book that said COVID-19 originated in China after Beijing demanded the book’s removal and an apology.

Yes, really.

The book, which was originally published a year ago, is called ‘A Corona Rainbow for Anna and Mortiz’ and serves as a guide for elementary schools and daycare centers to follow COVID-safe procedures.

However, Beijing reacted with fury because the book had the nerve to tell the truth – that the virus originated in China.

The Hamburg-based Chinese consulate threatened the publishing company with criminal charges if it didn’t remove the book from circulation and issue a groveling apology.

“Carlsen publishing house complied with the demand,” reports DW, adding that the company has “stopped delivery of the book” and “a new edition with a different wording regarding the origins of the virus is already in the making.”

The company explained that it had been working on assumptions at the time the book was published, but that “today we would no longer use this wording, as its meaning has proven to be far more open to interpretation than we had intended.”

DW expressed shock that China had sought to interfere in a children’s book which ran to just a few thousand copies and why the publishing company was so eager to cave in to a government located 4,600 miles away.

Chinese journalist Shi Ming explained how Beijing was overseeing a global propaganda campaign in an effort to absolve themselves of blame for the pandemic.

“In the beginning, the Chinese propaganda itself said that the disease had first started in China. It even referred to it as ‘Wuhan pneumonia.’ But now, it wants to erase the memory of the virus’ origins with a worldwide political correctness campaign,” he said.

Political expert Ralph Weber says China is trying to create the false narrative that its only role in the pandemic was to successfully fight it off, adding, “For a long time now, China has been influencing cultural life in Europe, and perhaps we haven’t noticed that so far.”

Beijing’s efforts to memory hole the fact that COVID-19 originated in China has been aided in no small part by the mainstream media.

Legacy media outlets have attempted to frame a supposed anti-Asian hate crime wave as being caused by white supremacy and Donald Trump referring to COVID as the “China virus.”

In reality, white people are statistically underrepresented when it comes to committing crimes against Asians.

The coronavirus pandemic originated in China. Period.

Anonymous said...


H&M Should Lay Low Until China Anger Blows Over, EU Chamber Says

Chinese anger at Hennes & Mauritz AB and other brands who refuse to use cotton from Xinjiang will pass but businesses will continue to face risks from political issues, the head of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China said.

“You really have to just let it happen, lay low and see when it blows over and then come back again,” Joerg Wuttke told Bloomberg TV on Tuesday. “Chinese customers love European products and brands, so I guess it will be the same for textiles.”

Chinese social-media users started a call for a boycott of H&M last week after discovering an undated statement from the company saying it would not use cotton from the far western region of Xinjiang over forced-labor concerns.

The retailer was criticized by the Communist Youth League and the People’s Liberation Army, and outlets vanished from Apple Maps and Baidu Maps searches. Some of the H&M’s stores in smaller cities were closed by landlords.

Other Western brands like Nike Inc. and Adidas AG have drawn consumer ire for their pledges not to use Xinjiang cotton. The region supplies around 80% of the material for China.

The U.S. and some other Western nations accuse China of interning up to 1 million Muslim Uyghurs in work camps and forcing some 500,000 children into boarding schools.

China denies the allegations, saying it is combating religious extremism and offering jobs and education to improve lives. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying sidestepped a question over whether the government was behind boycotts of H&M and other companies during a regular press briefing on Tuesday in Beijing.

“Some Chinese netizens have expressed their anger over Xinjiang cotton, including on H&M,” she said. “Chinese consumers have the freedom of choice.”

A long list of foreign companies have gotten into trouble in China for offending the ruling Communist Party’s political sensibilities. State broadcaster China Central Television stopped showing National Basketball Association games for over a year because an executive from one team tweeted support for protesters in Hong Kong.

China hit the European Union with retaliatory sanctions over the Xinjiang issue last week. It punished 10 individuals and four entities in the EU, including the Mercator Institute of China Studies of which Wuttke is a board member.

Wuttke said Tuesday that while the China market “saved” many companies last year as the Asian nation’s economy rebounded from the coronavirus pandemic, “at the same time there’s this kind of political pressure.”

The backlash could damage Beijing in the long run given “it jeopardizes Chinese jobs,” he said. “China definitely doesn’t come out of this looking very pretty.”

SSO said...

Threaten" is an understatement.

The appropriate word to use is "Repress" or "Suppress", or both.

Nevertheless, the best word to use is "SUBJUGATE".

For more than 250 years, even before its formation as the Unlawful States of America, the White descendants of European Empires and the British Empire have been subjugating many peaceful and independent countries and murdering the rightful owners of the land that they have invaded, raped, robbed and stolen.

This blood debt is beyond comprehension and beyond redemption.

Therefore, this blood debt to the world must be paid one day by the barbaric tribes of the European continent, when the time is ripe, when the Supreme Heavenly Power calls for retribution!

The rest of the world has to wake up, unite and strengthen their resolves to liberate themselves from the strangle-hold of this giant evil monster.