Made in China - A Chinese Miracle

 From a GDP of US$150 billion to US$15 trillion in 42 years. This is a phenomenal growth of 100 times, never seen in the history of human civilisation for a big country, or any country big or small. This is China in 2021, from a poverty stricken agrarian economy that had nothing but small machinery and village factories supporting agricultural produces to a modern industrial economy producing practically anything on earth that is needed by humankind, and the biggest consumer market in the world.

The economic achievement of China, with a population of 1.45b, did not come easy. After a century of humiliation and oppression and exploitation by the western powers, China was bankrupt as a country in every sense of the word. A country with 90 per cent of its people living in poverty, 90 per cent of its people uneducated, barely any schools and a handful of under equipped tertiary institutions, barely any industrial base to talk about, and facing isolation and sanctions by the western economic and military powers, China and Chinese could not expect to see daylight for eons to come like many under developed and ex colonies of the West. It was unimaginable then to think of what China is today, a global economy and a global power at par with the number one super power, the USA, and in the process of being number one, over taking the Americans in a matter of years, maybe less than 10 years.

1949, China broke free from all external forces of Imperialism and oppression to be once again an independent state, as a new nation, a republic, and to rebuild itself literary from ground zero. The task was intimidating and extremely difficult as it was not allowed to develop freely as a free nation. The West imposed a complete locked down on China, cutting it off from international trade, technology and economic assistance. It was a case of only the Chinese to help themselves with their bare hands and elementary tools. 

China was forced to experiment itself to leap out of the poverty trap to give its people a better life, but with limited resources and technology and with limited funds and talents, the task was daunting. Today, many still sneered at the failure of the Great Leap Forward, an economic plan for self sufficiency and to hasten the speed of economic development in the 1960s. Given the circumstances and the unsupportive nature that brought drought and flood to lay waste the great plains of China, the Chinese people took a big toll with famines, deaths and suffering all over the country. 

There was no help coming from the international community, definitely not from the hypocritical West that were hell bent on strangling China and the Chinese people to death. There was no foreign aid, no Red Cross, no humanitarian organisations to lighten the suffering of the Chinese people. The Chinese people tighten their belt and ploughed on, slogging day and night, many living in absolute poverty. No meat on the table. An egg was a luxury that few were able to afford or to have and often shared by a few persons.

All kinds of obstacles were thrown into the path of China and the Chinese people to keep them poor and undeveloped in all fields. China still chucked along furiously, in quiet fury, longing for a better day when they could have 3 decent meals a day and a decent roof over their heads. 

In the face of grave depravity and poverty and isolation, China still managed to produce the Atomic and Hydrogen bombs. 100,000 men and women disappeared into the wilderness to achieve this feat. They went into the deserts of Mongolia without their families knowing where they had gone and what they were doing. They exchanged their names for a number to protect themselves from assassination attempts, and their families from blackmailed. The cruel fate we saw today of many Iranian scientists, assassinated by the West for their roles in advancing their nation's goal of scientific development in nuclear technology. The 100,000 nameless Chinese were saved from this cruel fate and survived and built the bombs for China.

A detente with the West came in 1972 when Nixon visited China and reestablished diplomatic relations and allowed freer movement of people, exchanges of scientific knowledge and technology in exchange for China's support against the Russians. This was followed with the opening up of trade and lifting of sanctions and isolation in many fields. 

In 1978 China under Deng's leadership China opened its economy to international trade and have more exchanges with the world.  The door to the WTO was opened in 2001 when the Americans relented with the prospect of exporting their dirty factories and labour intensive industries to China to take advantage of China's cheap labour. China ate the humble pie, did the dirty jobs that the West had given up doing and at dirt cheap prices.

China was willing to start from scratch, to learn everything they could and to acquire skills and knowledge in the process, to rebuild its economy. There was no dispute about the West having a bigger slice of the pie, no criticism and acrimony about the West exploiting the Chinese labour. The Chinese people continue to slog along, quietly, no protest, no demonstration, no strikes. It was too good to be true for the western companies, making huge profits and paying very low wages for it.

China and the Chinese people learnt very quickly, from just making shoes and copies of everything, they acquired new knowledge and skills and funds to do it on their own. They innovated and improved on whatever they had learnt and done for the West. And the rest is history.

The poor Chinese peasants have come knocking at the doors of every country in the world, in Europe and the Americas, with stash of cash to spend, the nouveau riche of the 21st Century. 

Then came the meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. The Chinese have been bidding their time under the guidance of Deng's policy of working quietly and not to speak up to ruffle anyone's feathers. The Americans were still expecting the Chinese to bend their heads when lectured by the West, speak politely and not to talk back. And when slapped by the West, just turn the other cheek. The Chinaman, condemned to be railway workers, cooks and laundrymen, berated the Americans for their bad behaviour as a hegemonic power, and talking down to the Americans as the new super power to be reckoned with.

This time, on 18 Mar 2021, the Chinese stood up and told the Americans they would not take American white lies anymore. Instead of being lectured by the Americans about their domestic affairs and unacceptable behaviour, the Chinese gave the Americans a lecture they would never forget. The Americans are not fit, not qualified to lecture Chinese for fabricated crimes that the Americans had been committing and perpetuating for centuries, in the genocide of Red Indians, inhuman treatment and abuses of the black Americans, for abuses of power and hegemony in invading countries, in conducting regime change, in wars etc etc.

The Chinese gave notice to the Americans that henceforth, if the Americans do not stop meddling in China's domestic affairs or the domestic affairs of other countries, China would be putting its fingers into American domestic affairs and air American's dirty laundry to the world. The Chinese told the Americans in no uncertain terms, to mind their own business, and China would mind its own. China would deal with the Americans in exactly the same way as the Americans think fit to deal with China.

The Chinese Miracle has arrived, a new and rich China, economically strong and wealthy, scientifically and technologically on par with the Americans and surpassing the Americans in many fields, would be talking down to the Americans, the number two super power, with confidence and strength.

The Americans can try to make America Great Again, if they could, in trade, science and technology. They could no longer use military might to threaten and coerce the Chinese Miracle not to overtake them and be better and richer and stronger than the Americans. The Chinese have every right to be rich and live a better life without having to fight a war for dominance. To be rich, to want to live well, is not a crime against anyone or any country. This is not a threat to anyone or any country. Every country has the same right as the Chinese and the Americans to want to live well and good. This is basic human right and freedom for every human bean on earth.

The Chinese Miracle is going to become the nightmare of the Americans. From virtually penniless, they have amassed a national reserve of US$3 trillion. On the other hand the Americans have gone from being the richest country to a poor country with a national debt exceeding US$30 trillion. China is now the world's biggest creditor and banker while the USA is the biggest debtor and borrower of the world.

The Chinese Miracle is the new reality waiting to explode and overturn the American apple cart.


Anonymous said...

The dragon has awaken. The East is rising; the West is declining.

Anonymous said...

The growth of China is even more miraculous when the West, together with Japan, forbids the participation of China in research and transfer of advanced technology, banned China from participating in the space station project, and many other developments. They accused China of stealing their technology, when like 5G, they are not even at China's level.

And look at China today. It is sharing it's expertise globally with poorer countries by building infrastructure for them to chart their path to progress. It is providing COVID19 vaccines to poorer countries, making the West and India unhappy. What will they say if China just keeps the vaccine for itself? Think about it!

And what did the West say about China helping with infrastructure developments in those poor countries? It is all a debt trap they say. Wasn't debt traps the modus operandi of the World Bank and IMF all along? Mahathir saw through the agenda of such financial institutions controlled by the West and refused to accept aid from those sources. Not that I am a fan of Mahathir, but at least he dared to point his middle finger at the West. Now I am not sure the present Malaysian leadership is not trying to sleep with the devil.

China had to go into all those field of development from scratch and eventually took the West by surprise and envy in many fields like AI, manufacturing, 5G infrastructures, high speed rail system, highways, dams, bridges and even rolling back deserts and turning them into fertile land. Many of these are not even in existence in the USA, like HSR.

The West know they could not compete fairly and openly and have to resort to their evil habit of subterfuge. They are intent on bringing others down to their level so that they can remain on top forever. Such tactics may work with smaller countries unable to retaliate, but it will not work with China. Not even with North Korea!

As one analyst commented, trying to contain China now is like building a wire fence to stop a tsunami.

Virgo49 said...

It's just the beginning to the UAssA end.

Now every other day they are shooting and killing their own and also those foolish bananas who yeaned for their Stupid Green Cards for better lives under their balls.

Their infrastructures are crumbling and even now they cannot even hold a report of their present shootings and killings.

They are now more incompetent and lazy than the Mats.

Russia and China are now in collaboration to stop the use of their bananas US dollars.

The last screw to their coffins.

Virgo49 said...

CNN spending hours wayang their hearts felt consolations that those who are killed by just one gunman or rifleman.

At a lost for words.

Just one simple solution even a Primary School pupil will.just tell their idiots.

Have these Bastards Hang or Shot by firing squads. Not the easy way of deaths by injections.

Applied the laws equally to all and these White bastards will have no more immunity and pampering from you same Bastards.

Made all weapons laws illegal and confiscated all weapons and arsenals with what's Farking human rights to own them.

Then there would be no more all these dramas and their lost of words and consolations.

Supposed to be smart beans but only use their arse holes thinking.

Virgo49 said...

Just one rifleman and have to have three or four battalions of forces just to mill around.

Useless bastards just for shows.

Chia Pak nothing to do.

Anonymous said...

The visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to China is significant, coming just so soon after the Alaska USA/China talks. And Sleepy Joe has undoubtedly lend a hand in pushing Russia and China even closer with his accusation that Putin is a 'killer'.

This clearly shows how much closer and important is the relationship between Russia and China today, that China is sharing it's views on the talks with Russia, the first foreign nation that China now sees as most important.

The other very significant point is of course Lavrov's comments that he is going to China to talk about using less of the US$ in their dealings. China and Russia are already using their own currencies in 50% of their trade. Total trade between them may not be massive yet, but with the BRI, you can be sure trade between them will be rise significantly and that is going to be something to reckon with going forward.

When the Bear and the Dragon work together, it will be sending another chill down the spine of the eagle.

SSO said...

Take the control of the global financial system from them and the Unlawful States of America would collapse overnight. That is, stop using the US Dollar as a medium of foreign exchange in all businesses and trades.

Make use of crypto-digital currencies!

Anonymous said...

China is forging ahead with the use of its digital yuan domestically and internationally, in part to reduce reliance on the dollar system. The Chinese are aware that the West is likely to cut China off the dollar system in the event of a military conflict over Taiwan, maiming its financial veins.

The day when the U.S. ends its hegemonic control of the dollar-based global financial system is the ripe time for the forced reunification of Taiwan with the motherland.

Anonymous said...

Karma unto the Americuns .
China will lead the World to the next century, its unbreakable now.
Welcome to the New Awakening World of Dragon.

Anonymous said...

southernglory1 said...

Chua Chin Leng has consistently written excellent very informative articles base on truth and facts. But I find our respectable netizens comments on My Singapore News.Blog articles are very good too and of very high standard being of a learned and well informed intellectuals.Further their comments can be an adjunct to Chin Leng's articles by adding more detail additional facts. Congratulations to these awakened netizens and hope they will help to disseminate these worthy articles by forwarding to as many people as possible both friends and relatives and whether they are in Singapore or abroad.

Virgo - 49, SSO and Anonymous 9.24am, 9.57am and 10.15am are indeed praiseworthy for their classic comments.


Anonymous said...

Be not surprised that some comments here are from some netizens with real journalistic experience on premium-subscription media websites.

Anonymous said...

Today marks the 6th death anniversary of LKY. Let's not forget that most probable - LKY is the first politician in this world to rhetorically said and see through the rise of China by the merits of his own wisdom. His contribution might be letting in some Chinese officials or scholars into Spore to see in a Chinese majority island city how it's being govern or done. From some grapevine source, LKY could have advice Xi about the Silk Route or the BRI project under close door meetings. So let's not forget LKY's vision and thoughts about China, as he also form a linking bridge between the West and the East ( the current lot of G is unable to do it as well as LKY). Let's not forget about Goh Keng Swee who also assisted in the part of the building of China economically. And a British Historian Arnold J Toynbe whom in the late 60s and early 70s spotted the rise of China & China will also lead the world into the 21st Century or beyond thereby unifying the World in a much wiser manner (with the philosophies of Confucius, Tao & Buddhism).

Anonymous said...

So well written. U should also be included in Mr. Glory list like sort of Dean list in the university.

Anonymous said...

The way this blog is evolving, attracting better and better contributors, merits its inclusion into the US Congress Library's watch list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your compliment.
However, me is juz only a Normal stream person, was labeled as dumb in pri school. At some pt of time in life suddenly becomes awakened only.

Anonymous said...

U r rite, can't disagree with u else kena sodomized jialat jialat.

Anonymous said...

The West want to talk about Humanity and Human rights to China will ultimately fail miserably because of the West bad human rights record themselves that they did in the past cannot be just whitewashed away historically. China talks about what's the right way to do, talks about Tao (Chinese sayings 讲道理 or talk with reasons and facts).
The one that talked about Humanity whereby they themselves failed to lead by example will falter under the talk with reasons and facts, that is certain. China has wisen up whereas the West r like blamesters.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the narrative is changed, when the rest of the world take the West to task for their crimes against humanity for invading the rest of the world, killing, massacres, robbing, plundering the wealth of other nations and coining the term 'Colonisation' as if it is an innocent act, an acceptable fact of life....

When the rest of the world criminalise the term Colonialism, criminalise this act of violence and domination and settle the score with the colonialists, the ex colonial powers would have to pay for their crimes against the rest of the world.

When the rest of the world criminalise the acts of war, that war is not innocent, but a crime against the people being invaded, the criminals must pay for the killings and destruction of the victim countries.

War is not an innocent act to be condoned as a neutral thing, as a tool to dominate others, with no moral obligation, that no moral judgement can be passed on the warmongers. War is a crime especially when started to invade countries under fake and fabricated lies of aggression or threats.

The western narrative to normalise their criminal acts of aggression must be dismissed and the criminals must be arrested and punished by the rest of the world.

There is no excuse to go to war just because the other nation is doing better economically and getting richer and better than the aggressor.

There is no excuse to go to war with another nation by labelling them as a threat unless the other nation carries out the threat. Labelling another nation as a threat to be used as an excuse to attack that nation is a white lie, a fabricated white lie that must not be accepted as a reasonable excuse.

How can a small country, a poor country, with a handful of weapons, be a threat to the most powerful evil Empire that could crush the small country to dust in minutes? This silly white deception must be exposed as a silly and dangerous white lie, to be debunked and not tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Under the facade of colonisalism and 'legal' wars, the West are getting away with murders and more, wanton destruction and plundering of nation's wealth.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Red Bean, can understand ur frustrations, anger and Fiery against the Western Whites' Wars and Colonialism. All these Wars, Destructions, Lies and Conquering Must STOP under the Rise & Fiery of the Dragon. The West r beginning to have a taste of it few days ago. China Chinese people or Dragons r not letting it happen at its doorstep & shall meet its Fiery Might. Many nations will look up to the Rise of China, the One that will lead the world with reasons and prosperity. Any kind of intimidation shall be dealt with an iron fist.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The West have been setting the agenda and controlling the narratives for too long, telling the world what is right or wrong based on their interests. Unfortunately this barrage of western views have entered the psyche of many English readers and they could not tell the difference what is right or wrong or their interests versus western interests.

Just look at how the West smeared and demonised their enemies with white lies and fabricated lies and these were accepted with no questions asked. By simply alleged another country as a threat it becomes a justification to attack or sanction the other country.

The other deep seated consequence of white lies is the demonisation of not just China as a country, but the Chinese Civilisation as a whole. This is the main reason why the Chinese became a hated and despised people not just by the whites but even the blacks in the US and the poor countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and SE Asia. This hate Chinese culture is now etched in the minds of many people, even silly bananas in Singapore that the mere mention of China, CCP or Chinese would anger them.

And what did China and Chinese did to the rest of the world? Nothing! China and Chinese were broken down, semi colonised and impoverised, the Chinese became so poor that they had scattered all over the world to eke a living. China did not colonise or rob any country nor kill any people in wars. It was the victim of wars and external aggression.

But in the eyes of the world, China and Chinese are bad and aggressive people wanting to conquer the world and rule the world like the evil West. They all believe in this crap, this white lie. But China had not fought a war for the last 40 years while the whites are fighting continuously, killing people everywhere, destroying countries everywhere, but seen a people of peace, to protect the people waiting to be destroyed by China sometime in the future, when China becomes powerful.

Historically, even when China was the number one power in the world, China did not engage in wars of invasion or colonisation. But no one wants to believe this after being programmed by western narratives to hate China, believing China and Chinese are bad people.

This includes you and me and every Chinese all over the world. That is why there is so much hate against the Chinese as a people especially in the white countries, and even in SE Asia. You and me and the bananas walking in the streets of white countries would be subject to white racist hate and be beaten or even killed.

This is why we should be angry and must reset the narrative. The White Curse must be exposed and destroyed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just to add, the silly bananas did not think the hate Chinese racism affects them because they are Singaporeans, not Chinese! So they joined in to hate Chinese and China.

Racism is not about nationality, but about race. The racists hate you as a Chinese, no matter if you are Singaporean, Malaysian, American or whatever nationality.

Anonymous said...

The saving grace for the rest of the world is that Covid19 would save them from the evil white men.

Anonymous said...

// ..Racism is not about nationality, but about race. The racists hate you as a Chinese, no matter if you are Singaporean, Malaysian, American or whatever nationality.//

Uncle RB, u r very very correct. Look at the Sporean Chinese youngsters who kena whacked in front of the face. These Brits & Yankees Whites people they don't care which country of Chinese people u r coming from they just whacked the yellow people , its so scary. This need to be stop but how? Probably all Chinese must take Kung Fu lesson or armed ourselves to keep the white antagonists away.

Virgo49 said...


Even twenty years back whilst we were at Perth for a holiday.

Walking down their streets, the Red Necks parasites in their open top cars and stereo blaring shouted at us "Chinks Chinks" and put their fingers to their eyes as slanted eyes of Chinese.

You think they know we are from Singapore? Their counter part Common Wealth Country?

Those Sinkies at Perth with quite a number of them, were they also been labelled as Chinks Chinks?

Our Air Force There.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkies thought that they are very well respected by the Whites just because we spat Perfect English and always been an ally of them.

They may behaved as gentlemen in front of you but in their hearts you are fark off to them.

Even our high ranking SAF officers who went there for their What's stupid courses in their so called Elite Military Academy.

Just to relate a sia suay episode of the way they even treated our High ranking SAF officers.

My bro in law went to have a holiday in the US just to be with their daughter who is married to a sinkie Lt-Colonel under going a course at their Military College.

They even gave them the sort of barracks housing like their ordinary lower ranked soldiers.

To our Lta Kernel and family.

One fine night their personel came over and told them like a sort of warning to keep quiet at night for a few nights as they had returning soldiers from overseas stints on killing fields for their Rest and Recreation before flying back again to start their Muderous acts of killings innocent civilians and children again

They must kept mum so as not to disturb them.

What's there for R&R when they went there just to kill unarmed civilians and children?

So must not disturb their Rest and Energy to kill again.

Anonymous said...

The Whites, even during the opium war period, exhibit their superiority complex against the Chinese even inside China itself. Now we are talking about Chinese in White cities. I would worry if my kids are staying or studying in those cities now.

Say what we like, Donald Trump is the one that instigated this hatred of Chinese. Not succeeding in using COVID19 to decimate the Chinese, he uses the alternative route of promoting hatred of Chinese people. With German blood in his veins, he is pure evil. A Hitler of our time.

SSO said...

President Xi and President Putin will give a joint response to Vicious Joe Biden of the Unlawful States of America.

The foreign ministers of China and Russia, Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov, are discussing in China's scenic Guilin city on a joint response by Moscow and Beijing to Washington's move to simultaneously challenge both countries.

China has already counter EU's illegal sanctions against China by sanctioning EU's top personnel and curtailing EU's business interests in China.

Going forward, China and Russia would probably get more support from more countries and coordinate with them to give back a big piece of the medicine dished out by the slimy and sleazy USA.

Anonymous said...


Virgo49 said...

Farking sicko Americunts putting flowers on the sites of the shootings and loved their mundane murderous lifestyles.

Now even defending their own as mentally sick and pandroid.

All of their own mentally sick in killing innocent civilians round the World and now their own with less stoppage of more wars started to kill their own.

Praised Heavens that Karma back to haunt their murderous acts and deeds.


Virgo49 said...

Just loved to ramble and ramble and putting on their sad hypocritical faces and still trying to face realities of their real problems.

Good for them to sideline their stupidities and have more of them killed.

Same time have no time to create wars and disturbances on others.

Heavens punishing them at this time for their dastardly deeds.


Anonymous said...

If the USA and the West do believe in Karma, the world would not be in such a mess.

When evil beings commit genocide and murder innocent victims, they are not concern with Karma. They take such killings as collateral damage, with no conscience attached. That is why they can deny and live as if nothing happens.

Only heaven can right those wrongs. Other humans pleading and shouting their heads off will forever fall on deaf ears, and even make them commit more heinous sins. That is the world we are living in now.

Virgo49 said...

Next episode the old Biden and Company will come out with their speech that he had a BAD day and needed to do some killlings to make it a GOOD day


Virgo49 said...

All the while their metally retarded and sicko Americunts had also their BAD days and needed to bomb and kill to have their Good days.

Anonymous said...

Where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?

The EU, US, UK and Canada on Monday banded together to announce sanctions on Chinese officials over alleged human rights violations in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a concerted move directed at China by the West. It is an attempt to force China to accept interference from outsiders. This was a crude assertion of their dominance in world affairs.

The US and its main allies are defining human rights and democracy in terms of a set of values that can be used as leverage to consolidate Western hegemony with the US as its center. They know that it will impact the governance of big developing countries like China and Russia and bring chaos to these countries, but they insisted in doing so as a way of playing strategic games.

This is unacceptable. The essence of this "struggle" for human rights is a struggle between hegemony and anti-hegemony. It is a struggle between pursuing the development of human rights and playing with human rights for geopolitical purposes, between respecting the sovereignty of all countries with no interference in each other's internal affairs or a few countries dominating the majority.

Double standards in recent times have been running rampant. Who is responsible for the development of human rights and democracy in each country? Should it be the country's sovereign government or external countries and forces? Under international law, all sovereign countries are equal regardless of size. This is the basis of the international law and the UN Charter. Should a few countries out of the 193 members of the UN have the right to make policies for the majority of countries?

The US strictly prohibits the infiltration of other countries into its own affairs, including its election, but the US and its allies have infringed upon the political affairs of quite a number of countries, destabilized these countries, and led to many tragedies. If all the countries believe they have the right to lecture others and rally support for such aggression, does the world still have order?

Should China raise a serious demand that guns should be banned throughout the US after the recent shootings in Atlanta and Colorado? If Washington thinks China has no right to do so, where does the US obtain the power to lecture China about what it should do over Xinjiang governance?

There is no basis for China, Russia and many other developing countries to discuss human rights issues with the West, because what the West really cares about is not human rights, but the right to define human rights one-sidedly. This is an expression of hegemony in which only the Western countries can set the rules for the world.

China and Russia will never allow the West to be this rude and insolent, nor will they succumb to the ambitions of the West.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The West, particularly the Americans, have been doing this for a long time because of their military and economic power. They set the rules, they expect every country to accept their rules, their version of democracy and human rights, ie rights only for the whites. And they dictate these on other countries to obey like they own the world, the evil American Empire.

China is now strong enough to show them the middle finger in Alaska. From now on, China is going shaft its little finger into the American ass if the Americans try to meddle with its internal affairs.

A new era has begun and China will take on the Americans in every way. The American hegemony and world dominance are no longer the order of the day.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

During the Opium War era, the whites ganged up against Manchu China. The old Manchu court were no match for them suffered humiliation and paid dearly for it.

Today, the Americans are gathering the whites to go against China again. But things are not the same and not so easy. Russia is now on China's side. The rest of the white countries, other than the US, are minnows today, no match for China. France and England think they could sail their warships and aircraft carriers to the South China Sea freely. Without air cover, space cover, undersea protection from submarines, they are sitting ducks to be sunk when China wants it.

China is now able to defend its seas. It has air and space superiority in the seas, and plenty of submarines patrolling under the waters. No warship can sail at will in the China seas today without China's blessing.

The seas around China is now a Chinese lake, under the full control of China. Even ships in the Indian Ocean could be sunk if needed be. They are within range of Chinese anti ship missiles.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Correction: US debt is $28 trillion and counting Source: https://usdebtclock.org/

There are approx $120 in unfunded, off-balance sheet liabilities...pensions, Medicare, more stimulus lah lah

Hope you are well. 2020 turned out to be an outstanding year for me. I hope it was good for you.

Anonymous said...

$28 trillion plus $1.9 trillion plus another $3 trillion on the way.

Virgo49 said...

Oh Matilah.

Thought you are been bashed into pulp by your Aussies sodomisers over there in your land of milk and honey.

Now land of Floods and Fires.

Your milk and honey all dried up when China sanctioned them.

The stupid daft Asians still want to study there.

What's they have to offer even without one invention to show the World except their Racicalism.