America - Hypocrisies versus Hypocrisies


Pics of refugees lying on the floor, side by side, wrapped in plastic foils.

An official tried to block Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) from recording after he turned up at a Customs and Border Protection detention center to film the inhumane conditions of migrants under the Biden administration.

Cruz published a video on Sunday showing the facility in Donna, Texas packed with migrants wrapped in foil blankets with no social distancing, despite the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic, as an unnamed woman frantically attempted to get Cruz to stop recording.

“Please give dignity to the people… Please respect the people,” complained the woman, who stood in front of the camera, prompting Cruz to question, “Is this dignity and respect? Look at these people, there's a pandemic.”

“You were instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here because the political leadership at DHS does not want the American people to know it,” he claimed, adding, “This is a dangerous place and your policies are unfortunately trying to hide them.”

Cruz concluded, “I want to fix this situation and the administration you're working for is responsible for these conditions. This is not respect.”

The above is posted in RT website. 

Now the Republicans are tearing at the Democrats for inhumane treatment of immigrants. They forgot how the Trump Administration tore mothers and little children apart and many now could not even trace who were the parents of those children and children could no longer recognise or remember their mothers.

Can you imagine both sides committing all the heinous and inhuman crimes against the immigrants and now trying to prove who is the angel? This is American hypocrisies in a state of orgasm. Put on the show America, the world is waiting to see who is the angel and who is the devil or who is the bigger devil.

The whole world must try to emulate the inhumane treatment of the immigrants by the caring Americans. Oops, I mean they were so humane and so kind to the immigrants. Ok, ok, please punch my nose for this last sentence.

I think the Americans should continue to pretend to be fighting for the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. How about welcoming the Uyghurs to America like the way they welcome the immigrants from Latin America. 

America is the land of the free, free land from the native americans, free labour from the black slaves, free oil from the Arab countries, free killing fields to practise with their extremely sophisticated state of the art weapons, freedom to drop bombs on any country, free to invade any country they like, free to kill the blacks, free to beat up Asians, free prisoners to practise water boarding, free to see if the prisoners could be put on a leash and move about on 4 legs like dogs. And of course free money, no need to work for it, just print and print and print.


Virgo49 said...

Latest news Biden going to give US 12 Trillion banana own printing monies to build theur crumbling infrarstructres and military.

Why in the World No One dared to raise a hoo haa of their nonsensical printing of free monies.???

Anonymous said...

Why no self -respecting and rule of law country like Singapore dare to even make a squeak about the atrocious and criminal behaviours of the US government, Dept of Justice, National Security Agency, the US military and CIA?

Are these countries condoning and supporting the Evils the US is doing around the world and at home?

Anonymous said...

China should ban the import of all Swiss Made watchs from Switzerland. This little nitwit country is accusing China of human rights violation.

Looks like Chinese citizens are going to boycott all brands of Swiss watches.

Anonymous said...

As I said and many others have said, Republicans or Democrats, their DNA is the same. They are just playing a game of cat and mouse. Every four years the role changes. One will play the cat and the other play the mouse and vice versa.

Like the effort expended in the manufacturing of fake news, they needed ammunition to make the plot more exciting. Hence all the sneaking up to expose the dirt on each other.

This does not vary with their foreign policies as well. Each party must also look for foreign bogeyman to garner support. The Republicans had Russia in their crosshairs and the Democrats have been cultivating China as their punching bag. And the USA people will continue to live happily ever after. Ignorance is indeed bliss.


Anonymous said...


Goto this link and watch the short clip to see how vicious was the big black man attacking a small Asian woman. Kicking her several times on the head and walked away.

This nigger deserved to be slave of the white men to keep them from harming others. If he did that to a white woman, he would be lynched.

Anonymous said...

He told the Asian woman she did not belong here. What about him? If his forefathers were not caught as slaves to America, he would not belong here either.
Primitive empty heads.

Anonymous said...

Biden is going to give US12 trillion to rebuild their crumbling infrastructures and military?

That talk of rebuilding their infrastructure has been talked about for decades with no progress. And the intention is still stuck at NATO. Can Biden walk the talk?

Trump wanted money to build his wall and Democrats opposed. Now, are the Republicans going to return the kind favour? Remember, Trump still has a strong handle in the Republican Party.

I think the bulk of that US$12 trillion, if approved, is going to the Pentagon more likely.

Anonymous said...

An Asian woman was struck in the face by a bigoted goon who then spewed ethnic slurs at her in a Manhattan subway station over the weekend, cops said Sunday.

“Fuck you, C—k,” the attacker yelled at the 37-year-old inside the East 51st Street and Lexington Avenue subway station on Saturday night. “You should go back to your country. This is all because of you.”

The goon was another empty head nigger. NYT.

Anonymous said...


Another link of a nigger violently beating an Asian in a subway train.

Unknown said...

Ya when they print. They use the paper to buy resources from the world to build and u ended up holding a piece of worthless paper

Anonymous said...

Life is not going to be normal for Asians in White country going forward. The days of running across the divide to enjoy the richness in the land of the free is over. The haunting is starting to get worse.

Soon, as a sequel, we may be seeing a movement called - 'Asian Lives Matter' or ALM. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Should not have supported BLM. Let the white men deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Asians should stop supporting BLM.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree. Let the whites and the blacks take it out among themselves. None of our business.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I used to empathise with the blacks for being victims of the whites. From now onwards, I will not waste a word on them. They think America belong to them but the white men don't think so.

Ask Donald Trump and his white supremacists. America is white men's land, the blacks also don't belong there.

Anonymous said...

What has the UN and human rights group have to say about the conditions in those detention centres now that there is a picture worth a thousand words to digest?

Now that Ted Cruz unwrapped the Democrat's meat to be pecked at by the whole world, they cannot say this is fake news, unlike Xinjiang where they employed fake witnesses, with one US diplomat's daughter exposed by social media.

It is God's work that they are slapping each other silly now.

Anonymous said...

This picture was posted on RT website? Does not surprise me. Do not expect the US MSM to do such a thing or even the story behind it.

Virgo49 said...

The White Man already told his Malaysian Chinese Associate long time ago NOT to sympathise the Blacks in UAssA.

They won't dare to go against their White Masters and picked on Asians for their frustrations and bullying.

Especially the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

What the Republicans and Democrats are doing to each other is par for the course. Just like what the Whites are doing to the Blacks too.

Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful sight unfolding to behold.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Any of you feel incensed seeing Asians being beaten viciously by the racist Americans?

Anonymous said...

To be fair any kind of beatings between humans r all forbidden by law or by nature. As humans why can't they cooperate or communicate with each others, it's as though it's worse than animals, humans race r of higher intelligence & shud find a solution to the cos of it. If all else fails then it's better to go on separate way.

Anonymous said...

NYPD says 65-year-old Asian American woman was walking to church this morning when suspect assaulted her and said “f*** you, you don’t belong here.” Happened in front of 360 W. 43rd St. 11:40am. Sources say building security guard not only failed to render her aid.....


Anonymous said...

I really believe American journalists have a lot of freedom. Their government told them not to report the incident and they freely, out of their own free will, chose not to make any report. They have again earned my admiration and , of course, deep "respect".

Anonymous said...

A Journalist's job is to report what is important and concerns society. Not reporting the truth is something to admire and respect? Another alternative truth?

Anonymous said...

Big black American viciously kicked slim 65-year-old Asian American lady a few times on street; black doormen closed glass door instead of going to woman's aid

Anonymous said...

After watching the video, still got sympathy for Black Lives Matter (BLM) ??

Virgo49 said...

Farking Americunts NYPD Police Commissioner can said: "I don't know who attacks a 65 year old woman and leaves her on the street like that"

Video image of that cowardly Black Bastard so clear and they can ask for witnesses to come forward.

Aiyo, learn from Sinkies SPF. Within six hours they had nabbed that bastard.

If they really want to nab that bastard. All in cahoots even their security guards to close their eyes to all these happenings.

Also, said over 3795 incidents reported and they still sat on their fat arses.

SPF only lost to Mat Police on their too civilised methods of apprehending and charged all these unruly bastards in our midst.

Especially those Yaa Ya pappaya Bastards who dared used violence and all sorts of farking tricks on them.

If that Black Bastard Indie were to purposely coughed on Matland Polis, he would have a hell of tortures of sampan oars on his butt before been charged in court.

Just 14 weeks jail time for him.

They must give him so special treatments before hauled to station and charged in Court for these how lian bastards to learn their lessons.

Aiya, learnt from old timers 60s and 70s police detectives and just called constables instead of officers now.

Whats lam par officers?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have also deleted a similar post about a George Magnus and the devil is in this quote, 'Now many foreign companies may find themselves on the wrong end of corporate coercion in China, or of corporate governance in their own countries.'

China is coercing these companies and what is happening in their own countries is corporate governance. What a lot of shit. This is hostility, their govts are coercing them to smear China and stir shit in China.

It is time that China closed down all these trouble making companies. China should stop all Anglo Saxon companies from operating in Hong Kong, sack all the foreign judges and send them home. China does not need them esp little Britain that has nothing to offer to China. China does not need Britain at all.

As for EU countries, some would break and work with China, some will work with the Anglo Saxon rogue countries. Let them make the choice, China market or American market. Many of them cannot afford expensive American goods and cannot sell in American markets.

Let them decide since the Americans are coercing them to take sides. Yes, it is the Americans and Anglo Saxon gangsters that are forcing them, coercing them, not China.

Anonymous said...

The video of the violent attack is going viral, but the white racist police could not see it and need help to identify the black animal?

Virgo49 said...

Right, right. Also get rid of so many of their Foreign Trashes of Chow Ang Mohs and Chiap Chengs there.

Still behaving they are still the colonial masters.

Had seen quite many of them there as beggars earning their livings on the blood and sweat of HongKongers and the PRCs.

Anonymous said...

Black American man rain punches on Asian man on train until latter unconscious

Anonymous said...

Damn niggers. The whites should continue to make them slaves.

Anonymous said...

China, what are you waiting for? Close down HSBC and all the big British companies in Hong Kong.

Oops, no more big British companies left. No opium to trade.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am not cheering for Cruz with this but he should be the last person to call out on the treatment of rhe refugees. Its all about party & political posturing from him. Infact, many members of the Congress are just slimy like him.

There are many examples of Cruz hypocrisies. He dedended his wife when ridiculed as ugly by Trump but once the latter got into power, he sucked up to him.

Another,he went to HK at the height of the pro democracy protests and violence, declared hw would stand up for the demostrators and people of HK. When Congress deliberated on legislation to help HK People to the US, he voted against it as he claimed he didn't want Beijing spies. HK people should thank him as looking the mess and anti-Asian racism in the US, many Asians in US are getting out.

Anonymous said...

Printing money? Please use our more professional economic term
Its called quantitative easing.
See,it doesn't sound that bad and offensive. After all, many countries including yours are going to buy our dollars via bonds and swaps. All's well and good as long as no one dare to ditch our beautiful dollars. Ask Saddam and Gaddafi by medium.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have deleted 11:28pm's comment for his confused mind that alleged and fabricated lies are principles to stand by, high moral ground.

Anonymous said...

China's 'People's Daily Online' has picked up the story of the squalid conditions at the USA border detention centre too. This is good that the issue is making the rounds of the global media. The MSM of the West will not highlight those issues for sure.