Xinjiang truth versus lies - A Canadian perspective (English version)

This video is made by a Canadian Indian on the Xinjiang controversy and hypocrisy of the Americans and the West. 12 min.


Anonymous said...

The awesome truth is out! Shame on the Westerners . .

Queen of Hearts said...

The US and UK media, especially BBC and CNN, are on a deliberate smearing campaign to demonise China for political reasons.

China must counter their lies every time an article is published by them to smear China.

Or sue them in China's courts.

Anonymous said...

Watch this video (from 21:00 mark) on a 2018 speech by Lawrence Wilkerson, a career army officer, who said if the US Central Intelligence Agency wanted to destabilise China, the best way to do so would be to mount an operation using Uygurs in the country’s far-west region.

“They would foment unrest and to join with those Uygurs in pushing the Han Chinese in Beijing from internal places rather than external,” he said three years ago at Texas-based Ron Paul Institute’s 2018 Washington conference.

Wilkerson served in the US Pacific Command in South Korea, Japan and Hawaii. After retiring from US army service in 1997, Wilkerson served then secretary of state Colin Powell’s chief of staff in 2002-05 and helped to sell the Iraq war in 2003. He also took part in the US invasion of Afghanistan.

The recording of Wilkerson’s speech in 2018 showed him explaining the US military’s decision to fight a war in Afghanistan.

The number one objective for the US troops were to have a presence in Afghanistan to disrupt China’s Belt and Road Initiative, according to Wilkerson.

Anonymous said...

An unedited transcript of the relevant part of Col Wilkerson’s speech - he began this part by saying that America’s presence in Afghanistan had nothing to do with fighting the Taliban or any terrorist group. “It has everything to do with three primary strategic objectives. I, As a military officer, as a professional, I don’t necessarily object to these objectives.
“But I believe the American people ought to be told about it, and there ought to be a debate as to whether they want to spend their money on these objectives.
“The first objective is to be in the place that Donald Rumsfeld said was the most difficult country in the world to get military power into (in 2001, and take my word for it, it is, look at it on the map) and leave it there. Because it is the only hard power the United States has which sits proximate to the central base road initiative of China, that runs across central Asia.
“If we had to impact that with military power, we are in position to do so, in Afghanistan.
“The second reason we are there is because we are cheek and jowl with the potentially most unstable nuclear stockpile on the face of the earth in Pakistan. We want to be able to leap on that stockpile and stabilize it if necessary.
“And the third reason we are there is because there are 20 million Uyghurs and they don’t like Han Chinese in Xinjiang Province in western China.
“And if the CIA has to mount an operation using those Uyghurs (as Erdogan has done in Turkey against Assad—there’s 20,000 of them in Idlib in Syria right now for example, which is why the Chinese might be deploying military forces to Syria in the very near future to take care of those Uyghurs that Erdogan invited in)...
“Well, the CIA would want to destabilize China, and that would be the best way to do it. They would foment unrest and to join with those Uyghurs in pushing the Han Chinese in Beijing from internal places rather than external.
[Grins] “I’m not saying it’s going on right now, you didn’t hear that! But it is a possibility! So that’s why we’re there.
“And I’ll wager that there’s not a handful of Americans who realize that we, their military, have decided that for these strategic reasons, which are well thought out, that we are going to be in Afghanistan for the next half century.”

Anonymous said...

Americans killed thousands Muslims in Iraq, Syria and everywhere, and limited Muslims to enter USA, then one day they suddenly care about the Muslims in China, started caring about their human rights!

Queen of Hearts said...

There is an on-going war, in various forms, by the US against the rest of the world. The main objective of the US is to dominate and control the world, and steal the oil and energy fields from the rest of the world, in order to serve its own selfish interests.

The US does not care about human rights not the life of the Muslims anywhere.

The US actually treat Muslims with contempt and disgust.

Tbe US is solely responsible for murdering millions of innocent Muslims in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Anonymous said...

The Entire World Should Be Laughing At America For Pretending To Care About Muslims In China

This would after all be the same religious population which the US has been cheerfully slaughtering by the millions in its campaigns of military mass murder, just since the turn of this century. The same religious population the US has displaced by the tens of millions in its campaign of terrorism called the “war on terror”, also just since the turn of this century. The same religious population the US has sadistically tortured in facilities like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. The same religious population who was terrorized by an escalation in hate crimes in the United States itself due to propaganda campaigns for George W Bush’s wars, wars which were enthusiastically supported and facilitated by the current invalid-in-chief.

The only sane response to the US empire feigning concern for the wellbeing of a foreign Muslim population is laughter, derision, and ridicule. The whole world should be rolling on the floor laughing at these people. The fact that these butchers are saying “Oh won’t somebody please think of the Muslims!” after waging a psychopathic campaign of murder and theft upon an entire swath of Muslim-majority countries means we should all be mocking them, pointing at them, and laughing them out of the room.

Can you honestly think of anything more ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

Very well said.

Down with American hypocrisy and crocodile tears for the Muslims.

How often they made vicious jokes and cartoons about Muslims and Prophet Muhammed claiming freedom of expression?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Americans invaded and destroyed Iraq, a Muslim country. China is now in Iraq helping to rebuild its infrastructure.

Americans are killing Muslims in another Muslim country, Syria, where Uyghurs are also fighting there and being killed by the Americans.

Iran, the biggest and most advanced Muslim country, is now the number one enemy of the Americans. And who is the best friend of Iran and helping the Muslim Iranians to fight the Americans, protecting the Muslim Iranians from an American attack? China of course.

Why the sudden outcry to defend the Uyghurs in Xinjiang by fabricating lies about genocide in Xinjiang?

How many Arabs and Muslims have the American killed in the last few decades? How many Muslims countries are still under American invasion, rule and oppression? Who were the prisoners in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraid concentration camps where war crimes and inhuman tortures were conducted against them? Muslims? They could even be Uyghur prisoners in those American camps.

Anonymous said...

Also watch this video on Youtube by another Indian - 'Vijay Prashad warns Biden is doubling down on Trump's anti-China cold war policy'. Very enlightening.

Anonymous said...

Now more truths are beginning to emerge about USA hypocrisy and lies, thanks to the proliferation of videos put up by some Indians and Europeans who have been to China, lived there and knows the truth.

Having them in English is for a worldwide audience and a bonus. But those who put up those videos are complaining that some videos have been taken down fast and subscription and viewership numbers have been slashed.

There are videos in Chinese but they have a limited scope in attracting viewership.

Anonymous said...

RB, Morning from California...

This YouTube the short condense version of a Zoom discussion group..... the full version is 2.45hrs long. i watched the full version. This Indian is Daniel Dumbrill with Chinese wife own a brewery in Shenzhen a millionaires. Another American Nathan Rich he too own an IT company also Chinese wife. Carl Zha not shown here is mainlander married a Balinese. kindest regards JC

full version

Nathan Rich on Western Corporate Imperialism in CHINA.... 12min

Carl Zha 2hr mainlander excellent in China's history a walking encyclopedia..

Anonymous said...

RB, came across YouTube comment on Xinjiang "Nike and H&M face China fury over Xinjiang cotton 'concerns' - BBC News" sanction.... video a Chinese Han "Grace S" about cotton pickers. His father used to owned a farm in Xinjiang, she explain detail the pickers and etc.... problem very long can i post it here? Please delete if too long but for an average Sinkies or dumb white, can learn a lot by reading Grace S..... comments... kindest regards jc

SSO said...

No Forced Cotton Production Labor In Xinjiang

"There was and is no forced labor in cotton production in Xinjiang, said the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Li Xuejun, on Friday (26 March) at a joint video promotion event for Xinjiang with the Chinese embassy in Britain.

He said that cotton production in Xinjiang has already achieved a high degree of mechanization. There is not a large number of cotton-picking workers even in the busy picking season.

Li noted, "Cotton enterprises in Xinjiang are legally registered and operate according to laws and regulations. Workers' rights to payment, rest, culture, welfare, and others are fully guaranteed."

Source: Xinhua News Agency.

Anonymous said...

RB, Grace S comment YouTube.. Kindest Regards JC

Nike and H&M face China fury over Xinjiang cotton 'concerns' - BBC News


Grace S
10 hours ago
I am from Xinjiang, the city of Shihezi. My father devoted half his life to the mechanization of cotton farming. My life since a child has been closely linked to cotton. I still remember, in those years, my family was concerned about the amount of snowfall in the winter, the temperature and the rainfall in the spring. I also remember I helped the nearby farmers collect cotton in autumn from an early age until I went to highschool to another city in 2004. If my father knew English, I think he would be very very sad to see the news.

Some of my relatives are still engaged in cotton-related work. I learned from them that since 2007, the mechanization of cotton picking had been increased in my city, and there is almost no need to pick cotton manually in recent eight years.

Even back to nearly 20 years ago, it is inconsistent with my childhood experience to say that Xinjiang forced minorities to pick up cotton. I read relevant reports to understand why there is a claim of forced labour in cotton picking. I read their evidence and tried to understand their logic. I can only say that the authors of these reports don't understand and have never experienced the process of cotton planting and picking. For example, they say "transferred labour". Do they think that if there is no coercion, why should workers leave their homes and live near the fields? If there is no compulsion, why not stay at home at night and work again during the day? ......

Anonymous said...

My response may have 3 points: First, only when you really go to Xinjiang will you know how vast it is. My hometown is a county-level city, which is the lowest-level municipal administrative unit. But it also has 460 square kilometers, which is equivalent to half the area of Paris. If you don't live in a temporary residence nearby, you really can't reach the cotton field in time. Second, why do people have to rush to cotton fields early in the morning? Because cotton picking is based on the daily wage of weight. It is weighed twice a day, once at about 1:30 pm and once at about 7 pm . There is a lot of dew on the cotton in the morning, and the cotton picked at this time will be heavy, so the work results in the morning will generally account for two-thirds of the whole day. At the same time, cotton is slowly blooming, and a piece of land needs to be picked at least four or five times to collect all the cotton. The second picking is the time when the cotton yield is the highest, so everyone wants to go to the second picking field. So people are willing to go to the fields early to start a day's work. This will get twice the result with half the effort. This is why people have to leave their homes and live in nearby residential areas. If you go late, you will lose the best opportunity and the best position. Third, even in the period of cotton picking by people, there will be no forced labor as far as I saw. Because cotton picking is considered a low-cost and high-income job for people living in the village. I remember that every year there are hundreds of thousands of cotton pickers from other provinces of China to our city. This is a good opportunity for people in surrounding provinces to increase their income. It takes two months to pick up cotton, and almost no money is spent on transportation, food and shelter. (I remember that in 2004, one kilogram of cotton picking was 1.5 yuan, and an adult could pick about 70-130 kilograms a day.) In two months, an adult could earn about 6,000 to 10,000 yuan. This was a very high income at that time, and the monthly salary of a local state-owned enterprise worker might be 2,000 yuan. Although picking up cotton is very hard, many people are willing to come and earn money, which may give them few opportunities to earn extra money every year. At least last year, relatives of other province asked my parents if they had a chance to pick up cotton. Unfortunately, our city is full of machines to pick up cotton now. For many peope, they have lost a way to earn money due to mechanization. I have never seen so many people come to our city to pick up cotton by train every autumn. .....

Anonymous said...

final... My city is the largest cotton-producing area in Xinjiang. In the era of cotton-picking by hand, there was no situation of forcing minorities to pick cotton in my hometown. Now that cotton planting has been industrialized, why there is such news. Many people think that there are ethnic issues. In fact, as local people, we don't seem to care too much about this. Everyone is thinking about how to do things well. Just like when I was at school, there were people of all ethnic groups in our class. I am a Han people, our Chinese teacher and Mathematics Teacher are Hui people, and a classmate I secretly love is also a Hui people. A good friend of mine is a Uighur, and His calligraphy is very good. I am good at drawing. We are the best partners when making blackboard newspaper. I still keep the note sent to me in an evening self-study. Later, he went to Shanghai to study at university, and I went to Beijing. We all had new friends and lost contact with each other. A good friend can only accompany you through a period of your life. Then we forget each other and have a new life. This is the price of growth. When I think of them, they are one concrete person after another in my life. They are not a label of a group.

This is my feeling as a person who lived in Xinjiang cotton-producing area since childhood. Thank you for your patience in putting my words. I am grateful to share this with people who care about this issue and my hometown.
Show less
Thanks Kindest Regards JC

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Morning everyone. It is good to have these info to share to let people know the truth instead of lies from BBC and other western media.

Thank you.

SSO said...


What's going on in Myanmar?

Russia and Myanmar are deepening their defense ties as Moscow’s military supplies continue to pour into the country, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said Friday at a meeting with the country’s commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing.

Fomin’s visit marked the first high-profile visit to Myanmar by a foreign official since the country was rocked by a military coup that deposed its elected leadership in February.

While Chinese factories and workers have been attacked by the Myanmese protesters and China is unable to do anything, Russia on the other hand is very quick to seize the opportunity to get closer with the Myanmese Military leadership.

Western demonic forces that play yoyo with Aung San Suu Chi's rise and fall, are desperately trying to harness the Puppet United Nations double-headed corrupted officials to demomise and attack Myanmar's military junta.

The worse-than-Trump Sickly Joe Biden Administration seems to be planning for a Multi-Nation offensive to invade and capture Myanmar, in order to use it as a launching base to invade China in future.

China had better act fast.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's not blame Sleepy Joe. He is half senile, suffering from dementia and did not know what is going on. During his scripted press conference he was completely lost trying to put on a show. He fumbled with all his prepared notes, could not find what were prepared for him to say, could not say what he wanted to say, could not remember anything or any name. There were many moments that he completely looked lost, standing there with nothing coming out from his mouth.

Biden was worse than a child trying to speak on a rostrum. And he is supposed to be the president of the USA! My God, Clown Trump was bad, this one is unbelieveable. Well, that is what a dying Empire deserved, a zombie as a president. This is the best American Democrazy has produced.

Anonymous said...

Ya, it was a very pathetic sight, seeing an old man with memory problem, unable to recall names and facts, struggling with words and being put up there for show. Felt very sorry for this old man. He should retire to a nursing home to enjoy a peaceful and stress free life.

Now the Democrats are running him, especially that evil woman Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is not in good health. They can spin all they want, but the reality of his actions and behavior cannot be hidden. Just three months of his watch and we can tell he is unwell and unfit to lead. God help the world going forward.

Anonymous said...

Remember Pelosi is third in line for the White House according to Protocol. If Biden fails to serve the full term, Kamala Harris takes over with Pelosi becoming VP.

That evil witch is sitting atop her broomstick watching and enjoying pulling the strings behind Biden.

Anonymous said...

G'morning RB,

"That evil witch is sitting atop her broomstick" Correction

That evil Bitch is sitting atop of Biden and yell more, more......

Kindest regards JC