The Rogue United States to Splinter Into Seven Independent Sovereign States.

            It may be 500 years ago when European marauders descended on America to invade, rob and kill the natives. Every year around the beginning of October, native American Indians in Honduras and other parts of America would conduct a symbolic trial of Christopher Columbus that will end with his execution for crimes committed during the conquest of America.

They would put up an effigy of Columbus with his hands chained up to face multiple charges such as genocide, stealing and robbing and slave trafficking. A verdict will be handed down on Columkbus Day, October 12th, when the effigy will be burnt signaling his death sentence.

The native American Indians throughout the Americas view his arrival in 1492 as the start of five centuries of oppression, killings and genocide by white men.

Subsequently more European marauders especially those Anglo-Saxons from England descended on the coasts of North America and guided by their sinister religious Doctrine of Christian Discovery which they claimed that their Christian God, Jesus empowered them the right to go to non-Christian lands to invade, to rob and kill those natives who refused to be converted to Christianity.

The United States is undoubtedly a very wicked evil country. It has since its foundation in 1775, been an illegitimate country founded on the ethos of terrorism, aggression, jingoism and conquest and domination of other countries. For the last 242 years the United States has caused tremendous suffering, pain and outrage to other countries by its jingoism. It is now continuing to treat the world with contempt with threats of wars and aggression. Enough is enough and the the world either has to put a stop to US aggression and jingoistic wars or the US will soon destroy the world.

There are several ways to pull back the United States from its path of pathological wars of aggression.

The United States has been able to do a lot of wicked deeds because of its ability to cheat and swindle the whole world through its total control of the PatroDollar as a standard unit for international money exchange. Its control of the PatroDollar enables it to carry out illicit sanctions on practically every other country in this world and thus use it to extort hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars from the victimised countries and their commercial firms. So it is important to take down the PatroDollar which when taken away will reduce US to be as poor as a Third World country. In view of this Russia, China, India, Iran Venezuella and South Africa are cooperating to dethrone the PatroDollar. They are now bypassing the  PatroDollar by swapping their currencies to conduct mutual trade among themselves.

For years since the end of the Second World War in 1945, US has been armtwisting small and weak countries to let US operate military bases and military outposts from their lands and ports. These countries must now terminate American military bases in their homelands and get rid of the Americans.

Next the United States should be castrated and subdivided into seven separate independent sovereign states. In this respect the onus must fall on the United Nations.

The United Nations must take up the cudgel of helping the native American Indians, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans to form their own independent sovereign states from out of the present United States. The present United States is an illegitimate country impregnated out of the murder, killings and genocide of the native Americans and the subsequent lynchings and killings of millions of African Americans. The United States subsequently expanded its territories through the bloody and brutal conquest and occupation of over one million six hundred and fifty thousand square miles of  Mexican lands.

The native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans cannot go on living in the shadow of the overpowering white supremacist rogues and scoundrels who have been ruling over them with a cruel hand and treating them brutally with insanity for the last few hundred years. In order for them to live with respect and dignity they need to form their own separate independent sovereign states .

The United Nations has a duty and responsibility to raise the possibility and probability of forming these new states The native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans can no longer live under the yoke of these white beasts who treat them with inhumanity as slaves and animals. The white rulers have put the few surviving native Americans in reservations which are euphemisms for slave concentration camps where they suffer from want and hunger and where their women folks are injected with chemical to ensure their infertility so that they can no longer procreate.

In view of this Russia, India, China and South Africa must raise and table a motion at the United Nations General Assembly regarding the forming and organisation of these three new states plus raising the aspirations of Hawaii, Texas and California to declare their independence from the United States from America. The motion should be debated and supported in the United Nations General Assembly and adopted by the Security Council with no veto allowed .

Should the white supremacists in US refuse to follow the demand of the UN then the next step is for UN to support and fund insurrections and revolutions in the persistent continuous fight and struggle until the objective is achieved.

The present United States under white supremacist totalitarian rule is imperialistic, aggressive and gingoistic and therefore harmful and undesirable.It is a threat to the peace and security of the world and therefore it must be taken down and break up into seven separate independent states.


Monday, 31st December, 2018

The new poor – A piece of good news

They called themselves freegans, ie, people looking for food or items in trash bins for a living. No, they are not the karanguni men but a group of folks, the new poor in Singapore that have chosen to live a new way of life as freegans. Some even proudly claimed that this is a way to retire in super rich Singapore, no need to work, no stress and with good food from the trash bins.

And here is another piece of good news in this Christmas season from Channel News Asia. ‘Scavenging – Singapore’s ‘freegans’ find treasure in trash – Some of the secondhand items found include a Louis Vuitton handbag, Coach handbag and a set of Sony Speakers.’

Now if this is not good news, what else is? Free branded bags and electronic items! I think many desperate Singaporeans may find comfort in this piece of news. I think I can retire also and live a life of a freegan, and probably can hang a Louis Vuitton bag over my shoulder. If only the COEs are cheaper, the freegans could even find used cars, like 10 year old Mercedes or BMWs in the junkyards.

This is the privilege for living in the most expensive city with many rich people. They are discarding many things of value, even things of luxury, into the trash bins. No wonder some people said this is the best place to be poor. Everything can be provided free, just dig into the trash bins and rubbish dumps.

No more worry to retire in comfort with free food and luxury items. Paradise! Yes paradise for the new poor.

Happy New Year.


DEMOCRACY 2018 - The US Has Become A Failed State.

The Third American Civil War is Here.

In 2018, American democracy began its nosedive towards eventual oblivion.  The cancer of corruption, that eternal enemy of democracy, has long infected American democracy for many decades.  It has reached terminal stage.  We bear witness to the end of an American democracy that never was one from the beginning.

Over the last 20 years, systematic corruption and corrupt practices have been carefully nurtured and cultivated by members of the American power elites, now exposed as the deep state, to permeate and consume the minds of the American electorate as it works its way into every decent sectors of the community including religion, economy, family, education and everyday life.   

As American democracy struggled in its death throes grasping for some enduring relevance and purpose, it elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States on 6 November 2016.  The event represented a checkmate on the deep state. 

Donald Trump, a successful multi-billionaire businessman, had noticed (perhaps even participated in) the widespread shenanigans, fraudulent dealings, duplicity, sleaze, malfeasance, legalised misconduct and openly corrupt political practices of US politics.  He was even taunted by the 44th US President Barack Obama at a dinner reception and later publicly that Trump was incapable to do the job of US President.  

The 2016 election of President Donald Trump represents the triumph of American democracy.  His opponent (and her husband) personified and represented every corruption of the Washington establishment and its deep state.  Their “philanthropic” foundation, which promptly folded when she lost the elections, is now being investigated for selling access - “pay for play” - to senior government officers and foreign governments.  A Hillary Presidency would have embedded corrupt practices into an already corrupt US Government nurtured and nourished by the previous Obama and Clinton Presidencies.

Over the past 2 years, the forces against American democracy assaulted in organised unison to de-legitimise the duly elected 45th US President using the tools of democracy against itself by systematically unleashing a series of events to destablise the established, albeit imperfect, democratic eco-system developed over the past 215 years.

A docile and submissive Judiciary does not make for a strong democracy.  The deep state assault on Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanagh is a case in point.  Key Senators, mostly themselves lawyers and former Prosecutors, chose to deny the constitutional rights of Judge Kavanaugh to due process and hard evidence as he faced unfounded allegations of sexual misconduct from 1982.  The FBI had in fact investigated Judge Kavanaugh on more than 6 occasions as a matter of routine background checks over the past 28 years, but found not a single iota of any sexual or ethical misconduct.  Neither did any investigative journalists, and it’s not for want of effort.  

American Democracy X.0 – The Third American Civil War

With the passing of American democracy before our eyes, the Third American Civil War has begun surely, steadily and silently for some years now.  True democracy may never return to America any time soon. 

Truth is, political power has never really been in the effective hands of the American people.  Abraham Lincoln’s “… the government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth” never had an even chance to grow into full maturity.  

Political power grows through concentration not by dispersion or distribution.  Democracy’s promise of popular power in the hands of the people is an illusion, an empty promise made by those in power to a permanently gullible, weak and na├»ve electorate.  Political power easily slipped out of their hands as they rather bask in comfortable living without participating in the process of political life through debates, discussions, confrontation and regular elections.    

Come the next US Presidential elections in 2020, Americans have to evaluate and examine critically how they have allowed the corrupt power elites to infest the Judiciary, Executive and the Congress through clever arguments, money and privileges. 

In Trump with all his idiosyncrasies and imperfections, the American have found a President who works for free on behalf of the American people and whose personal wealth has diminished by a few hundred million dollars annually.  Trump is not motivated by having more wealth or more properties.  And that’s really scary to the deep state cabal of his political opponents consisting corrupt politicians and their financial backers. 

President Trump is essentially a visionary Corporatist, who possessed great self- confidence to improve the economic and social well-being of his American people. Trump’s economic achievements in his first 20 months in Office speak for themselves.  Why would Americans not what more of the goodies that he “produced”?   Why allow Trump to be distracted by opposition politicians with various parliamentary investigations into fabricated wrongdoings and blocking the Presidential policies such as immigration, healthcare, education and infrastructural reforms?     

A Corporatist America can emerge from the 3rd American Civil War that will create good-paying jobs, put food on the table, more money in the pockets, increase 401K value, reduce homelessness, provides affordable healthcare available and a more prosperous America.   


Singapore’s corporatist democratic political model is a good starting point for America to discover an upgraded version of a better democracy.  Singapore believes that democracy and democratic processes must and should facilitate development or face irrelevance and oblivion, as we see in America today.  Governments should promote the welfare and well-being of its people, which Trump did in his early Presidency, and not the intellectual development of political concepts.  Americans in their 3rd Civil War must learn to “trade-up” the benefits of a viable democracy, instead of a “trade-off” between democracy and development. 

American political parties should become corporatist in their political orientation with the American people as their only primary political accountability, not financial backers and powerful industrial vested interests.  Continuous electoral success comes from the American electorate, not election spendings.

America is better off managing democracy as a governance tool with regular free and fair elections and in a political climate characterized by freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of religious beliefs and the freedom of choice. If these were what American democracy could facilitate, it would be great!  Since American democracy has failed, the current configuration of democracy should be replaced by a democratic corporatist one if the American people wish to journey toward a better, more prosperous, fairer and equal “land of the free, home of the brave”.

PS. Mike, article too long. I have chopped off a few parts to make it shorter. Readers interested in reading full story can click on the links.


5G - The isolation of 5 eye countries

Western media and fake news writers are gloating and churning out daily news of how the 5 eye countries are locking out Huawei from entering their markets. The pseudo white state of Japan also followed suit to cut out Huawei from the Japanese market, but not without consequences. The contracts signed earlier with Huawei came with termination clauses and compensation just like the contracts Chinese developers signed with Malaysia. It is easy to terminate the contract, but please pay compensation.

The issue of this 5G battle is not about money. It is about leading edge technology and a great leap forward into the future. 5G technology is the most advanced AI and communication technology to date and no country wanting to move rapidly into the future, to harness the full power of wireless and ultra high speed communication that are the foundation of more advanced technological processes can do without.

The smart countries that are looking to tap on the power of 5G would not want to miss out on being the first mover in embracing 5G power. India, a hardcore anti China state, knows too well what they would miss or what they would gain to jump on to the 5G high speed train. India is not the only big country that would want to miss this opportunity to jump ahead of the western world. France, Germany and several European states too would not want to miss out and be left behind because the Americans said so. They are also into 5G and accepting Huawei technology. The Americans and the West have no answer to Huawei's 5G prowess for the foreseeable future, 5 years, 10 years, who knows, before they could catch up with Huawei. And in infotech and AI, losing 5 or 10 years is like losing eons and once left behind, there is no way to catch up.

Britain, one of the 5 eye countries, is contemplating and could just break out from the American dictate. Britain in ambitious and would not want to be a laggard, to be left behind by France and Gemany. The consequences of missing out on the 5G bandwagon are disastrous and Britain cannot afford it.

What is happening today is not the 5 eye countries plus Japan shutting out Huawei. It is a self isolation policy that shuts themselves from the rest of the world, from the benefits and advancement that 5G would bring along. These countries' stubborn and stupid refusal to accept Huawei's 5G is like cutting their nose to spite their face. They would become the dodos in the highly competitive and superlative race to the future. They would be left behind while the rest of the world rushes forward in full steam, at the speed of light.

The 5 eye countries would be the failed states of the future, the vagabonds, struggling to hang on to an antiquated 4G technology, the underdeveloped states of tomorrow. They would suffer the same fate of 19th century China that refused to embrace future technology and advancement to benefit their people and become the pariah states in the world. History is repeating itself, this time with karma playing a role to extract vengeance on the evil doers of the past.

Huawei has signed up 25 major contracts to implement 5G technology, working with more than 170 countries and the number is growing. A valued technology would find many takers despite the sour grapes conspiracy to block it.When the rest of the world embraces 5G, how would the 5 eye plus one states look like, cavemen in the Stone Age?

White racist attacking a Chinese

This is a short clip of a white racist beast attacking a Chinese simply because he is a Chinese. How many bananas would think that this would not happen to them? Would this white beast ask him if he is a Singaporean or a Chinese? To this white beast, he would not know, and a Chinese is a Chinese be he be a Singaporean, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Hongkongers, or from any other country, not necessary from China. He looks at you by your racial appearance.


Leong Sze Hian's defence fund

Leong, in the meantime, is hoping to raise at least $10,000 for his defence fund. You may contribute through the following channels:

Account Name: Leong Sze Hian
POSB Savings 064064070
Paynow S0009739Z
Paypal ecuadortrade@yahoo.com.sg"

For those who would like to donate to Leong Sze Hian's defence fund, you can use the above accounts at your convenience.

Abacus Bank - Racist indictment of a small bank during the subprime crisis

The causes of the subprime crisis in 2008/9 were very clear by now and how leniently the big US banks were treated by the US govt. No one goes to jail. No big banks were indicted. Yes, all the American banks were treated with special care like they were family despite the huge fraudulent packaging of foul property products and sold to the public.

There was one incident that very few people outside the USA heard off involving the abusive indictment of a small local bank in New York for subprime crimes. 182 charges were slammed at this small bank as if it was the main cause of the subprime crisis. Why? The bank was owned by a small group of American Chinese operating in the Chinatown district of New York.

Here are some of the comments in Wikipedia about this racist indictment of a small Chinese owned bank in the so called rule of law country, the protector of human rights, rights of an individual and democracy. The police charged into the bank and handcuffed all the employees and linked them onto a long chain before parading them out of the bank like the days of black slavery. White supremacist marshalls rounding up black slaves in chains.

In May 2012, New York prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney's office indicted the bank and 19 of its employees on charges of fraud in relation to hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of mortgages that had been sold to Fannie Mae between 2005 and 2010. The bank was accused of falsifying loan applications so that borrowers would qualify for mortgages. Abacus argued that it uncovered the improper behavior itself, reported it to the regulator, and fired the employee in question. It also said it was not involved with the fraudulent packaging of subprime mortgage securities and had a mortgage default rate of 0.5%, a tenth of the national average.


The bank, along with its former Chief Credit Officer and its former loan supervisor, were acquitted of all charges brought by the New York prosecutors in a jury trial in New York Supreme Court on June 3 and 4, 2015. (After a long 5 year legal battle defended by the legally trained daughters of Sun Quchen, the founder of the bank).

The aggressive prosecution of Abacus, in contrast to the relatively lenient treatment received by large banks, was questioned and criticized by various media outlets. It was criticized by journalist Matt Taibbi in his 2014 book The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.

The story is told in Steve James's feature-length documentary Abacus: Small Enough to Jail, which had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, September 11, 2016. It was broadcast nationally on PBS Frontline on September 12, 2017.  Abacus: Small Enough to Jail was nominated for the 2018 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The above brief showed how racist and discriminatory was the American administration in Washington and how they victimized law abiding minority citizens in fake and fraudulent charges and abusing them with the rule of law and the justice system. This was the only small bank, or the only bank attacked by the American administration for subprime crime when the guilty parties, all white banks were spared from such abuses.

You can read more about the racist white regime in the USA and reflect on how they are dealing with Huawei and the illegal and outrageous arrest and treatment of Meng Wanzhou, even knowing that the whole deal was political but refusing to admit that it was political and refusing to release Meng claiming that they were following the rule of law.  It is white man’s rule of law applied to coloured people in the USA and the rest of the world. Such injustice must be put to an end and the hypocrisy of the white men must be shamed in public.

Mahathir, Trump for National Day medals

When the next National Day comes around, we should present Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and US President Donald Trump with medals for unintended lessons in national education. We should invite them here and hang the medals around their necks. I’ve already had the names of their medals worked out. For Mahathir, I’ll simply call it the WNLYWNE (With Neighbours Like You Who Needs Enemies) medal. For Trump, it’ll be the HTBYFBT (How To Betray Your Friends Big Time) medal, pure and simple. If you find the names jarring, I apologise. But clunky names usually come with clunky acts.
First the WNLYWNE medal.  Singaporeans, especially PM Lee, are grateful to Mahathir for rising from the dead (he said at 93, he ought to be dead) to lead Malaysia on another beggar-thy-neighbour incursion into Singapore waters. Move over Pedra Branca, here comes Johor Bahru port!  While Pedra Branca only had a few Malaysian vessels flitting in and out of its waters, the JB port actually had them parking brazenly in front of our summons aunties who couldn’t do a thing about it. But why the gratitude to Mahathir? For years, our PM Lee has been talking himself hoarse about external threats without eliciting a pulse from comatose Singaporeans. Then he got lucky. Enter Mahathir who did the job for him. Now Singaporeans know mushy stuff like external threats and national defence are not play, play. They are very real - as real as the mobilisation exercise that roused those RSAF servicemen from their Sunday siesta that Dec 10 afternoon. For helping PM Lee open Singaporeans’ eyes, Dr M richly deserves the WNLYWNE medal.  
Next the HTBYFBT medal, which Trump also richly deserves. Read the headline of yesterday’s Straits Times article (28 Dec) by Leslie Fong and you will understand why - “The perils of trusting America: A reminder for Asian allies”. It was an essay on the US’ well-documented abandonment of allies - from the Hungary in 1956 through Vietnam and Cambodia in 1975 to Syria last week. When Trump precipitately announced that he was bringing the boys home from Syria after the “defeat” of ISIS, he made PM Lee’s job of justifying  Singapore’s jaw-dropping defence budget that much easier. Nobody will fight your fight for you. You will have to do the job yourself. Just read Donald “America First” Trump’s tweeter on his Syrian pullout - “Does the USA want to be the Policeman of the Middle East, getting NOTHING but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who, in almost all cases, do not appreciate what we are doing? Do we want to be there forever?”.  For that - and for simplifying PM’s job - Trump deserves the HTBYFBT medal around his neck. Just don’t pull it tight. 


Leong Sze Hian vs Lee Hsien Loong - Hottest wayang in town

In law courses it is often quoted cases pitching the people versus the Crown. Here in little red dot, we are seeing the people versus the PM. And this is not new, happened since Lee Kuan Yew’s time, the incumbent PM suing an ordinary citizen for libel. What is new is for the people, an ordinary people, to sue the PM. Leong Sze Hian is countersuing Hsien Loong on this ground, ‘The predominant purpose of the claim is the use of the legal process to chill freedom of expression in Singapore generally and in particular to restrict reporting on any role the Govt may have had in the 1MDB scandal.’ Leong Sze Hian ‘is seeking compensation for damages to his reputation through the issuance, continuance and reporting on the legal proceedings, as well as costs…’ as reported in thenewpaper.

There is now a new buzz in the air. Everyone’s eyes are wide open, wanting to know what is going to happen with this new twist. Many are wondering if this countersuing would ever end up in court or would be thrown out by the court. And if it did end up in court, you can expect it would be full house on the day of hearing. Everyone interested in the political happenings of the island would want to see a repeat of Chee Soon Juan versus Lee Kuan Yew and this time seeing how Lim Tean questions Hsien Loong in court.

Hsien Loong would be in the hot seat. But he has nothing to fear. He would have the services of the best of the best in the legal system, top dog lawyers like Davinder Singh, Edwin Tong or even Shanmugam would be there to defend him. Lim Tean would have to face these legal giants, all ten foot tall, while he is a midget in a way.

What kind of questions would Lim Tean posed to Hsien Loong? Would he be able to put Hsien Loong in an awkward position? How would Hsien Loong answer questions impromptu, without being submitted two weeks in advance? Would Lim Tean be able to do a David and Goliath act in the Singapore court?
And the verdict, if this case did get into court, would be closely watched. Who is the lucky judge to be picked to preside over this case? Any volunteers?

Would this wayang be played out in court and be broadcast in details in the main media? Everyone is very eager to want to know. What can be more exciting with Hsien Yang throwing his money behind Leong Sze Hian and Lim Tean as reported in the mothership site?

The importance of this case can be judged by it being reported on page 16 of the newpaper and somewhere in the middle pages of the ST. Front page news of thenewpaper was about a 60 year old auntie wielding a knife and needed to be tasseled before being disarmed.


Meng Wanzhou’s arrest – China’s next move

The Americans are imposing a domestic law to arrest citizens of other countries for violating this law. Americans are putting a sanction on trade with Iran. Any country or people trading with Iran face arrest by the Americans in any part of the world. This is as good as an American domestic law becoming an international law and the whole world must abide by it or faces arrest by the American Empire.

China must learn this from the Americans. China must go ahead to enact a law to stop anyone or country selling weapons or goods to Taiwan and deemed as violating China’s national interest. Once this became a law, China can then go around the world to arrest Americans and American companies selling arms or unwanted goods to Taiwan.

China, just do it. Do as the Americans do. You cannot be on the receiving end of bad American politics and bullying. Use your law against the Americans like the Americans are doing to Chinese citizens.
There is no point complaining that the Americans and Canadians are violating international laws when your citizens are being arrested by the Americans or under threats of arrest by them under their laws. Use the same methodology to get even with the rogue regimes in the USA and Canada. Legislate more laws against American interference in China’s domestic affairs under the excuse of violating China’s interests and sovereignty, territorial rights and go ahead to arrest any Americans violating these laws in HongKong, Taiwan and China friendly countries.

To make things more antagonistic, act like the Americans, no need to prove a case, just allegations would be enough to arrest someone for violation. Yes, allegation is good enough. And China can put many Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians and New Zealanders behind bars too if they dare to sell arms or undesirable goods to Taiwan or sail their warships into the South China Sea.

Important point to note, China cannot be civil when dealing with rogues, gangsters, kidnappers and state sponsored terrorists.


When papa is gone, boy PM screwed up big time

The country was in a roll. Economy was doing well, Chinese tourists poured in dollars to boost up the economy. Relationship with China was excellent. His papa did a good job and was treasured by China as a good old friend for defying American pressure to establish diplomatic relations with China. Trade with China was growing and more and more trade missions were making their ways to Beijing. People to people relations between the two countries were very good.

Then things took a nasty turn for the worse and everything collapsed right before his eyes. All the goodwill developed by his father went up in smokes. All because the Americans flattered him and requested his help to fix China. And he stupidly fell into the trap of the Americans, and went blindly to fix China pretending that it was all about the rule of law. Canada is a rule of law country. Everything operates under the rule of law, ie, China has no law, disregard of rule law, a lawless country.

While the boy PM was only in office for a few years, the honeymoon suddenly was over. His popularity with the people plunged. Now the citizens are cursing at him for his stupidity. American's fight with China has nothing to do with his country. Now, for arresting Huawei's CFO, Canada's relation with China is rock bottom. Three Canadians were arrested in China in retaliation to the arrest of Meng. The Canadians are in disgust, lamenting that if only he is half as good as his father, Canada would not be in this shit and gaining nothing perhaps maybe a pat on the shoulder by Trump or an invite for tea in the White House.

Actually cannot entirely blame this empty head boy PM for the mess. Of all the people he had to listen to the girly FM who is equally another nut case, not knowing what realpolitik is all about. America is the Number One super power, good to curry the favour of the Americans to fix China. And thinking that using the catchphrase 'rule of law' would save her skin and Canada. Canada is so innocent, Canada is just following the rule of law, a rule of law country. KNN dunno who taught them this stupid catchphrase.

Whither Canada, still stubbornly refusing to acknowledge their stupidity and release Meng immediately thinking that they could get away with it with the Americans behind their back. Wait for China to arrest Canadian number 4, and more Canadians not coming home for Christmas or the New Year because of the stupidity of the boy PM and empty head girly FM.

Thank you very much for your stupidity. The papa must be turning in his grave. The two children still would not want to admit that they have been made a fool of by Trump and would not want to walk away from the silly mistake that had nothing to do with Canada. It was a clear case of not wanting to mind their own business and now with feet stuck deeply in shit. This is a case of having nothing to do and put the fingers into a hornet's nest thinking it is so clever and so fun.


Trump said 'Fuck you' by Michael Moore


The above link posted by Matilah is a 4 minute video produced by Michael Moore on Donald Trump, the anti Establishment, the anti Christ of sort. He is godsend to destroy the Establishment and return it to the dispossessed people of the USA and the rest of the world.

The people have been robbed of everything, their jobs, their cars, their dignity and self respect, their savings etc etc except their right to vote. 

Nice Christmas present.

Terrorism and terrorists

In the media, terrorism and terrorists are often associated with religious extremists and fundamentalists, suicide squads and attacks on the streets. And there are countries that were branded as evil, the Axis of Evil. The repetition of such usage and the branding of certain countries in the western media have directly or indirectly implanted in the minds of innocent readers who are the terrorists and countries that subconsciously become the bad countries. And you can be sure that anyone that has been fed daily by the western media would spurt out names and groups and countries unconsciously as those related to terrorism and terrorist activities. Why, because the western media said so, and saying everyday, like telling a lie and turning it into an unthinking truth. No one reading the western media would ever think or association terrorism with the USA and western countries despite the hundreds of thousands of innocent people dying or killed or maimed by their wars and indiscriminate bombings in the name of fighting terrorism. They even roared into laughter at the mentioned of those killed by their bombings and called them innocently as war collateral.

Let’s look at this definition of terrorism in the Wikipedia.

‘There is no universal agreement on the definition of terrorism. Various legal systems and government agencies use different definitions. Moreover, governments have been reluctant to formulate an agreed upon and legally binding definition. These difficulties arise from the fact that the term is politically and emotionally charged. In the United States of America, for example, Terrorism is defined in Title 22 Chapter 38 U.S. Code 2656f as "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents."

It is the use of violence or threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives.

It can be committed by governments, non-state actors, or undercover personnel serving on the behalf of their respective governments.

It reaches more than the immediate target victims and is also directed at targets consisting of a larger spectrum of society.

It is both mala prohibita (i.e., crime that is made illegal by legislation) and mala in se (i.e., crime that is inherently immoral or wrong).’

The number of terrorist activities, bombings, street attacks, if one bothers to count them, are really insignificant when compared to the daily bombings and wars conducted by the American forces in all guises. The number of people killed and wounded by terrorist acts was so small compared to the number of people killed and wounded by the countless wars being waged by the Americans and their cronies and the indiscriminate bombings conducting by them. A good example was the cruise missile attack on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Did anyone call it a terrorist act? Did the western media called it a terrorist attack or they simply brushed it off as a mistake in reading an old map and the unthinking simply accepted the explanation.

Why were the violent acts of Americans and their cronies, they called it war on terrorism, abstained them from being labeled as terrorists or acts of terrorism? Simple, they wrote the narratives, they controlled the western media written by western authors. They would not call themselves terrorists or rogues or gangsters. They would call themselves the soldiers of goodness and righteousness and their victims were bad guys and deserved to be terminated. With the western media deliberately refusing to tag them as terrorists, the readers were simply conditioned not to think they are the world's Number One Terrorists.

This is how powerful the media is, especially the western media and how they write words in the minds of their readers. Words like terrorism, terrorists and fundamentalists would never be attached to the savages of the West, the mercenaries that were armed with the most deadly weapons to kill people of the rest of the world. By not attributing such words on themselves, their readers would not relate terrorism and terrorists to the real terrorists that have been killing innocent people wantonly and indiscriminately.

Beware when you read the western media and their narratives. It is one sided, they are the good guys and the rest of the world are the bad guys. Good guys can kill bad guys. Good guys killing bad guys are called wars on terrorism, wars on terrorists and not the other way round.

Think and ask and question why your thinking is such and who is planting ideas into your head on what is right and wrong and who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Many bananas are the victims of such manipulation of their subconscious mind without them knowing. Communism is bad, North Korea and Iran are bad, the Axis of Evil etc etc etc. China is stealing western technology. What is there to steal when China has more advanced technologies than the west? Why would China want to steal backward technologies? What is there to steal? But they keep harping on this narrative and innocent readers would just repeat this thought, that the West is the most advanced in technology and China is desperately trying to steal them.

Who is more advanced in space technology? Who is more advanced in rocketry? Who is more advanced in drone technology? Who is more advanced in quantum physics and AI? Who is more advanced in electric cars? Who is more advanced in high speed train? Who is more advanced in infrastructure development? Who is more advanced in supply chains? And yes, who is more advanced in 5G technology?

Who is stealing whose technology? Only the Chinese are hacking into western systems, the West, especially the Americans, are so innocent? Heard of wikileak and Snowden and what did they expose?

Heard of the phrase State Terrorism?


Mischievous article - It is China's fault again

Blood jades: The dark side of Myanmar's trade with China

(Updated: )
The jade trade between Myanmar and China is worth an estimated US$30 billion a year - about half of Myanmar’s GDP. But jade mining is a bloodstained business built on drug addiction, slave labour and massive environmental destruction. Who should be responsible for the dark side of jade?

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/blood-jades-the-dark-side-of-myanmar-s-trade-with-china-10694720

I watch this 6 minute clip presented by Channel News Asia. It talked about the primitive mining processes of jade in Myanmar and the low skilled labour that went scouring for jade in the country side and the mines. The poor workers took to drug addiction and many even died when mines collapsed or when there is a landslide.

Who is responsible for this? According to the author, China is responsible. Why, because China is the biggest buyer of jade. Oh, logical thinking. Is China involved in the mining? No. Who regulates the mining, the mines, the mine owners, the pay of the workers? China or the Myanmar govt or the mine owners? 
The role of the Chinese jade merchants is simply to go to the jade market in the streets and shops to buy jade. They have no role in the mining of jade. Everything is controlled by the Myanmar govt. Incidentally Chinese companies would not be given licence to operate jade mines in Myanmar. This is a national treasure that only Myanmese are allowed to engage in.

So, why is China responsible for the plight of the workers, their deplorable working condition, the exploitation of the workers, their drug addiction? Who employed these workers, paid them, who supplied drugs to these workers? China?

The CNA commentator interviewed a Myanmese in the clip and the Myanmese also conveniently claimed that China, the Chinese govt is responsible for the plight of the jade workers. Believe it? Third world mindset, blame others. I can't blame the author Pearl Forss because as a white man, all the problems in the world are created by China and other counties except by the whites. The whites are the angels and the saviours of human civilisation through conquest, invasion, colonialism and imperialism. China is the bad guy in everything.

Here in the jade industry, if the Chinese would not be the buyers and not spending billions annually in Myanmar, there would be no problem of jade workers suffering from exploitation and drug addition. They would live better lives and Myanmar would be richer. It is all China's fault. China should stop contributing half of the Myanmese GDP and Myanmar and the Myanmese would be richer and happier people.

My recommendation is for China to cease buying jade from Myanmar and all the problems would go away. Maybe if the white men were to start buying jade from Myanmar instead of China, the fate of the jade workers would be better. They would intervene and tell the Myanmese govt how to run the jade mines and imposed safety regulations, minimum wage and hygiene and good living conditions for the workers.

This kind of  one sided mischievous articles blaming China for everything in the world, even the exploitation of jade workers, when China has no right to interfere, is the modus operandi of subversive western media. They simply accused and alleged that China is responsible for the plight of Myanmese jade workers even when China has nothing to do with them except spending billions as buyers of jade. Unwary and unthinking viewers would simply be taken in by this one sided presentation of the author.

The same logic can be apply generally to Singapore as we buy everything from the rest of the world. So if the farmers or fishermen were ill treated, took to drugs, underpaid in their countries, the Singapore govt is responsible. Is this logical thinking or subversive reasoning? 

Next time if you patronise a hawker centre, make sure the old uncles and aunties cleaning the tables are not badly treated, paid well, and not indulging in drugs. Because as a customer, you are responsible for their welfare and good health, not the employer or the govt.

The whites would continue to create such rubbish and stir up shit to smear China and the Chinese people given the opportunity, and the little USAs would be ready and most willing to give a helping hand. This is the same western smear like China giving cheap loans, helping to build infrastructures but if the recipient country miscalculated, mismanaged then it is China's fault.

PS. How would such articles be classified, fake news, disinformation, mischievous article or responsible/irresponsible or objective news? 


SMRT hit by bad luck again

The problems of SMRT did not seem to want to go away. We thought with the new and very good CEO in place, all the past problems of SMRT would be history. The new CEO has also been credited and praised for the improving quality of the train service.

Just last week, two accidents hit the SMRT again. One is an act of God, strong winds and trees fell on all places but a group of SMRT having a party in a park. Why would God want to do this, like He is picking on SMRT workers? The tree could fall anywhere, but must fall on the SMRT workers, not other people in the park. If this is not bad luck, what is? Oh, such accidents cannot be attributed to poor management and work process surely.

Then another worker had his leg amputated on the track by a maintenance vehicle. How could this happen when they were working and knowing the danger of moving vehicle on the track after the last accident that took at least one life? Never learn from bad experience and incidents? Cannot be, after the last tragedy, everyone must be very alert and extremely careful about workers on track. Many procedures must have been put in place to prevent a recurring of such tragedy.

Yet it happened again almost in the same manner, workers on track and hit by moving vehicle on track. No one at the site saw it coming and unable to stop it? There is no need to set up a BOI or make statements like we would make sure it would not happen again.

The only reason I can think of is bad luck. And if it is bad luck  it would not go away but would happen again and again. I would recommend more prayers and exorcism to cleanse the tracks to prevent more bad luck happening to SMRT workers. But I dunno what to do about trees falling on SMRT workers. Maybe prayers would also be needed to bless all SMRT workers, starting from the top. How about rearranging the office layout of the CEO? Call a geomancer. It just might work.


Iran sanction – The Evil Empire continues to bully the rest of the world

No one can trade with Iran by order of the Emperor of the American Empire. The reason, Iran is not keeping to its promise not to build nuclear bombs. Is Iran doing so? The European powers to the denuclearization of Iran said no, but the Evil Empire said yes, just like the WMD lie against Saddam Hussein. When the Evil Empire said so, no one can dispute this lie. The European powers tried but were ignored. They are also expected to comply with the sanction or face punitive measures from the Evil Empire.

Only 8 countries, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Taiwan and Turkey are given temporary exemption from this sanction, ie 180 days. And the Evil Empire ration them to buy only a fixed amount from Iran, eg China is allowed to buy 360,000 bpd while South Korea is allowed a quota of 130,000 bpd. They all have to comply with the edict of the Evil Empire or else.

The crime of Iran, and also of North Korea, is that they want to build some nuclear weapons as a deterrent against a nuclear attack on their countries by the Evil Empire. They did not build these weapons to attack anyone but for defence. The Evil Empire is the only country that has been threatening to attack other countries with nuclear weapon. It refused to commit itself not to use nuclear weapons.

Why is such an Evil Empire allowed to build so many nuclear weapons and threatening to use them against countries it demonized and the world, the UN, accepts this position? And while pointing an accusing finger at Iran, the Evil Empire is not stopping its nuclear programme. It has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and has announced that it is going to develop more and even more destructive nuclear weapons. And the whole world just lower their heads and keep quiet, unable to say no, unable to protest, while the Evil Empire continues to build more nuclear weapons to threaten and use against countries it calls enemies.

How unjust can the world be? How useless is the UN to allow the Evil Empire to dictate and bully the whole world with military and nuclear weapons? The Americans are saying that they can do anything they like, have as many nuclear weapons as they like and others cannot have any. And they can use nuclear weapons on any country with impunity.

And how many silly leaders are still saying that the Evil Empire is the most peaceful and benign hegemon and want to invite the Evil Empire to be the policeman of the world? How many silly leaders are going to remove their blinkers and call a spade a spade, an Evil Empire a Evil Empire? When would the rest of the world stand up to the bullying of the Evil Empire?


Boy PM and girl FM lost in the world of adult politicians

Little boy Justine and little girl Freeland are now lost for words as what to do next with the arrest of a third Canadian by China. The only thing they could do is to regurgitate the phrase ‘rule of law’ to hide their lawless arrest of an innocent Chinese citizen. But this would not work anymore and after repeating it over and over again it becomes so lame, sounding to hollow and hypocritical.

Oh yes, they can still go crying to bid daddy the USA. Try to threaten China with the military might of the Americans. The Chinese would tremble when threaten by the American aircraft carriers. No? It won’t do either. China today would take on the Americans if needed to. The temperature and tension are rising and China is not going to back down and be bullied by this little USA. China is going to teach the little boys and girls a lesson in politeness and not to be rude to people carrying a bigger stick.

I think there is one possible way to get out of this tricky situation and come up on top for Canada. Try to get help from Singapore. Singapore had a great experience handling a similar situation like the Canadians when its armoured vehicles were detained in Hong Kong. How did Singapore do it and successfully got its armoured vehicles back? The details are classified of course. The only thing that could be gathered was from the information available in the media.

One thing, the Canadian ministers must talk tough. Apply the rule of law on China and demand the return of the Canadians arrested or else face consequences, like real. Next Canada can hire our retired diplomats who are very experience in handling China to assist them. Yes, Canada can learn from these diplomats to punch above its weight and give China a few black eyes with their loud mouth undiplomatic diplomacy. China would definitely cower where hearing the loud voices and rhetoric against them.

To add more pressure, hire some of the anti China journalists or expurts to write articles to smear China, calling China a bully, not following the rule of law. Keep publishing such articles in the main media to embarrass China. And there are many hostile Americans, Jewish and Indian writers that can reinforce the message, to attack China repeatedly.

When all these forces are working in unison, China would capitulate and release all the Canadians arrested. And Canada can continue to play with its ‘rule of law’ to detain Meng and even extradite her to the USA for 30 years of imprisonment. And China would not be able to do a thing. QED.

Retired diplomats can still be very useful in handling international disputes and can be paid handsomely for their experience and expertise in managing China. In this world today, only Singapore has diplomats of such standing, reputation and stature that would make China tremble when they opened their mouths. Just their looks would send shivers down the spines of Chinese leaders.


Huawei – The Americans spreading fake news and white lie

Was Saddam Hussein’s WMD fake news or American white lie? Some western idiots and bananas would still say not sure, still in a state of denial that their godly white Americans cannot lie and would not lie, that Saddam still could have hidden his WMD somewhere but not found.

The latest fake news and white lie is that Huawei’s 5G technology is a national security risk to America and the 5 eyes countries. Raising national security and security threat is the American’s escapee, an excuse it is using everywhere and every time when they deem fit, when all other reasons failed to make sense. China’s buiding islands in the South China Sea is a threat to American interests and security, Huawei’s supremacy in 5G technology is a threat to American national security etc etc. Everything is a threat to American interest and security, read American dominance as the Number One super power.

The sicko John Bolton started another white lie. China’s investments and aids in Africa is another form of colonialism. This white colonialist is accusing China of colonizing Africa? Who colonized Africa and robbed the Africans of their wealth? Who hunted down Africans and turned them into slaves to work in the cotton fields? Who practiced apartheid in Africa? Oh Africa has its own ‘bananas’ that believed the whites are the gods sent to help them even after centuries of deprivation and inflicting poverty and war in all the African countries.

By making such allegations, particularly in the case of Huawei, when no American company could come near to Huawei in 5G technology, the Americans hope to shut Huawei out of the American market. They also put pressure on their allies to ban Huawei from their respective markets. Some like Australia and Japan would be most willing to do so for their own reasons. Britain is hesitating as they know that without 5G they would lack behind when competing with China and other European countries. The British are too smart to miss this boat just like when they jumped into the AIIB as founding member.

Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and several other European countries would go ahead to welcome Huawei into their market. What the Americans have done by spreading this white lie and restraining their allies to use Huawei is to keep them in the dark ages of communication technology. They would be left behind because of the American pressure. Would the Brits want to be left behind while France and Germany ran ahead with 5G? This is exactly how and why the ‘has been’ American Empire would degenerate further and lack behind other nations by their backward and selfish policy to shun the latest 5G technology.

I bet the British would turn against the Americans again in this as they fear being left behind in this technology race to the future. The British has been declining since they lost the empire and cannot afford to fall further behind to other European countries like Germany and France for not embracing Huawei’s 5G technologies. It is suicidal for the British and those that abided by the American pressure and lie not to use 5G. This is how the Empire will fall and fade into oblivion for not wanting to face the new reality repeating what happened to the Qing Empire in its dying days.

Huawei has the technology that is most relevant and wanted by all the countries wanting to move forward, not backward to Stone Age. It is not only a super technology, it is a technology that would change the world. The Americans are gripped with fear of Huawei’s 5G. A good product is a good product by any names. The American allegation is just a red herring to stop Huawei but did not come up with any evidence to support their allegation except casting doubts. Huawei is not guilty unless proven and does not need to prove it is innocent. But the white men are now expecting Huawei to prove its innocence just because of the American allegation and lie.

PS. When a country uses Huawei’s 5G and equipment, the equipment would be installed in the respective country and would have its native people managing the system. In other words they are in control of the system and equipment and could manage and prevent any mischief using the equipment, protecting their national security. So what is this American white lie about Huawei’s security threat? Huawei’s staff would not be in control or in charge of the equipment and system. Once they have accepted the system, they could ban Huawei’s staff from the system.

The main objective of the American white lie is to kill Huawei and its 5G technology. Period. And it is the Americans that are violating a UN Resolution on trading with Iran, not Huawei, China. The US is the only country imposing this sanction against Iran when Europe and the rest of the world are abiding by the UN Resolution and permitted to trade with Iran. This American sanction is not UN approved but a unilateral American sanction. Why no Europeans were arrested for trading with Iran?

PS. China arrested a third Canadian.


The Kidnapping of Huawei's CFO, Meng Wanzhou May Lead to War of Unknown consequences

            Is the US trying to exercise extra-territoriality over the kidnapping of  Huawei's CFO, Meng Wanzhou. If so it is just foolish and wishful thinking. The kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou is an act of banditry which must be strongly denounced and condemned by the whole civilize world.

The kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou is a criminal banditry act which will have far reaching and far ranging worldwide disastrous consequences and implications not only for China and the Chinese people but also for all countries which value freedom, independence and full sovereignty of their countries.

Meng Wanzhou should be freed without conditions. failing which China is obliged to complement the precedent set by USA and all Americans and its western allies will face similar predicaments not only from China but also from other countries which have been bullied by US and have been the target  of US illogical illateral sanctions.

USA, a rogue and thuggery country must seriously take note, China and the Chinese people will not be humiliated again to be subjected to US practise of extraterritorial legality.

From the Opium Wars of 1830s to 1940s , a dark age in Chinese history. China was attacked, invaded and occupied by many European countries viz England, France, Russia, Germany, America and Japan. Each of the invading country subjected China to great shameful intolerable humiliations. They each and every one imposed on China a punishing war indemnity where China was forced to pay to each of the occupying powers hundreds of millions of silver dollars . ( In today's value it is worth a few thousand billions of dollars ). This served to impoverish China and the Chinese people for over a hundred years until 1049 when the Peoples Republic of China stopped the payment.

The British, France, Russia, Germany, America, Italy, Holland and Japan occupied large areas of Chinese lands in the coastal ports of Shanghai, Ning Po, Dairen ( Port Arthur ), Canton , Amoy and others. In these ports and other occupied areas they exercised extra territorial rights . They collected all the revenues, taxes, duties, port dues and deprived the Chinese government of any revenues at all.This further impoverish China in conjunction to the war indemnities.

In the occupied areas the Westerners were not subjected to Chinese laws. Also Chinese people in occupied areas were subjected to foreign laws and not Chinese laws. Thus when westerners or Chinese commit crimes they could just escape to foreign occupied areas and escaped punishment from Chinese jurisdiction.

The most humiliating part was when they carved up China and divided China among themselves as their sphere of influence and insultingly called it "the cutting of the Chinese water melon." They detached large swathes of Chinese lands and incorporated or annexed them to British India ( now the cause of border trouble between China and India )and Burma, to France Indo-China and to Russia's Far East ( mostly taken from China ), and to Japan which occupied Liu Chiu Dow ( which the Japs renamed Okinawa ) and Taiwan.

Now, in the case of Huawei and Meng Wanzhou US thinks it can exercise extraterritoriality over a Chinese citizen and thereby over China. US must stop thinking foolishly that China will allows its citizen who has not committed any crime or breach any US laws to be kidnapped to be tried in USA. It is wishful thinking if it thinks it can fix Huawei or Meng Wanzhou and thereby exercise extraterritoriality against China.

USA has run foul of the rules of international laws. It has defied  United Nations ruling under United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 which calls on all countries to drop sanctions on Iran as part of the 2015 Nuclear Agreements. Yet the recalcitrant USA is alone in defiance of the resolution and rejects the Security Council's role in such matters.

The kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou is illegal, unlawful and extremely provocative. Here I quote Professor D. Sachs of Columbia University

"When global trade rules obstruct USA gangster tactics, then the rules have to go according to Trump."

"The unprecedented arrest of Meng is even more provocative because it is based on US extraterritorial sanctions, that is the claim by US that it can order other countries to stop trading with third parties such as Cuba or Iran. US would certainly not tolerate China or any other country telling US companies with whom they can or cannot trade."

"US has no right to unilaterally sanction Huawei base only on US rules. It should be based on agreements according to United Nations Security Council if there is a case."

"The Trump administration, not Huawei or China is today's greatest threat to international rule of law and therfore to global peace."

The implications of Huawei-Meng Wanzhou's case is that if US is allowed to kidnap a Chinese citizen and hold a China's top company to ransom and get away with it , that would mean US rules and laws can be applied on any Chinese or any Chinese firms be it whether they are domiciled in China or outside China. That would be acceding to US extraterritoriality . It would mean US rules and laws supercede Chinese rules and laws even in China. Ultimately that means China will lose its independence as a sovereign nation and come under US rule and dominance.

In this 21st century if US still thinks it can exercise extraterritoriality on China or any other country it is foolish and wishful thinking for it would be tantamount to declaration of war.

China should not take chances but must be fully prepared for all out war against a desperate rogue evil empire

Let other countries big or small be aware if the rogue evil empire dares to commit travesty with a powerful China now, what chances have they if one day US turns against them and exercise extraterritoriality against them base on flimsy fabricated reasons as in the case of Huawei-Meng Wanzhou as well as bullies under illateral US sanctions on many other countries like, Iran, Cuba, Venezuella, Turkey, Cambodia and many more others.

It is time for all other countries on earth to wake up to the evil intent of the rogue US which intends to bring the whole world of all countries under its abominable dominance and total hegemony. People of the world and of all countries must unite to defend and uphold their independence and sovereignty and destroy the Evil Empire before it can destroy the beautiful world on earth.


Wednesday, 19th December, 2018