The Rogue United States to Splinter Into Seven Independent Sovereign States.

            It may be 500 years ago when European marauders descended on America to invade, rob and kill the natives. Every year around the beginning of October, native American Indians in Honduras and other parts of America would conduct a symbolic trial of Christopher Columbus that will end with his execution for crimes committed during the conquest of America.

They would put up an effigy of Columbus with his hands chained up to face multiple charges such as genocide, stealing and robbing and slave trafficking. A verdict will be handed down on Columkbus Day, October 12th, when the effigy will be burnt signaling his death sentence.

The native American Indians throughout the Americas view his arrival in 1492 as the start of five centuries of oppression, killings and genocide by white men.

Subsequently more European marauders especially those Anglo-Saxons from England descended on the coasts of North America and guided by their sinister religious Doctrine of Christian Discovery which they claimed that their Christian God, Jesus empowered them the right to go to non-Christian lands to invade, to rob and kill those natives who refused to be converted to Christianity.

The United States is undoubtedly a very wicked evil country. It has since its foundation in 1775, been an illegitimate country founded on the ethos of terrorism, aggression, jingoism and conquest and domination of other countries. For the last 242 years the United States has caused tremendous suffering, pain and outrage to other countries by its jingoism. It is now continuing to treat the world with contempt with threats of wars and aggression. Enough is enough and the the world either has to put a stop to US aggression and jingoistic wars or the US will soon destroy the world.

There are several ways to pull back the United States from its path of pathological wars of aggression.

The United States has been able to do a lot of wicked deeds because of its ability to cheat and swindle the whole world through its total control of the PatroDollar as a standard unit for international money exchange. Its control of the PatroDollar enables it to carry out illicit sanctions on practically every other country in this world and thus use it to extort hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars from the victimised countries and their commercial firms. So it is important to take down the PatroDollar which when taken away will reduce US to be as poor as a Third World country. In view of this Russia, China, India, Iran Venezuella and South Africa are cooperating to dethrone the PatroDollar. They are now bypassing the  PatroDollar by swapping their currencies to conduct mutual trade among themselves.

For years since the end of the Second World War in 1945, US has been armtwisting small and weak countries to let US operate military bases and military outposts from their lands and ports. These countries must now terminate American military bases in their homelands and get rid of the Americans.

Next the United States should be castrated and subdivided into seven separate independent sovereign states. In this respect the onus must fall on the United Nations.

The United Nations must take up the cudgel of helping the native American Indians, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans to form their own independent sovereign states from out of the present United States. The present United States is an illegitimate country impregnated out of the murder, killings and genocide of the native Americans and the subsequent lynchings and killings of millions of African Americans. The United States subsequently expanded its territories through the bloody and brutal conquest and occupation of over one million six hundred and fifty thousand square miles of  Mexican lands.

The native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans cannot go on living in the shadow of the overpowering white supremacist rogues and scoundrels who have been ruling over them with a cruel hand and treating them brutally with insanity for the last few hundred years. In order for them to live with respect and dignity they need to form their own separate independent sovereign states .

The United Nations has a duty and responsibility to raise the possibility and probability of forming these new states The native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans can no longer live under the yoke of these white beasts who treat them with inhumanity as slaves and animals. The white rulers have put the few surviving native Americans in reservations which are euphemisms for slave concentration camps where they suffer from want and hunger and where their women folks are injected with chemical to ensure their infertility so that they can no longer procreate.

In view of this Russia, India, China and South Africa must raise and table a motion at the United Nations General Assembly regarding the forming and organisation of these three new states plus raising the aspirations of Hawaii, Texas and California to declare their independence from the United States from America. The motion should be debated and supported in the United Nations General Assembly and adopted by the Security Council with no veto allowed .

Should the white supremacists in US refuse to follow the demand of the UN then the next step is for UN to support and fund insurrections and revolutions in the persistent continuous fight and struggle until the objective is achieved.

The present United States under white supremacist totalitarian rule is imperialistic, aggressive and gingoistic and therefore harmful and undesirable.It is a threat to the peace and security of the world and therefore it must be taken down and break up into seven separate independent states.


Monday, 31st December, 2018


Anonymous said...

Hi glory dude, it's an interesting imaginery proposition article for a good read and laugh. U can wait Long Long or tan Ku Ku. It will never happen lar other than in your wild dream!

Anonymous said...

Re: 9:37am

Hi! anonymous simpleton, don't dismiss the idea too early. Remember all great things and events start with a single thought and idea. It will be a catalyst for things to start rolling and unfurl. Of course it takes time and effort. It only waits for a great revolutionary to be fired by the idea and things would start to ravel.

pro SG idea

Anonymous said...

Re: 10:06am

I strongly agree with you. SG's idea will be like a single spark that starts a prairie fire. It is only a question of time that the United States will break up. It is now imploding with several white factions at each other's throats fighting for power, wealth and riches.

Anonymous said...

In 1850s or 1860s Karl Marks started with an idea of uniting the proletariat, the working class of the world to overthrow the strongly entrenched exploitational capitalists. Soon his idea was supported by Engels and other like minded people. The Communist manifesto was declared with great support from disadvantaged groups throughout the world. The first fruit of Karl Mark's idea was the Boshevik Revolution in Russia which overthrew the powerful imperialist Zarist Russian Empire to form the USSR with great and severe ramifications throughout the world. The rest is now history.

So Re:dude 9:37am

Don't be too cocky and naive to dismiss SG's idea. The disadvantaged Americans are now too fired with hatred and anger for the white rulers to be overthrown as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Higher chance for S'pore to be absorbed back into Malay Federation in the next 50 years.

Just like HK absorbed back into China.

1 country 2 systems.

Don't laugh ... looking at the caliber of the PAPies, the 4G will be lousier than the 3G ..... the 5G will be even lousier than the 4G ..... by 6G S'pore will be lower standard than JB or Batam.

b said...

Any race is capable of good and evil. Its never a race issue. Its about power.

b said...

For example, the malays in malaysia always bully the chinese. Why? When people are more powerful, they like to engage in bullying. Its has nothing to do with race. Even powerful chinese bully weak chinese. Its the dark side of every living creatures.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ cherry-picking history, and too much faith in the United Nations.

There was a long time on this planet where various groups of human beings were conquering each other. Resources were scarce, and they didn't have global agreements, let alone sovereign states which everyone agreed to respect. Conquest, occupation and plunder was the order of the day. The Vikings in Europe, The Mongols in Asia, black-on-black tribal violence in Africa, Thais vs Cambodians, Japanese samurai vs Chinese, ...everybody was (kung fu) fighting 💀😹. Women were taken as sex objects, men were enslaved, children too were assigned some "economic value" and put to work or just fucking killed because food was scarce and keeping kids alive was therefore an "unnecessary expense". Every conquerer had slaves, stolen property and all the spoils of victory.

What the Europeans did was take conquest, plunder and occupation to NEW LEVELS when they invented COLONIALISM. That's when the shit got really interesting, and the results were mixed There were benefits to colonial occupation. There were also a lot of horrible things. Are cuntries like India and Singapore better or worse off from colonialism? No one knows --- but many will claim to know, and they are full of shit. 💩 You can debate this until the world runs out of beer, and you'll still have no definitive answer.

Libertarians have always championed the breakup of large cuntries. US libertarian particular would not be happier if the FEDERATION of United States was splintered into independent states. The break up of USSR made a lot of people in those nes independent cuntries really fucking happy. OK, a few cannot make it, well, tough titties for them.

Similarly, Singapore prospered when it was forcibly seceded from the Malayan Federation. Fuck those cunts, we're much better off.

The world can't make up it's fucking mind. For decades people have been complaining about American Imperialism and its military adventurism highlighting the constant global presence of US Forces, on patrol in the sea and skies, and billeted in US Bases all over the fucking planet.

The Trump comes along and wants to pull them out and send these people home....and the world goes FUCKING NUTS. So...

1. American presence in the world ===> BAD
2. Decreased American presence in the world ===> also BAD

Folks, make up your fucking minds already! 🤓

The United Nations: Nothing the UN says or proscribes will ever be agreed upon or followed thru by the USA. They've made it clear --- America decides for itself. The rest of the world can fuck off. 🤣

The role of the Petro Dollar has changed. It is now more beneficial to the Arabs than to the USA. USA is now the largest producer of oil and natural gas, and unless the price crashes or the environmental Nazis win and shut down the rigs, it looks like the world will be running on US oil for sometime.

Trump is not a war hawk. He likes "doing deals". And he talks a lot of smack, and will sack even the most capable staff from his Administration. He is in it to win it, not to "Make America Great Again" but to Make Donald Trump a fixture in history that people will be talking about for a long time after he's gone. Trump is governed by his EGO, he has been since he was a young man. Why in the fuck should anyone expect him to change now?

I suspect that if he's make a second term, he just might try to get the US Dollar OFF the world's reserve currency status, if only so that he can have a good laugh as every cuntry in the world scrambles for "safety".

The way America can be "great" again is to be non interfering. Splitting the federation into smaller states will DECREASE Washington's (and Walls Street) hold over the American people. And that would be GREAT for everyone. (except the Saudis --- fuck them)

Anonymous said...

Unless and until the world can get rid of dependency on the US$, the tyranny of the US dictating will not go away. World bodies were all created for the Whites to perpetuate their rule, not to mitigate their tyranny.

Since the discovery of America by Columbus, the whites have been treating the blacks and coloured very badly and looking down on any other race not of white origin. This has not only happened in mainland USA, but during the opium war against China, and after concessions given to the British, French and others, how were the local population treated by the Whites in those areas? And they can talk about human rights and preach like an angel!

The white supremacist thinking will never go away, because human traits will undoubtedly pass on from one generation to another. It is very difficult to get rid of old habits that are the heritage of the white race. In fact later generations will try to build on it rather than diminish it's prevalence. How can things be better now than the days of old when 99% of the world's wealth ended up in the hands of 1% of the world's population, much of it ostensibly under the whites?

We can hope for a change in world leadership with the end of the US$ hegemony, but can we be sure history would not be repeated?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ when you point your finger at others, three fingers point back to you:

>> The white supremacist thinking will never go away, because human traits will undoubtedly pass on from one generation to another <<

By similar argument, Asians' racial hangups of "playing the victims of The White Ghosts (gweilo) of history" will never go away and will pass from one generation to the other.

Errr... no, wrong in both cases, but only if you see the world thru the eyes of a 20-something millennial, who doesn't care about race or sexual orientation or much else other than beng "hip" on social media.

Many old uncles and aunties comment on blogs like this. However many still have their minds stuck in 1980, or before. The world has changed. Culture has changed. Unfortunately old cunts are still in power in govt: Putin in his 60s, Trump, Duterte in their 70s, Mahathir...you get the picture.

IMO anyone over age 40 should take a back seat and all us older folks should just hand the entire world over --- including all the finances and weapons --- to the millennials, yup the entitled snowflakes and strawberries. Let's give them some responsibility. We've empowered them with the best levels of education, technology and a level of wealth in developed cuntries unheard of or unimaginable by previous generations.

Fucking retire already. Let the kids handle it!

Anonymous said...

I am surprise there are so many simple minded idiots here. U need medical treatments badly. Go see Matilar. 😀

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.23

Are you one of them? You have nothing to contribute but just come out here to deride others. Go look in the mirror!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 431

Eh, be nice to my fans ok? 🤡

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2019.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

>> The white supremacist thinking will never go away, because human traits will undoubtedly pass on from one generation to another <<

By similar argument, Asians' racial hangups of "playing the victims of The White Ghosts (gweilo) of history" will never go away and will pass from one generation to the other.

The above comments is a good example of a simple minded idiot. Asians playing victims of the white ghosts? Not true? Asians already freed themselves from being the victims of the white ghosts, never the victims? Just look at the case of Meng Wanzhou and Huawei would do. Not to mention about the Middle East and other examples like the financial crisis or the South China Sea provocations.

Who is ruling the world with military might and setting the world agenda, writing the narratives and colonising the minds of the simple minded Asian idiots?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ buay tahan RB:

>> Who is ruling the world with military might and setting the world agenda, writing the narratives and colonising the minds of the simple minded Asian idiots? <<

Well if Asian can get over themselves and their propensity to cave in to their negative "inner dialogue", then maybe they can stand up better to their PERCEPTION of being "victims".

New Year's Resolution: Get the fuck over yourselves lah! And have a great year.

@ the "failure" guy:

May we all be less reactionary and LEARN from our failures. Reframe: FAILURE is the best teaching tool our species has. Fail fast, learn more. New Year Resolution #2