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Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally speeches have become one of those things that very few people are bothered to pay attention to or take notice of.

After so many years of speeches and unkept promises, his words now rings hollow, although he may have projected a slimmer of hope to some sector's of society. The glaring fact is that many of the important policies that are detrimental to the well-being of Singaporeans and the future of our children are still intact, unhinged and very much active and strongly suuported and promoted by many of the PAP Ministers and PAP MPs.

Take for example the case of selecting and grooming the next PM. It goes round and round in circles and is back to square one, going nowhere. It has been an exercise in futility. He does not even give any indication that he is seriously
serious about having the best and most well qualified person to hold the next PM post. His selection of key and important people to serve our country is highly inefficient and ineffective.

Looks like he is taking a great gamble with the next PM post. In effect, it looks like he is not fully in control of Singapore. Someone or a small clique of people must be telling and influencing him what to and what not to do. I strongly suspect that somebody is working very hard in the shadow to undermine the PM's decision-making abilities and therefore the well-being of the people.

Look at the people whom he has groomed to replace Heng Swee Keat to take over the PM post. None of the three forerunners have good leadership qualities. None of them can inspire confidence and fellowship. None of them have any vision for Singapore going forward. In fact, sad to say. all of them have some serious defects in one way or another.

The most glaring among all is the handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic. From the very beginning, it started on a wrong footing, a wrong assumption instead of scientific facts, that wearing mask is not necessarily beneficial for those who are not sick, not infected yet. Only wear a mask when you are sick, meaning when you have already been infected. What type of preventive measure is that!?

Next is the politics of Vaccines. Until now he and his funny millionaire Ministers refused to use any vaccines produced by other countries, especially the traditional vaccines of China. There is totally no good reason not to include such good vaccines into the National Vaccination Program. Why only use the two Whitemen produced mRNA vaccines instead of traditional vaccines? Why the discrepancy without good justifications? The crap about China not providing sufficient data is merely a very lame excuse. Why the Experts Committee never bother to do something on their own to test the Sinovac vaccines that have been lying there in cold storage for months? Why so lazy, lack of initiative and circular?

Singaporeans deserve better than all the divide-and-rule divisive discrepancies and discrimination that are now being rolled out relentlessly day in and day out to bring down the Unvaccinated Old Folks! The rapid number of deaths of the old folks, the loyal voters of the PAP, is very unsettling, unhealthy, unhelpful and unconscionable. How can a good, compassionate, kind-hearted, morally and ethically unblemished Prime Minister allow this to happen?

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Problems that the PAP refused to acknowledge and address

 Finally a few serious and painful problems were acknowledged by Hsien Loong in his ND Rally, problems that had been raised in the social media for decades but simply ignored by the PAP as non issues. Basic wages of the low income, racism, foreigners stealing Singaporean jobs and discriminating against Singaporeans in our very own country, in GLCs could see some changes. These problems have been thrashed and thrashed over and over again in the social media, while silence in the main media, were either ignored or simply pooh poohed away despite being very serious and have very painful impact and consequences on Singaporeans, young and old.

The PAP's attitude towards these problems is very simple. Steam rolled over them as non issues or refused to tackle them head on by distracting or avoiding to discuss them when confronted. They cannot claimed ignorance of these problems as the social media were pounding on them day and night, and everyone knows that the PAP are monitoring very closely what were being posted by an army of internet brigades in the Infocom Ministry.

At times the cries of the people in the social media could be very depressing and defeating when nothing was being done, or when all the banging was met with total silence from the govt. It is pointless knocking their heads against a stone wall. If the govt refuses to acknowledge the problems, nothing could be done and the cries would all be in vain. Just resigned to the cruel fate of being ignored, discriminated, victimised, unemployed etc etc and accept the reality as the down trodden. You die your business. Who asked you to vote for the wrong party to be the govt, to not look after your interest and well being?

The ND rally did give a glimmer of hope that not all is gone, that continuous banging and screaming would eventually force the govt to face up to the problems. Real and genuine problems affecting the lives of Singaporeans cannot be pooh poohed away or ignored by the govt forever.

But there are still many serious problems that are still being ignored and only more banging and crying could get the govt to come to terms with them. The CPF regulations and the savings of the people must be reviewed and the money return to the people when due, the compulsory insurance schemes, the never ending savings demanded on the people, the discrimination against the use of traditional vaccines in favour of mRNA vaccines, indiscriminate and not stop bringing in of foreigners to replace Singaporeans, the steep prices of public housing, the rising inflation due to regular increases in fees and taxes, etc etc. The people must make enough noise to be noticed, must not give up or nothing would be done about them. No noise means no problem, means the people have accepted their fate and the problems.

The govt may not like it, uncomfortable with it, but the social media is a peaceful means for the people to get the govt to recognise their plight and problems, and to address them. Without the social media, the govt can claim that the people are happy and contented, see, no one is complaining. The govt can ignore and even bash up the opposition MPs in Parliament when problems are raised.. But they cannot bash up the people in the social media unless they want to pofma everyone that raised a problem.

It took so long, and after repeatedly making so much noise before the govt finally want to know them and wanting to do something about them. Thanks to the relentless effort of many Singaporeans in the social media that refused to let these matters rest, their perseverence has made a dent in the huge wall of silence raised to deny that these problems exist.

PS.  Latest, they are going to give free vaccinations to foreign sailors using our money, but still refused to give free traditional method vaccines to Singaporeans that did not want to be jabbed with mRNA vaccines.

Brief History: Australia's Involvement During The Invasion And Occupation Of Afghanistan - Part 1/3


The Australian involvement in the invasion and subsequent occupation of Afghanistan have been known as Operation Slipper (2001–2014) and Operation Highroad (2015-2021).

Operation Slipper and Operation Highroad, date: 2001 – 2021

Casualties: 41 killed, 261 wounded, 500 committed suicide back home.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) operations and the size of the forces deployed have varied and ADF involvement has included two major areas of activity:

1. Afghanistan
2. Persian Gulf.

These activities have seen the deployment of naval, air and land forces that have taken part in combat and combat support operations as part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

In mid-2014, the naval and logistic support operations in the Persian Gulf were re-designated as Operation Manitou and Operation Accordion respectively.

Operation Slipper began in late 2001 and ended on 31 December 2014.

During the first phase of Operation Slipper, the ADF commitment to Afghanistan consisted of a Special Forces Task Group and two Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing 707 air-to-air refuelling aircraft from No. 33 Squadron. These aircraft and associated support personnel operated from Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan and provided support to coalition aircraft operating in Afghan airspace.

Two RAAF AP-3C Orion aircraft flew maritime patrol missions in support of maritime interdiction operations in the Persian Gulf. These aircraft were temporarily retasked to Operations Falconer and Catalyst in 2003.

RAAF C-130 Hercules transport aircraft were also involved in providing logistic support for deployed forces.

The Special Forces were involved with the establishment of the US-led coalition's first Forward Operating Base (Camp Rhino) southwest of Kandahar in November 2001, followed by the capture of Kandahar International Airport in December 2001.

The initial ADF commitment in Afghanistan concluded in December 2002, when the Special Air Service Task Group was withdrawn. Following this date until 2005 Australia's total contribution in Afghanistan were two officers attached to the NATO and the Coalition Landmine Clearing Force.

All three squadrons of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) were deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 and 2002. The dates of these deployments were:

1 Squadron Group, SASR: (October 2001 – April 2002)

3 Squadron Group, SASR: (April 2002 – August 2002)

2 Squadron Group, SASR: (August 2002 – November 2002)

In Phase 2, an Australian Special Forces Task Group was re-deployed to Afghanistan in August 2005. This Task Group consisted of elements from the SASR, 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (Commando), the Incident Response Regiment and logistic support personnel. As well as heavily modified Land Rovers, the Special Forces Task Group was also equipped with some Bushmaster infantry mobility vehicles.

A detachment of two CH-47 Chinook helicopters from the 5th Aviation Regiment was deployed to Afghanistan in March 2006 to support the Special Forces Task Group.

The Australian Special Forces Task Group was withdrawn from Afghanistan in September 2006 and the helicopter detachment returned to Australia in April 2007. Public opinions against the ASF massacre of innocent Afghan civilians were mounting.



Bubble wrap Singaporean workers or bubble wrap politicians and political appointees?

 At a public forum organized by the National University of Singapore (NUS) yesterday (13 Aug), Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat told everyone that it’s not possible to “bubble wrap” Singaporeans from foreign competition....

 And if workers can work from anywhere, employers can easily seek out the best skilled workers from all parts of the world.”

“Even more physical jobs – such as port crane operators – can now be done remotely, in the comfort of a control room. And the control room can possibly be located thousands of miles away. This means foreigners do not have to be in Singapore to compete with us,” he added.

In other words, Heng is saying, for example, the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) could easily hire crane operators in third world countries and have them operate those port cranes on Jurong Island to move containers off the ships. The good thing, of course, would be that PSA only needs to pay those operators in third world wages, if Heng’s vision was to be realized.

 The above is quoted from TOC. I just have one comment. Singapore is building one of the largest port in the world in Tuas and would need a lot of cranes to operate. The cranes can be fully automated like in Shanghai or still need remote operators. In the latter case, yes, the operators can be off site, located in Singapore's favourite corner, Mumbai or some Indian cities.

This need for crane operators is based on the assumption that the Tuas port would continue to be visited by ships ply through the Straits of Malacca. What if the ships stop calling at Tuas? What if Tuas becomes a white elephant?

The ship owners decide where they want their ships to go. This is the big picture.  The employment of crane operators is micro management. India can have all the cheap crane operators and IT workers, but the ships would not go to India. Similarly, the ships may not want to come to Singapore and go elsewhere. If we can attract the ships here, we decide how to operate the cranes and who should be the crane operators.

Another point to consider from the big picture. If we are to go the road of getting the cheapest and the best from the rest of the world, then everything can be operated from off site. There is no more need for expensive Singaporean labour and workers except politicians.

What is the main controlling factor? The ships come a calling or the crane operators? What is Singapore's strength? The total package including efficiency and system or foreign talents? If it is just foreign talents, all the businesses would have gone to the countries with all the talents like India, not to no talent Singapore. Tiok boh?

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Real Culprits Of Your Anxieties And Worries

 COVID-19 Vaccines: The Real Culprits Of Your Anxieties And Worries

1.The real culprits who have caused anxiety to those who volunteered to be guinea-pigs of the highly controversial and suspicious experimental mRNA, newly invented technology, vaccines are the big momey-making big pharmaceutical companies. Not uncle RB.

2. The real culprits who caused the worries to those who have been convinced, coerced or forced to be vaccinated with the highly controversial and suspicious mRNA, newly invented technology, vaccines are the desperate and vulnerable governments of various countries. Not uncle RB.

3. The real culprits who have lured the unaware and entraped the general public to become experimental subjects of the highly controversial and suspicious experimental mRNA, newly invented technology, vaccines are those so-called "experts" who deliberately misinformed, disinformed and/or confused the gullible government leaders and the people. Not uncle RB.

4. The real culprits who have caused millions of people to be vaccinated with the highly controversial and suspicious mRNA, newly invented technology, vaccines are the main news outlets that published only the good stuff but failed to keep the public informed of the negative effects of the mRNA vaccines, both short and long term. Not uncle RB.

5. The real problem of those who volunteered themselves to be vaccinated with the Experimental mRNA vaccines are their carelessness and stupidity. They have been duly warned and signed the undertaking before they were given the jabs. They knew what they were in for, yet they willingly went ahead, totally disregarded their own personal safety and those of their families. Not uncle RB or people like us!

We are here to provide alternative views, opinions, data and facts that we have dug up, so as to balance the one-sided Propaganda Campaign that has been relentlessly projected to the public by the Big Pharmaceutical Companies, Governments, Self-proclaimed Experts and the main news media day in and day out.

Queen Of Hearts.


Why third world cheats and fakes look down on Singaporeans?


 Why are the third world cheats and fakes looking down on Singaporeans, calling Singaporeans no talent, no skills, no experience compare to the fakes and cheats from third world villages? Don't these foreign cheats and fakes know that most Singaporeans were educated from one of the best universities in the world, many from Ivy League western universities?

How did we arrive at this pathetic state of affairs when Singapore was the most advanced and well organised city state not only in Southeast Asia but comparable to the best cities in the world? We can still see traces of these greatness in the streets of Singapore though now not so clean and well kept as before. Once you step into the backyards of Singapore city, the transformation becomes quite apparent, all the signs of third world are reappearing, dirty and unkept and uncleaned streets and walkways with rubbish and litters everywhere.

Is Singapore really that bad, Singaporeans that untalented that even queer and funny third world fakes even look at them in disdain? Who is responsible for this state of affair? It is unbelieveable that shits from third world are walking around in this first world city and thinking that they smelt better than the Singaporeans. 

I cannot imagine the kind of insults the PMETs have to go through fetching the third world fakes and cheats in their private cars and have to act docile, hide their pride, to please their customers paying for the ride. Can you imagine them bending their heads to pick up the luggages and bags for the fakes and cheats?

Why are Singaporeans suffering such a fate in the very city they built and once so proud of as part of their achievement and now have to vacate the same city so that the fakes and cheats could call it home? This is home, surely, of the Singaporeans, or once was home of the Singaporeans. Now the Singaporeans no longer sing Stand up for Singapore as they move around with heads bend, with no pride in their faces.

Who did this to the Singaporeans? Do the Singaporeans know who is their real enemies, the people that have done them in?

In a short span of a couple of decades, from being the best and disciplined workforce in the world, Singaporeans can't even stand near a third world fakes and cheats, as the latter are glorified by the very people that brought them in to replace the Singaporeans, to steal the lunches of Singaporeans without any inkling of guilt or remorse that they have done wrong to the Singaporeans.

Now every fakes and cheats think so highly of themselves that they have no qualms about shitting on the heads of Singaporeans and bragging how good they are compare to the talentless, no skill, no relevant qualifications Singaporeans.

Again, who is responsible for this shit? Who is responsible for putting down the Singaporeans to the point that Singaporeans too lost confidence in themselves with a silent admission that they are really the daft, and the cheats and fakes are the real talents. And they have resigned to not only giving up their jobs to the fakes and cheats, but also their country, the country they built, from third world to first world, to surrender them to the third world fakes and cheats that are now called talents.

Do the Singaporeans deserve such a fate? Who betrayed the Singaporeans? The saddest part of it all, the 'daft' Singaporeans have resigned to their fate, to be Grab drivers, food deliverers, security guards, and no longer know how to fight back, given up. Singaporeans have been so demoralised by a scheme that treated them as dispensable, no need to be bothered, they die their problem, and foreigners are welcomed to replace the Singaporeans, to share the wealth created by Singaporeans, to be the new owners of this island.  This is home, surely, and the foreigners and making this a new reality.

Who is responsible for third world fakes and cheats to look down on Singaporeans?

Was The Use Of Nuclear Bombs In A Sneaky Surprise Attack by the US On Japan Justified?


In 1945, the US prepared for an invasion of Japan. It was preceded by a substantially long period of continuous conventional and fire-bombing campaign that destroyed, devastated or obliterated at least 67 Japanese cities. The war in Europe concluded when Germany surrendered on 8 May 1945, and the full attention of the US and its Axis of Evils was focused onto the Pacific War. 

By July 1945, the US' Manhattan Project had produced two types of atomic bombs: 1 Fat Man - a plutonium implosion-type nuclear weapon. 2. Little Boy - an enriched uranium gun-type fission weapon. The 509th Composite Group of the US Air Force was trained and equipped with the specialized Silverplate version of the Boeing B-29 Super-fortress, and deployed to Tinian in the Mariana Islands. 

The US gave Japan an ultimatum. It demanded for the unconditional surrender of the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces on 26 Jul 1945. The alternative being "prompt and utter destruction". Japan ignored the ultimatum. The consent of the United Kingdom was obtained for the bombing, as was required by the Quebec Agreement, and orders were issued on 25 July for atomic bombs to be used against Hiroshima, Kokura, Niigata, and Nagasaki. These targets were chosen because they were large urban areas that also held militarily significant facilities. 

On 6 August, the 'Little Boy' was dropped on Hiroshima. The Japanese Prime Minister Suzuki reiterated the Japanese government's commitment to ignore the US' demands and to fight on. Three days later, the 'Fat Man' was dropped on Nagasaki. Over the next two to four months, the effects of the two atomic bombings killed about 146,000 people in Hiroshima and about 80,000 people in Nagasaki. At least half of those numbers were killed immediately on Day One. 

For many months afterward, large numbers of people continued to die from the effects of burns, injuries and radiation sickness, compounded by illness and malnutrition. Although Hiroshima had a big military garrison, most of the dead were civilians. In total, about 2 million people had perished. Even until today, 76 years later, the residual effects of the two bombs continue in future generations of the Japanese people. 

 Japan surrendered to the US on 15 August, six days after the Soviet Union's declaration of war on Japan, and after the bombing of Nagasaki. The Japanese government surrendered unconditionally to the US on 2 September 1945, ending World war 2 . 

Scholars have extensively studied the effects of the bombings and until today there is still much debate concerning the ethical and legal justifications for the bombings. Supporters believe that the atomic bombings were necessary to bring a swift end to the war with minimal casualties, while critics argue that the Japanese government could have been brought to surrender through other means, while highlighting the moral and ethical implications of nuclear weapons and the deaths caused to civilians, especially innocent children and old folks. 

Was the US justified to employ Nuclear Weapons in a surprise attack on Japan, or any country for that matter? What do you think? 

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Enemies of Afghanistan

 Yahoo Chart of countries evacuating people from Afghanistan. What does the chart say? What do these countries have in common? Not just people to evacuate from Afghanistan. They have all done wrong and harm to Afghanistan.  They are the enemies of Afghanistan and must run for their lives. If they don't, the Afghans are going to exact revenge from them for killing their people and destroying their homes, way of lives and their country.

The devils and evil people know they are guilty of crimes against the Afghan people. Their act of fleeing Afghanistan is admission of guilt, of a disgraceful act against humanity, a war crime. The Afghans and people of the world must take cognizance of these occupation forces, ie terrorists, that invaded Afghanistan to kill Afghans and destroy their country on the pretext of hunting down Al Qaeda when they are the real terrorists that refused to leave for 20 years. How many Aghans have been killed and wounded by them, innocent people, young and old, women children etc etc.

Above are the patriotic fighters that defeated the evil Americans and their evil allies. It is not the superiority of the guns but the will of a people fighting for independence from foreign invaders. They want their country back. And they won against all odds, against smart bombs, drones, super bombers, air power etc etc. 

The human will is invincible.

The white occupation of Afghanistan is intolerable and must come to a quick end. No more delays.  The Taliban would not extend the date to evacuate the foreign collaborators. They would not extend the red line.  All foreign troops must be out of Afghan soil by 31 Aug or there will be consequences.

The more Afghans the white terrorists have to evacuate means they played a bigger role in the killings and destruction of Afghanistan.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Hurt Community, Not Herd Immunity

 Fears are growing about rising Covid-19 infections among children as the United States is turning into a dangerous bell-wether for other countries, some of which are preparing for a return to school without mask mandates in classrooms and access to vaccines for younger age groups are still not forthcoming.

The whole world is in great danger of destroying a whole future generation with probable long-term negative implications and consequences.

In this Pandemic, no country is safe until all countries are safe.

Gangho and gangster-like leaders who are adamant in opening up their countries for some economic head starts and gains, thereby exposing their citizens to more imported infections, will be the primary cause and worry for the rest of the world that follow the zero-tolerance approach. Such careless and myopic leaders may believe they can live with the coronavirus but in reality they are courting deaths and further destruction to their countries' economy, as well as the safety of 9 billion people in the world.

Such irresponsible leaders, thinking that they are responsible for the well-being of their citizens, are actually doing things against the well-being of their citizens and the rest of the world.

Living with the coronavirus is easy to say but difficult to implement. It can only be implemented if the whole world, not just a single or few countries, can achieve Herd Immunity.

Herd Immunity can only be achieved if the vaccine is effective and long-lasting for at least a year or more.

If the effectiveness of the present Covid vaccines available last only two months, or thereabouts, it is foolishness to talk about Herd Immunity, let alone achieving it. You are going to deceive yourself, no one else. You will only achieve a Hurt Community!

The benefits of the vaccines do not outweigh the risks simply because the benefits are subjective and the long-term risks are still very much unknown, even to the vaccines producers themselves!

Moreover, Herd Immunity MAY ONLY be achieved if at least 80% of the population, across the board, are fully vaccinated with really effective vaccines, not experimental vaccines that still have numerous loopholes to plug. Requiring a third and/or more booster shots is a clear indication that loopholes are still being exposed and forthcoming. Using such unreliable vaccines, with proven ineffectiveness of fully vaccinated still get infected enmass, will only result in a Hurt Community instead of Herd Immunity.

So, a few words to the gangho or ganster-like leaders:

For goodness sake, do not play with the lives of your people, irrespective of whether they are old and having some pre-existing medical conditions, or they are very young and do not have the vaccines available to them. You will have a lot of blood on your hands if you try to play God. You are ignorant and fallible. You are not God!

Be responsible!

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The Americans are forcing the world to look to China as the new world leader and friend in need

 Thanks and no thanks to the international gangster and terrorists USA, the world is being forced and driven towards China, to seek China for support, protection, help and assistance.

1. Because of their bullying and threats against Russia, Russia is now the strategic partner of China in economics, defence and everything.

2. Because of the abusive sanctions, the world is looking to China to break away from this oppression.

3. Because of the weaponising of the dollar, the world is looking towards using the Chinese Yuan and abandon the use of the greenbacks.

4. Because of the weaponsing of the American control Swift banking system, the world is looking towards a new banking system to be free from American oppression.

5. Because of the unfair and oppressive terms of aids by American controlled organisations, the world is looking to Chinese organisations for aids and financial assistance.

6. Because the Americans is only offering to sell arms and weapons, the world is looking towards China for essential goods and infrastructure developments.

7. Because the fake democratic system pushed by the Americans is failing, the world is looking towards China as an alternative economic model and political system.

8. Because the western empires are falling and fading, the world is looking towards learning Chinese.

9. Because of American and western sanctions in the purchase of defensive weapons and systems, the world is buying from China.

10. Because of the constant threats from the Americans, the world is looking to China for protection or at least as a leverage against the oppressive and bullying Americans.

11. Because of the politicising and weaponsing of Covid19 virus, the world is looking to China for Chinese vaccines.

12. Because of the warmongering Americans, the world is looking towards China for peace and development.

13. Because of oppression and bullying by the Americans, the world is looking towards China to protect and defend them against the Americans.

14. Because of their invasion and wars against Arabs and Muslim countries, the Muslim and Arab world are turning towards China to fight against the Americans.

15. Because of their bullying and oppression against Latin American countries, these countries are turning to China for aid and to break free from the American gangsterism.

Thank you Americans, for making China great again. Thank you Americans, for making China as the friend in need.

How The US Plays Out Australia


This is another example of how the US is habitually playing out its allies:

US frozen beef exports to China has surged in recent months, to serve aa an alternative channel of supply, while Beijing blocks imports of beef from Australia.

US exported US$107 million worth of frozen beef to China in July, compared to just US$35 million from Australia, China's traditional exporter.

China informally banned a series of goods from Australia, including coal, timber and wine last year amid 18 months of souring relations between Canberra and Beijing.

How can ASEAN countries trust the words of Kamala Harris?

Singapore and Vietnam leaders will be fools if they failed to see through the thin veils of unrespectful US diplomatic aggression, intruding into and invading the peace and tranquility of the region by inflammatory rhetoric to stir up troubles instead of ensuring long-lasting peaceful co-existence.

In the past 200 years or more, everywhere that the US poked a finger into, there was war, conflict and/or disaster. For example, Afghanistan, Horn of Africa, Indian Ocean, Iraq, Libya, Nepal, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and, if course, the famous US-Vietnam War, just to mention a few.

Even Australia, the staunchest supporter and ally of the US, has been played out wholesale. How can anyone trust the US any more than trusting the little boy who cried "Wolves!"?



Covid19 - Warning sign - Pfizer CEO NOT vaccinated!

 Why is he not vaccinated? Afraid of his own vaccine? Did not trust his own vaccine? And why are you vaccinated? You are not afraid of his vaccine?

Would you get vaccinated if this Pfizer CEO ask you to be vaccinated?

This man caused many people to suffer anxiety by selling his controversial vaccines that he himself would not want to be jabbed into his own body.

Be warned.