German cartoon belittles India


 Why would Germany or the West feel so free and easy to slam or insult India's backwardness when they are using India to attack their enemies like Russia and China?  Don't they treat India as their friend? Are they genuine in respecting India as a country? Or this kind of humiliating and derogatory cartoon is just a Freudian slip, exposing their real disdain for everything Indian? Did the Indians understand that they are just being used by the West, as a convenient tool for the moment and to be discarded when India is no longer useful to them? 5 min clip.

What do you think?

Ukraine War - Self deception by western media

Day in and day out the MSM is propagating the narrative that Ukraine is ready for the spring counter offensive. Just like Gordon Chang's China collapse, it is updated day by day. You can be sure that tommorrow, China will collapse as some sites on social media are hallucinating. Tommorrow Ukraine will start its counter offensive is another hullucination to digest. Putin is twiddling his thumb and waiting.

Ukraine is touted to be ready for a counter offensive very soon. Have the USA delivered the Abrams tanks yet that will be another game changer? Wait another year or two, the USA assured Zelenskyy. As long as Zelenskyy believes in the 'feel good' narrative, the war can therefore continue to the last Ukrainian. Wonder how long Ukraine is going to survive? But not to worry, every Unkrainian's life lost is just collateral damage for the USA.

Just this morning I heard the fantastic news about Ukraine shooting down 21 out of 24 Russian missiles. Ordinarily, it is estimated that to shoot down one missile takes about 2 to 3 patriots from the ground. In other words, only a 25% to 50% chance of success. How many patriot batteries do the Ukrainians have? Maybe 2 to 3 shots to take down one incoming missile is rather optimistic, knowing that it needs more than one to take down a stationary weather balloon.

For a credible counter offensive, how much weapons does Ukraine need? All Ukraininan weapons are delivered after much begging and bargaining. According to sources, those game changing Leopard tanks sent by different Nato countries just became duds, even if ammunitions are available but unsuitable. The more severe problem is that different Leopard tanks from different countries, after modifications over the years to suit each country's usage, fired different calibre shells and are not uniform. In the end, they just fired 'farts'.

There is also talk for months that Zelenskyy wants fighter jets, which again will not be able to operate in the kind of terrain in Ukraine, after all the bombardment by Russia. US F16's need very well maintained runways and are unsuitable to be used on less even surfaces, as it is understood that the engine is sited too close to the ground and sucks in debris on uneven runways thus posing a danger to itself. Therefore, even with those jets, Ukraine will need runways suitable for them, which is not available and those jets will become duds as well. Or sitting ducks for Russian missiles.

With no suitable airstrips for jets to take off, other than using other Nato country's facilities, which will elicit a Russian response, Russia will continue to control the airspace over Ukraine. Counteroffensive ultimately needs airpower for cover, but without them, how is Ukraine going to do it?



Salient Truth and Facts: The Impending Collapse of the US Economy.

 The Impending Collapse of the US Economy

The collapse of the US economy will have disastrous impact on US and the world. This coming economic collapse is the consequence of the myriads of debacles and problems created by US itself in which it is unable to find a solution. However, US always puts the blame on other countries for its selfmade problems. So it is now racheting up hostilities throughout the world. It hopes to solve its selfmade problems through wars so that it can abscond with the trillions of dollars in debts that it owed to many countries notably China, Japan and Middle East Arab countries.

Let it be known that in the past few hundred years Western countries especially the Five Eyes of the Anglo-Saxon UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have grown rich and prosperous only through invasions, killing, cheating, stealing, robbing, looting and enslaving of other non-white people's lands and countries.

The US had abused and weaponised the Petro Dollar and had confiscated hundreds of billions of dollars of other countries like Russia, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and many more others. It has victimised these countries with illegal sanctions and stopping  their use of SWIFT, an America controlled international currency exchange agency. This has caused immense pain and suffering to the citizens of these victimised countries.

Now many countries headed by Russia,  China, India and Iran have conducted their trade and commerce in their own currencies. Many more countries in ASEAN, Africa, Middle East and South America have decided to conduct trade using their own currencies.

With the trend of ditching the Dollar gaining momentom it will have a detrimental effect on the US economy. It will greatly affect and impoverish the American citizens notably the middle class and the poor. Neverthess the Americans have it so good as free riders on this Petro gravy train and benefitted from the fiat dollar for over seventy years at the expense of all other countries. It looks like it is now going to be pay back time for the Americans.

With the ditching of the Gold standard as a medium of exchange in 1944 and the subsequent use of the fiat dollar the United States has had a strangle hold on other countries economically, politically and militarily. The US uses its controlled IMF and World Bank, two international currency and financial institutions to leverage on its control of other countries. The United States and its main Western European allies will fund countries or regimes that align with US policies. It will impoverish and bankrupt countries that do not follow American dictates and thus make these victimised countries forever indebted to the US and its allies. The end result is US exerting almost total control over these countries which are coerced to let US built  military bases in their countries.

The United States got rid of the Gold standard so as to achieve its evil agenda of world hegemony and unilateralism under US dictatorship. Below are some quotations from Phil Butler's article in New Eastern Outlook which is self explanatory.

 "The primary purpose of remaining off the gold standard is that the government can print money endlessly, with two primary goals. First, a massive defense budget and needless proxy wars would not be possible if the United States were on the gold standard. Secondly, the people who control the central banks cannot extract interest on national debts that are currently out of control. So, the fiat currency supposedly backed by the “full faith and credit” of the government, the dollar, is worth what lying politicians and finance ministers say it is.

One look at the worldwide bond market reveals a disturbing imbalance. The U.S., which now has over $51 trillion in outstanding debt, has borrowed more to finance wars and programs than China, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, the U.K., and Canada combined. The American taxpayer is responsible for almost 40% of all the foreign debt in the world. And the outlook for the short and long-term future could not be better.

President Joe Biden wants to borrow even more when his administration conducts a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. With billions flowing into Europe’s most corrupt country, Americans are on the precipice of an economic catastrophe not seen since the Great Depression."

"According to the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington and the Congressional Budget Office, the government will no longer be able to pay everyone — including bondholders, Social Security recipients, and federal employees — sometime this summer or early this fall. A New York Times report from late March outlines the situation. But the problem is far worse than many experts suggest. No matter which way lawmakers move, the U.S. has almost insurmountable fiscal issues. The ramifications will be dire whether or not they raise the debt limit. And if the BRICS countries go off the dollar as a trade currency… Well.

Many experts predict that American greenbacks won’t be worth the printed paper if the world stops using the U.S. dollar as its world currency reserve. Moreover, if the dollar loses its value significantly, every American who owes a credit card loan or a home mortgage will find it ten times harder to pay off those debts.

To make matters worse, millions of jobs will be sacrificed for the Federal Reserve to get any financial stability. Analysis from RSM International shows that the central banks must “induce” a recession to get America’s economic situation in check. And the dollar being made useless by the larger world community was not a factor in their analysis.

The bottom line is if we were still on the gold standard, this would be fine. The gold standard reduced the risks of such economic crises and recessions. Income levels were higher when we were on the bullion-backed system. More importantly, the gold standard created hard limits on printing money and limiting military spending. 

As confidence in the dollar wanes and U.S. policy overseas gets more aggressive toward BRICS nations and others, the tipping point of the American hegemony draws closer."

The crux of the problem is that US is 'riding on the ever fearful tiger and is unable to dismount without injuring itself. The Anglo-Saxon United States is by far the most wicked country in the world. It has endless diabolical plans and actions to destabilise other countries. It instigates and foment wars and turmoils among other countries instead of bringing peace to all countries as what China has been doing. It creates endless political and economic problems for other countries and impoverish these countries to make them suffer and indebted to US. It enjoys and cheerish at the suffering of other countries. 

The United States is riding on the proverbial tiger of the US Pentagon Military Industrial Complex, a monster that commands 70 percent of the US economy and contributes as much to its GDP. It is at the heart of the US economy and therefore US evily creates perennial wars to keep the Pentagon Industrial Complex on going and its economy running. Thus US provoked the Ukraine War and is not interested in any suggestion to stop the war. It is angry at the peace accord between Saudi Arabia and Iran as brokered by China. It never stops interfering in China's internal affairs and has been provoking China over the Chinese sovereign territory of Taiwan hoping to lure China into an open warfare with Chinese traitors in the island. Besides Taiwan US has been maniacally creating uncalled for issues and problems in the South China Sea intending to create turmoils and wars between China and some ASEAN countries. It is also trying to provoke a war between Japan and China, between India and China and between North Korea and South Korea. US is fearful that if perennial wars come to an end its Pentagon Military Complex will grind to a full stop and thus causing the total collapse of the American economy and the ultimate demise of the Evil American Empire.

The United States is so wicked and evil that it had destroyed many small and weak countries. It is now trying to incite and plan a regime change in Russia and China. However in taking on Russia or China the Evil Empire will definitely meet its nemisis. The signs are in the air that US will soon face dire retribution or Karma  or Pow-ing in Chinese as US economy shows signs of collapsing and as more and more countries ditch the Petro dollar and deserts the untrustworthy United States. 


Saturday, 29th April. 2023


Reparation for black slaves and whites that died to free them

Bernie Moreno, a Republican candidate in next year’s election in Ohio for its two seats in the US Senate, has proposed that the descendants of white people who died during the US Civil War while fighting with the North for the emancipation of black people, should receive financial compensation.

“White people died to free black people,” said Moreno. “It’s never happened in human history before, but it happened here in America. That’s not taught a lot in schools much, is it?” He continued: “You know, they talk about reparations. Where are the reparations for the people in the North who died to save the lives of black people?”

His comments come amid a proposal in California last year to pay black people in the state who are descendants of slaves as much as $360,000.  RT

It is time for reparation. It is time for conscience pricking. It is time to act than to keep talking endlessly but with no results. The black slaves and their descendants have suffered long enough, and centuries have passed by without any real concrete actions to admit the crimes against humanity, human rights and human decency. Millions of Blacks have suffered such inhuman treatment under the white men, treated like animals for the slaughters, beasts of burdens, beasts for the enjoyment of the white men, at times as prey for the killings. All these is recorded in the history books of the white men, though many have been sanitised to make it less evil, just like collateral damages for the killings of Muslims men and women and children in Iraq and many countries in the Middle East.

Sure, recognition must be given for the dead white men that fought and died to free the Black slaves. There are conscionable white men that knew what is right and wrong, good and bad, and common decency as human beans. Let them be recognised as the heroes for a good cause.

Let's compensate them with reparation. Let's also compensate the descendants of Black slaves for their inhuman sufferings. The wrongs of the past must be put right and not ignored.

Chips War - China hitting back

China is starting to pay the USA back in its own coin while the US$ hegemony is not gone yet. China is going after Micron for a start. I think China has carefully calibrated its move to strike back where it will hurt most. China's cyberspace regulator said it would conduct a cybersecurity review of products sold by Micron Technology to 'prevent hidden risk and safeguard national security'. Good move by China.
The USA is hysterica over such a move, claiming 'China lacks transparency in many conventions of law and policy and this is one'. The USA knows this is going to prove costly for both sides playing the same game of using 'national security issues' to support their moves. Now, what about the USA's unproven national security case against Huawei? What transparency and evidence has the USA provided other than just hype up hysteria to destroy competition. Rest assured, Micron will not be the last, as China is slowly moving away from relying wholly on USA chip makers and shedding reliance on them. Micron has a 10% market in its overall sales worldwide in China.

After China's move to discontinue the use of all window based computers in Government circles last year, and the country moving into 5G usage, the USA knows its spying game using windows platform and still relying on 4G is no longer workable, and China knows for a fact that the USA had, for decades, been playing the same game. China has therefore disabled the usual channels available for cyber espionage by they USA and by migrating into 5G, the USA has now no control in planting backdoors. However, China probably already have evidence that products made by USA companies and sold in China are taking over the task of espionage. This is a wise tactical move, and China must have found evidence of such new threats looming over its national security. After all, the claims of 'national security threat' is not that easy to prove, and it works both ways.

Since the USA is now accusing anything made in China as a spying platform - mobile phones, quayside giant cranes, substation transformers, solar panels, washing machines, bread toasters, toilet seat covers, weather balloons etc, it is high time China pays back the USA in its own coin.

Anything, rules and conventions made by man can be made by any man.



American hegemony in black and white

The US is fine with China’s economic success, as long as it’s on Washington’s terms
By Timur Fomenko, a political analyst

The US is so wrapped up on its protectionist, America First doctrine that it cannot be seen to be making concessions. And, looking at Yellen’s choice of words, we see the “catch” – China is only permitted to grow on the condition that it accepts “US economic leadership” – in other terms, the US’ political, economic, and military dominance....

...Today, the US wants to benefit from the Chinese market, but only if the terms are favourable for American companies and capital, and is therefore attempting to force capitulation. This is why so much of US policy concerning China is devoted to try and destroy or contain the bulk of China’s own high-end industries and companies.

For example, the US does not want China to develop its own commercial passenger jets, such as the C919; it wants Beijing to rely eternally on Boeing. It does not want China to develop its own microchip-making capabilities, as this will undermine the US control over the industry. You get the picture. The US had little issue with China dominating low-end cheap manufacturing that makes trivial and unimportant goods such as throwaway plastic hotel combs or nail clippers. That’s the kind of economic engagement Washington wants, where the balance of profits is in its favour, but the burden of consumer and labour exploitation is on the Chinese.

Finally, it might be worth noting that the US does not tolerate any economic competitor, even among allied states. Hence it has shown little remorse for the destruction and deindustrialization of the German economy, or when it crippled Japan with the 1985 Plaza Accord. The only acceptable China to the US is a weak China, that serves no purpose other than to be a cash cow from which all profits, incentive and talent are vacuumed home. China sees this as completely unacceptable, akin to a new ‘Century of Humiliation’ and this is why no ‘economic truce’ is possible if it is predicated on China’s surrender to American terms.  RT

Above are parts of an article by Fomenko in RT. The evil American Empire with a face like Yellen, is telling China and the rest of the world that it intends to be the ruler of the whole world economically and militarily and would put down any country that dares to challenge this American dominance. They had taken down Japan and Germany and now going to take down China and Russia. India and the rest of the emerging economies would face the same threat and viciousness of the evil Empire when their turns come.

The evil Americans are not about competition. The lies about freedom to choose, democracy and freedom to compete are only on American terms, that is, the Americans sit on top of the pile and everyone below can do as they like without upsetting the American's dominance. And they would coerce the rest of the world through lies, cheating, force and the might of the American war machine. They are now taking down their mask of civility, not pretending to be the good guys anymore. They are the international gangsters and the rest of the world must live under their mafia rules aka rules based order that only the silly would believe and sing in praise. And they want economic leadership by printing money and not producing goods of value for the world. They want tech leadership by suppressing Chinese techs but unable to compete in technology, no 5G, no hypersonic missiles, unable to even produce a better app than TikTok. And now their lies about having been to the moon are being exposed.

It is good that the rest of the world are marching behind China and Russia to stand up to the world's number one terrorist and gangster, the evil American Empire. The pressure and threats against their European allies are so overbearing that Europe is also rebelling and wanting out, to be free from the demonic evil American Empire.

Down with the Evil American Empire.

Satan USA is up to no good as usual

Nothing good ever comes out of the USA. Only destruction, killings, genocides, regime changes, sabotage and creating wars. Anything bad happening around the world and you know who is behind it. Now trying to be buddy up to African countries with promises of token help, which the Africans see through as another ploy just to counter China and Russia. It will not work and African leaders are now too street smart to be blindsided once again.

Today, Satan is creating more trouble on the Korean Peninsula. Satan is going to provide Seoul with nuclear submarines to deter the North. Look at the smug look on Yoon's stupid doggie face, thinking this is going to scare handsome Kim. Oh, not to forget, Biden is going to forge an 'iron clad' alliance with Seoul. 'Iron clad'? Now we are already moving into the 'Steel Clad' era.

But, wait a minute. It is nothing about the North Korean threat against the South, but about confronting China that is in the mind of Biden. North Korea is just the diversion, and Seoul just provides the opportunity. The USA has been trying to proliferate its nuclear agenda in Asia to encircle China. They started with Australia successfully, now moving to South Korea, but surprisingly not 'iron cladding' Japan as well, since Japan is also threatened by North Korea and is the most hardcore anti China doggie of the USA. All the more reason to believe that Japan already host USA nuclear weapons on the sly.

Let us see what Russia will do. Cuba needs nuclear weapons to deter threats from the USA. Haiti is also in need of protection after the USA threatens to invite itself into the country to 'stabilise' the chaos in Haiti recently. How holistic!

Venezuela, most importantly, had already tasted the USA's regime changing agenda, using Guaido as proxy, and realistically Maduro needs deterrents as well, most of all to protect its massive oil reserves that is the crown jewel that the USA is salivating to take over. Some Russian nuclear submarines for them would be ideal. What are you waiting for Maduro? This is the chance.

According to sources, China's coastline is lined with sensors to detect submarines trying to sneak close to its shore. Wonder what hit the USA submarine, the USS Connecticut, two years ago when it tried to break the cordon. Must have hit a bird, superman, a fish, or a mountain. Imagine a multi billion submarine, touted as state of the art, and still no clue what they hit. Or just a cover up for being detected and displaying its massive failures against Chinese detection methods? Oh yes, they were not sneaking around, just holidaying under the South China Sea.



Drosophila fruit flies smuggled into China to destroy crops


The video above showed China Port customs checked one luggage claimed to be only cothing. But when scan through and opened up the bag, there were more than 60 bottles containing the larvae of Drosophila, some 7,000 of it. If these bottle were successfully smuggled into China and the mature Drosophilas spread through the whole of china it will destroy all the fruits plantations. The matured one multiply very fast. How cruel the person is. The luggage is from the USA.

China has been under constant attacked by the West, very likely the Americans with all kinds of biological and chemical agents. This is the main reason why so many deadly diseases appeared in China, eg bird flu, swine fever, mad cow disease, Sars and the latest Covid19. The Americans have 336 military bioweapon labs all over the world. The number is only those that were reported. How many unreported. Military bioweapon labs are meant for military purposes, not civilian biolabs.

The evil Americans are very wicked. But they would not escape from their karmic retribution.

The Chip Alliance or Cheap Alliance

The Chip Alliance set up is now backfiring on the USA and the West. They are now at sixes and sevens with the Chinese market getting smaller as China ramped up production of matured chips. Samsung just reported a 96% drop in profit in lst quarter, amid shutting down capacity. They blamed it on COVID and the lockdowns resulting in demand for consumer products, but still will not admit the loss of business in the Chinese market as a contributing factor. Let them fool themselves silly.
China is clamping down its export of refined rare earth materials, essential for chip manufacturing and weapons manufacturing. The USA and the West are now forming another alliance to refine rare earth. Would rare earth refiners outside China, or what is left of them, be coaxed to set up factories in USA like the Chip Manufacturers, with promises of subsidies. Ask TSMC what happened to those subsidies and how TSMC had been taken to the cleaners trying to build a chip manufacturing plant in Arizona. A supposedly US$10 billion plant is now turning into a US$40 billion black hole, just to take advantage of the reported US$15 billion subsidy that is still not forthcoming. And that is not factoring in the problems trying to integrate USA workers with hardworking Taiwanese workers with different work ethics.

Actually, rare earth is not rare, and is available in large quantities in many countries and Australia in particular is one big source, and they are just looking at availability of the raw ores thinking the alliance will again solve the issue. But it is the expertise in refining the raw ores that is the big problem for them. Depending on China with such environmental unfriendly facilities to let China pick up the pollution demonisation is just like forcing China into the opium trade to destroy the country, and trying to save their own backyard, which is now backfiring on them as well. Decoupling from China is not as simple as 'trade wars are easy to win'.

Setting up such new refining facilities from scratch is going to take years and environment issues will definitely surface. Australia tried to shift some of its rare earth refining facilities to Malaysia and faced plenty of flak from the Malaysian public. The refining facilities pollute rivers and contaminate fertile land, and is a health hazard for those living close to those facilities.

Setting up refining facilities is estimated to take as long as 10 to 15 years. Of course it can be ramped up faster, but the most important question of all is where are they going to get the expertise to run the refining facilities for the ores from scratch. 85% of all global rare earth processing are now done in China, and China is said to produce the best rare earth elements in terms of purity. Just like the shortage of chip innovation talents in the USA after formation of the Chip Alliance, they had to resort to force to bring back talents from foreign chip makers to the USA, with loss of USA citizenship if they refuse. Would the USA do the same for rare earth?

Right now, even the USA has to send its rare earth ores to be refined in China. Think about that!


PS. What is the point of making more chips while cutting off your biggest buyer?


Mysingaporenews in Persian

Link -  https://eshtrak.wordpress.com/2023/04/25/%d8%b5%d9%84%d8%ad-%d8%a8%d8%b2%d8%b1%da%af%d8%aa%d8%b1%db%8c%d9%86-%d8%aa%d9%87%d8%af%db%8c%d8%af-%d8%a8%d8%b1%d8%a7%db%8c-%d8%a2%d9%85%d8%b1%db%8c%da%a9%d8%a7%d8%b3%d8%aa-%da%86%d9%88/

Many thanks to Amador Navidi for translating mysingaporenews in the Persian language. This will reach out to more readers in Iran and those that can read Persian. 

Little European countries threatening China?

 For little European countries to threaten China and talking big about containing China or even going to war with China is basically a joke. Every European country today is a small country, a country that could face bankruptcy any time. Many were ex empires but no longer a force to be reckoned with. Britain is still strutting around as a mischief maker and create problems for other countries, playing a big role in the Ukraine War. In reality, Britain is a spent force, being the country taken over by its ex colony, and being ruled by ex colonised people as Britain could no longer produce decent and able white leaders. Germany, still strong economically, will have its economy collapsed without the Chinese market. The rest of Europe are all on the brink of bankruptcy.

In the 19th and 20th Centuries, with the advantage of the Industrial Revolution and the manufacturing of guns and weapons of war, little European countries could take advantage of underdeveloped countries dwelling in the age of bows and arrows and were able to conquer and subdue the weaker and less developed countries. They could take their time in their slow boats to even attack and cripple China with a few thousand soldiers. Long gone were those days when they could gang up together to cut China to pieces.

For these little European states to still think and behave like they are big powers is a sure sign of lunacy. They could not appreciate the new world today, the new China today, and the new realities. Even if the whole of Europe were to join forces to go to war with China, it would be a no show. The warships could not get pass the Indian Ocean without being sunk by Chinese anti ship missiles. Any ship that escaped the Indian Ocean would be stopped in the southern corner of the South China Sea as they emerged from the Malacca Strait. They have no chance to get nearer to China than the island of Singapore. The Americans may view the Straits of Malacca as a choke point against China. China's plan would be to ensure no enemy ship could leave Singapore to enter the South China Sea.

Australia is behaving like a foolish child, thinking that it can be a big bully in the region. Indonesia is enough to run all over Australia if they put their minds to it. The Americans would only sell Indonesia a few warplanes for show, a token that would not be a threat to Australia. But Indonesia can now buy all the weapons it needs from China and Russia to outsize the few pieces of war machine in Australia.

The only contender to pose a threat to China is the USA, but not for long. The USA cannot win a conventional war against China. It could not even wage a naval war against China in the Pacific Ocean. China is now fully capable to sinking every American warship on the western Pacific Ocean. There could not be any land wars on China's western flank, ie Central Asia as the region would be occupied by Russian and Central Asian countries that are friendly to China.

With the Indian Ocean fully within range of Chinese missiles and bombers, India would find it best not to be the staging ground for the Americans to conduct a land assault on China. An open war between China and the US is inconceiveable, a no brainer. For angry young American boys to prove their manhood with poor and small countries is ok. To draft them to fight against China? Many would go AWOL, skip the draft. Only mad men and women would think that it is a feasible option to go to war with China today.

The boys and girls that are now in charge of European states better wake up their ideas. They are no more playing childish games in schools. See the real world as it is. Europe is no longer a power to be reckoned with, let alone individual state of Europe to contest against China. Europe as a group is just a pawn to the Americans and has to take orders from the Americans, afraid to say no to the Americans. Americans can kick European countries like a discarded can.

PS. European navies should “patrol” the Taiwan Strait, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has said, arguing that the move would help to maintain the “status quo” in the region. The diplomat floated the idea in an opinion piece published by the Journal Du Dimanche on Saturday.  RT

They could not even maintain peace in Europe and still want to mess around in Chinese waters. What stupid arrogance! The white men are no longer the masters of the world. Their time has passed. Europe would be taken over by the people from the rest of the world, starting with Britain.

Americans playing up China and North Korea threat to destabilise region

The other significant development is South Korea asking for, or intending to go nuclear to counter the North. If this goes ahead, it will push Russia or China will arm Cuba, and other South American countries with nuclear missiles as well. There is already speculation that Russia will be doing what the Soviet Union did in the 60s in Cuba, if the USA or Nato escalates the conflict further by sending more lethal weapons to Ukraine or inducting Ukraine into Nato, posing a threat to Moscow. This was in fact what the Soviet Union did to counter the USA in Europe in the 60s.

Meanwhile, Australia is using China as an excuse to station long range stategic missiles in the country. Australia is talking about China threat everyday. China is more than 4,600 miles away and China will need an armada to invade Australia, with no hope of success given the size of the island. China has not even thought of invading Taiwan over the last seven decades, until the USA gets involved. Has China threatened to invade Australia for the last five thousand years? Suddenly, with the rise of the USA, China is accused of threatening to invade every other country in the world. How ridiculous is it?

I would venture to believe that Australia is more like flexing its Sheriff appointment by the USA to show the ASEAN states who is boss, rather than trying to take on China. You see, just weeks ago the Aussies were talking about not getting involved in the Taiwan issue, and in the next breath talks about countering China. Where and in which area of the world are they trying to counter China if not over Taiwan?

China cannot take the word of any Anglo Saxon White leaders at face value. Just look at Olaf Scholz, doing a 180 degree turn after returning from his trip to China. He is quiet as a mouse today. Neither is Macron to be taken at face value despite the stance taken by him during his Beijing visit. They can change their stance when threatened by Satan.

Or closer to home, take a look at Marcos Jr, no Anglo Saxon, but still succumbing to the evil hand of Satan. Now trying to calm Beijing by feigning to approach Washington to clear the air over USA demands in the Philippines. China better steer far away from the Pinoys for its own good, economically and development wise. Africa and Latin America would be a more safer bet for trade and development.



Taiwan - War is imminent

 The declining evil American Empire is hell bent to hold on to its hegemony over the world. They would do anything to stay on top, to rule the world. The Ukraine War is not going anywhere but down the slope with Russia gaining full control of the country in a matter of time. But that is not an issue. The goal of the Americans is to keep the War going for as long as they can with the belief that they could outlast the Russians or at least keep the American Military Industrial Complex in business, the only business that is still profitable to the Deep State, not so much as for the benefit of the average Americans. The Deep State is happily sacrificing the lives of Ukrainians and their country. And sacrificing the interest of the average Americans too would not mean anything to them.

They are now going to open another theatre of war over Taiwan. They are doing everything to provoke China to fire the first shot with the latest 200 American soldiers in Taiwan on top of whatever they already have there. The USA has crossed the red line with this move and China would response accordingly. The Americans are testing China's resolve to hit back. If China does not react, then more soldiers and arms would flow into Taiwan. The Americans are also herding the European cronies to drum up the beats of war, all using the same narrative and talking like they are all ready and capable of fighting a war in the surrounding waters of China.

The most obvious sign of an imminent war is to give notice to the Philippines to bring back their workers now working in Taiwan. Marcos Jr has been briefed of the American's war plan. American soldiers are starting to pour into the Philippines with more military bases now open to them. Weapons and supplies would be stocked up in the Philippines. Marcos Jr's order is to save and protect the lives of Pinoys in Taiwan, to bring them home fast. Let the Taiwan Chinese face their fate of certain death and destruction, especially for those that are deluded that they could defend Taiwan island against the PLA. The Taiwan Chinese must be very happy preparing for this day, to die fighting like the Ukrainians. 

China too is watching every move of the warmongering Americans and is ready to take on the Americans. The likelihood of a direct military confrontation between the Americans and the Chinese is low. The American formula would be the same as the Ukraine War. They would goad the Taiwanese to fight to the last men and the full destruction of the Island with the Americans giving verbal support and supplies of military weapons.

Would the Taiwanese Chinese be willing to die like the Ukrainians and to have their good life now completely destroyed,家破人亡  ? The DPP leaders would behave like Zelensky and his gang, shouting about defending the Taiwan island, defending democracy and freedom and asking the Taiwanese to go fight and die for them. How many Taiwanese would be foolish enough to fall into this deadly trap?

The window for reunification with the mainland and for peace is closing rapidly. The Americans could create a false flag incident anytime now. If the patriotic Taiwan Chinese are not going to act fast, then they should end up like Ukraine...very soon.

The Taiwan Chinese must choose between peace and reunification versus war, destruction and death. Not doing anything and hoping for the best is as good as asking for war and death.


Regime change - The US spoilt for choice

 In those days it was easy to do regime change when the victim country was very few. The worst case was to take down Iraq and Libya at the same time.  Oh, actually they were planning to take down 7 in one go, including Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. All small, weak Arab or Muslim countries in one part of the world. So the devils in Washington did not have much headache which one to hack first as taking down everyone of them would be a cake walk, other than Iran but not too difficult if Russia and China would stay out of the picture.

The plan was abruptly halted when Putin decided that Syria must not fall and sent in his men to keep Syria alive. With the plan stalling in Syria, the Americans could not go on to take out the other countries as planned.

Today the Americans are spoilt for choices as the target countries for regime have  ballooned. Other than the 5 that have yet to be taken down, there are now a whole new list of ideal candidates even in neighbouring Latin America. Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Haiti etc etc have joined the list as hot favourite candidates for regime change. The other new candidates are Russia, China, North Korea, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Turkiye and several African states and some the Pacific Islands.

As the list grows, it presents a new problem to the devils in Washington. Which to deal with first. It is like going for a buffet lunch and everyone is so desirable and so tempting. It must be a happy problem for the Americans. And now France is also in the list for regime change. Which other European countries are also in the list? Byelorussia, Hungary or which one that is not listening and not willing to contribute to the Ukraine War? The Americans could simply close their eyes and throw the dart and would hit one.

With such a long list of countries for regime change, it must be a happy problem for the Americans. Maybe they are working out a schedule, to start with the nearest to homeland America or the furthest, or to start with the weakest like Haiti? Or to start with their greatest traditional enemies, the Arab and Muslim countries first? Or to start with their greatest hype and greatest pain in the ass, North Korea.

The world is holding its breath as to which country would be the fortunate one to be chosen for regime change first. How about starting with France as the French are acting difficult and making a bad example for the other European allies?

What do you think?

American narrative, everything is fine, economy doing very well....

Meanwhile USA supermarts are closing like nobody's business. Some of the biggies like Walmart, Sears, BHG and other biggies we have seldom heard of over here, are closing stores by the hundreds, having lost millions over the years. How many employees are being laid off is up to you to imagine. Of course, that also means more job creations in other lower paid jobs, take it or leave it. Job creation is glowingly reported but job attrition goes under the radar.

The job market in USA is still interpreted as very strong. Yeah, the USA economy is also strong, but in the next breath they pricked the balloon, saying there are also strong headwinds. This is always the same old narrative. Very strong going forward but there may be signs of slowing they will tell you. What are they saying? Basically nothing, but bullshiting.

All these store closures are the result of online shopping. Now, where do those products on online platforms come from? Mostly from China of course. The USA mainland produces nothing that their citizens need, except if they want guns, which are plentiful, and tanks and fighter jets. Even tanks are not being produced in numbers large enough to supply to Ukraine. Wait a year or two they promised Zelenskyy.

Consumers have now found out during COVID19 and subsequent lockdowns that much cheaper things can be bought online. Shein, for example, is also discreetly taking the market by storm, and together with others, are cannibalising the business of the conventional shopping outlets and malls. Without the high rentals necessary for a cool presence in malls, they are able to offer products that are so much cheaper, such that you honestly cannot think twice about buying. That is why the USA Government is cracking down on those Chinese online business platforms, with fabricated claims about the dangers of Chinese products. Everything is capable of spying on them and must be demonised. They are also posing competition to Amazon.

The USA will regret what they wish for, if Chinese companies do take up the de-coupling narrative and move out of the USA, providing only online shopping presence in the USA. After all, this is the de factor modus operandi of Chinese businesses selling their products for years already. They have even been providing regular customers with updates on new products via their mobile phones. Such is the ease of doing business today.

Here in Red Dot, they can reinvent all they want with those shops in Orchard Road with what they claim 'new shopping experience', but it is not going to improve the shopping environment. It will only result in even higher rentals that will eventually drive those tenants out of business for good.



Shein and Temu storming the US online market

WASHINGTON: Shopping online at Temu, Laurie Silva paid just US$1.25 for earrings and US$15 for a cardigan - she is among millions of US consumers the Chinese platform is wooing with low-cost bargains and a dizzying array of products.

Temu topped US app download rankings in early April, a spot it held since January, but its rapid rise comes as platforms with links to China face growing scrutiny and when a ban on youth favourite TikTok appears increasingly inevitable.

According to Sensor Tower data, some of the most popular platforms downloaded in the US currently have Chinese roots, including TikTok, video editor CapCut and fashion upstart Shein.  CNA


Shein and Temu are the number one and two non American online shops in the USA and are the top challengers to Amazon. The wide varieties of goods and the unbelieveable prices would soon knock out Amazon and also Walmarts.

It is looking like after TikTok, Shein and Temu would be the next two obvious targets to be banned, in the name of securities and data collection. What else is new.

What is pertinent about these two online shops is that they brought great values to the average Americans, bringing them goods at prices they cannot refuse. Banning these two online shops on fictitious and clumsy excuses would not work as it would affect the pockets of the average Americans. They would be the people that would be hurt most. It would be the perfect storm waiting to happen. There would be violent protests and demonstrations on the streets if Washington clowns dare to touch these two online shops. 

TikTok could be more for fun and leisure to many, though many also used it for business. But Shein and Temu are totally different kind of fish. It hurts the pockets of average Americans and their cost of living. They are going to riot if Shein and Temu are banned by the unthinking rogues that only think about scoring political points.

Just watch how this develops. The losers would be the average American consumers and they would not take it lying down.


Elon Musk's Starship blew up with a positive spin

LOS ANGELES : The spectacular explosion of SpaceX's new Starship rocket minutes after it soared off its launch pad on a first flight test is the latest vivid illustration of a "successful failure" business formula that serves Elon Musk's company well, experts said on Thursday.

Rather than seeing the fiery disintegration of Musk's colossal, next-generation Starship system as a setback, experts said the dramatic loss of the rocket ship would help accelerate development of the vehicle.

Images of the Starship tumbling out of control some 20 miles up in the sky while mounted to its Super Heavy rocket booster before the combined vehicle blew to bits dominated media coverage of the highly anticipated launch....

But SpaceX executives including Musk - the founder, CEO and chief engineer of the California-based rocket company - hailed the test flight for achieving the major objective of getting the vehicle off the ground while providing a wealth of data that will advance Starship's development. CNA

Above is quoted from CNA. See the positive spin put into the failure of the takeoff? What would the American news be reporting if it was a Chinese rocket that blew up? I think if it was a NASA rocket, it would be reported as a huge success, yes, just to lift off the ground.

The question is why would Musk be reinventing the wheel when the Americans had already the most powerful rockets that could take them to the moon in the late 1960s? When don't Musk just buy the blue prints and walla, he will have success proven rockets that can fly to the moon without having to try something new that could fail? As a commercial enterprise, cost is very important.

The other options available for Musk is to talk to Kim Jung Un. Make it a business proposition and Kim would be happy to sell him some blue prints of the best rockets he has. The North Koreans are very good at building rockets that can fly, unlike the Japanese or the South Koreans...and now Musk.

Another option is to buy the blue prints from China. China also has many working rockets and for a price, could be for sale to a commercial enterprise like SpaceX, not to NASA of course. And NASA would not want to buy anything Chinese because NASA has their own working and proven to work rockets since 1969. NASA is going to space again but committing the same silly mistake of wanting to build new experimental rockets and not wanting to use their proven 1960s rockets. Why are they doing this, to spend public money, when they could do it cheaply and successfully with old rockets of the 1960s?

How many more super rockets is Musk going to blow up and claim more successes?
PS. Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim friends.

American playbook on demonising China

When they want to keep down the rise of anything, especially from China, when they failed to compete, is that they will hide the pros and hype up the cons or demonise the products completely. Remember they were talking about all the ill effects of those 5G towers erected by Huawei, how dangerous they were in affecting health and all that horseshit. Now they are erecting even more such towers, more closely for their 5G signals, using different wavelengths for their system, and these are even affecting communication of planes at airports nearby. Has that problem been solved yet? Oh, sorry they are already experimenting with 6G or 7G now. They are so advanced technologically that they can leapfrog a generation or two. Many however, thinks it is more like just still tinkering with 4.5G.
The other modus operandi that they always use in their playbook is trotting out the National Security argument and targeting and banning anything made in China, blaming spying on China made mobile phones, electrical transformers, solar panels, bread toasters, washing machines, weather balloons, Huawei and now TikTok among others. The fact that they are now starting the narrative on AI and its inherent dangers tells us that they are targeting Chinese made EV. Soon, even shadows cast by any Chinese walking on the streets in USA will be suspected of spying.

This morning I woke up to a new discovery - Light pollution. Too many lights on at night is causing chronic and mental illness they claimed. Hyping up the dangers will see a coming clampdown on too many lights on buildings, streets and in the house at night. Will this result in less energy usage and was that the purpose of such a study? Hey, it will result in lowering inflation at least. Any study can be skewed to produce the result to support an agenda. Did the world learned any lesson from the COVID19 vaccine fiasco, with studies purported to prevent infections - touted day and night to be 96% effective. What was the infection result after vaccination and was it true?

Oh, by the way, Bill Gates is investing heavily in a new Covid oral spray, in 'anticipation' of a new pandemic originating in Brazil in 2025 which he predicted. He was reported to have already made US$500 million investing in vaccine manufacturing during the COVID19 outbreak in 2020/22. Wonder how much more he is going to make from Brazil in 2025. Such a futuristic mind and able to predict coming catastrophies to make money. Wonder how he did that? Silly asking about 'getting rich' secrets from one of the richest man in the world.


ROC Taiwan - more American provocations

200 US military trainers now in Taiwan as US intends to 'turn Taiwan into battlefield'

TAIPEI — The U.S. has reportedly sent more than 200 troops to Taiwan to provide military training to Taiwan's armed forces.

On Sunday, military sources said the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command has dispatched more than 200 military trainers to Taiwan to assist local forces in training and propose improvements.

Among the more than 200 instructors, 80% are from the U.S. army. Most of the American instructors are stationed at new training centers and reserve brigades of Taiwan's Army.

The U.S. army instructors are to provide on-the-spot evaluations of training and will propose improvements. Next year, Taiwan will resume the one-year compulsory service period, and recruit training will adopt the combat training programs proposed by the U.S. military to cope with the People's Liberation Army.

More than 160 of the instructors sent by the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command are non-commissioned officers with combat experience. In addition to being stationed in the main combat units of Taiwan's Army, most of these instructors go to army recruiting centers and reserve brigades to check on basic training and propose improved training methods to enhance the overall combat effectiveness of Taiwan's Army.

In early April, U.S. military instructors reportedly entered Chiashan Air Force Base in Hualien County to re-evaluate the safety of the bunkers, such as explosion-proof and protective facilities, especially the safety of areas where fighter planes and ammunition are stored. In addition, they assessed whether it is difficult for satellites to detect ammunition stored in the open air and the area where fighter jets are housed. They then proposed methods to strengthen bunker security facilities to reduce the damage caused by weapons.

Most of the U.S. Army trainers are stationed in the Taiwan Army's new training center and the reserve brigades, to check whether the training of recruits and the teaching and training of reserve soldiers meet the needs of defensive operations.

The Biden administration has said that it would help train Taiwan's armed forces to fight a guerrilla war on the island.

People in Taiwan will be the ultimate victims if the US turns the island region into a battlefield for a proxy war with China.

Media reports alleged that the US has been considering plans to destroy the island in the event of a military conflict across the Taiwan Strait.



Singaporeans are the envy of the world

 The latest Certificate of Entitlement(COE) bidding exercise saw the COE for a small, ie 1,600cc car and below hitting a record of $103,400. This means that to buy a small car, the buyer must pay $103,400 for this piece of certificate before he is eligible to buy a car that is priced with at least 150% tax levied on it.  A small car will thus cost about Singapore $153,400! For bigger cars, the COE is $123,000!

And the COE is valid only for 10 years. After which the owner of the car must pay for another COE if he wants to keep the car or buy a new one. And the Singaporeans are not making a whimper about this. Either they are resigned to this fate that they are not going to be able to buy and own a car, or they are so rich, so what is another $100,000 to buy a piece of paper.

Then there was the 1% GST increase this year from 7% to 8% and this will be 9% in the beginning of 2024.

Would all these increases make Singaporeans unhappy and protest in the streets? Not at all. Food prices of everything, including the basic necessities and food at hawker centres, price of a cup of kopi or tea also up by at least 10 %, are all well absorbed or accepted as the price to pay for living in this great city called Singapore. 

For the poor expats, some are crying as property prices also shot through the roof making rentals to go up as well. As for Singaporeans living in public housing, it means that the value of their HDB flats also goes up, some hitting $1m an unit, competing with Hong Kong to be number one. How can Singaporeans complain when they are now owners of a million dollar public housing flat? They are happy of course. The only unspoken secret, the value of their 99 year leasehold public housing will come to zero when the lease expires. But that is a problem in the distance. Who cares.

Singaporeans are going about their lives feeling rich and good. Thanks to their good government and good blessing. Every Singaporean must be hoping that their HDB flats would go up higher in prices. How about $2m a piece? As for those owners of private properties, they wear their big smiles in their sleep. The govt is making all Singaporeans becoming millionaires and multi millionaires without having to work for it. Let the properties do the working.

Now you know why ministers are paid in the millions, more than the President of the USA. They deserve every cent of it. And for their great efforts, how about a pay increases for the ministers and MPs?

Arrogance of the Americans brought about its own downfall

The USA and the West took their eyes off BRICS for a time, confidently brushing aside the importance of the rising clout of BRICS as overblown, and thought that nothing could overturn the US$ hegemony. Not with still such a wide usage of the US$ among global countries, which they confidently predicted and assumed, is another of their 'exceptionalism monument' that can never be taken down. Now the reality is dawning, but maybe too little too late to start countering. The whole global South is turning to BRICS.
That was also the situation they had before China's rise, bordering on arrogance and over confidence. China's rise was never taken with much fanfare and probably looked upon with disdain, and also brushed aside as overblown. No, China was never expected to rise to such a level as to compete with the USA, as China was then so backward, poor and underdeveloped. How could China ever compete with the USA, a first world country so developed, so advanced technologically, with democracy triumphantly flooring communism, and still the only superpower that controls the world? Didn't Gordon Chang kept hammering on the collapse of China for over a decade, lending credence to the belief that it will come true just by repeating? If 2022 it did not happen, maybe next year it will come true.

That is still the mentality of most USA citizens today with regard to China, who were fed with all the propaganda by their Government and MSM for decades. It was only with the advent of the internet and proliferation of Social Media, that US citizens and those around the world slowly became aware of the lies they were being fed.

Those who had the opportunity to go to China to do business, people like Cyrus Janssen, were able to see the rapid changes going on in China, and together with other like-minded business people from the USA, desiring to continue doing business in China and wanting to tell their own citizens the naked truth, embarked on a mission to counter the perception being ingrained in the minds of ordinary USA citizens and elsewhere. Together with Youtubers like Gweilo60, Jason (Living in China), Barrett and many others, it is slowly working and changing the way people look at China, as evidenced by the expansion of BRICS.

Now BRICS is showing its effectiveness in attempting to bring about de-dollarisation, in the mode of the impending rise of China as a competing global superpower. With important global players like Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Mexico, with their rich resources also joining BRICS, trying to play with the same overblown self comforting thought is not going to work anymore for the USA and the West.



Revenge of the Indians


Britain invaded and ruled India for 400 years, massacred Indians and looted the country of its wealth and resources.  Today the Indians have arrived in Britain and are taking over the country in a reversed takeover. The Indians are now sitting at the pinnacle of power in the British states of England, Scotland and Ireland. The Indians are the rulers of the Brits. Can you imagine that? The colonised are now the rulers and the rulers are being ruled by the colonised!

It is very likely that the British Indian leaders would be instrumental in the breakup and dismantling of Britain into separate states. What a perfect karmic retribution. Winston Churchill will be turning in his grave and eating his own words. How could these thrash be ruling the Brits?

Well done Indians. Just do it. Incorporated the few islands into the Indian Empire. 2 min clip.

Who are the allies of the USA?

Who are the allies of the USA? Basically the Europeans and the Japs of course, are the only true allies left. Coloured people are deserting them in droves. All of these Anglo Saxon countries, every one of them, are involved in colonising every nook and corner of the world and stealing global resources, commiting genocides, creating conflicts for others to fight against each other, using debt traps to keep others poor and backward, using force to make them obedient and under control. And all the Anglo Saxon allies have been tagging along and benefiting by hanging on to the coat-tails of the USA and its evil hegemonic agenda. They would have wanted the US hegemony to last forever.
The fall of the USA hegemony also means the end of the good old days of those allies as well. It means the end of their colonial style bullying, their fake show of unity, fake narratives about upholding their bullshit democracy and preventing any other power from any other coloured race from rising.

That is why they are now hysterical, paranoid and basically unable to deal with the global rush to de-dollarise and the ensuing geopolitical changes. Putting down Russia and then China seperately would have allowed them to carry on with the status quo. But with Russia and China closing ranks, and with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Mexico joining BRICS, it became a whole new ball game for the Whites.

The USA and its allies were initially so confident of taking down Russia in Europe. Now it seems their whole game plan backfired badly. Unable to take down Russia and now pivoting towards China is a very desperate move for the USA and its Anglo Saxon allies. But for them it is a make or die situation.


US Equipment Might Be Stored in Singapore In Future War With China - US Official


WASHINGTON — The Biden administration official with direct responsibility for the U.S. Army laid out in surprising detail this week a multi-pronged strategy for deterring, and if necessary, prevailing in any future war with China.

Elements of the plan include placing more troops in Asia and arming them with upgraded equipment, including ship-to-shore vessels and hypersonic weapons, much of which will be pre-positioned in the region.

“Our goal is to avoid fighting a land war in Asia,” U.S. Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth told an audience at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on Monday. “I think the best way to avoid fighting that war is by showing China and countries in that region we can actually win that war.”

Wormuth laid out three key components of what she called “campaigning” by the U.S. Army to deter such a war, beginning with coalition building with foreign allies and partners to “complicate” the Chinese leadership’s decision-making.

Secondly, she said, the Army is looking at building “theater distribution centers” in the region to stockpile supplies and fuel, “starting, potentially, with Australia.” Wormuth also named Japan as a potential site, and she suggested that non-lethal equipment might be stored in the Philippines and Singapore.



Penny Wong - Pacific region should not be dominated by one super power

 What a clever comment by Penny Wong, Australian Foreign Minister.  For decades after the defeat of Japan in WW2, the Pacific region was dominated by one super power, the American Empire. Penny Wong did not say anything about this American domination of the region. Perhaps she was too young to know about such a concept. Or perhaps she was not a politician then. Now that she is the Foreign Minister, it is good that she raised this issue to remind everyone that the Pacific Ocean must not be dominated by one super power. 

The Americans must take note. No one is going to accept one super power to dominate the region. The Americans must be told to withdraw all their military bases in the region and stop behaving like a big bully and lording over the countries in the region. The Pacific Islanders have a right to determine their own lives and foreign policies. The Japanese and South Koreans should be free from being the colonies of the American Empire.

With the rise of China, it is good that China is standing right in the face of the Americans and telling the Americans that no super power should be allowed to dominate the Pacific region. China would be here to challenge and balance the dominance of the American Empire. The Americans would now not be able to shaft it down the throats of all the small nations in the region, not even with AUKUS or with the QUAD. 

The rise of China would help the smaller nations to be free from American bullying and domination. China can also help the Philippines to be independent and not be bullied, not to have American soldiers in their soil, as semi colonies of the American Empire. But it would be different if the Philippines choose to be become a colony of the Americans. It is freedom of choice. The Pinoys are free to decide for themselves.

As for the Pacific Islands, Japan and South Korea, they should also be free to decide if they want to have American bases in their soil, to be ruled by the Americans and controlled by the Americans.

With China as another super power in the Pacific region, the smaller countries would breathe easier and need not be bullied and controlled by the American Empire. Definitely not to be bullied by little countries like Australia or New Zealand. The smaller countries can always turn to China when bullied by the Americans or white countries. The Americans can no longer take them for granted, just like the Pacific Islands, totally neglected and used to test American nuclear weapons and exposing the islanders to radioactive radiation injuries.

Thank you Penny Wong, for saying something right, for saying something that should be spoken many decades ago. Americans, did you get it? How many American bases are here and when are the Americans going to withdraw them from the region? Are you going to compensate the Pacific Islanders for contaminating their environment and destroying their lives and marine lives? Time to own up to your crimes against the islanders and pay up. You cannot dominate the region as the only super power anymore.

TikTok versus Guns - American stupidity has no cure

Yes, according to the gun lobby pushing behind the scene. They claimed that - 'Guns do not kill people, people kill people'. In other words it also is applicable to weapon sales. Weapons, like bombs, do not kill people, but selling them to other Governments means other Governments are using them to kill peope and is not their fault. It is just killing other country's people I should say. So weapons are safer than TikTok, very safe. So can sell weapons to everyone and every terrorist who wants to buy them, but cannot allow TikTok to exist. Otherwise banning guns must also mean banning weapon sales as well. Logical isn't it? Just wonder whether weapon sales is itself a crime against humanity?

You see, when guns are now used more and more in the USA to kill their own people, with almost four shootings a day resulting in 10 deaths a day from gun shootings in the USA, the gun lobby still treats the deaths as collateral damage. And the Government, after every new President, and after each and every shooting, talks about new legislation to manage gun control, undoubtedly achieving nothing but spouting just hot air. The Government cannot ban guns, but wants to ban TikTok which they see as more dangerous than guns. Stupidity has no cure has been taken to the extreme.

Now the USA is nitpicking on irrelevent issues just to antagonise China. After balloongate, now it is policegate, with the accusation that China is running a police network in the USA. I wonder when they will come out with a Chinese military base in the USA? Just a matter of time! China's policemen better stop visiting the USA, otherwise may be hauled up for having a policeman card on them and being accused of being involved in policegate.

Now also claiming that the power pack used by the Chinese weather balloon is capable of powering highly sophisticated listening equipment. What does that signify? Nothing more than telling us that the Chinese are capable of producing much more advance power systems to boost their communication with the ground. And that is the only national security risk that they managed to find after two months of combing through the balloon debris?

How about spending so many years and still unable to prove anything about Huawei being a national security threat to the USA after tearing apart its 5G equipment looking for bugs. Unable to come to a conclusion or find any evidence, the USA and its doggies are pulling down all the equipments to destroy the evidence to prove that no such security threats ever existed. And they are paying a heavy price to get competitors to install new equipment and having to pay Huawei for using its propriety rights, which Huawei holds. Stupidity has no cure and it is the taxpayers that are footing the bill and suffering the inconveniences and consequences.



Is TikTok more dangerous than guns?

TikTok’s opponents often use its dance-centric reputation as ammunition. We wouldn’t lose much, the argument goes, by getting rid of a platform on which teens perform frivolous dance challenges.

Even some of the TikTok creators in Washington distanced themselves from the app’s dance culture, emphasising instead its usefulness as a tool for education and political engagement. “TikTok is not a children’s dancing app,” activist and content creator Aidan Kohn-Murphy told The Wall Street Journal during the trip....

The threat of a TikTok ban looms large for dance creators in the United States, especially those who have built their careers around the app. But a ban probably wouldn’t snuff out TikTok dance; its signature qualities have already seeped into popular culture....

Montana lawmakers on Friday passed a bill to ban popular short-form video app TikTok from operating in the state, the latest threat to the Chinese-owned app's existence in the U.S.


The above is quoted from CNA.  The sicko Americans chose to ban TikTok, an app instead of banning guns. To the sickos, children are miss using the app, and a few had used the app in dangerous challenges leading to a few deaths. So TikTok must be dangerous and must be banned. 

 What about guns? Guns are not dangerous? How many deaths had been been caused by the use of guns by children? How many little children, even pre teens, had used guns to gun down parents, teachers and other children? The data of gun deaths simply drown the few isolated incidents of death caused by pranks and dangerous challenges.

So, why not ban the guns but TikTok? Are the sicko Americans crazy? TikTok is a tool for many useful uses. Just like a car for example. If a car is badly driven and kills someone, should cars be banned? What is happening to the sick American society when adults think like silly kids, reason like silly kids and abused their position of power to do silly things like banning a tool, in this case an app, when the killer is not the app but the person using it. And just because they love guns, a weapon to kill, they choose not to ban the gun, a clearly far more dangerous weapons than the app.

How silly and how sick are the Americans today? And you have elected men and women, to be national leaders, thinking and acting like silly brats, talking rubbish about an app like TikTok, to the extent of using the law to ban it!

American political leaders are being a bunch of silly jokers. And many people's livelihood is going to be adversely affected by the ban. Many people are depending on TikTok app in their businesses and educators are using the app as a teaching tool.


When would the Americans stop killing African and Arab/Muslim leaders

2 minutes of condensed narrative on how many African and Arab/Muslim leaders were murdered or assassinated by the Americans and white men. The victim countries would never forget these crimes against their leaders. But the Americans and white men think the victim countries are gullible and could easily be duped by a few sweet words and lies and a few dollars thrown at time.

When would the Americans and white men stop killing black men, Arab and Muslims, Latin Americans and Asians? How could they strut around smiling and acting as if nothing had happened, that they are the angels, the good guys, and the bad guys are China and Russia, that had not killed any Africa, Arab Muslim, Asian or Latin American leaders?  How could they go on lying that they are for peace and the aggressors and warmongers are the Chinese and Russians?

How many silly coloured people are still blind to the crimes against humanity of the Americans and the white men and still believing in their lies and refuse to think, refuse to see the facts laid bare in front of them? How can they believe in the devils and blame the innocent just because of the lies in the main media?

PS. Other than killing the Blacks in Africa and the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, how many trillions of resources have the white men robbed from these countries, not counting countries in Asia, SE Asia and Latin America. Not forgetting the robbing of the continent of North America ie USA and Canada and the continent of Australia, New Zealand and many Pacific islands, including Hawaii.

Macron's 8,000 Airbus deal literally kills Boeing for good

Macron has more than ruffled the feathers of the Neocons in the USA, with his calling for Europe not to act like vassal states and follow the USA into a conflict with China over Taiwan, saying Europe should not engage in a crisis that is not of their own making.

Not only has that stance caused hysteria in the USA, it also clearly antagonised the USA's stooges in Europe as well, particulaly the Germans. China already noticed the apparent split in Europe's top echelons of power. When Macron wanted to follow Olaf Scholz to China months ago, he was flatly brushed aside and denied by Olaf Scholz. That was a big slap on Macron's ego and he is clearly paying Olaf Scholz back in his own coin, which the Chinese are helping him by giving him an emperors welcome which Scholz earlier visit could not match. The unity and solidarity propaganda touted in the EU is a mirage that Russia and China could clearly see by putting two and two together.

Now, as I said earlier, Macron did more than ruffled the feathers of the Neocons in the USA. Macron, in the eyes of analyst and onlookers, is actually joining the de-dollarisation movement by closing many deals in Yuan with China and bypassing the US$. Among the big deals made was China buying more Airbus helicopters and planes and the expansion of Airbus plant in China with more investments. That is a significant development, indicating that even the Europeans are not happy with the US$ hegemony.

Of course the Industrial Giants of EU, ie Germany and France, would not be happy with the USA cannibalising Europe's industrial base by offering subsidies to European manufacturers to shift to the USA. Moreover, selling expensive energy to Europe caused much of the problems now besetting Europe, when Europe could instead still be enjoying cheap Russian energy if not for towing the USA line. Blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines was the added pain inflicted on the Europeans.



Can a disease or sickness save a person from imprisonment


A person suffering from a chronic and debilitating disease may use this as a ground to avoid a prison sentence. This is something that is new to many layperson. There was such a case and the judge had to check with the Prison Services to confirm that the prison can accommodate a person with such a condition eg Parkinson's disease. In this particular case, the Prison confirmed that they could take in the convicted person and the judge went ahead with the jail sentence.

What if the Prison Services said they could not accommodate a person with such a disease? Would the convicted person be exempted from imprisonment? Many criminals had spent time in jail for their crimes. Presumably all are fit to be imprisoned. Has there been cases when a convicted person be spared jail sentence because of a disease? There is a law that prevented older people from caning.

I find this line of defence very ingenious. There are many kinds of queer diseases and sicknesses eg fear of height, fear of small place, fear of darkness, fear of stranger, fear of confinement, or conditions when a person could turn violent easily, prone to kill, prone to rape, molest etc etc. Could such conditions be used as a line of defence in court to avoid a jail sentence? 

This line of defence is really educational and makes the law very interesting. I am thrilled by the submission. Sure, a person with an infectious disease or deranged would have to be imprisoned in a different way, but still imprisoned, not spared from being jailed. It would be a nice argument to claim a guilty person has a fear of the prison or police uniform to keep him out of the prison. How about an aversion of prison food, would die from not wanting to eat prison food?

What do you think?

America is the real threat to China!


This 6 minutes clip shows all the American bases surrounding China and not a single Chinese or Russia military base near to the USA. So who is the threat and who is the victim? Only the very dull and very thick would still shout and believe in the American vicious lie that China is the threat.

The whole world has woken up to the real American threat. Only the walking zombies and stupid would still deny this truth and still blindly being led by the warmongering number one terrorist state, ie the Evil American Empire.


US operates more than 336 bioweapon labs around the world

The US Department of Defense acknowledged on June 9, 2022 that it had established “collaborations” with 46 Ukrainian laboratories, obviously for… peaceful purposes.[5] In reality, the Pentagon was not “collaborating” but directly operating biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine since 2014, in violation of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. This has been documented since the 2014 Maidan, including, for example, a report by a former agent of the SBU, the Ukrainian intelligence service, revealing that “the deaths of the test subjects were authorized as part of its conduct.”[6] In this case, the “test subjects” are Ukrainians, not lab rats.
It is also discovered that this extremely dangerous research was aimed at improving the pathogenic properties of plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases.[7] Among the priorities identified was the study of bacterial and viral pathogens that can be transmitted from bats to humans, such as the pathogens of plague, leptospirosis, brucellosis, and coronaviruses… Bat coronaviruses? Doesn’t that remind us of something? Let us add that a military program entitled ‘Covid-19’ was financed in November 2019, three months before the WHO gave this name to a global pandemic that has not finished making the headlines.[8] Simple coincidence?

Translation from French: Yannis V. Zbroek
Patrick Pasin, Publisher and author of “War in Ukraine: The Criminal Responsibility of the West – Our Options for Stopping the Crisis” (in French)

The above is quoted from RT. 

 "The US openly admitted that it runs 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries around the world, including 26 in Ukraine. However, the contracts suggest that the US has signed contracts with 49 countries, way more than it had admitted. 1 May 2022" Global Times

The Americans officially admitted that they have 336 biolabs in 30 countries. The real figure could be very much higher as proven by the discovery of 46 biolabs in Ukraine but with the Americans admitting only 26. The discrepancy in the numbers of biolabs is a sign that the Americans are hiding something sinister in this programme. Why are the Americans not telling the truth, why are the Americans not transparent about something that they claimed to be innocent. Also, why is there a need to have so many biolabs all over the world to study the same things?

Were the Americans using this labs to test bioweapons they are developing to target the specific victims in these countries? There were reports that the Americans were collecting DNAs of different races for their studies in bioweapons. The Covid19 virus was claimed to be specially designed to attack Asian stocks, especially Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and the Vietnamese, all of quite similar stock.

If this is true, then countries allowing the Americans to set up such bioweapon labs in their territories and allowing the Americans to collect and test samples with their DNAs are actually facilitating the Americans to design bioweapons to target them specifically when needed. This is inviting disaster to themselves and their people.

Why would countries allow the Americans to do this to their population? Are the leaders of these countries stupid or mad? Are they not compromising the interests of their people and putting the safety of their people at great risks?

There is no good reason for countries to allow the American military to set up bioweapons labs in their countries as the main aim of a military is to engage and conduct wars. The bioweapon labs must also be meant for wars. Every country should wisen up and close down all the American bioweapon labs in their countries immediately to safeguard their national interests and to protect their citizens.

What are they waiting for. Being ignorant and stupid is one thing. When the truth and risk are exposed, they have no reason not to act on it.

Stoltenberg and Ursula von der Leyen are American appointees to rule Europe

Marco Rubio is insinuating that the USA needs to change its policy towards Macron and Europe to put Macron in his place over his stance. A regime change is looming perhaps, leveraging on the chaos in France today? Bear in mind that Europe is now under Ursula von der leyen as EU leader, the de facto stooge of the USA, tasked with the job of steering Europe into the gutters.

Ursula von der leyen is reported to be eyeing the job of chief of Nato, to replace the other stooge, Jens Stoltenberg, and is the best case scenario for the USA agenda, if the USA succeeds in putting another pro USA stooge to replace her as EU leader. That would make the setup most ideal for the USA to control the now economically backsliding Europeans like sheep. At least Angela Merkel provided the pushback against the USA in the past, and Macron is not capitulating at present.

What does Marco Rubio mean by asking whether Macron now speaks for all of Europe? Is the USA the only de facto authority to speak for Europe? Macron has more rights to speak for Europe than the USA. In the past, Angela Merkel had done the same for Europe, going against the USA, and can the USA say Merkel wasn't the head of Europe? Every other European leader looked up to Merkel as leader of Europe. Germany was even propping up the economies of the PIGS for years and they knew who called the shots.

Looking at the big picture, Macron, albeit not a strong French leader in the shoes of De Gaulle or Jacques Chirac, is nevertheless the only EU leader that looks at least credible enough to lead Europe. If Rishi Sunak can lead the UK, why can't Macron lead Europe? And that ignites the fear in the USA that when Ursula von der leyen is no more the leader of the EU, the USA is probably getting nervous should Macron next aspire to replace her as leader of the EU, after leaving as Emperor of France. Of course events can change overnight, with a regime change in France, but the USA is nevertheless nervous and paranoid by taking the big risk.

As in the Middle East, the threat of the USA pulling out its military support for Saudi Arabia, including sale of weapons to them, has not rattled the resolve of Mohammed bin Salman, nor mitigate his disdain and distrust of the USA. After all, the USA can pull out its military support for Saudi Arabia, since the Saudis already are sourcing their military weapons from Russia, buying Russian S400 air defence system instead of relying on USA's patriot system that failed to work. Russia is ready to step in should the USA leaves. That would be good riddance. Moreover, recent events have killed for good the myth of a Saudi conflict with Iran and put paid to the need for huge military expenditure by the Saudis in the face of the hyped up Iranian threat.

Therefore, in Europe, even if the USA were to leave Nato and Europe as threatened by Trump, the Europeans have already started their own EU Security Union Alliance among the EU states, an idea ironically, if I remember correctly, was hatched and started by the French. Just connecting the dots tells us why Macron is not in the good books of the USA and why he is being targeted for a regime change. Moreover, the French had repeatedly been agitating for France to leave Nato.



Regime change in France...by the Americans

America's Western European allies may end up having to resolve the Ukraine conflict on their own if they do not wish to “pick sides” in Washington’s standoff with China, US Senator Marco Rubio has warned.

The Florida Republican sharply criticized French President Emmanuel Macron, who has argued that European states should not risk being dragged into a confrontation over Taiwan.

“The question Europeans need to answer … is it in our interest to accelerate [a crisis] in Taiwan? No,” Macron told journalists, after wrapping up his three-day trip to China.

“The worse thing would be to think that we Europeans must become followers on this topic and take our cue from the US agenda and a Chinese overreaction,” Macron added.

Rubio responded with a video on Twitter. “This is a good moment for us to ask Europe: Does Macron now speak for all Europe? Is Macron now the head of Europe?” he said. “Because if he is, then there’s some things we are going to need to change.”

Above is from an article in RT on Marco Rubio's reaction to Macron's call to be independent from the Americans and to be free to determine what is in France's national interests. And this stupid Marco Rubio was threatening a regime change ie getting rid of Macron. What a great friend the American gangsters are.

Not only that, Marco thought the Ukraine War was a problem to the Europeans and without the Americans stirring shit and screaming for war, Europe would be in real trouble. He did not know that Europe did not want this war. This war was cooked and engineered by the Americans in the interests of the Americans. Without the Americans coercing the Europeans, there would be no war and Europe need not suffer like it is today. Once the Americans are out of the way, the Europeans would called for immediate ceasefire and peace with the Russians.

Come on Marco Rubio, what the shit are you thinking? Ok, go for regime change and remove Macron if you can. Just keep threatening the Europeans to do your bidding at the expense of their national interests. The Europeans would not say no, would not fight back. They have no balls. They don't have brave and clever leaders like the clowns and you in Washington to stand up to the Americans.

On the other hand, can Macron rise to the occasion? France did not have a strong leader since De Gaulle.  Europe needs a strong leader now to take on the Americans. Merkel has retired, Olaf is meek and compliant. Can Macron save France and himself by standing up to the Americans for Europe?

DBS - Who made DBS what it is today?

Why is the foreigner made instant Singapore citizen and put on the high priest seat as CEO of DBS being paid 15.3 million dollars salary last year, 2022. On what justification is he being paid so much? It seems he is being paid from around 15 million dollars every year for the last ten years or so since he was made CEO of DBS.
Don't bullshit and say DBS had made a profit of billions of dollars every year due to his watch over the bank.

The bank has been making huge profits increasingly every year even before he came into the picture. DBS was founded by Singaporeans headed by Goh Keng Swee, Lee Ek Tieng, Ngiam Tong Dow and Dhanabalan and many of its former CEOs were all pure blue Singaporeans who were not less talented and capable than this present strange character who out of the blue was haled from nowhere to be placed as the CEO of DBS.

Since its founding DBS set up was due to the collective efforts of innovative Singaporeans. Every section and department in the bank was well managed by highly qualified Singaporeans. The bank's good connections both local and overseas were all well set up and highly organized with great distinctions. The talents and efforts of our local bank CEOs, directors, accountants, executives and other officers and bank staffs enable DBS to make huge profits of billions of dollars every year prior to the sudden appearance of this present foreigner who was placed on the bank's pedestal to unreservely collect the obscene salary of over 15.3 million dollars.

The question is what new profitable connections has he brought in for DBS. All that Singaporeans know is that he had sunk billions of dollars of DBS capital and money as investments into the blackholes or bottomless pit of bankrupt banks and companies in India.

Even before this pseudo foreign CEO came on the scene DBS has been so well organized and managed that it has been raking in billions of dollars in profiit every year. It is said that the bank had been so well organized and managed that even if the CEO had gone on a one year leave the bank could still function highly profitable.

But suddenly the authority claimed that Singapore lacks financial or banking talent. So it had to get one from India to be the CEO of DBS. Or is it because it is the fashion to do so just because many western or American corporate companies have CEOs of Indian origin. Is it Singapore must follow the West and the Americans so that it will not be left behind? What a screwed logic? Look at the American banks. They are all huge robbers's dens. Their executives and directors are all rogues, crooks and scoundrels and charlatans and they are all financial robbers and highway financial thieves. In the meantime Singapore will lose endless billions of dollars for taking the wrong decision.

An angry and highly disappointed Singaporean.

Yang Tai Chong


Clumsy biggest spy exposed! The hypocritical Americans have done it again

Countries spy on one another – not just their adversaries but their allies too, said analysts after a trove of classified United States documents was leaked online.

“The fact that the Americans might be looking at some of their friends, that shouldn't surprise anyone,” said Mr Grant Newsham, a retired US Marine Corps colonel and senior research fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies.

“And the Americans expect some of their good friends, some of the names which came up in these recently released documents, they know that they are spying on the Americans as well. This is a game that's been going on presumably since espionage started.”

The latest breach appears to include assessments and secret intelligence reports that touch not only on Ukraine and Russia but also highly sensitive analyses of US allies such as Israel and South Korea....

The recent leak of classified documents is “nothing too serious”, as such spying behaviour among nations has been going on for a long time, analysts told CNA’s Asia Now....

"We have engaged with allies and partners at high levels over the past days, including to reassure them about our own commitment to safeguarding intelligence," Blinken told a news conference on Tuesday.

Above are quoted from CNA.  The biggest and outrageous spy, the USA, has been exposed to the chagrin of not its enemies but its allies. It makes their allies looking really stupid and compliant, basically poodles to be controlled and abused by their masters and accepting it as the price to pay for. 

And the Americans condescendingly said there is 'nothing too serious' about spying on their allies and being exposed. And they got the cheek to say such secretive spying would be safeguarded when it is all over the net.  What a joke! This is proof that nothing is secret in the possession of the Americans. And the Americans take it that their stupid allies would accept the spying and their assurance. This is bad faith exposed, trust destroyed, like the trust in the dollar and American banking system. Only thing is that the allies could not break free from the vice grip of the Americans.

This is nothing too serious. But TikTok, a social app that has not done any spying, is very serious and must be banned. The hypocritical Americans are talking cock.  Huawei also banned without committing any spying but all allegations and presumptions about what if, about what could happen in the future.

Americans, aren't you ashamed of your silliness and double talks? White men speak with forked tongues. Everything they accused others of doing, they are doing for decades and in bigger scales. The Americans cheat, lie, and steal and kill.

Not only that they spied on their allies, they sabotaged and undermined the core interests of their allies like the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines. And what did Germany do about it? Americans are such dependable friends. They bombed the pipelines to save Germany and Europe.

With friends like the Americans, you don't need any enemies.