English or Filipino only, please!

The Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is now requiring all businesses to have their signages and advertising materials in English, Filipino, or both. Those written in languages other than the two recognized as official in the Philippines must be translated, an administrative order released yesterday states.

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez signed Department Administrative Order (DAO) No. 19-09, Series of 2019 on Friday, June 21. The order specifies that “signages, billboards, advertisements, brochures, flyers, notices, advisories, labels, price tags/lists, menus, receipts, and other business marketing materials” in a foreign language must be translated....

The order comes after the discovery of China Food City, a food park in Las PiƱas City that caters to mostly Chinese customers. The DTI conducted a surprise inspection there last month and found that all the 33 stalls in the food park had signages, price lists, and receipts that were only in Chinese characters.

The above is posted in Yahoo News. The Pinoys have pride in their own language and culture. They would not trade them for money just because most of the tourists came from China. This is a departure from countries that would woo tourists, especially rich Communist Chinese tourists that have a lot of money to throw, making poor Capitalist tourists looking like paupers. The days of laughing at poor Communists are over as European cities, including some in the US have put up signs in Chinese to make things easier for the affluent Communists.

Would Singapore put up similar signs like the Philippines, oops, not English or Filipino but English and Singlish only, or English only? See, many bananas and non Chinese cannot tahan the Communist Chinese speaking Chinese here. Would they be encouraged by our pro western policies and Anglophiles to demand that all signages and signs be in English only?

Wait a minute, after living here for so many decades, while my memory is fading, but still with some memories of the past, I can faintly remember that we have 4 official languages and Chinese aka Mandarin is one of them.  Can you people help me to confirm this? 

Nowadays nobody seems to remember this historical and constitutional fact and simply and conveniently ignored the status of Mandarin as an official language. Anyone speaking Mandarin is scorned upon, despised and humiliated in public by these people that refused to accept and recognise Mandarin as one of our official languages. You must speak to them in English only or else they would tarok you chiat lat chiat lat and shame the Mandarin speaker in pubic. To them speaking Mandarin is almost a crime in Singapore, not allowed, not to be tolerated! It is disgusting!

So, what do you think? Would Singapore one day be like the Philippines, with govt issuing orders like English or Singlish Only or  English Only?  How about a new campaign like Speak English Only?


Why can't I use my own CPF money for my daughter's education?

Today, I went down to CPF building to inquire upon my daughter’s school fees. Because my salary did not reach the lowest deposit I can’t apply to use CPF for my daughter’s school fees. I want to ask, right now in my CPF there is 70,000+, I only need 15,000 to pay for my daughter’s school fees.
In the past, the government used to say that by the time we hit the age of 55, we can make a withdrawal from my CPF. Currently I’m already 60 years old, with an unstable job, how am I suppose to get the needed cash for my daughter’s education?!

The response of the staff at CPF shocked me. He said: ‘The past is the past, now is now, now the rules changed, if you did not hit the lowest deposit, you can’t take your CPF money.’

I requested again, saying: ‘The money in my CPF is my hard earned money, i only need to use a part of it to pay for my daughter’s school fees which is $15,000, my CPF has more than enough inside to pay for my daughter’s school fees. Is there another way to do this?’

To which the staff replied: ‘Can apply, the chance of it is zero’

This is a huge news to me. If I’ve never experienced it myself, I would thought that what other’s have went through are just false news.

I felt cheated, humiliated, angry. So many years of hard work, sweat and tears to earn the money and it’s inside CPF. It is suppose to be my money. I’m in need of it and yet, I cannot take my own money to help pay my daughter’s school fees.

Please share this post to help.

As a father, i want to help my daughter, looking at my CPF that still has a bit of money to pay but can’t do it.

Do I really have to resort to borrowing money and loans when i got my money in my CPF? Should I be forced to stopped my daughter’s education?

Believe that this does not happen to just me. This kind of government order, treating our own Singaporeans like this, can i still have trust and faith in them? Even for just my child’s school fees.
What should i do? What can i do?

Facebook post by Lim Koh Leong

The CPF Board has responded with a statement confirming that Mr Lim cannot use his CPF funds for his child’s education.

CPF’s full statement: “As Mr Lim did not have sufficient CPF savings for a basic retirement, allowing him to use his CPF for his daughter’s education is not appropriate. The better approach is to find other ways to finance his daughter’s school fees. We have spoken to him and are discussing alternative options. The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts will also be in touch with him.

Is this a fair reply from CPF? According to past CPF policy, such loans would need to be repaid by the daughter when she graduated and started work. So what is the problem? I think the repayment includes interest as usual.


Anwar Ibrahim - The PM in waiting forever

20 years ago Anwar was the PM in waiting during Mahathir's premiership but was jailed by Mahathir, ending his long wait to be the next PM of Malaysia. 20 years later, Anwar again is the PM in waiting under Mahathir and almost as sure or more sure than 20 years ago to be the next PM. There was a deal with Mahathir that he will stay as PM for two years only.

Anwar's daughter wept. She could not believe Anwar would make a deal with Mahathir, the man that put him behind bars, the man that chose him to be his disciple to take over the PM. Anwar's daughter seen it and would not believe in this man called Mahathir.

Anwar chose to believe in Mahathir. Mahathir has already served a year and to Anwar's horror, Mahathir said he would hand over power to Anwar within 3 years. What did Mahathir meant by this 'within 3 years', 3 years from now or 3 years from the start of this premiership?

Even then, a 3 year term was not in the deal with Pakatan Rakyat. What is happening, Mahathir going against his words that he would served only two years?

Being cheated by a man once is bad enough but still forgivable. Being cheated by the same man twice is pure foolishness, stupidity.  Would Anwar be cheated by Mahathir a second time? If so, it is not only a matter of stupidity but the lost of his dream of becoming the PM of Malaysia and be forever be the PM in waiting in the history of Malaysia.

Can Mahathir be trusted to live by his words? The way he casually talked about handing over power to Anwar within 3 years is like a thunderbolt to Anwar and his party. Mahathir has secured his premiership and there is no way Anwar could replace him now if Mahathir chooses to stay on for the full term. Within 3 years from now is to serve the full term.

Is this what Malaysian politics is all about, or is this all about Mahathir? Poor Anwar, if history repeats itself.

Vicious Self-Aggrandizement Jews A Bane To China And The Chinese People PART TWO

     In yesterday's ( 27- 06-2019 )     PART   ONE article, it tells how China was lethally exploited by the might of the British enforced illegal Opium Trade and the Opium Wars that brought China to its knees.

Here  PART     TWO  tells how ironically the same inimical Jews in this first decades of the 21st century again try to bring harm to China via the much hated evil white American imperialists, the descendants of the now decrepit British imperialist. Only now the difference is that China is more than able to handle these mafia rogues and gangsters and give them back their own medicine.

The Chinese have not yet  got over the century of shame and humiliation initiated by the Jews and have yet to redress for all the wrongs, sufferings, damages and losses. Yet these same capricious Jews of the 21st century think it is fun to play havoc with China again.

The present very bitter anti-China feelings in America and the West is again initiated by a bunch of American Jewish hooligans. These Jewish American hooligans are able to sneak themselves into positions of power in the American government through scheming and plotting and ingratiation in high places. The American Jews seem to have taken control of the White House, the senate and Congress, the Foreign Office, CIA and The Pentagon as well as the banks and the ministry of trade and finance. The American Jews have openly advocated a policy of confrontation against China to take China down. Some of the main scoundrels in this pack are Paul Wolfowits, Peter Narvarro, John Bolton,Robert Lighthiger, Pompeo, Steve Bannon , Eliot Abrams and many more others.

Both Wolfowitz and Narvarro formulated very strong inimical arrogant policies and doctrines against China. Under Wolfowitz doctrine he demanded USA must prevent China from emerging as a rival power to pose a threat to US dominance. Together with Narvarro and Lighthiger Wolfowitz demanded that US must stop Chjina from industrial development  and prevent China from aspiring a larger regional  or global role. They advocated the necessity for US to take pre-emptive intervention to stop China's rise from threatening US interests or those of its allies. They are committed to the security of Israel too.

Peter Narvarro insists that China must agree to US demands that China carry out a profound overhaul of its economic and industrial policies to avoid challenging US overall supremacy. He talks as if China is a US colony . So China must subject to US dictates and suffer serious disruptions to her economy so that US can have the upper hand to do more evil to China.

Narvarro had written several anti-China books in which the main theme is constantly a call for US and the West to take down China. It is definitely a bugle call for war against China. In each of these books there is a similar emphasis for US and its Western mafia gangs to declare war on China and to take the first pre-emptory strike. He stressed the importance for US to maintain supreme military strength and preparedness and strengthening alliances . He states clearly in detail that US single greatest foreign policy challenge today is that of a "Rising China" and China's challenge to US position in Asia. He accused China of posing a provocative challenge to the status  quo meaning to US predominance and hegemony in Asia and the Pacific Ocean . He claims that the most formidable strategic challenge facing America is how to manage 'Beijing's Rise'  and prevent the creation of a " New Chinese Order ."

He is always in the front line falsely accusing China of a lot of fake things.  He accused China of mercantilist attack on America's industrial and technological bases costing US millions of good paying jobs. This accusation as we know is all imaginary hogwash. He claims China is an expansionist power trying to seize territory from its Asian neighbours  and drive the US out of the Western Pacific. He asserts China is a revisionist powser that wants to neutralise the US in East Asia and supplants it as the regional hegemon.

In making all the above fake accusations he conveniently forgets that China is an aggrieved power with a chip on its shoulder from historic humiliations at the hands of the West, US, Russia and Japan and has a political system that makes it an ideological rival with the US  only heightens the chance of a conflict with America if America conntinues to threaten China with harmful actions to try to contain China.

From the outset of his book 'Crouching Tiger' he has prepared a case for US war against China. He is all for US to declare war on China and he tries to encourage and sway US public opinion in preparedness for US military action and confrontation against China. And with his plodding US propaganda departments in Washington , Pentagon and CIA are constantly printing and disseminating propaganda with lots of lies, half-truths. insinuations, innuendos, misinformation and disinformation to prepare the American people for war against China. He lays out the worst case scenarios for war against China and is calling US to take action against a menacing rival superpowser that is invariably portrayed as assertive and aggressive with evil motives. He does not seem to realize that all these fake accusations reflect on the Evil Empire, the United States itself. 

He ignores the fact that US anti-China hawkish policies have a great impact on China's behaviour. More than 70 years after the end of the Second World War the United States still surround China with military bases in Japan, South Korea, Guam and the Philippines where hundreds of thousands of US troops are stationed. Moreover US has constantly conducted spying operations near China's borders and coastline and has always make clear that "China's authoritarian political system is destined for the scrapheap of history ", implying that US will never cease to give up its plan to destroy China. So how would Narvarro or anyone else expect China to react to a potentially hostile force at her doorstep.

China is indeed fearful of the inimical US postwar security system. China is neither imperialistic nor manipulative as Narvarro's book portrayed. Narvarro twisted facts about Chinese agenda in East Asia and South East Asia and the US Pacific command. 

Narvarro sinisterly alludes to China's hegemonic desire to become a superpower through its military, economic and political policies. He calls for US and its western European allies to take immediate action to address this formidable threat. His evil intention is to arouse Americans' anti-China feelings by focussing on the certainty that America's superiority is being challenged by China.

Britain and the Jews of the 19th and 20th century had impoverished China and caused tremendous harm, suffering and destruction to China while they and the Sassoons and the Europeans and Americans ,parties to the rape of China were awashed with unlimited wealth and splendour derived from the horrific  illegal opium business and opium wars against China.

Ironically in this 21st century the same capricious demonic Jews have once again become a bane to China as they plot and manipulate the United States to go against China in every way. Peter Narvarro and his hordes of hawkish anti-China Jews are representatives and mouth pieces of the the Wall Street Anglo-Saxon  Jewish Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal . Just as the Sassoons reaped horrendous profits of billions of pounds from the Opium War on China , Narvarro and his masters in the Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal hope to reap the same endless billions of dollars in profit if they succeed in creating the Sino-American war. But hopefully this time round China will teach the psychopathic Jews and Americans a painful lesson.

Narvarro and his his anti-China clique must not push their hawkish ideas too far.. Today China is not a push over , China is now rich and powerful a full fledged military nuclear armed power  with well developed economy and well endowed scientific, industrial and technological prowess ready to take on any blind and lunatic adversary.  Moreover China is not alone but has powerful allies in Russia , North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. An attack on China now will culminate in the demise of the United States and Israel.


Friday, 28th June, 2019


Vicious Self-aggrandizement Jews, a bane to China and the Chinese people

                                                           PART          ONE

          The Jews may be a small race but their propensity for doing evils in this world outweighs their small numbers by incalculable geometric figures. They are more venomous than all the poisonous creatures like the cobra, black mamba, viper, rattle snake and the tarantula spider.

Wherever the Jews go they will create choas and problems. The Egyptian pharoahs had to expel them from Egypt more than three thousand years ago to keep the Egyptian throne safe. King Cyrus of Persia was kind enough to send the Jews back to Jerusalem instead of despatching them for good.

Historically they have been very good in self-aggrandizement and ingratiating with local rulers to get themselves fraudulently appointed to positions of power in the government. This deceptive practice has eventually caused undesirable consequences to everybody.

It was claimed that the Jews were the satans behind the scenes in starting the Napoleonic Wars , The First World War and The Second World War. They initiated these wars out of their limitless greed and avarition to profit from these wars when they were able to sell military weapons and hardware to all the warring parties simultaneously without blinking an eye. Indeed they are very good. clever and astute in inciting and fomenting wars among others so long as there is money or profits to make.

The scheming insidious Jews are the source of all wars in the Middle East , Asia and Africa and may be South America. In 2003 , Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney, both Jews in the Bush administration formulated a secret policy for the Pentagon to draft contingency plans for the use of nuclear weapons against seven countries viz Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Syria and China.

The Jews referred to China's national symbol and emblem, The Dragon'  as 'Satan' and called for every nation on earth to join Israel to destroy China

The Jews practise a militant religious doctrine 'The Talmud' which teaches them that they are the chosen race of God and they stand supreme against all other races on earth. Indeed they have always hold other races in contempt as savages or sub-human. Wherever they go they cunningly establish themselves in positions of power by scheming , plotting and by deceit. They elbow themselves  not only in the high places of the political arena but also in the financial, trade and commerce sectors as well as holding a strangle hold on the mass media the TV, newspapers and journals where they freely propagate fake and distorted news, lies, half-truths, misinformation and disinformation.

The Jews have no qualms in manipulating and pitting other countries to fight and destroy themselves so long as they can survive by not involving themselves directly in destructive wars. The Jews control  the American Central bank, The Federal Reserves, the British central bank, The Bank of England as well as many of the  central banks of Europe and the world. In 1972 the American Jew, Henry Kissinger, secreatary of state to President Nixon plotted the PetroDollar which enables America to hold the world in financial bondage and hostage subservient to American financial manipulation, squeeze and control. With the effective control of the PetroDollar America has been able to hold the whole world to ransom through sanctions, tariffs and blockades.

The Jews have always been a bane to China and the Chinese people.

In the 19th and first half of the  20th century the Jews were instrumental in plodding the British and the Europeans to attack China. They were able to influence the British army to fight for them as mercenaries in the Opium Wars of 1839-1840 and 1858-1860. Ironically in this 21st century these same inimical Jews are now again plotting to get the United States to attack China, to declare war on China under the most whimsical reasons.

It was the British Jews who for the sake of making illicit opium money from China initiated the illegal opium trade on China. The Chinese government had banned the trading of opium, a life destroying drug.

A notorious Jew, David Sassoon, a financial criminal fugitive escapee from Baghdad, Iraq was responsible for initiating the illicit opium trade that led to the Opium War against China. David's father Saleh Sassoon was a banker and treasurer to Ahmed Pasha the governor of Baghdad. Thus Saleh Sassoon was holding a very high influential position. In 1829 Saleh Sassoon and Ahmed Pasha were indicted for corruption and Pasha was overthrown . However Saleh Sassoon and his family fled to Bombay, British India. As he was able to line up the pockets of British officials in India with his bountiful wealth , the British government soon granted the Sassoons monopoly rights to all manufactured catton goods, silk and most important opium.

However, China did not want the cotton that Sassoon wanted to trade and would only accept payment in silver dollars for her tea. Other than tea China was not interested in trading with England for any other thing.

As the British government under Queen Victoria did not want to use the country's reserves of gold or silver in buying tea so David Sassoon treacherously advised the British government to force China to open up China for opium trade though they knew that China had banned opium trading in the country.

In order to boost the illicit and illegal opium trade David Sassoon forced the farmers in Bengal to stop farming food and turned to growing opium poppies. As Sassoon's opium business flourished he was appointed a member and director of the British East India Company, a firm owned and run by the Rothschild's Jews in London.

The illicit opium business was so successful that the tax the company paid to England was more than enough to pay for all the English wars between 1831 and 1905.

Opium was a Jewish Business" and the Jews had an almost total monopoly of the illicit opium trade in China. As his opium business expanded in China David Sassoon placed his eight sons in charge of the various opium exchanges in China. Other than his sons he also employed other Jews in his business. He imported whole family of Jews from England and all over Europe and put them to work.Then he built synagogues and schools for the Jewish community wherever he might place them.

As the Sassoons were British subjects their illegal opium business had the full protection of the British government, especially the then British prime minister Palmerstone himself was a Jew. With the rich opium trade the Sassoons were credited as great developers of British India while ignoring and forgetting the fact that their vile opium trade caused the great destruction and impoverishment of the Chinese nation.

As the scourge of opium was getting too rampant on the Chinese population and nation the Chinese government decided to take some strong action against the illegal opium business. In 1839, the Chinese commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse-hsu confiscated 2000 chests of Sassoon's opium and threw them into the river. David Sssoon was outraged and demanded Great Britain retaliate. As the Sassoon family had married into the Rothschild family who had controlled the English economy and had great influence in the British government the demand had powerful Jewish backers in England.

The Opium Wars began with the British army fighting as mercenaries of the Sassoons. They attacked cities and blockaded ports. The Chinese army decimated by more than a decade of rampant opium addiction was no match for the British army. The war ended with the Treaty of Nanking which legalized Sassoon's right to enslave the whole Chinese population with opium. China had to compensate the Sassoon's millions of pounds for the opium confiscated and destroyed by  Lin Tse-hsu. China had to pay England a war indemnity of several million pounds. In addition China had to accede to British demand for territorial sovereignty for the British Crown over several  designated offshore islands in which Hong Kong was one of them. Thus with the protection of this outrageous treaty the Sassoons were able to use the British army to forcefully drug the entire Chinese nation.

As the British pile up more unreasonable demands, the Chinese resisted. This resulted in Palmerston declaring the Second Opium War of 1858-1860. At the end of the war Palmerstone demanded the right of the British to trade opium in  the whole of China's interior .  China had to pay a bigger war indemnity than the last one and in addition China had to open several more additional Chinese ports and cities for England to occupy and conduct the opium trade.

Not happy with just imposing these new outrageous terms , Palmerstone showed great hatred and derision of the Chinese by leading a pack of western powers inclusive of US, France, Russia, Germany, Holland, Italy  and Japan to loot and burn down the prestigeous Chinese Palace Garden , the "Yuanmingyuan."

                                                   END     OF     PART     ONE


27th June, 2019

Inflation or money not enough

Parking fines to increase by as much as 40%. Illegal parking fines for vehicles would be raised from $50 to $70, an increase of $20 or 40%. Parking fines for not putting parking coupons, time gaps, delays, over parking, tailgating at ERPs etc etc all raised.

The last revision was in 1991, so long ago. Inflation must be the reason after so long never raise. Everything goes up, so parking fines must also go up. It is the natural order of things or else how to increase salaries?
Or is this another sign that money is not enough for the govt, and this is another area to squeeze more money for the govt to pay bigger salaries, bonuses, increments or some may say, lose money in long term investments?

We have several hundred billions under GIC, Temasek and MAS’s management invested for higher returns. If the net return is 4%, not miraculous 15% or whatever, for every $100b we should get $4b back. For $800b, my estimate, could be more AUM, we should be getting $32b in ROI. I am talking about net, after less salaries, bonuses and other costs, this is not small change.

Why still so desperate for small change like raising fees, fines, and anything that can be raised? And toying with more CPF schemes? The flogging of the CPF horse is a dangerous and desperate move. Anytime this horse may be flogged to death.

According to thenewpaper report, between the years 2016-18 average annual illegal parking notices issued was 260,800. Even at $100 per piece, it would be $26m only. Really small change and after knocking off salaries and other cost, there is nothing much left. The only good thing is that it creates more parking attendant jobs.

A housewife, Mrs Alice Lim, was quoted to welcome the news of the increase, higher fines mean less parking offences. Brilliant thinking, just like you know who. Who would have this kind of thinking? What’s wrong with fines? What’s wrong with collecting more money when the people are so happy to be fined, and to pay and pay?

To make motorists and Sinkies happy, the fines should be higher. Then everyone would be saying, see lesser parking offences. Not sure if this is a way the non motorists are going after the car owners.
Inflation or money not enough

Parking fines to increase by as much as 40%. Illegal parking fines for vehicles would be raised from $50 to $70, an increase of $20 or 40%. Parking fines for not putting parking coupons, time gaps, delays, over parking, tailgating at ERPs etc etc all raised.

The last revision was in 1991, so long ago. Inflation must be the reason after so long never raise. Everything goes up, so parking fines must also go up. It is the natural order of things or else how to increase salaries?
Or is this another sign that money is not enough for the govt, and this is another area to squeeze more money for the govt to pay bigger salaries, bonuses, increments or some may say, lose money in long term investments?

We have several hundred billions under GIC, Temasek and MAS’s management invested for higher returns. If the net return is 4%, not miraculous 15% or whatever, for every $100b we should get $4b back. For $800b, my estimate, could be more AUM, we should be getting $32b in ROI. I am talking about net, after less salaries, bonuses and other costs, this is not small change.

Why still so desperate for small change like raising fees, fines, and anything that can be raised? And toying with more CPF schemes? The flogging of the CPF horse is a dangerous and desperate move. Anytime this horse may be flogged to death.

According to thenewpaper report, between the years 2016-18 average annual illegal parking notices issued was 260,800. Even at $100 per piece, it would be $26m only. Really small change and after knocking off salaries and other cost, there is nothing much left. The only good thing is that it creates more parking attendant jobs.

A housewife, Mrs Alice Lim, was quoted to welcome the news of the increase, higher fines mean less parking offences. Brilliant thinking, just like you know who. Who would have this kind of thinking? What’s wrong with fines? What’s wrong with collecting more money when the people are so happy to be fined, and to pay and pay?

To make motorists and Sinkies happy, the fines should be higher. Then everyone would be saying, see lesser parking offences. Not sure if this is a way the non motorists are going after the car owners.


Singapore must not be dragged into another war in the Middle East

The world’s number one warmonger is again busily trying to build another coalition to start a war with Iran. After raising tension in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, the Evil Empire is telling the world that the region is unsafe for shipping and the ships must be protected. Protected by who and against who?

From the recent spate of false flag incidents when tankers were attacked by American fabricated incidents, it is crystal clear that the tankers were attacked by the Americans and used as excuses for American naval forces to protect them. They started the fire and asking for payments as the fire fighters.

Freedom of navigation is paramount, tweeted the American gangster Pompeo. Actually other than some African or Somali pirates, the region is fairly safe, definitely no risk of being attacked by the Iranians. It is in the interest of the Iranians to keep the region safe as they are a major exporter of oil. Only troublemakers like the Americans would want to raise tension in the region and invited themselves in as the policeman.
And mind you, this is not for free. All the ships in passing the region have to pay protection money to the Americans. The Americans are roping in other countries, calling it a coalition, but really a bunch of gangsters demanding protection money or their ships would be attacked by them. The American gangsters have created another new phrase, ‘proactive deterrence’, for a group of willing or unwilling nations to provide material and financial resources to do the American bidding as partners of a high sea gangsters, collecting protection money or else.

Let’s hope Singapore is wise enough this time and not be arm twisted to be another gangster and has its hands dirtied and bloodied. Singapore does not have to be an unwilling gangster of the high seas. Singapore has choices, can train anywhere else, can buy arms from elsewhere, even in China if the Americans close down our training bases in the US. We can close down Changi Naval Base to the Americans. The Americans have no other alternative choice, there is no place safe and convenient and strategic like Singapore for the Americans to park their war machine. Where else can the Americans go other than Singapore?

Singapore must stand firm on this, no more being a member of an international mafia and accomplice to international crimes against humanity.


When money 'chiat buay leow'

I was most impressed that Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Chairman and CEO of Genting Malaysia, has announced during an AGM on 19 June 2019 that he will be voluntarily taking a 20% pay cut in the face of an increased in gaming taxes from 25% to 35% and a decline in business performance.
That was not wayang. There was no need for him to wayang. That was true Leadership. A 20% pay cut will translate to about RM$10 million.

Now, look at the PAP government. Not too long ago, Goh Chok Tong even had the audacity and cheek to publicly lamented that PAP Ministers are not paid enough despite them getting from our taxpayers, in a very small population, the highest political salaries anywhere in the world!

To add insult to injury, he was also quoted as saying that those who earn under S$500,000 annually in the private sector are mediocre. Senior Counsel Edwin Tong was quoted that his many tens of thousands of dollars in monthly political salaries were also tough on him because he has to support his in-laws too etc. I wonder if he is aware that there are too many married men out there earning much, much lesser than him and are also supporting their in-laws too?....

The above is part of an article posted in TRE by Simon Lim. It reflects on the hypocrisies and realities of people with too much money and some crying money not enough while some knew that it is near insanity to keep wanting more. Sure, the more the merrier, so many said so. Who want not want to have more money?

The pursuit of money for the sake of money, or to have more money than your neighbour would lead to no end. There would come a time when people get an awakening and realise enough is enough. Maybe those with so much money need not feel shameful that their neighbours are earning many times more, need not have to compare with others that are earning millions everyday.

Many people really have money chiat buay leow, depending on their lifestyle, that they could do something more interesting in their lives, more meaning and satisfying than chasing for more money.

Lim Kok Thay is one of them, so is Donald Trump. And there are many in China, including those in top political office and the new rich that regard national pride more than anything else.

When money not enough, it is fair and normal to want more, but up to a point when more money could become quite meaningless in the sense of diminishing return, so much more for what?

When one has only 20 or so years to live, many only a handful of years to live, how much more is needed when one already have millions and dunno what to do with the money?

And there is Mr Oon of Tian Tian Lai chicken rice stall at Maxwell. He also has money chiat buay leow in his own way. Different people have different definition of money chiat buay leow. Some earning millions and still money not enough. Read this as reported in theindependent.sg,

Singapore—Kindness and support come in many ways indeed. For one food stall owner, helping the country’s elderly comes in the form of 100 free plates of Hainanese chicken rice every Wednesday for seniors of the Pioneer Generation, Singaporeans born on or before December 31, 1949.

“The government does it their way, I do my own”, said Mr Oon who owns Uncle Sky (Tian Tian Lai) Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre, stalls #01 and 02.

Not only that, Mr Oon does his part for the Merdeka Generation as well. Every single day, both the Merdeka and the Pioneer Generation are given a whopping 50 per cent discount on the chicken rice dish at his stall. This means, instead of paying S$3, the members of the Pioneer and Merdeka Generations only pay S$1.50 for a delicious meal.

Seniors get a numbered card with which they can claim their meal at Tian Tian Lai—a card that allows them to have not just one but two meals a day.

Mr Oon says he will make the daily discount available until “the stall is no longer around”.


Black Day in DBS Vickers - How can there be trust?

Sanjay Perera  - Is this how trust is built?

'In a speech on ‘Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Governance’ ‘PM’ wannabe Mr Heng said some interesting things. He states:

“By drawing diverse ideas and perspectives to explore issues, experimenting with possible solutions, finding common grounds, we can overcome challenges and seize opportunities together.”
Indeed, through insisting that different voices in parliament from alternative parties is not a good thing (unless he no longer mouths the ruling party’s monolithic chant of ‘One Party To Rule Them All’), he cannot possibly mean what he is saying.

Since he wholeheartedly supports the shameless Fake News laws he cannot be serious in what he asserts....

To allow Dishonourables to cling onto office, to bully citizens, to stifle dissent and alternative views, to proudly proclaim yourself a price-is-right-politician who is reluctant to serve without the right monetary incentives: if that is not a sign of the dark souls that have taken over government, what is?...'

The above was posted in TRE by Sanjay Perera.

I  would like to mention only two points. Until everyone gets his/her CPF savings back, not hijacked by all kinds of schemes, can see but cannot touch, when you borrow from your CPF for some extenuating situation, you still have to pay interest, even if you are pass 55, or about to die, in your 60s, 70s, 80s etc etc... where can there be trust?

Secondly, I have just experienced what bullying citizens, stifling dissent and alternative views, etc etc meant. Just ask the remisiers in DBS Vickers what they have gone through and they would share the same feelings...it is darkness without a sign of light.

How can there be trust? How can there be, to quote Heng Swee Kiat, 'explore issues, experimenting with possible solutions, finding common grounds, we can overcome challenges and seize opportunities together'.

Does Swee Kiat or Hsien Loong know what is happening in DBS Vickers? Do they know that there was a Black Day in DBS Vickers during a townhall meeting last week when everyone wore black?


North Korea - What the West did not want you to see or know


The above is a short 3 minute clip of Xi Jinping's recent visit to North Korea. What is interesting is to note the infrastructure of North Korea, roads, buildings and the people, what they are wearing, the common folks and their residents etc etc.

Are these the images of a poor country suffering from famine and abject poverty that the evil West want you to believe in? The West have been spreading their white lies about North Korean since the end of the Korean War, imposing trade sanctions and conducting military exercises threatening to invade North Korea. They hope to destroy North Korea. And if they are unable to, they spread white lies to make others think North Korea is about to habis, finito.

Do not believe in white lies. Open your own eyes to see the truth, things that the West did not want you to know. Be liberated from the oppression of western imperialism.

PS. Listen to this American introducing a China made phone, One Plus, in Mandarin in America, so fluent and eloquent. 5 min clip.


Poor America and poor Americans

If you listen to the narratives of Donald Trump, Americans, you would believe that the Americans are being raped by China. So pitiful. If you listen to Trish Regan, China is taking advantage of the Americans, China is bullying the poor Americans and the Americans are so cornered that they have to fight back. The poor victim, the Americans are being bullied by the Chinese!

Similarly, they moved more than a hundred thousand troops tens of thousands of miles to the Straits of Hormuz to be threatened and bullied by the Iranians. The Americans are so frightened of the Iranians, that the Iranians are going to attack them, attacking commercial shipping, shooting down American drones. Why are American drones flying around Iran, on holiday, freedom of flying drones?

How many of you believe in these shits? The biggest rogue nation, the biggest bully in the world, the biggest gangsters in the world, is being bullied by a militarily weaker country called China and Iran? Who is the real big bully? Who is the one that has been doing the bully then and now?

The Americans are losing their way. The Americans have forgotten the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty? Heard of the accusation and pronouncement that Huawei is guilty of espionage against the US and the rest of the world? Or at least it could happen, that Huawei may be doing it under the behest of the Chinese govt in the future, in the future not now, no evidence to prove so? So Huawei is guilty and Americans and their allies cannot do business with Huawei, before Huawei has been proven to be guilty of the alleged crime made out by the Americans.

China is a thief, China is stealing intellectual properties from the Americans. The Americans are hapless and lost everything to China. And oh, the Americans are no thief, they don’t steal, they don’t spy on others? Remember what Pompeo said in Congress, 'We lie, we cheat, we steal!'. He said this with pride and to the cheers of the American leaders in Congress.

China is stealing American intellectual properties amounting to US$600b! Is there anything left in the US that is not stolen? Did the Americans lay out their secrets and IPs for the Chinese to steal? And China is launching an all out war against the Americans. Now who has been spreading all the lies and smears about China in the world media for more than a century and still doing it today, daily, 24/7? 

Read all the western media, even Singapore media reproduced western and American authors badmouthing China. Did anyone read any similar articles in the main media smearing and bad mouthing Americans except in mysingaporenews that is just doing that little bit against the main media of the western and English world?

Who is badmouthing BRI, AIIB, who is attacking Huawei and 5G technology, who is sending hostile offensive aircraft and warships into the South China Sea, infringing into the 12 nautical miles territorial limits of Chinese islands, into the Gulf of Oman, threatening WW3?

Poor America and Americans, being bullied and beaten by China, China, China! God please help this poor big bully being bullied by China. God please protect this Evil Empire from being raped by China. China is so bad to bully this big bully and Evil Empire.

Really? Who is bullying who? Who dares to bully the world’s number one bully?
Oh, China is a Communist country, Communism is bad, bad, bad. Only liberal democracy is good, good.

Just heard Pompeo said the American people has suffered and lost for decades under the current rules. Who set these rules, the Chinese? Who dictated trade rules for the world under the American Empire? The Americans are saying they set the rules and forcing others, including China to accept their rules and they are suffering from their rules.

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump said on Friday (Jun 21) he aborted a military strike to retaliate for Iran's downing of an unmanned US drone because it could have killed 150 people, and signaled he was open to talks with Tehran.
An Iranian surface-to-air missile destroyed a US Global Hawk surveillance drone on Thursday. Tehran said the drone was shot down over its territory and Washington said it occurred in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/trump-us-strike-iran-casualties-drone-11650558


Let’s talk massacre Part IV

Below extracts were written by Richard Spencer in Seoul from telegraph.co.uk

Korean War civilian massacres, Daejeon Massacre Busan Massacre Namyang Ju Massacre Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Authorities in the country have discovered mass burial sites containing thousands of bodies, including scores of children.

Trawls of records including declassified files in Washington have uncovered evidence of the massacres of at least 100,000 people suspected of having sympathy with the North Koreans.

In some cases, American forces are alleged to have been present and in at least one case an American officer authorised a massacre of prisoners believed to have left-wing sympathies.
The Korean War, in which South Korean, American, British and other allied forces fought the North and their Chinese allies to a standstill, was particularly bloody….

But under the South's military dictatorship, the crimes of its own forces were rarely discussed. The new findings suggest there was a pattern of disposing of those suspected of left-wing sympathies as the North Koreans advanced, and then again of those who were accused of collaborating as they retreated….
When the South Koreans and Americans army swept back north, a local police chief in their district, Namyang Ju, ordered those suspected of collaborating to be rounded up, along with their families.

The massacre in Namyang Ju was eventually brought to a halt, but not before 460 had died – one of many such killings documented in painful detail by the Commission.

Research in US archives has found one exchange in which a US colonel gives approval to a massacre in which 3,500 suspected leftists were shot….

The white American angels never commit massacres, only the coloured people?
See the lies they are spreading now to justify the massacre of Iranians, amassing more than 100,000 troops around Iran with two aircraft carriers and lying to the world that Iranians are threatening to attack American forces and Iranians are raising tension in the region. See the false flag incidents they started and putting the blame on the Iranians....


Can retailers sell cheaper that producers of electricity?

How can electricity retailers offer cheaper electricity than SP Group?

Retailers in the Open Electricity Market are either the retail arm of power generators or independent retailers which buy electricity in bulk from power generation companies in a wholesale market where prices change every 30 minutes depending on demand and supply....

Retailers are also able to customise price plans, including the bundling of other services or products, and can impose contract lock-in periods or early termination charges....

As with energy markets overseas, several retailers are likely to be successful in the long run, said Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar, executive director of the Energy Research Institute at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University.

Companies have to innovate and offer differentiated services in order to adapt as the market evolves, he added...

The prices offered by retailers will change as the underlying cost of energy changes.

“While price may seem the most important factor for now, consumers must understand that lower prices today are not a given in the long term regardless of whether you stay on the current scheme or change to a new retailer,” said Geneco’s Mr Low.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/how-do-electricity-retailers-charge-lower-prices-than-sp-group-11208792

The above extracts from Channel News Asia were used as explanation for the recent intiatitves to have more alternative retailers selling 'cheaper' power to the users. One simple question, if the retailers can sell cheaper without the production processes and cost, why can't the producers of electricity sell at the same price as the retailers or even cheaper? The retailers now have excess cost in marketing and sales that needs to be paid and can sell cheaper? This is an economic miracle. The added manpower must be added cost, cannot be free, must come from somewhere. And the retailers are not charity organisations, they can sell cheaper and make a profit?

Another strange thing from the discussion is the cost of natural gas that was used to produce the energy and the computation of the selling price that included oil prices that were not part of the production cost. Slimy isn't it? Read this,

'The energy cost, or cost of imported natural gas, is tied to oil prices by commercial contracts, which change depending on global market conditions. It is based on the average price of oil and the average SGD/USD exchange rate in the previous quarter.'

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/how-do-electricity-retailers-charge-lower-prices-than-sp-group-11208792

And here is another report made in different circumstances, the failure of Hyflux in its entry into energy production to highlight how much the price of gas has fallen, meaning lower production cost, but not much of this benefit was transferred to the retail users.

'Due to oversupply of gas in the market, the projected reserve margin for electricity demand in Singapore increased to 70 per cent in 2017 from 30 per cent in 2011, it said. The reserve margin measures the excess capacity at peak electricity demand.

This resulted in the fall of the wholesale electricity price.

"The average wholesale electricity price has dropped from about SGD220 per MWh in 2011 when the Tuaspring project was awarded to an average of SGD81 per MWh in 2017, resulting in significant losses from electricity generation," the letter said.'

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/olivia-lum-deeply-saddened-investors-sias-dividends-salary-11247804

If we put all these facts together, it means that the producer of energy has gained a lot of savings from lower gas prices and they could sell energy to the people at a very cheaper price than it is. There is no need to have more retailers, with more marketing and sales costs, to sell energy cheaper to the consumers. Right?

What do you think is the scheme of things?

'An elderly woman who lived near me met me at the bus stop.
She said – Mr. Tan, I agree with what you wrote about the retail electricity supply. As an elderly person, I do not know what to do choose my electricity supplier. Why don’t the government just get Singapore Power to reduce the electricity price, instead of asking us to look for our supplier. I find life to be very complicated....

I also read that some electricity suppliers are exiting the market, because it is too costly and too wasteful to be marketing the supply.
What a wasteful practice. What an incompetent government.'
Tan Kin Lian


Nathan Rich – Hongkongers protest for the sake of protesting

As a responsible government, I feel obliged to find a way to deal with the Taiwan murder case so that justice can be done for the deceased, her parents and society, while at the same time address the deficiencies in our system so that Hong Kong will not become a place for criminals to evade legal responsibility. 
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/carrie-lam-hong-kong-speech-extradition-bill-in-full-11630390
The above is Carrie Lam's comment in her long speech on the Extradition Bill that has since been suspended due to the street protest. Nathan Rich, an American working in China gave a more detail explanation for the Extradition Bill and the irrational Hongkongers protesting against this Bill.

In Nathan King’s video on the recent protest in Hong Kong against the Extradition Bill, he explained it clearly the reasons for this Bill. Nathan Rich is an American, a creative tech nerd working in China. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCokRDKR89c

In short, the Bill came about when a Hongkonger brought his girl friend to Taiwan, murdered her, put her into her luggage bag and dragged it out of the hotel. He subsequently disposed her body and returned to Hong Kong to brag about it. The Taiwanese could not bring him back to face murder charges due to a lack of extradition treaty between Taiwan and Hong Kong. Though the crime was committed in Taiwan, I am puzzled why Hong Kong could not prosecute him.

This is the story that led to the Extradition Bill proposed and initiated by the Hong Kong govt, not by China. Initially there were a lot of opposition just like the Huawei and anything related to China, it is bad, can be bad, could be bad. The strongest critic by an anti China lawyer for fear of this new law being abused for political prosecution eventually accepted the Bill after several provisions were included against such possibilities. The Bill will not be used for political prosecution etc etc.

Still the protest went on and such a big scale. Why, the Hongkongers could not understand the Bill, protest for the sake of protesting, just being anti China when the Bill was proposed by the Hong Kong govt to ensure that justice is done and criminals would not get away from their crimes, or there is something more sinister to the protest, instigated by foreign elements?

As Nathan has said, this is an irrational protest, creating irrational chaos. This is lawlessness and the law is supreme against lawless people. There is no excuse to engage in lawlessness.

I agree that the protestors should be put down. All the baseless allegations cannot hold water in this case about abuses, just like the American dubious allegations against Huawei is mischievous.

Protesting against this Bill is saying, murder, crimes by Hongkongers overseas are ok and should not be prosecuted. The Hongkongers are protecting their criminals from foreign prosecution.

If this is not obstruction to justice what is?  What do you think?