Ukraine targeting Putin and Russian leaders

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on Ukraine’s kill list, the deputy chief of the country’s intelligence agency has revealed. Vadim Skibitsky added that his subordinates are also hunting down top Russian military commanders.

Speaking to Germany’s Die Welt media outlet on Wednesday, Skibitsky was asked whether his service is trying to assassinate the Russian head of state. The Ukrainian official replied by saying that President Putin “notices that we’re getting ever closer to him.”

According to Skibitsky, the Ukrainian intelligence service has failed to kill Putin because he “stays holed up,” but added that the Russian commander-in-chief “is now beginning to stick his head out.”

When he does appear publicly, however, the intelligence agency is “not sure whether it’s really him,” Skibitsky insisted.

He added that his subordinates were “trying to kill” Yevgeny Prighozhin, the head of the Wagner private military company.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov have also been marked for elimination by the Ukrainian intelligence service, its deputy chief claimed. RT

Ukraine is publicly admitting and announcing that they are trying to kill Putin and several Russian leaders. On the other hand Putin had spoken to the media and on record that he would not target Zelensky. Now that the Ukrainian position is out in the open, would Putin change his mind and do what the Ukrainians are doing, wanting to kill him and other Russian leaders?

It would be stupid for Putin to tie his own hands when his enemies are trying all means and opportunities to want him dead, to want his peers dead. When the devil strikes, why should decent men act silly and allow the devil to kill him and he did not want to kill the devil?

What do you think? Would it be better to kill a few Ukrainian leaders to let them know Putin could do the same and the Ukrainians better stop their foolishness? Putin needs to act to protect himself and other Russian leaders by decisive actions. Not doing anything is inviting himself and Russian leaders to be killed at will by the Ukrainians and the West, with the latter passing the buck to the Ukrainians.

PS. Russia has targeted the headquarters of the Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) in Kiev, President Vladimir Putin confirmed on Tuesday.

“We’ve been talking about the possibility of striking the ‘decision-making centers.’ Naturally, Ukraine’s military intelligence headquarters falls into such a category, and it was hit two or three days ago,” Putin stated.  RT

America's biggest export is going down the sewers

 The decline of the American Empire is never more vivid than what is happening to its once huge economy. It was the biggest manufacturers of cars but wiped out by the Japanese. Now almost all the obsolete cars of Ford, GM and Chrysler are Made In China, and about to close and move out with sales disappearing, made irrelevant by China's EVs. The semiconductor industries were exported and only chip designing left standing. The Americans have a 5 year lead just recently but within 2 years, China has caught up and now running ahead with photonic and quantum chip technology leading the Americans. What is so great about 3nm, 1nm chips?

What else is left of America's great export and big income earners? Boeing is crippled and nursing its wound after the failure of Super Max, the killer machine. Who would dare to buy Boeing as a passenger airliner? China, America's biggest buyer of commercial aircraft is buying French Airbus and also making its own. The days of Boeing is also coming to an end. 

Oh, there is still the sports shoes like Nike and iPhones. How long would they last? Nike is no longer Made In America, anywhere except America. And the iPhones days are limited when the industry is hitting saturation point in everything, mobile phone tech, sales, etc all reaching diminishing return. Further, Chinese mobile phones are getting better and cheaper and gaining market share. The iPhones would soon join the Motorolas and Nokias, abandoned and forgotten.

And yes, there is the great war industry for the country that makes war its main business. The more wars the Americans created, the more wars fester, the better the war business. But the world is getting wiser. Who wants to go to war except for the bloodthirsty savages and the deranged mobsters? Ukraine could be the last war on earth though the Americans are working very hard to set up another war in Taiwan. Would the Chinese allow this to happen, to die fighting all because of the American's provocation? Africa, the Middle East, Asia, SE Asia and Latin America and the rest of the world are as peaceful as you can get for once. Except for Sudan and Algeria, the African continent has never enjoy so much peace. So is the Middle East with the exception of the pogrom in Gaza in the Palestine and the American invaders in Syria.

When there is world peace, the American war industry will go out of business. They are fortunate to have the Europeans so willing to fight and die in Ukraine, wasting their valuable resources and funds, and diverting attention from their economies. Good for the American war industry to have one last go at manufacturing more weapons to blow up in Ukraine.  The world should wish the Ukrainians and Europeans well on this last war. Keep it going, just keep it in Europe.

But there is still one big export item that is still alive, but not for long. The biggest export item that is supporting the American economy, other than the war industry, is the sale of the greenback. The Americans have been the biggest exporter of this monopoly money for 6 decades, selling pieces of paper for real money. They could have continue to enjoy exporting these toilet papers for many more years to come if not because of their own stupidity. No matter who or what China and Russia could not, they could not change the special position the American dollar has in the world economy. There is no way to discredit the dollar and bring it down, except...

Only with the help and assistance of stupid and traitorous Americans can the dollar be destroyed. Yes, the jokers in Washington and the White House did it. They have destroyed the credibility and reliability of the dollar completely. Thank goodness, this is a path of no return. And an alternative has been found and will be launched in a few months to drive the final nail into the coffin of the American dollar for good.

The biggest and greatest American export, the greenback, is going to be flushed down the sewers and the end of the evil American Empire will be done with, without firing a shot. This is a war that the Americans have been blindsided, did not see it coming, did not think it will come. But it is coming.

Putin said: You want to play wargames? Lets play with real stuff

Ever wonder why the Chinese Defence Minister, Li Shangfu, refused to meet US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, on the sidelines of the annual defence forum in Singapore? Li knows it is a sheer waste of time, because the USA follows their own rules which others are not privy to be included. Moreover, what they may agree upon, is not certain to be followed when Austin turns around.
Just like USA/UK leaders and journalist prodding South African leaders, as a member of ICC, that it has an obligation to arrest Putin, when he attends the BRICS meeting in August in Cape Town. South African leaders questioned if the ICC or anyone had arrested George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Madelene Albright or Tony Blair over war crimes in Iraq, based on fabricated evidence and murdering millions of innocent women and children. Whenever faced with that question, they tried desperately to interrupt, wriggle away and talk about other issues. So, it was all double standards we are talking about, and the USA and the West thinks the world is dumb enough not to see through their devious ploy.

I believe Putin is now not interested in talks about Ukraine with the USA. He has the upper hand and is not going to be dictated to with false pretences, that were never meant to be followed. Moreover, Putin has warned that Russia, till now, has not yet started with and become serious with Ukraine. That is a strong warning.

And Russia is now playing hardball, by stationing nukes in Belarus and telling those who are with them, that Russia is free to provide them nukes as well. That is a game changer. Nukes in Cuba, Venzuela, Nicaragua and Syria will change the global geopolitical game. Iran may just go ahead with its nuclear program that had been hanging in the balance, without even Russian help.

On a seperate note, North Korea is sending up a 'spy satellite' to monitor USA naval movements around the region, and Japan is threatening to shoot it down, with missiles on the ready in Okinawa. You see how militant the Japanese are nowadays. Japan is trying to resurrect their collapse Empire dream by threatening China, Russia and North Korea, thinking that Satan is behind their back. Japan has not learnt its lesson, even with two nuclear strikes and is asking for more.


China must not trust ASML - it is also anti China

China must not be distracted by the antics of ASML and maintain a steady path towards the development of its own high end EUV or other chip manufacturing process machines. ASML will crumble in its strategy the moment the USA exerts some pressure on it. Therefore, relying on ASML now, and pulling back on investments in EUV or other chip process developments in high end chips production is a fatal mistake. China must be self reliant, no two ways about it.
ASML had long looked down on China's ability to produce its own high end EUV machines, with the ASML CEO gloatingingly and sarcastically saying that even if ASML gives China the blueprints, China will never be able to do it. Well, China is not just trying to make EUV machines, but is exploring and developing other processes beside EUV to make high end chips eventually. And the Chinese Government is pouring huge resources to make sure it succeeds.

Lately, of course, he changed his tune and said that China's progress in chip machinery development is faster than he expected. When China succeeds in high end chip machinery development, the days of reckoning for ASML will be ugly. Orders for ASML EUV machines from TSMC, Samsung and others will fall, when the Chinese market is totally gone for them, when China manages to make its own high end chip machines to produce chips for its domestic market. Who needs to buy more EUV machines with a market for chips getting smaller without China?



US won't tolerate China's ban on Micron?

DETROIT: The United States "won't tolerate" China's effective ban on purchases of Micron Technology memory chips and is working closely with allies to address such "economic coercion", US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on Saturday (May 27).  CNA

The above are the words of a deranged American politician. And she is not alone. In fact you can count practically every one in Congress and the White House as well. They believe that they are the evil Empire that can bully everyone in the whole world with their economic coercion, sanctions and wars. No one can retaliate or do the same to the evil American Empire. 

They have used unfair and unscrupulous means to attack China and Chinese companies, especially the Chinese tech companies that they are losing out and cannot compete with. They used all kinds of underhand tactics and false logic to ban Chinese companies, even resorting to arrest Meng Wanzhou, Chinese senior executive from Huawei. Such baseless and criminal acts were fair games to the gangsters in Washington and the White House.

China has said enough is enough. There is no point wasting time and effort with crooks and scoundrels. The only language these gangsters understand is tit for tat. China would be pulling out more American companies and ban them from doing business in China. Period. No more need to explain or being courteous to rogues pretending to be national leaders.

There will be more to come. Both can play the same game. It would be better for China to totally decouple with the American and European economies and see who will survive the aftermath. Chinese products are cheap and good and welcome all over the world. The American products are expensive and nothing much better than Chinese goods and would not be competitive. Without China and Chinese consumers, who is going to buy American and European products?

China should tell them good riddance. The American businesses can only blame themselves for being hostile to China, wanting to earn Chinese money and wanting to play rough and behave like gangsters against China. A time must come when the decoupling would be complete. Only China friendly businesses would be allowed to operate in China. 

Then we will see how the rest of the silly and cocky American and European businesses go about selling their overpriced and not too good products to the global South. We shall see the results pretty fast.

Come on America, ban more Chinese companies and see how many more American companies would be banned. China too would not tolerate your bullying and nonsense. Time for China to kick asses.

Putin showing his middle finger to the Americans, so is South Africa

Russia is going to checkmate the USA's warmongering agenda. Russia just announced that it is going to spread nukes to countries joining the Russia/Belarus union. Not a second too soon for that. What the USA can do, Russia has every right and motivation to do it. If Putin said that he is going to spread nukes, you can be sure he will do it. Russia already deployed nukes in Belarus, the first country being given the honour, and that tells us Putin is not joking.
The USA already had nukes in many European states deployed slyly to confront Russia (who else), now going to give Australia nuclear submarines, also slyly just being claimed to be nuclear powered, but will become nuclear enabled in time. Those submarines have been gloatingly touted as a counter to China's influence in East Asia. I suppose China must have been declaring war on those Pacific Islanders day and night, that they needed the USA's protection. On the contrary, I think there will indeed be wars galore with the devil in their midst.

Russia could now do the same by deploying nukes in Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, Venzuela and Iran (not that it needed help) for a start. China, Iran and South Africa no longer needs to be concerned about USA threats and sanctions over accusations that they are helping Russia in Ukraine. They 'may' be doing it covertly, but now they can do it overtly without restraint, since the USA is adamant in dragging them into the fray by hook or by crook.

The USA even demanded that South Africa produce documents to show them what is being shipped on a vessel, Lady R, a vessel sanctioned by the West, when it docked in a port in South Africa's Simon Town Naval Base, where it loaded some cargoes.

Things are getting ugly in relations between South Africa and the USA, particularly over the BRICS coming meeting in August, over the call by the ICC to South Africa, as a member of ICC, to arrest Putin for war crimes in Ukraine, when he is expected to be there to attend the summit, a call which has been brushed aside by South African leaders.

South Africa also ignored previously the ICC's call to arrest the former wanted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in 2015. South African leaders are asking why did not anyone arrest George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donalds Rumsfeld and Tony Blair for war crimes in Iraq, using 'fabricated' evidence that eventually killed more than a million innocent women and children. What about arresting Obama whose forever wars killed even more innocent victims.


The dollar is your currency and your problem

"The dollar is our currency, but your problem," then-U.S. Treasury Secretary John Connally told European finance ministers in 1971.

His comment has proved prophetic. The monetary policy of the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden is driving the International Monetary Fund into a volatile corner while current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is seeking to hold China responsible.

Due to U.S.-China tensions, financial flows are increasingly being channeled to countries deemed "geopolitically close" to one side or the other. Decoupling also threatens to strip the IMF of meaning, though the agency is already losing significance.

China has spurned repeated requests from Yellen to visit the country while drifting further away from the U.S. and IMF in terms of policy.

Beijing is clearly seeking to break the dollar's stranglehold and has been trimming its holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds. While the size of its portfolio ticked higher in March, according to the latest data from Yellen's department, this marked only a slight rebound from the 13-year low of $848.8 billion seen with its holdings in February.

The U.S. too wants China's cooperation, but at this point, Beijing's reply is: "The dollar is your currency and your problem."

The way things are moving though, the new line may be: "The yuan is our currency, but your problem."



American defence pact or alliance - What do they mean?

 The white men screamed and yelled at China for wanting to sign a defence pact with the Solomon Island. Last week the Americans signed a defence pact with Papua New Guinea and all was silence. China did not protest. But why did the white men, especially Australia and New Zealand were so furious when it was China that want to sign a defence pact? Only white men can sign defence and military pacts?

To the white men, the Pacific Islands are their backyard. They are in charge and in control of the region and the islanders. They decide their security, their protection, their way of life. China is an outsider and has no right to be there. Only white men, led by the Americans, have the right to sign defence pact with the Pacific Islands and islands in the region. The white men own the region and are the masters of the region.

What does a defence pact or alliance mean to the Americans and the countries that signed on the dotted lines? The Americans go everywhere to sell the line that every country in the world is threatened by China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, that these countries are going attack and take over their countries. Even though these countries have been very peaceful and have not invaded any country, just engaging in trade and economic developments. Somehow, some silly leaders would believe that they are being threatened, that their security is at stake as told by the Americans and would need to be protected by the Americans. Or is it because they were threatened by the Americans, the real threat, or they were bribed to sign such pacts?

When a country signs a defence pact or alliance with the Americans, it means a lot of things. It means that they are with the Americans, not against the Americans, as the latter means that the Americans would treat them as enemies, would threaten them, sanction them and isolate them from the American world order. They are with the Americans or against the Americans.

A defence pact or alliance also means that the Americans have the right to send its soldiers into the country in the name of defending or protecting the country, and in worse cases, to build military bases in the country. In other words, these countries become American protectorates or semi colonies, a new form of colonialism.

The Americans would then decide what kind of military hardware they should use, ie, they can only buy weapons from the Americans and American approved countries. The cannot buy weapons from countries that the Americans did not approve, ie China, Russia, North Korea, Iran etc etc.

As a reward, they would be invited to participate in American war games, to simulate attacking China, Russia, North Korea or Iran, as members of the warring gang or international gangsters.

And when the Americans are fighting any country, invading any country using lies and fabricated intelligence, these countries must also contribute soldiers or material to be part of the invading force, even against the principles of international order and law. The Americans would make their allies as guilty as the Americans, bloodied their hands, as accomplices to their crimes against nation states and humanity. The so called allies and pact partners would end up protecting the American interests, members of a wolf pact instead of the Americans protecting them. If the Americans starts a war with China, all of them must contribute to the American fighting force, just like the Europeans being coerced to fight Russia in Europe.

This is the price of being an ally or a partner in a defence pact with the evil American Empire. They will be under the control and dictate of the evil American Empire. They will become semi colonies of American Neo Colonialism, willingly signed on the dotted lines to be semi colonies of the evil American Empire without knowing it.

Wonderful Benefits of De-dollarization

-- Sovereignty. Countries, especially developing ones, no longer have to let the US dictate their domestic and foreign policies. No more fear of sanctions that bully countries, corporations, politicians and individuals.

-- An America with diminished ability to print dollars. No more trillions of dollars out of thin air, while the USD stays strong. When dedollarization reaches a certain threshold, the US will be forced to play by the same rule as others. This means fewer US military bases around the world, fewer US-funded NGOs that start color revolutions, fewer politicians being bribed around the world and so on.

Basically, a fairer, less corrupt world. More “free market” and “free elections.”

-- Free to trade! Anyone can trade anything with anyone without Uncle Sam’s permission or threats. Same for investments. True freedom. While the US markets itself as a proponent of free trade, nothing can be farther from truth. This won’t just help countries like Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea, but everyone. For example, if India wants to build a seaport in Iran, it can be done without begging the US for permission.

The world’s GDP will literally go up due to dedollarization!

-- Cost savings: No middleman (US banks) taking commissions. For example, when China wants to buy oil from Saudi Arabia, both countries must use US banks to do the trade, and the banks take a commission for their “work.” It is estimated that the commission US banks earn in a year is almost equal to the GDP of a country like Portugal.

-- Privacy: Using US banks and SWIFT mean that the US gets to spy on everyone. By circumventing this system countries gain more privacy and freedom.

-- Save time: Faster transactions in local currencies. No American banks needed.

-- Less Exploitation of Developing Nations: The US dollar hegemony means that every country needs US dollar to survive. This artificial demand gives the US enormous power and makes the dollar strong. Thus, people in Mexico, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Africa etc. are forced to work for $1 or few pennies per hour to make products that are sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars by American/European corporations.

The US dollar is also used to destroy currencies of other countries for political and economic reasons, as we are seeing in Turkey, where the Lira has lost more 50% of its value in the last two years, as the US tried to carry out a regime change by disrupting the economy and getting rid of Erdogan.

-- Boost in global e-commerce and tourism: Way more options than under the current dollar regime.

-- Debt Trap Gone: Far less debt trap and exploitation by Western countries and institutions like IMF and World Bank. External debts in US dollar are one of the primary tools used to impose austerity and privatization on developing countries. Look what’s happening right now in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Argentina, Egypt etc. This has been going on for decades.

-- FOREX? The entire concept of foreign exchange reserves will become less relevant since more trade will be done in local currencies.

Dollar, Euro and Yuan will likely be the three leading but equal choices as reserve currencies. There might also be a BRICS currency, if they manage to implement it wisely. No one country of region — USA, Europe or China — can bully others.

-- True Democracy: Multicurrency, multi-lenders, multi-partners… all these choices mean democratization of global finance.

No more monopoly, no more hegemony.

A multipolar and more just world will arise out of de-dollarization.



George Yeo - Lunch time talk with Foreign Correspondent's Club, Hong Kong

A one hour clip on a lunch talk George Yeo had with the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondent's Club on 9 Mar 23 where George talked about Hong Kong and China relationship and also covered the Ukraine War and Singapore's domestic political issues.

At the end of the talk the moderator, an Afro American, Keith Richburg, commented that it would be in the Straits Times headline that George confirmed that he would not run for the President of Singapore. George also confirmed that he would not re enter politics when asked by an audience.  I did not recall the ST reporting on this, or maybe I missed it as I don't subscribe to ST anymore. George was also asked about the Lee siblings dispute but he declined to comment on grounds that he was friend to both parties.

Another aspect of Singapore that he disclosed was LKY's position that should there be a war with China, Singapore would not be involved, would not be on the side of the Americans. And this position has not changed. Singapore would not allowed any country to use its facilities to fight a war with China or any country. He then went on to caution the US, 'the US does not want China to fight back or talk back when scolded, but this will not happen! If the US does not step on the brakes of the car but continues to hurtle down the wrong road, further restraint would not prevent the car from overturning and going off course, and inevitably fall into conflict.'

George covered quite a lot of grounds from his personal experience and understanding of China and hope that there could be a win win conclusion in the competing claims over the South China Seas. He reiterated that China could be generous and able to be magnanimous to settle border issues with its neighbours, quoting examples with Myanmar, Vietnam and North Korea.

On the issues of Overseas Chinese and their relationship with China, George commented on the important contributions of Overseas Chinese in investing capitals into China after Tian An men. And he mentioned that Robert Kuok saying 'he is a patriotic Overseas Chinese who loves his Motherland.'  As for himself, he said he is Singaporean but also said, 'I am Chinese.' This is perhaps the first time that a Singaporean Chinese political leader, present or ex, ever said in public that he is a Chinese, a Chinese of the Chinese Civilisation, different from a Chinese citizen.

Quite an informative discussion with many interesting historical facts being brought into proper perspective.


Papua New Guinea - resource rich but poorest in the world, after being controlled and exploited by white men

In Papua New Guinea's capital, shanty towns without electricity or water that surround modern high-rise buildings are soon to be joined by a new project in the coastal city -– a gleaming Chinatown complex.

Beijing is pouring vast sums into Papua New Guinea, a resource-rich jewel in the Pacific crown but one of the poorest countries in the world, because of its vast potential and position near crucial sea routes.

A slew of Chinese projects are popping up across Port Moresby including the $414 million complex -– Beijing's biggest investment in Papua New Guinea -- that will boast a cinema, hotel, apartments and restaurants.

But locals are aggrieved they are seeing no obvious benefit from Beijing's big spend, complaining that thousands of workers are being flown in and paid to work on large projects, only to send the money home.

"Why are we left out? What the Chinese can do, our people can do," said former MP Gabia Gagarimabu, 62.

"They are coming in and we are sitting there and watching."

Unfinished or unused Chinese projects are also raising fears about the benefits of Beijing's aid and stoking suspicion it is worsening corruption in the country.  AFP

Above is a typical report by a typical white men spreading lies and disinformation against anything China is doing. But he forgot why Papua New Guinea, a resource rich country but still the poorest in the world, after being colonised, controlled and exploited by Australia and the white men for centuries. He forgot to ask, what had the white men done to improve the lives of the natives when they had centuries to do so? Did not Australia and the Brits took a lot of resources freely or cheaply from Papua New Guinea for centuries but did nothing in return to help the natives to live a better life, with better infrastructure and facilities to improve their economic situation?

All mischievous white men would do is to pick up a few comments from ignorant natives like the MP being quoted, or misquoted, that Chinese development and Chinese money did not bring anything good to benefit the natives. So the govt must be stupid and corrupt to bring in Chinese money and investments that would not benefit the country and people.

And they are not complaining about the centuries of exploitation and robbery by the white men that enriched the white men and kept the country and its people poor. After keeping Papua New Guinea poor for centuries, like they did to the African states, they are demonising China for bringing in money and development to Papua New Guinea. China came with its own money, paid for all the raw material, minerals, precious metals and oil that China bought. The contribution of China would take time to filter down and benefit the people of Papua New Guinea. China is investing in Papua New Guinea only recently, after noticing the neglect and looting by the white men.

The white men tried to condemn China's infrastructure building as building roads to nowhere, ports for nothing as there is no trade. But with Papua New Guinea now a part of the BRI, trade would flourish, ships would come calling, to trade, to buy the produces of the land, and bring prosperity to the people and make their lives better.

What can be worst than centuries of plundering and oppression by the white men, and leaving the country as it is, with little development?

 "Why are we left out? What the Chinese can do, our people can do," said former MP Gabia Gagarimabu. Really? Really?

Bangladesh - Silly Americans think they own the world

Is Bangladesh a vassal of the United States?

Today, I am announcing a new visa policy under Section 212(a)(3)(C) (“3C”) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to support Bangladesh’s goal of holding free, fair, and peaceful national elections. Under this policy, the United States will be able to restrict the issuance of visas for any Bangladeshi individual, believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining the democratic election process in Bangladesh. This includes current and former Bangladeshi officials, members of pro-government and opposition political parties, and members of law enforcement, the judiciary, and security services. The United States notified the Bangladeshi government of this decision on May 3, 2023.

Actions that undermine the democratic election process include vote rigging, voter intimidation, the use of violence to prevent people from exercising their right to freedoms of association and peaceful assembly, and the use of measures designed to prevent political parties, voters, civil society, or the media from disseminating their views.

The holding of free and fair elections is the responsibility of everyone—voters, political parties, the government, the security forces, civil society, and the media. I am announcing this policy to lend our support to all those seeking to advance democracy in Bangladesh.



MAY 24, 2023

American War Business, not about winning but about expending weapons and ordnance

As we also found out from later events, they USA could not even conquer North Korea by supporting South Korea. They were categorically defeated in Vietnam, running scared with just their pants on and tails between their legs. Of course both North Korea and North Vietnam were backed by the Russians and Chinese. Afghanistan was another glaring failure of the USA.
The manner the USA were evacuating on rooftops during the closing stages of the Vietname War showed the intensity of their fear. At the height of the Vietnam War, more than half a million USA troops were on the ground in Vietnam. USA total air superiority was without any doubt, with carpet bombing carried out day and night. While the USA was doing that, the North Vietnames were able to escape the bombing by hiding in underground bunkers. Ingenius!

Throughout their campaign in Vietnam/Indochina, the USA dropped more than 7.6 million tons of bombs, compared to 2.1 million tons by all countries during WW2. That was the devastation they were prepared to do to North Vietnam, and the Chief of Staff of US Air Forces then, Curtis LeMay, was touted to have gloated that they were going to bomb North Vietnam back to the Stone Age.

Agent Orange, the anti vegetation biological/chemical, was aerial sprayed on jungle areas that even today made the land unsuitable for agriculture and still causing deformities in newborn babies. 'Scorched Earth' mentality was on the USA minds, wanting to destroy Vietnam totally in case it falls to the North. Amid all these, no one shouted war crimes. No action by the ICC.

Then there was Afghanistan, where the USA stayed for 20 years and still lost the war to Taliban farmers bearing small arms. The USA Military fled, leaving behind billions of dollars of weapons, on top of huge numbers of US citizens left behind. Last I heard, the Taliban restored some of the weapons left behind and are able to use them. How could an improvished rag tag outfit managed to chase the USA out of Afghanistan, says a lot about comparing GDP might against fighting prowess and tenacity.

Even success in Iraq is questionable, despite George W. Bush gloating declaration of 'Mission Accomplished'. In later years he was reported to have admitted that he was too impatient to make that declaration, knowing that 20 years down the road Iraq has 'democracy' tainted by a broken dream for its citizens. The USA only succeeded in taking control of Iraq's oil, using that as a bargaining chip to control Iraq, with oil revenues under the jurisdiction of the USA.



Diego Garcia - An evil crime against the Islanders that the western media would not care to report


 12 min clip on the inhuman crimes against the native of Diego Garcia committed by the Brits and Americans, produced by Andrew Tkach and correspondent Christian Amanpour.  Where are the rights of the Diego Garcians to live in their own islands with dignity, without being bungled out of their homes, and dumped into Mauritius and Seychelles Islands because the Brits and the Americans seized their land to build a military base? Where were the western media to report on the suffering of the Diego Garcians, the massacres and violation of human rights and rights to their land?

Where is India that claimed the Indian Ocean as their backyard but allowed the Americans to build a huge military base housing nuclear weapons?

The plight of the Diego Garcians is quite similar to the plight of many islanders, eg the Hawaiians, the Luchuns or Okinawans. The Luchuns were massacred by the Japanese in a racial and cultural genocide. Why are the western main media keeping silence about the plight to the Hawaiians and Luchuns?

The Luchuns are fighting for their independence just like the Hawaiians and the Diego Garcians. These are the real stuff, not the fake news about Xinjiang and Taiwan. In the case of the Luchuns or Okinawans, after WW2, the Ryukyu Islands were supposed to be returned to the Luchuns, the natives of the islands. The Americans had temporary administrative control of the islands like the Diaoyu Islands. But the treacherous Americans struck a deal with Japan with Japan allowing the Americans to build a military base on the Ryukyu islands. For this deal, the Americans illegally handed the control of the islands to Japan in the 1972. 

Since then, Japan conducted a systemic racial and cultural genocide against the Luchuns, massacring many of time like the Americans extinguishing the native Americans to take full control of their lands. The Luchuns, like the native Americans, lost their lands, culture and lives to become a minority in their own land. The Japanese flooded the islands with many Japanese to replace the Luchuns.

There is no outcry against the genocides of the Luchuns and the native Americans or the Hawaiians by the western media.

India and China, two ancient civilisations the white men failed to conquer

China and India must be fortunate not to lose their land, heritage and culture, and suffered the same fate as the Native American Indians and Australian Aborigines. Had that happened, Chinese and Indians would be living in reservations, and nothing progressive to talk about becoming world powers. Their numbers would have been decimated to rival the Native American Indians and Aborigines. Chinese bananas would not have been able to move around and settle in countries they choose today, just like the Native American Indians.
China and India are ancient civilisations with deep seated religious heritage and cultural roots, which were able to withstand the onslaught of the West offering their religious doctrine, which had been successfully used to corce and brainwashed those Native American Indians and Australian Aborigines. These Natives have basically tribal and fragmented background heritage, thereby enabling the Whites to steal their land much more easily.

China and India did not fall for the religious ruse of the Brits earlier, like the Native American Indians. LKY said in no uncertain terms that the attempt to convert China and India wholly to Christianity was a massive attempt, and met with equally massive failure, with few getting converted eventually. They did try, leveraging on their success earlier in North America and Australia, but were not capable of overturning the centuries old beliefs of the Chinese and Indians.

Moreover, like South Africa, China and India have large populations that cannot easily be overwhelmed by force. And they are not as backward as the Native American Indians, who were not able to fight back against superior weaponry. Africa is now purging the Anglo Saxon Whites from the continent in a big way, with South Africa setting the example as a founding member of BRICS.

But the Anglo Saxon Whites are still trying hard to take down China, after failing in their religious agenda. They tried drugging the Chinese using the Opium, tried breaking up China into sectors to be controlled by the 8 Nations, tried to stiffle China using trade wars, tried using biological means aka COVID19 viruses which will kill half the population of China, all of which met with little success of dragging China down. Now the Anglo Saxon Whites are ganging up, together with Japan and South Korea, to bring down China by resorting to technology sanctions. What does not kill China will eventually make her even stronger. They better not forget this saying.

The Whites never would miss any opportunity to hype up the China threat whenever and wherever they meet, form alliances whose objective is openly touted as countering China, create paranoia against anything made in China, be it huge quayside cranes, substation transformers, solar panels, telecommunication systems, toasters, washing machines, consumer electronics, weather balloons and even toilet seats. And they never face up to their internal national security threats posed by the USA spying regime, even when caught red-handed. Stupidity really has no cure or should I say no guts to face up to the bully.



SAF soldier so courageous, brave and compassionate

SINGAPORE: A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) officer has won widespread praise in the community after he displayed exemplary courage and compassion when he encountered a senior citizen in need of assistance, this week.

Appreciating the officer, Master Warrant Officer (MWO) William Nadan who serves as Officer Commanding of the Island Defence Training Wing at the Island Defence Training Institute, the SAF said on Facebook that the incident took place on 17 May 2023.

Around 12:30pm that day, MWO William was on his way to his lunch break when he noticed a distressing scene along a traffic light crosswalk. An elderly lady had fallen, and her bicycle and groceries kay scattered on the ground. By her side, an elderly gentleman was struggling to pull her away from the road.

Without hesitation, the officer instinctively sprang into action, swiftly taking charge of the situation. Reacting with remarkable speed, MWO William promptly exited his vehicle and rushed to the aid of the senior citizen and her companion.

Assessing the urgency of the situation, MWO William quickly and skillfully helped carry the injured senior onto the pavement, ensuring her safety and preventing any further harm. He also checked if she required any medical attention, as he had undergone the Emergency Medical Specialist course.

MWO William remained at the scene, providing assistance and support until the senior citizen was well enough to return home with her companion.

He later told SAF, “At that moment, I instinctively opened the door and rushed out to help her.”

MWO William added, “No matter how difficult or unfavourable a situation is, you must always step up and help others.” theindependent.sg

The above is from a Jewel Stolarchuk published in theindependent.sg. She was so excited by the bravery, courage and skillful assistance offered by a SAF soldier and was full of praise to see such courage and compassion on the road.  The soldier must be commended and recommended for a bravery medal in the National Day Award.

This is Uniquely Singapore courage on the road.

How the white men robbed the land of the Palestinians and gave it to the Jews


5 min clip on the dumping of Jews to occupy the land of Palestinians and the continuation of the genocide of the Palestinians to wipe them off their land, exactly like how the Americans/Canadians wiped out the native Americans from the continent of North America.

The white men have no feelings, did not care about the rights of the Palestinians, the Arabs and Muslims. See how they allowed the Jews to massacre the Palestinians, to rob their land, to imprison them in today's one and only concentration camp in Gaza, and sending more Jews to occupy Palestinian lands.

They totally ignored the rights of the Palestinians to exist, treating them as subhumans. No western media would stand up for the Palestinians. The German woman totally ignored the existence of the Palestinians, their human rights. And all the white crips only care about the rights of the Jews, glorifying their conquest and robbery of Palestinian land. Did anyone hear about the fabricate lies about caring for the Muslims in Xinjiang? Why not a word about the plight of the genocide happening in Gaza?

Anglo Saxon still want to rule the world, preying on the unthinking and simpletons

US$ hegemony is the backbone of the Anglo Saxon White's domination of the world, and of course they must unite to make sure the dominance does not end. They probably realised that Whites in South Africa are now having a tough time being paid back in their own coins, for mistreating the Blacks during the Apartheid Regime. But it is too little too late. And it is of their own making that the world is disatisifed with the present status quo.
How could the world be so silly as to continue to produce goods in exchange for fiat money, so that the USA can have a free ride on everyone's blood and sweat. Apple made used of China's cheap labour to make all the money over the years, and now the USA had the gall to call Apple worker's working condition in their production line in China as 'slave labour' which they happily exploited.

The USA also antagonised Africans by calling Africa a 'shit hole'. They exploited the African countries' resources and cheap labour, mistreated the Blacks, and still have the conscience to disparage them. How could the Africans be persuaded to let them back? Yet they are unashamedly trying to entice Africans to once again trust them, and even trying to turn them against China. It failed miserably.

After Saudi Arabia helped the US$ became the global reserve currency, by having the oil trade based on the US$, the USA turned around to do the unthinkable of demonising Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince, claiming he masterminded the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post journalist. Biden even called MBS a 'Pariah', a great insult which MBS will remember till eternity. How could the Saudis not be inclined to join BRICS to break the US$ hegemony?

Countries have to experience the gross mistreatment by the Anglo Saxon White clique to realise their silliness in trusting them so easily. The Pacific Islanders will get a taste of the bitter medicine previously administered to Africa and Middle East.



Ukraine - Good news, the West are escalating the war with F16s

HIROSHIMA, Japan: US President Joe Biden on Sunday (May 21) said he had received a "flat assurance" from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that he would not use Western-provided F-16 fighter jets to go into Russian territory.

Biden told reporters in Hiroshima, Japan, at the conclusion of a meeting of world leaders that F-16 warplanes could be used "wherever Russian troops are within Ukraine and the area". CNA
The good news coming out of the G7 Meeting in Hiroshima, one of two cities that deservingly were destroyed by two atomic bombs from the white men, is as appropriate and fitting as could be. Every one of the G7 states were warmongers, invaders and colonial masters of the world. All of them prospered from the loots and destruction and genocides of countries of the world.

The Japanese did not learn the painful lessons of wars and being invaders of countries. They are still dreaming and rearming to become their Imperial military past, an aggressive military power. The loser of WW2 still harbouring to return to their aggressive past, to want to have wars, to invade countries.

As for the white men, wars and killings are second nature to them. They were the victors of WW2, now laughing and dining in the city they bombed to the Stone Age, and the victims of their horrific weapon of mass destruction are laughing together with them, forgetting the hundreds of thousands of Japanese that died in the hands of the white men. And they are celebrating and conspiring to start another world war, using China as their bogey man.

But before China, Ukraine would be their masterpiece, to keep escalating to want to defeat and destroy Russia, to seize the land of Russia, like they seized the continent of North America. Japan wanted to do that in WW2, to seize the whole of Asia and South East Asia, including Australia and the Pacific Islands.

What can be a more appropriate agenda for the warmongering states of the G7? Their only hope to continue to be rich and prosperous, is to control the rest of the world through wars and destruction. They have run out of ideas and competitiveness, no more free land, free labour and free resources to loot and plunder.  The countries of the world would not be invaded and raided by these former colonial masters.

They can have all the wars they want, in Ukraine, in Europe. The rest of the world would not be involved with their madness and killings. Let them escalate the war in Ukraine and destroy themselves.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

PS. The F16s are already old aircraft, 3G, unable to match the 4G aircraft of the Russians or Chinese. That is why the Americans are selling a few to Taiwan to con the Taiwanese that they have new aircraft. No advanced aircraft would be sent to Ukraine or Taiwan to be shot down and its tech exposed to the Russians or Chinese, and losing the pilots.

Papua New Guinea becoming another American base?

What is the intention of the G7, being so interested and keen to sign security arrangements with the Pacific Islanders? Who, in fact, may I ask is threatening the Pacific Islanders? Who in the past have even conducted nuclear testing in their midst, eg Marshall Islands and Bikini Atoll and contaminated Islands in the region, and now 75years later and still leaking radioactive waste. On the surface they are claiming these security agreements are not to counter anyone, but remember what can come out of 'fork tongue' creatures, when the time comes. They will never honour agreements, which they signed, by unilaterally ignoring them as eg on Ukraine.

China already said it does not matter to them, as long as such agreements are not forged for the purpose of targeting any particular country. Suffice to say, whether they stick to their words, spoken with 'fork tongues' is at best subjective. In any case, Papua New Guinea PM, James Marape said that relations with Beijing will still remain strong. Hope this is true, and let not PNG do another Philippines towards China when pressure is exerted on them.

On the other hand, you can be sure that slowly and discreetly, these small steps of allowing USA military to use the Papua New Guinea ports means letting the devil have one foot inside their home. And the devil is not going to move out once they establish a foothold, unless being chased out like in Afghanistan. How could the Pacific Islanders move them out when the time comes and force is needed and verbal eviction is an exercise in futility like in Iraq now?

These islanders do not have the numbers, the military capability, the kind of co-operation and do not possess the kind of fighting spirit we are seeing in African countries. While Africa has a total Black population as large as China and India, which the Anglo Saxon Whites cannot overwhelm, and have largely succeeded in their anti-colonialism moves, thanks to decade long help by Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea, the Pacific Islanders have been isolated from assistance and are now forced to do the opposite by hosting these
Colonisers in the region. That is why the West sees the opportunity to capitalise on their weakness to force their hand, and why they fear so much that China will sabotage their evil plan. Hence all the anti-China rhetorics and China threat being used to create anxiety among the Islanders when China seeks to establish relations with them.

East Asia and the Indo Pacific region will see much instablity and chaos in the days ahead. The Devil has come to roost in this region.



Sunak - Silly man making silly comment

HIROSHIMA, Japan: China represents the world's greatest challenge to security and prosperity, but other leading economies should not seek to fully decouple from it, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Sunday (May 21) after a summit of the Group of Seven (G7) nations.

"China poses the biggest challenge of our age to global security and prosperity. They are increasingly authoritarian at home and assertive abroad," Sunak told reporters after the G7 summit in the Japanese city of Hiroshima....

"This is all about de-risking - not decoupling," he said. "With the G7, we are taking steps to prevent China from using economic coercion to interfere in the sovereign affairs of others," he added. CNA

Can you believe this silly man making the above silly remarks? Who invaded, conquered and colonised India for 400 years? China?

Who terrorised the world for 5 centuries and still terrorising the world with endless wars, threats, sanctions and coercions? China?

For an Indian man to make such silly comments is expected. He is now the PM of a white man land and must talk like a white man. He must be whiter than white. The threat to the whole world is from the white men, in the past, present and future. They are the ones raising tensions all over the world, inciting and starting wars and coercing China in trade wars and sanctions. Did China started any of such hostile and aggressive acts? China was a victim of white men's terror in the past and in the present. The white men have been threatening and coercing China in economic wars and military provocations. 

How did this twit got the stupidity to tell the world that China is the biggest challenge to global security and prosperity? The Americans and the West have ruled the world like a gangster, beating up small and weaker countries, destroying countries, assassinating their leaders all over the world. Does this twit dare to say he did not know? Did China do any of such horrendous acts of the West?

As for challenges to prosperity, without China, many of the average Americans and Europeans would be living in poverty, unable to buy the essential and convenient appliances they need to live a better quality of life. It is China that allowed these white men to live better instead of living in poverty. In the same way, China is selling good and useful gadgets and appliances to the world cheaply that the West would not. Without China selling cheap and good mobile phones to the Indians in India, 90 per cent of them would not be able to afford a mobile phone sold by the West.

Say thank you to China for helping to prosper the rest of the world, including prospering the average Americans and Europeans and the poor Indians....you silly twit. Without China, the American and European economies would go kaput. China should decouple trade with the USA and Europe and see who would crawl and ask for help.

Remember, the terrorists of the world are the white men, in the past, present and the future. America is now the number one terrorist state terrorising the world and being supported by the Anglo Saxon tribes. Look at what is happening in Ukraine and the Middle East. And look at Asia, South East Asia, now enjoying peace and prosperity, but not for long as the white men are here provoking and inciting for wars. If the Asians or South East Asians are as silly as the Ukrainians, war will start any time in Asia and South East Asia and they will be buying weapons of wars from the Americans and the West to kill each other.

The Africans and the Arabs and Muslims countries have awaken to the white terror and are driving the white men out of their lands. And they are welcoming China to help them rebuild and develop their countries, building infrastructure, ports, highways and railways. China is welcome by the rest of the world as their top trading partners and builders. The white men are trying to gatecrash into the world by raising tension, create instability and wanting to sell nothing but weapons of death.

Funny, why are the rest of the world so happy with China and all lining up to visit Beijing to seek cooperation or to build infrastructure in their respective countries? Why no country is lining up in Washington to seek cooperation or asking the Americans or Europeans to build their infrastructure? The only few states that are harping about China threat and fabricating hate and disinformation against China are the same few warmongering states with records of war, massacres and genocides of natives of countries they invaded.

Who is the biggest threat to global security? Do the white men think they can still conquer and colonise the world and behave like international gangsters?

PS. There are still many descendants of victims of colonial rule that believe Colonialism was good and they benefitted from it, ignoring the millions that were massacred by the colonialists. Here are some comments about China in RT.

That being said, China has done excellent in the world and their partnership with Russia is something to be admired. China and Russia stand far above the word "Communism".

Warmongers & Media= Criminal Enterprise
the chinese didn't cause the 70yrs of devaluing the $usd, off the bretton woods funny money. china didn't steal 30,000s of western companies, the WEST went to china to exploit the cheap mass labors and the non regulation of pollutions from factories which means no money spent on pollution controls, which means less cost of operations. the WEST went to china to also gain access to chinese markets, with 1.4billion potential customers to buy their products at the expense 5x or 10x their wages. the chinese didn't tell americans to print funny money in order to live a luxury life at the expensive of the 3rd world countries who's labor, resources, and products are shipped to the west at barely any profit margin to their nations, while western corporations take in maximum profits $$$ and became from a $million dollar company to $billion dollar company, especially from china. when the chinese first opened up, the $millionaires in the west became $billionaires overnight when they did global trade with china. there is absolutely nothing you can blame the chinese for, except for YOUR OWN greed $, corruption, and exploitation. the chinese used whatever $money they earned from western companies to feed their education and their children to become smarter and seek to be on par with the S.T.E.M education of the west in order to get itself out of poverty and into self reliance.

Rush 5
The reason for all those idiots attacking China and Russia is the Pentagon propaganda. US and EU don't know what they are doing because they themselves are divided into different camps trying to suck up to different industries. The Industrial Military complex needs the military tension to justify military spending so all they do is hyping up the military threats but other industries have their own agenda so they are amplifying the economic threats and the third group like the media and tech are the people who are doing good business with China and are pro China and pro business in general. So its a clusterbuck of various groups pushing their own agenda pro and con to China and everybody else and the idiots in government can't figure out what the reality is.

Erc Erc
"Is China the only issue holding the US together?" unquote. No, its the US that has racialistic issue with Muslims, Chinese, Asians, Europeans, Africans, Latin Americans that would fracture itself over time.

Like the U.S.'s Iraq War and it's war on Russia, the U.S.'s war on China is built on lies. When those lies are exposed and debunked the U.S. will be defeated. And, FINALLY, both Russia and China are starting to call out and debunk the lies. They just did it again today: The G7 accused China of using "economic coercion". So China pointed out that the only one using economic coercion is the U.S.

Importance of GDP versus potential of natural resources

 If GDP defines overall global power and control, then Russia should have been destroyed long ago by the combined GDP of the USA and EU. What is equally important is the possession of resources and how important they are, that also measures a country's ability to stand up against any threats. Russia's energy resources alone, gives it more than what its meagre GDP could ever do, to counter the USA and Nato. Food and energy are essential needs of humans since time immemorial. The USA and Nato thinks that based on their combined GDP they could step on Russia like an ant.

Deng Xiaoping said, as early as 1987, that 'the Middle East has oil and China has rare earths'. What importance is attached to that statement is clear to all today. Then the Middle East oil producers were all close allies of the USA, but Deng realised early the importance of oil and rare earths in the future of things. Now the Middle East is potentially, in the Global South camp, and this is important. Who controls the oil also has leverage, not just the bragging rights of the high GDP countries.

The Global South controls the bulk of rare earth reserves, with China alone controlling 38%, with Brazil and Vietnam among the top three, making up about more than two thirds of global reserves. Rare earth is a very essential element for the military, semiconductor and EV sectors, among others. Moreover, China also controls 85% of rare earth refining globally, which speaks for itself. Even the USA needs China to refine their rare earth, said to be the best refiner in purity. China has yet to play its card with its rare earth controlling hand.

As for the Global South being not coherent and in transition, that is very true. But just look at Africa, which is slowly coming together and being brought together under the guidance of many well educated and dynamic leaders. There is so much potential for investments in Africa, resources to be exploited and the USA and the West failed to capitalise on the potential earlier, and are now scrambling to return (probably the objective is to exploit the essential resources). They let Russia and China cement their relations with African leaders for decades, while they concentrated on fighting wars in the Middle East and chasing terrorists. Now they USA and the West are not even welcomed by Africans.

The same scenario is being played out in Latin and Central America. Why are countries lining up to join BRICS, even Mexico? And these are countries rich in food production as well as mineral resources yet to be exploited. The future of their power lies underground, though they may lag in GDP growth at present. But their potential for growth is huge.

And Central Asia may be dirt poor today, looking at their GDP, but do not forget they hold massive resources underground. The old adage repeated by many historians - 'Central Asia holds the key to Global Supremacy' cannot be taken just as a passing footnote. What is so important in that dry, poor region that is so important in Geopolitics? I suspect China knows the answer and is now engaging with them in a big way. China will invest in the long term, not hit and run, building relations and forging co-operation, not war or countering countries.

Sure, for Western investors they can dilly dally, but China is not waiting and will undoubtedly be pouring more into Africa, Latin and Central America and Central Asia, with huge potentials already surfacing in Africa especially in housing, water resources, ports, railways, airports and other infrastructures. The fact that Western investors are sitting tight with investments shows they are just short term investors with 'grab and run' mentality, compared to long term investors like China, whose timeline is 20 to 30 years, as what former Greek Foreign Minister, economist and academic, Yanis Varoufakis said.


G7 - White men and a black man talking cock

Biden is still claiming that the USA and the West do not want to decouple from China. Watch his tongue, as there may be a sign of a fork coming out. The USA and the West are famous for inventing 'word salads' to confuse and conceal their real agenda. They now call 'decoupling' as 'de-risk', just 'assassination' as 'target killing', 'bailing out failing banks' becomes 'merger'. These snakes or rats are very good in coining words and phrases to hide their real intentions.
China is retaliating and about time, using the National Security concerns that it has largely avoided thus far. China has taken out Windows based and foreign made computers from its Government servies for security reasons. China is banning the use of Micron chips in 'critical' systems also over security risk. This is a warning of more to come. The USA calls it a retaliation. So what if it is? The USA cannot now dictate that China cannot retaliate or cannot ban its companies. China must do even more to retaliate against Chip companies such as TSMC, Samsung, SK Hynix, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments etc in time to come. They want a chip war, they will get it. China will do it where it is going to hurt most, at the right time, when it finds weaknesses in the enemy's armour, and not on the spur of the moment like the West.

South Korea and Japan's trade with China are shrinking fast, especially in the semiconductor sectors, but they want to do more trade with the Pacific Islanders and others to cover up. Demand comes from a large population of 1.4 billion in China. How big a population are the Pacific Islands combined? How long it is going to take to develop the economy of the Pacific Islanders is the pertinent question to fuel the demand, and who is willing or capable of developing the island's infrastructure? Right now, Japan and South Korea could probably do trade with the Pacific Islands in coconuts, pineapples and bananas. They think trade with China can be compensated by increasing trade with other countries, good luck to them.

China had been depending largely on USA, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan in its Chip requirements for its manufacturing sector. However, as China is pouring huge resources and subsidies into chip development, do not underestimate that China cannot do away with dependence on them eventually. China can also do a 'de-risk' in due time, and is in fact working in that direction.

China is looking more favourably at Africa, Latin and Central America and now also Central Asia, which are and will be developing much faster with China's support. This is where the potential is that China is looking at, with all the resources to be jointly developed, not just South Korea and Japan where nothing in terms of resources is worth looking at, with both being vassal states of the USA and will be used by the USA as proxies to target China.



Middle East - No more wars

 The Arab and Muslim countries are mapping out a grand plan to rid the region of wars. There shall be no more wars in the Middle East, from Morocco in the West to Afghanistan in the East, from Turkiye in the North to Yemen in the South, it would be a region of peace and transquility. It is not easy after centuries of incessant warfare mastermind by the white men. The Arab and Muslim countries, ancient civilisations deep in culture, knowledge and wisdom, and rich in mineral and resources, were plunged into ages of darkness, wars and killings and destruction of their countries and people.

The Arab and Muslim countries have awoken to the cause of their tragedy and poverty. There is only one simple thing to do. Get rid of Satan, the evil Empire and the white men. All their troubles and warfare and demise were caused by the evil Empire and the white men.

The most important move is to chase the white men out of the region and make peace, build friendship among the Arab and Muslim states. The peace movement is gaining momentum. Peace between states that were historical enemies, peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia, peace between Syria and Turkiye, and peace among the various tribes, factions. And peace between the Sunnis and the Shiities, all brethens of the Abrahamic faith. They shall all live and prosper under the guidance of Allah, not misguided by Satan and the white men.

Russia and China are also being roped in to be peacemakers and bridge builders. All the funds and resources that were wasted on endless and meaningless wars would now be channeled to rebuild the lands and to build a better life for all the Arab and Muslim people. When peace returns, where the infrastructure is rebuilt, when the states are functional, the Arab and Muslim refugees around the world would have a peaceful and prosperous oasis in the region to return and to call home.

The Arab and Muslim states have embarked on a productive and beneficial journey together, to bring peace and prosperity for their people and their lands.

Good riddance to Satan and the white devils. The success of this gargantuan task requires the cooperation and commitment of all the Arab and Muslim people, to stand firm and together and not be manipulated by the white devils to hate and kill each other. Stay together as one united people and work for peace and prosperity for their brothers and sisters.

There shall be no wars and no white men to incite and agitate them for wars in the Middle East.

Inshallah. Bless the Arab and Muslim people in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

Biden slaps the Pacific Islanders

It strikes me as odd that Joe Biden is so confident that the USA debt ceiling impasse will be settled by next week, after months of horse trading and tough threats. In other words, all that wrangling in Congress is just a show purposely put on to fool, both their domestic audiences and the world. Just raise the ceiling and be done with it, as they always did, in fact that ceiling had been raised or revised 78 times by Congress since the 1960, or more than once a yearly affair, in an almost soap opera fashion.
They have been putting on excellent shows, I must admit, and will continue to do so till eternity. Biden is cancelling his Papua New Guinea trip to meet leaders of the Pacific Islands before proceeding to his QUAD summit in Australia. He is now having a G7 meeting in Japan, but will be returning home to deal with the debt ceiling, which must be solved by next week, undoubtedly with cheering and standing ovation to boot in Congress. Biden is very confident that the debt ceiling will be settled next week, just as confident as his prediction that the Nord Stream pipelines will be bombed somehow. How uncanny is his dementia mind in predicting events! But he could not remember what he ate that morning if you ask him.

That QUAD summit and meeting leaders of the Pacific Islanders were supposed to have been called to jell the QUAD members, and rally and incite the Pacific Islanders to, as expected, counter China. Always nothing else of benefit to give, but calling others to counter China for the interest of the USA. What can the Pacific Islanders expect to gain from countering China? Papua New Guinea, the host of Biden's visit to the country, and his meeting with leaders of the Pacific Islands, had spent much effort in preparing for Biden's trip and felt ignored and kicked around like a dog. Like Africa, I think the USA is thinking that those Pacific Islands are also 'shit holes' to them. So, why bother so much? Wake up you Pacific guys!

Compare the 'China Central Asia Summit' between China and five Central Asia countries of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. And what was the purpose of their meeting? To draw up blueprints for China/Central Asia co-operation. In other words to foster closer economic ties, development, and more infrastructures building. Did I hear anything about the meeting meant to coax those five countries to help China counter the USA?

Imagine the size of the bloc coming together with Russia and the potential power they hold, with all the resources they have still to be exploited. The Pinnacle of Power is flowing back to Central Asia and the USA has lost its hold.


Th Americans need introspection to redeem itself

 The only redemption for the USA is a deep and honest introspection into their thuggish white supremacy mindset, the corruption of its Deep State political ruling class, and their toxic system of oligarchic enrichment that benefits only the elites in Wall Street and the big corporations, their obscene militarism and tyranny of 'national security' that suppress democracy but promote US dictatorship and world hegemony.

But to avoid those reckonings the thugs in Washington and the sociopaths in both parties will do everything they can to distract their public's attention of their failures and incompetencies with vitriol slanderous incitement against China, Russia, North Korea and Iran no matter how ridiculous and no matter how reckless and dangerous they can be.

In fact all American presidents including Biden and all American politicians or rather political hoodlums are willing to jeopardize world security even to the point of starting wars for as long as they can conceal their corrupt rule.

The Americans engneered the coronavirus - Covid 19, to destroy China, but turned around to accuse China of pandemic cover-up. This the most audacious American guilt-projection since 9/11, war on terror.

Sadly and regretably the Americans and people in the free world are so brainwashed and misinformed. The ruling American political charlatans and thugs may get away with murder as they are always used to, though not for long now.

Ling Tong Sing


Good class bungalows in Singapore


Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh, PAP MPs file parliamentary questions on ministers' rental of Ridout Road state properties

 31 Ridout Road


26 Ridout Road

Two huge and beautiful good class bungalows, built by the British colonial masters for their top officials governing this island, once seized by them as their colony. This is the proud heritage of Singapore, once a part of the great British Empire and its residents were not citizens but subjects of the British Empire. The colonial masters came from far away Europe in their gunboats and took this island and Malaya as theirs. Nobody thinks this is wrong or illegal, a violation of international laws or rules of law. Or is it that there were no laws so the Brits and other Europeans could come and grab all the lands they want and call it theirs? Or was it lawless, or laws under the guns?

And they occupied and built such spacious homes good enough for the royalties and aristocrats. These bungalows are located in a small enclave right in the heart of Singapore, 2 minutes from Orchard Road and the Istana, and in a totally quiet and idyllic exclusive environment of greeneries. No ugly high rise flats in the neighbourhood. What a way to rise in the morning and to retire at night, far from the maddening crowd of hoi polloi.

What a great place to live and bring up children. How many people in Singapore could afford to live in such splendid homes? How much would each cost, $100m or $200m or more? These are homes that the peasants can only dream of.

Blessed are those that could have the privilege to reside in such homes.

Global South and the tale of two summits

G7 summit in Japan is coinciding with China-Central Asia summit in Xi’an. The two perfectly encapsulate low weight of global South on most economic, military or technology metrics. Excluding EU, countries invited to Hiroshima control ~39% of global GDP, rising to 44% if Japan is included. By contrast, Central Asian countries that occupy a strategically important centre of Eurasia, have economic weight which is only slightly larger than the state of Michigan. Why is it important?

1. Depending on one’s definition of global South, it houses over 50% of global population but its weight in GDP terms is not much more than 20%. On the other hand, a broadly defined West (ie, US, Canada, UK, EU, Swiss/EEA, Australia, Japan and Korea) have ~15% of global population but ~60% of GDP, ~70% of R&D and ~80% of internationally recognized patents. China is the only partial counter balance

2. Unlike West that broadly agrees on a number of basics (ie importance of democracy, human rights, rule of law, institutional independence etc), global South does not have the same coherence. It is not to say that there are no disagreements in the west (there are plenty) but there is a cohesion on key issues. Global South on the other hand is in transition. Some reside in pre-modern Malthusian settings, others are passing through 19th-20th centuries while some are closer to our time. Why would you bother with Russia’s violation of the UN charter when warlords are redrawing borders in your neighborhood, without anyone doing anything about it? Why would you bother about many issues when you can’t even feed your population? Why would you support policies that go against the grind of still highly conservative culture that permeates your societies? The view of corruption is different – it is a lubricant that allows at least something to get done

3. These differences are key to productivity and the extent to which geopolitical pressures will keep flaring up, with bad societal and economic implications. Neither meaningless acronyms (BRICS), nor ‘debt colonialism’ by either west or China, nor the counter productive debates about past mistakes and blind alleys, nor suspect arguments of giving countries freedom from the ‘dominance by the elites’ (freedom from what and to do what?), nor China’s ‘indivisible security’ are helpful. Only Marshall Plan (greater than 10% of global GDP) rolled out systematically and accompanied by institutional building, sustained for several decades, can make a difference. Alas, chances of that happening, in the absence of greater conflagration, is zero

What does it mean for investors? No easy or even palatable answers. We are dividing into spheres of interest and Balkanizing. It is driven as much by the East as it is by the West. It is difficult to find a common ground between societies that inhabit different eras.



Salient Truth & Facts: The Sins & Evil Deeds of Anglo-Saxon America are Beyond Redemption: PART TWO

 PART     TWO:        The Evil Anglo-Saxon Americans are incarnations of Satans.

The Anglo-Saxon Americans are really incarnations of satans for they are savagely warlike in their endless violent aggressions and conquests of other countries and their inhuman brutal treatment of conquered peoples who were subjected to all kinds of atrocities and painful tortures. For example native Americans were targets for sport shooting to satisfy the Anglo-Saxon psychopaths cravings for killings for pleasure. Native Americans were massed removed from lands wanted by the white invaders and forced to march for hundreds of miles or over a thousand kilometers to hostile deserted desert areas in the mid-west without being given any food or water. Under such torturous conditions hundreds of natives would drop dead on the way and many more would suffer with painful agony of fear and hunger and severe psychological disorders. The diabolical evil ways in which the white Anglo-Saxon invaders treated the native Americans witout even an iota feeling of remorse clearly show that they are incarnations of satans. Karma would one day surely haunt the Anglo-Saxons and the white invaders and see that they are properly punished. Sad to say these same type of atrocities are repeated on natives in Canada, Australia,  New Zealand and some other places by the same Anglo-Saxon invaders. Thus wherever Anglo-Saxons go there goes death and suffering for the natives.

The hideous Anglo-Saxon Americans like their predecessor Anglo-Saxon British are wanton aggressors and brutal expansionists. They are horrendous psychopaths who enjoy torturing and killing others for fun and entertainment. Native Americans had narrated endless tales and descriptions of how the white invaders and raiders had trapped and captured native sons and daughters and subjected them to the most gruesome atrocities of brutal tortures. 

Yet when white men first landed in America in the early 1,500s they were treated well by the natives who helped them to get use to the land. The natives provided them with food and lodgings and taught them how to till the land by planting local crops of maize, potatoes and tomatoes. But after one or two years white men turned on the natives. They became atrocious thieves and robbers who robbed off their cattles and food products. The savage white men killed the natives and raped the native girls and woman folks freely. The native Americans fought back bravely and fiercely against the white raiders. But it was always a losing battle as natives spears and arrows were no match against white mens's guns and cannons.

One story told that barbaric armed white raiders would hold siege of a village early in the morning. They waited in ambush behind some trees or hillocks. When the unsuspecting native villagers open their doors to go and work in the farms they were taken down by white snipers. No natives were spared be they men. women or children. 

The natives try to commemorate the orgy of their sufferings at the hands of the savage Christian white bandits by writing folk songs that tell the pains and sufferings of the natives at the hands of  white killers. One native folk song tells how white killers ambushed and massacre the natives and threw both the dead and the wounded into a river. The surviving natives said their hearts turned in pain and agony  when they thought of the distant river where their love ones were thrown into the river to be drowned. The song ended with the natives hoping in vain for the return of their love ones who were drowned in the distant river far far away from home. It was a sad song of the natives dream for their lost folks to return home but it was a hope against hope. 

Immediately after its independence from England in1776, the United States laid out detail plans to conquer the rest of the continent which was ruled by scores of native tribes with selfgoverning status under British suzerainty. Under its new doctrine of  'The Manifest Destiny of America' the United States set out on a wild barbaric rampage to not just conquer the native lands from the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the west coast of the Pacific Ocean but also with a clear blue print to genocide the natives in its entirety. After almost totally decimated the native tribes the savage Anglo-Saxon white Americans set their eyes on Mexican territories. They created incidents as excuses for starting wars with Mexico. From 1840s to 1870s and with their superior arms they marched on Mexico. They not only savaged the Mexican armies with brutality but were also merciless in killing Mexican civillians to cow them down into submission to their rule. In all two thirds of Mexican territories amounting to one million six hundred and sixty-five thousand square miles were robbed from Mexico which now comprise the provincial states of Texas, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona,  New Mexico, Wyoming and California.

Satanic Anglo-Saxon United States  aggression and expansion had no bounds. It wanted to expand across the Pacific Ocean. It had to conquer the kingdom of Hawaii and used it as a jumping board for its further conquests of the other Pacific Ocean island kingdoms before proceeding to conquer China. Its violent and destructive conquest of Hawaii and the Philippines had already been described in Part One.

The Americans had earlier in 1830s to 1900s particiapated in the criminal exploitation of China in the Opium Wars with England and France and later in 1900 it joined forces with six European countries and Japan to attack and sack Beijing in the Boxer Rebellion episode. Together with the European countries and Japan they tried to dismember China to tear China apart and apportioned among themselves the different parts of China to be ruled and governed by each of them. 

The American monsters had wild plans to ultimately  rule all over China itself. In the 1880s an American naval commander by the name of Maher  and Delanor Roosevelt arrogantly claimed that  China was a rich resource country but the Chinese were not fit to rule China themselves so the Americans must civilize China and the Chinese with American rule.

These Anglo-Saxon American monsters had since its independence set up a system and a timetable for world domination to build an American empire that would surpass  all past Roman and European empires. In other words the imbecile Anglo-Saxon Americans always have the evil ulterior motive to take over the mantle of all European imperialism and colonialism. With the end of the Cold War in1990 and the collapese of the USSR in 1991 the Americans loudly proclaimed the end of history and arrogantly announced that for the first time in history the whole world can be brought under the full control and dominance of one country under  United States total hegemony.

In the past the easy defeat and conquests of small and weak states had gone into the barbaric Americans' heads that caused them to be drunk with political stupor. In their political drunkeness they want to bully and take on the new Russian federation under President Putin and a new found China under President Xi Jinping. They have miscalculated due to their brain comatose and found out too late that the new Russian bear and the Chinese dragon are not easy meat but are more than a match for their aggression. The  mentally deranged Americans are at present very extremely anti Russia and anti China and are now very determined to take down the two countries for the simple reason that Russia and China are the only two countries that are stumbling blocks to American satanic ambition for world conquest and hegemony.

The neurotic American government bellicose leaders have put aside 1.5 billion dollars to be spent over a period of five years on vile and toxic propaganda to demonize China and Russia with false information, misinformation and disinformation to win over the American citizens and the people of the world  for their support in the coming wars which they have prepared for against China and Russia.  

The white people  especially the Anglo-Saxon Americans and their forebears  the British are seasoned consummate liars. They tell lies with a straight face. They constantly fabricated lies which are dangerous and lethal. A case in point is President Bush Jr and his pack of satans Dick Cheney, James Rumsfeld, Colin Power and Paul Wolfowitz whose lies about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction just to justify a war with Iraq that caused the death of over a million innocent Iraqis and many more millions maimed for life and the total destruction  of Iraq. Another American fatal lie was 9/11 which was actually a job done by Israel Jews Mossad with the connivance of CIA and Pentagon and of course the White House. This lie justified the  illicit war on Afghanistan which lasted for 20 years and at the cost of hundreds of thousands of  Afghanistan's lives and destruction of the whole coountry.

The insane Americans  being cowards  have resorted to using their junior allies and poodles as pawns and proxies in the front line confrontation against Russia and China. It had provoked and started the Ukraine war against Russia hoping to wear down and destroy Russia. At the same time it is arming Chinese traitors and separatists of the treasonable DPP control Taiwan province to create choas and hostilities to provoke and lure China out to have a shooting war with fellow Chinese in Taiwan. When a shooting war starts in the Taiwan Straits the Satanic Americans hope to intervene and bring down China. That is a fat dream for Russia and China have made it very clear that all future wars created by the US will directly affect the American mainland as Russian and Chinese nuclear-armed hyper supersonic missiles and rockets will definitely rain down heavily on American soil as well as on its allies homeland.

Taking on Russia and China together at the same time or taking on them singly will  be American nemesis. However, in this nuclear age of nuclear bombs  and nuclear missiles no one will be the wiser for all will face armageddon and the end of mankind. 

Yet satanic America has more than 800 military bases all round the world well armed with nuclear weapons threatening and intimidating big and small nations. Despite of that the US and its so-called poodle allies will surely be defeated and devasted by  China and Russia in a conventional war and that is if they do not desperately resort to use of nuclear weapons to save its last breath; and if that happens no one will be the wiser for all will be dead. 

 Thus  the many decades of horrendous American diabolical evil  dreadful deeds against mankind clearly show that the Anglo-Saxon Americans and the British are incarnations of Satan and they worship their chief Satan 'Lucifer.' 

Finally let the free world remind the satanic Anglo-Saxon  Americans and their hostile Western  allies that if they choose to die, they must go and die themselves and not to drag the whole world by and large to die with them. There is no honour and there is no glory when everyone is dead and mankind is gone forever. So wake up the imbecile citizens of America and Western Europe. It's your duty and responsibility to imbibe on your satanic self-interests and self aggrandized lunatic leaders to stop being aggressive and warmongering for the safety and survival of all mankind. Act now before it is too late.


Saturday, 20th May,2023.

ADDENDUM to   PART   TWO : Evil Americans are Incarnations of Satans :

The Chinese Embassy has published a list of states that were bombed by the United States of America after  World  War  II :

1.   Japan : Hiroshima : 6th August, 1945 :   Nagasaki : 9th August, 1945 :  Both nuclear bombed.

2.   Korea and China : 1950 - 1953  ( Korean War )

3.   Guatemala 1954

4.   Indonesia 1958

5.   Cuba 1959 - 1961

6.   Guatemala 1960

7.   Congo.   1964

8.   Laos 1964 -1973

9.   Vietnam 1961 -1973

10.   Cambodia 1969 -1970 

11.   Guatemala   1967 - 1969

12.   Grenada   1983

13.   Lebanon   1983 -1984  ( hitting targets in the territories of Lebanon and Syria )

14.   Libya.   1986

15.   Salvador  1980

16.   Nicaragua.   1980

17.   Iran 1987

18.   Panama.   1989

19.   Iraq   1991    Gulf War

20.   Kuwait   1991

21.   Somalia    1993

22.   Bosnia   1994 - 1995

23.   Sudan   1998

24.   Afghanistan   1998  

25.   Yugoslavia   1999

26.   Yemen   2002

27.   Iraq   1991 - 2003   Joint  US and  British troops

28.   Iraq   2003 - 2015

29.   Afghanistan     2001 - 2015

30.   Pakistan    2007 - 2015

31.   Somalia    2007,  2008,  2011

32.   Yemen   2009,   2011

33.   Libya    2011,  2015

34.   Syria    2014 - 2015

There are more than 20 states on the list. China urged   "Never forget who is the real threat to the world"

Were there outrages from the Western community regarding the United States horrendous crimes?

Were there  loud accusatory cries? Were  there sanctions against the United States at least once?

This whole hypocritical caudle sits quietly with its tongue in one place, when the USA nightmares countries like a real bandit . Not  an exclamation, not a shadow of reproach, not a glimmer of indignation. Cowardly, shameless hypocritical creatures! I would spit on everyone in his hypocritical mug and would poke his nose into this list.

This list should be broadcast on all possible channels 24 hours a day continuously. Make videos that would gouge all this Western riff-raff, would not let them sleep peacefully! Pound them and peck and remind every fact of the US crime against other countries.

NB : Nota Bene :   Please help to spread this information around the world to as many countries and to as many people as possible. Print out copies and talk and discuss with everyone, friends or strangers, relatives and acquaintances to keep everyone in this world aware of US / West hideous crimes against humanity especially against non-white people. Let all of us, let the whole world condemn US / West hideous crimes in no uncertain terms.


Saturday, 20th May,2023.

Inside a banana - A banana has no head

I can't say inside a banana's head since a banana does not have a head. It is just yellow skin outside, peels it, and you get a thin layer of fake white. Scrap it and it is all yellow inside. You cannot find a head in a banana, so no thinking.

In the 70s, the bananas were very proud of the social and economic situation in the little red dot. Every young men earning a few hundred dollars a month could buy and own a car. And with that small pay, they could even buy a HDB flat, 4 rms and 5rms. And they were very proud of the MRT, the first rapid transport system in Asia, except for Japan.

Today, the mode of moving the masses quickly in the city is still the same old MRT system, travelling at a high speed of 25kph or 30kph. And when it is raining, the speed has to be reduced to maybe 20kph or less for safety reasons. And the bananas are still very proud of this 70s rapid train system. 

A few years back, when the system was facing daily breakdowns and turning it into a nightmare for the commuters, some ageing trains had to be changed. When the bananas heard that the train cars were from China, there were immediate criticism and condemnation, that Chinese train cars were of inferior quality, unreliable, not good enough for our world class 70s train system. They were angry that the operators bought the train cars from China, a country that they despised and scorned upon since the 1970s when China was still a very poor and underdeveloped country. China then still ran train systems from WW2, its people moved around on bicycles, living in ancient dilapidated homes.

Never mind that the Chinese high speed and bullet trains are now the best and fastest in the whole world, the envy of the world and a must have item in a new cosmopolitan state. Never mind that the Chinese trains are running all over the world at speeds of above 300kph or more, 380kph, 400kph and higher. To the bananas, the Chinese trains are trash, worse than the MRT trains here, the pride of the bananas.

Never mind that the bananas, especially the young ones are unable to buy a small car, unless they are the children of the old rich or children of ministers. Never mind that they are now unable to buy a 4rm or 5rm HDB flat built like Lego while the young Chinese are buying much more sophisticated govt built flats. To the bananas, the Lego flats are the best looking flats than those in China.

Never mind that the only sophisticated gadget the bananas are using is the mobile phone when the Chinese are using 5Gs, quantum chips, living in space stations. Many bananas are still talking about teaching the Chinese how to build smart cities when the Chinese are building the most advanced warplanes, aircraft carriers, submarines, rockets to the moon and to Mars.

In the fantasy world of the bananas, the bananas are the best, only second to the West, their forever grand papa. The bananas are still living in the 1970s when everything was so great but unable to crawl out from their cocoons to see the real world of science and technology from a new China that is outstripping the best in the West.

By the way, the trains that the bananas are riding today, and running smoothly, though not at 300kph, are probably all made in China. And the EVs that the bananas are going to buy in the future would all be Made In China. And all the advanced chips, quantum chips and 6G mobile phones and equipment would be Made In China.