BRI countries spanning across the oceans


Nearly the whole of Asia, the whole of Middle East, the whole of South East Asia and now Latin America are participants in the China's BRI. When completed, all these countries would be connected under a new supply chain, without the Anglo Saxon countries and a few of their allies.

The Anglo Saxon countries and its few allies would be the minorities, isolated from the BRI connectivity. Oops, count New Zealand in. Argentina has just joined as well. More than 140 countries have signed up. All the Muslim and Arab countries have also signed up.

Despite the Americans putting its dick everywhere to stir shit, only the hard core 'like minded' rogue countries are left out of the BRI. 

China's influence has grown all over the world. When something is beneficial and offers good value, it cannot be ignored, just like 5G. Debt trap? All the participants not afraid of debt traps? Of course not. This fabricated lie by the Americans already flushed down the toilet bowl.

You can count the 'like minded' countries by the fingers. Must be very demoralising for the Americans, to be isolated from the BRI when practically the whole world is in. This map explicitly tells who has more friends and who has less friends, who is doing the right thing, who is not.

PS. The yellow, Argentina, and blue, China, should also be in red to make the map more impressive. This is Xi Jinping's  weiqi or 'Go' chess board.

21st Century New World Order unfolding

 We are in a critical time in human history when the balance of power is shifting right before our eyes. Countries are rising and countries are falling. The future of countries would be determined by its people and leadership. Countries on the path to greatness would be blessed with great leaders in crucial times of change. Countries destined to fall into oblivion would be condemned by having dull leaders with no ideas on how to make their countries great again. Shouting slogans, rhetoric and useless media headlines are unproductive, meaningless and a waste of time.

Russia has Putin, a very intense and decisive leader that talked less and did more to achieve his objective. His moves into Ukraine were carefully planned and executed, having read the resistance as nothing but weak. Very likely he also has agreements with the generals in Ukraine to be on his side. In the coming days we would see how his game plan turns out. If Putin's master strokes in Ukraine prove successful as planned, this would give a leg up to his ambition to restore Russia to its former glory. The Russian people apparently are all behind him. Russia is blessed to have such a leader in a critical time like this, to be swallowed by the Americans or to stand up and beat the Americans in their own game.

The events in the last few days clearly showed that Putin is the winner and the Americans did not know how to respond, would not dare to respond militarily. Both the Americans and the Europeans know that they cannot beat Putin in this game. Russia cannot lose with the nuclear weapons ready to use in a last ditch, weapons that the Americans and Europeans cannot risk facing. 

Ukraine crisis will be settled quickly and a new order in eastern Europe would be sealed, marking the return of Russia as a super power to contend with.

In eastern Asia there is Xi Jinping, a maverick coming after the former greats of Mao and Deng. Xi is not a superficial leader like the incoherent American leadership, one clown after another.  Every move is carefully studied before execution or emotional outrage. Nothing left to chance or luck. Xi appears at a time when China needs a leader to take it to greater height, a man the Chinese have been waiting for after a 100 years of humiliation, a leader the world is waiting for, to snuff out the warmongering and bullying of the Americans and the West. The world needs peace, not unending warfare.

Xi took his time, building China not just militarily but in every front and field of competition to ensure China's superiority all round. There is armour all over, no weak chains to be exploited. China is now a complete country and challenging the Americans in all fields, in every level, in every corner of the world. 

Xi is fighting the Americans not just militarily. He is going to win this war against the Americans without fighting. The short sighted and low level thinking in the American leadership, thinking that war is just military hardware, weapons, and propaganda, still could not see the whole picture, believing that they could beat Xi in an open war with weapons and firepower and an annual budget of US$300m to fabricate and spread lies about China.

China has already won in Central Asia, Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. Europe would be won by Russia with Putin at the helm. Xi is fighting a very sophisticated war throughout the world and with a longer time frame, unlike American's thuggish regime change and invasion using brute force. Xi is fighting a war without fighting a war. Xi is winning without having to fire a bullet.

To ascend to the top leadership of the world needs exceptional men of exceptional talent, foresight and ability, not scoundrels, cheats, snake oil salesmen and definitely not a senile old man who could not remember the name of his wife.

Putin and Xi are men of exceptional caliber thrown out by history in a time when the world needs major changes to move ahead for greater peace, security and prosperity. Humankind needs a common destiny, a common goal to live better, not wars and carnage, not bickering and hate, animosities and lies. The future well being of humankind must be built on the foundation of cooperation, mutual respect, justice and dignity, a united world of shared common good and shared prosperity. 

No more wars, no more enemies, but partners, collaborators and competitors to uplift the lives of all human beans.

The New World Order is beckoning. Down with all the thugs, cheats, liars, gangsters, murderers and warmongers. The rise of two great leaders in Asia at the same time is no pure coincidence. This is a sure sign of the rise of Asia in Russia and China. On the opposite side, other than a senile old man, the best the West could produce was a clown that thinks it is too difficult to comb his hair, or silly boys, actors, comedians, crooks and rogues as their leaders. The fate of the West is sealed, to go the dodo way.


Fallacy of Invasion versus Liberation


Which is the truth? How many Invasion has Russia conducted?

How many Liberation has the USA conducted?

Which is more evil, more destructive, killed more people? Invasion or Liberation?

The wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, in Palestine, were they invasion or liberation?

The war criminals are still walking free.

The main western media have been feeding the world with a one sided story. The truth, Ukraine has been violating the Minsk Agreement that respect the independence and self rule of Donbass and Lugansk. Instead of leaving these two new states to be on their own, Ukraine has been shelling them for years and killing a lot of their people. Ukraine is not the innocent child like the boy President. 

Russia's terms for withdrawal are simple. Ukraine shall remain neutral and withdrawal all the offensive western weapons in the country threatening Russia. It is so simple to stop the Russian attack. The Americans refused to state that they would not allow Ukraine to join Nato, and Zelensky also refused to remain neutral nor to withdraw offensive weapons in Ukraine, like the alleged WMD in Iraq that led to the American Invasion, oops, Liberation of Iraq and the American forces are still there, refusing to pull out of Iraq.

Who is the devil behind this crisis? Russia is showing restraint and now using its air force to strike freely at major cities in Ukraine. Would the Americans up the ante and force Putin to conduct a full scale invasion of Ukraine?

PS. Two international institutions would be obsolete soon. The Americans had weaponised the American dollar as an international currency. Now they are weaponising the international banking system SWIFT. International organisations, systems etc etc shall remain above politics and not be controlled by a super power, to be politicised and weaponised. Once that is the case, it loses its usefulness and should be replaced.

The desperate warmonger Americans have started to burn bridges by weaponising the SWIFT banking system, be with us or against us. This is another nail in the coffin of the American Empire, self inflicted.

Russia could take the opportunity to leave the SWIFT system, and cut off its goods, including oil and gas, to Europe since it could not be paid.


Zelensky - I am all alone. Poor chap

 This silly boy woke up to find that he is all alone. All his so called friends have abandoned him. He has to take on the Russians alone. And he could not believe it. He is still asking for help from the devils that goaded, incited and pushing him to fight the Russians and promising they would support him...from behind. He thought they would be standing beside him to face the Russians.  Get this very clear, Zelensky is the point man to be right in front, to be shot and terminated. 

The Americans and the Brits would be laughing from far far behind, across the English Channel, across the Atlantic Ocean. The rest of the Europeans? From the very beginning they were not going to fight the Russians. It would be courting destruction and disaster for their countries and their people. Russia is not Iraq, not Libya, not Syria and definitely not Afghanistan. It is not going to be a cake walk. Even the ordinary Ukrainians know this and are fleeing their country. Only the stupid boy President thinks the Americans, Brits and Europe would join him to fight the Russians. 

Every silly American ally and crony better open their eyes wide wide. The American bullies would ony take on the hapless and the weak, like the African, Latin American and Arab and Muslim countries. When attacking these countries are concerned every European would volunteer to tack along. They know it would be sure win, with them beating the daylight out of weak countries. 

No way would they take on an equal like Russia and China.  Taiwan, South Korea, and some silly Asean states better take note of what is happening in Ukraine. When push comes to shove, the Americans would stand far far away.  Go, you fight, we are behind you, we will sell you weapons, F35s at $100m a piece, we have plenty to sell. War is good for your manhood. If you win, a big if, you will become heroes. If not, you will also become heroes, dead heroes.

Biden lashed out at Putin for trying to take Ukraine by force. This is unacceptable. Americans don't do such things, taking land and resources by force. Americans did not use force to take the continent of North America, did not use force to enforce black African slavery, did not use force to take over Mexican land,Texas and California, did not use force to take over Hawaii, not the Pacific Islands of Marshalls etc etc, not Diego Garcia. The Americans did not force the Japanese and South Koreans nor the Europeans to allow the Americans to set up military bases in these semi colonies of the American Empire. They invited the Americans to be there to protect and defend them, just like the Red Indians invited the Europeans to take over their land.

Americans don't use force, Americans are not bullies, Americans are peace loving people. Fighting war is for peace, invading countries are for peace, regime change is for peace, selling weapons is for peace. Get it? And Americans would not fight a war with the Russians, only stupid Ukrainians want to fight a war with the Russians. See, the Americans are so peace loving people, no wars.  They even pulled out of Afghanistan.


Ukraine is a lesson for the world to see how obnoxious and aggressive the Americans are

 Ukraine is giving the world a lesson in how easy to start a war, how easy to be misled and used by the Americans to start a war. And how easy the lives and economy of the whole country could be destroyed within days when the people could be living happily in peace instead.

A young boy President thinking too smart for himself, that he is a genius of sort, to mess around with big power politics, thinking that he could decide what is good for his country, he is in charge, in control, without having to care a hoot about the interests of big powers, has now landed in hot soup. His actions have made Ukraine a threat to Russia, allowing Americans to control and be at the border of Russia. How could this boy ever think that he could get away with it by becoming an accomplice of the Americans to threaten Russia and Russian interests?

But that is not the end. He suddenly found out that he is not in control. He is just a puppet on a string. The main player is the Americans. He has to do what the Americans say or else he would be drown out, kick aside. And what the Americans want it war on Russia's border.

He has played with fire, with the lives and future of his country. When the boy President willingly chose to become a tool/weapon of the Americans to threaten Russia, he would have to pay a price for it.

The moral of the story, when one is just a small country, do not act too smart thinking that one is so clever, can mess around with big powers and can have his cake and eat it. A small country is allowed to flirt around only when the big powers allowed it to do so, or it happens to be singing the same tune. Once it goes out of line, not in the interests of the big powers, he would be thrown under the bus.

Who is going to rescue this boy President? Who is going to prevent the loss of lives of Ukrainians? Not the Americans. They would send a token of soldiers to support from behind. Maybe send more weapons. But the Americans would not fight and die to defend Ukraine and the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainians die, it is their business. Ukraine got bombed out of existence, it is their business. Europeans got dragged into the war and die, it is their business.

Why on earth would people living peacefully be stupidly pushed themselves into a devastating war, or allowed themselves to be set up to go to war? Can you imagine how many Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans are going to die all for nothing but a foolish boy President thinking too highly of himself.

Know your place, stay away from big power politics.  Do not risk your country and the lives of your people to play with the devils.

If you can live in peace, why go to war? War is very fun, very exciting? Can be heroes. Yes, dead heroes.

How many Ukrainians and Europeans and Russians are going to die because of this war when there is no need to? And the boy President has no way to stop this war. The Americans have taken over the game and deciding how it should be played. So pathetic for Zelensky now. What can he do? Absolutely nothing. Ukraine is now a pawn in the chess board of the Americans.

Zelensky has led Ukraine into a war.  And many people will die for what he had done to start this war.


India be our hinterland?

 After Singapore's failed attempt to merge with Malaya as part of Malaysia, Singapore went on its own to create a prosperous little piece of rock in SE Asia. After 40 plus years of breakaway, Singapore seems to be hitting a plateau and using up all the tricks available. The final trick of importing more heads to increase consumption is reaching a breaking point with anger brewing among the Singaporeans. Going ahead mindlessly with importing more and more third world fake talents is no longer acceptable or tolerable.  Xenophobia is on the rise. A new strategy must be cooked to ensure the million dollar salaries remain sustainable and not be overturned.

How about finding a new hinterland to merge with? Singapore seems to have work out something with India, the next superpower in the world. From CECA and the importing of more and more Indians to head Singapore's key institutions, now even low down provision shop like Fairprice, the picture seems complete. Is there anything else that needs an India Indian to helm? How about the PM? Singapore is integrating with India, hedging all its resources and hope on India and Indians., ploughing billions and billions of our reserves into India. The more the merrier.

Would the next step be the integration of Singapore as a part of India, a merger of some sort, but unlikely to be like the merger with Malaysia. Singapore can at most be a little gateway to India given the difference in size. If there is indeed a plan for a merger with India, Singapore cannot ever think of becoming a major partner in India and a Singaporean becoming the PM of Indiapora. Likely the role would be like Hawaii to the USA, living in the peripheral. There is no way that Singapore can swallow up India, more likely India swallowing up Singapore and remain as India, not Indiapore or Indiapora.

Looking ahead into the future, without any resources, its strategic position as a major port compromised and going to be diminish when all China's shipping could bypass Tuas, and its main strength, a talented pool of human beans becoming an untalented pool of drivers and jagas, Singapore's future is bleak, the light is dimming. No more new tricks but to look for a god father.  How high can HDB prices be pushed, $1m or $2m to keep the economy afloat before the house of cards collapses?

China is an unlikely candidate as too much bad blood had spilt, unless Singapore is willing to go down on its knees to beg for forgiveness. India would be most willing to take Singapore in, like picking up a pot of gold. Singapore would be an asset to India. It would be the crown jewel of all Indian cities, none could come near to Singapore. The caveat is, would life be still the same if Singapore becomes a city of India? One thing for sure, should Singapore integrate or merge with India, Singapore would not be able to say Singapore is not ready for an Indian PM. It would be the other way round. India would say India is not ready for a Chinese PM in the city of Singapora. The Chinese ships would not be calling. And if Singapore becomes part of India, nothing from China would be coming. India is dead set to be the arch enemy of China and would block everything coming from China. 

So, is merging with India, making India our hinterland, banging on the subcontinents' underdeveloped land and cities going to give Singapore a leg up to continue to survive as the first world in SE Asia, and in India? Or would Singapore become another third world city in India?

How far fetch is this scenario of Singapore becoming a part of India? Has Singapore decided to throw all in to be a part of India and bringing in more India Indians to run Singapore? Would Singaporeans be made to sing another national anthem, the national anthem of India?

What do you think?

PS. Floating this idea for musing around.


Rogue Americans crying wolf and ratcheting for war


The warmongering Americans have been crying wolf everyday with greater intensity to spread fear and panic that Russia is going to invade Ukraine. Russia is the aggressive player and the warmongering Americans are the angels. Fortunately no country other than a few AngloSaxon countries would want to play this up as a clear and present danger. The Americans have been calling wolf once too many, creating false flag incidents since the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, 911, WMD, war on terrorists to invade Afghanistan to slaughter the Afghan tribesmen that had nothing to do with 911.

The US$300m per annum war chest to spread lies, fabricate lies, to smear and attack China and Russia are put into full use, buying reporters, journalists and American and foreign media to print all the lies. Here are some samples of American media and psywar.

This piece depicts the West as defensive against an aggressive Russia when all the while they have the aggressive party encroaching into Russia's sphere of influence and threatening Russia. The Ukraine crisis is all created by the Americans/Nato but putting the blame on Russia.

Australia is playing the attack dog role, smearing China with offensive acts and vicious allegations. They have been attacking Chinese investment in Australia, stirring shit to investigate Wuhan as the source of the Pandemic, genocide in Xinjiang and now wanting to investigate Chinese ship for pointing a laser beam at their offensive aircraft dropping sonobouys to detect and monitor Chinese submarines. This is another typical incident of thief shouting thief.

The more aggressive the Australians are, the more they would show their fangs and be hated by countries in the region. One day they would be chased back to England, where they were first deported from.

See how this piece is being slanted. The Americans have been forming offensive pacts with equally aggressive countries to counter and attack China, And these are ok. Now China and Russia merely signed a non aggression pact, not to conduct war with each other, and that is a concern to them? What if China and Russia sign a defence pact, a military alliance? What would the American propaganda machine be shouting?

The western media have long been under the control of the West and have been showing how aggressive and biased in their reporting. They no longer hide or pretend to be neutral or objective. They are now an instrument of war, a weapon for war for the evil American Empire.

Let's hope they really go to war in Europe. Let them blow each other to pieces since they like war so much. The Americans are desperate to justify the military budget of US$800 billion and to support their military war complex and needed a war badly.

When is the UN going to condemn the American savages from starting WW3? Their homeland ravaged by the virus, economy in deep deep trouble, instead of putting their house in order, they want a war to burn down the whole world.

The vicious Americans and AngloSaxon tribes are behaving like wild savages, like the days when they genocided a continent of Red Indians and the aborigines in Australia and New Zealand. Now they are planning to wipe out the Ukrainians, Europeans and Russians. And no condemnation from any country or the UN.


AI no future in Europe and America

LONDON — Using artificial intelligence software for mass surveillance and ranking social behavior could soon be outlawed in Europe, according to draft legislation that has been shared online.

The 81-page document, which was first reported by Politico, says “indiscriminate surveillance of natural persons should be prohibited when applied in a generalized manner to all persons without differentiation.”

It adds the methods of surveillance could include monitoring and tracking of people in digital and physical environments. CNBC

The above document says it all. There is no future for further development and advancement of AI's in Europe and America. In the name of freedom and violation of privacy, AI could not make further inroads into these countries.  They have tied their hands and legs on the progress of AIs and would curtailed further advances in the use of AI in their countries.

AI is the new frontier of science and technology that would bridge the human intelligence with machine intelligence. AI would change every aspect of human lives and the price is privacy. If individual privacy is the shield to stop AI from engaging in the reordering of human activities, then this shield will be the wall to prevent AI from changing and facilitating lives in a way unimaginable. Individual privacy would be the chain that would not allow western liberal societies and countries to take full advantage of what AI could do to improve their lives, how to reorganise their lives to free human from their basic chores that AI, robotics and machine could do.

The Americans and Europeans would forfeit their chances of moving ahead with the rest of the world in the facilitating the widespread use of AI. They would miss the 4th Industrial Revolution by default, by their own choice. There is no free lunch. Something must give if AI is to be embraced fully. Not doing so would limit the full advantage AI could bring to benefit civilisation.

Here you go. No one is forcing the West not to embrace AI. They are tying their own hands and legs and voluntarily choose to stay behind in this field of science and technology. God works in his own mysterious way to hold back the western civilisation, through Covid19 and their arrogance and pride to use their very own untested and dangerous vaccines and refusing to use tested vaccines of others, and now playing with their own evil card, called individual freedom and privacy and also refusing to use Huawei's 5G and coming 6G technology. So let it be.


Singapore is so well managed, leaders have luxury to do what other leaders cannot do

 While the world is struggling with covid and all kinds of problems, with their leaders being stressed out until some did not have time to comb their hair, some even risk their lives and got infected by covid, Singapore continues to be an idyllic oasis of peace, calm and prosperity. There is really no problem to bog down Singapore leaders. See how well everyone of them looks, healthy, charming and beaming with fragrant oils oozing out from their faces. All the signs of having a good life are showing.

The biggest so called problem facing the Singapore leaders, if it is a problem at all, is honesty or not telling lies. In many countries, honesty and not telling lies are taught in schools, in primary schools, to children. In Singapore, top political leaders are spending their precious time, very expensive if charged by the hours, to educate and to teach the adults not to tell lies, to be honest beans. 

See, Singapore is so well managed that even the PM has spare time to talk about issues like honesty. Very few PMs and Presidents could afford such luxury to talk cock, oops, in way, as many PMs and Presidents would be fighting wars, inciting wars, preparing for wars or preparing to defend their countries from being invaded. Singapore did not have such problems. Foreigners are invited to Singapore and call it home.

Good life, good living, are the norms in Singapore. This is like the gentry class of Europe in its heydays. Oh yes, we also have developed a natural aristocratic class. The gentry and aristocrats of Europe spent their time drinking tea and attending horse racing as a sport. What to do when they have nothing to do but with all the money and time to spend? 

Maybe Singapore should learn to be like the Americans, or like the new Asean, go and mind other countries' business. Asean has morphed into a new busy body, dunno got influence by outside powers or not, and think it is fit to lecture its members on how to run their country. Think they did not have mirrors to look into. Anyway, this is a good thing to spend idle time. Let's see which country to meddle with? Myanmar, yes Myanmar, this is a country that is badly run, military coup. Let's go to Myanmar to mind their business. Tell the Myanmese we are so concerned about their well being, about their welfare, we are so caring. And try to teach the Myanmese govt what to do, what not to do to bring the good life to the Myanmese people.  And teach them about democracy Singapore style, the best in South East Asia. Only one party needed, no need opposition, ownself checks ownself.  Is there much difference from Myanmar's one party military rule right?

This is not interfering in other country's domestic affairs, this is caring, and telling the Myanmese we care. This is not putting pressure on the Myanmese leaders or trying to influence them, external influence. Just don't talk about human rights would do. The Americans would be very happy with our behaviour, very American, and may invite our leader for dinner at the White House if we keep on at it. Can we also teach Malaysia about honesty? We are taking responsibility in other people's business since we don't have much things to do in our very well governed country. Everything works with the flip of a switch. Can sleep in Parliament also, or no need to attend. 

These are good things, the privileges of being such a well managed country.

What do you think?


PLA, the best and most feared fight machine

‘Without fear of death’: Xi Jinping orders Chinese army to be ready to fight ‘at any second’
5 Jan, 2021

Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers during an exercise in Kashgar, China, January 4, 2021.

Xi, who chairs China’s Central Military Commission, ordered the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to maintain “full-time combat readiness” and to be ready to “act at any second.”

This pic of Chinese soldiers must have sent a chill down the spines of American soldiers that fought in the Korea War. The faces are familiar, the most feared soldier, the best fighting men that routed the best American soldiers, the Marines, with whole Marine Division being ambushed and had to run for their lives, with thousands killed...plus soldiers from another 22 crony countries.

The highly popular and idolised American General MacCarthur was often quoted, 'anyone thinking of fighting the Chinese Army got to have his head checked.' He stand to be corrected as there are now several armed forces in Asean and South Asia that are more powerful than the Americans and everyday talking about attacking China and declaring war on China.

The American war machine defeated the Japanese Imperial Army in the Pacific theatre of war, together with the Allied Forces, defeated the Germans, no thanks to the Russians that did the bulk of the fighting. The Americans defeated the North Korean Army, when they were about to drive the South Korean soldiers into the sea...but the Americans were no match for the poorly equipped PLA Volunteers Army.

The Korean War is testimony to the best fighting soldiers in the world, the PLA. Then poorly equipped with small arms to fight the most powerful war machine the world had ever seen, the American combined Arms and won.

Today, the PLA is armed to the teeth with the best modern equipment that equaled the best in the US Forces. It would be a nightmare revisited should the two forces meet again in the battle field. This time it would be a fairer fight with both equally armed with their best weapons, not another asymmetrical war with one side having overwhelming weapon superiority and fire power. It would be heavy weight versus heavy weight in the ring.

Would the arrogant and deluded American soldiers stand a chance against an equally armed PLA? When war breaks out between the Americans and Chinese, the Americans would have a chance to relive the horrors of the Korean War all over again. This time not only they could pound the Chinese with all their big artillery pieces and bombs, the Chinese would return the favour, piece for piece. All is fair in the battle field.

QUAD hierachy


The AngloSaxons sit on top. The two eager beavers, Japan and India get all the shit and very happy about it.  Willing buyer willing seller. Japan as a semi colony of the USA has not choice. When the Americans say fetch, they would go fetching. As for India, with its ambitious superpower dream, wonder why it is willing to be shitted on by the Anglo Saxon countries. 

India's population is 4 times the combined population of the other 5 countries. And Japan, once a super power, still with an economy in the top 5, both have to sit at the lower rungs, to be shitted on by the AngloSaxons and very proud of it.


More foreign talents must come

 Singapore have many jobs with title like CEOs or senior management positions that need foreign talents to fill for some good reasons. Firstly, Singaporeans did not have enough of such talents.  Secondly, Singaporeans are mostly not qualified, not because they have no paper qualifications, but their world class universities did not teach them the skills needed for such jobs. Thirdly, Singaporeans have no international experience and exposure. How to sell chicken rice without international experience? Or to run supermarket, postal service or run kopitiams without international experience? Fourthly, Singaporeans do not want such jobs.  Singaporeans prefer to be their own boss and prefer to be drivers, taxi drivers or Grab drivers also can.

Singapore thus not only have to open its doors to foreign talents, Singapore must open its doors to foreign talents. And its elected MPs and ministers know how Singaporeans feel about these, and since they are representing the interests of Singaporeans, they must encourage more foreigners to come and take CEO jobs that Singaporeans did not want. And Singaporeans supported such calls, by not complaining or saying they did not approve of it. Silence is consent.  See, no Singaporeans complaining when foreigners are headhunted from around the world, and the best in the world seems to be from South Asia, to fill up such positions.  South Asia is a gold mine for top management talents like CEOs.

And Singaporeans are happy.  For they know that such talents would create jobs for their country men, oops, for Singaporeans. It is a win win situation for Singapore. Getting highly trained foreigners to turn their companies into making big profits and also to create jobs good jobs for Singaporeans. For Singaporeans that are happy with less stressful jobs, there are plenty of such jobs around other then being their own boss and driving in their mobile offices. Many young Singaporeans are happily employed as jagas, oops, Covid Ambassadors, big nice title, sitting comfortably outside offices and shopping centres, easy jobs and with good long term prospects.

Let the foreign talents in, Singaporeans are not complaining. Everything will be fine.  Singaporeans can share their HDB flats with foreigners and collect rent, just like in the 1950s and 60s. Under one roof, several families, one room for one family, three rooms, three families. And the kitchen and bathroom become sort of common facilities to be shared by all.  Singaporeans sharing their homes to show to the foreigners their unique hospitality. Some better still, vacate their homes to foreigners and they moved to stay in Bintan, Batam and JB. Such generosities are unmatched in the world.  Highly commendable.

Nice, nice, very nice.  And Singaporeans' life is so good that they would not change the govt but would continue to vote in the same govt with bigger and bigger majority, bigger mandate. See, no one is complaining. When life is so good, what is there to complain?

This is my land, this is my country, this is my home. More and more foreigners would be singing this song.

PS. None of our graduates from our world class universities, many tens of thousands of them not good enough for the NTUC CEO job? What the hell is happening? Who made the selection and appointment?

Why Is Russia So Worried About Ukraine Joining NATO?

The aggressive and expansionist intention, designs and actions of the Hegemonic Unlawful States of America (USA) is to use NATO as the tool to expand its Hegemony in the World.

Over the last few years, more and more countries that were part of the USSR have been coerced, enticed and trapped into joining NATO.

Out of the 16 countries that serve as a buffer zone between Europe and Russia, 14 of them has already been swallowed by NATO. Not only that, many of those 14 countries have become US and Western military bases.

Such aggressive expansionist actions have caused a geopolitical imbalance and worries Russia no ends.

By absorbing the 14 ex-USSR countries into NATO, the overall strength of the NATO forces and economic might have increased exponentially, putting Putin's defence plan for Russia in an extremely precarious situation.

With the latest US intention and move to make Ukraine join NATO, it leaves no more buffer zone for Russia to react if the US-NATO Forces were to invade Russia at any time.

At present, only Belarus and Ukraine have not become part of NATO YET.

Poland, the neighbouring country closest to Belarus has been very busy, under the instigation and active support of USA and NATO, been constantly causing troubles for Belarus (previously known as Belarussia) in order to coerce it into joining NATO.

At the same time, the US has been instigating, intimidating and brain-washing the present Pro-US Ukrainian leader to become part of NATO.

The intention of the US is to leave Russia with no buffer zone to protect herself from any US-NATO SURPRISE INVASION!

This strategic geopolitucal move by the US will allow the US-NATO forces to attack and invade Russia at short notice, taking Russia by SURPRISE!


NFT - A moment somewhere in time


This is a 9 piece rar art series titled 'A moment in time' in NFT.

This is a tribal community somewhere in time with people in different postures engaged in their daily chores. The 9 pieces are in different colours depicting the different times of the day. Enjoy viewing these beautiful and therapeutic paintings quietly and discover what the people are doing there and then, somewhere in time. The longer you observe, the more the painting will reveal to you and come to life.

View more at https://opensea.io/collection/rar-a-moment-in-time.

American soldier saving a child - more children would be available after the Americans start a war in Ukraine and Europe


After the war and bombing, this poor child will be saved by the kind American soldiers. And it would be front page news.

With the US adamant in starting a war in Ukraine/Europe, this child could be a Ukrainian or a Russian. The Americans are so nice and kind people, protecting homeless children. Dunno who destroyed their homes and killed the child's parents. The child will grow up very grateful to the Americans, just like the bananas and coconuts around the world, forever grateful and thinking how kind and good the Americans are.

A lot of such children from Afghanistan, Iraq and some other Arab countries must have been brought home to safety in American homeland and would grow up as Americans and would fight and die for the Americans.

To start the war in Ukraine and Europe, the Americans are sending Blinken to brief the UN of their 'intelligent' report, just like Colin Powell did before their invasion of Iraq. This time dunno what Blinken would bring to show to the UN. Definitely not a vial of washing powder. This act cannot be repeated to have some credibility.

The UN should just believe whatever the Americans said. A war in Europe would be the best news for the rest of the world. Let these warmongering savages kill and destroy themselves and the rest of the world be watching them on TV, sipping tea and coffee.  

Nice, very nice. It would be a wonderful sight to behold.

US Preparations For War In Europe

 US Preparations For War In Europe


“Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 is a U.S.-led multinational exercise, including NATO's participation. It is the largest deployment of U.S.-based forces to Europe in more than 25 years with 20,000 soldiers deployed directly from the U.S. to Europe.”

Dynamic Mongoose 20 is a NATO-led exercise that took place from 29 June to 10 July 2020 in the High North. Ships, submarines, aircraft and personnel from six Allied nations (France, Germany, Norway, UK, Canada and USA) exercised off the coast of Iceland for Anti-Submarine warfare (ASW) and Anti-Surface warfare training. According to scientists, sonar anti-submarine trainings during Dynamic Mongoose 20 resulted in disastrous consequences for the population of whales in the North Atlantic. British zoologists have recorded the death of at least 29 marine mammals over several weeks across Europe that caused irreparable damage to the fragile marine ecosystem.[8]

Six U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bomber aircraft from the 5th Bomb Wing, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, had arrived Aug. 22, 2020 at RAF Fairford, England for a long planned training mission where the aircraft conducted theater and flight training across Europe and Africa.

The strategic bomber missions “Bomber Task Force”, which have been occurring since 2018, provide opportunities for U.S. integration with NATO allies and put pressure on Russia.

On September 4, the American B-52s entered the airspace of Ukraine for the first time in history, where they made a long flight along the borders of the Crimean peninsula.

On Sep. 25, two U.S. bombers staged a mock attack run on Russia’s territory in Eastern Europe. The flight path allowed the bombers effectively to fly a circle around Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic between Poland and Lithuania. The simulated raid on the Kaliningrad region was a test case of destroying Russian air defense systems located in the region.[12]

Altogether, in August-September 2020, American nuclear weapons carriers flew at least 18 times to Russia's northern, western and southern borders during the operation, which is an unprecedented event since the end of the Cold War.


Defender-Europe 21, one of the largest U.S.-Army, NATO-led military exercises in Europe in decades, began in mid-March and will last until June. It included "nearly simultaneous operations across more than 30 training areas" in Albania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo and other countries.[14][15] Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli, commanding general of the United States Army Europe and Africa, said that "While we are closely monitoring the COVID situation, we’ve proven we have the capability to train safely despite the pandemic."[14] Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that Russia has deployed troops to its western borders for "combat training exercises" in response to NATO "military activities that threaten Russia."

CAPABLE DEPLOYER 2021 – NATO Allied Force Interoperability Exercise, which is planned and coordinated by the Multinational Logistics Center. The exercises will take place in Romania from May 2 to 23.

Wind Spring 21 – Maintain the operational capacity of planning and executing joint and multinational NATO military operations in Europe. 2- 27 May Romania

Ramstein Guard 3 21 – The NATO Electronic Warfare Force Integration Programme with regional elements of NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence System conducted through the Combined Air Operation Centre's (CAOC). 3 - 14 May Portugal


"Neptune Strike 22" started in late January with aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman and its battle group coming under NATO command for patrolling exercises in the Mediterranean Sea.[17]

  A-Non-Yes-Mouse said...


PS. Redbean's comment.

Such war games must be banned for good. These are highly dangerous and provocative manouvres that could be turned into a real attack on the targeted country at any moment.  The pretentious exercises allow the potential aggressor to deploy all his forces and weapons to the frontline without any obstruction. 

With today's weapon and their attack range, the weapons can be released 200 miles or more from the target. If the war games are conducted within a few miles of target country, the time taken for a surprise attack is critically reduced to almost instantaneous strike and practically unable to defend against like the above war games and the war games against North Korea and China.

Such war games must be classified as hostile actions and be banned, and countries being targeted should treat them as a hostile act and be allowed to take defensive actions like shooting down approaching ships, aircraft or weapons fired in their direction. Targeted countries are in a very precarious situation seeing hostile aircraft and ships flying towards them and could fire and hit them if they did not shoot them down.

There must be new laws to govern such aggressive war games by aggressive and warmongering countries. Countries must not allow such war games to be held within a 200 miles range from their borders. Such hostile war games are very dangerous and present a clear and present danger to the targeted countries.


Tree of Life - A miracle in your hand



All miracles are hearsays. Or all the witnesses of miracles are history. There are no witnesses alive today, and all the miracles would no longer be around to speak for themselves.

The Tree of Life is a miracle that you can hold in your hand, to examine, to touch, to feel, to see and to appreciate. You will be the witness to attest to its authenticity. No need to hear from anyone. Put it under the magnifying glass if still in doubt. I did not add a stroke or remove a dot from the painting. 

The process involved for this painting to come to life is so complex and with so many variables that its appearance is not so easy like an accident. It was captured in a moment when light passed through the medium of moving water, ie it would never be the same again even if one is going to repeat the process. I shot in a burst, and only this frame gave me this painting. The rest of the shots within fractions of a second were totally different and barely any reasonable looking human forms.

The pic would simply be ignored and deleted by any photographer as it was bare of any forms or features of any meaning, just water and reflection of light. Even when processing, it took a very tedious effort to bring out the colours and details of the paintings with human forms that were easily recognisable without any need for imaginations. It would be very demanding for a good artist to paint these life like human forms on canvas, but here they are, appearing together so naturally. And it was all conceptualised and created by Mother Nature in a divine way that is beyond human imagination.

When the tree first appeared, I asked what kind of tree was it, a durian tree, a rambutan tree or what? I looked out for fruits but there were none. Then I recalled the phrase, 'judge a tree by the fruits it bears'. On closer scrutiny I saw human forms, many human forms. What else could it be but the Tree of Life?

All of you are living witnesses to this little miracle of life. And a few could be privileged to have a piece of this miracle to hold in your hand, to admire and appreciate for a life time, to share with your friends and loved ones. This is not simply a piece of art or painting to possess. There are more profound meanings in this piece of painting that are waiting to be discovered. This would make a good conversational piece for the faithful and believers.

I am glad to share this Tree of Life painting with so many people from so many countries visiting this blog. All the AngloSaxon and many English speaking countries are here, even non English speakers are here, eg Russia, Japan, South Korea, east and western European countries, some from Africa, also Turkey and Saudi Arabia etc and of course Malaysia and Indonesia.

PS. I am not a believer but have read the Bible and familiar with the concept of the Tree of Life.

Ukraine - The Americans hijacked the agenda and narrative, continue with war is imminent lie

1. Biden warned Russia to withdraw to avoid needless death and destruction.
2. Russia and the US competing to write the narrative of Ukraine crisis.

Read the above two headlines in CNA.  The first one about Biden telling Putin that it would be needless death and destruction is pure American comedy, as if the Americans care. Not bad for a senile old man to still remember such lines. No one, not the Ukrainians or the Russians, not the Europeans, would want an unnecessary war that would lead to their people being killed and country destroyed. Only one country wants this war and is fanning the fire, making all kinds of silly statements to create a sense of fear that war is about to start.  

The Americans even got all its allies to pull out their citizens, plus Americans, from Ukraine to give the impression that war is imminent. And they got the cheek to ask China why it is not pulling out the Chinese as orchestrated by the Americans. The Chinese are not going anywhere and staying put to call the American bluff. 

And the second headline about Russia and USA hijacking the agenda to talk up this war. The Americans are in control of all major English media and all singing what the Americans wanted them to, that war is imminent. Ukraine and the boy President have been shut out. They have no say and whatever they said would not be printed. The Americans are in charge and writing and directing the plot for war.

This is 'How to start a war 101' from Washington.

All the agreements between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France about a ceasefire, no invasion, have been cancelled. The American message, war is still on, 16 Feb, during the Winter Olympics, with aerial bombings from the Russians, oops, or would it be from the Americans and blaming the Russians?

Zelensky better play by the American playbook, to keep harping about war or else. Some of his generals are already doing so. If Zelensky is not for war, he could be terminated with extreme prejudice to create chaos and panic, and a pro war, pro American general would seize power to start the war. 

Who would be the losers and who would be the main beneficiaries of a war? The Europeans better get together to hold fast their no war position, or they would be the biggest losers, suffering from massive destructions and casualties. The Americans would continue to have their hamburgers and watching baseball or playing basketball. After Europe is destroyed, the Americans would walk in to offer to rebuild Europe and Europe would be fully in debt to the Americans. Debt trap anyone?

What a beautiful script. Pelosi would repeat her favourite statement, what a beautiful sight to behold, when Europe is on fire.

Sinister dark history of AngloSaxons - genocides

To the USA this is small potato when they could even rob the land of the Native Americans. They even used genocide to make sure the Native Americans cannot have the numbers remaining to stage any attempt to take back their land.
In this world the most evil race must be the British, the forerunners of the USA, Canadian and Australian Whites. All three have committed genocides in the respective countries they seized and occupied. But they have slyly written out this part of history, and most people are unaware of their dark sinister history.

The Brits even tried the same vile tactic against the South Asian Indians and Chinese, but failed, because these two countries have their long civilised heritage of thousands of years and cannot be easily dominated, unlike the Native Americans and Aborigines of Australia. These latter Natives, innocent and with weak natural heritage, enabled the Whites to overwhelm them and seize their land.

In fact what happened in South Africa today is also a good example. The Whites overwhelmed the Blacks initially by force, but could not decimate them in sufficient numbers because the whole continent of Africa is populated by Blacks, who are not innocent Natives and their massive numbers enabled them to resist and take back their land.

The situation in South Africa is a reversal of what can happen when people in sufficient numbers fight back. That is the same that the South Asian Indians and Chinese did and were not overwhelmed or else they would have been forced to live in concentration camps or the sanitized version called 'reservations'. The same kind of reservations reserved for animals in a zoo.

It is a pity that the Native Americans and Aborigines have no way to reverse their fate.



Shameful Rich USA Robs Poor Afghanistan

 After U.S. President Joe Biden's decision last Friday to carve out half the assets of Afghanistan's central bank for U.S. victims of terrorism, including the 9/11 attacks, criticism is mounting of the unusual move, made through an executive order. Many experts say it will act as a final death blow to the country's economy.

"The richest country in the world has decided to rob the poorest country in the world in the name of justice for a crime in which no Afghans participated," said Barnett Rubin, a former advisor to the U.S. and Afghan governments.

"There is something wrong with a financial system where one state can unilaterally block the national assets of another to pay off questionable claims by its own citizens," said Munir Akram, Pakistan's ambassador to the U.N., in a statement on Friday.

The U.S. has held approximately $7 billion of frozen assets of Da Afghanistan Bank, or DAB, since the Taliban takeover in August. In an executive order on Friday -- his first related to Afghanistan -- Biden moved to consolidate all the Afghan assets within the U.S. into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and issued a recommendation that half, or $3.5 billion, be set aside as damages to be paid to victims of terrorism. However, that second half is also potentially subject to litigation, pending at least one court order.

Suhail Shaheen, a Taliban spokesperson, said that DAB deserves to be entrusted with the assets because it is an independent entity. "It doesn't belong to any faction or government," he said. "So, this step taken by President Biden, in our view, is against the law and international practices."

The administration has faced a wave of criticism since the announcement on Friday. Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan, called on Biden to reconsider the order, saying it was an "atrocity against Afghan people." Hundreds of civilians holding banners protested in Kabul on Saturday for the release of all assets. DAB protested the executive order as an "injustice," declaring that it would "never accept" any use of the assets other than their full return to Afghanistan.

Many regional experts are expressing disappointment with the decision.


PS.  Where is the justice? Where is the rule of law?  It is the rule of the white gangsters against the poor and hapless tribesmen, like what they did to the indigenous people of America.  Shame, shame, shame, Americans, shame on you.

We lie, we cheat and we steal.


Biden Administration - More coordinated effort to protect American dominance and control of the world

WASHINGTON: The head of the powerful US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee on Friday (Dec 11) slammed what he called President Donald Trump's "unsophisticated response" to China's ambitions and called for a major recalibration of US policies.

Chairman Richard Neal, a Democrat, urged the future administration of fellow-Democrat Joe Biden to formulate a package of programs and investment to counterbalance China, including through re-energized cooperation with European allies.

Instead of pausing trade talks to focus first on domestic issues, as Biden has said he plans to do, Neal urged the new administration to embrace European overtures to hammer out a new broad trade deal with Europe....

"A new US-European trade arrangement will only enhance our ability to moderate China’s intensifying pursuit of growth and prosperity, which threatens to subject the rest of the world to its economic and political dominance," he said.  Reuters

For more than 500 years since the day the Europeans invaded and raided the rest of the world, colonised and turned countries and people into the slaves, which they called in kinder term, subjects of their empires, that was the world order. A white men's world order, a balance of power in favour of the white men at the expense of the coloured people of the world. 

In the last 100 years, this role was continued by the Americans as the dominant and preeminent number one Empire of the day. What it means is that they are the rich and powerful, they controlled everything in the world, who can be rich and who cannot be rich, who can be part of their world system, who cannot. They decide the fate of every country and its people. Victims of the Americans would be ostracised and isolated from their world system and remained poor, and looked incompetent and unable to manage their countries, their economies and their well being, when the cause is actually the American Empire. Cuba, North Korea, Myanmar and many Latin American and African countries fall into this category.

The Americans could do anything they want, above the law, respecting the law or disregarding the law. The Americans are above the law, lawless, they are not bound by any international law. Any law that is against the evil ways of the Americans would be ignored or torn apart, disrespected and disregarded. They attacked countries at will, invaded countries, conducted regime change, wars, sanctions and bully and oppressed any country they so desired, in the name of the American Empire, in the name of American Exceptionalism, ie above the law and fake democratic values and fake human rights.

Today, China has risen and wanted to grow and prosper and allow its people to live better. This is not acceptable to the Americans. This is called ambitious and a threat to the American way of life and the American Empire and dominance. China is not conducting a war of invasion against the Americans, but wanted its people to live well, to live with respect and dignity. This cannot be allowed. This is aggression, ambitious and must be put down, even by wars if threats and containment do not work.

China's rise and the prosperity of the Chinese people is called a threat to the American way of life and their security, without having to go to war with the Americans. China and its people, must be like the rest of the world, be poorer than the Americans and controlled and dictated and bullied by the Americans as the general order of things. Only the Americans can call the shot, be the top dog of the world. No one else can. Not even the Europeans. This is the American world order and cannot be challenged or changed.

The Biden Administration would be worse than the mad Trump Administration. They want the Europeans to gang up with them to control and cripple China and to rule the world again. China would have to face a bigger threat. China's only hope is for the support of the rest of the world, to help the rest of the world to rise and prosper quickly, to be free from the control and clutches of the Americans and the Europeans, by providing cheaper services and goods to the rest of the world. The world could and would be divided by the Americans and the Europeans on one side against the rest of the world on the other side. When this takes place, they can trade among themselves as the rest of the world would not be able to pay for their goods and services. And China would provide the alternative, the other options of equally good and affordable goods and services. 

This would be the next contest for influence and control for the rest of the world and a new world order. With China's rise, the rest of the world can also rise without being labelled as a threat or enemy of the West and the American Empire, to be isolated, attacked and oppressed, and sanctioned into isolation and poverty, a world order of white men supremacy. There will be a new world order where every country is free to find its own path to growth and prosperity without being attacked and contained by the evil American Empire.

The biggest economy will be China. The biggest consumer market will be in China. The biggest consumers will be the Chinese middle class. China will be the base for future new technologies. Go figure who will win this contest. And the new rich will be from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Will there still be a place for the rogue and gangster behaviour of the West and America? With the developments in Ukraine, with the Americans wanted to do the Europeans in, dumped them and buried, the Europeans have been woken by a rude shock.  It is all about American first, American prosperity, the Europeans can be sacrificed as gun fodder, to fight the Russians and die for the prosperity and dominance of the American Empire. What are the Europeans thinking, what are they going to do, to be free countries, not colonies of the American Empire, to be kicked around. When would Nord Stream 2 be scuttled by the Americans?

And Trump is coming back if senile Biden could not finish the job.


Taiwan, this pic is so disgraceful!


Calling herself President, and she did this. She forgot that 中国人站起来 since 1949. There is no need to beg the white gods for help and charity anymore. So embarrassing.

Warmongering Americans hyping threats and wars

WASHINGTON: US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke on Wednesday (Feb 9) with the defense ministers of South Korea and Japan about the threats posed by North Korea after a series of missile launches by Pyongyang, the Pentagon said. CNA

The Americans, the biggest threat to peace and to all countries, are going around hyping threats and wars, threats from North Korea, from China, from Russia, from Iran etc etc. The latest is Ukraine. The Americans are behaving like savages, seized the moment to write the narratives of an impending war with no regards to the well beings of the Ukrianians and European allies. There must be a war in Europe and they are orchestrating it. The Americans are threatening countries with wars, trade sanctions, fabricating lies about abuses of human rights to justify their hostile actions against them. While the Americans are busily wasting their resources to tell lies, to agitate for wars, to built more weapons of mass destructions, the alleged countries are busily building their own economies, building weapons to defend themselves against the threats of warmongering Americans or building infrastructure and trading peacefully with the rest of the world.

Blinken was very busy in Australia meeting his 3 other gangster countries, Japan, India and Australia to plot evil schemes to attack and contain China's peaceful rise as an economic superpower. China's rise is not acceptable to these evil countries, China and Chinese people cannot be rich and cannot live a good life. So it is the rights of these evil countries to stop China from becoming rich and prosperous. Only they are allowed to be rich and live well.

If only they would divert their resources and manpower to develop their economies to be better than China, they could give China a better fight. Instead, they are scheming for wars of destruction against China and Russia, and hyping both as a threats to their wellbeing, to the dominance of the evil American Empire. Even a poor country like North Korea, they claimed are suffering from poverty and hunger, is a threat to them, like the poor tribesmen in Afghanistan.

In the case of Russia, the hyping of an eminent Russia attack on Ukraine is even denied by the President of Ukraine. No such invasion. The Ukrainians did not think so, did not believe in the American lies, but the Americans keep harping about war and agitating for war. And silly Boris could even call Russia a clear and present danger. The clear and present danger to Ukraine and Europe, the imminence of a war, is coming from the Americans and the Brits.  All the European countries are cowering in fear and trying to distance themselves from this evil scheme of the Anglo Saxon tribe. They know that they would be thrown under the bus when war starts. Europe would be bombed to Stone Age.

North Korea has been bombed and flattened by the Americans during the Korean War and isolated, not allowed to trade with the international communities. But they survived and busily trying to revive and rebuild their country. But the evil Americans have been spreading lies that the Koreans are a threat to the world. How many silly countries really believe that the North Koreans are going to attack them when the North Koreans are minding their own business and don't even know of their existence?

But the international terrorists, the Americans, are relentlessly spreading lies of these threats and publishing silly articles daily to be printed also in their crony countries. Despite the wrath of God with virus spreading wildly in their countries, these evil men and women continue to stir shit, inciting wars and preparing to invade other countries. They did not know that God has it all planned, all out to wipe these evil people from the surface of the earth to stop them from starting more wars and killing more people.

They are the unrepentant and recalcitrant warmongers and must be extinguished before more people die in their hands. God will do the necessary to make sure their evil and wicked plans would not succeed.

The rest of the world are watching carefully at the deceit and treachery of these evil countries. And these evil countries still drunk and think the rest of the world are fools and would believe in their lies and evil agenda.

Let the savages have their wars in Europe. Let them die. The rest of the world can continue to live in peace without the savages.

Workers Party kena cop, cop, cop.

 Now they are going to get rid of the WP by advocating criminal charges against the WP leaders. The fines imposed, if criminal action is successful, will disqualify them effectively from standing for future elections. This is a serious matter going forward with disastrous consequences.

If the WP is totally wiped out, and other opposition parties are unable to get a foothold into Parliament, that spells the end of the opposition story. Then Singaporeans will know the taste of one party rule, and can argue no more, and the powers that be can tighten the noose as they like. More foreigners, bigger population, higher taxes, more changes to rules and regulations will follow. kpkb also cannot shed any more tears.

Now at least, even though the WP is thought to be shackled, the ruling Party is still wary of the threat of losing more GRCs evident in slim margin victories during the last GE. Do not take away this 'Sword of Damocles' hanging over the ruling party's head and let them run riot without consequences. Whether WP or any alternative party as opposition is important. What they are doing with the vaccination and punishment of those unvaccinated is a clear and apparent message of what they are capable of.

The day the opposition failed to have any representation in Parliament, that day will be a black day for Singaporeans, if they just ignore the message on the wall and the agenda hatched by the ruling party to get rid of the opposition for good, ever since Chiam and Low were elected to represent the opposition.

This is a step by the ruling party, slow and discreet, to get rid of the opposition. That Trojan Horse aka Raeesah Khan has done the WP in this time. It was a backstabbing attack that the WP did not foresee.

They say that this pandemic has given those in power, all over the world, the godsend opportunity to tighten their control of their citizens. The people of the West have been given that freedom of choice and are protesting against infringement of their rights by the authorities. Let us see. 



China pushing back the Americans from its shores in the western Pacific Ocean

WASHINGTON: The United States vowed on Friday (Feb 11) to commit more diplomatic and security resources to the Indo-Pacific to push back against what its sees as China's bid to create a regional sphere of influence and become the world's most influential power.

In a 12-page strategy overview, the Biden administration said it would focus on every corner of the region from South Asia to the Pacific Islands to strengthen its long-term position and commitment.

"Our collective efforts over the next decade will determine whether the PRC succeeds in transforming the rules and norms that have benefited the Indo-Pacific and the world." Reuters/CNA

Any unwary readers reading the above paragraphs from Reuters would be deceived into believing that China is the aggressor, trying to push the Americans out of the western Pacific region. The readers would not be told that the western Pacific region is actually China's front yard, several thousands of miles from the western American coast. The Americans have expanded their influence and control over the Pacific Ocean right to the coast of China and are now accusing China of wanting to push the Americans back. What kind of biased and one sided perspective? 

The western Pacific region is China's natural area of influence, 200 nautical miles out from its coast to the ocean is China's economic zone. The Americans have seized these areas as part of the American Empire, in fact all over the world.China is doing the natural and obvious, wanting its own natural area of influence. It is the Americans that are encroaching on China's region of influence and control, This region does not belong to the Americans. A more balance situation would be a line in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to delineate each country's area of influence and control. It is high time that China retake and control what is naturally China's.

The second point is China's transforming the rules and norms that have benefited the Indo Pacific and the world.  The existing rules and norms are written and dictated by the Americans to favour the Americans. China has been playing by these rules and wanting some to change to be fairer to the rest of the world. The irony is that the Americans are disillusioned with their own rules and wanting to change them to make them even more favourable to the Americans. The Chinese could live by these rules and still beat the Americans hands down.

And yes, the Americans want to dominate 'every corner of the region from South Asia to the Pacific Islands to strengthen its long-term position and commitment.' The Americans have been the dominant power for the last 70 years. China is saying that it wants to have an equal say, not a semi colony of the Americans like Europe, Japan, South Korea and the Anglo Saxon countries.

What is wrong with that? Only semi colonies of the American Empire would be coerced to be part of the hatchet team to ward off China's rise and to protect the American Empire, to continue the American hegemony in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. India is as good as gone, becoming another semi American colony with the Americans in control of the Indian Ocean and cannot do anything about it. The American Fleet are sailing all over the Indian Ocean with its HQ in Diego Garcia, in front of India's doorstep, in control of the whole of the Indian Ocean.

India's hope in the long term is to combine with Russia and China to push the Americans back to their shores if it wants to be the dominant power in the Indian Ocean. If China is successful in pushing the Americans back to the eastern Pacific Ocean, India would have a better chance to do the same in the Indian Ocean.  Looks like India has given up this dream, the Americans are in the Indian Ocean and they did not know, did not want to know.

China is trying to stop the Americans and the AngloSaxon tribe from coercing the whole world, to dominate the whole world. Japan and Australia being coerced into it is understandable as both semi colonies of the Americans. What the hell is India becoming? An American stooge, an American semi colony?

PS. The Americans are hell bent on starting a war in Ukraine. It is hyping about an imminent Russian attack, announcing that all Americans should move out of Ukraine, and the crony countries also do likewise to create fear. And it is warning that there would be aerial bombing by the Russians. 

This is the obvious sign of a pending false flag incident, so easy for the Americans to send a bomb into Ukraine and blame it on the Russians to start a war. This international terrorist must be stopped at all cost. The whole world is watching the evil Americans' every move and must not be deceived. 

The poor Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans are going to be the casualties, their countries are going to be destroyed, in a war that they did not want but planned and directed by the evil American Empire.

China's popular mini for the young


 This car reminds everyone of the minis in the 1960s. Cheap and good for the young, and allowing the young not only the freedom of a car to drive around, also their creativity to redecorate and redesign the car with all kinds of attractive modifications.

The price of this car is about the price of 3 iphones.

Singapore went through that stage of development when the young could enjoy life with relatively cheap things. Today the young hardly could afford to pay for a small car without cutting off an arm or a leg.

China's rejuvenation is bringing the good life to the masses, to the average Chinese. Hope they did not do the silly things to raise the prices of everything so that only millionaires could afford and gloat about and to flaunt their wealth at the lesser rich.


Tree of Life in NFT - A gift from Mother Nature

 rar Tree of Life 1/20 

The mysterious image of the Tree of Life revealed by Mother Nature as it is. This was captured by the camera for a brief moment in time and now can be seen with the naked eyes by the Art of RAR technique of photopainting. It is a very important image, and extremely rare. Never seen before by humankind. A very precious token for churches, priests, pastors, evangelists, believers, museums, scholars and collectors. Important: Only 20 limited copies would be minted. 

Tree of Life, has been painted many times for centuries by human beans based on their imagination and interpretation. This is the first time Mother Nature has painted this naturally, without the biases of human beans. Scholars and believers may want to contemplate and study the meaning and significance of this image. The images are very vivid. The lower images were less well formed as they emerged but got better as they moved up the tree. How could these happened naturally? The more you look at the painting the more you will discover the complexities in it.

This is also the first image that appeared to me that launched me into this journey of photopainting using the Art of RAR technique.The first painting of monumental importance, like the face that launched a thousand ships, this painting launches thousands of paintings.

3 similar pieces are on offer at https://opensea.io/collection/rar-tree-of-life. This is a limited edition of 20 copies only. Not enough to satisfy the demands for such a mysterious and important painting. This is a gift from Mother Nature.

PS. All rar art paintings started similar to this image below, a photograph of water. RAR stands for Reflection and Refraction.

ASS - DBS/POSB Accounts Getting Hacked, Drained Without Clicking On Phishing Links


All Singaporean Stuff has posted an article with the above titled that DBS/POSB accounts were being hacked and several readers have also added that their accounts too were hacked. There were unauthorised withdrawals and charges to their accounts. The biggest issue is that none of them did anything to their accounts, did not clicked any links, did not use their 2FA to authenticate. This is frightening.

Some were questioning how did the scammers get hold of the client's particulars, used the 2FA, which means they have the clients' phone numbers and could intercept and authenticate as if they were the clients,...without the client's knowledge, without DBS/POSB even aware of the hacked transactions. Where is the protection for the client's accounts? 

With the new rulings that the banks would not be responsible for such losses, how irresponsible and dangerous this means to the clients, the article said some are closing their accounts or keep a minimum sum for essential transactions. Credit cards were also affected, with charges to Amazon.

If this continues, there will be a loss of confidence in our banking system and the consequences would be horrendous. What are the banks doing? What is MAS doing? It cannot be the faults of the clients, and losses due to hackings are the clients' responsibility. How can this be? So convenient, banks are not responsible?

Is this fair to the clients?

The Independent.sg reported this about MAS's action. 'The authorities are progressively working on securing digital banking. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced on Feb 7 that it is imposing an additional $930 million capital requirement on DBS, and directing the bank to acquire an individual expert to review such incidents.

MAS concluded its announcement with this warning: “MAS will take appropriate supervisory action against any financial institution that falls short of our regulatory expectations”.'

What is more frightening is to invite the foxes into the hen house. Singaporean expertise is no guarantee, what's more if the expertise were foreigners with unknown backgrounds.

Remembering Our First Elected President Ong Teng Cheong, who passed away on 8 February 2002

Unlike President S R Nathan, there was no state funeral and no tributes in Parliament for a lifetime of service to Singapore.

His was a life of dedication and above all, conscience. He did what he deemed was the right and ethical thing to do.

The interests of Singaporeans were at the heart of all that he says and does. His conscience informs him no other.

Twenty years ago, we disenfranchised his death and the collective grief of Singaporeans. Grief remains a verb twenty years on.

Today, he is greatly forgotten by the generations after him. Only his children are left to restore his dignity through an obit notice in our newspapers annually.

There appears to be a deliberate amnesia about Singapore’s first elected President, Mr Ong Teng Cheong.

The media is silent. The community is silent. Our politicians are silent. Our political parties are silent. The institutions he helped build are silent.

Between Yusof Ishak and Halimah Yaccob lies an awkward silence.

This is a tragedy to our nation and may this be rectified someday.

Today, on the anniversary of his passing, many children today will look at him and see only a bespectacled middle-aged man and never know his contributions to Singapore.

Yet he was also Deputy Prime Minister of a young nation. He sanctioned the Hydril strike and ensure that workers received their 13th-month bonuses even during the 1985 – 1986 recession.

Written by Alvin Tan
First posted at TRE on 8 Feb 2022.

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US Federal Court Rejected FDA and Pfizer Unreasonable And Absurd Demand To Delay Release Of Crucial Documents For 75 Years

PHMPT, a group of more than 30 medical and public health professionals and scientists from institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and UCLA, in September 2021 filed a lawsuit against the FDA of the USA, after the FDA repeatedly denied its original Freedom of Information Act request.

In that request, PHMPT asked the FDA to release “all data and information for the Pfizer vaccine,” including safety and effectiveness data, adverse reaction reports, and a list of active and inactive ingredients.

The FDA (infiltrated by and filled with Pfizer’s past and present staff, consultants and directors in key decision-making positions up to 80%) argued it didn’t have enough staff to process the redaction and release of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, claiming it could process only 500 pages per month.

This meant that the cache of documents would take approximately 75 years for them to be fully released. By then, all those responsible would have already died. And the public would have been short-changed if serious crimes were committed.

In his January 6 order, Judge Pittmann rejected the FDA’s claim and instead required the agency to release 12,000 pages of documents by Jan 31 and an additional 55,000 pages per month thereafter.

Pfizer responded, to the Jan 6 order by filing a memorandum with the court on Jan 21, requesting to intervene in the case for the “limited purpose of ensuring that information exempt from disclosure under FOIA is adequately protected as FDA complies with this Court’s order.”

Pfizer claimed to support the disclosure of the documents, but asked to intervene in the case to ensure that information legally exempt from disclosure will not be “disclosed inappropriately.”

This Pfizer request, if granted, would have also meant further delay for the release of the next tranche of documents, until May 1.

Lawyers for PHMPT, in a brief submitted Jan 25, asked Judge Pittman to reject Pfizer’s motion, resulting in Judge Pittman’s Feb 2 order of a scheduled monthly release as follows:

10,000 pages apiece, due on or before March 1 and April 1, 2022.

80,000 pages apiece, to be produced on or before May 2, June 1 and July 1, 2022.

70,000 pages to be produced on or before Aug. 1, 2022.

55,000 pages per month, on or before the first business day of each month thereafter, until the release of the documents has been completed.

The first batch of documents produced in Nov 2021, which totaled a mere 500 pages, revealed there were more than 1,200 vaccine-related deaths within the first 90 days following the release of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine.

Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Covid19 vaccines - Views from an expert that cannot be recklessly dismissed


Roger Hodkinson

Dr Roger Hodkinson
CEO & Medical Director – MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP

Dr Hodkinson is the CEO of Western Medical Assessments, and has been the Company’s Medical Director for over 20 years. He received his general medical degrees from Cambridge University in the UK, and then became a Royal College certified pathologist in Canada (FRCPC) following a residency in Vancouver, BC.

Before his association with Western Medical, Dr Hodkinson had a long and varied career giving him valuable insight into many fields of medicine that now benefits the company’s clients:  General practitioner in the UK and Canada
Staff pathologist at the Misericordia Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta
Pathologist with the Medical Examiner’s Office in Edmonton determining the cause of death
Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta

President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians
Chairman of a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa
CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta

Currently, Dr Hodkinson keeps in touch with pathology as the Executive Chairman of Bio-ID Diagnostic Inc., a private company commercializing patented technologies in DNA diagnostics.
The credentials of this doctor say that he is no layman but an experienced and expert in his own right. And he is no lesser expert than the experts in Singapore. Would his words and views be fake news, to be dismissed recklessly and to be ignored?
Listen to what he has to say about the current madness in vaccination using mRNA vaccines. Be enlightened with an alternative truth, based on science, no allegation or sales talks. This is important to your own health and the health and safety of your families. Oops, this video has been removed by Youtube as well as many of his articles on Covid19.
And AP posted this, 
'His false comments were recorded, posted on YouTube and then spread on social media.

“Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials in Alberta during a phone conference that the coronavirus pandemic is ‘the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public,’” stated an Instagram post that shared the false claims. The post had more than 26,000 likes. The Instagram post also states that “testing should stop” because it finds the virus in people who have no symptoms, producing false numbers and “driving public hysteria.” 

According to Ostrosky-Zeichner, a positive COVID-19 molecular test “pretty much nearly assures that you have genetic material of the virus in your system, whether you have the active infection or are recovering from it.” '

Now WHO has officially declared that PCR testing is inaccurate and, coming up with many positive results that were mistakes.

What is the truth? Who is lying?