Modi visits China

These two big countries of Asia met again in Wuhan, China, with Modi making a scale down official visit short of a state visit by the head of a state. Nonetheless it is a good step forward to minimise tension and perhaps a small step towards more talks to reach some understanding in the territorial dispute and India's hyped obsession that China is going to invade and take over India.

Historically the two states had not gone to war or invade each other until the sneaky border war in 1962. There were natural barriers separating the two states and the centre of economic and political activities were far from the border. Further more, there was no state called India until the British colonised the land of the maharajas and tribal chiefs and subsequently gave it independence. Even independence was subjective as far as national boundaries were concerned. Not only India was an artificiality, there were no Pakistans before the colonisation, and the British carved up two states in the east and west of India and called them East and West Pakistan.

The whole damn shit in the subcontinent was the work of the British colonial masters that sailed from distant Europe to create states. And they drew up the boundaries for the natives that were not nation states then. India's trouble with China is the McMahon Lines. Who is this cunt that thought he was the lord of the day to draw lines between China and India and dictated to the two countries that the lines were the boundaries?

The questionable act of arbitrarily drawing lines freely by a foreign agent, an agent of colonialism, is now quoted by India as the authoritative source of their claims to Chinese land. Why would China want to accept the dictates of the British colonial power and let their land be written away from them? On what ground or reasons?

Why would India, a non state that became a new state in 1947 so happy to accept the lines drawn by their ex colonial master to make claims against Chinese land? Simple, it is land that did not belong to India but the British Raj said it belonged to India. So India die die insists that the land belongs to India because their colonial master said so.

The two countries should start from a fresh ground and stop relying on the colonial shit as the governing principle to settle their land dispute. The British were there to claim and conquer land belonging to other states and people. They did everything for their own interest under the power of the gun. If India does not remove this colonial hangover and insists that the British Raj was the authority to decide the land belonged to which state, then it is an unacceptable premise to start with.

And India should stop its silly hallucination that China is there to invade and grab Indian land, even invading India. This kind of unfriendly and hostile mindset would not do any good to bilateral relations. This is the 21st Century and acquisition of territories by war and by force is no longer acceptable except for the evil Empire. There are many smaller states around China and there is no fear of China invading them and taking them by force. Outer Mongolia with a population of 5/6 million was part of China, seceded due to Russian betrayal, but China is not even attempting to take it back by force. It could if it wants to.

The earlier the Indians removed this self deluded hysteria of China harbouring an intention to want to invade and conquer India, the earlier would they come to terms of the new reality and their senses and be at peace with themselves and with China. The fear of China is self induced. The territorial dispute is created by the British Raj and China or any country would not accept a foreigner or foreign power from afar to decide their territories.

When would India let go of this colonial hangover and start to think clearly and talk to China with sincerity and not living with its self delusion and fear of China? Why would China want to invade and inherit a subcontinent of problems that have little commonality with China?


Farrer Park’s demise’s a hard LAND-ing for Singapore

As far as usage of its precious land space goes, nothing is sacred in Singapore. The recent announcement that Farrer Park “will make way for redevelopment” (that dreaded phrase of conservationists) confirms this - if confirmation is at all needed. Still the imminent demise of Singapore’s football cradle - the birthplace of legends like Quah Kim Song, Fandi Ahmad and Sundramoorthy - hit us like fresh hammer blows at a time when the country’s footballing fortunes are going from First World to Third (ok, we were never First World in the first place but you get the picture). Standing at an all-time low of 183 in FIFA rankings, football fans need Farrer Park’s passing like a hole in the head. But in a way, no one should be surprised. This is a country that prized economics and pragmatism above all else.  Think the National Library, that old red brick building that was pulled down years ago to make way for a road. Think Bidadari cemetery, that historic abode of the dead that made way for the living in the form of pricey HDB flats. Think Bukit Brown cemetery, part of which made way for a viaduct and a flyover to ease traffic congestion.

Yes, this is a country that puts economics above history, efficiency above heritage, convenience above nostalgia, the future above the past. It would be easy to blame the Government for being trigger-happy with the wrecking ball but that is too simplistic. We get the government we deserve and the government reacts to the impulses of the voters who put them there. If they think Singaporeans will go along with policies that give them jobs, comfort, convenience and material well being - give and take the odd grumble - they will not hesitate to do it.  Wield the axe, send in the bulldozers because they have the mandate of the people which is more awesome than the mandate of heaven. So the buck really stops with us - the people - who must look ourselves in the mirror and examine our priorities .  

What could the OPCW team find in Douma

"Two weeks after the alleged chlorine and sarin attack, and amid warnings Syria's regime may have attempted to tamper with evidence, what clues might the team be looking for?
Despite the long delay, inspectors of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) could still be able to find chemical traces useful for the probe, experts have told AFP."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/what-clues-might-chemical-experts-in-syria-be-looking-for--10162178
After the West put on a media blitzkrig to accuse Assad for poisoning his people in Douma, the UN immediately sent a OPCW team to visit the site to conduct an on site investigation of the crime. Before the team could land in Syria, the West in their duplicity, conducted a massive air strike at Douma and two other sites alleged to be manufacturing chemical weapons. In so doing the team could not get to the site earlier. Now, two weeks have gone pass and the team finally arrived in Douma. 

As usual, the western propaganda machine started cranking, that it was Assad that caused the delay in the investigation. They ignored the fact that if the evil West did not conduct the air strikes, the team would be in Douma with a couple of days. 

Now, after two weeks, the whole intent and purpose of the airstrike was to delay the OPCW team to reach the site, the West is putting the blame squarely on Assad. And they are asking what could the OPCW team find after such a long time lapse? The intent is that the less they found the better. The more blur the evidence the better. 

The West would not want the OPCW team to find 'Made in USA' or 'Made in UK'' or Made in You Know Who country in the traces of chemical gas left, if any. And the accusation and allegation against Assad would hold since the OPCW team could not find the 'Made in USA or UK' marks on anything on site.

See how devious is the scheme of these evil men and women in hurriedly conducting an airstrike without approval from the UN? To destroy all evidence of their finger prints in the chemicals and gas used against the Syrians. Now they put on a blank face of honesty and righteousness and point the finger at Assad for delaying the OPCW team to reach the site and unable to prove anything.

The West are experts and regular producers of fake news and false flag incidents.


Korean Peace Talks and The American Warhawks and Neocons

The two countries Korea and China were divided due to the interference by America and Russia in their civil wars. Without the American and Russian interference Korea and China will today be two happy united countries.

The separation between North Korea (DPRK ) and South Korea ( ROK ) and between Mainland China and Taiwan was due to the fraud  and divisive evil ideology and doctrine imposed on the Koreans and the Chinese by the West headed by US and by Russia. After the Second World War both US and Russia had competing plans to dominate and control Asia. Using its bogus democracy and self serving evil doctrines US occupied South Korea and Taiwan while Russia occupied North Korea and perfunctorily supported Chairman Mao's PRC. If US and Russia had not interfered in the Korean civil war and the Chinese civil war the Koreans and the Chinese today would not have been divided but remain as two dignified united countries. America has consistently persisted in maintaining a divided Korea and a divided China to suit its agenda and ultimate aim of world conquest and hegemony.

While most Koreans aspire to be united and most people and countries in the world hope for a successful peace talk leading to the unification of the two Koreas not every body or every nation look forward to the success of the peace talks. The Japanese under  the despicable Abe definitely do not want to see a united Korea. A divided Korea will serve Japanese insidious agenda of military revival for its secret aim of seeking revenge and potential plan of aggression and conquest of Korea, China and Asia again and this time with the help and connivance of America. There are some treacherous Korean traitors who for their own selfish interests  will never want to have a united Korea but rather prefer to serve their Japanese and American masters servilely for their own personal benefits.

Even Trump's personal interest in the talks is under scrutiny. Is he using the talks in bidding his time to serve his secret agenda of other more morbid underlying plans for greater aggression somewhere else in Asia or in the South China Sea region. His sincerity in the peace talks is doubtful granted that he is a dishonourable man who often flip flops on his decisions and agreements .  Also he has to contend with the large numbers of warhawks , neocons and the powerful Deep State of the Shadow Government of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cartel which controls Wall Street, CIA and the Pentagon and whose doctrine of perpetual and permanent warfare to generate wealth and profits for the Cartel do not bode well for the talks. The American warhawks, neocons and the Illuminati Cartel thrives on wars and never believe in peace.

The Russians also may not want to see a united Korean nation or a peaceful North East Asia or Asia because of Russia's own guilt of aggression against a weak  China before and therefore the Russians harbour a lingering fear that a peaceful united China may one day settle accounts with Russia for illegally occupying over three million square miles of Chinese lands north of the Heilongjiang River in Siberia and the Maritime Province in the Pacific coast during the time of the Opium Wars of 1839 to 1842 and 1856 to 1860.

However it is the hope of all Koreans and Chinese and all peace loving people and countries in the world that the Koreans and the Chinese will eventually be united as a single Korean nation and a single Chinese state in order to have genuine peace throughout Asia and the Pacific region.

The fate of the Koreans and the Chinese , their peace and livelihood, their economy and political and territorial integrity should not be held hostage by the American warhawks, neocons and the Illuminati cartel. If Trump and the Americans are sincere in a peaceful world they must openly denounce and renounce all their evil religious and militant doctrines such as the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, the Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny, the Doctrine of Exceptionalism and llilateralism of the Neocons and the Doctrine of  Permanent Warfare of the Zionist Illuminati Cartel.


Saturday, 28th April, 2018

Is Phillip Ang underestimating the dignity of Chok Tong?

"....Lau Goh and LKY were each paid an estimated $4.123 million when Nathan’s pay increased to $4.267 million.  Just what did the ass-et enhancer, Swiss standard Lau Goh contribute to Singapore to deserve more than $4 million as SM has remained a mystery till today."

The above is quoted from Phillip Ang's article in the TRE on LKY and Chok Tong's more than $4 million salary. For the information of Phillip Ang, the salaries he quoted were just basic salaries. Their salaries included bonuses, 13th month, performance/productivity bonuses and dunno what which could come to many times more than what Phillip had mentioned. This is like not giving them due recognition to their dignity. They deserved more and were paid more in total salaries.

Give the men their due dignity and don't under estimate or under quote their annual income. I would accept Phillip's numbers if he qualified them by saying that they were basic salary.

I do not have the actual figures. Anyone of you know exactly how much they were paid in total?

The Korean War with the Americans

The Koreans are celebrating the peace initiative both North and South Korean leaders are working on to bring peace in the Korean Peninsular. The intent from both leaders and people are clear. The Koreans do not need a war or want a war to kill themselves. The war between the two separated states is as good as over even without the signing of a peace agreement.

But the real Korean War is not over. The real Korean War is between the North Koreans and the Americans. The Americans do not want peace. They have other core interests that would not allow peace to return to the Korean Peninsula. The American Empire needs to keep controlling South Korea as its semi colony in order to maintain troops in the Korean Peninsula. The demand for denuclearisation and other hypes are just hogwash. Even if the North Koreans are gullible enough to give up all their nuclear weapons, the Americans would not sign a peace agreement and withdraw their soldiers and military hardware from the Korean Peninsula. This is the unchanging political and military interest of the Americans.

While there is some euphoria that peace has arrived, the evil men and women in Washington are throwing scorns at the North Koreans and said they would continue to increase pressure and sanctions against the North Koreans. Such acts and intent are simply bad and insincere for peace. No, the evil Empire does not want to have peace in the Korean Peninsula and would do everything to scuttle this peace process between the two Koreans. The Koreans are the sacrificial lamb for their dominance in Asia and the world.

"We must remember: USA is still USA. Trump or any American President is still the same person he was when he purged potential rivals, imprisoned thousands of his people in Guantanamo, in Iraqi prisons, conducted regime change and indiscriminate bombings and killings of civilians, and had Presidents killed or assassinated. This was a hopeful moment, but extreme caution is well warranted."

In short, the evil Americans cannot be trusted. The Koreans must break away from the clutches of the evil Empire, become independent nation state and decide their own future, declare peace among themselves. They cannot wait for the Americans to agree to peace, the Americans would not. They must not be held ransom by the evil Americans.

The evil Americans and the West would allow the Germans to reunite and have peace because they are of the same kind. The Koreans are Asians and must be controlled and kept under bondage. The tragedy of the Koreans would be kept in perpetuity unless the Koreans liberated themselves from the vice of the Americans like the Vietnamese did. They need to chase the Americans out of Korean soil.


Korean Summit – The tragedy of the Korean people will continue

Abe and his revisionist gang thought they could manipulate the Koreans to kill each other. They have been working with the Americans to keep provoking the North Koreans and instigating and forcing the South Koreans to take tough measures against the North. They thought the South Koreans were stupid enough to be their puppet on the string and be pulled in whatever direction they wanted.

The disclosure of the setup and layout of the meeting room between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In is making the Abe and his gang crying. They could not believe what they are seeing. The two Koreans put up their map prominently displaying the Dokto Island as part of Korea and not part of Japan. There was a big painting of Dokto Island as the centre piece. The chairs also have the Korean map with Docto in it. And the dessert too has Dokto Island in them. The highlighting of Dokto Island is the two Koreans’ way to telling the Japanese to go fuck off and don’t think the Koreans are stupid to be made to kill each other by the Japanese and the Americans.

After all the years of wayangings, pressures and string pullings, nothing works. The Koreans know what is good for them and would work to achieve peace and reunite as one people and as one proud country.

Bless the Koreans to find peace among themselves and the trouble makers can go to hell.

From another angle, many Koreans from both sides are hoping that there will be a peace agreement after the summit. They would be disappointed. As a semi colony of the USA, the South Koreans have no right to sign a peace agreement with their northern brothers without the consent of the Americans. And the Americans would not give the consent.

Why do you think Abe rushed to Washington to meet Trump? A unified Korea is bad of the interest of the USA and Japan. They would not allow peace between the two Koreans so that the Americans could continue to keep South Korean as their colony and to keep their soldiers in the country, to rule the South Koreans. Japan fears a united and strong Korea.

While peace is in the minds of the Koreans, today could be the start of another Korean War with more serious destructions and consequences. The Americans and the Japanese would love to put a bullet in the head of Kim Jong Un and all hell would break loose. This is the easiest way to start a war between the two Koreans.

The South Koreans would have a hard time trying to prevent this. The next few hours are very critical. It is life or death for the Korean people. The evil people are going all out to see that this summit will fail and better, if Kim is assassinated and war breaks out…And the Korean tragedy will start all over again.

South Korea must be an independent country to determine their own destiny, not when it is a semi colony of the USA.


Gunboat policy – The table turns

1996 was a watershed in gunboat diplomacy between China and the USA. The Taiwan Strait crisis saw Clinton ordering two aircraft carriers to sail through the strait in a show of force. China was humiliated in a sense as it did not have an answer to such display of military might that reminded them of the foreign naval invasion of China in the 19th Century. The Chinese took the slap in their stride, retreated their military posturing and went back to the drawing board.

China must not again be threatened by the Americans by military means, especially naval power superiority. The unprovoked hideous Belgrade Embassy bombing in 1999 by the Americans was another big blow to the dignity of the Chinese govt. There was still no answer to American military superiority. The Americans could hit the Chinese as and when they liked and the Chinese could not hit back, worse, with the threat of mounting a full scale attack on Chinese soil using aircraft carriers.

The acquisition of a Ukraine decommissioned aircraft carrier was seen by some as China’s attempt for military parity with the Americans. Since then this aircraft carrier has been refitted as the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier. The talk of China pitting against the might of 11 American aircraft carriers with a relatively inferior solitary aircraft carrier does not hold water. The Liaoning is no match for the Americans and would be outclassed even in an eyeballing match. The Liaoning would not be sailing into the open sea to confront the American aircraft carriers.

No, the Liaoning or the construction of more aircraft carriers is not a military strategy to stare the Americans in the eye. They serve completely different strategic interest. China’s war with the Americans in the western Pacific Ocean would be to counter the massive buildup of American aircraft carriers attempting to attack China. In such a scenario, the Chinese answer to the American naval superiority in deploying aircraft carriers that can hit China without being hit is in anti carrier missiles, the DF21Ds and the DF26s. These are missiles specially designed and developed to sink American aircraft carriers at a distance, more than 1000km or 3000km from Chinese soil. With this kill range, the American aircraft carriers would no longer have the privilege of sailing through the Taiwan Strait like a cock, not even within a 3000km radius and think they could not be sunk. There will be no need for the Liaoning or any Chinese warship to engage the American warships in the western Pacific theatre of war.

The Chinese are turning the table on the Americans, telling the Americans I can hit you and you can’t hit me. It is not that the Americans did not have comparable cruise missiles to hit China from the carriers at long distance. The problem is that the Americans cannot afford to be within the anti carrier missile kill range as each carrier is a target consisting of hundreds of aircraft, missiles, nuclear weapons and thousands of elite fighting men and women. The Americans can launch their cruise missiles to attack Chinese mainland. The Chinese mainland could absorb the damages. The reverse is deadly and crippling to the American carrier strike force.

The Americans must keep their carriers out of the strike range of Chinese anti carrier missiles. And to do so they would not be able to use the carrier as a strike force, as a launch pad to attack China anymore. The Chinese want to keep the carriers far enough not able to strike China but could be hit by China. The Chinese strategy against the American carrier strike force is the use of all the missile bases in China, unsinkable, and massive numerical superiority, against the limited American aircraft carriers, all 11 of them, kept at a distance from Chinese soil. The carriers would be neutralised, defeating their purpose as offensive aircraft carriers.

The table has turned in favour of China in this game of gunboat diplomacy. The Chinese aircraft carriers have no role, or at most a minimal role, in such a conflict of military power in air sea battle. It is land based missiles against carrier based missiles.
A major conflict could break out in the western Pacific Ocean but would be fought under Chinese terms. The battle front would be far out in the Pacific Ocean, not near or on Chinese soil. All American and its allies’ naval craft within the 4,000km radius from Chinese coast would be neutralized once war breaks out.


Is the SMRT a poison chalice?

This is the question posed by a Dr Lee Siew Peng in a letter of encouragement to the new CEO Neo Kian Hong. This is the first para of the article posted in TRE.
“Dear Mr Neo

I trust that “Congratulations” are in order for your new appointment. Some people see this job as a kind of poisoned chalice. Hopefully your big risk will lead to big rewards. Not just for you, but for the Singapore travelling public.”

If one were to look at the records of SMRT, from the performance of the train system and the fate of its CEOs and whoever foolishly thought it was wise to dabble with the organisation, the poison chalice suggestion is not too far from the truth. It was not like that when it was built in the 1980s. It had a fair ride for a couple of decades and the pride of Singapore, something that we could boot about.

Thanks to the man behind this train, past President Ong Teng Cheong. Could anyone attempt to trace the change in fortune of the SMRT from the demise of the late President and see if there is any correlation in the two events?

The reputation of the SMRT was at its peak during the tenure of Saw Phaik Wah, then CEO. It was reporting big profits year after year and she was the toss of the SMRT party when they carried her around like Cleopatra to recognise her great contribution and her greatness.

Alas, this was not to last, like the proverbial saying, pride before the fall. Everything fell apart after that infamous Company Dinner and Dance. It was like a house of cards, or a house built on straw or mud. How could the problems sprouted out so fast and so drastically that daily breakdown became a norm and multiple times a day. And on several occasions practically the whole system was run to a stop for several hours. And then accidents came one after another with two technicians killed on the track while on a training stint. And this was not all, fore the second time, after several decades, the trains collided, oops, it was reported that they came into contact with each other, and tens of people were hurt. Luckily no serious injuries.

What about the CEOs, Saw Phaik Wah had left. Her successor Desmund Kuek is leaving. Khaw Boon Wan’s reputation as a trouble shooter and the man to solve all problems is in tatters, unable to do much to the problems that kept cropping out in the system despite human and financial resources being poured into the SMRT.
Don't forget the several ministers that had to leave quietly after their bad stint in the ministry.

And a few day’s back, the army colonel brought in by Desmund Kuek is also in the news for all the wrong reasons, arrested for drink driving in the wee hours of the morning. What else can go wrong to the SMRT and its top management?

Neo Kian Hong is taking over the chalice from Desmund Kuek. Would it be confirmed that it is really a poison chalice? Should someone be praying or burning more incense to appease the spirits to take away the poison in the chalice? From the noises in the social media, it looks like Neo is standing on weak sand.

Perhaps a sai kong or bomoh or witch or whatever maybe welcomed if they can turn the poison chalice to a bowl of red wine. Are the problems of SMRT over? Maybe they should be looking for someone that is blessed to helm this organisation. A lucky fool may be good for the time being.


The main media’s narrative

Readers of the main media cannot go unnoticed the main narrative of the main media. The authors and the select articles all have one trend of thought. OK I am focusing only on international news, local news is not so nice to talk about.

Anyone heard of Jonathan Eyal, the ST European correspondence? His article on 23 Apr titled ‘The real war over Syria is not over air but online’. His main argument and assumptions, the poisoning of Skripal Sergei, the Russia double agent and his daughter, is fact beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Russians did it. And the alleged chemical attack on Syrians is undoubtedly the work of Assad and the Russians.

And the Russians are launching an online war to twist and turn the facts to deny their wrong doings. The holy Gods in the USA, UK and France are so pure and innocent and doing all the right things, to condemn and attack the Russians and Assad. Not only the Russians are indulging in fake news but all other media too, all sources of news, independent online actors, are also in cahoot to deny that the Russians and Assad are guilty. There is no need to have independent agents to investigate and verify the allegations by the Brits, Americans and the French. What they alleged is the unquestionable truth.

This kind of one sided narrative glorifying the evil Empire and the western rogue nations and demonising those on the other side of the political divide, opposite the evil Empire, has been going on for so long that no one can be faulted to think that the Singapore govt is condoning and supporting such a view. Is this true?

Hsien Loong has recently said in Buckingham Palace or somewhere in the UK, that Singapore needs friends, not enemies. Singapore needs friends in the region and also the big powers, and not to take sides or to be seen to be the cronies of super powers and pit itself against another super power. Did the govt know what is going on in the local main media? Did the govt know that the pages of the local main media are populated by one sided narratives that gave the impression that Singapore is but a crony of the evil Empire and the rogue nations of the West and happily making enemies of the Chinese and Russian camp?

Is this impression officially sanctioned or something that Singapore really wants? Would it better serve Singapore’s interest to tow a middle line and send some of these one sided narrative authors to be self employed and write their own blogs to champion their own affiliations and personal interests? The main media may think that rubbishing some countries is fair game, and incurring their displeasure is part and parcel of news reporting. At least they should be fair to their readers and not treat their leaders as fools to be told a one sided story of black and white and dictate to them who they should worship as the good Gods and who to be seen as the villains.

The news readers today are not daft and are very well informed and know what is fake news and what is not. Do not underestimate and insult the readers’ intelligence by printing political propaganda and misinformation and fake news and think it is alright. Printing and publishing one sided narrative to offend the victim countries do not serve the interest of the country as a neutral and independent state that wants to be friends of all and making enemies of none.

The least the main media should do is not to allow its pages to be used by individuals to peddle their private agenda or the agenda of nation states at the expense of other nation states. Can’t believe it if this is really happening to the main media, that they had been used knowingly or unknowingly to do the dirty works of individuals or states and paying for it.

Can you believe that?

PS. Last night CNA gave 5 minutes to an American woman from a HRW organization attacking Ali baba and Ten Cent for discriminatory employment adverts against women. She said many women were angry. Who were these women? And what the shit is such news of interest to Singaporeans to be given so much coverage? Singapore a little USA, serving American interest?

All the visits to China, with Ministers and even Hsien Loong leading the delegations came home with nothing except empty MOUs. The sacking of anti China diplomat would not do much to change the anti China agenda unless the editors of main media are removed or stopped from churning out more anti China rhetoric and smear articles.


Choice between real economy and paper economy

In the 1980s Singapore came to a cross road in economic growth. Manufacturing was maxed out in this little piece of rock. Manufacturing needed space to keep the solid stuff, the goods, the material. Singapore could not waste more land for manufacturing. There were other factors like the neighbours catching up as many of Singapore's manufacturing were low skill stuff. The pride of Singapore then, the highest level of technical product was the Rollei camera. All the manufacturing products are history.

Singapore opted to go into the service industry, which is not a wrong choice. Medical services, education and financial services, logistics etc etc blossomed. The financial services grew faster as nothing can make money faster than printing papers and cooking the books with numbers, and of course gambling. I am not referring to the two casinos. They are chicken feat. The gambling in Singapore is beyond the imagination of the ordinary masses. Gambling is big and full time by the financial institutions and banks and the so called investment agencies. You heard it, investment is the disguise or another sophisticated term for gambling big time.

During this period Singapore played tutor to China, a developing country just coming out from isolation and joining the capitalist market. China learnt everything Singapore could offer but chose a different route. China is going big bang in manufacturing, the real economy, not shuffling papers and printing digits to churn out profits.

Today, China is the factory of the world making anything from the tiniest button, screws or toothpick to mobile phones, computers, high tech equipment, satellites, military weapons, anything that is needed and wanted. The Chinese made them all and in cheaper and better quality and quantity. China is producing everything that the world needs, the real stuff, the real economy. China is also in the services, but not so much on financial services, but building infrastructures like roads, rails, high speed trains, ports etc etc, logistic services to facilitate trade and commerce, the real stuff that are needed for better life and economic growth, not the fake economy of churning out numbers for growth, not gambling. The Chinese earn every cent they could make the hard way, by making them.

Singapore prosper with the fake economy, making money without having to produce anything. Our reserves are plonked into papers, stocks and shares, derivatives, bonds etc etc. The risk, the inflated fake economy, is like a balloon waiting to be pricked. When it goes bang, everything would come down to zero, especially the artificially inflated wealth built on properties and assets. And when the fake economy goes bust, the real economy would continue to steam roll ahead.

Singapore has nothing to fall back on in the real economy other than HDB flats that have a life span of 99 years. The only real thing Singapore is producing is shit water for drinking, to compete with the likes of Evians and other natural mineral water. What else did Singapore produce? You tell me. Singapore does not even make bicycles.

The real stuff, the bricks and mortars, the consumer goods, the demand would still be there, still be needed. What would happen to the fiat currency, the fake papers and fake values and fake wealth and fake prosperity? Even our education and degrees are fake in a way. What is the point of having degrees that cannot get one a job? A genuine fake degree from the degree mills, or from funny universities, is more valuable than a genuine degree from a world class university if it can land the holder a job. This is the real economy.


The 'good' people have the right to kill the 'bad' people

KUALA LUMPUR: A Palestinian lecturer at a private university was shot dead as he was walking to a surau (prayer house) near a condominium in Jalan Meranti, Setapak on Saturday (Apr 21), according to Malaysian police.
Kuala Lumpur police chief Mazlan Lazim said that 35-year-old Dr Fadi Al Batsh was shot by one of two men on a high-powered motorcycle at a pedestrian walkway at about 6am on Saturday.
“The suspect fired 10 shots, four of which hit the lecturer in the head and body. He died on the spot. The police also found two empty bullet shells there,” he said....

 Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, said Dr Fadi was "an electrical engineer and an expert at making rockets".
The Palestinian was "believed to have become a liability for a country hostile to Palestine", said Ahmad Zahid, who is in charge of Malaysia's security....
Malaysian police would request the help of Interpol to track down the suspects, believed to be European nationals....

Hamas did not accuse Israel of killing him but called Dr Fadi a "martyr" - a word it usually uses for people killed by Israeli forces....
Hamas has accused Mossad of assassinating one of its drone experts - Mohamed Zouari - in Tunisia in 2016, and the spy agency is also believed to have been behind the 2010 murder of top Hamas militant Mahmud al-Mabhuh in a Dubai hotel.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/palestinian-lecturer-shot-dead-in-malaysia-10161438

The above extracts from an article in CNA said it all. The 'good' people have all the right to kill the 'bad' people and the 'bad' just have to accept this as the natural order of things. And at most they could complain but they cannot do anything about it. They are hapless, they have no legs and hands, so cannot go killing the 'good' people to stop them from killing the 'bad' people. Or is it another case of stupidity has no cure, and just resign to their fate, that they deserved to be killed? They cannot think that they can do the same thing to the 'good' people. They cannot learn how to do the things the 'good' people did to them,

The invasion of Iraq, Libya and Syria are all examples of how 'good' people go around killing 'bad' people, and not only the 'bad' people accepted this, the people of the world, the UN, also accepted this as a natural thing, a natural order of thing. 'Good' people has the right to kill 'bad' people. And they are blessed with the intelligence and resources to do it to the 'bad' people with the blessing of God of course.

Now you 'bad' people out there, what are you going to do about it? I bet you, nothing. You are damned for your own stupidity.  And after the killing the 'good' people will party. This thing has been going on for decades, even centuries.

The 'bad' people somehow never learn, cannot learn, and allow history to repeat over and over again with them as the victims. If only they could do what the 'good' people are doing to them, they would be saved or at least let the 'good' people have a taste of their own medicine, to feel the pain and the loss of someone dear to them.

After Iraq and Libya, the 'good' people wanted to kill do the same in Syria to the 'bad' people. The Syrians were lucky that the Russians came in to prevent the massacre. Now the 'good' people knew that they could not do any more harm to the Syrians, they have started another plot to demonise Iran with all kinds of fake allegations, to start another war and another round of killing the 'bad' people in Iran.

War is starting soon in Iran, led by the Jews and backed up by the evil Empire.

Little white Sheriff punching above his weight

It was reported that the little country Australia sailed its 3 teeny weeny warships into the South China Sea to demonstrate freedom of navigation. The 3 ships were challenged by Chinese navy ships for encroaching into Chinese territorial waters. The western news as usual made a hue and cry on this encounter. And the little white Sheriff declared that they would continue to do so in the future.

This little country of 22m inhabitants, many descendants of convicts from England, is strutting around like they are the policeman in this part of the world, living in a piece of land they robbed from the natives and thinking that the natives and the hundreds of millions of Asians could not do a thing to them. They would not envisage that one day the hundreds of millions of Asian marauding hordes would swarm across their stolen land and drive them into the sea, hopefully they would be able to swim back to England or Europe.

China should put a stop to this little upstart and stop trading with this little country. The little country needs the 1.35b consumers from China while China can ignore the 22 m inhabitants of this little country. And better still, if China could garner the support of Asean countries to keep this little white brat in its place, close their doors to Australian goods, then we will see what would happen.

The little white brats still cannot see much further than their nose and behaving very badly. Their godmother was wiser, and sailed HMS Sutherland quietly to South Korea without making a hooha, knowing how sensitive the presence of the name Sutherland is to China. Well, the IQs of descendants of convicts are definitely more inferior to those normal natives of England, no comparison. The Brits were also goaded by the evil Empire to demonstrate in the South China Sea. But their acute sense of judgement saw the better of them, that it was unwise to do so now that they were only an ex Empire in history. The little white Sheriff could not appreciate the changes in the balance of power and still lived in the past. Maybe the daft Asians got a part to play in this, giving it too much credit as a big country. It is not.

Asian territories and countries would be better managed by Asians, the rightful owners of their land. The Asians would take charge of their own destinies. White natives from Europe must be prepared to run back to Europe when the time comes, sooner or later.

Little white Sheriff still dreaming of punching above its weight?


North Korea - Unconditional denuclearisation

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaUS Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaUS Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaAfter decades of hard work and sacrifices, risking being nuked by the Americans and the Japanese, the North Koreans have developed the necessary nuclear weapons and delivery system to provide a second strike capability against anyone that nuked them first. This is the most important and safest guarantee from a fate similar to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi after they agreed to give up their nuclear weapons plan. With the nuclear weapons and ICBMs, the North Koreans are in control of their own destiny, the guarantee of preventing a nuclear attack in their own hands. They need not trust anyone else or become dependent on anyone to guarantee from being nuked, without any fear of being betrayed or cheated.

From the news in the air, Kim Jong Un is giving up all his nuclear weapons unconditionally except for a guarantee from the US that they would not nuke him and his country. This guarantee by the American President, an individual that could serve a maximum of two terms or 8 years did not cover the guarantee that other countries would also do so. Japan could nuke NK as it is not bound by this guarantee. Neither would any future presidents of the USA. They could simply turn around and say that was Trump's stupid guarantee, go ask Trump, they would not abide by it.

So, the clever or stupid Kim Jong Un is going to dismantle his nuclear facilities, the Americans are going to send  their experts to check that all is done, fully verified, nothing left, and then Trump would give them his word. And Kim Jong Un would be very happy with the guarantee. And Trump and Abe would be even happier. Imagine what would happen when Trump meets Kim. Kim would say, here, take all my nuclear weapons and check all my cupboards, all empty now. And Trump would say, Good boy, and pat him on his back. I promise, as long as I am the President of the USA, NK will not be attacked, cross my heart.

And the next morning, North Korea is nuked, invaded, and Kim Jong Un murdered or hanged like Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi. End of sad story.

Is this a realistic narrative of what is going to happen to North Korea and Kim Jong Un and his family?

Prince Charles to be Head of Commonwealth

The mother of Prince Charles of UK, the Queen, hoped that her son would become the head of the Commonwealth, a British colonial legacy. Her wish is quite normal for any mother to want her son to be elevated to a high office. It has nothing to do with Prince Charles ability as a leader. In such appointments, a political office, often the appointment has nothing to do with the merit of the person. In this case, he is the prince of an ex colonial power. This credential will be good enough for him, no one in the Commonwealth of nations, all ex colonies of the British Empire will object or dare to object.

It was reported alluringly in the media that ‘The Queen received long applause from the leaders of 53 Commonwealth countries as they demonstrated their gratitude to her for service to the network she has headed since 1952. They should give her a standing ovation for colonizing their countries, robbed and looted their wealth to make Britain great, and please forget about the millions that were massacred or killed by the British colonial masters.

The leaders of these Commonwealth countries are grateful, the ungrateful would not be bothered to attend to idolize and glorify their former colonial masters. There is not only a financial debt that Britain owed to the Commonwealth countries, their ex colonies, Britain also owed a blood debt to many of them, especially their biggest colony, India and many bloodied African countries.
Many of these ex colonies would remember their days under the colonial masters dearly and affectionately. Heard of the Singapore Syndrome?

Being ex slaves of the Empire they would not question why can’t the head of the Commonwealth comes from one of them and not their former colonial master. They knew their proper place, that is, they are the servants and Britain is still their master and to be head of the Commonwealth, or Master, is the right of Britain. The slaves would always be the slave, they called this slave mentality.

PS. The Brits snubbed Modi in the photo shoot with the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. Hsien Loong and the Sultan of Brunei, heads of two of the smallest states in the Commonwealth, were honoured with front row seats. Poor Modi was sitting in the row behind them. This is bad protocol as India was the biggest British colony, colonised for more than 500 years, suffered/cfontributed the most from the Brit's rule, so rightly should be sitting beside the Queen or beside the British PM. The Brits as usual don’t show much respect for India, just like the racist Winston Churchill.

Modi should challenge Charles as the Head of the Commonwealth and then hold the next Summit in New Delhi with Modi sitting right in the centre front row seat as Head and host of the 2020 Head of Commonwealth Summit…and put Charles standing in the back row.

The Brits are really good. After losing their Empire they continue to rule these willing slaves as head of the Commonwealth without the slaves knowing it.


Part 3 The Human Bean Kingdom - Cracks and Fissures

Human beans civilisation has progressed tremendously since the Neolithic Revolution around 10,000 BC where there was wide spread change from hunting to agricultural lifestyle.

Despite such polar change, one constant remains: adaptation. The ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions and circumstances.

But to do that, human beans need to know what lies ahead, then formulate what steps to take in respond to the anticipated change and galvanise those around them to recognise the common interests and the same boat they are in.

Now, fast forward 12,000 years. From the vast continents on earth 120 centuries ago to global cities at this very moment of time. In this age of artificial intelligence, technological disruption, globalisation, megalomania, even disguised dictatorship and despotism under the cloak of democracy, what should the average human bean expect and how should they respond? The need to survive and live decently well is as true now as in the Neolithic era, the unchanging constant in a contantly changing human bean kingdom.

In the physical world, there are traumatic changes from time to time. Earthquakes, tsunamis ... ect etc. Under such ginormous stress, at times even the immovable mountains collapse. During each earthquake, huge cracks and fissures open up and some unwitting human beans fall inside and often perish.

In the modern economy, cracks and fissures can open up as well from time to time and some unfortunate human beans inadvertently and unwittingly get caught in such economic change. Globalisation and technological disruption often bring with it structural unemployment, widening social inequality, wild economic fluctuations and cycles.

The modern human beans need to be smart enough to protect themselves before "economic earthquakes or tsunamis" hit them from time to time. They need to understand what are happening and look ahead.

Unfortunately under current system, many human beans may have received an education that could have been adapted from dogs training centres?

Many youngsters may not even have read the news for the past days, weeks, months, years?

For example, to avoid being the unwitting and unfortunate one falling into the "cracks and fissures" under ginormous economic change, one should leverage on the FOC available data (for example leading macroeconomic indicators) provided by many goverments especially agencies such as central banks.

The problem with current system is that even many graduates do not read or know how to read or understand such data? Pathetic, isn't it? There could be some truth that some (education) systems are adpated from dogs training centres (and thus ill-suited for human beans)?

To mitigate the problems of more and more unwitting human beans falling in the cracks and fissures when ginormous economic change occurs, for a start an education system should be formulated more for human beans?

This is an opinionated view and obviously some may not agree.

However, how to solve the problems then?

Enact more punitive and draconian laws to further punish those poor unwitting human beans who had fallen into the cracks and fissures?

So as to achieve globally the highest per capita in terms of the number of draconian laws put in place to make sure citizens toe the line not unlike new recruits in a highly regimented military training camp?

The decision taken to solve current problems may likely be a determinant to
what and how a society turns out to be down the road and what the human beans in such a society would become?


The rare Singaporean talents

The SMRT went round the world to find a Singaporean to be the next CEO of the troubled train system. I don’t know how much they have to pay to the head hunting companies to search around the world without knowing that the best man was the guy next door, a Singaporean working in Singapore. Lieutenant General Neo Kian Hong, they used to sign off as LG Neo, is the man they were looking for all over the world. He has meticulous credentials and work experience. This is rare in this city state of no talent. And after hunting around the world, comparing him with 19 of the best in the world, it is confirmed that he is the best. He is everything the SMRT is looking for. The SMRT is safe. For if the best in the world cannot save it, no one else can.

Thank God they did not miss this rare gem in our midst and opted instead for another third world talent with funny degrees and credentials. The same story was repeated in the appointment of another Singaporean talent as the President of the Singapore Management University, in Professor Lily Kong. They also went around the world only to look back and found the gem right here in our backyard, not another angmoh or another third world talent from God knows where. They must not have believed their eyes, what, another Singaporean that is better than the best in the world? Thank God again, they found her and did not look in Africa or some God forsaken place.

But the most talented of all Singaporeans has just been discovered. If not of this discovery, he would be lost in the tropical concrete jungle and forgotten for good. Here he is….

“I admire his boldness and experience in labour issues. Mr Lim is a one-in-a-billion minister, having garnered much experience through his work in the Labour Movement all these years… We have always worked well and harmoniously together. I think the current working arrangement is still a great one.”

This is what Josephine Teo said of Lim Swee Say. Please note that he is not ‘one in 5.6m’ but in a billion, more than nearly twice the number of people in Asean. Taking it numerically, in the whole of Asean you could not find one such talent. Such rare talent should not be let go so unceremoniously. He should be elevated to become a Senior Minister or Mentor Minister to mentor the young ministers, or at least an Emeritus Minister or his experience and talent would be wasted. Many world leaders would likely take a queue number to seek his advice just like when the ancient was around.

In a short span of a few weeks, Singapore has found three gems among the no talent Singaporeans that are the best or better than the best in the world wide world.

I hope they will discover more of these rare gems among the Singaporeans.


The Most deadly fake news come from US/Western countries

As a follow up to Redbean's article "Most Deadly Fake News Come From the State" I would like to add further that the most deadly international fake news come from US and its western European allies . They dessiminate their fake news and deadly propaganda via the mass media like CNN, Fox News, BBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Economist and spill all over the world's other mass medias and newspapers.

Accusing China of being aggressive and expansionist is fake news.

US and its western European allies and Japan like to paddle falsehoods about China. They accused China falsely of being an expansionist power trying to claim the island territories in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. The South China Sea islands, the Paracels, the Spratlys, the Scaraborough islands, the Mischief Reeves and other islands are inherently and historically Chinese territories. They were taken by the Japanese during the Second World War. After the Second World War the Paracels, the Spratly islands and the Diao Yu Tao in the East China Sea  were lawfully returned to China by the United Nations at the San Francisco Treaty solemnly signed by US. England, France Russia, China and Japan itself. China doesn't need to claim these island territories because they are her sovereign territories from the very beginning and since time immemorial. To accuse China of being an expansionist in her own lands is just gross mischiefs by US, the West and Japan to create misunderstanding, choas, dissension, destabilities and may be war among the countries bordering the South China Sea to suit their insidious agenda.

It is fake news to claim that Taiwan is an independent country

US and its allies like to falsely claim that Taiwan is an independent country.  Taiwan is not an independent country. It is a breakaway province from China. When  the KMT - Kuo Mintang party under Chiang Kai Shek lost the Chinese Civil War against Chairman Mao's Peoples' Republic of China he fled to Taiwan. US then interfered in the Chinese civil war by stationing its Seventh Fleet in the Taiwan Straight to prevent the Chinese Liberation Army from crossing the Straight to take Taiwan. Technically America is still interfering in the yet unfinished Chinese civil war. USA has been the stumbling block to eventual Chinese unification by the Chinese in both mainland China and Taiwan. Though the whole world including USA itself have recognized Taiwan as an inherent part of China but USA is still stubborndly and illegally and illicitly supplying arms to Chinese traitors ruling Taiwan under USA protection. USA evil motive is to instigate the Taiwan Chinese to declare independence knowing it is a red line that China would not allow. US is trying to use Taiwan as its unsinkable aircraft carrier in its future conflict with China.

Claiming Diao Yudao is Japanese islands is fake news.

Japan under US support claims Diau Yudao or Senkaku islands as the Japanese called it. After the Second World War Diau Yudao was legally returned to China. But after Chiang Kai Shek's KMT defeat in the Chinese civil war USA mischievously placed the islands through the United Nations under USA trusteeship administration. USA refused to hand over the Diau Yudao to communist China but wickedly placed it under Japanese administration in 1976. USA intention is to make use of Diau Yudao as a bone of contention  between Japan and China to sow the seeds for their  future potential conflicts.

USA and its western European allies England and France paddle a lot of fake news regarding president Assad and Syria.

They accused Assad of using chemical weapons in Douma on 7th April,2018. Yet they refused to let Inspectors from OPCW - Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to inspect and verify the accusation before they started to bomb the site of the attack.

Assad has no need to use gas or chemical weapons against US supported rebels and ISIS for he is already winning the war and the rebels in Douma have almost surrendered.

The alleged chemical assault if it took place at all was clearly the work of US supported  aysh-al-Islam , the jihadist group in control of Douma at the time of Assad alleged chemical attack. USA in using its proxy to stage the alleged chemical attack was part of its propaganda campaign to discredit the Assad government.

Accusing Assad of as a "Gas killing Animal " smacks of moral hypocrisy when Trump and USA just supported  and funded Saudi Arabia by equipping Saudi Arabia with heavy weaponery of bombs, missiles and bombers that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of Yemeni civilians and created one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the last few decades. Also USA has never stopped the use of gas and chemical weapons to suit its killing agenda as seen in its illegal wars in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. If Trump and USA really care for the fate of the Syrian people he should take in the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and not ban their entry to US.

Also why should Assad be stupid to use gas or chemical attack at the time when Trump just openly announced he would withdraw US forces from Syria because ISIS has been defeated. It has not been proven that Assad or his military ordered the chemical attack that Trump seized the opportunity as a pretext for launching his attack. The bombing of Syria must be seen in the light of Trump trying to divert attention from his domestic political problems and James Comey open accusation that he was grossly incompetent and unethical in his mafia style of dictatorship.

Trump was possibly challenged and goaded by anti Russia Republican and Democrat hot heads and warhawks to take some sort of actions after he had openly threatened to bomb Syrian and Russian bases to show that he was not a weakling in facing against a powerful nuclear armed Russia. This was an attack on his fragile ego in which the peace, security and survival of mankind in the world must not be held hostage.

Sadly and ironically the silly people and politicians of many third world countries seem to be easily bought by American fake news, propaganda, missinformation, disinformation , outright lies and balonies .

The world can only be safer if the people can wake up to the evils of America and condemn in unison American atrocities and  illicit wars  everywhere.


Wednesday, 19th April, 2018

Public anger coming to a boil

Violence on the street used to be just the foreigners taking it out on our taxi drivers when they were drunk or pretending to be drunk or just simply bullying the locals. Today’s papers are talking about a new kind of violence against the elected representatives of the people, the MPs of the ruling party.

The most notorious cases in the past was the attack and burning of MP Seng Han Thong by two old men in their 70s. Today’s media reported that MP Dr Tan Wu Meng of Jurong GRC was attacked by a ‘young gentleman’ during the Meet the People Session. The young man had seen the MP before, a year ago. This time he was there just to beat up the MP who ended up being punched and pushed onto the ground. He was sent to NUH for a checkup before returning to resume writing appeal letters for his resident and for this ‘young gentleman’.

Lily Neo also reported of an incident when an attacker was waiting for her at the lift with a knife and a bag of urine. She was lucky that her helpers tipped her off and she took another route to her MPS. The man was arrested and confessed his vicious intent.
These incidents do not speak well of the social temperature in the island. How can the people turn violent against their MPs, the people they elected to represent them, to look after their welfare? And the MPs, together with the govt have been working their guts out to take care of them, helping them to buy very affordable public housing, helping them with their money in the CPF to buy life insurance and medical insurance, providing them and their children with good education, many are graduates, never mind if they get a job or not or become taxi drivers. That is their own fault if they can’t compete with the talented foreigners.

The govt has created such a fine city, the most expensive city with the most expensive cars and medical care, but all world class, like the education system, to match a world class city with Swiss standard of living and high pay some more.

The people are simply ungrateful. To be safe, for the safety of the MPs, more stringent laws must be introduced to protect them and their safety from the violent people. I don’t think there is any specific law that protects the MPs per se. The laws they are using against such attacks on public officers and MPs are inadequate. A fine of a $5,000 or a month’s jail is too little. This is a very serious offence and more fines and more jail terms are required. One sweet looking and so nice foreigner breaking the nose of another commuter is likely to face a 8 months jail. How can beating an MP be punished less? Cannot right?

The world has changed, circumstances have changed and new laws must be enacted to meet the changing landscape, of violence against the people’s elected representatives, something never heard before.
What do you think?

PS. MPs better take up more insurance just in case. The govt can provide an MP allowance for personal safety and protection in addition to their $16,000 monthly allowance. Becoming MP is a high risk job nowadays.


The most deadly fake news...from the state

The deliberation of the Select Committee on Fake News started on the premise that fake news originated from non govt sources, from bloggers or social media. Would they be looking at fake news from the state, from national institutions? Fake news from official sources are more deadly than fake news from social media as the impact of social media could quickly be quashed.

The world had witnessed the most deadly fake news resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and millions being wounded or hurt in one way or another coming from the states. Remember the fake news on WMD in Iraq? Oh, my apologies, that was not fake news but vicious disinformation from the state to justify and invasion of Iraq. It was not fake news. Deadly and vicious news from the state are not fake news? Just a casual mistake and no action needed to be taken? The states are allowed to disseminate fake news and simply claimed that it was a mistake, an error? Fake news that were put out by the states are many times more deadly than fake news from individual or some mischievious organisations.

The WMD fake news was deadly but not as deadly as the fake news of a missile attack on Hawaii.That fake news nearly triggered WW3 and brought an end to civilisation or at least a nuclear holocaust. No one is talking about it anymore, not the state that put out the fake and dangerous news. So no issue. The state is the most guilty party in circulating fake news to serve its dirty agenda and could get away with it, with impunity, with immunity.

It is a case of the biggest devil pointing the fingers at the little children, demonising the children for their mischievous pranks.What would the state do when it is found guilty of creating fake news? Stupid question. The answer is nothing. The state, the holy ones, would not put out fake news. Any fake news put out by the states is at worse a mistake, an error. The state would not be prosecuted as there is no authority to prosecute the state. Could not imagine how the state would ownself check ownself and prosecute ownself.

Fake news is the way to go for the state. The state would decide what is fake news and who to prosecute. The state is God and would do no wrong. There is no need to consider any law against the state as the source of fake news. I am God, oops, the people representing the state are Gods.

PS. The Russians poisoning Skripal Sergei and daughter, and Assad using chemical agent against his people were clear cut, obvious fake news that were not verified by independent sources but simply based on the words of the accusers, the animals that alleged others were animals.


What went wrong with getting a degree in Singapore

“TODAY highlighted employment discrimination against private university graduates. Only 47.4 percent of the current batch of private university graduates secured full-time jobs six months after graduation, compared to 60.1 percent from the last batch.

Everybody knows the Big Three: National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University. There’re three newer ones–Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore University of Technology and Design–who enjoy the prestige of being placed under the ambit of the Ministry of Education. Being Singaporean and government-approved, their degrees are recognized everywhere you go in this tiny island.

Other schools — Kaplan, Singapore Institute of Management, PSB, INSEAD, James Cook University –don’t enjoy the same cachet. Some aren’t even known at all. But when the rest of your life is staring at you and all you see is a wasteland of bills and broken dreams, you pick the best option you can find and roll with it....

Reality kicked in soon after. I had just over twenty people in my classes at Kaplan. A grand total of two people, over two years, were job-seekers....
Eight Years of Silence

I’ve sent out dozens, hundreds of resumes. Every month, every week, every day, I applied for job after job after job, hoping that someone would notice. Until then, I crunched numbers and copied clauses, wrote story after story, and picked up whatever freelance job and short-term contract job I could find.

I did this for eight years.

In eight years, I received nothing.

Less than one percent of my applications made it to the interview stage. None of them went anywhere. The other ninety-nine-odd percent was greeted with silence....
The Singapore Dream is dead to me. But I’m not going to give up, and I will not surrender my own dream.”

Benjamin Cheah

Benjamin Cheah wrote the above in an article published in the TRE to highlight the plight of Singaporean graduates trying to get a job in Singapore, a little island that could provide 2m jobs to foreigners. He is warning Singaporeans not to anyhow apply to join a not fully recognised university or schools and waste time and money for a degree that would not land one a job.

What Benjamin forgot to explain is the ease in which the foreigners are able to get jobs in Singapore with funny degrees from schools or universities worse than those he listed above operating in Singapore. Other than the job market being under the control of foreigners, ie foreigner owned employment agencies, they could also decide who they want when they are employed in Singapore companies or organisations in management positions. The HR dept would be held at ransom when these foreigners insist on hiring only foreigners and rubbished all the Singaporean applicants. They just said Singaporeans are not good enough. Period.

Other than this abuse that has been going on without anyone daring to do something about it or talk about it, the other thing of course is to get the same kind of funny degrees like the foreigners to get employed in Singapore. But I am only joking. When the whole hiring process is controlled by foreigners and the daft in charge did not know what is happening or powerless to do otherwise, Singaporeans would not be able to get a job in his homeland. Foreigners are favoured and given more chances for employment under the nose of daft Singaporean management.

This is how pathetic Singaporeans have become, losing out to foreigners in their own country for employment unfairly, cheated. Can you believe that? They don’t even know that they are losing their country to the foreigners. The foreigners are taking over their country.

PS. Only the 'stupidity has no cure' people would allow a no condition open economy with legs open so wide for everyone to screw. Trump would not do that. The only time these 'stupidity has no cure' type would put up conditions and barriers is when their own interests are affected. Otherwise you die your business.


Unlawful Bombing of Syria by the Evil Empire , UK and France

Three Western rogue countries, USA, UK and France have started their unlawful bombing of  Syria without United Nations approval. They think they are above International Law  and that "might is right" and their Bomb is the law." US secretary of Home Defense and Security Pompieo arrogantly said  that US is unique and exceptional and so US can attack any country and kill other people with impunity.In their cowardly attack on Syria what message are they sending to the world. Are they telling us that small countries need to arm themselves with nuclear weapons to deter US / Western aggression. President Kim of DPRK must tell Trump that talk of denuclearisation of North Korea is off the table. Since the end of Second World War in 1945 America has attacked many countries, assassinated many national leaders for regime change and killed and murdered more than two million people. With the killings of millions of innocent people and causing national tragedies and abject suffering to millions of others USA must one day pay a bloody price of national retribution. There will definitely be blood and fury in choas and revolts by the native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans who will rise up to fight for their own independent national states and stop absolute white American domination forever.

The Evil Empire must not be allowed to have its evil ways in Syria or for that matter in North Korea and Venezuela. USA wants to destroy Assad and instal in his place a pro American stooge. The accusation against Assad for chemical and gas attack is all fabricated. The USA and its Western European allies have a long history of doing evil things and then put the blame on others so as to lay a basis for attacking the intended victims for regime change. 

The chlorine gas attack in Douma if it was true was definitely the work of USA. Just remember USA used poisonous gas in the Korean War in 1950 -1953 and in Vietnam 1965 -1975 that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and maimed for life millions more. In the case of Syria there is clearly a conspiracy among USA and its European allies UK and France to find an excuse to attack Syria and bring down the democratically elected legitimate Assad government. The fake accusation that Assad used gas or chemical attack is just a ploy to attack Assad and bring down his government. Even if Assad and the rebels used poisonous gas against each other in their civil war it is none of the West / USA business to interfere but up to the Syrians to settle their own national problems 

Syria is suffering the modern version of the "Gun Boat Policy " that China was subjected to attack, conquest and humiliation by the same cohort of beastly western barbaric countries in the 19th Century from 1830s to around early 1940s. They first instigated a pro American anti Assad rebel group against Assad. They fomented and supported and funded the anti Assad rebellion and started the Syrian civil war. They have no right to interfere in this Syrian civil war. But interfere they did and they also supported and armed the ISIS and other disparate groups of anti Assad fighters to destabilise Syria to overturn Assad's government.

In the 19th century from 1830s USA participated with England, France, Russia, Germany,Japan, Italy, Holland and Spain in the Gun Boat Policy of aggression against a weak China, They adopted a common policy of dismembering a weak China  carving out China into separate parts with each part under the specific control and occupation of each invading power. They alluded to this outrageous episode of China as "cutting the Chinese Water Melon." This Gun Boat aggression caused China to lose over three and a half million square miles of Chinese sovereign lands to Russia, England, France and Japan.

Syria is now subjected to the modern gun boat policy as well as the other Arabs and muslims in the Middle East. They are carving out and dismembering the Arab and muslim countries under the guise of helping the Arabs and muslims to achieve democracy and human rights. They had carved out a big chunk of Palestinian land in 1948 and planted in it the Jewish state of Israel so that they could get rid of all the Jews in Europe and America, Then in 1956 they carved out the Syrian territory of Golan Heights and gave it to Israel. Now they are trying to rob away more of Palestinian and Arab lands. 

The true intent of USA / Allies is to destabilise the whole of the Middle East withe the ultimate aim of capturing and controlling the region to suit their agenda of acquiring for free all the oil and gas and other rich natural resources in the region and to utilise the region as a strategic military base against 

Syria is suffering the fate of US aggression because it does'nt toe the line of USA dictates and is a stumbling block in the path of USA sinister plan against Russia.

USA and its western European allies have always planned to make use of Syria as a strategic military base to contain Russia from the southern frank . They plan to sabotage and undermine Russia's economy by building an oil pipe line from Qatar and Saudi Arabia through Syria and then via Turkey to Western Europe. This will stop Russia from selling its oil to western Europe and deprive it of business and foreign exchange knowing that oil is Russia's main export and an important cornerstone of its economy. Syria however, is a friend of Russia and refused to let an American oil pipe line running through Syria to undermine Russia. This is the crux of the problem and so America must remove Assad in order for its insidious plan against Russia to be carried out.

USA plans to take down Russia and perhaps China too because these two countries post a capability  to stop USA's ultimate aim of conquering the whole world and bring it under USA total control and hegemony in a New World Order governed by America's fascist dictatorship.

America is a satanic country run by a cohort of wild rogues and scoundrels and warhawks under the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cartel. The primacy of the USA Illuminati Cartel organisation is grabbing complete power, money and finance and wealth at the expense of every country in this world. USA attack on Syria is just one its countless cases of primafacie illicit and illegal execution of regime change. Russia and China must lead the free world to stop American brutal carnage and unlawful interference of other countries' internal affairs. America should get out of Syria and the Middle East as well as out of Korea, East and South East Asia.


Monday,16th April, 2018

Inviting a wolf home 引 狼 入 室

There is this Chinese saying about inviting a wolf into a hen house, 引 狼 入 室. The consequences are obvious when it happened. The big question is why would people be so silly to invite a wolf home? Little Red Riding Hood did that and was nearly eaten. Why did she do it? The wolf dressed up as a grandmother, all weak, hapless and needing kindness. She was taken in, she was duped.

What is the moral of this story? What lesson can one learn from it? No one in his right mind would invite a wolf home, except the ‘stupidity has no cure’ type. Assuming that people are not stupid, then this kind of incident is unlikely to happen innocently. But there are conditions that could make it favourable for the innocent and naive to invite a wolf home.

The wolf is smart and would hide its intention. A wolf would present itself as the most cuddly sheep, with disarming charm, to dupe the innocent and unthinking that the wolf is not a wolf but a loving and trusting harmless thing. A wolf understands that, that everyone knows how vicious a wolf is and it has to make extra effort to look good, look honest, look charming, even generous and helpful. How else would a wolf pass itself off as a nice chap to be invited home to do the harm and damage if it constantly growls and shows its fangs?

The most vicious beast of WW2 is exactly what this wolf story is all about. The Japanese today are so nice, so disarming, so charming, so gracious, so peaceful, so helpful, how could they be a big bad wolf? Just like the Americans, but no comparison. The Japanese are really behaving very nice since their defeat in WW2. They did not want to talk about their beastly behaviour and no one would think that they were that bad. Other than the recent urge to change their pacifist constitution to allow them to remilitarise as a big military power, they have hid their aggressive intent very well. Or at least the world would were made to believe in their lies. Their so called Self Defense Force is the second most powerful, if not the most powerful war machine in Asia, an aggressive force disguised as self defence. Can that be peaceful? Why the need to disguise it as a Self Defense Force and not the Imperial Japanese Army like before? Now Abe is changing everything, to cut out the farce and to call his Self Defense Force the Imperial Japanese Army not to defend Japan but to conduct wars everywhere outside Japan, like before, like the beast it used to be.

I spoke about the American wolf. Think of the worst genocide ever conducted in human history, the decimation of tens of millions or more than a hundred million native Americans in a few decades of their invasion of the North American continent. And think of their casual remarks of war collateral to brush away the killings, maiming and making homeless, millions of Arabs and Muslims in their wars of invasion and regime change. And unlike the Japanese, they did not hide their aggression and war like nature. They are conducting wars everywhere, killing and wounding people, innocent people, young and old, by the millions, all over the world. But they control the media and wrote their story that they were the angels and the rest of the world, those that they killed or maimed were the bad guys. They were the bad Japanese, the bad North Koreans, the bad Vietnamese, the bad Arabs, the bad Africans, the bad Russians, the bad Muslims, the bad Latin Americans, the bad Mexicans, the bad Chinese but the good Americans and Europeans. The only people that were good and loved by the white God are the white Americans and white Europeans.

Both were wolves in their own rights. The Americans were seen as angels because the stupid want to believe in their myth and willingly do so. The Japanese have been putting on an innocent act and the daft have been taken in, forgetting that the wolf is wearing sheep skin.

See, it is so easy for the wolves to be invited home. They only need to put on a disguise, appear good, look good, look nice and everything will be fine. And many will be happily inviting the wolves home to eat them up for dinner.


The despicable evil Empire strikes

After Israel struck at Syria, the despicable evil Empire and two rogue allies, the UK and France, followed suit. More than 100 missiles were fired at Syria. The latter claimed to have brought down 71 out of a total of 103 missiles entering Syria. Was it a consolation or a grandstanding that they were able to bring down so many of the attacking missiles with minimal damages?

On another note the Russians did not fire a shot as their bases in Syria were not attacked. Putin called for an emergency meeting at the UN to condemn the evil Empire and its rogue allies.

The whole picture is pathetic. The evil Empire and its rogue allies attacked and Syria and Russia only defended their positions. They did not strike back. In sum, Syria has presented itself as a punching bag, no more no less. It could not hit back or afraid to hit back. The message is very clear. The evil Empire can strike at its leisure with impunity. They can hit Syria any time they like without fear of being hit or a counter strike by Syria or Russia.

Such inaction on the part of Syria and Russia only encourages the evil Empire to be more trigger happy. The UK and France too would be more tempted to strike again. It is great fun to strike at the enemy with no fear of being hit back.  Given such a state of affair, Syria can expect to be hit again and again and more rogue nations would be encouraged to join the evil Empire to practise target shooting from a safe range. And Israel would be sneaking in to bomb the daylight out of them when they feel like it.

This is the sad fate of a weak nation with no ability to hit back. Weakness is a cause for aggression. Weakness invites aggression. And the evil Empire and its rogue allies would not be kind or embarrass when the enemy is hapless. They would be most happy to keep the enemy as their punching bag.

Putin and Russia have proven that they could not protect their allies from attacks by the evil Empire and the wolf pack. Syria would be doomed and Assad would not last long as they are now sitting duck, on their own against the full military might of the evil Empire and its rogue allies.

What is the point of an emergency meeting at the UN? Even a condemnation for the UN would not mean a thing and would not save Assad. The evil Empire has spoken. To hell with the UN and the nations of the world. It would attack any country it deems fit with its rogue allies and the UN and the rest of the world could not do anything about it.

Marsiling Yew Tee litter corner

Below are one week's of litter in this little corner in Marsiling Yew Tee. The culprit, a pinoy, used the pieces of paper to keep his backside clean while waiting for his company's bus. When the bus came, he scoot off, leaving the litter behind. This thing has been going on for at least a year and the litter would accumulate all along the path and grass patch on the right when the wind blows.

Town Council said they were only responsible for the grass patch on the right of the path. The path is the responsibility of NEA. The patch on the left under the MRT line is the responsibility of MRT. Obviously this Town Council is not aware of the fishball stick saga in Bukit Gombak, never heard of it. Please don't laugh. They had referred this matter to NEA. NEA said they would do something and 6 months had passed and nothing is being done. The culprit keeps on littering this corner every morning and the Town Council happily cleaning up the litter. And it is still going on every morning except weekends.

And they blamed the Sinkies for littering and dirtying the island. The pics tell a thousand words. What more is there to say? The pics were taken from Monday to Friday.


Syria - The evil men and women just did it

The United States, Britain and France launched punitive military strikes against Bashar al-Assad's The evil men and women just did it. They attacked Syria with bomb strikes. They have no qualm, apprehension or hesitation when comes to bombing and killing Arabs and Muslims. Based on a fabricated and alleged chemical weapons, just like the WMD farce, they quickly launched a military attack, to save the asses in ISIS, their attack dogs from being wiped out by the govt forces of Assad and Russia. They are desperate to save their attack dogs and cannot wait for a second longer. They hit. They defied the UN and went ahead without any approval from the UN. This is how the murderers behaved when they are desperate.

So far no news of Russia responding. If Russia did not act, if Putin did not act, it would be the end of Russian presence in the Middle East. The evil men and women are adamant and trigger free simply because they know that they can hit at the Arabs/Muslim states and the latter could not hit back. Now they are taking the chances on Putin and Russia not hitting back. They are reckless, they took a big gamble that the Russians would not hit back.

They would have done the same thing to North Korea if Kim did not have nuclear weapons and the means to hit back. It is the same case as Iran. Both North Korea and Iran must learn from this incident, that they must not give up their weapons and the ability to strike back. Or they would be like the Arab/Muslim states, bombed to Stone Age, at the mercy of the evil men and women of the evil Empire and Europe.

This is also a lesson for Russia and China, that they cannot afford to appear weak as the evil men and women would think it is ok to strike. 

Here are a few paragraph from Yahoo News on the military strike.

"Shortly after Trump began a White House address to announce the action, large explosions were heard in the Syrian capital Damascus, signalling a new chapter in a brutal seven-year-old civil war.
"A short time ago, I ordered the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad," Trump said in a primetime televised speech to the nation.
"A combined operation with the armed forces of France and the United Kingdom is now under way. We thank them both. This massacre was a significant escalation in a pattern of chemical weapons use by that very terrible regime."
A US official said the strikes had targeted chemical production facilities. Another official said multiple types of bombs were used, and a variety of targets chosen.
Trump also warned Russia and Iran not to stand by their ally in Damascus."

When are you Putin? Did the Russians hit back? How was the air defence of Syria with Russian defence system? Apparently they were not able to prevent the missiles from hitting their targets. How many civilians would become war collateral? It would be a shame if Putin did nothing. He should pack up and go home.