Unlawful Bombing of Syria by the Evil Empire , UK and France

Three Western rogue countries, USA, UK and France have started their unlawful bombing of  Syria without United Nations approval. They think they are above International Law  and that "might is right" and their Bomb is the law." US secretary of Home Defense and Security Pompieo arrogantly said  that US is unique and exceptional and so US can attack any country and kill other people with impunity.In their cowardly attack on Syria what message are they sending to the world. Are they telling us that small countries need to arm themselves with nuclear weapons to deter US / Western aggression. President Kim of DPRK must tell Trump that talk of denuclearisation of North Korea is off the table. Since the end of Second World War in 1945 America has attacked many countries, assassinated many national leaders for regime change and killed and murdered more than two million people. With the killings of millions of innocent people and causing national tragedies and abject suffering to millions of others USA must one day pay a bloody price of national retribution. There will definitely be blood and fury in choas and revolts by the native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans who will rise up to fight for their own independent national states and stop absolute white American domination forever.

The Evil Empire must not be allowed to have its evil ways in Syria or for that matter in North Korea and Venezuela. USA wants to destroy Assad and instal in his place a pro American stooge. The accusation against Assad for chemical and gas attack is all fabricated. The USA and its Western European allies have a long history of doing evil things and then put the blame on others so as to lay a basis for attacking the intended victims for regime change. 

The chlorine gas attack in Douma if it was true was definitely the work of USA. Just remember USA used poisonous gas in the Korean War in 1950 -1953 and in Vietnam 1965 -1975 that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and maimed for life millions more. In the case of Syria there is clearly a conspiracy among USA and its European allies UK and France to find an excuse to attack Syria and bring down the democratically elected legitimate Assad government. The fake accusation that Assad used gas or chemical attack is just a ploy to attack Assad and bring down his government. Even if Assad and the rebels used poisonous gas against each other in their civil war it is none of the West / USA business to interfere but up to the Syrians to settle their own national problems 

Syria is suffering the modern version of the "Gun Boat Policy " that China was subjected to attack, conquest and humiliation by the same cohort of beastly western barbaric countries in the 19th Century from 1830s to around early 1940s. They first instigated a pro American anti Assad rebel group against Assad. They fomented and supported and funded the anti Assad rebellion and started the Syrian civil war. They have no right to interfere in this Syrian civil war. But interfere they did and they also supported and armed the ISIS and other disparate groups of anti Assad fighters to destabilise Syria to overturn Assad's government.

In the 19th century from 1830s USA participated with England, France, Russia, Germany,Japan, Italy, Holland and Spain in the Gun Boat Policy of aggression against a weak China, They adopted a common policy of dismembering a weak China  carving out China into separate parts with each part under the specific control and occupation of each invading power. They alluded to this outrageous episode of China as "cutting the Chinese Water Melon." This Gun Boat aggression caused China to lose over three and a half million square miles of Chinese sovereign lands to Russia, England, France and Japan.

Syria is now subjected to the modern gun boat policy as well as the other Arabs and muslims in the Middle East. They are carving out and dismembering the Arab and muslim countries under the guise of helping the Arabs and muslims to achieve democracy and human rights. They had carved out a big chunk of Palestinian land in 1948 and planted in it the Jewish state of Israel so that they could get rid of all the Jews in Europe and America, Then in 1956 they carved out the Syrian territory of Golan Heights and gave it to Israel. Now they are trying to rob away more of Palestinian and Arab lands. 

The true intent of USA / Allies is to destabilise the whole of the Middle East withe the ultimate aim of capturing and controlling the region to suit their agenda of acquiring for free all the oil and gas and other rich natural resources in the region and to utilise the region as a strategic military base against 

Syria is suffering the fate of US aggression because it does'nt toe the line of USA dictates and is a stumbling block in the path of USA sinister plan against Russia.

USA and its western European allies have always planned to make use of Syria as a strategic military base to contain Russia from the southern frank . They plan to sabotage and undermine Russia's economy by building an oil pipe line from Qatar and Saudi Arabia through Syria and then via Turkey to Western Europe. This will stop Russia from selling its oil to western Europe and deprive it of business and foreign exchange knowing that oil is Russia's main export and an important cornerstone of its economy. Syria however, is a friend of Russia and refused to let an American oil pipe line running through Syria to undermine Russia. This is the crux of the problem and so America must remove Assad in order for its insidious plan against Russia to be carried out.

USA plans to take down Russia and perhaps China too because these two countries post a capability  to stop USA's ultimate aim of conquering the whole world and bring it under USA total control and hegemony in a New World Order governed by America's fascist dictatorship.

America is a satanic country run by a cohort of wild rogues and scoundrels and warhawks under the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cartel. The primacy of the USA Illuminati Cartel organisation is grabbing complete power, money and finance and wealth at the expense of every country in this world. USA attack on Syria is just one its countless cases of primafacie illicit and illegal execution of regime change. Russia and China must lead the free world to stop American brutal carnage and unlawful interference of other countries' internal affairs. America should get out of Syria and the Middle East as well as out of Korea, East and South East Asia.


Monday,16th April, 2018


Virgo 49 said...

If Kim were to denuclearised, the Americunts will find an excuse to have Regime Change matter of time.

The Japs be be most happy to see a divided Korea Peninsula. Instability in the Korean Peninsula will slow down China Grand developments. Same time if the lackey South were to fall into the Americunts traps, three be No peace in Asia.

Sinkieland must befriend Kim and have Necular Armaments from them

So no need carry the Americunts balls. Same time no need National Slavery. Just have Regular Battalions to operate the BOMBs.

Tell Indonesia if you burn one kertek, I bombed you like Syria.

So no more haze. Tell Nasib we want part of Johore and drop your claim of Pedra Blanca.

Anonymous said...

In attacking, bombing and terrorising Syria without the approval of the United Nations and also without the approval of their national legislature and assemblies or Congress USA, UK and France had committed treason against international law and war crime against humanity. Why is there not a single voice of protest from ASEAN countries against US,UK and France aggression against Syria? Where is that fussy noise of protest against China for not following the false international law of the fake American promoted Arbitration Tribunal on the South China Sea issue. Why is that voice so quiet now? Has ASEAN been cowed by American might and terror? ASEAN will not be safe from USA / Western aggression if it continues to keep quiet on USA evil actions against Syria, North Korea ( DPRK ) Venezuella and the Middle East. ASEAN should give both moral and financial support to the victimised countries to show disgust, outrage and disapproval of USA / Allies evil doings.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As long as the USD remains the currency which can bail out cuntries in economic peril, the USA can do whatever the fuck it likes.

The US has more "friends" than enemies. The US routinely spies on all its "friends", but they seem to be ok with it to preserve the "friendship".

Assad is a gone case. Hollywood will make movies of his fall. Russia will be given an "out" where they don't lose face, and they'll take it. "Live to fight another day"---smart option.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This time Putin looks so stupid. The American called his bluff. He is now history...unless he proves otherwise.

Anonymous said...

There is a call in Russia for Putin to resign. Probably instigated and secretly supported by the UK's MI5.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One strange observation about the weekend attack on Syria. If the American's claim of 105 missiles is true, either the missiles misfired or were mostly duds. Even if 73 were taken down, the other 32 missiles must have done hell of a damage to Syria.

The fact so far is that Syria suffered barely a scratch from the attack. This is does not fit what 32 missiles could do.

Was this all a PR exercise and nothing much really happened?

Anonymous said...

The damage done by the "105" missile is shown on YouTube.
I think the chem attack if true, might not be due to USA. Can be Isis, or israrl or even UK or France.

Anonymous said...

If they had truly hit a chemical gas lab or store, then deadly chemical gas should have been released. But there's no report of that happening.

Anonymous said...


Donald Trump is "morally unfit" to be president of the United States, former FBI director James Comey told ABC in an interview broadcast on Sunday.
"I don't buy this stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia," Comey said of Trump, according to a transcript from ABC.

"I don't think he's medically unfit to be president. I think he's morally unfit to be president," he said.

“Our president must embody respect and adhere to the values that are at the core of this country,” Comey said during his first television interview to discuss his highly-publicized book, “A Higher Loyalty.”

“The most important being truth. This president is not able to do that. He is morally unfit to be president.”

Comey, who was fired by Trump in May of last year for his inability to “effectively lead the bureau," also said impeaching the president would just "let him off the hook."

“You cannot have, as president of the United States, someone who does not reflect the values that I believe Republicans treasure and Democrats treasure and independents treasure,” Comey said. “That is the core of this country. That’s our foundation. And so impeachment, in a way, would short-circuit that.”

Read Newsmax Article: Comey: Trump 'Morally Unfit to Be President'

Do you approve of Donald Trump’s moral standing in the world?

Anonymous said...

I had just watched video of russia call for UN resolution to stop the aggression.
Amazingly only Russia China and Bolivia supported! Everybody either oppose or neutral. why ah?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 12.32

Most neutral or kept mum not opposed as they are been cowed by the Warmongering Americunts and their Allies for too long.

See Bullies with two or three henchmen in all places.They went round and intimated all the weaker ones.

This is American and their two loyal henchmen France and the Brits.
Rest of the World just like weaker beans and Sinkies just kept mum.

They were afraid to be the next targets.

But they do not know that their Unity could frightened the Bullies.

Just like Sinkies not united in Opposition and the masses to kick out the PAP

That's the philosophy of Divide and Rule.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You fuckers don't know how the real world works. You all good for posting googled links on why the world should be this or that way. Everyone is an asshole. If you ran the the world it would be perfect.

You don't even consider that there's much more "action" going on in the diplomatic back-channels than in what the biased MSM, or some gasak-buta blogger with an agenda opines or reports as "news".

The Americans (and European friends) walloped Assad. Did you notice not one Russian asset was touched? Do you think they didn't tell Putin first, and that Putin probably gave an "OK"?

Putin is smart. Putin plays the long game. He won't risk his cuntry nor its great economy to protect a shithole cuntry run by a totalitarian authority, on the verge of collapse.

The "action" in diplomatic back channels probably also wooed the Chinese to vote accordingly for a UN Resolution. Now the situation is moving closer to be a matter for UN and its forces to "solve". The UN will probably move in as the CIA and Mossad take out or take down Assad...and then the UN will establish the usual shit and help form a new "democratic" government. The whole world will cheer, and China will move in with "foreign investment".

Let's see how right or wrong I am.

Anonymous said...


" Since the end of Second World War in 1945 America has attacked many countries, assassinated many national leaders for regime change and killed and murdered more than two million people...."

The link,
Bay of Pigs, Cuba: CIA's unlearned lesson in regime change — RT US ...

TheOnlineCitizen fighting with PAP members over fake news – States ...

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