Inviting a wolf home 引 狼 入 室

There is this Chinese saying about inviting a wolf into a hen house, 引 狼 入 室. The consequences are obvious when it happened. The big question is why would people be so silly to invite a wolf home? Little Red Riding Hood did that and was nearly eaten. Why did she do it? The wolf dressed up as a grandmother, all weak, hapless and needing kindness. She was taken in, she was duped.

What is the moral of this story? What lesson can one learn from it? No one in his right mind would invite a wolf home, except the ‘stupidity has no cure’ type. Assuming that people are not stupid, then this kind of incident is unlikely to happen innocently. But there are conditions that could make it favourable for the innocent and naive to invite a wolf home.

The wolf is smart and would hide its intention. A wolf would present itself as the most cuddly sheep, with disarming charm, to dupe the innocent and unthinking that the wolf is not a wolf but a loving and trusting harmless thing. A wolf understands that, that everyone knows how vicious a wolf is and it has to make extra effort to look good, look honest, look charming, even generous and helpful. How else would a wolf pass itself off as a nice chap to be invited home to do the harm and damage if it constantly growls and shows its fangs?

The most vicious beast of WW2 is exactly what this wolf story is all about. The Japanese today are so nice, so disarming, so charming, so gracious, so peaceful, so helpful, how could they be a big bad wolf? Just like the Americans, but no comparison. The Japanese are really behaving very nice since their defeat in WW2. They did not want to talk about their beastly behaviour and no one would think that they were that bad. Other than the recent urge to change their pacifist constitution to allow them to remilitarise as a big military power, they have hid their aggressive intent very well. Or at least the world would were made to believe in their lies. Their so called Self Defense Force is the second most powerful, if not the most powerful war machine in Asia, an aggressive force disguised as self defence. Can that be peaceful? Why the need to disguise it as a Self Defense Force and not the Imperial Japanese Army like before? Now Abe is changing everything, to cut out the farce and to call his Self Defense Force the Imperial Japanese Army not to defend Japan but to conduct wars everywhere outside Japan, like before, like the beast it used to be.

I spoke about the American wolf. Think of the worst genocide ever conducted in human history, the decimation of tens of millions or more than a hundred million native Americans in a few decades of their invasion of the North American continent. And think of their casual remarks of war collateral to brush away the killings, maiming and making homeless, millions of Arabs and Muslims in their wars of invasion and regime change. And unlike the Japanese, they did not hide their aggression and war like nature. They are conducting wars everywhere, killing and wounding people, innocent people, young and old, by the millions, all over the world. But they control the media and wrote their story that they were the angels and the rest of the world, those that they killed or maimed were the bad guys. They were the bad Japanese, the bad North Koreans, the bad Vietnamese, the bad Arabs, the bad Africans, the bad Russians, the bad Muslims, the bad Latin Americans, the bad Mexicans, the bad Chinese but the good Americans and Europeans. The only people that were good and loved by the white God are the white Americans and white Europeans.

Both were wolves in their own rights. The Americans were seen as angels because the stupid want to believe in their myth and willingly do so. The Japanese have been putting on an innocent act and the daft have been taken in, forgetting that the wolf is wearing sheep skin.

See, it is so easy for the wolves to be invited home. They only need to put on a disguise, appear good, look good, look nice and everything will be fine. And many will be happily inviting the wolves home to eat them up for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Rb Knn u are spot on

Anonymous said...

Rb Knn u are spot on

Anonymous said...

Stupid and daft Sinkies being led by greedy and power-hungry white wolves are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Now is even worst of all worst. Last time only yelliw skin bananas in cintrol. Now after LKY died the purple skin mangosteen or men-ghost-thin are in control. The useless Eunuch Prince after prostrate cancer got no balls already. Everything left to the men-ghosts-thieves.

Anonymous said...

" Open up!"
" who is it?
"Your friendly little pig lah"
" Do u have a password?"
" Nope"
" sorry can't let u in."
" Then I will huff and puff and huff and puff till your whole house blown down"
" No way! Wolf ! our house r damn solid, carry on if u wanto"
And the wolves huff and puff and puff and puff till it collapse itself on the ground.

Anonymous said...

What's worse than the wolves? - the self-aggrandizing traitors who knowingly let the wolves in !

Anonymous said...

Cannot blame them lah, the wolf was dressed as an old grand mother. How not to let the wolf in? They would love to hug and kiss the grandmother, oops, the wolf.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The thing about ancient Chinese wisdom is that it doesn't apply today.

Today there's asymmetrical warfare taken to new and newer levels.

Today the objective is to get meek chickens, genetically engineer them, then train them, disguise them as wolves to infiltrate the wolf house, or pretend to be a weak chicken to act as bait for the wolf...ie an ambush.

You use ancient wisdom now, you'll be EXTINCT in a short time.

All so-called ancient wisdom is widely available...no secret anymore. Totally. USELESS for strategy or tactical planning.

Anonymous said...

" You use ancient wisdom now, you'll be EXTINCT in a short time.

All so-called ancient wisdom is widely available...no secret anymore. Totally. USELESS for strategy or tactical planning."

The above is not true or fake news Lah. If ancient wisdom is useless, humanity cannot last till today. Every civilization in this world goes to through different stages of development, progress, & finally destruction. Even this Universe could even be destroyed one day, some ancient wisdoms already knew, eg. In the west Murphy's Law & East, Impermanence, Tao ( or Yin / Yang balance), ask yourself what happen if Filial Piety of the East is broken? ( the consequences can be disastrous). Or what if a Promises can be broken?

Anonymous said...

//..Today the objective is to get meek chickens, genetically engineer them, then train them, disguise them as wolves to infiltrate the wolf house, or pretend to be a weak chicken to act as bait for the wolf...ie an ambush.//

All these r tactical warfare which exist since ancient times though not technologically advanced. During ancient China warring states, there r many tactical warfare strategies expertise that emerged, in the warring times in China one renown military strategist is Sun Zi whose help the Wu Kingdom to defeat the mighty Chu Kingdom, his Sun Zi Art of War still applied today. In recent times during Vietnam War, the US ignore some of those stratagem of Sun Zi which result in them suffer loses in the Vietnam War, similarly in the Koreans War. The application of Sun Zi is still use today in businesses & in war. To quote that ancient wisdoms is useless is an under-guesstimate & the enemy could use it but the full impact & consequences of it can be disastrous if ones misunderstood its profound meaning.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "ancient wisdom" anon:

Of course ancient wisdom helped us get to where we are today. I said it does not APPLY anymore today because those ideas are all publicly available...on everyone's phone if they care to look it up.

We know so much more about the brain now, and how it constantly fools us. The skill set of every con artist is to hijack the mark by taking advantage of the brain's quirky nature, and its predisposition to be TRICKED, because our brains use HEURISTICS (mental short-cuts) to do its "calculus", and therefore is "designed" to be careless, and easily distracted. We also create our version of 'reality', and we cling to it tightly because our identities are integrated with this "self-created fantasy".

You might argue the ancients knew this. Maybe. Probably no to the extent we do. Now we have computers and highly sensitive instruments---which are all getting better, faster, cheaper---so we're able to "fine tune" any weaponized psychological tools to hit their targets (the gullible brains of ordinary people).

In the ancient world, most people were uneducated. Only the top rich people had access to education and other resources. It was very easy to fool people back then.

Now we have a large majority of the world who are educated and specialized in their respective fields...all which require more BRAIN power than muscle power. And these people have access to information 24/7.

And yet...some SMART operators still manage to con these better-educated people, over and over again. Govts do it. Corporations do it. People do it to each other.

As it has been said: We live in a 'Post-Truth' World!

Anonymous said...

@ Matilar 11.14am

Probably to put it Man vs Machine, machine wins & men lost but who made these machines ? Probably, u need to encounter a 'wise' man than only u would understand what wisdom is all about. Some of the ancient wisdoms were misunderstood as 'useless' or out of date, but if you break it, it can cause chaos or disorder, try breaking Promises when u do bziness .

Anonymous said...

Deception has been around since Satan deceived Eve. Lies seem sweet & good to the deceived but will soon experience the realities of loss and being lost.
As for the deceiver(s) they are of malice and awaits the judgment that is to come though he may dance & profit for a little while. The deceived and deceiver are both losers in the end and hurting themselves. There is a built-in reward in goodness & mercy even though it may hurt a little now. There is a Son of Man who was hurt because of Love.