Farrer Park’s demise’s a hard LAND-ing for Singapore

As far as usage of its precious land space goes, nothing is sacred in Singapore. The recent announcement that Farrer Park “will make way for redevelopment” (that dreaded phrase of conservationists) confirms this - if confirmation is at all needed. Still the imminent demise of Singapore’s football cradle - the birthplace of legends like Quah Kim Song, Fandi Ahmad and Sundramoorthy - hit us like fresh hammer blows at a time when the country’s footballing fortunes are going from First World to Third (ok, we were never First World in the first place but you get the picture). Standing at an all-time low of 183 in FIFA rankings, football fans need Farrer Park’s passing like a hole in the head. But in a way, no one should be surprised. This is a country that prized economics and pragmatism above all else.  Think the National Library, that old red brick building that was pulled down years ago to make way for a road. Think Bidadari cemetery, that historic abode of the dead that made way for the living in the form of pricey HDB flats. Think Bukit Brown cemetery, part of which made way for a viaduct and a flyover to ease traffic congestion.

Yes, this is a country that puts economics above history, efficiency above heritage, convenience above nostalgia, the future above the past. It would be easy to blame the Government for being trigger-happy with the wrecking ball but that is too simplistic. We get the government we deserve and the government reacts to the impulses of the voters who put them there. If they think Singaporeans will go along with policies that give them jobs, comfort, convenience and material well being - give and take the odd grumble - they will not hesitate to do it.  Wield the axe, send in the bulldozers because they have the mandate of the people which is more awesome than the mandate of heaven. So the buck really stops with us - the people - who must look ourselves in the mirror and examine our priorities .  


Anonymous said...

The problem now they delivere the best to themselves n stuff millions of FT to screw you. You get the govt you voted for. Bey Tahan

Anonymous said...

And they are fighting hard to retain 38, Oxley Road.

Well, not hard actually. It is just a matter of justifying it, by sure weight of power arguments.

What value? Economics, heritage or nostalgia? Or hoping for idolising usage by daft followers.

Or waiting for resurrection of you know who, when things go terribly wrong. It has been prophesised.

Anonymous said...

Wield the axe, send in the bulldozers because they have the mandate of the people which is more awesome than the mandate of heaven.

Even more, more or perhaps most awesome is that there is a 93% chance PAP will continue to have the mandate of the people.

U see, Heaven is very kind to PAP by giving Sinkies for PAP to rule.

And if true blue Sinkies not enough, Heaven is also very kind to provide new Sinkies from all over the the world to come here for PAP to rule.

Anonymous said...

Must really do gd last time. then 35% surport also can b head of state.keep doing gd.no harm.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

After more than 20 years of stupidity paying for useless FT footballers and coaches, they still cannot see that the money spent is completely useless.

They are still hoping that the foreigners would create a miracle. All the sillies are still collecting their millions and sleeping.