The Korean War with the Americans

The Koreans are celebrating the peace initiative both North and South Korean leaders are working on to bring peace in the Korean Peninsular. The intent from both leaders and people are clear. The Koreans do not need a war or want a war to kill themselves. The war between the two separated states is as good as over even without the signing of a peace agreement.

But the real Korean War is not over. The real Korean War is between the North Koreans and the Americans. The Americans do not want peace. They have other core interests that would not allow peace to return to the Korean Peninsula. The American Empire needs to keep controlling South Korea as its semi colony in order to maintain troops in the Korean Peninsula. The demand for denuclearisation and other hypes are just hogwash. Even if the North Koreans are gullible enough to give up all their nuclear weapons, the Americans would not sign a peace agreement and withdraw their soldiers and military hardware from the Korean Peninsula. This is the unchanging political and military interest of the Americans.

While there is some euphoria that peace has arrived, the evil men and women in Washington are throwing scorns at the North Koreans and said they would continue to increase pressure and sanctions against the North Koreans. Such acts and intent are simply bad and insincere for peace. No, the evil Empire does not want to have peace in the Korean Peninsula and would do everything to scuttle this peace process between the two Koreans. The Koreans are the sacrificial lamb for their dominance in Asia and the world.

"We must remember: USA is still USA. Trump or any American President is still the same person he was when he purged potential rivals, imprisoned thousands of his people in Guantanamo, in Iraqi prisons, conducted regime change and indiscriminate bombings and killings of civilians, and had Presidents killed or assassinated. This was a hopeful moment, but extreme caution is well warranted."

In short, the evil Americans cannot be trusted. The Koreans must break away from the clutches of the evil Empire, become independent nation state and decide their own future, declare peace among themselves. They cannot wait for the Americans to agree to peace, the Americans would not. They must not be held ransom by the evil Americans.

The evil Americans and the West would allow the Germans to reunite and have peace because they are of the same kind. The Koreans are Asians and must be controlled and kept under bondage. The tragedy of the Koreans would be kept in perpetuity unless the Koreans liberated themselves from the vice of the Americans like the Vietnamese did. They need to chase the Americans out of Korean soil.


Virgo 49 said...

The Koreans must not allowed their Homeland to be controlled by the Farking Americunts and their Evil cronies of what's lame duck the U.N.

The DMZ even comprises of so called U.N.Forces that are aligned to the USA. Own country and their People been ordered and harassed by them in the name of that Farking Peace Terms and Agreement.

Sadly, in any Nation, there are Traitorous Bastards and Bitches for their Self Enrichments and tgese creatures will work against any Reunification.

Likewise Sinkieland with her equally Traitorous creatures who will have Sinkieland under the control of the Foreign Trashes MOT

Singaporeans still snoozing will wake up to the reality of the Korean DMZ scenario asking for alms from the Foreign Invaders.

All these Traitorous Creatures not gonna see the Sad State when they are no longer here.

Daft Sinkies still think they are the Masters of this Red Dot.

Anonymous said...

RB, rest be assured there will be no war Lah. The Koreans r giving the evil empire the middle finger & wouldn't want anybody to dictate their positions as brotherhood of a nation is like blood thicker than the water. It will be a very sad day to see brothers fighting themselves in a war being malign & insinuated by the evil whites Americuns.

Anonymous said...

The 1950 to 1953 Korean War was a pretext for the USA to invade Korea and capture it. But due to Russian and Chinese Intervention, USA only managed to capture the Southern part of Korea.

South Korea, since 1953, has never been an independent country, though it calls itself the Republic of Korea. It has been closely controlled as an occupied territory like Hawaii and Guam.

The South Koreans think that they are free people, just like Sinkies, but they are not. They are actually subjects of the American Empire.

Likewise, Sinkies think they are independent and free, but they are not.

Sinkies are actually still the subjects of the British Empire, under self-government on a contractual basis to the Lee Family for the last 53 years.

The Sinkie Government is not different from that of Wales or Scotland, still being pulled by the strings of the British Empire.

And in recent times, under Looney Pinky, it has also attached itself to the strings of the Evil US Empire.

Politics should never be viewed on the surface because the REAL DEALS always happen behind the scenes, under the table, behind sealed doors and under wraps and keys.

Anonymous said...

There are so many criticism, cynicism and skepticism about the little or lack of concrete measures from the Korean Summit between Kim and Moon.

There commentators simply did not know that Moon cannot make any decision to change the status quo without the approval of the Americans.

South Korea is an American colony. Period.

It is worse than being a state of the USA. A state has all the rights to self rule and to be represented in the Senate and Congress. A colony is just a colony, to be ruled by the States, by the Masters.