Part 3 The Human Bean Kingdom - Cracks and Fissures

Human beans civilisation has progressed tremendously since the Neolithic Revolution around 10,000 BC where there was wide spread change from hunting to agricultural lifestyle.

Despite such polar change, one constant remains: adaptation. The ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions and circumstances.

But to do that, human beans need to know what lies ahead, then formulate what steps to take in respond to the anticipated change and galvanise those around them to recognise the common interests and the same boat they are in.

Now, fast forward 12,000 years. From the vast continents on earth 120 centuries ago to global cities at this very moment of time. In this age of artificial intelligence, technological disruption, globalisation, megalomania, even disguised dictatorship and despotism under the cloak of democracy, what should the average human bean expect and how should they respond? The need to survive and live decently well is as true now as in the Neolithic era, the unchanging constant in a contantly changing human bean kingdom.

In the physical world, there are traumatic changes from time to time. Earthquakes, tsunamis ... ect etc. Under such ginormous stress, at times even the immovable mountains collapse. During each earthquake, huge cracks and fissures open up and some unwitting human beans fall inside and often perish.

In the modern economy, cracks and fissures can open up as well from time to time and some unfortunate human beans inadvertently and unwittingly get caught in such economic change. Globalisation and technological disruption often bring with it structural unemployment, widening social inequality, wild economic fluctuations and cycles.

The modern human beans need to be smart enough to protect themselves before "economic earthquakes or tsunamis" hit them from time to time. They need to understand what are happening and look ahead.

Unfortunately under current system, many human beans may have received an education that could have been adapted from dogs training centres?

Many youngsters may not even have read the news for the past days, weeks, months, years?

For example, to avoid being the unwitting and unfortunate one falling into the "cracks and fissures" under ginormous economic change, one should leverage on the FOC available data (for example leading macroeconomic indicators) provided by many goverments especially agencies such as central banks.

The problem with current system is that even many graduates do not read or know how to read or understand such data? Pathetic, isn't it? There could be some truth that some (education) systems are adpated from dogs training centres (and thus ill-suited for human beans)?

To mitigate the problems of more and more unwitting human beans falling in the cracks and fissures when ginormous economic change occurs, for a start an education system should be formulated more for human beans?

This is an opinionated view and obviously some may not agree.

However, how to solve the problems then?

Enact more punitive and draconian laws to further punish those poor unwitting human beans who had fallen into the cracks and fissures?

So as to achieve globally the highest per capita in terms of the number of draconian laws put in place to make sure citizens toe the line not unlike new recruits in a highly regimented military training camp?

The decision taken to solve current problems may likely be a determinant to
what and how a society turns out to be down the road and what the human beans in such a society would become?



Virgo 49 said...

Hello Leo 81.

Young Singaporeans only interested in the latest Smart phones and what's new ballet skimpy jeans etc.
Have you tried the Ramen,the what's sub mar marine sandwich??

What's news that the PRC submarines holding exercises near the Taiwan Straits. Don't bother not going to happen to us.Mariah Carey is coming to Singapore in November you know.

Mature Singaporeans only where is the best food that I can go to. Any new Michelin Tyres Food Recommendations. What's they going to raise the GST? What's to do? Bo pian they are the Cheng Hu.

Much older Singaporeans: Hello when they crediting our GST credits??
Evey thing so expensive.Now chai png also minimum more than three to four dollars. Lucky, Ah Gong got give monies.

Make sure they Cheng Hu so that they can keep giving us monies.

Aiya, give more a bit a bit so I can go Genting.

Leo81 said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Well said ... your observations are quite sharp and spot on. What you mentioned likely are some of the reasons for people's apathy and indifference.

Perhaps, as you commented in a joke yesterday, the "kitten's eyes" haven't opened yet?

Anonymous said...

Think all kitten's eyes opened liao but majority either born blind or pasted stamps?

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 "What's news that the PRC submarines holding exercises near the Taiwan Straits. Don't bother not going to happen to us.Mariah Carey is coming to Singapore in November you know."

Nowadays, if you ask army boys what news they have read lately, they probably would tell you they are training in the jungle 5 days a week, how to read news (in the jungle during training)?

However, for primary sch kids, the answer they likely would give is "yes", they "got read the Japanese comic Naruto or Manga" after sch and also watch "news" (called "Anime" in Japanese in Youtube with English subtitles) ...

If you ask any current JC student are they aware of any major domestic or international current affairs, they will likely say "Oh, have been busy every week from dusk to dawn, do homework also no time le" ...

Recently, over the weekend spoke to a few Econs major 3rd and final year uni undergrads about some current economic issues. Asked them whether they are aware of the latest MAS monetary policy on the tightening of our exchange rate policy (announced last Fri 13 Apr), all of them gave a blank look - "bu zhi dao" (hm chee dou), dunno, never read the news leh ...

Some of these could be graduating with 1st or 2nd Class Honours degree or summa cum laude or magna cum laude degree eventually ... given their high average GPA based on their 1st 3 or 4 years results so far

In about 20 to 30 years time, these cohorts would be taking over the baton from the 5G and 6G leaders respectively.

Looking forward to a golden SG70 and SG80. Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49 5.30pm

Given what you described, arguably it is much more appreciated playing the Chinese Pipa aka guitar to the buffalo than writing in blogs?

Anonymous said...

Bad luck being dug up.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies have only a handful of human beans with eyes opened to the Real World whereas the Rest are like Ostriches with their heads in the sand and thinking that Ah! This is the World that we are living in.

See nothing, hear nothing and talk nothing.

When the Aborigine Headhunters and Canninbals came and kicked their arses or chopped their heads, they will still pretend that All us Well.

In HongKong, they have Joshua Wong, Nathan Law,Alex Chow, Agnes Chow and Benny Tai with kittens eyes opened to fight for the betterment of their fellow Hong Kong People's Lives and not even Hong Kong Citizens but Residents.

Against the set cronism of their own PG or older generations decadent way of lives. Instead of just focussing on own narrow paths of just accumulating wealth for own and their own kind.

We have,had a handful of Agnes Chow in our Han Hui Hui in Singapore but instead these viligantes were considered as mad, trouble makers and flamed by her own generation and others.

In the older cohort,we have some who protested and send to jail and fine for speaking up for their fellowmen and was also regarded as stupid and busybodies.

So, sinkies deserved to choose being as slaves and ostriches and be lead by their noses and kicked on their arses by their Aborigine Leaders.

Those going fine closed their eyes and minds thinking that their status quo would be in perpetuity forever.

Those, helpless are resigned to their fates.

Those, apathetic to the surroundings will soon taste their apathy and be like slaves or ostriches to be kicked.

Worse,led to slaughters.

They fully deserved it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

"In HongKong, they have Joshua Wong, Nathan Law,Alex Chow, Agnes Chow and Benny Tai with kittens eyes opened to fight for the betterment of their fellow Hong Kong People's Lives and not even Hong Kong Citizens but Residents."

These little boys and girls should leave HK, go to UK and apply to be British subjects and worship the Queen. They could not understand how far China has come along after being invaded and almost destroyed by the foreigners, robbing off their wealth and pride as decent human beans. Today the Chinese are standing up and walking talk like every decent man and woman on this planet. No longer the untouchables and impoverished, the faceless and the inscrutables according to the invaders.

The Hongkies under the Brits were enjoying the crumbs from the Brits while the Brits and the West robbed everything they could from China and the rest of the Chinese Civilisation.

That situation is quite similar and relevant here today. If you understand what I mean. And the same as during the Japanese Occupation where for a little crumbs, a few selfish would exploit the rest of the people to save their own skin.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ OP

Some of what you say is right. On other points you are quite clueless.

No one can predict the future. Especially when we have potentially disruptive tech emerging nearly every month. There are locals with 10 of their fingers on the pulse of where it is all going. These people are poised to win big.

The education system is not designed to be "future proof". In fact by the about 5 years after graduation, most of your skills are no longer relevant or "competitive". The only way is to keep up the learning, right through one's entire life. But that will always be an individual choice. It depends how motivated the individual is. So naturally, many will fall by the wayside and suffer the consequences of their inattention and neglect of their own standards of living.

Many Singaporeans have allowed themselves into thinking it is still the 1980's PAP which is running the show. The old guard's ashes have long ago been scattered to the winds. The new bunch of boys and gals have different ideas. Singapore has definitely "opened up"; there is a strange mix of "more" and "less" freedoms. "Dirty" comedians like Margaret Cho and Jo Koy get to perform in Singapore, but the locals are cast under the heavy iron fist of the state....where not so long ago the govt said it would apply a "soft touch" in the area of civil liberties.

I think they meant "We will cover the iron fist with some soft velvet...soft touch lah. Still heavy, but soft!"

Democracy, for the time being, is off the table and will continue to be that way as long as the majority of voters live in accommodation leased from The State.

Singapore is essentially this: "Political stability" is achieved by the govt exacting total control over the lives of the locals.

Political stability, and a business-focused, security-minded and capital-efficient (hard to believe, but true) govt is very attractive to foreign capital.

Singapore Inc. Peace, and Prosperity. And the money just keeps flowing in!

Leo 81 said...

@ Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️April 22, 2018 3:27 am
>>>Especially when we have potentially disruptive tech emerging nearly every month. <<<

It is no denying that the concept of disruptive technologies existed even farther back than the late Harvard University Professor Joseph Schumpeter's "Creative Destruction" theory contained in his magnum opus "Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy" written in 1942.

Henry Ford's adoption of Federick Taylor's "Principles of Scientific Management" in the early 20th century revolutionalised modern days manufacturing and production functions and processes, lowered costs of mobility as well as human beans ease of mobility and projection of economic activities and human interaction.

Nonetheless, it is NOT necessary to over-exaggerate ...

To show MSN readers that you (Matilar) are what you are exactly talking about, are you able to support your above statement with say 2 examples EACH MONTH of disruptive technologies in the past year say from APRIL 2017 to MARCH 2018?

Without substantiation, how would you appear to have any credibility in what you say or write (in the eyes of MSN readers)?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Leo 81:

OK, you are the "new guy" here. I'll reiterate what I tell the others:

1. I write for fun, not credibility.
2. This is an interactive notebook for me, where I put out ideas, and people shoot them down, but more frequently, they shoot me down. See "1"---about the word "fun"
3. I usually don't substantiate my claims. We all have a mutual friend called "Google", so anyone who is keen will know what to do

If you read carefully, I said potentially disruptive tech. Tech is being developed everyday. Scientific discoveries (on which tech is based on) is coming fast, and in larger numbers, thanks to the awesome computers we have. For science and tech development and discovery, check reliable sources like the many Science RSS feeds, sites like physics.org, Nature, the journal, IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers)

When Ford etc developed their methods, the word still needed human brain power for every job out there. Now the need for human brain power is diminishing, especially at the low and mid areas of human employment. In fact, machines can do better....they learn faster, can work around the clock....and so on.

Leo 81 said...

@ Mati Biased Analysis 11.54am 25 Apr
>>>Now the need for human brain power is diminishing, especially at the low and mid areas of human employment. In fact, machines can do better....they learn faster, can work around the clock....and so on.<<<

Then why can't the economy seeing robots running up and down CONSTRUCTION sites to replace foreign construction workers since such job is considered one of the lowest levels shunned by locals?

Need more examples?

Why aren't they deploying robots to replace the old uncles and aunties cleaners in food courts, fast food joints etc etc?

Again writing for fun?

No need substantiation?

Why waste your time and others' when what you write are not credible?

Leo 81 said...


"one of the lowest levels shunned by locals?"

should be "one of the lowest levels and shunned by locals?"

411 Flesh said...

@Leo 81

My, my aren't you the one filled with opinions and judgements about how others on the internet "waste" their time.

Look, you don't have to read my rubbish. After all, it's only my journal, my notebook. 😁