Hundred Flowers Movement Revisited 百花运动

In 1957, Mao Zedong was so confident in the correctness of his socialist ways encouraged the people to speak out, to criticise the govt, believing that the criticism would lead to more progress and a better govt. Thus the Hundred Flowers Movement was launched with the full backing of Mao himself.  Let a hundred flowers bloom. In his own words, Mao said, "Our society cannot back down, it could only progress... criticism of the bureaucracy is pushing the government towards the better." The speech indeed was to encourage the people to speak out, vent their criticisms and frustration as long as they were constructive and not hateful and destructive.

The silent intellectuals, the frustrated intellectuals, and those that opposed  the way communism was introduced to run the China honestly believed that Mao was sincere and wanted to hear them, wanted their honest opinions on how best to run a country. They fired away in all honesty and sincerity.  Never did they think that the movement was a red herring, a test balloon. The intelligentsia got carried away and the criticisms of the govt went too far and became unbearable.

Mao ordered a crackdown that ran for several years and all those that spoke out were arrested and sent to labour camps to reflect and to correct their errorneous thoughts. Many died in the process. Many were condemned for life.

In all honesty, Mao was sincere when he launched the Movement, confident that he was right and the criticisms would lead to more progress and a better govt. He did not set a trap from the start to lure the innocent intelligentsia to speak out and exposed themselves to be arrested. He did so only when the attack became too damaging to his govt and his authority to rule.

The moral of the story is that when a dictator encouraged the masses to speak out, the masses must speak out but must also know what to speak out and what not to speak out.  Say what the dictator wants to hear, not what they want the dictator to hear. They must also know the difference between an honest campaign inviting suggestions and a test balloon to trick them stand up and give themselves away for prosecution and arrest and hard labour. The intelligentsia then were just too naive and were taken in.

People who did not know history or learn from the mistakes in history would be condemned to make the same mistakes and bury themselves only to verify that history would repeat itself with their folly.

Thank you very much for a precious but painful lesson in history.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, so after the Select Group of own Buffets is passed on to SINKIE parliament, our very own Hundred Flowers Movement cracks down will begin.

"Cold Store II" or Cold Storage on SINKIE land bloggers and its associates will be sent to Labour camps in Changi Hotels.

For over fifty years they been sending young make Singaporeans to various Re-Education and Labour Camps that they had nearly 70% votes.

With "Cold Store II" it be 100%.

Anonymous said...

% People who did not know history or learn from the mistakes in history would be condemned to make the same mistakes and bury themselves only to verify that history would repeat itself with their folly % -RB

History is sometimes repeated. Jus like Long San PeeAm also said he wanna people to speak out but when the matter went out of hand, critics were sued until pants dropped. A wolf is always a wolf , a tiger will always be a tiger & will never be like sheeps, only sheeps believe in tigers or wolves only to be eaten up.

jjgg said...

Aiyoh RB.. the Singapore flowers only bloom under artificial conditions la.. the government already infested with the mostest n bestest.. the balance of people all shrubs and nettles..only good to keep the fire burning.. don't play play ..we have our own 1B1R project also.. it's soooo big that nobody knows how much it will costs but we know... in time to come.. 1 billion people will use it.. ahem!!! That if u do not already know.. is equivalent to population of China today.. hooray for our government!!! Let's produce more nettles to keep their fire burning

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yes, we should have the same kind of "openness" in Singapore. From The Botanic Gardens and Gardens By The Bay, to every park, nature reserve, and HDB estate, the flowers will bloom, birds will sing, and flyng unicorns will fart sweet smelling rainbows....and Singapore will be the #1 Happiest cuntry is all of human history.

Singapore will show the world, that it is the best run communist Cuntry...EVER.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Aiyoh, you guys don't anyhow spread fake news here ok.

Must spread real news like CPF is not our money.

Anonymous said...

Bear in mind, there is at least one clear mind spoke his mind when this young man said the main source of fake stuff came from his reading of historic evidence on operations coldstory.

Learn to read messages with verifying evidence and your mind analysis. The rulers will want u to believe he is the representative of super nature. Get this fact into the skull: the one invented telescope was burned alive as devil. He broke the mystery of moon. Those days ruled by religious leaders told their people the moon was shadow of god. This man created a bar that could see the surface of moon. He was sent to burn alive as punishment. Were the rulers represented god? u tell me lah.

Why the rulers did so? 1. to continue to rule by claiming the untrue nature of their abilities. 2. to gain benefits as rulers.

These 2 motives of rulers are universal truth through the world.
1. one type of ruler like Mao, he could deliver to unify china. But he could not proper the economy, he he could not deliver money for every pockets in china.
2. Mao had to curb writings on walls bad about him. People did not get the money in pockets will not talk good about him. Is that nature?

Therefore, rulers will crack down on criticisms to prolong their auto rendering benefits to their own pockets. Many rulers like Mao. Recent history is Mugabe. This man ruled a rich country as start. After years, the country became the poorest in Africa. Mugabe used to come to sinkieland. Just hope sinkieland will not end up like his country.

In conclusion: rulers who can deliver money or income to their citizens will not bother to hear criticisms about them. They will take those criticisms to modify their policies because the rulers feel secured.
Those rulers cannot deliver and knowing their existence has long expired generating no or little income to their citizens will fear criticisms when hearing them from the ground. They will jump on the first person in order to stop the second person from spreading them.
That means the criticisms are true. The same way the rulers felt when the man invented the telescope to look at the moon. The religious rulers knew they were liars. The same threat could be felt by the political liars. That s where arrest are so common in some countries.

Anonymous said...

The insecured n lost resort to lying.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This one is real news, copied from the Independent.
'Committee member Dr Janil Puthucheary referred to a survey published by REACH that indicated 92% of Singaporeans want tougher legislation against “fake news”, with a majority vouching for perpetrators to be punished.'

See, 92% of Singaporeans want tougher legislation. So my thesis, yes thesis, that Singaporeans need stringent laws is right, correct, and agreeing with 92% of the Singaporeans.

I only tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Heng ah!

KNN those in the kopitiam surveys said 100% don't want stringent laws must surely be wrong. Cannot anyhow hantam surveys. Kopitiam surveys unreliable, no pakai.

Anonymous said...

about 15 years ago this is fake, but now this is not, ter bor.

Anonymous said...

RB, my kakis all also dont want stringent laws on truth or fake news. So who are the 92%? Are the 92% ghosts or what? Can any human bean determine truth or fake? I thought all human bean are blind, lost n confused. Ba tahan a black snake want to be God or what?

Anonymous said...

Lying to gain is a natural ability. People do such thing like giving u a free gift worth nothing much and then comes step by step asking u to reveal your personal details, numbers, in forms, is very common. Its lying. People distribute sweets before election is another form of getting u to do them favor.

Remember the talks about sinkies are getting old, the flooding 2.5 millions foreigners into the island to block NS men getting jobs or retrenching them to drive taxi? The talk of getting old was not proven to be so harmful to the economy, thio boh? No evidence that suddenly, the citizen NS men are so old that they must be retrenched in 40s and 50s. Lying can come any thing the politicians want to put everyone s pockets in trouble. How many people put all their cpf at Batam? Its not true some old men did so means all old men and NS men rush to Batam to find holes. But cpf are blocked with minimum sum for this tiny reason, without good evidence at all.

Some days will come someones are unable to manage their cpf at 67, the they will have to be pushed back to start withdrawing at far later age. This kind of game is like telling unemployment figures : PR unemployed are quoted as "local" unemployed, so as to ignore the prolonged unemployed citizens figures. Tio boh? Did u ask why not put citizen unemployed as verifiable figure? Why not tell how many families keep extra families at Batam? No figures lah, because it hardly happened. Be smart when politicians talk generally and then become real policies to your disadvantages. U will not feel good inside when kena such blind lies such as Batam families, to block your cpf.

Anonymous said...

Tom Tom The Piper Son

Tom Tom, the Piper Son
Stole a pig and away he run
The pig was found and Tom was caught
And Tom was charged in a Kangaroo Court.

Tham Tham, the naive historian
Stole the show and away he ran
The show was staged and Tham was trapped,
And Mugam went after Tham for six hours well prepared!

Anonymous said...

Fake News:

1. PAP is the only political party good for Singaporeans.

2. Foreigners create jobs for Singaporeans.

3. Paying Ministers and Top Civil obscene pays and bonuses will prevent them from becoming corrupt.

4. CPF savings is not yourmoney and the government can refuse to return back to you.

5. Your HDB flat you leased for 99 years is yours.

6. Your car you paid for exhorbitantly on top of 225% import tax is yours.

7. Operations conducted to detain opposition politicians indefinitely without trial were not politically motivated.

8. LKY was the founding father of Singapore.

9. Orchard Road floods only happened once in 50 years.

10. GST is a progressive form of taxation. Increasing GST is to help the poor.

11. The list continues.....

Anonymous said...


“In morals what begins in fear usually ends in wickedness; in religion what begins in fear usually ends in fanaticism. Fear, either as a principle or a motive, is the beginning of all evil.” Anna Jameson.

The link,
The Great Leap Backward | The Online Citizen

Sima Qian: China's 'grand historian' - BBC News

How_to_Write - Georgetown University

Whistleblowers: risks and skills - Brian Martin

When Cops Become Robbers - BBC News

Singapore Notes: One Man's View

Why Nations Fail - Diary of A Singaporean Mind - Blogspot

A Quest for Power: The Cases of Hitler and Stalin ...

Machiavelli's Tiger: Lee Kuan Yew and ... - Singapore Window

Anonymous said...

If someone goes do survey asking those lingering at geylang drinking and watching if tougher legislation is needed to deal with prostitution, 92% will disagree with the idea.

If someone goes to church goers on sunday to do survey, 92% will agree tougher legislation is needed at geylang.

If this someone survey at bus stops at kk on sunday, 2% will agree laws are needed for such thing as prostitution in singapore.

If someone asks if laws are needed to for government to curb fake news, which is similar to prostitution problem, what % u guess at mrt stops?
bugis mrt station on saturdy? friday?

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, 92% survey NO! but they put as YES! Who the Hell verified and know??

You think the Oldies who are more interested in the when the GST Pay out when due ah interested in what's true or false news?? Also whether my $9800 flat now got increase how many hundred thousands better. Who cares what's fake or true news.

Ask Putu Cherry whether his father detained under Cold Storage is justifiable or not more approximate. Till now no comments.

Ask OYK whether his father die hard socialist leader with LSC true or not. Why now he PAP? ?

Better news than What's true or Fake News.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, why need to learn from Mao?

Some Sinkie bosses are also like that what. They will tell you to speak up freely without fear.

But then they will show you a black face when you are naive to believe them and really speak up.

After that you will kena marked. It had happened to me before so I no need to learn from Mao.

Anonymous said...

Some Sinkie bosses are also like that what.
1:16 pm

But then they are not Sinkie Chairman Mao leh. At least Chairman Mao led a revolution.

And Sinkies dare not even vote out PAP, let alone create a revolution.


Virgo49 said...

Anon 1.16

You lucky still keep your job.But your life after than be real miserable.

I got walking cert with one month's pay in lieu of notice. All other departmental heads felt threatened by what's your True Opinions as they want to dwell in.their untrue environments still with heads in the sand like Ostriches.

So much been a Maverick as espoused by Philip Yeo. To be a Maverick, you need to be a Real Eunuch to the Head Boss who give you his blessings.

That's why the PAP Ministers and MPs just be Parrots. Likewise WP, just after fattening their more than PHDs allowances.

Anonymous said...

After Friday, u will know if Johor dare to vote out Umno. A likely yes. Then u will know voting Pap is a problem because Harapan s Dr M kept saying Johor sold too cheap water to Singapore.

Pap will get another 4.5 millions foreigners on top of the 2.5 millions to live here to drink up the water.

No investor will want to invest on a place cannot be self sufficient on water.

U vote Pap, u vote for 10 millions population. Everyone to do simple jobs driving cabs, few other jobs available.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah, the bloody Mats in Boleh Land just passed an anti-fake news bill. 😂

OK, here are my one liners:

1. Die lah, all the Indians will now be rounded up for talking cock! 🤣😂

2. Good lah. Now can burn the Koran in public. Fake news what? 🤬

...feel free to add...

Anonymous said...

Good questions. Ask Ong Ye Kung and Puthucheary if their fathers were plotting or were involved in armed revolution against the garment.

Anonymous said...

Sinkapore 100 flowers where got enough?
Sinkapore must say 69.9% flowers bloom.

Because the other 30.1% already bloomed until going to drop already.

69.9% is how many flowers? 1.7 million flowers.

I think out of the 69.9%, the most is 15% flowers can bloom, if you pay close attention and pour more manure, shit and urine and artificial fertilizers over them.

The other 54.9% already no hope, cannot flower and cannot bloom already.

Die die Sickapore will be controlled by Please Apologize Party or Power-Abuse Party.

Anonymous said...

From TRE:

I refer to the articles “38 Oxley Road report: 3 pieces of evidence ministerial committee relied on to determine Lee Kuan Yew’s thinking on house”, “Ministerial panel lays out 3 options for 38 Oxley Road, says fate of Lee Kuan Yew’s house is for future govt to decide”, “Just 16 bungalows like Lee Kuan Yew’s house left in Singapore: Heritage Board”, “Oxley Road report: PM Lee accepts committee’s conclusion on his late father’s wishes and the options on house”, “Oxley Road: Demolish, redevelop or preserve 38 Oxley Road? The options that were discussed”, “Heritage value of Oxley Road home of public interest: DPM Teo”, and “Oxley Road: Preserving Oxley Road basement dining room a good intermediate option” (Straits Times, Apr 2).

I spoke to a few people and here is a consolidation and summary of their views and what they said:

“Wow, this must be the record number of articles and pages in the history of the Straits Times for one news story in one day!

Aiyah, after so many months, so much effort and resources – just telling us the obvious lah (3 options), but never say the obvious and most important lah – the other 2 options still contradicts his last will.

Aiyoh, and citing his letter in 2011, etc , may simply mean that he was trying very hard to accommodate others who were against his wish, and eventually finally stuck to his original wish – otherwise why was the second clause in the last will as stated?

Bo liao lah – its like saying – leave it to future Government to decide but now give one thousand and one reasons why the third option (his original, last and final wish) is the worst one lah – with a 31-page report from the National Heritage Board to boot plus so many pages and articles on the same day in the Straits Times!

Haha – Singaporeans not stupid – can see one lah!”

By Leong Sze Hian

Anonymous said...

Yes, Singaporeans are not stupid. But Singaporeans famous in the world for kiasu and kiasi. So what not stupid? Dare to vote against PAP, especially AMK GRC?

Virgo49 said...

Latest Salvo from Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling.

We believe our Papa insistence on demolishing the House. Only Elder Son chook chook that Parliament might want to gazette it that He make concessions for reservations.

Papa vehemently with my Mama insistence on demolishing the House.

So Big Nose and Council now nose will get longer and longer.

Can sleep with Eyes Wide Open.

I shall Rise if I find that something is not Right.

Arnold's Famous Quote: "I SHALL RETURN!!!"

The Terminator.

Anonymous said...

The Old fart want to demolish his house but was stopped by his big son while the younger brother & sister kbkp in social media also no use. Probably, ah long gor knew that this is a Leegime FengShui or Dragon's House/Heart (龙脉), which is why can't follow the old fart last will because demolishing the old fart house meaning is to destroy the Profits And Profits party for real & for ever, so Long Gor die die never wanto follow knowing the consequences, see how insecure & incompetent is he or his minions'ters.

Heaven Has Eyes! said...

Old Man when alive had been getting advice from the Master Rev Hong-Choon of Song-Ling Temple, regarding Feng Sui and other things.

Master Rev Hong-Choon could have advised him to demolish the Oxtail Soup House after he died?

So, if the eldest son makes use of his power as PM and political maneouvres to outsmart both his own father's and mother's dying wishes, he and his descendents (9 generations) will have to face the consequences.

What the consequences will be? No one knows. Only time will tell.

I will try to humbly predict one outcome: Somebody will meet with a very unfortunate ending.

Anonymous said...

Latest from:
States Times Review:

Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling:
Ministerial Committee report is Fake News

April 3, 2018

Taking issues with the inaccurate report published by Lee Hsien Loong-controlled Ministerial Select Committee, the younger Lee siblings Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling collectively released a press statement stating that the report is fake news:

“The committee has relied extensively on submissions by Loong ... the statement does not accurately represent Lee Kuan Yew’s wishes.”

Lee Wei Ling further ascertained that Lee Kuan Yew never made it ambiguous and that she is amazed by the lies of the Select Committee.

The Prime Minister released a report through his Select Committee, stating that the house will now be considered for preservation. The biased committee made baseless claims saying that Lee Kuaan Yew “considered” other options when he did not. The efficacy of the last will is also not allowed to be contested in an open court,....

Anonymous said...

LK/ will rise from the dead after midnight tonight ( Tomorrow is Ching Ming)

He will be accomplished by his dear wife Ah Choo and his first daughter-in-law Ming Yang.

He will say: We are going to haunt the house at 38 Oxley Road.....Hahahaha...Hihihihiiiiiii....

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.46

This afternoon at Mount Vernon for Ching Ming last rites prayers before relocated to Chua Chu Kang. Made way for HDB Profits Making Estates.

Opposite heard the Gurkhas practicing on their bagpipes with Songs:- Happy Birthday To You and also Scotland The Brave for the Centennial British Ang Moh Tua Kees celebrations.
No more the SIRs Marching Songs.

Have to keep the House for showing posterity of his Father. Every Elections will remind the voters of how Great His Father Built up Singapore. Cannot demolished or else nothing to boast anymore.

Still have Great Admiration for the British Masters. Most likely next GE on the Centennial Celebrations and Media Cocks will show twenty four hours the Footage of LKY and his Compatriots shouting Merdeka, Merdeka. Same time show their Meetings in 38, Oxley Rise,

Then they will have all the Oldies with tears in their eyes give them 100%.

Anonymous said...

All this feng shui stuff is similar to traders' superstitions eg weak pink shirt like Pinkymon, red underwear or park car at number 8, but in the end still end up losing & screw-up lives
Jinx should have tried some of these, but still buy high sell low lah.
What must happen will happen.

Singapore At X-Road said...

Interesting Comments from TRE:

True but not entirely:
April 3, 2018 at 1:06 pm:
The above recount of verbal history was true to some extent except that LKY has his own agenda that of building a dynasty as his other children came to realize too late else the two princes would have been poise to be the successors.

Undoubtedly most including the founding members of PAP came to realize it much too late including TCC, Rajarathnam, LKS, Barker and the last GKS when he realized why he was in China when he was still in his prime. The citizens were so badly indoctrination with fear scattered with big promises which now most if not all the senior HDB citizens came to realize it is all falsehood and cons.

The promise that each could have the chance to pass down the roof to their next generation has been blown apart by what the shameless self glorifying himself in public even some of the fellow MPBiws and fellow harlem members are giggling away like bashful madam.The harlem of plps if they have learnt anything while wallowing in the po operation is how to glorify himself or herself like the $10 ctk shit boasting about his threat of importing foreign PMETs thinking he could subjugate Singaporean PMETs to be just like him a plp bereft of human vales and soul just like a walking corpse as the Chinese would depict.

Talking about OC, the former DPM and Foreign Minister and Chief of DBS once settled for a million each to WCY and LYC out of Court for slandering (till now no one except DBS management would know who paid for the $2m DBS shareholders or the man himself when the slandering suit was brought against the person and not the Bank) and a well respected by the Emperor designated that itvwas said that he was honoured highly with a tight pat in front of the Emperor and all his men and now in some corner of the harlem waiting to join his late lp, has not too long ago express his doubt of the truth of whatcwere said and done to the detainees in OC.

Another of this Shamy senior harlem member emeritus has also expressed their doubts about the same time. In term of reliability, there senior harlem members have personal contact with OC when Shamy was still struggling in the dark subcontinent to find his lp to po for his future. Ya.

Singapore At X-Road said...

Agree with Tay KS:
April 3, 2018 at 1:31 pm:

PAP policy is to attract rich foreign investors, FTs and FWs to grow the economy.

Population blooms, GDP grows, prices escalates, PAP then appeases the people via HDB flat subsidies, conservancy rebates, GST whatever you may call it.

How many true Singaporeans have truly become entrepreuners and bring good jobs to the people?
Most of the companies listed in Singapore Exchange in recent years are founded by foreigners – Malaysians, mainland Chinese, Indians.

Yes, some of them are crooks, resulting in the collapse of their companies. But what have our regulators, helmed by the so called best brains do?

The so called best measured mainly by scholastic achievement join the civil service and instead of helping Singaporeans, bring in more foreigners to displace Singaporeans. It is despicable of them to convert these foreigners to Singporeans and PRs, and then tell us that local unemployment (which include PRs and just-converted-to Singaporeans) is low and has gone down, when we are seeing more family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours get retrenched.

To show their worth to the PM, PAP Ministers act like mad dogs, maybe a bit better behaved than the oft circulated video (you will see it again before the next GE) of Chee Soon Juan shooting his mouth off at Goh Chok Tong, chewing up Oppostion MPs and people.

If Shanmugan is so “righteous” about Tham’s, Sylvia’s, why didn’t he speak up against rather than for the PM regarding the 38 Oxley’s and the counting of EPs for minority race EP election?

It is shame and sham.

Boh Kia See:
April 3, 2018 at 3:18 pm:
The PAP started life as centre-left fighting again colonialism and for the rights of the poor. It was the people’s livelihood and survival that were the goals of the original PAP.

As the core of the old guard retired, the party turned towards extreme right and conservative. The people are there to serve the elected and to glorify them not the other way round.

The party then moved towards autocracy with this “natural aristocrat”. They are now struggling to find the seat warmer they can trust to give up their seat for his son and befits the right of an aristocrat.

There used to be a time when you flash your red ID card people know you are citizen and have certain rights. Now it is the reverse. The term citizen is going out of fashion. In its place we have “locals”. All statistics of any importance eliminate the citizen category.

So if we continue down this road, it will be heading towards doomsday for Singapore.

People need to wake up to realise we need to march to a different drum in order to survive with dignity and freedom.

Singapore At X-Road said...

April 3, 2018 at 3:23 pm:

WE ARE ROTTING and there is an unyielding determination to change both in the governing and much of the governed. The hostility displayed in that Select Committee circus show exemplifies that deep division and entrenched positions totally incapable of anything else other than intransigent irrational reflexivity – ATTACK THOSE DISAGREEING!.

Hypocrisy, lies, bluffs and bullying was on full display for the world to see.

Instead of finding out what has gone so badly wrong, it became a orgy of let-us-use-this-forum-platform-attacking-disagreeing like attacking wild dogs when no one is forced to agree or accept any or any part of the contents of written submissions. This is NOT progress. It was meant to be an opportunity to search and define conceptual clarity but what outcome did it achieved?

The easier and faster solution of dictatorial order should have been this – SHUT DOWN INTERNET and goes back to the Stone Age civilisation not too far from the life in Bhutan, Somalia or Papua New Guinea. Guarantee then that the governing won’t have to endure the daily antibiotics dosage of critical voices hitting their ear drums and their eyeballs won’t be raped with truth revealing publishing and public scrutiny of failed policies and governance . Guarantee then also will be no need for change – stay the course of ownself-cheque-ownself, ownself-exonerate-ownself and ownself-praise-ownself drunkard stupor of self-indulgence of only-we-are-in-the-know (peasants are all stupid that is why they are peasants). Never mind if the country ROTS after sudden death collapse.

If the governing tells you the moon is bigger than the stars, PEASANTS MUST ALL STAND UP AND CLAP CLAP CLAP just like the days of Mao era but Mao is smarter – most definitely – he is always wary of peasants eyes and mouth talking when meeting with the peasants masses, always preaching goodness of loving care/concern of them and then when he get back to his desk of power, HE DID THE RUTHLESS OPPOSITE.

Without the mercurial re-incarnation of Deng Xiao Ping, there is no China today.

WITHOUT A DENG-XIAO PING in LEE-jiapore, there is NO HOPE FOR SURVIVAL in this country. I give it 5 years, it will be a concrete jungle fill with desperate poverty minus the natural aristocrats.

Anonymous said...

While Sinkieland's PM makes use of Select Comedians to create more draconian laws to silence freedom of information through the exploitation of the term "fake news" used by his US Master, Donald Trump, during and after his Presidential Election Campaigns, India's PM is doing just the opposite.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered his minister to withdraw an order that sought to "punish" journalists accused of fake news.

Information minister Smriti Irani's announcement that the government would suspend the accreditation of journalists found producing fake news had drawn widespread condemnation.

The order had also proposed amended guidelines for obtaining accreditation.
Indian journalists and editors had called it an "attack on press".

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had justified its order, saying it was needed to combat "increasing instances of fake news". It did not, however, explain how it would define fake news.

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) accreditation allows reporters significant benefits, including access to government buildings and official events.

Mr Modi's quick withdrawal of the information ministry's notification has raised some eyebrows, while others expressed cautious optimism.

Anonymous said...

The fate or destiny of the old fart house us this - the late old fart had said it b4 that if he smell anything wrong he would rise up and make it rite, thus the old house will also be 'make it rite' by him in the future when the Garman still keep it as a monument it might even 'self-collapse' itself under the forces of the nature just like the recent natural forces caused the many farms damages at Lim Chu Kang, let's wait and see or probably can't see it in this era.

Anonymous said...

Straits Times published Fake News

Associate Dean for Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, economist Donald Low, slammed the PAP's main propaganda media, The Straits Times for publishing fake news about his resignation.

Donald Low stated that he told the reporter that he resigned because of "an internal issue he does not want to talk about."

But the Straits Times' reporter twisted his words and reported that he had an “internal issue” with the school instead.

The fake news by The Straits Times resulted in many people speculating that Donald Low was fired for criticising the Singapore government in recent months.

Straits Times is ranked 151st in the world for credibility. So readers should be aware of this fact and try to take it with a handful of salt when reading whatever that is produced by its reporters.

Also try to pity the reporters who may have the propensity to produce fake news in furtherance of hidden agenda and propaganda to attain the PAP's political objectives. They have to earn a living under very hard and trying times and conditions, you know?

Anonymous said...

"Alarm Clock" Uncle (aka Political Scientist, Social Media Activist and Current Issues Blogger {trying exasperately to awaken some zombies}?):
"Thank you very much for a precious but painful lesson in history."

Premiers Shan Yang & Li Shi of the Qin Dynasty learned history in the most painful WAY?

The architects of the most brutal laws (& punishments) in human history ended their lives ironically in the most predictable karma resultant drama?

Both were sentenced to the most brutal and babaric execution they laid down (via the number 5):

1) Qin Premier Shan Yang was sentenced to death via tearing apart by 5 thorough breds running in 5 directions, in Chinese aka "wun ma fen si"

2) Qin Premier Li Shi was also punished through the stiffest execution enacted by himself namely wu xing, 4 various mutilation of body parts and finally the 5th torture which is slicing his body into half at the torso so that he is kept alive with his vital organs intact in the upper body and slowly bled to death (fully aware of the mulitation and torture of his body through a punishment invented by himself) ...

Uncle RB, history has proven painful indeed especially for law makers such as ancient Qin premiers Shan Yang and Li Si who laid down many brutal laws and died tragic, painful death?

Will history (yet again) be repeated (and equally painful)?

Is the recent wrath wrecked on the farms next to the Lim Chu Kang cementries during this Qing Ming period an omen by angry spirits or mother nature?

Nobody knows?

Only time will tell?

Emperor Qin's every word meant everything when he was alive but after his death all that he stood for turned into DUST?

Not unlike Ozymandia?

The King of kings?

Lord of lords?

All that remained was the ruins in the desolate desert?

And carved words on the remaining solitary pedestal of a dismembered statute laid in ruins that read:

"My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

The loneliness, emptiness and desolation is best captured in the poem by PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY:

"I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”"

Will the follies and (tragic) fate of ancient Qin Premiers Shan Yang & Li Si await some others who repeated their mistakes (& thus history)?

Only time will tell?

Virgo49 said...

Lim Chu Kang farms wrecked by the strongest ever recorded winds.

An Omen?? SINKIE land be wrecked all together???

Mt.Vernon Gurkhas Unit rehearsed Tune of Scotland's the Brave.

Any Brave Hearts in Sinkieland? ?

Disturbing all the Dead by Forcing them to relocate for profits making Flats for the Foreign Talents.

When will the next Gale or Hurricane hits Sinkieland? ?

Sinkieland reverting to the Union Jack by celebrating the Centenary Colonisation.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


"Disturbing the dead"? Get fucked lah Uncle :-))

Already dead lah...should not take up anymore space. No rights for dead people,only the living---who pay taxes.

Singaporeans who don't go along with the globalisation mindset should be allowed to disappear into obscurity. Our cuntry is forward looking, it has always been, even after Raffles colonised the place by bribing the Mat Sultan in-charge.

Had he not done so, we'd be all fasting during Ramadan and not enjoying char siu and beer lah.

Look forward. Burn those dead fuckers and scatter their ashes. We need the space for 9 million and more great citizens, from every conceivable culture on the planet.

Keep Singapore the most awesome and rocking global metropolis and cosmopolitan,pluralistic civilization in history!

virgo49 said...

Wait till Seventh Month and the Dead will create Hell on Sinkie land.

KNN disturb our RIP sleep. Also SERs.and Enbloc.

Sudan Mati also disturb .We DONT vote your Papa then you know.

Anonymous said...

Oh ...

GE or BE?

Big "rallies"?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Wait till Seventh Month and the Dead will create Hell on Sinkie land. <<

Stupid fucking tradition that should die. 2018, and still some people believe in this nonsense!

Oh well, churches, mosques and temples are still here with us...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Wait till Seventh Month and the Dead will create Hell on Sinkie land. <<

Stupid fucking superstition that should die. 2018, and still some people believe in this nonsense!👹⚰️

Oh well, churches, mosques and temples are still here with us... Shit for brains, magic-believing people! 😹

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, those who pooched pooched these so called supersitions are the Ones too fearful of believing these supersitiions as they are the Ones in denial of these supersitions for they knew that they are extrememly fearful of these real supersitious happenings that can happen to them.

Also, they thought that just been a better literate lots than the rest in this modern yet still primitive times, these supersitions are all nonsense.

Many like you after eating Ang Mohs sai and drinking their urines and sucking their juices and living a few years in their cuntries believing in their Unholy Ghost who thought that theirs is the only True religion scorned others religions and beliefs.

Lastly, those like you who in their lifetime had committed unpardonable Sins and acts against their conscience and knew that even the Ang Moh's God cannot save him even he repeated His Name a million times will poohed poohed these supersitions as nonsense. They are just too fearful to believe them.

Will burn some joss papers for you to find your way to HELL as you need them for as nobody will do for you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

>> Will burn some joss papers for you to find your way to HELL as you need them for as nobody will do for you. <<

No need lah. I know how to get there blindfolded. 😂

>> those like you who in their lifetime had committed unpardonable Sins and acts against their conscience [...] <<

What is this word "conscience"? I don't know it...Izzit CON-Science? I heard Singapore got plenty plenty CON-Science. Now there's a govt company called A-Star....OK, OK, I better stop here.🛑 I don't want to be sued.👻

Virgo49 said...

Right, we have the Greatest Hypocrites in SINKIE land whose Senior Pastor can proclaimed that he do not know his invited American Guest will insult the Muslims.

Later, both equally hypocritically parties can put on their best smiles and forgive each each other and the hypothetical mediator called out for the American Shit stirrer to come back for investigation.

You think he be back? ? Hey Big Bro do no wrong you stupid natives.

Show my middle finger than you know.

It's a open secret that these two sects are always at logger heads with each other.

The Rest suffered because of their differences.