The Singapore Syndrome - The ironies of history a consequence of human stupidity

I happened to flip the switch and watch a forum titled 'Japan and Asean Relations' in Channel News Asia with four speakers, two Japanese and two bananas. The Japanese were not hiding anything. Their main agenda were to discredit China, sowed doubts and disinformation about the BRI and the AIIB and to tell Asean countries to militarise and to support Japan's militarisation to be the leader of Asean to confront China. The two bananas wholeheartedly agreed with the Japanese proposition and praised Japan as the most peaceful and trusted nation by the stupid Asean leaders. I make a distinction between leaders, people and bananas.

Japan is the most trusted country according to a survey conducted by one of the bananas among his peers. I must agree with him as the survey would be just another echoing chamber of like minded bananas. But it is not as simple as that. I thought about it and found a common thread among the South East Asian countries that believed in Japan as the most trusted country. All these countries were invaded, plundered and conquered by Japan during the invasion of Asia and SE Asia by the Japanese Imperial Armies. All were part of the Japanese Empire, their treasuries raided, countries looted, their people massacred, women raped, children bayoneted.

This link to love your conquerors is not unique just to Japan or to SE Asia. The Taiwanese also loved the Japanese after being conquered and ruled for more than 50 years, much longer than all the SE Asian countries but did not suffered as much as the SE Asian countries. The point is this, the more vicious and ruthless the invaders, the more loved and trusted they would be by the conquered leaders of the SE Asian countries. The people would be different as they were the ones that bore the brunt of the cruelties and atrocities of the Japanese/invaders, not the elite or leaders.

Take the same line of thinking to Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan. They were victims of the worst destructive forces of the American military might. The Philippines were conquered and ruled by the Americans for several decades, with many massacres. The Vietnamese almost went that way, suffered the most devastating bombings in human history, second to the atomic bombs in Japan.  The fact is that they all loved their conquerors/invaders, the Americans. The Indonesians are also very fond of the Dutch, their colonial masters. No need to say more about the Malaysians and Singaporeans. they often reminisced about the good times under their colonial masters.

There is another common thread here. Besides being loved and trusted by the victims of invasion, the opposite is that countries that did not invade, plunder, loot, rape or massacre people of other countries would be distrusted and even hated by the countries they did not invade or conquer. China is a perfect example of this love hate relationship. China did not invade or conquer any of the SE Asian countries but is hated and distrusted by them.

My conclusion, China would have been loved and trusted by the SE Asian countries if it had invaded them, conquered and ruled them, conducted atrocities against these little weak countries. Maybe China should learn from the Americans and the European powers, and Japan, invade and conquer all these silly countries if it wants to be loved and trusted by them, like Japan and the USA. This is the failure of China for not harbouring the thought of colonising these countries.

This theory is quite similar to the Stockholm Syndrome where the victims fell in love with their captors that held them hostage. Maybe I shall called this the Singapore Syndrome or SE Asia Syndrome. I thought about calling it the Asean Syndrome or the Banana Syndrome. After thinking it over, the Singapore Syndrome is most appropriate as the greatest admirers of Japan, the brutal invaders, are from Singapore.

Come to think of it, the choice of Syonan as the name to remember fondly of the Japanese Invasion was not surprising. If that idea was not stopped, the next thing would be the demolishing of the War Memorial to remember the hundreds of thousands massacred by the Japanese during the Occupation, and probably another shrine to be built in its place to remember the heroic Japanese Imperial Army and the Kempeitai. They loved them and trusted them dearly. You have the most pristine display of the Singapore Syndrome here in this island.


Anonymous said...

RB, think it would be called Banana �� Syndrome based on Japs Banana monies. Whereas Sinkieland & Matland r British colonies, might be called Ang Mo Tua Kee Syndrome or whatever it's still Stupidity is no cure la..

Anonymous said...

The Top Singapore leadership is suffering from a self-destruct disease known as CANCER. The cancerous viruses have invaded the whole coverment from head to toe - from silver serpents to stationary boards, from puppet association to all grass-looters, from the cupboard to the PAPigs cadres, from the sycophants to the cronies, from the nepotites to the parasites, and finally to 69% of Daft Sinkies.

There is no cure for this self-destruct invasive disease!

The worst is yet to be!

Virgo49 said...

The Asian Natives just loved the Japanese Bondage Ropes and tied to beams on ceilings and swirl round and round with one leg on floor and the other tied exposing their cunts and Arses to be screwed by them.Also their burake or white liquid or white vitamins spraying at their faces.

The bananas just loved them.The Americans and other whites will be at the side cheering and loving it.

The more they got these pleasures with wet towels slapping on their torsos they more pleasure they derived.

Calling out Sayonan, Saynonan more more more.

The Vets just loved the White liquids on their Arses.

Agent Orange or Orange not enough.

China must make a move to show them their Shao Lin Soo More Kong Kama Sutura for them to have a New Pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam was used by the Japanese to invade South-East Asia. The Vietnamese collaborated with the Japanese and simply allowed the Japanese Forces to march into Vietnam without firing a single shot. Such was the character of the Vietnamese then and the Vietnamese now.

Anonymous said...

The reason is that many of the ore sent leaders were descendent of people who worked for the Japanese. So in a sense they are part of the invaders. ��

Anonymous said...

Present leaders

Virgo49 said...

All these farking parasites who are having good lives now and living off the Blood, Sweats and Tears of their fellow men would like to have Status Quo.

Just too afraid of New World Order by China. Socialism, trying to brudge the Poor and the Rich brought nightmares to them.

With placards showing of their Crimes and Corruptions, be executed by a single bullet to their Heads on the spot.

North Korea Kim will tied them to the missles and send to Orbit to Guam and Japan.

That's why DIE DIE must support U Ass A and Jeupen.

Anonymous said...

Think Japanese WW2 invasion think Nathan . . .

Anonymous said...

If u are having a bite thinking the tv can keep your eyes busy, u r disappointed most of the time. The forum invitees are so shallow in contents or u can feel the commercial talks are built in.

The IR1B talk was inside this channel and yet people are willing to stay watching. It is a success. Furthermore, there are Japanese talkers. There are many small screen channels.

Watching Japanese talking 1B1R?
This huge projects involve chinese as main bridge. Huge funds are involved and hiring are for chinese and probably now taiwanese highly educated breeds with the 31 freebies for taiwanese, to be treated equally in china on employment.

Got the message clear now? Sour grape lah. Japaneses can work into these projects? Yes provided Japanese govt are willing to part with money. But Abe wants to have its own 1B1R to connect the chinese 1B1R with the Oz turnbull. So u can see it was a talk show lah. Where is the money? The chinese has its controlled asia bank to draw out for the projects at cheap rates.

Sinkies and japanese sour grape about the 1B1R projects are understood. They are not standing at china side from the beginning when Obama was using TPP to exclude China. China used 1R1B to counter US threat to chinese oil transport in straits of malacca. Memory still fresh when sinkieland defense minister took helicopter to 7th fleet inspection with usa defense minister ash carter. That was last show after brushing china PLA generals at shangrila.

The chinese can now do away with straits of malacca s tip port. It has its own forest city port nearby. It has rail routes from pakis to xinzheng to fetch oil, a far shorter route. Watch if the Kra canal the thai wishi washi way of working? No use, it s no longer needed.
China will be more dependent on its own 1R1B routes to collect its resources for self consumption when US is curbing imports from China.

There is no need to curse China now, as far as the Japs are concerned. The US ally is not exempting them from import tariff. Japs better talk to China to export to China now. Wanta talk big, Japs must act like taikor, give away money alot similar to china. if not, Aseans like Indon and Pinoys, Malaysia will not heel Japs, they wanta go China.

Look at the Kim diplomacy, he won at least among the players. Abe s Obama concept to surround China is useless. Trump did not give Turnbull support when the latter was in White house. No money, no talk. Sinkies also follow Abe, its worrying for sinkies voters. The future is similar to the local channels: go check readership rating lah.

Anonymous said...

The history of the world tells us that war-time friends will become peace-time enemies, war-time enemies will become peace-time friends.

Vietnam was invaded by the French. However, instead of hating the French, the Vietnamese adopted the French Language and modified it to become Romanized Vietnamese, and discarded their original Chinese-based Vietnamese language.

After having been bombed, massacred, raided, raped, slaughtered, murdered, devastated, rampaged, poisoned, burnt, robbed and looted by the Americans for 15 years, the Vietnamese have now totally forgotten the heinous atrocities the Americans did to them.

Chinese armies helped the North Vietnamese military to defeat the forces of South Vietnam, a stooge of the American Hegemony, and expel the American forces out of Vietnam in a hasty retreat in 1974, yet today Vietnam does not trust China. Instead Vietnamese trust the Americans, the Bananas and the Nippons.

Anonymous said...

Time to replace Japan hour in cna it's been taking up the golden slots for decades. There are so many,hundred of
countries in UN with magnificent scenaries.
Be fair to other countries.

Anonymous said...

Call it Stockholm Syndrome, South East Asia Syndrome, ASEAN Syndrome, Banana Syndrome or Singapore Syndrome. They are all the same. They are all idiots with the colonial hang and long for the Western and Japanese evil colonialists and imperialists to return. When you talk about the atrocities and brutal wars of
aggression and conquest by the Japs and the West they say that happened in the past.
Yet, don't they know the past has a bearing on the present and the future or is it they are ignoring it out of their own selfish narrow self interest. Those who never learn from history will suffer the same horrified experience again.

That Japanese bull Abe's maternal grandfather was the head and leader of the huge 731 chemical and biological weapons industry which killed and murdered millions of Asians especially the Chinese. Abe is showing the dangerous trait of his maternal grandfather. It is in his blood and genes. Given the chance he will replicate Japanese wars of aggression. Only this time China will make sure Japan will be obliterated forever.

White Americans or USA is well known for its brutal genocide of almost all native Americans and the killings of African Americans as well as the lynching of hundreds of thousands of Chinese who helped to build the American transcontinental railways from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Americans had marched across the Pacific Ocean to invade Hawaii, Guam and other Pacific island kingdoms. Under the various militant American doctrines,the Americans feel they have the right to conquer and rule the whole world under US New World Order which means under US total dictates and hegemony.

Emperor Hirohito was the number one war criminal who decided and made all decisions regarding the invasion of China and South East Asia and the initiator of the diabolical 731 chemical and biological weapons industry stationed in Harbin, China.
Yet, after the Second World War, Emperor Hirohito and all his scientists and senior officers were pardoned and were not charged for war crimes against humanity in exchange and trade of that the Japanese hand over intact to America all the files and technology of the 731 chemical and biological weapons industry .What makes it most unfathomable was the fact that all the Japanese scientists and senior officers were not only not charged for war crimes but they were immediately employed by the Americans in US in the prestigeous universities and in American war industrial complex under the Pentagon. It is no surprise that America used chemical defoliage agent orange and other chemical weapons during the Korean war and the Vietnam war that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Recently America has been using chemical weapon against Syria and purportedly put the blame on Syria.

So those idiots of the ASEAN or Singapore or banana syndrome better wake up and not not be psychoed to believe that the Japanese and the white Americans are good and peaceful. Perpetual and permanent wars is in the blood of the Japanese and the Americans and sadistic acts of brutal carnage and killings is in their genes. They will never change.


Monday, 2nd April, 2018

Anonymous said...

The bananas are not idiots. They get aids from Japan and USA. How the aids are spent, only God knows. A fool can also guess that part of the aids money could be easily transferred or siphoned or "re-distributed" into those bananas' personal protege or relatives' bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

China's Prototype Space Station Tiangong-1 makes re-entry to Earth today.

Anonymous said...

Syonan Syndrome is official. Its good for sinkies to remember the place where UK general offered to Yamashita to surrender. Isnt white surrendered to yellow?

Taiwan had 600000 over killed under 50 years of japs occupation. Taiwanese govt now loves Japs like brothers. A recent incidence where taiwanese fisher man boat was working within its water territory, Japs gun boats went inside Taiwan water to chase the fishing boat. Taiwan ambassador to Japan agreed it was Taiwanese did wrong, and withdraw protest. Say sorry. Taiwanese are the best example of chinese s dignified stand against Japanese occupation.

Sinkies should select the day called syonan day and celebrate with japanese embassy: distribute machi machi to be good frens and brothers, to build japs 1B1R, linking shenkangsan to Tokyo from je.

Anonymous said...

Face with death or surrender, the IsIs supported by US at Syria Douma chose to surrender by green bus to Idlib. That s ends the war in Syria. Trump said will withdraw US troops from Syria soon after spending USD7 trillions on war.

Next will be North Korea war, with Bolton rubbing his hands hot. When surrender time comes, US leaders faces bleak future in middle east and east asia. Sinkies too will be in dim light on US s defeats after defeats.

Anonymous said...

The two bananas.......................

Lee Hsien Loong = Channel News Asia
Channel News Asia = Lee Hsien Loong

The link,
Anti-Russia Ukranian invited to Singapore's public hearing – States ...

SAF to deploy more forces to Iraq later this year: Ng Eng Hen

Indonesia 1965 massacre: Forget about Holocaust ... - Veritas - Blogspot

Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 3: The World Anti-Communist ... - Sott

Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria in the Cross-hairs | WEB ...

Ha Lee Su - http://www.yeocheowtong.com/Salaries.html | Facebook

Rodyk and Davidson: Lawyers, Advocates & Solicitors

Anonymous said...

Taiwan movie: Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale

The link,
Warriors of the Rainbow - YouTube

'Warriors of the Rainbow' star: From minister to leading man - latimes ...

Subjective, objective and indigenous history: Seediq Bale's take on ...

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon.12.56

The Natives Aborigines are the Ones fighting the Japs. The Taiwanese worse than Sinkies. At least some resistance from our past forefathers.

That's why they slaughtered so many of our forefathers.

Just look at ex-Taiwanese CSM of WP. Two terms not a whimper from him.

Taiwanese now Tsai Woman is pro US and Japan.

The Deep Throat Forum always cursed at their incompetentcy. Loss of pride of the Chinese Race by apologizing to the Japanese harassing their fishermen.

Taiwanese sang more Japanese songs than their own.

Anonymous said...

The Jap like the rest of Asia also has a ang mo tua kee sickness. After ww2 bo piah has to behave. On surface Jap are polite, etc. But their leaders are mostly ultra nationalists....once they stirred up the population, the herd instinct gather momentum the Jap will be suicidal n cruel n beastly. Nevertheless Jap are going down with old people everywhere n their few youngs are cybernut n insular not competitive in a global world. The Jap leaders are extremely jealous n fearful of China n the visionary 1B1R. The Jap had their economic heydays in the 1980s but they screwed it up by buying golf courses n American bldgs n paintings.

Virgo49 said...

Just see the Japs treated their women folks and you have replicas of Matilah, Ah Gong Kia and Donald Trump.

Women tied in bondage gave them extreme sexual pleasures.Shooting their White liquids at the women folks faces in what's their Burake.

Upbringing of Men's come First Status still behaving like the Samurais Era.Men first in any situations.See their behaviours towards the women and you know their beastly inner natures.

They, the older generation under their Busishdo Bullshits Code And Honour awaiting a chance to fix their Warlike Agression again.

That's why this Lau Abe amended their Constitution to fight beyond their shores.

Our beloved PeeAyam supported them by saying that they should not be apologising for things in the past.It's because my Dad is also one of them in league's with them.

See whether some or any of his forebears generation got tortured and killed that he is so forgiving.

They escaped their beastly tortures due to their Tratious acts.

Anyway, Sooner or later have to report to Hades Emperor.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan will face hardest hardship when Trump did not exempt tariff on their exports to US: steel and aluminum.

Sinkies export will face slow down to China and US. These are major markets.

When Korea war fight ends up US chooses to withdraw after few years, similar to middle east supporting IsIs anti Syria rebels, US will create a big vacuum in power.
China will fill the gap.

Sinkieland s anti China stands will not gain. Taiwan will have to kneel down to China.

This scenario will play out soon. Sinkies has no future for supporting the losing side, that is not proven. If Trump continues next term, he is likely to pull out, if Korean war cannot be finished in short term. Iraq was fought on that basis: short term. Ended up 6 to 8 years. Still needs more troops in middle east. Korea war will not be so cheap like middle east. Trump will be decisive: pull out of East Asia.

Japan and Taiwan will kena stuck with no nuclear weapons.

Sinkieland s worst may come, no water is possible if Harapan wins.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Have to admit though Redbean, Singapore produces some of the finest bananas ๐ŸŒ in the world. And please don't leave out the ๐Ÿฅฅcoconuts. (black/brown on the outside, white inside).

Our bananas and coconuts are superbly educated, thanks to the Dead Old Cunts of the PAP. ("Old Guard" is the term commonly used. I prefer DOC PAP. Sounds more "intellectual" ๐Ÿค“) The DOC PAP initiated a "paper chase" which produced Singapore's Brain Trust of highly educated bananas and coconuts other cuntries are jealous of. The first banana and most famous of Singapore's bananas, was none other than Lee Kuan Yew, who appointed fellow bananas and coconuts to the very first cabinet, and since then the parliament has been filled with so such abundance of produce, you can open a wet market in Parliament House.

If you are going to accuse them of stupidity and mental afflictions like the Stockholm Syndrome, you must understand that what you refer to is are high-level PROFICIENCY of mental disorders. EDUCATED FOOLS, are impressive. In Singapore, education is #1. If you're going to be an asshole, make sure you are among the best by arming yourself with as many PhDs in Bullshitology, which will ensure you do very well in our Holy Meritocracy.

History seldom awards us what would be the best outcome. I am against war because it is expensive and will eventually bankrupt a nation, not because lots of people---mainly civilians---die. Fuck them. All those cunts deserve the govt/ emperor / Supreme Ruler they get, so if their leaders want to fight or kwai lan, The Sheeple deserve to get slaughtered.

And the problem with all Big Government Programs---war being the mother of all Big Government Programs---is that they do a fucked up job, cost too much to begin with, always go over budget and eventually turns out to be an expensive waste of sovereign resources.

Hitler failed because he didn't do a thorough job in wiping out the Juden. He left more of them alive than he killed. Govt program fail. Similarly, the Japs didn't do a good enough job by wiping out the Chinese, seizing and occupying the whole of China and turning the whole territory Japanese. Government program...fail. ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต㊗️๐Ÿฏ

Enter America. They were too hasty in dropping those bombs. Only 2 bombs. Had they been more patient and developed 2 more devices, they could have done a much better job and taken out Tokyo and another city as well. Japan would have been totally annihilated. Again, government program...FAIL! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฅ

So...we are stuck with a less than perfect Asia because Japan and China are still here. If those govts had done their jobs properly, China and Japan would have been wiped out, and we could have had total American dominance in Asia.

...and for all bananas ๐ŸŒ and coconuts ๐Ÿฅฅ, that would have been Heaven on Earth. ๐Ÿค“

Anonymous said...

Harapan is not likely to win. Najib has China support.

If Harapan wins, China's projects maybe suspended. New projects will come up. Either way, Sinkieland loses.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 April 02, 2018 2:22 pm
//Just see the Japs treated their women folks and you have replicas of Matilah, Ah Gong Kia and Donald Trump.//

Roll ........... Eyes ............

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> China would have been loved and trusted by the SE Asian countries if it had invaded them, conquered and ruled them, conducted atrocities against these little weak countries. Maybe China should learn from the Americans [...]. <<

I agree. When it comes modern warfare and colonising, the USA is #1. The problem with the Chinese politicians is that they are too wrapped up in "Chinese philosophy and tradition". They need to become more "banana" and get up to speed with the rest of the world, where American-style "warfare" is conducted on nearly every platform...from commerce and trade, corporate life, social media, marketing and advertising and entertainment. The Americans are great at "putting on a show", the Chinese sadly are not.

If China adopted a more "banana-rized" approach and ditched their 5000 year old traditions (eh, come on lah, so old already, change lah kotek!), they would be more liked and perhaps even respected in the arena of real global politik.

Look at men like Jack Ma and "Pony" Ma Huateng. Yes, they are unswervingly Chinese. But they are also sufficiently "banana-rized" and thus able to conduct global warfare in the realm of business, specifically internet business. They are up there with the best of Silicon Valley, and amongst the richest dudes on the planet.

Redbean, you should advise all your "traditional" friends to eat more potato and adopt more banana-centric philosophies.

If you do that, you too can win more wars!

Anonymous said...

Harapan has 50 50 chance to win overall. Last election was closing the gap. This round split the malay votes into at least 2 parts for the moderate malays.

The water issue is at Johor. Harapan might win Johor if DAP win ayer hitam. The control is Lim K S s new target, it seems.

Sinkies will have free water. Still want to have 7 millions foreigners. Some days NS men will be so frighten of fighting, and also not capable of wining. This renders the collapse. Blame fake news? blame who they vote in better.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 3.25

Thank you for attracting Matilah and Ahgongkia's attention.

Think today, skin itchy itchy after my Failed MRI.Matilah and Ahgongkia gonna open their salvos on me soon.

Need some bondage spanking from them.

This Matilah praised what Super Invention MRI. Nearly wasted my 400 plus bucks after even PG subsidy.Luckily, they gentleman refunded me.

This Inventor of MRI. Let me guve you some feedback.

What's using Sonic Sound waves to photo clearer organs that is supposed to be the problem.

Once you have Claustrophobia inside the Cell with that loud sounds banging into your ears,it's worse than in HELL.

The Roof above you must six inches from your face and you are bound so as not to create unnecessarily movements.

My God in this condition for forty five to one hour.You go mad.

Scan just the organs no need put head inside. My God, like lying in a Casket.The sounds of the waves can modify softer lah.

Worse than POW in Tiger Cage bitten by ANTS.

My God ding dong sounds non stop for at least 15 mins each session.

Open eyes and you see the ceiling suffocating you that you felt breathless.

Worse torture than actual operation.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Just see the Japs treated their women folks and you have replicas of Matilah, Ah Gong Kia and Donald Trump.

Women tied in bondage gave them extreme sexual pleasures.Shooting their White liquids at the women folks faces in what's their Burake. <<

BTW, it is BUKKAKE. It can be fun, but it is quite messy. ๐Ÿคฃ

No no, I reject your claim that anyone could ever be a "replica" of me. I am the one and only, and I am very proud of that.

In the realm of sexual activity, you shouldn't limit yourself to just "shooting white liquid". There are other options, as the human body produces many liquids which can be creatively adapted for leisure activities.

There is urine, (Golden Showers) and feces (scat). There is also vomit (2 Girls One Cup...check it out) and also BLOOD.

So get creative. Imagine possibilities, and have fun! ๐Ÿ˜†

Anonymous said...

HRW: Select Committee’s actions clearly an effort to discredit critics of Singapore’s repressive policies and practices related to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly

Published on 2018-03-30 by The Online Citizen

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 3.43pm
//Worse torture than actual operation.//

Sound wise, this MRI technology in its most primitive stage other than its spaceship surface could be mistaken to be in the cave of flintstone using prehistoric stone axes to carve prehistoric words on the walls, so primitive modern beans in their 45 mins to 1 hour stuck in it almost thought they had been teleported back 6 million years ...?

Motion wise, MRI is maciam taking x-ray but staying still holding breath for 60 mins ...?

Indeed, Uncle Virgo49, u r not wrong to say that and it could be the "modern medical science monster" that "torture" oldie beans at $1000+ per pop ...?

One gazillion (Flintstone's) eye rollings ...

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 3.43pm
//This Matilah praised what Super Invention MRI.//

No comment.

Anonymous said...

Redbean //You have the most pristine display of the Singapore Syndrome here in this island.//

No comment.

Anonymous said...

The Sinkie Syndrome is that the more they get screwed by the Pay And Pay policies, the more they love to pay until broke, and the more they continue to vote in the PAPigs to screw them one more time, amd one more time, and one more time .....

Anonymous said...

US Trade War - China Retaliates

In a statement posted on China's Ministry of Finance website, China’s Customs Tariffs Commission confirmed reports from March 23, stating that additional duties on 128 kinds of products of US origin would be introduced from Monday "in order to safeguard China’s interests and balance the losses caused by the United States additional tariffs."

As was already known, the highest tariffs of 25% will be imposed on top of existing duties on imports of US scrap aluminium and various kinds of frozen pork. A lower, 15% tariff, will be slapped on dozens of US foods including wine, fresh and dried fruits such as cherries, nuts such as almonds and pistachios, and various kinds of rolled steel bars

The list was consistent with measures proposed by Beijing last month when it said it was planning tariffs on $3 Billion of US imports.

The response was seen as relatively measured since it left out key US exports to China such as soya beans, of which the US exported some $14 Billion last year.

Since Beijing has yet to retaliate to the 25% duty on up to $60 Billion of annual imports from China that Trump promised later last month, it is almost guaranteed that Beijing will make a tougher response in the near future.

This is only the initial counter-stroke. The next counter-stroke will e different, for sure.

Slowly, slowly,
Catch the monkey .....

Anonymous said...

@ April 02, 2018 3:41 pm

Whichever party wins does not matter. As long as a Malay is the PM, nothing change. The long term strategic interest of Malaysia is to take back Singapore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> This is only the initial counter-stroke. The next counter-stroke will e different, for sure.

Slowly, slowly,
Catch the monkey ..... <<

Eh, the monkey just took the bait lah. The retaliation is exactly what someone like a slippery con man like Trump is expecting.

He will out-Chinese, the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

The Minstral Comedians apponted by PeeAyam to override proper legal proceedings in a Court of Law, have silently released a report recommending 3 broad options for the Ox Soup House today.

The Comedians, headed by Pinocchio, included Mr Shame, Ms Disgrace Fool and Mr Lallong, son of the one who Can't Sing, of Masak Masak Selamat fame, stated thus:

Option 1 - preserve the whole properly.

Option 2 - preserve part of the property (basement).

Option 3 - demolish the property and build something in its place as a memorial.

The Comedians also stated that the group sought representations from all three siblings and their representations were “carefully studied”.

The Comedians did not make any recommendations on what should be done with the house since SomeboLee still resides in the house.

“The various options outlined in this report are drawer plans to help a future government make an informed and considered decision about the property when it becomes necessary.”

Pinocchio said that he hoped the release of the committee’s findings will mark the end of the Ox Soup family dispute.

How to close the case with an open end? Do the right thing lah. Go to Court if there is a dispute on the Legal Document (The Last Will).

Why never consider 4th Option - that the property has been deliberately sold to the youngest sibling by his elder brother at a hefty profit plus huge sum of tax exemption. Therefore, it is unethical and immoral, even illegal, to deprived him of the legal right to the property?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Indeed, comedy in Fairytale Land.

Lee Kuan Yew backside kena play. For decades he groomed his successors, made sure the PAP govt is of the highest integrity...

... and then after he "up lorry"...ALL OF THEM played his backside.

Oh, the irony!