All the fake news – from official sources

The Trump Administration launched a trade war against China, raising tariffs after tariffs. China responded in kind with its own tariffs. The Americans then said it is not in a trade war and both sides are talking. Trump then said China would bring down its trade barriers, would open up. All this looked so real.

China has replied. China has not been talking to the Americans for months, and definitely not since trump started this trade war. And China is not going to talk to the Americans until the Americans back down from its wild allegations and threats of sanctions and tariffs.

See the fake news and the source of the fake news?

The Assad govt is using chemical weapons against the rebels and the Syrians. Russia used the most deadly gas against its ex spy, Skripal and daughter in England. The gas is 10 times more deadly than VX used on Kim Jong Nam. Kim died, but Skripal and daughter are alive and well.

The western govts are ganging up like a pack of wolves to accuse Russia and Syria for using chemical weapons. And all the western media, the MSM, are pointing the fingers at the Russians and the Syrians. Trump called Assad animal. But who is the biggest and most evil animal? No need to guess.

Who is spreading fake news? Who are the evil ones using chemicals and putting the blame of the Russians and the Assad govt? No need to guess. It is fake news galore in the western media. Who is going to punish the originator and spreader of fake news?


Anonymous said...

Waoh, probably Assad set up a Celac Commitea to debunk the evils Americuns like wat Sinkieland did la.

Virgo 49 said...

The Chinese Saying: Borrow knives to kill someone is very apt. Or distract the Tiger from the Mountain and the wolves to make the kill and be the King.

Farking Americunts did the Chemicals bombing and then blamed Asaad and the Russians and then made a Hoo haa in the Congress. Instructed the U.N Security Council for Emergency Session and instructed lap dog Israelis to do the bombing.

Said within 48 hours or earlier will meet them forcefully. Trying to revive their ISIS.

Now China said no talks without compromise. DT already became his grandson playmate. Even his son or supposed to be his grand son smarter than him.

Next change will be a blessing for China.They will poke poke Tsai Ing Wen inking for Independence. This will be China's best excuse and opportunity to retake Taiwan.

After all, U.N. recognised Taiwan to be part of China.Trump will order Aircraft Carrier towards Taiwan and Xi will shake hands with him, saying hello Donald Duck we are the Best of Friends.

Thank you for our Reunification. If Chinese were to kill Chinese without valid reasons, I be cursed as a Statesman.Now you gave me the Real Reason.

Anonymous said...

The Pretend (Fake) Select Committee on fake news has reluctantly admitted their fake summaries of witnesses and had to make amendments yesterday (Apr 10).

At least 5 witnesses who attended the public hearing lodged complaints last week, exposing the fake committee for misrepresenting their positions what they have said during their interviews.

A total of 13 amendments were made to 5 summaries but the
Arrogant Fake Committee refused to apologise to the Public for producing fake news.

The committee also particularly addressed freelance journalist, Kirsten Han, dismissing her 6 other amendment requests. The journalist who opposed censorship regulations said she continues to disagree with the summary even after it is amended:

“While I am glad to hear that corrections will be made to the summary to better represent the views that I have conveyed, I would like to state for the record that I disagree that the summary was accurate. I continue to dispute the accuracy of these two points in particular ...”

The 5 witnesses all took the position of being against the greater censorship laws, which naturally led to the dissatisfaction of the ruling party committee.

Actually, the Fake Committee was created as a publicity stunt to give a false impression that there were public consultations and that the public agreed to more draconian laws to be created to give the Law Minister more power to suppress and oppress public opinions using fake news as an excuse.

It was the Law Minister K Shanmugam who first proposed more censorship laws and then sat himself in the fake committee to lead the other 9 puppet members to conclude that more censorship laws is necessary.

What kind of public consultation is that?


Anonymous said...

Trump learned from PAPies.

PAPies learnt long ago from Soviets & Mao.

Anonymous said...

Fake News From Trump

Trump tweeted, "When a car is sent to the United States from China, there is a Tariff to be paid of 2.5%. When a car is sent to China from the United States, there is a Tariff to be paid of 25%." He called it a stupid trade that has been going on for years.

Trump has repeatedly used the example of vehicle tariffs. It sounds like China's tariffs on auto imports are indeed much higher than those of the US, which can effectively fool the US citizens. But in fact, Trump is deliberately misleading the public's recognition on the big picture of Sino-US trade.

To begin with, China's 25% tariff on car imports was recognized by the WTO when China joined the organization, and that was years ago. China strictly performed the requirements of the WTO to lower its tariff level from 15% to 10%. In 2010, the figure dropped to 9.8%, which over-fulfilled Beijing's promise. Taking the free trade zones into consideration, China's trade-weighted average tariff rate is only 4.4%, which is close to the level of developed countries.

The US imposes a 2.5% tariff on cars but a 25% tariff on trucks. In the meantime, China only imposes a 20% tariff on trucks. While Washington levies tariffs of up to 30% on T-shirt imports, the figure of China is only 15%.

Desiree93 said...

President Donald J Trump alone would be more than a handful for his opponents. This time President Trump has assembled a team of top notch economists, lawyers, seasoned investors, trade negotiators, strategists etc to tackle the longstanding issues some of which they have documented in various forms such as unfair trade practices, theft of IP rts ....... etc etc.

Compared to the team under Ronald Reagan which brought down the Japanese economy, this team is arguably countless times more formidable.

This time, President Donald J Trump and Co. seem out to get his opponents and whack them harder than Ronald Reagan did to the Japanese?

Many oldies will probably live to see the outcome of this trade war if things continue to move in the trajectory since the election of Donald J Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America --- the greatest economic and military power ever existed on earth.

President Donald Trump and his team is smart. They started steel tariffs invoking a rare national security clause aiming at many countries but in the end the real target was quite obvious. In the process, President Trump and his team cleverly galvanised many other trading partners to his side and isolate his opponent.

Taking on the greatest economic and military power - the United States of America is already more than a handful. To take on almost the whole world would probably spell disaster.

No wonder President Trump's opponent said they will "fight to bitter end" as if they knew what is coming ...?

Hope many sinkies oldies won't be too sad if reality hit.

When 2 elephants fight, there is nothing much others can do except await the eventual outcome ...

Anonymous said...

Malaysia and the Philippines, be warned!


" [White Helmets founder] James Le Mesurier recruiting in Brazil. We know that the White Helmets have appeared in Malaysia and in Venezuela, and in the Philippines. So you know, because this went through my head so many times, these are only 3,000 criminals and thugs that have emerged from the terrorist ranks or the “Free Syrian Army” [air quotes] moderate extremist ranks to become the White Helmets in order to continue to get paid doing the same job but under a different auspice.

Why are they being so heavily protected? But I think it’s more to do with the concept. It’s more to do with the importance of this concept going forward. As James Le Mesurier said very recently, who would you trust more than the fire brigade or a first response NGO? There you have it. That’s the key to why this group is so important....."

The link,
Syria's White Helmets Go Global – Consortiumnews

Generating Hate against Russia: The Absurd New Anti-Russian ...

FAKE NEWS | How The Atlantic Council Promoted Anti Russian ...

Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts Of Terror Across Syria

James Le Mesurier: The Former British Mercenary Who Founded The ...

A Timeline for the Massive Crackdown on Internet Free Speech (part 1 ...

Essence of neoliberal empire — Social chaos and world destruction ...

Ex-CIA agent: - We got millions to destroy Yugoslavia - AWD News

The Unforgiven: A War Criminal's Remorse | War & Conflict | Al Jazeera

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Savvy westerners are the first people to criticize their own cuntries media and govts for the dissemination of fake news.

Assange has been warning about censorship and the silencing of the truth. Snowden has repeatedly warned about the destructive effects of fake news.

It's about time to heed the warnings from these "fugitives of justice". They have nothing to gain. They're already hunted men.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday high Court said one MP also can be GRC!?

Same k8nd of logic as inside the 200 metre radius does not meant within the 200 metre radius?

Same logic as put personal lawyer as AG is no conflict of interest?

This is your grandfather's country?

Yes, this is my grandfather's country. My grand father migrated here together with my friends' grand fathers. And together with other grand fathers and grand mothers, strived and worked like dogs and cows to build up this country. Therefore, my grand father and grand mother together with other grand fathers and grand mothers own this country.

That is my grandfather's logic. Not fake news.

Anonymous said...

Suka suka make laws.
Suka suka interpret laws.
How citizens to respect?
No respect, chatge for contempt.

What's different from a lawless cuntry?

Anonymous said...

Downgrade country citizons to incorporation workers to hotel chambermaids, upgrade themselves from pubic servants to natural aristoCats, whoa lau a right or wrong, moral or evil?
Squeezed money until par par.
Open-leg until bey gin choo.
Dishonesty or betrayal or treason?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 107:

>> Dishonesty or betrayal or treason? <<

All 3, and more. The 3 S's: Sheeple Self Sabotage

"The people get the government they deserve" 😂

Way to go...HOTEL Singapore! 🏨 🇸🇬 "Love" Hotel 81 Singapore: 🏩 😍 💦🍌