Prince Charles to be Head of Commonwealth

The mother of Prince Charles of UK, the Queen, hoped that her son would become the head of the Commonwealth, a British colonial legacy. Her wish is quite normal for any mother to want her son to be elevated to a high office. It has nothing to do with Prince Charles ability as a leader. In such appointments, a political office, often the appointment has nothing to do with the merit of the person. In this case, he is the prince of an ex colonial power. This credential will be good enough for him, no one in the Commonwealth of nations, all ex colonies of the British Empire will object or dare to object.

It was reported alluringly in the media that ‘The Queen received long applause from the leaders of 53 Commonwealth countries as they demonstrated their gratitude to her for service to the network she has headed since 1952. They should give her a standing ovation for colonizing their countries, robbed and looted their wealth to make Britain great, and please forget about the millions that were massacred or killed by the British colonial masters.

The leaders of these Commonwealth countries are grateful, the ungrateful would not be bothered to attend to idolize and glorify their former colonial masters. There is not only a financial debt that Britain owed to the Commonwealth countries, their ex colonies, Britain also owed a blood debt to many of them, especially their biggest colony, India and many bloodied African countries.
Many of these ex colonies would remember their days under the colonial masters dearly and affectionately. Heard of the Singapore Syndrome?

Being ex slaves of the Empire they would not question why can’t the head of the Commonwealth comes from one of them and not their former colonial master. They knew their proper place, that is, they are the servants and Britain is still their master and to be head of the Commonwealth, or Master, is the right of Britain. The slaves would always be the slave, they called this slave mentality.

PS. The Brits snubbed Modi in the photo shoot with the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. Hsien Loong and the Sultan of Brunei, heads of two of the smallest states in the Commonwealth, were honoured with front row seats. Poor Modi was sitting in the row behind them. This is bad protocol as India was the biggest British colony, colonised for more than 500 years, suffered/cfontributed the most from the Brit's rule, so rightly should be sitting beside the Queen or beside the British PM. The Brits as usual don’t show much respect for India, just like the racist Winston Churchill.

Modi should challenge Charles as the Head of the Commonwealth and then hold the next Summit in New Delhi with Modi sitting right in the centre front row seat as Head and host of the 2020 Head of Commonwealth Summit…and put Charles standing in the back row.

The Brits are really good. After losing their Empire they continue to rule these willing slaves as head of the Commonwealth without the slaves knowing it.


Anonymous said...

The ex slaves of the British Empire have fond memories under the rule of their colonial masters and have a lot of touching stories to share with each other on how nice and kind were their colonial masters, and without the contributions and grace of their colonial masters they would not have been civilised today.

Virgo 49 said...

The bananas in Singapore still worships the Brits who are their ex-Colonial Masters.

They have the Brits smiling on Cameras after bashing a Singaporean who accidentally banged into him.

His liar can appealed for a lighter sentence.

We have our Nonya and Baba Boh Lean Chor hand hand in hand swaying down the passage of Buck Kin Ham Palace enjoying their International Status whilst his own nation is burning to the ground.

White men escaped from Sinkielnad with impunity and compromised to have them brought back for justice.

Even the corrupted footballer can escaped from our Airport.

SINKIE cannot even escaped at Pulau Ubin.

All the crimes and unsavoury activities committed by Singaporeans.

Headline very BIG BIG when a Singaporean charged for any offence.

Others just cover up. One Indian worker just gave some food to a old folk and they can published for days that never end.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Unbelieveable, the greatest force of evil, the country that is destabilising every country in the world, starting wars everywhere, acts unilaterally against the rule of law, in defiance of the UN, is accusing Russia and China as forces of instability. Where in the world are the Chinese soldiers and even the North Koreans fighting wars? Read this crap from the devils in Washington.

"WASHINGTON: The United States branded strategic rivals China and Russia "forces of instability" on Friday (Apr 20), grouping them with Iran and North Korea as countries whose rights abuses amount to a global threat.

The charge was made by acting secretary of state John Sullivan as he launched Washington's annual global human rights report, which this year is focused on destabilizing abuses by state actors." Reported in the CNA.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/us-brands-china-and-russia--forces-of-instability--10160316

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB.
Please do not worry too much about the evils whites men or people. Let the Heavenly Gods & Armies do the jobs to punish the evils, Chinese says 天兵天将。 Let the Universal Law of Cause & effect do the job.

Anonymous said...

Looted Chinese urn sold at UK auction for US$581,000

A rare, 3,000-year-old bronze vessel thought to have been looted from the Old Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860 has fetched 410,000 pounds ($581,000) at a recent auction in Kent, in the south of England.

The water vessel, dating from the Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11 century-771 BC), was sold at The Canterbury Auction Galleries despite protests from China's State Administration of Cultural Heritage, which said that it strongly opposed and condemned the sale of looted property.

China's Old Summer Palace, or Yuanmingyuan,which used to cover an area of about 350 hectares, was a jewel of ancient Chinese gardens. However, the palace was burned and looted by invading Anglo-French joint forces during the Second Opium War.

Documents found by the auction house suggest that Royal Marines Captain Harry Lewis Evans (1831-83) stole the vessel from the Old Summer Palace when it was destroyed and sacked by British and French troops in 1860.

In letters home, Evans described the looting of the Yuanmingyuan and wrote, "I succeeded getting bronzes and enamel vases that will, I hope, some day find their way to [his home in UK]."

The auction house also sold three Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) bronzes from the Evans collection for prices between 9,000 and 15,000 pounds.

Chinese academics have called the ransacking of the Old Summer Palace a symbol of shame for people in China for many years.

Virgo 49 said...

In the Taiwan National Museum and Chang Kai Shek Maseloeum you can see the Myriads of Treasures from Mainland China carted away by the KumingTang Nationalists.

President Xi declared on loan for too many years Liao.

We gonna take them back soon.

These few days Hoo and Cry of China South China Seas exercises. Tsai woman slapped own face.I should not have provoked Xi by calling Dotard Trump.
He now wants to have his Aircraft carrier to visit me.

My Deities, see PRC Military Might. Now India also bowed their heads and want to be friends with them. Every day, my own citizens scolding me on Chong Tien.

Have to change my diaper again,urine kept creeping out.

Virgo 49 said...

The Whites for past century been living in luxuries due to the fact that they had in the past been looting and robbing from all the Natives who are just as daft as Sinkies.

These included the Vikings of the European Bloc besides the farking Brits and the French caps.
However,now their Wealth gonna be over and now karma of Retribution had fallen on them.

Even now Sweden under Attacks by those that they allowed in. So, now their turns in Turmoil. The Americans killing themselves daily with protests and in fighting maiming each other.

The farking Brits with Brexit problems and their own demise. Only those bananas who benefitted from them still worshipped them and por their lam pars.

Especially our PeeAyam.Wanting to celebrate the Founding of Raffles. Parameswara comes before him. The farking Brits with tails behind their backs flee from the Japs.

Anonymous said...

The Sinkies are still being looted and robbed in broad daylight by another group of Whites, The Men-in-White.

Anonymous said...

"UK Queen wants her son to succeed her as head of the Commonwealth"

That's natural.

Many countries' heads also want their own sons to be head of their countries. You know what I mean . . .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't the ex slaves realise that this Commonwealth thing is a joke today? And the whole gang is being led by the UK, Canada, Australia and NZ, the four white countries calling the shot and the rest just say yes sir.

And what has this organisation of slaves achieved other than hosting Commonwealth Games? It is totally irrelevant in today's world of independent and proud nations.

Anonymous said...

Hamas Member Killed in Malaysia, A Day After Israeli Death Threat

Militant and political group Hamas said Saturday that one of its members was assassinated in Malaysia, a day after Israeli intelligence minister Yisrael Katz warned the Gaza Strip rulers that Israel would mount targeted killings should the group threaten Israeli commanders.

Hamas said 35-year-old Fadi al-Batash was killed at dawn in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur on his way to a mosque for prayers. Hamas officials didn't disclose Mr. al-Batash's role in the Islamist movement or how he was assassinated but said he was a researcher in "the field of energy."

Anonymous said...

Astonishing revelation!

"The prime minister had tasked the 4G leaders with drafting President Halimah Yacob's inaugural address at the opening of Parliament, which sets out the Government's agenda and policies for the remaining years of its term." - Straits Times April 21.

Any normal person would expect the President to made an address on what she herself thought as the Head of State!

Anonymous said...

Russia discovered evidence showing that PM May of UK has lied about the poisoning of Skripal s - father and daughter. The evidence shows that the poison was manufactured in the US Military Industries.

Skripal is not only a double-agent for UK. He is a Triple-Agent for the US.

The US must have wanted him dead because he has openly requested to return to Russia, as he has regretted what he has been doing.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No one really gives a shit about Ye Olde Britania's Commonwealth. The sun set on the British Empire long ago. Queen E II happens to be alive, at 92, making her the oldest living monarch, in a world and with an England which grows increasingly apathetic about old social hierarchies...completely irrelevant and anachronistic in a world where the eyes are on China and India, and self-made people like the Zuckerberg's and Jack Ma's, who weren't born into wealth, privileged and status but had to earn their places at the top of the food-chain.

The celebrity of The Royals are kept alive only by the tabloids and trashy magazines catering to people who prefer pictures than whatever poorly written words contained within.

Prince Charles is truly The Clown Prince [see the "court injunctioned" book by Simon Reagan---Charles: Clown Prince ]. Charlie-boy is a fuckwit. Totally. How ridiculous is this?

Head of The Commonwealth? What better than have a Clown at that post? No biggie. Fucking hell, they have DJ Trump in the White House... how can anything be shocking any more?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

"Prince Charles is truly The Clown Prince [see the "court injunctioned" book by Simon Reagan---Charles: Clown Prince ]. Charlie-boy is a fuckwit. Totally. How ridiculous is this?

Head of The Commonwealth? What better than have a Clown at that post? No biggie. Fucking hell, they have DJ Trump in the White House... how can anything be shocking any more?"

Not to worry, the unthinking slaves would love to be led by an obnoxious dud. Remember, stupidity has no cure. The only thing that he has that Jack Ma and Zuckerberg did not is the claim his blood is purple in colour. And the peasants believe in that and love that. And the peasants are eagerly waiting to be invited to have tea with the Queen.

Anonymous said...

In the world of the blind, the one eyed clown is King.

Anonymous said...

And they still talk about royal weddings, how many babies they have, which royal is bonking who, and all that trash. Funny country, funny system and funny people who have nothing else to do.

Virgo 49 said...

Why they spend so much Resources on these Royalties and Figure Heads Presidents which they are just Parasites???

Daft and stupid beans in this World.

Virgo 49 said...

Now they have another Farking BRUTE BRIT who walloped another taxi driver.

These farking Brits went round every corners of the Earth and created troubles and chaos.

Hope they get really wallop in Russia for this coming WC when their team lost in just First Round.

The farking bananas want to celebrate their farking uncivilized behaviours.

Stupidity really NO CURE.