Public anger coming to a boil

Violence on the street used to be just the foreigners taking it out on our taxi drivers when they were drunk or pretending to be drunk or just simply bullying the locals. Today’s papers are talking about a new kind of violence against the elected representatives of the people, the MPs of the ruling party.

The most notorious cases in the past was the attack and burning of MP Seng Han Thong by two old men in their 70s. Today’s media reported that MP Dr Tan Wu Meng of Jurong GRC was attacked by a ‘young gentleman’ during the Meet the People Session. The young man had seen the MP before, a year ago. This time he was there just to beat up the MP who ended up being punched and pushed onto the ground. He was sent to NUH for a checkup before returning to resume writing appeal letters for his resident and for this ‘young gentleman’.

Lily Neo also reported of an incident when an attacker was waiting for her at the lift with a knife and a bag of urine. She was lucky that her helpers tipped her off and she took another route to her MPS. The man was arrested and confessed his vicious intent.
These incidents do not speak well of the social temperature in the island. How can the people turn violent against their MPs, the people they elected to represent them, to look after their welfare? And the MPs, together with the govt have been working their guts out to take care of them, helping them to buy very affordable public housing, helping them with their money in the CPF to buy life insurance and medical insurance, providing them and their children with good education, many are graduates, never mind if they get a job or not or become taxi drivers. That is their own fault if they can’t compete with the talented foreigners.

The govt has created such a fine city, the most expensive city with the most expensive cars and medical care, but all world class, like the education system, to match a world class city with Swiss standard of living and high pay some more.

The people are simply ungrateful. To be safe, for the safety of the MPs, more stringent laws must be introduced to protect them and their safety from the violent people. I don’t think there is any specific law that protects the MPs per se. The laws they are using against such attacks on public officers and MPs are inadequate. A fine of a $5,000 or a month’s jail is too little. This is a very serious offence and more fines and more jail terms are required. One sweet looking and so nice foreigner breaking the nose of another commuter is likely to face a 8 months jail. How can beating an MP be punished less? Cannot right?

The world has changed, circumstances have changed and new laws must be enacted to meet the changing landscape, of violence against the people’s elected representatives, something never heard before.
What do you think?

PS. MPs better take up more insurance just in case. The govt can provide an MP allowance for personal safety and protection in addition to their $16,000 monthly allowance. Becoming MP is a high risk job nowadays.


Anonymous said...

GD morning uncle RB."The people are simply ungrateful. To be safe, for the safety of the MPs, more stringent laws must be introduced to protect them and their safety from the violent people."

Uncle, u need to understand the situation of that young man that he may be getting into. He might be stress or emtionally stress during the MPS session, imagine u long q & need to wait long long, & sorry there isn't priority q for the local citizens excrpt the one in that Bugi Batok Moo ward for the foreigners Lah. Imagine the shit that he get during the day & nite wait long long testing his patience. Remember this young chap could be lost control & lost his patience during the registration if the staff over there lack the tact & social skills to clam this young chap or maybe this young chap might even has psychological problems. There r many mental illness people in this tiny island & its on the rise as this social turns into a society that lacks compassion & u die u own bziness.

Virgo 49 said...

Make my day that the MPs kena whacked.

Once, out of desperation, with my ongoing complaints against a Brit Tenant above my Unit who caused my blood pressure to 250 reading and Insominia.I waited for Koo Tsai Kew for two hours and he did not even turn up at a Function in my Constituency.

The farking Chairman told me to hand him my meticulous printouts of Police Reports, HDB correspondence with him and he will hand over to him.

After that, No sound no sight and no reply.

See how arrogant they are.So many parties including lion Dance troupe and SCDF personnel supposed to show Total Defence.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 8:38am, maybe I should correct myself. I should have used the term immortals. How can human beans beat up immortals just because the Q is too long? They are so lucky that immortals are willing to spend them helping them. How can they beat up immortals and get away with it?

Anonymous said...


冰冻三尺 非一日之寒 or one feet of ice not frozen in a day.

Anonymous said...

@RB 8.46am

Ha..ha..Immortal? Ha..ha..MP=Immortal?
MP r representative of the people Lah & is a mortal Lah, is it not? Maybe in this little red dot is different case Lah.
What MP need to learn from this episode is to take up self-defense course, like IP Man. Or MP need to protect themselves by wearing 'Iron Man' suit! This is where Ah Long's henchmen Heng Ah ( Finance Minion) can do or ask Hen to provide & Shame to sent more bodyguards Lah.

Anonymous said...

Millionaire Minister, this is definitely under your purview, responsibility and sphere of influence. Quick quick quick, introduce more draconian laws with drastic and deterrent punishments, such as chopping off offenders' hands or legs, gorge out their eyes, cut off their tongues, castrate them or compulsory death sentence.

DON'T worry that Parliament will not pass the laws you propose. PAP MPs sure 100% agree. If any Opposition MP don't agree, use the state media government mouth-piece to character-assassinated thrm.

Also DON'T worry that thr DAFT Sinkies won't agree. Never mind they kpkb. At the end of the day, they are 70% sure to vote for and put the PAP back into ANSOLUTE UNFETTERED POWER AGAIN!

Please go ahead and do the right thing. It will also make you famous and endeared by all the MPs, both ruling and Oppo.

I stand corrected if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

The above is addressed to Millionaire Minister K Shanmugam.

Virgo 49 said...

Frankly, it's those farking helpers, the RC stooges and their por lam pars who raised the blood pressure of those who wants to meet their MPs.

Think different from Opposition Wards.

They treated those who so called seek their MPs help with disdain and thought that these needs their hangouts or whatsoever reasons.

I had observed in just one cursory look at their Meet the People's Session.

Registration : Hello Uncle What's you for??Sit sit!! They barked.

Give me your I/C or fill up the form. Wait and sit down.

They behaved as though they are the Camp RSM or Duty Officers.

They treated those especially the old folks like dirt.

Too many years of Full Power had rubbed onto these bastards and bitches.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 at 1023 am.

I fully agree with your observations. In fact, I myself have enountered three times.

Once with Charles Chong. A very arrogant bastard full of airs. Only saw me for 5 seconds and pushed me to his letter-writter balls-carrier, equally arrogant, if not more.

Once with Teo Chee Hian (I was not even given a chance to meet him. What Meet-The-People Session when the people asked to me you but denied and obstructed by the boot-lickers?).

Once with Lee Bee Wah. Her running bitches refused to let me meet her and shouted at me. They laughed and acted as though they are the guard dogs to the Heavenly Imperial Jade King.

Leo81 said...

Part 3 The Human Bean Kingdom - Cracks and Fissures

Human beans civilisation has progressed tremendously since the Neolithic Revolution around 10,000 BC where there was wide spread change from hunting to agricultural lifestyle.

Despite such polar change, one constant remains: adaptation. The ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions and circumstances.

But to do that, human beans need to know what lies ahead, then formulate what steps to take in respond to the anticipated change and galvanise those around them to recognise the common interests and the same boat they are in.

Now, fast forward 12,000 years. From the vast continents on earth 120 centuries ago to global cities at this very moment of time. In this age of artificial intelligence, technological disruption, globalisation, megalomania, even disguised dictatorship and despotism under the cloak of democracy, what should the average human bean expect and how should they respond? The need to survive and live decently well is as true now as in the Neolithic era, the unchanging constant in a contantly changing human bean kingdom.

In the physical world, there are traumatic changes from time to time. Earthquakes, tsunamis ... ect etc. Under such ginormous stress, at times even the immovable mountains collapse. During each earthquake, huge cracks and fissures open up and some unwitting human beans fall inside and often perish.

In the modern economy, cracks and fissures can open up as well from time to time and some unfortunate human beans inadvertently and unwittingly get caught in such economic change. Globalisation and technological disruption often bring with it structural unemployment, widening social inequality, wild economic fluctuations and cycles.

The modern human beans need to be smart enough to protect themselves before "economic earthquakes or tsunamis" hit them from time to time. They need to understand what are happening and look ahead.

Unfortunately under current system, many human beans may have received an education that could have been adapted from dogs training centres?

Many youngsters may not even have read the news for the past days, weeks, months, years?

For example, to avoid being the unwitting and unfortunate one falling into the "cracks and fissures" under ginormous economic change, one should leverage on the FOC available data (for example leading macroeconomic indicators) provided by many goverments especially agencies such as central banks.

The problem with current system is that even many graduates do not read or know how to read or understand such data? Pathetic, isn't it? There could be some truth that some (education) systems are adpated from dogs training centres (and thus ill-suited for human beans)?

To mitigate the problems of more and more unwitting human beans falling in the cracks and fissures when ginormous economic change occurs, for a start an education system should be formulated more for human beans?

This is an opinionated view and obviously some may not agree.

However, how to solve the problems then?

Enact more punitive and draconian laws to further punish those poor unwitting human beans who had fallen into the cracks and fissures?

So as to achieve globally the highest per capita in terms of the number of draconian laws put in place to make sure citizens toe the line not unlike new recruits in a highly regimented military training camp?

The decision taken to solve current problems may likely be a determinant to
what and how a society turns out to be down the road and what the human beans in such a society would become?

PS: Mr Chua, for your consideration to be posted in your social media site. Thank you in advance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Leo81, will put it up tomorrow.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Fortune, my old child hood friend with the HDB for 40 years and as Lau chow as previously Maintenance Inspector now called Technical Officer with full knowledge of who's who's in all the blocks that they are in charge was been seconded to their Respective MPs of their estates in these What's nonsense Meet the Poor Souls Sessions.

Just sit with them and maybe have to explain their Board's rules and regulations for the MPs may be numb skulls to all their Red Tapes. Also, some from the SPF or other agencies also in there.

He told me most of the time, they just sweep their requests under the carpets so they knew that it's a waste if time the respective agencies will adhere to the Poor Souls requests.

Matter of formality just get a NO NO answers from the respective silver serpents and show them to the poor souls.

So, he actually told me that the Opposition MP who is more garang puts more fears in the Parliament than the PAP MPs.Most are parrots and Ostriches with heads in the sand.

So, Uncles, aunties,.bros,sisters and fellow countrymen.

If you want to have your grievances aired in public voted in more garang Opposition or even Mad MPs who Dared to bring them up to parliament and have your answers answered.

Do be Dafts to vote the Pap MPs who only wayang in front of you.

Get Chee Soon Juan, Lim Tean, Jegartnammen etc to make them answerable and accountable to you in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

A YouGov poll reported five days ago by Straits Times showed that PAP's Lee Hsien Loong is the 8th most admired man in Singapore.

The others in the top ten are all foreigners, that means he is the most popular of all Singaporeans in Singapore !

God Bless !

Virgo49 said...

Joke on up coming Malaysia's GE:-

A pretty little girl named Siti was sitting on the pavement. Next to her was a basket containing a number of tiny creatures, with a sign announcing FREE KITTENS.Suddenly a line of big cars pulled up beside her.Out of the lead car stepped a grinning man.

"Hi there little girl, I'm the leader of the Barisan Nasional,Najib Razak. What do you have in the basket?" he asked."Kittens," little Siti said."How old are they?" asked Najib. Siti replied, "They're so young, their eyes aren't even open yet."

"And what kind of kittens are they?""Barisan Nasional supporters," answered Suzy with a smile. Najib was delighted.As soon as he returned to his car, he called his PR chief and told him about the little girl and the kittens.

Recognizing the perfect photo op, the two of them agreed that he should return the next day, and in front of the assembled media, have the girl talk about her discerning kittens.

So the next day,Siti was again on the pavement with her basket of "FREE KITTENS, "When Najib's motorcade pulled up, this time followed by vans from Bernama, Utusan Malaysia, TV 3 etc.Cameras and audio equipment were quickly set up, then Najib got out of his limo and walked over to little Siti.

"Hello, again," he said, "I'd love it if you would tell all my friends out there what kind of kittens you're giving away.""Yes sir," Siti said."They're Pakatan Raayat supporters.

"Taken by surprise, Najib stammered,"But..but..yesterday, you told me they were Barisan Nasional supporters!"Little Siti smiled and said, "I know.But today, they have their eyes open.

Sinkie Eyes have NOT OPEN as yet to vote for the Opposition Parties.

But Frankly, I would still prefer Mr Nasib to win this coming Elections.

If Mad Hater and the Rest had won, it be HELL and faster demise of Sinkieland.

Who cares Nasib accumulated billions or millions?? You think Sinkieland No ONE IMDB Scandal??

Not exposed as yet. Nasib most probably Status Quo to Sinkieland relationships.

Whereas, Mad Hater and Anwar, oops my God, our Malaysian Sanctuary Hideouts gonna be gone and when Sinking Land is sinking, no more place to seek Sanctuaries.

They be imposed all sorts of laws to backdated and confiscated whatsoever properties you own there.

So better BN wins. Cheers

Leo81 said...

Typo ...

"There could be some truth that some (education) systems are adpated from dogs training centres (and thus ill-suited for human beans)?"

Should be spelt "adapted"

Leo81 said...

Thank you Mr Chua.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49, moral of the story:

Corruption is better than non-corruption.

Corrupt government is better than non-corrupt government.

Corrupt ministers are better than non-corrupt ministers.

Corrupt officials are better than non-corrupt officials.

So, next time when someone speaks about giving ministers and top civil servants obscene pay increase so as to prevent them from becoming corrupt, please tell him to be corrupt instead of sucking up taxpayers' money through fake and crooked reasoning.

Tell them the kittens have opened their eyes.

Last Casino Cold Turkey Withdrawal said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Hopefully they would still serve the atas bak kwa pork floss sandwiches in MC for patrons to gobble down at the high tables facing the big screen while they clobble in their minds their next strategies at the roulette or 21 table?

Virgo 49 said...

Yes Casino Bro, Nasib wins.Genting Bak kwa plus floss toppings sandwiches sold opposite Old Town at B5 Still status quo.

Can still visit and see WC Final live telecast at Arena of Stars this coming July 15th.

PAS wins, no more Genting trips.
PKR wins, capital taxes resale levies like the PAP goes into effects.

Motor cars also for Sinkies COEs.Must pay extras.

Spouted by PKR or BN??

Anyway, BN lesser evils.

PAP Real Evil.

Anonymous said...

Under the paper general Ng, we saw the much prided national symbol of NOL lost so much money for so long that finally it was sold for a song. The French company that bought it, turned it around within 9 months and made a hefty profit, recovering part of its cost.

Now, with paper general Ng play toy-soldiers with SPH, the Holding Company for a number of news media has seen a sharp drop of 25% profits in Q2. SPH's financial year stars 1st October.

Moral of the story:

Paper Generals are only good on papers. Eat and grow fat. Nothing else.

Good luck to daft Sinkies.

Matland So Good Got Many High Mountains Genting, Cameron, Penang Hill so cooling shiok shiok. Sinkieland Mt Timah face palm liao. Only cooling place for the filthy rich at one FAMOUS LONGEST INFINITY POOL but need pay few hundred $$$ per day visit? said...

Hopefully Bak Kwa sandwich price status quo wont shoot up too much ... if not dun wan le :(

Will go for next alternative at the CASHLESS fd ct. There have a nice dish there only RM11.

But the CASHLESS system at fdct VERY MAH FAN :( Previously system was down intermittently several times and many patrons left holding a "USELESS" TOP UP CARD and cannot buy any food :( Lucky already bought food liao then system down.

Virgo: //Can still visit and see WC Final live telecast at Arena of Stars this coming July 15th.//

Before or after that can go game arcade top up cashcard play basket shooting ... but near there walkway have some pimp and prostitution touting activity quite irritating and if some unwitting foolish or daft tourists kena conned sure ripped off until jiat lat jiat lat.

Pimp and prostitution biz usually quite evil and is a one big wayang show and waiting to rip off those unwary daft daft stupid stupid people who think they got a good deal angels waiting for them but actually devils in disguise? Maciam journey to the west drama the people go in one whole body come out left skeletons ... In life when bump into pimp and prostitution people or touting better run fast fast stay away far far away. Often nothing good would come out of it.

Need to learn more how evil, tricky and devious the demons can be, go read the original ancient Chinese version XI YOU JI written by Si Nai An or if some are bananas & Chinese illiterate, then go watch YouTube drama versions have English subtitles.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo bro, now only RM9.00 Sin 3.00

Can get $3.00 FOOD now in SINKIE land? ??

Increse also just few SINKIE cts.Let uncle earn lah.

Roulette once spin also 60 to 100Rm. Hits single digit on target 3600.00. Eat until jaws come out

That Restaurant using cashless cards Tim sum troublesome.

Once put Genting Member card and forget to take out.Have to get another replacement at RM15.00.

Aiya only Sin 5.00. Not enough one set 4D Number.

Semi finals Third and Fourth Placings at International Show Room. Final at Areana of Stars FOC live telecast.

Had used 46 points for two nights stay as Hot days. No bookings now no more rooms.Resort and Grand all sold out.

See you there. Give you sandwich treats. Filipino Lady assistant my good friend.


In 2016, One IT fresh grad entry pay $4100 but first few months already OT till 3am in the morning. How to get married & enter parenthood? Even can conceive children also problematic cos body burned out and eggs damaged when produced so genes also in degeneration? said...

Virgo 10.03am //Can get $3.00 FOOD now in SINKIE land? ??//

Submarine sandwich in sinkieland one set abt $6.90. Abt RM21. Same amt can eat almost 2.5 bak kwa sandwiches in Genting. Bite until jaws also tired? But got more time also to cobble the thoughts and write more "essays or formulate more algebraic equations" ... haha

Shambody never think deeper why such problems exist and shallow thinking more laws will do the tricks? "Mei Zhang Nao"? No Hope Le? said...

PG Oldie //What do you think?//

Aiyo ... remember one Chinese phrase:

"Mei Zhang Nao" (aka literally nvr grow brain)

Some silver serpents and JLBs "Mei Zhang Nao"?

Must wait until problems big big like 2013 Little India Riot then call for COI to find out root causes?

Now, the problem facing sinkies is only about "insufficient laws" then solution is to enact "more punitive and draconian laws"?

Really "Mei Zhang Nao"?

If the leeders in peesai can only manage that, then it is another confirmation an old man had left behind a motley crew of darts ... no hope le ...?

Sinkies value (to peesai) worst than blanga workers?

Sinkies worth less?

Why bother to have COI for 2013 Little India and find out root causes (but sinkies problems maciam dun exist and sweep under carpet)?

Blanga workers value worth more than sinkies?

Problems facing sinkies are NOT much more than that?

If root causes of Little India Riot are multidisciplinary (mb shambody took idea from social media post with almost exactly same analysis which appeared one or 2 days after the incident), then sinkies problems are not and are due solely to "insufficient laws" so enact "more punitive laws" is the solution?

"Mei Zhang Nao"?

Peesai no hope le?

Totally devoid of any new idea to solve new problem?

Openly talk about innovation, transformation blah blah blah etc etc but still using archaic outdated old ways to solve new problems? (Bluff who?)

"Jiak Liao Bee" & "Mei Zhang Nao" are inadequate terms to adequately describe this motley crew of darts (leeching BIG time on taxpayers $$$)?

Anonymous said...

Drink water?
But Don think clearly.sad

Drink processed sai chui makes sinkies very healthy ... mentally, physically and emotionally? said...

Anonymous April 20, 2018 7:28 am
>>>Drink water?
But Don think clearly.sad<<<

Many sinkies drink "Sai Chui aka sewerage" processed water ... ha ha

No wonder 7.28am not only cannot think clearly but cannot write properly also ...?

More sad?

Anonymous said...

Sacarsm as a literary device. Brilliantly applied.

Sarcasm also dunno how to spell? Jiak Liao Bee IB SIA SUAY? Scrapping bottom of barrel? No talent liao? said...

@ AnonymousApril 20, 2018 9:14 am
>>>Sacarsm as a literary device. Brilliantly applied.<<<

If there is, perhaps "learned" from the best "words twisters" aka "world's (154th) best"?

Talk until ($8) cow no come hm face palm liao?

The proof is at the end got pudding or not mah?