Kim Jong Un, the statesman extraordinaire

Praises and accolades are pouring in to acknowledge the achievements and abilities of Kim Jong Un as a maverick statesman to bring North Korea to where it is today. Under his able leadership, North Korea has stood up to all the American aggression and traps to bring the country to its knees. Not only has Kim Jong Un survived the daily military threats of war, the economic sanctions and the threats of a preemptive strike and regime change, he has singlehandedly turned North Korea into a nuclear power, a status that made the Americans hapless and no longer able to threaten him with war with impunity. The possession of nuclear weapons that could reach the USA is the sole factor that now offered Kim Jong Un and his North Korea peace of mind.

With his new stature confirmed, Kim is now on a charm offensive, visiting China and agreeing to meet up with the presidents of South Korea and the USA. Kim has out manoeuvred and out foxed the Americans and gained great respect from leaders around the world. This young man is no easy push around, not even by the mightiest evil Empire. Trump would have to meet him and negotiate with him, no more, no less, on equal terms, on Kim’s terms.

The rise of Kim Jong Un must have taken a hit on the silly unthinking critics that gobbled up all the nonsense and negative remarks fabricated by the Americans to discredit Kim. No longer is anyone going to talk about the rocket man or using other derogatory labels against Kim. The Americans would have to treat him just like another leader of a nation, with respect. Yes, Kim knew how to talk tough with the Americans, not by words, but by the language that the Americans understood, by possessing nuclear weapons, to be able to hit back.

Kim did not get this respect the easy way. Many leaders would have buckled under the daily attacks by the Americans. Saddam and Gaddafi were good examples of leaders that could not stand the pressure of the Americans and could not live to see another day. They were murdered by the Americans. Kim would be around for a long time. Trump and his hawks would quietly be saying to themselves that Kim is a worthy opponent in his own right. Making silly remarks about Kim is not going to be useful anymore.

Kim has gained great stature as a national leader that stood up to the Americans and survived and be respected by the Americans and the world.


Anonymous said...

Yep Kim has risen but Sinkieland Long fallen a loser & a big one. Not only China r shunning Sinkieland, the UaSS also, Sinkieland might be driven to the corners such that only way is to squeeze dry its people till their last drop of blood & breath, its retribution might be coming fast n furious to make it right by his late father.

Virgo49 said...

A Strong and capable Leader also needs to have a Team of equally capable and loyal, ferocious Compatriots.

Kim has also a capable Foreign Minister aka Rep to the UN Roh, who is just as Maverick as Kim.

Also, Kim canvassed the loud booming Ajuma Lady Newsreader with her Booming Voice frightened the Shits out of those who harassed them.

Sinkieland got a bunch of Ah Gua Eunuchs who only know how to echo His Master Voice.

Dogs staring at the Scratchy Player and barked at the Opposition and those who criticized them.

Anonymous said...

Kim could only consider giving up his nuke only if he has China and Russia security guarantee. American guarantee is no use to kim

Anonymous said...

We love Kim Jong Un !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

These days it's impossible for authoritarian govts to interdict and block all communications all the time. Some of it will leak thru, and people within that locked-down and locked-out regime will definitely be influenced.

China has "The Great Firewall" where access to Facebook, Google, VPN and proxies etc. are curtailed or outrightly banned. We know their success in doing so is for the most part effective, but Chinese mainlanders still manage to find ways around it.

Things are probably the same on a smaller scale in N Korea---information, trues and false, is leaking into the cuntry. And it has got some of the higher-ups thinking, and imagining "what-if" scenarios of a coup against Kim.

So like any good tactician and "big thinker", Kim has had to adjust his image and appear to be more "conciliatory" than his detractors, and possible "traitors" think him to be.

This is a smart move. There is little doubt that this fella is a joke tin-pot dictator. He is a smart operator who reads the tea-leaves exceptionally well. He and his forebears have been playing "chicken" with the USA since the armistice of the Korean War.

With all the might of an over-budgeted space-age military, the Kims have managed to basically adopt a "fuck you" attitude to a foe which can finish them in the time it takes for a long Friday lunch.

The Kims have "tested" missile after missile, many passing so close to Japan driving the Nips apolectic. The last 2 Kims have struck fear into the hearts and minds of the feckless ASEAN.

(ASEAN is so piss-weak that even citizens of its fake-democracy member nations think that ASEAN is a bunch of retards running the asylum.)

I have to say, the Kim's on the points of real global politik, are exceptional masters of the game.

Just as a collapse of Singapore is likely to come from within, I think the Young Kim is anticipating some treachery within the ranks. And we shouldn't be surprised at this.

Humans are a social species, with baked-in mechanisms for fear and mistrust. Tribalism is an expression of this---we form groups, to fight other groups. Sometimes we cooperate with groups we don't like. It looks like we're "friends", but actually no. In the pursuit of our own self-interest, we decide to put tribal differences aside for the benefits of cooperation.

Politics, is a larger expression of tribalism. If we were not a social species, there probably won't be any politics.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Where there is a buck or several million to be made, you will find these folks there: Chinese, Indian, Jew...and fucking Singaporeans.

That's why we are so rich. Singaporeans punch above their weight. If they don't, the city-state's sovereign wealth fund certainly does ;-)

Singapore is the 4th largest trading partner with the DPRK, next to Russia, China...and surprise, surprise our northern abang: Malaysia!

So don't be surprised if some of "your" CPF is invested in ventures in the DPRK generating 3-figure percentage returns, whilst you get a fuck-spider percentage on "your" money.

You should celebrate. We are Singapore. We are rich. :-)

Anonymous said...

Compared with K8m Jung-Un, Singapore's Dynastic Crown/Clown Prince is totally opposite and treacherously useless.

Kim built strategic nuclear deterrent, Singapore's Clown even sold off the little strategic assets we have sucj as the Power Stations and as a result use that as excuse to increase the price of electricity every 3 months.

Kim looks after his country folks, even aiming to re-unite the Korean people, Singapore's clown deliberately makes it financially expensive to bring up children for the poor and middle income, so that the birth-rate become lower and lower. Then he imports foreigners to make them new citizens and PRs and give them good jobs to deprive Singaporeans of their livelihood and increase artificial competition for NS men.

Kim gives his poor people and soldiers free housing for life, Singapore's Clown conned his fellow citizens with a 99-year lease-hold cheap flat and inflated the market price of property and then charge them market price inclusive of land price, and then pretend to give discounts in the form of grants and say it is subsidized. And make them pay for 25 to 30 years of their adult life. And when the 99-year lease is up, the value of the flat is ZERO, when it has to be revert back to the HDB. You paid for the land, the land is not yours. You paid for the flat, the flat is not yours.

Kim gives scholarships only to his own citizens, not foreigners. Singapore's Clown not only gives scholarships to foreigners, he also gives them free lodging, free extra tuition, pocket money monthly, and guarantees them a good job after graduation. While local Singaporeans are subject to limitations and restrictions in terms of places and faculty in the Universities, and at the same time, the tuition fee keep increasing to subsidize bthe free-loader foreigners.

The list goes on ....

Anonymous said...

Correction: K8m to read as Kim. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

To prevent the Koreans from reaching geo/political agreements that might be BAD for USA .the trade talks between Skorea n Us were postponed.Basically Beekokia linking trade with geopolitical objectives to their advantage

Anonymous said...

China also made a move on weiqi chessboard.

During a meeting with President Moon Jae-in in Seoul on Friday, Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi said there will be "tangible results in the near future," when Moon requested China terminate what is seen as retaliation for the deployment of an advanced U.S. missile defense system, commonly known as THAAD, in South Korea

Anonymous said...

China wants to break up the Skore Japs America alliance at her doorstep right!

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //Kim did not get this respect the easy way. Many leaders would have buckled under the daily attacks by the Americans. //

How abt:

"Chin did not get this respect the easy way. Many bloggers would have buckled under the daily attacks by the IBericans."?

Lao Hero //Kim has gained great stature as a national leader that stood up to the Americans and survived and be respected by the Americans and the world.//


"Chin has gained great stature as a national blogger who stood up to the IBericans and survived and be respected by the IBericans and the world."?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 April 04, 2018 8:53 am
//A Strong and capable Leader also needs to have a Team of equally capable and loyal, ferocious Compatriots.//


Is not

"A strong and capable blogger also needs to have a team of equally savvy, loyal and jaunty contributors."

Equally true?

Anonymous said...

A greedy selfish vicious ruthless tyrannical leader also need a team of equally greedy selfish vicious and ruthless sycophants, minions, cronies and daft followers to carry balls and do his biddings like motorised automatic robots.

Anonymous said...

Thr Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehood led by MP Charles Chong, who deliberately sprouted online falsehood about the missing $millions in the last Ponggo East By-Elections, now deliberately spread falsehood, both online and offline, by MISREPRESENTING the Feedback given by witnesses.

Several witnesses who presented themselves in the public hearings have complained how the government’s Select Committee have misrepresented their views. Freelance journalist Kirsten Han detailed her complaint in an official email complaint reproduced on her blog:

“I was horrified to see my views so drastically misrepresented within the Summary of Evidence. I reproduce the summary (in italics) — without the offensive image that was published within it — with my responses below in bold.”

Another witness, Jolovan Wham, complained about Select Committee member, PAP MP Edwin Chong:

“I did not say that there was no evidence of online falsehoods. I said there was no empirical evidence that online falsehoods have a significant impact on Singapore society.”

Local human rights group, Maruah, also lodged a complaint criticising the Select Committee, especially referring to Law Minister K Shanmugam, of being “disrespectful, patronising and discriminating”:

“We express our dissatisfaction at the modus operandi and the approach that the committee took on when it came to the hearings from some civil society actors, online media practitioners, technology providers, academics. There were instances of aggression and a confrontational stance that underpinned the approach taken for these witnesses.”

Eight days of wasting taxpayers' money, attempting extremely hard to discredit and character-assassinate several witnesses who present facts and views not to the Committee's liking, the Select Committee now shoots its own feet by twisting the words and meanings of statements made by several witnesses.

What credibility does the Select Committee has?

Without credibility, what moral or legal authority does the Select Committee has?

Anonymous said...

China Likely to Announce Trade Retaliation Plan Against U.S. This Afternoon

China will announce massive trade retaliation measures against U.S. Wednesday afternoon, in response to America's new tariffs plan unveiled overnight - the U.S. announced a proposed tariff list on 1,300 Chinese products worth about $50 billion .

"According to information I received, China's massive plan in retaliation of U.S. tariffs will be released this afternoon Beijing time," according to Global Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin's twitter account.

The U.S., obviously targeting China’s high-tech sector, is attempting to strangle Chinese high-tech development and attack China’s “Made in China 2025” plan.

Since the U.S. has initiated the trade war, China’s countermeasures should deal a heavy blow, hitting what the U.S. fears most.

China may start with U.S. soybeans and corn products. If U.S. agriculture industry feels the pain, it will cause an enormous spillover effect in the country with strong political impact. The ruling GOP will pay a huge price. U.S. soybean farmers are already very nervous and have run ads on television to oppose Trump from launching a trade war. Their anxiety will put pressure on U.S. policymakers.

U.S. automobile industry should come next. Many U.S. enterprises such as General Motors have factories in China. Beijing should substantially increase the import tariffs on U.S. vehicles and their components, prompting U.S. manufacturers to transfer more production to China. In that case, relevant manufacturing in the U.S. will be further depressed. Since China has long been the world’s largest auto market, it has a dominant influence worldwide in this field.

Beijing should also cut orders from U.S. aircraft maker Boeing and order from Airbus instead.

The branches of U.S. companies in China produce and sell over $200 billion worth of products in China every year, yet Chinese local companies have the ability to replace most of them. U.S. service trade with China has also been growing rapidly. Beijing has a lot of room to suppress the U.S. in this regard.

The total size of China’s consumer market has already surpassed the U.S. The logic of some U.S. elites that China is more dependent on the U.S. is untenable.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.21

You must have in your letter boxes a Select Group of Buffet Catering Company pamphlet as equivalent to this Wayang Select Committee.

After wallowing, walloping and wasted Tax payers monies, they themselves twist and created rubbish on other facts and opinions.

What's nonsense fake and real news

They themselves made first moved to undermine others.

Charles Chong looked like he meeting his Maker Soon.

Select Group need to prepare more curry chickens soon

Anonymous said...

07:44 GMT China Unveils Retaliation Plan for U.S. Tariffs -- State TV Weibo

07:45 GMT China to Levy 25% Tariff on Soybeans, Auto, Chemical Products -- State TV

07:45 GMT China's Tariff Plan Covers 106 Types of Products -- State TV

Anonymous said...

08:02 GMT China's Tariff Plan Covers $50 Billion of U.S. Products -- Commerce Ministry

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans still think they could whack China and China would not hit back. The days of appeasement is over.

China is hitting back.

Concerns of a Heartland Sinkie said...

Lao Hero, below an article contribution for your consideration (to be posted) in MSN. Thank you.

Part 4:

As mentioned in late 2016 in MSN and (mentioned) again in early 2017, a head and shoulder trend was formed in terms of the tide of globalisation and at least a 70% chance of an unmistakable trend reversal?

1) 911 marked the "left shoulder"?

2) The 2008 GFC the "head"?

3) And Jun 2016 Brexit & Nov 2016 "Brexit+++" marked the right "shoulder"?

The current wave of globalisation that took off massively in the 1970s could be in reverse gear?

However, way back in late 2014 and again in 2015, the warning sirens of possible de-globalisation was sounded (in MSN) but noboLEE paid any heed (to it)?

As mentioned previously (& repeatedly) in 2014 to 2017 (in MSN), the last cycle of internationalisation (aka globalisation) was in even higher gear than the current but the trade wars that started in the 1890s culminated 2 decades later in the WW1 that saw Pax Britannica ceding its preeminent world policeman role and the global hegemon title was left unfilled ......, can any reader recall? (Pls KEE CHIU ...)

Subsequently, the then world order collapsed in a power vacuum and an anarchic world order ensued.

During those inter-war years (1919-1938), the global economy went into a tailspin, wall street collapsed in 1929 and precipitated the first ever global Great Depression?

The late Professor Charles Kindleburger, in his 1973 book "The World in Depression: 1929-1939", expounded his world famous theory of HST (Hegemonic Stability Theory).

The late Professor passed away in 2003 (at the ripe old age of 92) after the 2nd Gulf War broke out.

The fast recovery of Western Europe was to a large extent due to the late Professor spearheading the then Marshall Plan in the post-war reconstruction.

Many policies that the late Professor advocated that are key determinants of a stable world order are now been "thrown into the incinerator" ...?

The immutable MSN wiseman lao hero wrote in his post dated 4/03/2018: "Hundred Flowers Movement Revisited 百花运动" under the final two short but thundering concluding paragraphs:


"People who did not know history or learn from the mistakes in history would be condemned to make the same mistakes and bury themselves only to verify that history would repeat itself with their folly.

Thank you very much for a precious but painful lesson in history."


Given China's latest retaliatory counter protectionistic measures announced this afternoon, a full blown trade blows between the world's 2 top most preeminent economic powers and giants seems unavoidable UNLESS the perpetrator who started this potential full scale trade war back down ...?

In 1985, Sg's founding PM went to Capitol Hill, Washington and spoke in the joint US Congress session [see Youtube video: https://youtu.be/X6CZ3C0niPg], arguing against an oncoming trade war then between the Americans and the Japanese which culmunated in the 1987 Plaza Accord and an immediate 30% revalution of the Yen vis-a-vis the major world currencies in particular the USD but which also subsequently led to the "destruction" of the then world #2 economic powerhouse and the subsequent Japanese economic malaise since 1990 ...?

This time unlikely there will be another iconic world leading figure to thwart the US of firing the 1st canon (which already happened) and more importantly there will not be a repeat of the 1987 "Plaza Accord"?

What next?

Stay tune ... for Part 5

Heartland Sinkie said...

Oops typo

"The late Professor Charles Kindleburger, ..." should be spelt

"The late Professor Charles Kindleberger, ..."

Heartland Sinkie said...

Another typo ... oops oops ...

"...arguing against an oncoming trade war then between the Americans and the Japanese which culmunated in the 1987 Plaza Accord and an immediate 30% revalution of the Yen..."

Should be spelt "culminated"

Anonymous said...

Charlie Chong cheated the voters of Ponggol East by knowingly spread falsehood so as to get elected by hook and by crook.

Such dishonest person how can be Chairman of the Select Committee?

If there is any God, He should do something and not let this crook get by for so long.

Heartland Sinkie said...

Oops oops oops ...

3rd typo

"...revalution" should be spelt " ...revaluation ..."

Heartland Sinkie said...

4th typo .... Quadruple oops ...

"This time unlikely there will be another iconic world leading figure to thwart the US of firing the 1st canon (which already happened)"

Should be

" ... firing the 1st "trade" canon ..."

Anonymous said...

PAP government's Propaganda Unit, REACH, deliberately published another highly questionable and suspect poll result it claimed it has taken, regarding the tax increases and the scheduled GST increase.

he chairman of REACH, former PAP MP Sam Tan, said that his poll found that Singaporeans “largely welcome” the Budget and claimed that Singaporeans believe the Budget will “build a more inclusive society where no one is left behind”.

There is however no revelation on the questioning methods and the profiles of the survey respondents. It is public knowledge that REACH approach only pro-ruling party supporters for feedback, hence the results are often usually one-sided.

The government propaganda unit has earlier also claimed it had conducted a poll that showed 92% of Singaporeans are supportive of new laws to to punish those who spread online falsehood.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone cheering on the Trade War because they're too cheapskate to pay for UFC on cable:

China's played right into the hands of Trump. Trump is a psycho, irrational, amoral egotist. If he crashes the US economy, the Trump organisation will just pick up cheap property---everyone is leveraged to the moon. When it crashes....all cheap sale...lelong, lelong!

General Motors is a goner. Too much fucking debt. They went into the sub-prime auto loan business, and they're upside down now. It won't take much to finish them...maybe Malaysia's Proton can buy them when GM is in the toilet. Or our Temasek or GIC...It wouldn't be the first piece of shit they buy.

Trump is one fucker who wouldn't mind sacrificing a few big pawns to make his cock look bigger. Never fight an adversary who's willing to lose more than you can expect to gain.

Let's see how this turns out.