Korean Peace Talks and The American Warhawks and Neocons

The two countries Korea and China were divided due to the interference by America and Russia in their civil wars. Without the American and Russian interference Korea and China will today be two happy united countries.

The separation between North Korea (DPRK ) and South Korea ( ROK ) and between Mainland China and Taiwan was due to the fraud  and divisive evil ideology and doctrine imposed on the Koreans and the Chinese by the West headed by US and by Russia. After the Second World War both US and Russia had competing plans to dominate and control Asia. Using its bogus democracy and self serving evil doctrines US occupied South Korea and Taiwan while Russia occupied North Korea and perfunctorily supported Chairman Mao's PRC. If US and Russia had not interfered in the Korean civil war and the Chinese civil war the Koreans and the Chinese today would not have been divided but remain as two dignified united countries. America has consistently persisted in maintaining a divided Korea and a divided China to suit its agenda and ultimate aim of world conquest and hegemony.

While most Koreans aspire to be united and most people and countries in the world hope for a successful peace talk leading to the unification of the two Koreas not every body or every nation look forward to the success of the peace talks. The Japanese under  the despicable Abe definitely do not want to see a united Korea. A divided Korea will serve Japanese insidious agenda of military revival for its secret aim of seeking revenge and potential plan of aggression and conquest of Korea, China and Asia again and this time with the help and connivance of America. There are some treacherous Korean traitors who for their own selfish interests  will never want to have a united Korea but rather prefer to serve their Japanese and American masters servilely for their own personal benefits.

Even Trump's personal interest in the talks is under scrutiny. Is he using the talks in bidding his time to serve his secret agenda of other more morbid underlying plans for greater aggression somewhere else in Asia or in the South China Sea region. His sincerity in the peace talks is doubtful granted that he is a dishonourable man who often flip flops on his decisions and agreements .  Also he has to contend with the large numbers of warhawks , neocons and the powerful Deep State of the Shadow Government of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cartel which controls Wall Street, CIA and the Pentagon and whose doctrine of perpetual and permanent warfare to generate wealth and profits for the Cartel do not bode well for the talks. The American warhawks, neocons and the Illuminati Cartel thrives on wars and never believe in peace.

The Russians also may not want to see a united Korean nation or a peaceful North East Asia or Asia because of Russia's own guilt of aggression against a weak  China before and therefore the Russians harbour a lingering fear that a peaceful united China may one day settle accounts with Russia for illegally occupying over three million square miles of Chinese lands north of the Heilongjiang River in Siberia and the Maritime Province in the Pacific coast during the time of the Opium Wars of 1839 to 1842 and 1856 to 1860.

However it is the hope of all Koreans and Chinese and all peace loving people and countries in the world that the Koreans and the Chinese will eventually be united as a single Korean nation and a single Chinese state in order to have genuine peace throughout Asia and the Pacific region.

The fate of the Koreans and the Chinese , their peace and livelihood, their economy and political and territorial integrity should not be held hostage by the American warhawks, neocons and the Illuminati cartel. If Trump and the Americans are sincere in a peaceful world they must openly denounce and renounce all their evil religious and militant doctrines such as the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, the Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny, the Doctrine of Exceptionalism and llilateralism of the Neocons and the Doctrine of  Permanent Warfare of the Zionist Illuminati Cartel.


Saturday, 28th April, 2018


Anonymous said...


" Today the US is still the major obstacle to Korean unification. Instead they imposed corrupt dictatorships who outlawed the communist opposition and slaughtered them mercilessly. This is why the real reasons for either war are seldom discussed...."

" North Korean Defence Minister Gen Pak Yong-sik and the head of the Korean People's Army Gen Staff Vice Marshal Ri Myong-su, saluted Moon Jae-in as a goodwill gesture of respect when the North and South delegations greeted one another.

Their South Korean counterparts did not salute Kim Jong-un.

For his part, Kim Jong-un participated in reviewing South Korea's military honour guard, but did not salute back.

The salutes are a poignant reminder that the 1950-1953 Korean War ended in an armistice - not a peace treaty..."

The link,
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Anonymous said...


" D-day was calculated to halt the soviet advance across Europe. Not liberate it from the nazis. That’s why we waited until 11 months before the war was over.

And the atom bomb was a racist travesty timed to stop the soviet occupation of Asia. Not save American lives from an invasion of Japan that had to otherwise happen immediately in order to beat the Russians to Tokyo.
My fellow Americans, it wasn’t our fight; it was everyone else’s. Time to let them have it. Stop mythologizing a war against the nazis we didn’t wage until the very last minute. Expropriating it from those who did. Soviet leaders signing nonaggression pacts with aryans and japs out of desperation to postpone their imminent assault on subhuman slav civilization doesn’t diminish the tragic sacrifice of nearly 30 million dead Russian peasants.

In reality, America waited as long as it could to join the war.

In reality, America waited as long as it could to join the war. Until the nazis and communists killed as many of each other as possible before stepping in to valiantly save them all. Then dropped not one, but two atomic bombs to finally end it. While at the same time seizing the opportunity to fire the first, stupid opening shots of the next one...."

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Anonymous said...

"If Trump and the Americans are sincere in a peaceful world...." unquote

All US presidents, whether Democrats or Republicans, are under the control of the deep state and shadow government. Those that tried not to, like Lincoln and Kennedy, were assassinated.

So, how can the world ever hope to get rid of the deep state and shadow Government when they now control the whole military establishment of the US? Is there hope for the world with the creation of a stronger nation to counter the US? It is a far-fetched dream that even Russia and China cannot fulfil under present conditions.

War, aggression, plundering and seizing of territories had been the hallmark of the Western nations, not only by the US but also by the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and the Vikings of old.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hahaha... Southern Glory in da house y'all! At his age, he still doesn't "get it".

If your stupid cuntry and her sheeple can't defend themselves or their nation, eventually they will be conquered, or changed by domestic

... And it eventually depends on the CULTURE of the sheeple. Some cultures are "better suited" to survival and change, than others.

Multiculturalism is flawed for many reasons. One reason is that the doctrine assumes all cultures are "equal" and that through social and cultural evolution they've reached "equality" in our modern era.

It also assumes that IQ is uniform over all cultures. It is not the case. Some races and cultures are more intelligent than others. However these days, you cannot discuss such things because doing so makes you RACIST. 🤣

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