Back to the past

The official launch of the Singapore Premier League (SPL) last Saturday (31 March 2018) at the National Stadium promised to be a new dawn for Singapore football. This was supposed to mark a resurrection from the embers of the failed S-League but alas there were echos of the past even at this embryonic stage of its young life. And I am not even talking about the football.  I am merely talking about the administration that goes into a simple match.      

On that supposedly auspicious day, as I rushed off bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to attend the season-opening Community Shield match between Albirex Nigata and Tampines Rovers, I decided to “tapow” my dinner with a view to eating it inside the stadium. Bad mistake. At the entrance, I was told that food cannot be brought into the stadium. “No problem”, I said, “I’ll just leave it outside and eat it at half-time”.  “No way”, said the authorities, “You cannot leave the stadium at half-time.  If you leave, you’ll have to buy another ticket to re-enter.  You either eat it now or you eat it after the match”.  That really put me in a fix as it was 2 minutes to the game and I had no wish to choke on my food just to make the kick-off. On the other hand, stuffing down cold food wasn’t exactly an appetizing way of crowning a night-out. At this point, a gentleman who had overheard the conversation kindly offered me a complimentary ticket to re-enter the stadium after my meal.  Thank god there are still sensible souls around!

Later I learned why food could not be brought into the stadium. There were eateries - no doubt paying ceiling-high rentals - inside the stadium and these obviously needed “help” to ensure a captive clientele. I have no issue with this. But why make it difficult for people to leave the stadium during the half-time break? Surely, 15 minutes is too short to queue, buy and consume outside food all at one go?  I came to support Singapore football but left with a sour taste in my mouth.  At a time when Singapore football is in dire need of customers, this was a bad piece of public relations. And as I said earlier, I am not even talking about the football.



Virgo49 said...

SINKIE Government with its trickle down style of administration to make as much as monies as you can from the masses, all will follow their styles.

Previously, in MRT Stations no food allowed near 50 or 100 metres within areas.After that Great Cleopatra Saw implemented Food Stall even in MRT Stations,they allowed food to be sold but not consumed in Trains.Later, their own eateries foods will be allowed in Trains.

Now even coffee shops demanded that you buy their drinks whilst seating on their seats just for ten mins waiting for your Genting coaches to board.

Singaporeans are like now digits to them with no more human souls and kindness. Every thing purely business. You slaughter me and I slaughter you mentality.

Now, even self service and have even add insults to injury put a deposit for your tray and return them yourselves.

Nothing like Matland.You sit to be served by the hawkers.Someevenin tell you to make payments after your meals.

Excellent human services. Who who's to blame for this culture of becoming a Monstrous Society??

The Pay And Pay with their cronies. All now paying exorbitant rentals to the Landlords and the stakeholders for suevivals had to be very mean and inhuman.

So,another decades we be spilling each other blood and guts.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo uncle RB, you are so cheap skate. Buy from food outlets in the stadium la, why deny them some profit?

Singapore football will see a new era. Singapore will buy Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Zaitan and also Bale to represent Singapore team. Singapore will shine in the world of football. Singapore will win the World Cup five times in a row.

Singapore with the great surplus will be able to afford the new Singapore squad.

We can buy badminton and table-tennis players from China, so we will have no problems with building a great football team.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.04

Mr Chua brought tickets and travel plans to Russia for the WC already.

This posting by Mr Foo.

We want to revive the Football of Quah Kim Song and Dollah Kassim, but they are so inhuman to the supporting fans.

Inside can eat from their eateries but not outside food. Both also food unless you scared infested by Rats. The PAP Rats.

Just like the Bedminton, oops Badminton Tournaments.No even our own bottled water. But inside can order and drink their eateries water.

How? ??

Anonymous said...

Use food panda service.they know how to get to you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Uncle, ignore those arseholes who call you cheapskate. Your money, your business lah.

The food they serve at outlets contains too much bad shit like palm oil, salt, and hi fructose sugars...shit that will kill us, and definitely not recommended for us seniors.

Smuggle in your food. You are Singaporean. We don't surrender our money easily. That's why we have money in the first place!

Also, we are resourceful. We're clever at looking for lobang-lobang to get a better deal.
I am a paleo-vegan. Therefore I have to carry my own food most of the time or else I have to eat unhealthy rubbish.
So I "smuggle" food all the time. Especially on budget airlines. Fucked their rules...I have my own!

Virgo49 said...

Wah, I say Man, Matilah,.you what's psycho vegan..Eat purely vegetarian ah??

Got strength to shoot flies or not?? Oh ya, vegetarian food but are suck real human tits milk and other juices for substance. Got follow Ancient Sages methods of rejuvenating their virility with olives kana stuffed into virgins's caves or not??

Their youthful strengths in their caves soaked with dews can even revive a dead ah peh.

That's why the Sinkieland rich Towkays went there for their virility.

Even those cancerous Ah Guas on his father's good connections went there to prolong his cancerous life full of sins.

Now too late liao, effects worn off. That's why now Blur Blur King.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo:

>> Eat purely vegetarian ah <<

No paleo vegan. Vegan--- vegetarian, no dairy, no eggs. Paleo--- 1 day a week, 2 if I'm training heavy (weights). Paleo is protein and fat, carbohydrate limit 50g...ie 1/2 bowl of rice or 1 piece of toast daily. All the time and everytime: NO SUGAR!! And only whole foods...NONE OF THAT "MOCK MEAT" vegetarian bullshit Buddhists eat.

>> Got strength to shoot flies or not?? <<

Are you joking? Zero-out all sugar in your diet. Only get it from fresh fruits limit to ~200g per day. And eat only whole foods.

Do for one month...then tell me how much harder your cock gets, asnd how many times you can fuck in one day. Try lah, dun criticise...find out for yourself 😂

Anonymous said...

Sinkie Coverment all staffed with bookwormed ministars who only know how to count money where got time for sports?

Put one girlie girlie pondan with girl's name to be in charge of sports and over-spent youth Olympic budget by hundreds of millions. Where got hope?

Put one old man to be in charge of youth and sports, where got real intention to motivate Sinkies to excel in sports?

Use miney to buy foreigners to play for Sinkieland, to get gold medals and afterwards returned back to China with the gold medals and millions of dollars and never come back. Kena played out still never learn lesson. Still don't want to nurture own people. Only pay lip service. With own people so stingy. With foreign traitors so generous.

Scholar bookworms where got smart? Book smart, not street smart.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

OK guys, other than myself there are 3 other contributors posting here, namely SouthernGlory, Michael Heng and Foo SiangLuen.

Please give credit to the author of the respective posts.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anything in Sinkieland is run like the country. It is a mentality inherited from the ruling party and followed to the letter by those who control sports organisations, like the FAS. And sports is not the only entity inflicted with this disease.

Ridiculous laws, rules and regulations are the order of the day. They stifle growth. Look at the rules regarding entry to the casinos. Or rules governing the election of PE.

Football is no more the kind of game in the fifties and sixties. It is all about money, not about passion. Money buys the best players to form the best team. How can they lose? It is all a farce, nothing more nothing less. I gave up watching football long ago.

Can we expect improvements in Sinkieland's football league? Fat hope. It is a case of throwing good money after bad all over again. With all the money and resources poured into supporting the sport, and years of engaging foreign coaches we are still no where near our Goal 2010 dream. I think we can do better buying a top team from Africa to represent us.

Anonymous said...

When kaki lang of the paper general n miw n eunuch type filled all key posns including sports association, have so much reserves n money to play play with sophistry half truth half fake confusing disclosure n can suka suka pass laws to tekan sinkiies n collect as much money as they like a big mouth giant snake what kind of sillytizens can you expect? 69.9% still cant get enough. Still want more more more of the same? Cannot figure out leh. Maybe slave mentality.