The rare Singaporean talents

The SMRT went round the world to find a Singaporean to be the next CEO of the troubled train system. I don’t know how much they have to pay to the head hunting companies to search around the world without knowing that the best man was the guy next door, a Singaporean working in Singapore. Lieutenant General Neo Kian Hong, they used to sign off as LG Neo, is the man they were looking for all over the world. He has meticulous credentials and work experience. This is rare in this city state of no talent. And after hunting around the world, comparing him with 19 of the best in the world, it is confirmed that he is the best. He is everything the SMRT is looking for. The SMRT is safe. For if the best in the world cannot save it, no one else can.

Thank God they did not miss this rare gem in our midst and opted instead for another third world talent with funny degrees and credentials. The same story was repeated in the appointment of another Singaporean talent as the President of the Singapore Management University, in Professor Lily Kong. They also went around the world only to look back and found the gem right here in our backyard, not another angmoh or another third world talent from God knows where. They must not have believed their eyes, what, another Singaporean that is better than the best in the world? Thank God again, they found her and did not look in Africa or some God forsaken place.

But the most talented of all Singaporeans has just been discovered. If not of this discovery, he would be lost in the tropical concrete jungle and forgotten for good. Here he is….

“I admire his boldness and experience in labour issues. Mr Lim is a one-in-a-billion minister, having garnered much experience through his work in the Labour Movement all these years… We have always worked well and harmoniously together. I think the current working arrangement is still a great one.”

This is what Josephine Teo said of Lim Swee Say. Please note that he is not ‘one in 5.6m’ but in a billion, more than nearly twice the number of people in Asean. Taking it numerically, in the whole of Asean you could not find one such talent. Such rare talent should not be let go so unceremoniously. He should be elevated to become a Senior Minister or Mentor Minister to mentor the young ministers, or at least an Emeritus Minister or his experience and talent would be wasted. Many world leaders would likely take a queue number to seek his advice just like when the ancient was around.

In a short span of a few weeks, Singapore has found three gems among the no talent Singaporeans that are the best or better than the best in the world wide world.

I hope they will discover more of these rare gems among the Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB. GD Morning.
Me just awaken up to find that in Sinkieland has '3 rare gems', me tot no have Liao as most has migrated or in some foreign corps. I don't wan to laugh or not to hear that one Say Suai is 1 in billion rare talent minions, look this Suay Suay is also a champion in FT recruitment Leh & many policies r also pro-foreigners & turning blind eye to many unemployed & underemployed local citizens & its good that he leave the millionair post elso more local citizens will be jobless, he is the Suay of the Suay in the jinx of local employment scene that's why Long Gor remove him Lah. As for the other 2, lets wait to see their performance.

Anonymous said...

All these political pests are just scratching each other's back.

Virgo 49 said...

Today, they prograte through a Kia Lee Lang's letter to the Main Media citing that it is not necessary for an experienced man to be in this same line to run a organisation or Corporation better.

Just have grit, determination as a Commando, Guardsmen and the systems will shake with fears with urine oozing in front and Shits out from the arseholds and they will run with precision and clock works knowing that the Boss had crossing Chee bye waters and repelling from helicopters and ran Oso as pronounced by our Malay instructors for obstacles courses with ease.

These are just physical hobbies in your free time and nothing to do with running a Logistics Rail Corporations that can affect millions of commuters.

Really, "Mei Zhang Nao".So I can entrusted my life to a surgeon who is fast class in Pulau Ubin Outward Bound Class and not he have the surgical skills???

Sinkies, have more free shuttle bus rides in the future.


Virgo 49 said...

Sinkie Joke

A LTC with run out date no longer needed in serivce with a car that needs complete overhaul went to the workshop with the mechanic with thirty yeas experiences trying level best to find the faults and overhual it.

He told the mechanics to back off. Shouting in his usual no one dares to defile orders, he shouted to the car.

"Wake up, you lowly peasant that you come here under my charge and moved your arse and don't Kia lim peh koon"

Your daft parents entrusted you to me for now you are lucky only one and a half to three quarter of your miserable life to me for discipline and obey absolute allelligiance to our Great Leaders.

Wake up and moved.

Miraculously the car out of fears of his grit, determination moved.

But actually the mechanics has already repaired the car and overhual for him before he barked

Anonymous said...

Same with Jinx after global search for successor

Anonymous said...

KNN CCB, pui pui pui. Whoever the hat fits, puut it on. Either you are a total idiot to think the public will believe your outright lies in creating sensational fake news or you are a heartless well-paid moron, money to you is easy come and easy go, to have unnecessarily made used of taxpayers' hardearned blood and sweat money like that without any iota of compunction and totally devoid of conscience. If you are a Multi-Millionaire Minister, I pray your kama will ripen immediately so that the younger generations can be taught a lesson that such despicable behaviour at high office is a NO GO for anyone, no matter how powerful you may be.

If you are a top Civil Servant, I pray that for unthinkingly following your political master's instructions, your karma may ripen such that you be reborn as a dumb, deaf and blind dog or bitch.

May God have mercy upon your soul.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

There are more local "gems" here in Singapore than you can imagine. Most of them are in the Private Sector, and keep their heads down --- real "under the radar" people. To find out who some of these people are, you need to be a Private Wealth Banker or top, very exclusive lawyer...and we know these folks won't tell because their businesses and reputations depend on it.

The govt likes to "hijack" high achievers, and get them to join the PAP. If you're poor, average and unsuccessful, the "elite" govt will probably stomp all over you and not carry your balls, unless there's an election on the horizon.

My mentor, who is now in his 80's has been "head hunted" by the PAP for years. He's declined. They tried to guilt-trip him suggesting that he was "selfish". His reasons: he would have to give up his monthly high-stakes mahjong, gentlemen's mess, nightclub drinking and womanizing to join the PAP---sacrifices and changes in a shioker than shiok lifestyle he was (quite understandably) unwilling to make. At the time of the last "head hunt" he was already 70. Why should a happy old man change just because the govt waggs its finger?

My mentor (a very hard-case a rags to riches Chinatown story) used to tekan them back:

"You guys in the govt take all the 'talents' until the private sector got no more talents, and we have to pay more money to attract what's left, or import from overseas!"

Don't worry, there are people like my mentor. Private. Successful...and quiet. The gems are there. They just don't trust the government.

And neither should you, me and everyone else.

Anonymous said...

The fart of paper general talents is getting very loud & very smelly justified starting from a Goodu paper general grossly over-estimated by his father. Sinkies are choking with PG fart n apparently love it thru their votes. Going to the forest for a walk.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Matilah, your Mentor must be senile.

He called these Chiak liao bee most Kia Kew liangs and silver or golden spoons in mouths "Talents "

My God, career paths all planned for them.

Not worth a cent UN the Private Sectors.

Anonymous said...

StarHub names Peter Kaliaropoulos as chief executive after global search.
Mr Kaliaropoulos was appointed after an "extensive and rigorous" global executive search, said StarHub chairman Terry Clontz in a media statement.

Anonymous said...

Wah "one in a billion Minister"! So he's been underpaid all these years! His remuneration should rightly be in BILLIONS instead of MILLIONS. Now I understand why they lament about the sacrifices they have to make.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a Hokien saying, 'Boh how seow boh kong'

Anonymous said...

We have talents in garment sector its very rare in the world but not so in Singpoor we have lots of one in a billion por lam par talents.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo:

Yah lah. Many of the "no hopers" join the govt. However a few real "gems" occasionally fall. Why not? work for govt, earn big bucks, shake leg. There are those, even good ones, who will occasionally let their temptation get the better of their usual good judgement.

I seriously doubt my mentor is "senile". Even at his age, he's sharp and damn cunning...and as a result, still making money in an environment where others are fearful.

Anonymous said...

These PG talents are very busy not shaking legs; always in meetings, always in committees, always por lam parring. Paid millions not for nothing, ok! They work very hard, ok!

Anonymous said...

Seriously what have these million dollar ministers did that is worth the money paid to them?

Anonymous said...

Out of the whole world's population of 8 billion and counting, this paper general (What the fucks is his name is of no importance) has been headhunted to take over SMRT ( whether to solve the unsolvable 11 years' problems or to collect $10 to $15 million of easy commuters' money into his bank account) has better show his real worth within one hundred days. Otherwise, by blowing hot air balloon to make him sounds so wonderful, his face may be smirched with shits. There has to be some consequences when irresponsible propaganda is being massaged into the brains of daft and unthinking people by those so-called highly intelligent thinking balls-carriers. Wait and see.

YOU ARE IN FOR A BIG TROUBLE, MR NEW SMART CEO CUM PRESIDENT! Your hot seat has been very hot for the last 11 years already. Now it has been fanned to BOILING POINT by all your balls-carriers.

Not only your Big Boss but many commuters and SMRT staff will be watching and monitoring your performance very very closely.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

One such gem is really a one in a billion guy. Being paid by the millions, he still likes to snatch toothpicks and tell the world that he always do that. What a guy! Isn't that a one in a billion guy!

The other gem from the army has to be given a high profile job as always, not just in a position that is subject to taking orders from anyone else. How can he be given orders when all his life he is giving all the orders. Further, how to promote all the younger army scholars on fast track, of which there are so many, if they have no where else to put all the ex-generals? So, they all go either to NTUC, SMRT, PAP, etc.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has now become a place where too many cooks spoil the soup, or too many generals spoil the fruit, or too many crooks spoil the golden goose?

Anonymous said...

Gems or GERMS?

Gems radiate brilliance, colours and hues; have real values both ecstatic and intrinsic; bring joy and happiness to owners as well as onlookers.

Germs suck the life out of any living body; create havoc to the body systems and society; cause undue and undesirable troubles and pains to those unfortunate enough to come into contact with them; and worst of all, they at each and every place they went, they left behind a trail of destruction and ruin but they themselves remained intact, grew fat, and multiplied exceedingly well.

For those who have worked under and close to the elite scholars, you get the drift?

Anonymous said...

The system of exaggerated incentives financially for our talented scholars ensure they will not be talent at all after a few years of deployment:
1. Por lam par will ensure super fast track. So much to lose if not yes-man.
2. Army command n control environment n scenarios management based on paper wars. Out of reality, tunnel vision DS solution training. Ensure they will become "Cha Tow", wooden head.
3. Big gang of "Cha Tow" reinforcing one another led by a very big Cha Tow.
4. Parachute to manage big money n oligopolistic big businesses. Sure cannot die as long as can "eat" Sinkie businesses n money.
Talents will be destroyed n will become rich & complacent Cha Tows feeding on national funds. Tragic! Tragic! But voters deserve it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "driftless" Fortune

If you open yourself to exploitations and manipulation by so called elites... You're the one to blame because you made terrible assumptions, and fallen prey to your own cognitive biases.

If you can't or won't take responsibility for everything which you experience, I would say you haven't got "the drift". You'd be driftless 😎