All the real news or all the fake news?

In the Select Committee on fake news, Janil Puthucheary quoted this, ‘a survey published by REACH indicated 92% of Singaporeans want tougher legislation against “fake news”, with a majority vouching for perpetrators to be punished.'

This one I say is 100% real news. Why I say so? One, a minister would not lie or would not anyhow misquote. Two, Reach is an official govt platform, so would not lie. Three, the people responding to Reach are honest and sincere Singaporeans reflecting on the views of honest and sincere Singaporeans in the whole island.

If I were to conduct a similar survey among the MPs, all 89 of them, NCMP and NMP excluded, 83 would support more stringent laws and 6 would oppose. That would give a 93% supporting for more stringent laws.

If I were to conduct a survey among the SDP or WP followers or some other opposition party followers, I think I would get 100% against more stringent laws. This is also real news.

And hypothetically, if I were to walk into a kopitiam and ask the Ah Pek and Ah Ma political analysts to kee chiu, I think got chance 90% or more would be against more stringent laws because in the kopitiam they talked about anything. Stringent laws may tangkap them before they closed their mouths. But the result could vary depending on which constituency or GRC is the kopitiam in.

If I were to conduct a survey in mysingaporenews, I think at least 70% would vote against more stringent laws. There is one caveat, if Raymond did not bring in his whole gang of IBs to vote. If the latter happens, then the result could be 70% in favour of more stringent laws.

All the above surveys are real surveys, real news, not fake news. Everyone is telling the truth. Now, if one is to avail himself to all these surveys, what is the conclusion? You tell me lah? Who is right, who is telling the truth and who is spreading fake news? It is controversial lah. So what is real news and what is fake news? Depends on who you are and whether you are the law or you are an outlaw. Tiok boh?


Anonymous said...

First of all what r real news or fake news? Nobody knows it first. The Garman r setting legislation to counter DOF. Of course if u ask any educated lot of people, most will be in support of stringent laws to clamp down on DOF. There must b a ombudsman to debunk any fake news so that the masses r not being misled or misinformed. But sometimes even the ombudsman also make mistakes as to err is only humans. Whether Sinkies r receptive of any new laws set by the ruling party, let's wait n see for the general election results in the coming GE in 2020 or so.

Anonymous said...


It is reported Dotard instructed his trade officials to look into another US$100 billion tariffs on China imports.

Is this news real or fake?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.40

Thought yesterday's CNA reported that the USA is willing to negotiate with China. Today's different news.

So whose is Fake Or True News??

Did not tune to Fox News and CNN though yesterday's. So is Sinkie News Fake or True News??

Must punish harshly man if they spew False News.

Anyway, they always said "Statistics always Lie"

So many MNCs reported False Accounts and when become insolvent, disclosed that all the while been conning the Public.

jjgg said...

I'm surprised that only 93% agree to it.. it's like a "do u want to be rich" question. Yes or no .. should be 100% in agreement. So.. let's level the playing field.. prescribe punishments for all law breakers.. corporations..statutory bodies..government included. Set up a body where the public can complain about government abuses n misinterpretation of facts n statistics to achieve the political aims. Guarantee everyday sure kena complain.. ...)))

Anonymous said...


Below extracts from CNBC.com

"Asian stocks traded mixed on Friday, as the overnight rally on Wall Street failed to translate after President Donald Trump indicated that more tariffs against China could be in the works.
Trump said late on Thursday during U.S. hours that he has told U.S. trade officials to consider $100 billion in extra tariffs against China. The president added that the move would be appropriate given China's "unfair retaliation," although he left the door open for negotiation.
U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said those additional tariffs would not be implemented until a public comment process was concluded."

Fake news meh?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 April 06, 2018 8:55 am
"Hi Anon 8.40
Thought yesterday's CNA reported that the USA is willing to negotiate with China. Today's different news."

This slimmy dotard WILL MORE THAN use and LEVERAGE on their strengths to "extract" every "ounce of flesh and blood" in their negotiations.

If u r weak or hopeful or softie or porlampa type, might as well do a "Emperor Xian Feng" of Qing Dynasty in the 1850s after the Opium War, raise the white flags and capitulate to some unequal treaties where HK etc was ceded to the white gods plus the special concession areas where "dogs & chinks are not allowed"

As RB said in another post:

"People who did not know history or learn from the mistakes in history would be condemned to make the same mistakes and bury themselves only to verify that history would repeat itself with their folly."

Sigh ... :(((((((

Whoever negotiates with pussy grabbing dotard needs to be tougher than diamond, otherwise their country "women folks better wear armour plated underwear" ... dotard may demand more than just an outpost such as HK or special concession settlements once he gets his own ways ...

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.46

I am not saying that your postings is Fake News or not. I am asking whether CNA earlier reports of Dotard Trump willingness to negotiate with China Fake or True News.

Anyway, cannot trust all these biased News Channels. Most have their personal interests Agendas of which side they are leaning to.

Fox News aligned with DT whereas CNN dead set against him.

This Dotard been having his ways too long as Boss of his Empires. Now he also treated all Americans and the Rest of the World as his employees.Hire And Fire. All must follow his wishes.

Want to frighten the Chinamen. China men got the "REN" character in them. But once they are cornered, HELL had No Fury like the China men scorned.

China Trade Minister said "We Shall Fight to the Bitter End" They can impose austerity on.their citizens but not the Americans.

There be protests and riots if their interests are jeopardized.

Anonymous said...

Never believe in survey results. IOnly stupid people are taken in by survery results. Any con man can produce a "geniune' survey result to support his aganda and attempt to influence your decision.

Therefore, the way to respond to a survey result is a non-respond or take it with a lot of sailts and bitter sour lime juice. Then after that urinate it out into a toilet bowl filled with shits.

Any pilitician who take survey results to try to persuade you into believing him or her, DON'T! Don't fall into this trick. This is the oldest trick in the Bible of Persuasion, as old as prostitution.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It's never all real, nor it it ever all fake.

The news, whether from MSM, or social media or the blogsphere is a mixture of objective facts and objective falsehoods, and the subjective interpretations of the humans who act reflexively with it. (ref: George Soros and his mentor Karl Popper) .

When it comes to statistical "evidence" on social behaviour, trends and the derivative "conclusions", the probability of those ex-purt conclusions being true depend on many factors, mostly unrelated. Before you even get into the heavy math, you should ask how many times has this study been replicated, and were the results consistent with each study?. If the answer is "no", proceed no further. You can just flush the stuff down the nearest jamban.

If "yes", then you can get into the nature of samples sizes, how diverse was the sample (age, gender, occupation, area of domicile, income bracket, marital status, religiosity, education levels, languages spoken, racial group...) The data has to be diverse, otherwise, off to the jamban again. Flush twice, because that study is FULL OF SHIT. 💩

If it's a poll---flush it. If it's an online pol---flush it and blacklist the website as "mental malware".

Then consider issues like sample bias, motivated reasoning by people conducting the study (the govt)...we still haven't got to the data sets yet.

Pay attention to "argument from authority". Here are 2 examples:

1. "We are the govt. You can trust us. We maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency" (quickly look for jamban. Projectile Diarrhoea just shot out their collective arseholes)

2. We use sophisticated data analytic and world class A.I. based algorithms. (Another jamban case. Algorithms are frequently BIASED--Google it and refer to "Weapons Of Math Destruction" written by a former hedge fund data scientist)

The only panacea to deliberate misinformation by The State (legalised fake news) is for individuals to ramp up their innate sense of bullshit and get more scientific, and less emotional. It may not make a difference now, because the SG.GOV will just steamroll legislation to screw the people who pay their expensive salaries.

Try to make Singapore a better place. Flush that jamban properly, and don't forget to pay your 10 cents to the aunties and uncles who keep the jambans clean. 😛 Our awesome cuntry is full of shit, and it won't change. The MSM is a giant piece of shit-infused toilet paper which needs to be flushed regularly...several times a day!

Anonymous said...

Man's views are transcient. Partially truth, partially lie, definietly incomplete. How much more from politicians. To be a determinant of truth & fake is to arrogantly assume God's role & territory. "The lightning will be struck". Be careful. Judgment can be swift. Be very careful...loongiegod n shamemegungod. Dont play play.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China's next step will be to cancel all Boeing orders with immediate effect.

Next should consider selling its holdings of Treasury Bills.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49April 06, 2018 10:18 am
//Hi Anon 9.46
I am not saying that your postings is Fake News or not. I am asking whether CNA earlier reports of Dotard Trump willingness to negotiate with China Fake or True News.//

Following extracts from latest news report from CNA:

//////WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump dramatically escalated a bubbling trade war with China on Thursday (Apr 5), vowing an additional US$100 billion in tit-for-tat tariffs.

Having already asked for US$50 billion worth of Chinese goods to be punitively taxed, Trump responded to Beijing's countermeasures by doubling down.

"Rather than remedy its misconduct, China has chosen to harm our farmers and manufacturers," Trump said in a defiant statement.

"In light of China's unfair retaliation," Trump said he had instructed trade officials to "consider whether US$100 billion of additional tariffs would be appropriate."//////

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/donald-trump-additional-100-billion-tariffs-china-10109702"

Anonymous said...

I think Shame-moo-game is a dangerous "game" (for hunters).

Having too much power vested in a single man, is also a very risky and dangerous game (to play).

With too much power and the laxity to exercise it, every which way one wishes, one's imagination will rin wild. One tends to go over the limits because there is no limits set. One becomes over-confident, which leads to carelessness, which leads to mistakes. And if mistakes are not check, or checked but not pointed out, or pointed out but not accepted, or accepted but not corrected, or corrected but not taken seriously, or taken seriously but not punished, or punished but not the right person .... E.g. instead of making the Top Honcho responsible, only a few lower ranks are punished as scapegoats to protect the glory, fame, status, name and skin of the Top Honcho, then arrogance will develop and increase over time.

When arrogance becomes a habitual part of normal communications to the public, to the extent that the person who displays it does not even know it, then we have arrived at the stage of "The Emperor Without Clothes" Syndrome.

When the Emperor walks around without clothes, he does not suffer because he is oblivious to shame, but the whole nation suffers from shame. And the worst will be fallen upon kids who innocently point out to the Emperor that he is naked and everybody can see that he has a tiny coo-coo bird without eggs, even the number of hairs he has down-under the kids can easily count ....

Is this the Stage where Singapore's Self-Enriched Multi-Millionaire Shame-moo-game and company are standing on?

You make you own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

A tit for tat is not going to work between UaSs & China trade woes. It's better for both party to cool down & negotiate for a win-win situation for the betterment of world trade. The worse case scenario will be a lose-lose situation for all parties as this will tank the world economy. Both UaSs and China need to pull the plug or say enough is enough & lets talk & negotiate then there is a ray of hope for everyone else it's a lost cause & many countries would be affected by it.

Anonymous said...

Women pussy-grabing, adulterous Dotard Trump has just announced that he is looking into imposing another US$100 billion tariffs to punish China for retaliating to his earlier $50 billion tariff list.

How can/will China react?

China has at least six options:

1. Sell off a part of the US Treasury Bills.

2. Force a US Stock Market free-fall.

3. Stop paying by US Dollars for any imported goods. Stop accepting US Dollars for selling goods to the US.

4. Stop paying or buying services from any US company in the US.

5. Impose another list of tariffs worth $200 bullion USD.

6. Stop producing and supplying goods and fashion wears for Trump's family businesses, especially those of his daughter Ivanka's and son-in-law's companies, either directly or indirectly.

Anonymous said...

I suggest worry more on high cost of living n jobs for peple more better.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong to add 100%, total 20 cents for the toilet flushing.

Anonymous said...

President Xi of China has one extra card to play. He can hit where it hurts most - Cunt-gropping Sex-Wolf Dotard Trump's personal pocket.

Cunt-gropping Sex-Wolf Dotard Trump has a personal and family business empire. China can use the whole nation's resources to cripple his personal and family business empire.

Whereas Cunt-gropping Sex-Wolf Dotard Trump cannot do anything to President Xi's personal or family business because President Xi has none.

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanApril 06, 2018 11:27 am
//China's next step will be to cancel all Boeing orders with immediate effect.

Next should consider selling its holdings of Treasury Bills.//

Make sense ...

Sg IS the MOST OPEN ECONOMY in the whole world and total trade is abt 400% of GDP.

One of the main conditions that allowed a tiny island city state to prosper is free flow of trade.

Being a resourceless tiny island with almost every factor of production being imported and then exported after alue-adding, an allied country starting a trade war is as good as choking its life blood?

With its survival and well-being threatened, then what is the point of maintaining close relationship in name and in one way traffic?

Cancelling the order and selling the treasury bills is just a logical step to protect self-interest

Who will protect one's interests if one doesn't treasure ownself?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> China's next step will be to cancel all Boeing orders with immediate effect.

Next should consider selling its holdings of Treasury Bills. <<

1. Will hurt Boeing, but not kill them. None of the investors are worried. China's Boeing orders are 20% of the order book. Next thing: Chinese passenger aircraft not allowed in US territory due to "safety issues". Cancel order still burn money: you think Boeing will refund the deposits? Fat chance. What if pissed off Boeing then decides not to supply any spare parts. Whole China's Boeing fleet grounded. Lose more money. 2017 was Boeing's bumper year

2. US Treasuries: who will buy if China unloads? The US Fed of course. They've been winding back their 4+ trillion balance sheet. All they have to do is to reverse a bit and print money to buy the treasuries from China, leaving China with a pile of shitty banana money.

I said before. This Trump fella is a dirty bastard. He's the Mat Saleh version of the unscrupulous cunt-crazy Ah Beng contractor...borrow money, build, party...no pay back money. He's done that before. He's probably 2 or 3 moves ahead of Xi, who seems to be a decent, even tempered fella. IMO Trump is playing the culturally significant "Lose Face Game" with China, banking on the fact that Xi doesn't want to "lose face" or sacrifice China's national pride.

OTOH, Trump is s super thick skinned prick immune to "lose face". What's more he keeps telling the world how fucked up the Dems have made America and that it's his job to make it "Great Again".

As for his properties in China, they are probably mortgaged to the moon. You seize his personal property, good for you. The people who'll be burned are the banks...mainly Chinese banks. Smooth talking "Art of The Deal" Trump probably conned and sweet-talked the dumb-ass China banks (they are truly fucked up...rich Chinese take their money OUT of China by fair means or foul) to lend him money to build.

I feel sorry for Xi. He's trying to fight a psychopath. So far his responses have made it worse for the average Chinese citizen. All because of "lose face" culture.

He should revisit his paradigm and change it to "Lose face....aiyah, ok lah. Just take it. But never ever LOSE MONEY!!"

Best strategy: Leave it be. Let Trump impose tariffs. Afterall, it's the American consumer who will eventually pay the tariff.

If he want to kwai lan some more, just do "short burst inflation"---devalue the Yuan drastically (20-30%) which will make China goods cheaper or same price. Yah, lose money...but for only a short time, which will prevent long-term effects of inflation...like rising wages and asset values. Then stockpile as many imports as possible into the US, then raise the Yuan again to true market levels.

Trump cannot do the same "short burst" with the USD. The Fed won't allow it in the first place. Also because the USD is the global reserve currency, the blow-back and chaotic global financial consequences will be...UNKNOWN, until it is actually tried.

Anonymous said...

128pm Clever strategy.

Anonymous said...

South Korean court sentences former President Park Geun-hye to 24 Years in prison for corruption, cronyism and abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

What kind of person would use selective survey to prove a point?

Is such a person truthful or misleading?

Can such a person be trusted?

Anonymous said...

A survey published by REACH? First and foremost, how many people took part in the survey? Secondly, who were those surveyed?

A good example is already there in Parliament. 93% will vote in favour of any legislation brought up by the ruling party.

Any conclusion reached from any survey orchestrated and committee formed by those in power, must be taken with a spoonful of salt. What they say and deliberated on are just what we call 'verbal diarrhea' and they know there will be no one able to contest their judgement.

Anonymous said...

A person who would use selective survey to prove a point is rather sly. Having such a cunning and deceitful nature is seldom considered to be a really good person - Anonymous Philosopher

Anonymous said...

@ April 06, 2018 3:02 pm

"South Korean court sentences former President Park Geun-hye to 24 Years in prison for corruption, cronyism and abuse of power."

When will Sinkieland's Park Geun-hye equivalent go to prison for corruption, cronyism and abuse of power? I wonder? Will God's eyes open wide wide? God is supposed to be omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, is it not? How come God doesn't believe in Actions? Only Action Party can Action Borak?

Not fair lah. Why God not fair?

Anonymous said...

If man can tell God what to do, then man is no more man but God, and God is no more God but man.
As for Pappies they are given much, much will be required of them in Judgment Day. Death is an imperfect equalizer, judgment is perfect. Who can escape? Life passed so fast like a wild flower in the field. So love mercy, do justly & walk humbly before the Maker.

Anonymous said...

@ Matilah US Consumers 1.32pm
//I feel sorry for Xi. He's trying to fight a psychopath.//

Aiyo ...

If dotard really is xxxxxxpath, then everyone is at risk that he is leading a nuclear-armed superpower with almost 10,000 nuclear warheads?

Like that very Jiat Lat ...

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.24pm

These r the Devils from Hell born into a tiny island. May the Almighty Supreme One Up There please come to save Sinkiapoore.

Anonymous said...

Love, kindness, justice, humbleness and mercy have long been erased from the vocabulary of thr PAP elites and cronies, including the sycophants in the Uncivilized Unservice.

Instead they practise ruthlessness, miserliness, injustice, arrogance and cruelty. One can easily feel them in the words they speak and see them in the deeds they do, if one is still discerning and alert.

Anonymous said...

Remember I gave you all the 4D tip 2070 last month? It opened on 25 March as the 4th Prize.

Now I give you another tip to make some money. But don't be too greedy.

Buy Samsung shares now. You won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

After US President Trump's latest threat to impose tariffs on an additional $100 billion in imports from China, the Chinese are willing to expand the trade war to all Americans so that they have to choose whether to support Trump's unscrupulous move or to hold the president accountable.

China is aware that the only option now is to hit the U.S. hard enough so that it will remember the pain. Otherwise Washington will go more recklessly and cause more losses.

Even if the Trump administration wants to take the trade war to the direction that bilateral trade and investment is suppressed to zero, Chinese authorities have made detailed response plan with many specific measures.

It is not only the Chinese government's decision, but the choice of Chinese society to unite around the Party and the government to firmly strike back against the U.S. pressuring moves at any cost. Chinese society has been mad at repeated threats from the U.S. in these years.

Anonymous said...

This is a time when ALL Chinese around the world, in every niche, at every corner, big and small, rich and poor, strong and weak, young and old, boy or girl, man or woman, father or son, mother or daugjter, highly educated or no education, able or disable, smart or stupid, etc etc etc MUST COME TOGETHER, UNITED AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OR UNITED NATIONs. Period.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 706

>> If dotard really is xxxxxxpath, then everyone is at risk that he is leading a nuclear-armed superpower with almost 10,000 nuclear warheads?

Like that very Jiat Lat ... <<

No lah. He won't use nukes. It won;t come to that. People are over-reacting. Even if he tried, he will be stopped by...so many to choose from. Going nuclear is not a one-man show.

He exhibits classic traits of a psychopath.(Google to find out more) Therefore it is a reasonable assumption to make, that he is one.

DJ Trump is all about himself. He really has nothing to lose, except his huge ego. He's already rich. Even before he was flying on Airforce 1, he had his own fucking plane. Everything he owns has the word "TRUMP" in unmistakable signage. So you know, this asshole has a very high opinion of himself, and thus wants to go down in history as a memorable US President.

And I think he will succeed in that. Memorable, and unique. No one said anything about being "good".

Anonymous said...

KKN, one motherfucker sex pervert talking about another sex pervert in the morning. Not careful, Dotard will sodomise you until you bleed......

Anonymous said...

People will be the ones to suffer in the trade war. Loss of jobs, higher cost of living and lots of uncertainty. The rich will not be affected, and that of course includes the politicians who orchestrated the event.

In the end, it is about which side can withstand better the austerity measures that come into play.