Singapore’s talent scouts should head to India

India is producing all the talents that Singapore needs to bring it to the future, from IT, banking, academia, medical, entrepreneurs, public speakers, journalists and politicians. Now there is another profession that Singapore could look forward to in India.

The Chinese table tennis players in the Singapore Team have lost to India in the finals in the Commonwealth Games. This is the first time that the Singapore Team lost. The last time they met in 2010, Singapore Team beat them by 3-0. This time it is 3-1 in favour of India. What the results said is that India is on the rise and China fading away, at least in table tennis.

The future of Singapore’s table tennis glory is in India. Those MPs that have nothing better to do must think of leading a team to visit the India villages to handpick future table tennis players for the Singapore Team. Yes, headhunt them when they are young and not yet star material. Singapore’s talent is in headhunting and spotting young talents, especially in table tennis. We have many experience MPs who are very good in this skill. If they don’t do it, there will be nothing more to cheer about in table tennis to galvanise the people together in nationhood. This is serious matter.

There is hope that our table tennis team will continue to shine with new talents from budding India table tennis players. Make haste while the sun shines. Don’t wait or other country’s talent scouts would beat us to it. This type of thing cannot wait or else next Commonwealth Games Singapore will have no gold medals for table tennis.

Now what else should they hunt while in India? More Indian chiefs. India is very good at producing Indian chiefs that Singapore is lacking.


Anonymous said...

Instead of having the Second team from China to represent Singapore, we should now have the Second team from India to represent our country.

Anonymous said...

Judging by India's progress, by the next Olympics or so India is going to dominate the worlds medals in table tennis, it's standard is going in par or even above that of China in time to come. Not just table tennis, badminton too that India r also producing budding potential players that r world class. Sooner or later tennis, golf, sailing, martial arts, athletics, F1 racing , the Ah Nehs from India gonna to dominates can Sinkyland take so many of them, u bet the craziness of Sinky gobblemen would like to take them so as to fly that Majunlah Sinkiapoora.

Anonymous said...

//what else should they hunt while in India? More Indian chiefs. India is very good at producing Indian chiefs that Singapore is lacking.//

There r already many Indian Chiefs in Sinkieland Lah. One of them already heading the Selac Comitee, one is DeePauAm, one is Chief Judge & one lagi best is Presi-indian in Malai endorsed by Long Administration, tis tiny island is no shortage of ah nehs chief, nantri vamnangum.

jjgg said...

Good morning RB .. u don't know la..gold price ko.. silver stable.. what u rather buy.. thank goodness for MIW with foresight!!! Our sports funding programme is so fucked up that it defies explaination.. SSC is infested with military in the "yes sir" category .. how to grow anything? Spend millions on football n all it's ever got was sparsely used stadiums..meagre crowd..hardly any international standing but it's got a new name for the league!! Wonder how much they spend getting the new name.. not to mention the money we spent on the youth Olympics ..if ever there was a wasteful government.. this is it!!! Ha!! Don't forget the unlimited expenditure coming up...T fucking 5.. hehe

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi jjgg, a good name is very important for success. This time they may have learnt from past mistakes and go to a temple to ask for good name. Just wrap a $100 angpow can leow.

Anonymous said...

So lucky they never call it Syonan Premier League.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I am "long" both India and China.

Singapore should sack the so-called "talent scouts" and just open the borders again to allow the best people t come in on their own accord. Yes, some of the crap will come in as well...but a free market in "brains" is much better that some tenured govt fuckwit exercising their suspect "judgement" on who to choose to come in. I simply don't trust governments, and in particular the people who work for them.

The silly "talent scouts" should look to what Chinese businesses like AliBaba (Jack Ma), TenCent ("Pony" Ma Huateng), Baidu (Robin Li) are doing in the field of IT, especially in Artificial Intelligence. I am "long" these guys and their companies. I am "short" Silicon Valley.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. I maintain my unpopular position that Singapore should not protect its local population from toe-to-toe competition, with foreigners who are harder working, more motivated and steeped in no-nonsense meritocracy. In the words of Lee Kuan Yew: "they are harder driving and striving".

Being shit out of your mother's chow cheebye in a particular territory doesn't accord you with some "automatic license" of protection from competition. That argument (aka "protectionism") may have been used in a history rapidly fading from memory. It certainly doesn't apply today in an increasingly border-less world.

You may detest globalization. Too fucking bad...it is happening. Neither Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or the neo-cons or the progressive and regressive left can stop it. Globalization is market driven which means it is a "spontaneous order" in flux.

Open up those borders! Let's welcome the "driving and striving". Meritocracy rocks!

Anonymous said...

There must be a Ministerial Comedians' Committee or Parliamentary Select Comedians' Committee to investigate as to why the world best Singapore Table Tennis Team that used to trounce the India Table Tenis is now being trounced by the India Team?

The Comedians' Committee must come out with ass-covering and face-saving findings and recommend expensive taxpayers-money spending solutions so that "contracts" can be awarded to cronies to make more money like providing instructors to teach the players

How to maintain calm and composed during competitions,

How to have a winner mindset, how to win without trying,

How to play without playing, and

How to bribe the India Team in order to secure a definite win. This one is veru important, if not most important. Must learn from Keppel O&M.

Anonymous said...

Hey, RB, don't forget to talent scouts from the Pinoy as well. U see got one Pinoy descendant won a Gold Medal yesterday, yeah, a 18y.o. Martin L. Veloso won the 10m air rifle event, woah that gal a Sniper calbre with one shot one kill, imagine every shot she scored 10.3 pts ( max is 10.9) for a total of 24shots, don't play play with her precision level & accuracy, if the Sinkieland army recruit her , think that no assailant or terrorists ever wanna play play with Sinkieland Liao, at 14 yo that gal already a youth world champion, let's see her Olympics results in 2yrs time.

Anonymous said...

Matilah are you sure foreigners are "harder striving and driving"? Go to Raffles Place on a weekday afternoon and you will see white folks in office attire having coffee and chatting in coffee joints. The foreign Indians favour Hans which has no lack of customers all afternoon. Meritocracy here is fake just like a lot of things.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You are quite welcome to think that Singapore is a fake meritocracy. Sure, there is a connected, entitled ruling elite. But they are a minority---highly visible, but still a minority.

You might see the ang mohs having a grand old time in coffee shops. That's excellent! The owners of said coffee shops have deployed capital, and the other factors of production. They cater to the market of "MacBook hipsters" who despite their own inflated opinions of their abilities, are prepared to pay 7-10 dollars for a cuppa Joe, and the same again for a piece of fancy cake.

The owners of the expensive coffee joints may have other hospitality outlets too...maybe a food court here and there, maybe a zir char in a kopitiam....who knows? They are too busy serving the customer, creating value to worry about your opinions regarding "meritocracy in Singapore".

They are too busy minding their own business to be noticed...probably tucked away hard at work in a backroom somewhere. And when they are not, they are with their loved ones, or partying hard. The point is, chances are, you don't see them.

Capital and resources accrue to those who create "value" for others. However, you can just join the PAP and become minister...and draw huge pay, plus shake legs in multiple directorships.

If you are wealthy, chances are you will have a far better, longer and more enjoyable life than if you are always struggling. (many studies prove this). If you are poor, people will exploit you and piss on your head. The world loves WINNERS, and shuns LOSERS. You might think this is unfair or cruel. The point is, you opinion doesn't fucking matter...that's how the world, how human nature is.

Your life, your business lah.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u need to be sodomised again. If u want no protection for sinkies, then u must take away the ns and reservist shit. Then everyone can treat this place like hotel then no need job protection. The problem is the elites need protection so ns is necessary.