The most deadly fake news...from the state

The deliberation of the Select Committee on Fake News started on the premise that fake news originated from non govt sources, from bloggers or social media. Would they be looking at fake news from the state, from national institutions? Fake news from official sources are more deadly than fake news from social media as the impact of social media could quickly be quashed.

The world had witnessed the most deadly fake news resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and millions being wounded or hurt in one way or another coming from the states. Remember the fake news on WMD in Iraq? Oh, my apologies, that was not fake news but vicious disinformation from the state to justify and invasion of Iraq. It was not fake news. Deadly and vicious news from the state are not fake news? Just a casual mistake and no action needed to be taken? The states are allowed to disseminate fake news and simply claimed that it was a mistake, an error? Fake news that were put out by the states are many times more deadly than fake news from individual or some mischievious organisations.

The WMD fake news was deadly but not as deadly as the fake news of a missile attack on Hawaii.That fake news nearly triggered WW3 and brought an end to civilisation or at least a nuclear holocaust. No one is talking about it anymore, not the state that put out the fake and dangerous news. So no issue. The state is the most guilty party in circulating fake news to serve its dirty agenda and could get away with it, with impunity, with immunity.

It is a case of the biggest devil pointing the fingers at the little children, demonising the children for their mischievous pranks.What would the state do when it is found guilty of creating fake news? Stupid question. The answer is nothing. The state, the holy ones, would not put out fake news. Any fake news put out by the states is at worse a mistake, an error. The state would not be prosecuted as there is no authority to prosecute the state. Could not imagine how the state would ownself check ownself and prosecute ownself.

Fake news is the way to go for the state. The state would decide what is fake news and who to prosecute. The state is God and would do no wrong. There is no need to consider any law against the state as the source of fake news. I am God, oops, the people representing the state are Gods.

PS. The Russians poisoning Skripal Sergei and daughter, and Assad using chemical agent against his people were clear cut, obvious fake news that were not verified by independent sources but simply based on the words of the accusers, the animals that alleged others were animals.


FAKE TALENTS NOT DEADLY? Put them in charge of say a bank and see what are the risks? said...

Lao Hu Tu //The most deadly fake news...from the state//

Why not be more direct?

To paraphrase, >>> The most deadly FAKE TALENTS ...<<<

Remember the several (reported) cases of FAKE (foreign) TALENTS with forged credentials/ degrees, self cooked up work experiences, ... etc?

Is it not AMAZING such FAKE CERTIFICATES can get pass the system?

Imagine the risks post to society?


Virgo 49 said...

Fake or Real News by own Select Committee that the "Operations Cold Store" is not for Political Persecution? ??

Fake or Real News by Tham that the Operations "Cold Store" is Political Persecution? ??

I believe it is Political Persecution.They tried vehemently to defend their actions as this is their Achilles Heel of their socallled Integrity and Clean Government.

Why LKY insistence of demolishing his House. To atone for his sins in committing so many atrocities just for the Power.

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous, deadly and evil group of fake news producers are those who blatantly, criminally and insidiously abused their powers with impunity, thereby causing millions of deaths, hardships and/or indescribable sufferings, especially during peace time.

The second-most dangerous, deadly and evil group of fake news producers are those behind the production of propaganda, disinformation and misinformation in order to cover up their hidden selfish political, economic and personal agendas.

The third most dangerous, deadly and evil group of fake news producers are those who try vehemently and viciously to character-assassinate their worthy opponents in oder to win at all costs. However, this group of evil doers will not go far because history will expose the truths and lies, genuine mistakes or deceptions, real national interests or personal interests, etc.

Therefore, those in power today will not have the last say, no matter how they attempt to project the falsehood through various official channels and through bibliographies.

Advancement and progress in technology will render the cunningness of evil minds exposed.

Time is the arbiter of truths and falsehoods, not the deliberate control of the narrative by a small group of evil men and women for their own collective selfish interests.

Anonymous said...

Another Paper General Exposed For Incompetence?

Fired against his will, SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek was forced to resign in an announcement scheduled tomorrow (Apr 18).

A new paper general, Neo Kian Hong, is likey to take over the lucrative paying job without much responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Without Fake News, there will be chaos. Fake news is necessary because it creates a fake, yet functioning system whereby more than half the people feel the fake unison, even if temporary. The essence of stability is ”more than 80 percent consensus".its called Pareto principle I remember. Do not worry about the 20% heroes who can really see the truth. The truth is not important, the only thing real is unity and conformity for a stable society.

jjgg said...

What about fake events.. rounding up marxists amongst Christian churchgoers.. rounding up foreign insurgents planning to attack their home country just prior to the bukit batok byelection.. who's responsible..we even have fake legislation.. passing seemingly harmless laws and enforcing them against political opponents.. what about fake judgements..e.g... when you are in a polling centre you cannot be considered as being within the inpermissible radii of the polling centre.. my goodness!! We are a nation of fakes!!!...))) the greatest fake of all... we are amongst the wealthiest ppl in the world.. n every week we have thousands of ppl at MPS sessions looking for handouts.. tiu na sing ...)))

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Fake News Fans:

If you look at the historical record, the main bullshit artists in history, the supreme ex-spurts at purveying misinformation, disinformation, outright fraud and lies are:

1. Religious institutions and their leaders
2. Political institutions and their leaders

And their lies are essentially "costless".

As individuals or if in private business, if you get caught bullshitting or committing fraud...you lose your integrity and reputation...and MONEY. For e.g. you could lose your job, relationships and even take a serious hit in your business.

However in religion and politics, no such costs are incurred by the perpetrators of Fake Facts. They might lose a few "followers", but as the saying goes "business as usual"....for thousands of years in the case of religion, and for decades for a strong, monopolistic political organisation...like UMNO, the PAP, etc.

No point complaining about govt Fake News. You might as well complain about religion's fake news. Nothing will happen. The MAJORITY of people just don't care.

And CULTURE comes from the beliefs and actions of the MAJORITY. Politics is derived from...CULTURE...thus The Sheeple Get the Fake News and The Govt They Deserve 😱☠️🤡

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Watch this short video telling the truth about the Crimes of the Americans and its allies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans and the rogue nations are forcing Russia to fight them and to start a war.

Russia is cornered and would have to hit back.

Russia has no option unless to walk away.

What do you think Putin would do? Walk away with his tail between his legs?

The above links I posted may be corrupted. This is another link on the American lie against Syria and the American people and the people of the world.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Here is the link. https://www.trunews.com/stream/do-you-have-time-to-pray-that-world-war-3-doesnt-start-today

Anonymous said...

History is written by the victor

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck cares?!?!?

In Sinkie-land people more interested in bread & butter!

Are these fake news?!?!

1. Foreigners create jobs for sinkies.

2. Your HDB will become zero.

3. MRT reliability has improved.

4. Need to save more surplus, spend less budget for future rainy day.

5. Need to increase taxes in order to help old & poor.

6. Need 30% water tax in order to appreciate water.

7. Sinkies are choosy with jobs.

8. You will use your CPF to go Batam.

9. With you, for you!!


Anonymous said...

1. Whether history is written by the victor or not, all the victors will die one day. After theu are dead, they are no more victors but dead carcasses or ashes.

W. History can always be reviewed, revised and revamped if necessary..

3. With the Internet, social medias and the speed in which communications can be established and information disseminated, the victor-mentality of the past cannot hold the upper hand any more.

Anonymous said...

Victors have descendants and history will only be rewritten after descendents lost power and history is revised. If u look at history including China history of various dynasties, u will see history revision. So net history is always written by victors or more accurately those in power.

Anonymous said...

That was old history before Internet Age lah. This kind of old thinking are for daft Sinkies lah.

New history is written as and when it happens lah. By both the victors And VICTIMS!

Anonymous said...

The prom with real fake is,
It don work!.like real.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been following the Syria issues diligently on YouTube and I understand the interactions of involved parties very well. However I am quite lost on the so-called forgotten war - Yemen.. siege and bullied by Saudi to date. What,s in it for USA, there is no oil there or strategic pipeline routes.. Mr redbean what is your understanding....

Anonymous said...

The state media is currently propping up Neo Kian Hong’s profile and pouring praises for him.

SMRT Chairman Seah Moon Ming even openly lied about a “global search” of some 20 profiles. These are just marketing gimmicks, and it is probably because Neo Kian Hong is truly useless which explains why he needs intense propaganda support from others.

The 151st-ranking Shit Times also wrongly credited Neo Kian Hong for the control of SARS virus in 2003. Vietnam was cleared of the virus a month earlier than Singapore, and every country was acting on instructions from the World Health Organisation.

Neo Kian Hong headed several supposedly-reputable organisations like DSTA, but he achieved next to nothing in them.

The only logical explanation behind his appointment is just cronyism. There is no meritocracy whatsoever.

Singaporeans are right to point out that senior managers in SMRT are more eligible and qualified to be the CEO than a freshie dtopped in by helocopter.

Anonymous said...

It took 6 years for the public to know that Saw was in fact fired!

The secrecy exercised over such matters is one major reason why there is a lot of public distrust in SMRT.

SMRT has also been faulted for failing to tell commuters of delays through its train and station announcements and via mainstream and social media, as well.

How do you expect the public to trust such a public transport provider that tries to cover up its failures???

Now another CEO of SMRT has stepped down, probably to defuse the criticisms leveled at the public transport company’s many disruptions and maintenance lapses.

To be fair (and despite the mega failures), Desmond Kuek did do quite a lot to overhaul the structure.

I think the biggest failure of Desmond Kuek was his smugness (which prevented him from really connecting with the public) and his decision to choose public relations over truthful, honest discussions with the commuters.

Army generals are generally known to be sworn to secrecy. That is a virtue when you are tasked with protecting the security of the country – but not when it concerns the operations of a public transport company which millions of people rely on.

SMRT said that after a global search, it has now settled on another General to be its chief officer – Lieutenant-General Neo Kian Hong.

It is time for SMRT to not work in silos and in secrecy, in trying to fix its many pressing problems. It should instead involve every one of its commuters to create solutions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. April 18, 2018 10:57 pm
// What,s in it for USA, there is no oil there or strategic pipeline routes.. Mr redbean what is your understanding.... //


" For the US Yemen is vital spot on the geostrategic chessboard. According to Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya the US is most interested in the Gulf of Aden, the Socotra Islands, and above all Bab al Mandeb a strategic chokepoint for international maritime trade and energy connecting connecting the Persian gulf via the India Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea via the Red Sea. Israel meanwhile wants to maintain access to the Indian Ocean for it's fleet of Nuclear Submarines it uses to menace the region with the threat of Nuclear War. Saudi Arabia wants to at least maintain control of South Yemen and is attempting to revive the separatist movement there..."

The link,
Anti- Imperialist U: War on Yemen

Anti- Imperialist U: Wars on Syria Libya Yemen

Yemen, Ukraine, and the Hypocrisy of 'Aggression' | New Eastern ...

Anonymous said...

Never disrespect or any how dig
The ground.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:57pm. I only have cursory interest in Yemen. Heard they lobbed several missiles into Saudi Arabia and all were taken down. But in one incident the American made missile fired by the Saudis made a 180 degree turn and hit the Saudis firing them.

The Americans must be very happy with the situation in Yemen, another Arab country in turmoil. And better still, the little USAs and cronies are doing the fighting for them. So let them fight till their content.

War is good in the ME for the Empire.

Anonymous said...

Noted the links info on Yemen. These days I read American source data with great scepticism though. It is not very true that Yemen control the seaways via RedSea Persian gulf. Djibouti is the one, and the Americans and French has long secured it. Yemen is the poorest country in mid East, no oil. There seems to be just religious fights in Yemen. Saudi keep bombing Yemen, blockade them for years and they are dying like crazy with USA help. I think this is just Ethnic cleansing issue. The big joke is I read today Saudi told UN IT IS OFFERING millions of dollars to help Yemen. Why bomb them to hell then offer help. Crazy world!!!!! Redbean views will be most interesting, I look forward.

Anonymous said...

So few people know about Yemen. I just heard that saudi bombed them with equivalent chemical weapons, nobody cares. It seems like good place to test military equipment target practice, USA sell millions of weapon to Saudi to bomb Yemen. Also redbean . Your above info seem to make it like Yemen attacked Saudi first. Does not make sense for small fry to hit big guy, you must have been poisoned by fake news, despite your great correct assessment re Assad case.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Did I give the impression that Yemen is the bad guy? Yemen to me is like Syria, and being bullied by the biggest bully in the ME.