Gunboat policy – The table turns

1996 was a watershed in gunboat diplomacy between China and the USA. The Taiwan Strait crisis saw Clinton ordering two aircraft carriers to sail through the strait in a show of force. China was humiliated in a sense as it did not have an answer to such display of military might that reminded them of the foreign naval invasion of China in the 19th Century. The Chinese took the slap in their stride, retreated their military posturing and went back to the drawing board.

China must not again be threatened by the Americans by military means, especially naval power superiority. The unprovoked hideous Belgrade Embassy bombing in 1999 by the Americans was another big blow to the dignity of the Chinese govt. There was still no answer to American military superiority. The Americans could hit the Chinese as and when they liked and the Chinese could not hit back, worse, with the threat of mounting a full scale attack on Chinese soil using aircraft carriers.

The acquisition of a Ukraine decommissioned aircraft carrier was seen by some as China’s attempt for military parity with the Americans. Since then this aircraft carrier has been refitted as the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier. The talk of China pitting against the might of 11 American aircraft carriers with a relatively inferior solitary aircraft carrier does not hold water. The Liaoning is no match for the Americans and would be outclassed even in an eyeballing match. The Liaoning would not be sailing into the open sea to confront the American aircraft carriers.

No, the Liaoning or the construction of more aircraft carriers is not a military strategy to stare the Americans in the eye. They serve completely different strategic interest. China’s war with the Americans in the western Pacific Ocean would be to counter the massive buildup of American aircraft carriers attempting to attack China. In such a scenario, the Chinese answer to the American naval superiority in deploying aircraft carriers that can hit China without being hit is in anti carrier missiles, the DF21Ds and the DF26s. These are missiles specially designed and developed to sink American aircraft carriers at a distance, more than 1000km or 3000km from Chinese soil. With this kill range, the American aircraft carriers would no longer have the privilege of sailing through the Taiwan Strait like a cock, not even within a 3000km radius and think they could not be sunk. There will be no need for the Liaoning or any Chinese warship to engage the American warships in the western Pacific theatre of war.

The Chinese are turning the table on the Americans, telling the Americans I can hit you and you can’t hit me. It is not that the Americans did not have comparable cruise missiles to hit China from the carriers at long distance. The problem is that the Americans cannot afford to be within the anti carrier missile kill range as each carrier is a target consisting of hundreds of aircraft, missiles, nuclear weapons and thousands of elite fighting men and women. The Americans can launch their cruise missiles to attack Chinese mainland. The Chinese mainland could absorb the damages. The reverse is deadly and crippling to the American carrier strike force.

The Americans must keep their carriers out of the strike range of Chinese anti carrier missiles. And to do so they would not be able to use the carrier as a strike force, as a launch pad to attack China anymore. The Chinese want to keep the carriers far enough not able to strike China but could be hit by China. The Chinese strategy against the American carrier strike force is the use of all the missile bases in China, unsinkable, and massive numerical superiority, against the limited American aircraft carriers, all 11 of them, kept at a distance from Chinese soil. The carriers would be neutralised, defeating their purpose as offensive aircraft carriers.

The table has turned in favour of China in this game of gunboat diplomacy. The Chinese aircraft carriers have no role, or at most a minimal role, in such a conflict of military power in air sea battle. It is land based missiles against carrier based missiles.
A major conflict could break out in the western Pacific Ocean but would be fought under Chinese terms. The battle front would be far out in the Pacific Ocean, not near or on Chinese soil. All American and its allies’ naval craft within the 4,000km radius from Chinese coast would be neutralized once war breaks out.


Virgo 49 said...

That's why they have the islands around their coasts and declared their Territorial Zone as far as the Bogus International Laws by the Toothless U.N. and the bully UDA as far as possible.

They work have their missiles or warships berth closest to have targets practice on the American Carriers.

Twenty fleets and Admirers of the Feet or Rears carriers also sink.

Chinese saying Tigers fighting in another territory also must be wary of the other even tame pigs terrains and territories.

My own interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Evil USA and the Whitemen must one day be taught another Vietnam War Lesson.

Anonymous said...

Tasmania's Government is suing Temasek Holdings for more than A$100 million for stoppages in the supply of power for the duration of 6 months.

Anonymous said...

China's artificially-enlarged islands in the South China Sea are China's unsinkable aircraft carriers !

Anonymous said...

Canada is ganging up with white Australia, white UK and white Americans against China.

The Canadian Senate on Tuesday passed a motion criticizing China for "escalating and hostile behavior" in the South China Sea and urging Beijing to cease militarizing the region through activities like building artificial islands, even though the South China Sea islands have been China's territory since ancient times.

The Philippines now cooperates with China on developing maritime resources. So it's awkward to see a country not relevant to the South China Sea issue show its concerns from afar while related countries have worked to ease tensions considerably and solve the dispute through negotiations.

What if China passed a similar motion advocating Quebec independence and supporting its separation from Canada?

Virgo 49 said...

China's historical victories like the RED Cliff's episodes of defeating the enemies had China strategic plans of the Artificial Islets defending the Mainland.

Just like the Korean epics of their sea battles of defeating the Japanese.

The West and their Allies knew that who's so ever want to venture in their territories will be sunk into scraps and corals reefs.

Tired of living and seeing the Sunsets.

Anonymous said...

China went through one experience more than a century ago, when the Western Nations together tried to make sure it does not rise. Gunboat diplomacy did the dirty job of opening the doors of the Middle Kingdom to the opium trade, so that the West can force the Chinese to become weak and addicted to opium. This is another example of what the West did to human rights.

And China did become weak which the Japs took advantage of.

If China were to succumb to the same fate as in the past and be weakened by the West, Japan would surely reap the rewards once again. Never trust the Japs in their quest for military power. They have a sinister motive for continuing to worship the war criminals at the Yakusuni Shrine.

The West,of course, would welcome the Japs lording over all Asia again. The Japs are lap-dogs of the Americans. The Chinese are a different kettle of fish altogether. So the West wants to make the best use of the Japs and Taiwanese to do their dirty job. The South Koreans are more cautious in their approach, knowing who is closer in the neighbourhood to make friends with,rather than become enemies with.

Anonymous said...

Gun-Boat Policy In The Selection of CEOs for SMART

After using guns pointing at the heads of commuters, by appointing one Freshie Paper General Neo Kian Hong to replace one with 6 years experience Paper General Desmond Kwek, to signify that POWER comes out of the barrels of big guns, there arose a flurry of hurried mobilization of forces to put up a hasty defense for the indefensible, by a group of "kaki-lungs" to prop up a fantastically, almost angelic, God-sent to save man-unkind, image for Neo Kian Hong, who is well known for his ruthlessness in the SAF.

The weak hasty defense basically boils down to three points:

1. That there is no need for one to have real and rail experience to be CEO of SMRT, despite a global search that netted 20 such big fishes.

2. That it was a personal sacrifice for NKH to move from Perm Sec to become CEO SMRT, by leaving a coosy govt admin job to a private sector job, increasing his salary ten-fold or more in the process.

3. That NKH has the right heart for the job. He has stepped up to be counted. (Similar to Desmond Kuek's volunteerism argument).
Hey, I also have the heart for any job that pays me $11 million or more after 5.5 years.Who don't have the heart for such lucrative easy rewards? Kee chiu!

Virgo 49 said...

The farking Whites in battles only use their Brute strengths with no strategy but tragedy in warfares.

What's farking West Point?? See Sinkieland paper generals as produced by them.All duds. Only know "KeeChiu"You think 60s Hokkien Pengs.

Last time Sinkielnad West Point at Pasir Panjang for Tea dances and they produce better General dancers.

The Whites too scared to die. They only use their so called "Superiority Air Power and what's Naval Bombardments to fight their battles.

Their beer,whisky,brandy bellies and KFC, McDonald's fed soldiers will only advance when the so called enemies are weakened by their bombardments.

Little do they know that when their so called superiority arsenals are destroyed,they be sitting ducks.

The PRCs and the Tawianese Aborigines and the Korean Tigers and the Vietcongs will cut their heads for souvenirs and their balls for kiam chai soup.

Anonymous said...

The US recently passed the Taiwan Travel Act that allows reciprocal visits of high-level officials between Taiwan and US, challenging one-China policy. If US President Donald Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, visits Taiwan in June or a US navy vessel visits a Taiwanese naval base, that will destroy Sino-US relations.

With some pro-Taiwan US congressmen and Taiwan separatists undermining the one-China policy, China's military will deter "Taiwan independence" separatist forces through strong means to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

An Air Defense Identification Zone is likely to be established in the Taiwan Straits soon so that every aircraft or warship entering Taiwan must inform and get permission from the Chinese government.

Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) will also regularly conduct military drills to deter Taiwan separatists and have military aircraft and warships routinely cruise around the island. The PLA may also cross the Taiwan Straits middle line and squeeze the space owned by pro-independence forces in Taiwan.

The PLA will warn the Americans and Taiwan separatists that crossing China's red line comes at a real price.

Taiwan independence will invite war.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope Trump does not station his aircraft carriers in Singapore harbour. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani ridiculed Trump, saying: "You have no expertise in politics, nor in law, nor in international accords. A tradesman, a businessman, a high-rise builder, how can you judge about global issues?

Trump is facing a lawsuit filed by XXX adult-film star Stormy Daniels, who says she had an affair with Trump.

Anonymous said...

War May Erupt Between China and US Over Taiwan Next 2 Months

A series of highly provocative military and political events between the U.S. and Taiwan unacceptable to China will take place in May and June -- such as whether U.S. Marine Corps units will be stationed in Taiwan to protect the new site of the American Institute in Taiwan; a possible visit to Taiwan by US President Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton.

Chinese military aircraft are zooming around Taiwan in an exercise today, China’s air force said, the latest in a series of recent exercises Taiwan has described as military intimidation.

The Chinese air force said it scrambled fighter jets, early warning aircraft, reconnaissance planes and H-6K bombers from multiple airports for “combat military drills” around Taiwan on Thursday in a clear warning to Taiwanese separatists and American forces.

Anonymous said...

An article by The Straits Times reveals that the Yishun Stadium management has indeed switched off two of the four floodlights at 9pm during an ongoing soccer match on April 10, due to a complaint from a resident living in a nearby condominium.

The match was suspended at the 69th minute because there was not enough lighting.

On April 15, an independent news media, The Online Citizens, after investigating, reported the unfortunate event and sought PAP MP Lee Bee Wah’s confirmation on the resident complaint.

The next day (April 16), PAP MP Lee Bee Wah, instead, hit out at The Online Citizens, accusing it as “fake news” and claimed that the blackout was due to a “technical fault”.

So, who is a fake?

Anonymous said...

Temasek Holdings, having been mamaged by PM's wife for the past 19 years, has just lost another S$61 million of CPF members' money.

A subsidiary of Temasek Holdings has filed for bankruptcy in China.

ST Engineering announced on Monday (April 23) that it had written off S$61 million for the bankruptcy of it’s joint venture business, Jiangsu Huatong Kinetics.

JHK is the joint venture between ST Engineering’s land systems arm, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics) and China’s state-owned enterprise Jiangsu Huatong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Writing off $61 million is so simple and easy. No pain at all. Why? Because it is not to your own money.

How about punching above your own weight at China again and again? Don't worry. The US is right behind you. Go on, belittle the Chinese People in front of a Japanese audience or an American audience. Go on. Don't have to worry about repercussion. No consequences will ever touch you. Just do it. Come on. Show to the world how smart, strong, tough and brave you are.

Stupidity is bad enough. Stupidity coupled with false pride and stubbornness is a recipe for long-term disaster.

It is only $61 million in this case. Consider it as only the first installment. Rest assured, more, much much more will follow.

The next round may be $600 million and may not happen in China. But elsewhere. Just so that you cannot know what hits you. Just so that you cannot point a finger at China.

The China-bashing Game is not a one sided lob-sidded one. It is a two-way game. You can play. China can retaliate.

Human nature must be understood.

Human nature is dynamic. No text books can teach you each and every permutation. The Law of the Jungle applies. Not International Laws.

Giant fish eats big fish. Big fish eats small fish. Small fish eats shrimps.

Poison shrimp will be avoided to let it die by itself without food. This is the Law of the Sea and Ocean.

Wake up fast. Before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Latest Juices Oozing Out

This is extracted from the States Times Review:

"According to an independent news report by Taiwan-based media TheNewLens, various government agencies – A*Star, MinDEF, Ministry of Home Affairs, DSTA, Prime Minister’s Office, GovTech and government universities SMU and NTU – are involved with the harvesting of private data information through the use of Facebook application.

According to Facebook, over 65,009 Singapore-based Facebook accounts had their data misused by unknown agencies, which is likely the Singapore government. Several Singapore government researchers were singled out for links with the two Cambridge researchers – Dr David Stillwell and Dr Michal Kosinski of The Psychometrics Centre at Cambridge University – who “invented” the rogue Facebook app, myPersonality.

Since the report was published two days ago on April 24, several Singapore researchers have deleted their Linkedin profiles to cover up their relationship with the scandalised Cambridge researchers."

No wonder some people are so desperate to enact a Fake News Law so that they can accuse those who reveal their "Dirty Works behind the scene" as "fake news". So that they can put up a straight honest to goodness face in public life.

If politics is dirty, then we must assume that all politicians are even dirtier. Is it not?

Next time, any politician tries to talk about integrity, tell them go fly a kite.

Anonymous said...

RB, please don't worry too much about China. President Xi Jinping and the team of Chinese leaders he assembled are able to take good care of China and the Chinese People.

What China is not able to take care of are the Chinese Singaporeans in Singapore. Only the local Chinese Singaporeans can take care of thrmselves. However, IRRESPECTIVE of race and ethnic group, as long as they remain daft, nobody can help them. That is the same for the 75% of Chinese in Singapore.

Virgo 49 said...

Chinese sinkies had been brought up by another Yellow Great Leader from another era to be different from their fore parents in China.

Now PRCs are been jelled into One as A People painstainkly to be ONE as they have lived thru Great Revolutions and Poverty and Humiliation.

Chinese sinkies are been ruled and divided by another Great Yellow Emperor with his running Dynasty just to be diverse in order to obey them.

They are thought to only care for themselves and be wary even of own kind. They are out to outsmarten you and deprived you of whatsoever livielhhood you right to survive.

Every man for themselves. Just take care of your own and others die, too bad it's their business.

Who asked then to be not schrew and evil and not capable as me.

Worst, they were been manipulated by others not been their own and yet traitous even to join them to harm their own.

Sinkieland Chinese will find themselves once again to where the PRCs were when they were divided and ruled and humiliated during China's Era under the Imperialists and the Japanese.

They think they are smart, smug and in this mirage status quo in perpetuity.

Nightmares to follow soon