The Great White God

To the believers, the unthinking believers, the Great White God is all goodness, fair, just, compassionate, loving, caring, a protector, the virtues of all virtues. They blindly believe so and refuse to see the real Great White God. They would not want to know the evilness of the Great White God even when all the evidence of wickedness is staring right in front of their eyes.

The Great White God is kind and loving and generous but with many conditions. You must respect and honour him, pledge to love him, obey him, prostrate in front of him, praise him and do as he pleases, and cannot believe in another God. The Great White God has decreed all other Gods as Satan and evil. Love no other God except me, the one and only Great White God.

What about the evil things done by the wicked Great White God? No, he does not do evil, he is all wholesome goodness! Remove the blinkers and see the truth, see the ugly truths and be set free from the evil Great White God. I know the silly and unthinking believers would not want to know the evil deeds of the Great White God. They just want to hear the good stuff and stuffed their ears with shit so that they would not hear the truth, the bad stuff of the Great White God.

But I must tell, to wake these shitty unthinking believers of the Evil One and thinking he is the Great White God.

Ask the Great White God how he came to live in the Promised Land, how the Promised Land is now the land of the Great White God? Were there inhabitants in the Promised Land and what happened to the inhabitants? How many were there and how many left after the butchering, under the Great White Decree to kill all the natives? How many million natives were murdered by the Great White God?

Ask the Great White God what he used to be the beasts of burden, to plough and toil the land, to water his trees, and to pluck the cotton in the cotton fields? Ask the Great White God how he amused himself with the women he called slaves, treated them as their comfort women, to entertain their guests, to make merry, only to dump them in the squatters after used, to seek solace with the beasts of burden.

Where did the beasts of burden come from? How manly millions of beasts of burden were hunted down, captured and transported to the Promised Land to toil the land for the good of the Great White God? How many died in the Great Exodus from Africa to the Promised Land of the Great White God in chains? How many died from beating, from hunger, from over exertion, from being kept tightly together in cages? Where is Kunta Kinte?

Ask the Great White God how much land they took from the Mexicans by pointing a gun at them? Ask the Great White God how they came to acquire so many islands in the Pacific Ocean? By showering the natives with love and kindness, or by grace, or by the gun and killings?

Ask the Great White God how many Pinoys they killed after getting rid of the Spanish God to occupy the Philippines?

Ask the Great White God how many Japanese were killed by the wrath of God when two A bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing young and old, male and female, no female left to be slaves?

Ask the Great White God how many Koreans and Vietnamese were killed in God’s righteous and holy war against the non believers? Ask the Great White God how many tons of Agent Orange and other chemical agents were scattered over Vietnam to fertilise the land? Heard of children of Agent Orange?

Ask the Great White God how many other Gods they murdered, killed or assassinated in the name of peace and harmony?

Ask the Great White God how many innocent Arabs, the heathens, were killed by the great flood of bombs raining from the sky by the chariots of the Great White God? Didn’t the Great White God find any Arabs virtuous enough to be spared to live in the Garden of Eden? Didn’t the Great White God want to keep the women as slaves anymore?

Collateral? What is that? Should ask Saddam Hussein and Mahmood Gaddafi or Osama? What is the difference between God Obama and Satan Osama, who killed and maimed more people?

Ask the Great White God what is he doing in the South China Sea, to bring peace on earth or to start another war? The Great White God has been fighting unceasing wars since the end of the WW2 in the name of peace and continue to kill and maim the heathen, the unthinking coloured people.

Now I want to ask the unthinking and blind believers, did they find a new truth, that the Great White God is not all kindness, love, and peace. He is just as evil as he accused Satan of.  Actually he is many many times more evil than Satan, killing more people in his wars of peace and freedom.  Remove your blinkers and seek the truth. The truth shall set you free, from the evil Great White God. His mission is to create wars and to kill and kill, the unthinking coloured people that refused to worship him. 

Do not be deceived. Do not deceived yourself and be blinded by the deceit of the Great White God.

Audit Singapore Research to Prevent Fraud

Need to battle Singapore Universities Research Fraud

The recent opening of the S$450m Fusionopolis Two complex provides more opportunities for research and startup collaboration between the private and public sectors. At its Opening Ceremony, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong envisioned a network of Singapore enterprises and people who "are never satisfied with the world as it is and constantly strive to improve, and are forever hungry and bold."  PM Lee said that what is needed to realise the vision to make the latest Singapore's Research & Development (R&D) and innovation hub work are "ideas, initiative and a strong network of enterprises and institutions, driven by the spirit of research and entrepreneurship".

To his list, I would add un-impeachable levels of integrity and exceptional authenticity as well as honesty.

As the bulk of Singapore R&D is government-funded, it is incumbent on public research funding bodies such as A*Star and the Singapore Research Foundation, as well as Government Ministries and Statutory Boards, among others, to have concrete measures to audit research claims and publications of prospective public research fund recipients, who are mostly University Professors and Research Fellows. No research audit measures for research claims authentication and genuine authorships of research papers are presently deployed.

As research grants using public funds grow, the need to exercise for due diligence to root out and prevent fraudulent research practices become more urgent and imperative.

Promoting honest research means weeding out fraudulent researchers with multiple-cloned research papers. The multiplication of research papers University Professors and Research Fellows is not obvious from a simple listing of publications, since the same paper could appear with different titles. Some have multiplied a single paper more than five times, and over a few years.  

Government Research Funding bodies can start with current recipients of public research funds, which are channeled mostly to local Universities. Research fund recipients should submit copies of all their past research papers. Funds should be granted only to actual research investigators, and not to their supervisors or managers to prevent opportunities for 'gift' authorships. This is where supervisors and managers are often included as research paper 'authors' when they did not contribute significantly or at all.

Public research grant providers should monitor the number of research groups of which recipients have claimed membership. As research is time-consuming, time-intensive and knowledge-driven, it is important to limit research group membership to no more than three or, at most, four.

Fewer research group memberships are preferred for diverse research focus to ensure a more equitable spread of research funds, as well as prevent supervisors and managers from dominating research for fraudulent purposes.

Singapore research excellence must embrace honest research with a high level of conscious integrity by actively weeding out fraudulent researchers and their managers.

Research publication listings must be audited. A new culture that emphasises the more meaningful research impact of patents, inventions and discoveries would also prevent research fraud.

Researchers should also demonstrate the continuous relevance and currency of their expert knowledge through regular high-level consulting assignments with industry and social organisations.



Haze – Be a good neighbour like Najib

Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, is praising Najib of Malaysia for not complaining about the haze over several parts of Malaysia. Good boy, that is the way to behave to be a good neighbour. Malaysia does not have a jungle of trees and should be grateful for the oxygen provided by Indonesia.

Now who are the ungrateful ones, the bad neighbours that are complaining about Indonesia causing the haze?  It is unfair, Indonesia cannot stop the haze spreading in the region. That is an undeniable truth. How can Indonesia stop the haze from blowing into neighbouring countries? Impossible right?  Blame it on the winds.

And who are the unfriendly neighbours that did not offer help and only complained and criticised? Not me, not me, I don’t want to be unfriendly to the Indonesians.

Pak Jusuf, actually ah, your neighbours are not complaining about the haze lah. They are just hoping that Indonesia can help to stop the companies lighting up and burning the peat lands to clear them for their plantations lah. This one can help or not? And also, actually your neighbours are not criticizing Indonesia lah, they are  just not happy with the companies that are causing the haze lah. Don’t take it so personally can? Indonesia and the companies burning the peat lands are two different entities lah. Betul? So, can your neighbours criticize these companies or not? Boleh tak?

Or can you please tell the companies not to burn until everyone cannot breathe, even the Indonesians are suffering from the haze.  Tolong, tolong Pak Jusuf, don’t get angry, your neighbours are not criticizing you or angry with you. This part I know. You are alright, nice man. No one is blaming you. Relax!

UN resolution not to recognise land seized by the colonialists

The USA is telling China it is not recognizing the islands in the South China Sea and is sailing its warships there to prove a point. What is so wrong about claiming islands in the South China Sea or improving the coral reefs for humankind, for civilization, for safety of navigation and search and rescue? Inhabited islands with civilizations and full facilities for shipping can only be good for the sailors. Who knows when an American warship is going to be struck by lightning or a perfect storm and needs a safe harbor, or the sailors need to be pick up from the sea?

What is so wrong with claiming no man’s islands as part of a country when the colonialists have been claiming lands occupied by the natives to be theirs? The Americans even terminated the Red Indians, the natives of North America to near extinction that there are so few left today to reclaim ownership of their lost land. What justice or justification can the colonialists depend on, what moral authority to take the natives’ land and be the new owners? The Doctrine of Discovery where the natives are not humans, sub humans, so they have no rights to their lands? Or Manifest Destiny that the USA deserves to conquer and acquire other people’s lands and do as it pleases?

China should work with the countries in the UN to put up a resolution to derecognize all the lands seized by the colonialists and return them to the natives. In addition it is about time for the world to ask for compensation for the looting of resources from colonized countries and also compensation for the humiliation and crimes against the natives and their dignities.  It may be impractical given the fact that the colonialists have multiplied in great numbers and the natives either murdered to extinction or kept at the level of ignorance or low literacy rate, weak and poor, and unable to demand for the return of their lands. But it would be a moral victory to recognize that the colonialists are unjustly, immorally and illegally occupying the lands they claimed from the natives.

The natives of North America, Canada, Australia, Falkland, New Zealand and many colonized lands, now called countries have legal rights to their land and to demand the return of their lands and compensations for being colonised. The UN must derecognise the lands the colonialists robbed from the natives and return them to the natives.

This injustice must not be swept under the carpet as if it is right, just and legal. In today’s civilized world, the unjust acts, the evil and wicked deeds of the colonialists must be reviewed, recognized and set right. The world should not continue to turn a blind eye to the wicked ways of the colonialists and allowed them to enjoy the loots of their evil ways and allowed them to strut around like morally just people and champions of human rights, righteous people!

The time has come for the community of nations not to recognize the largesse of aggression and colonization, not to recognize the land seized from the natives by force and killings. The time has come to return honour and justice to the natives that were slaughtered by the colonialists and to return their land to them. The time has come to condemn the colonialists for the crimes against humanity.

The world must not forget that the land of USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Falkland and many lands now owned by the descendants of the colonialists once belonged to the natives and should be returned to their rightful owners. The occupation of these lands must not be a fait accompli, it’s done, let’s move on.

The natives have rights too.


No Race in the Future of Singapore Race Relations

Multiculturalism - Is there enough trust? “LIVE Video”

Trust in Singapore Multi-Culturalism

Are Singaporeans ready to put aside historical CIMO (Chinese, Indian, Malay, Others) racial categories for a better united, truly cohesive and harmonious Singapore?  What would it take to create a truly multi-cultural, cosmopolitan Singapore society which demonstrates genuine respect for cultural diversity?

These were some of the questions discussed “live” by Inconvenient Questions (IQ), Singapore’s emergent conversational square on 28 October 2015.  I was on the Panel with Ho Kwon Ping, Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings and Dr Nazry Bahrawi, Lecturer, SUTD. The Moderator was Viswa Sadasivan, IQ Editor-in-Chief in their University Town studio, National University of Singapore

First, my take on the issues:

Trust is the Force Multiplier in the War Against Racism and Racialism

It is the policy weapon of choice with a specific Goal in Singapore politics as well as socio-economic polices – the creation of a just and equal society regardless of race, language or religion.

The social reality of Multi-Culturalism is Cultural Diversity

We need to address the Overlapping Webs of Cultural Diversity; which is made up of Layers of Cultural Fabrics (“norms”, religions, diet, food, dressings, and various social practices, and than some). The Fabrics weaved together form the Multicultural Canvas of Singapore.

Trust measures the density or emotive strength of cohesion and resilience at specific and various parts of the Multicultural Canvas.

On the Top Surface, the Multicultural Canvas operates at the National Level where a strong demonstration of racial co-existence and harmony have existed for most of the past 50 years; surviving national economic and social crisis eg economic recessions, CPF cuts, SARS and JI.   

At the Middle of the Multicultural Canvas are the various socializing domains of Education, Defense, Housing, Employment, Business Contracting, Cultural Expression Opportunities, Family and Community Life, Medical and other Social Benefits … and where the distributions of benefits and privileges are regulated by the rules of meritocracy and equal opportunities access.  The Trust density varies in respective Domains.  Perceptions of equal opportunities differ across ethnic groups, and Meritocracy has its own peculiar path to favour those who can afford to prepare better to qualify for its award criteria.  There is as yet no final absolute consensus that the rules of meritocracy and equal opportunity access actually resulted in a more just and more equal society; especially given the widening income disparity across Singaporean society.

At the Bottom-most, the Multi-Cultural Canvas is made up of the day-to-day interaction of ordinary Singaporeans whose perceptions of relative social mobility vis-à-vis other ethnic members affects the Trust Value.  Perceptions of discrimination in employment, in job promotion opportunities, in exclusion from selecting choice HDB apartment, or from enrolment into elitist exclusively Mandarin-speaking schools only serve to undermine the Trust density, thereby weakening the Multicultural Canvas.      

The New Singapore Multicultural Canvas now includes MORE ethnic groups beyond the traditional CIMO.  New Chinese, New Indians and New Others have created “patchworks” on the Multicultural Canvas, rather than reinforcing the C, I or O.  Fault lines at the patchwork boundaries will crisscross the traditional fault lines of the CIMO, and make enhanced Trust even more challenging and daunting.

The Conversation was further distracted by referencing some who imported the concept of “Chinese Majority” privilege which I have argued in my MIKOspace Blog to be wholly inapplicable to the Singapore’s race relations.  

The immediate imperative is to create a Stronger Sense of Common Citizenship, instead of a Greater Sense of Multi-Racialism.  We need to imbue in our emergent generations a greater acceptance of Cultural Diversity instead of encouraging a deeper sense of their respective racial or ethnic identity.  We need to build a “united” Society by trusting the things that strengthen us as Singaporeans, and not on the things which potentially separate us. Remember, our cherished values of Family and Community reached “beyond race, language or religion” to overcome the national crisis of SARS, JI Terrorism and Recessions. 

Singapore Exceptionalism is in our National Resilience, our National Servicemen, our Community and our Family.  This is Our Very Own Small Red Dot, the Home of the Daring and Land of Opportunities for all.     

WATCH the Video: “Multiculturalism - Is there enough trust?”

IQ believes that the time is right to start a serious and more open – yet calibrated - discussions on this important issue. 


Nichael HENG

What is the problem with SMRT?

I think I know the problem why so many train breakdown problems. The service quality is going down. And if the commuters want better quality train services they must be prepared to pay more. Did not the commuters know that for so many years the fare has been going up and the quality improving all the time, better and betterer. Everytime there is a fare hike, the quality improved or at least the commuters believed so. Paying for quality is the way to go.

Now suddenly got fare decrease, 1.9% some more. Lower fare price means lower quality lah. Tiok boh? Pay less how to expect better quality? When good quality means must pay more, now can pay less, please accept quality must come down lah, at least a bit.

Just look at the universities, every year hike and hike tuition fees. Now the fees so high, and the quality of university education also go up. Now our universities are among the best in the world. Thanks to the high tuition fees. Another few fee hikes they will be better than Harvard and Cambridge and be the best of the best.

SMRT must learn to hike fares to improve the service quality. Want good quality must pay good price lah. How can cheap be good?

So, you want train service quality to improve or not? So simple!

The Americans complicit in crimes against the Chinese people

The hideous crimes of the barbaric Unit 731 of the Japanese Imperial Army have been carefully documented an displayed in a museum in Harbin despite the pain caused to the Chinese people of such vile inhuman acts befitting of animals and not human beings. The Japanese Unit 731 as reported by The New York Times, headed by Dr Shiro Ishii, ‘bred plague microbes, then deliberately infected thousands of men, women and children. It conducted vivisection, frostbite and air pressure experiments, transfused prisoners with horse blood, and studied the effect of weapons on the body among many things.’

What was the Americans role that made them complicit to such unspeakable crimes against humanity? While the German criminals of biological warfare were prosecuted for war crimes by the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal, the Japanese criminals were let off under a private arrangement between Japan and the USA that benefitted the Americans with all the records and research material of biological warfare conducted by Unit 731 against the Chinese people.

Such dastardly act of the Americans, to take possession of wicked and cruel records of biological warfare and experiments and in return to free the criminals from war crimes is as good as the Americans condoning the crimes of the Japanese and complicit to their crimes.

The world and the Americans are told today by The New York Times of this American hypocrisy against humankind in general and the Chinese people in particular. What have the American people got to say of their forefathers’ insidious acts while going around the world claiming that they are the protector and champion of human rights and humanity?

Are the Americans ashamed of their forefathers for being a part of such crimes? Maybe not. It is in the American blood, in American history that they also spread and infected the native Red Indians of infectious diseases to wipe them off the prairies of North America.  There is nothing new about such crimes. It is very American. They did it in the Korean and Vietnam War, spraying biological and chemical agents in Korea and Vietnam.

The New York Times must be pricked by their conscience to publish this piece of news today which they knew long ago. And the revelation did not really make the Americans nauseated for the part they were involved.

Japan’s war atrocities committed by the Unit 731 would go unnoticed and the Americans uninterested in them. They are allies against China today.


Missing Veritas

Veritas have been missing in this blog for a while. So I visited his blog, http://veritas-lux.blogspot.sg, to see what he has been doing. And as usual, he posted a very strong opinionated piece based on PISA 2012 report on ‘How Malaysia compares with its neighbours’ on the educational standards of students in Mathematics, Reading and Science.

I must say that his post would make many people very upset. But that is Veritas, holding nothing back and inviting controversies and challenges to what he thinks and says. He is definitely more controversial, hundreds of times more controversial than Redbean.

If Veritas were to put his comments here in this blog, it will blow the top of many readers.  Am I glad he keeps his strong views in his blog.

Incidentally Veritas is getting a lot of attention from those who don’t agree with him.

American provocations in South China Sea raising prospect of war with China

The Americans have thrown the first punch at China in the South China Sea. The early settlers of North America sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to kill the Red Indians and robbed their land. On Tuesday, USS Lassen sailed thousands of miles from stolen Red Indian territories they now called the USA, crossed the Pacific Ocean to within 12 nautical miles of Chinese islands in the South China Sea in a blatant show of force and spinning the story of freedom of navigation. Every country is watching this provocative and aggressive military adventure by the Americans in China’s territorial water.

China has allowed the Americans to make the first hostile move to show to the world who is the real provocateur in this incident. The deliberate intrusion close to Chinese islands was anything but friendly and a military challenge to China’s ownership of the islands. China would now have to respond to the provocation in defence of its territories.

Several American thinking analysts have spoken and giving all the stupid reasons that China, militarily weaker than the US would not dare to confront the American warship and would allow the Americans to do as they liked. That China is too pre occupied with the five year economic plan at the Central Committee Plenum and would not want to escalate the confrontation. So it is alright for the Americans to do all the provocations. China is all but a meek country that would not fight the Americans and would allow the Americans to push it around. China would back down when the Americans are prepared to show its military muscles.

These American thinking analysts could never understand that the 200 years of humiliation under the European powers would only make China want to stand up to the Americans, and stepping down under further provocations and to be humiliated again is not an option. If Xi Jinping would to back down, he would lose his power immediately. He would have all the military leaders and the people of China to rise to support him if he needs to go to war with the Americans. The Chinese people have enough of foreign bullying and would demand the Chinese leaders to go to war with the Americans.

China has been preparing for this day for a long time. China may not be able to launch an invasion of the US homeland, but to defend its territorial sovereignty, it has all the means to do so and effectively. It has all the weapons to take on the Americans in a conventional war. The Americans have nothing for the Chinese to fear in conventional warfare and as a defending force, China has all the advantages of a huge base and arsenal waiting for the Americans.

China will now have all the reasons to reinforce its positions in the South China Sea and be ready to take on the Americans head on.  The Americans came for war and showing the other cheek to the Americans would only invite war. China would have to rapidly build up its defence forces in the islands to take the American aggression  head on. The Americans have just given the Chinese the perfect reason to arm the newly created islands to the teeth. Xi Jinping will not allow Obama or any American president to push him around. It is war if the Americans were to carry out another provocative move. China will be ready and will be waiting.

The Americans will face a force that it has never seen before since the Korean War. China is not Vietnam or any of the defenceless Arab states, or the Talibans or ISIS. It will be a test of military might and political will.  Obama and all the hawks in Washington will now have a chance to prove how brave and good they are in fighting a real war with someone of the same weight class. Go ahead and prove that the Americans are made of real stuff and can push China around in Chinese territories.

The whole world is watching. And China has no other choice but to push back the American adventurism by force.

For the silly Asean countries, the Americans have made a statement of power, no one is to claim any of the islands in the South China Sea. They belong to the American Empire. The silly Aquino is giggling without knowing that he has invited the wolf into the region. The Americans have claimed Hawaii, the Marshalls, Guam and even Gan in the Indian Ocean. They used to claim the Philippines. Now they are coveting the islands in the South China Sea.


The equity casino is going to draw its curtain soon

Agencies reported that Stanchart has announced that it ‘is closing its equity derivatives and convertible bonds businesses.’ This is a follow up on its earlier announcement ‘to axe thousands of jobs globally as it dismantled its stock broking, equity research and equity listing desks.’

What this news is saying is that a big global bank is finding it tough to make money in equities, bonds and derivatives and finds it necessary to close down these businesses to cut losses. Is this move a trend that is also affecting other big banks, and what does this portend for the industry and the stake holders like traders, remisiers, research and backroom staff? Would Stanchart be the Pipe Piper leading a trail of banks and broking houses following behind to close down the same operations and cut staff?

It is strange that Stanchart is cutting down on equity derivatives when this instrument is supposed to be gaining popularity with rising volumes in daily trades. Or is it that Stanchart is underperforming the market and losing money while other players are laughing to the banks? What is the truth?

The truth will come in the next few months if other banks continue to trade happily in equity derivatives or starting to cut cost by axing their staff in equity and derivatives. The analysts and research staff would also be on the laid off list.

Wither the stock market and derivative industry? Is it flying high or sinking in quick sand?

The most frightening thing happened yesterday morning

The NEL MRT broke down in the morning just as the train started to run. And this was the morning of the start of the O and A level examinations, the biggest examinations of our highly stressed school system. The poor students who were caught in the breakdown, after mugging nights and weeks for this day, had another stressful encounter to face, how to get to the exam halls on time. Many were already feeling the stress of the examinations, now to fight for time to get to the exam hall must be very frightening.

How could the train fail on such a crucial day and put added pressure on our students? Sure it can. When a train system wants to fail, it will fail. But this kind of things never happened in the past leh. In the past our trains were simply reliable and could be expected to run and not to break down. Taking the train was a no event. Today taking the train is so dramatic with all kinds of things waiting to happen.

Never mind if this is the new normal, the new standard of efficient Singapore where everything is supposed to work with the push of a button. Ooops. Today, the new normal is to expect failures and breakdowns when you pray that it would not happen, and not on such an important and stressful day when the O and A level examinations were in full swing. Be prepared for the worst and more to come. Be always prepared and don’t take things for granted ok? Students taking examinations must plan for alternative route or means of transport just in case. This is another burden, another thing to prepare in addition to preparing for the examinations.

Sorry kids. Don’t expect everything to work. This is Singapore. You can bet if the results for those taking their exams yesterday would be affected. Poor kids!  The mental stress must be heavy on them. Having to slog and struggle for the examinations were stressful enough, and now this. How many students were late for the examinations?  They must be trembling in fear, yes fear and worried sick. Thank God, today’s newspaper reported that only less than 20 students were late. Is this supposed to be another miracle? Or is it that the students were smart enough to find their ways to the exam hall on time?

The magic wan is running out of tricks. Is this the beginning of things falling apart? The saga of hepatitis C and the number of deaths and people infected is still unfolding like a 3rd World country.

Shall we call for Harry, Harry Potter?


The Evil of Religious Conversion couple with Deculturalisation

Now it seems is a fashion to be converted to one major religion or another. You can be converted to any foreign religion but you must not let others or allow yourself to be deculturalised from your own culture and tradition. When through religion you are deculturalised because of wrongful or biased concept you are no more what you are, a respectable person because your mind , soul and spirit are being captured and imprisoned by your new converted beliefs . In other words you will think and act the ways whatever religious doctrines or masters want you to believe to toe their line of thinking and behaviour. That's the reason why Western countries and Middle-East Arabic religious orders have been fighting tooth and nail for centuries to convert the world to their respective religions. And they are doing so not because they want to improve your life and make you a better person but because they want to capture your mind, spirit and soul so that they can hold sway over your life and destiny and in this way maintain hegemonic control over the whole world. Why allow the freaks and charlatans in the name of their religion to hold sway over you and your country and through their sham dissemination of fear about their wonderful gods and deities to play havoc with your own lives. They always tell us " Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. " There you see, to them only the poor whether individuals or poor countries can only dream of heaven while the rich and mighty enjoy unlimited wealth and glory in this world because they always pillage all the wealth and riches from other countries at will. They always tell you 'money is evil' but at the same time all the priests and religious leaders will compete endlessly and shamelessly to ask for donations or offerings from the people even from the poorest individuals.

What these major religions preach or taught whether in public, schools or learning centres are always biased against local practices and traditional cultures. In other words they try to stop us from practising our culture, tradition and customs. Many Asians, Africans and Native Americans pay respect to the dead through rituals of Ancestral reverence which is a way of giving the honour to deserving parents or ancestors for all the sacrifices they made for us and for our future generations and thus enable us to learn the secrets to immortality. It is atrocious that Chinese who become Christians are forbidden to hold joss sticks to pay respect to their dead parents or ancestors. However, the priests of Western and Middle-East religious bodies will pour scorn on the practice and twisted the fact by saying that the people have committed sin for they are worshipping the dead. This is far from the truth. The Western and Arabic practice of erecting a stone tablet in remembrance of their dead bears no difference to the aforementioned practice. The difference is that the West and the Arabs have the habit of practising cultural racism attributing every good thing in this world to themselves while blaming others for all the negative things .

Another bad practice is to bestow or adopt a religious name of that faith on the converted person and thus the converted individual become a misnomer in his own country, town or village because he has lost whatever semblance he has with his own countrymen.

It is time that people wake up and allow themselves some deep thinking, self-respect and dignity and not allow religious freaks and governments to hold sway over their lives with the end result the loss not only of their personal selves but also their own countries.

Author - Sun, Moon and Darkness

Oh poor Britain!

‘Some people say spending large sums for luxurious trips is ok for politicians. Others argue that officials have to be modest. But £100,000 for a trip is a way too much… Even for a head of the British government.

A fresh release by the Cabinet Office shows what a pretty penny cost the UK’s taxpayers overseas trips of the Prime Minister David Cameron in the period from July 2014 to March 2015.

For example, a trip to Brussels to attend European Council meetings cost £500 on average. Trips as far as to other continents, like to US or Australia, were charged a bit over £10,000.

But look at the figures, which go under description “To pay condolences following death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz”. The Prime Minister used a charter airline and his 1-day stay is valued at £101,792.’

The above was posted in Sputniknews. It is so sad to know that the once world super power with an Empire where the sun never set is how living like a pauper. The expenses of a few hundred or thousand pounds for the Prime Minister are now a big issue. Come off it, what is 500 pounds or 10,000 pounds? Our ministers earn that in a couple of hours. One night in a nightclub in Orchard Road or Clark Quay for a Singapore would be many times that.

And what is 100,000 pounds for a 1 day stay in Arabia to pay condolence to the King of a past colony? You mean the Great Britain cannot afford that? Mine, how the world has changed. Come to Sin City and see how we spend money. But of course we are different. We are rich, your former colony is rich. We have money falling out of our pockets.

Britain must be regretting for letting this jewel slipped out of their control. If they are still in charge, what is 100,000 pounds?I would recommend the Brits replaced their ministers with the super talents from Singapore. Then Britain would be better run, be rich like hell, oops, I mean like Sin City, and their ministers can be paid in millions of pounds. And for all you know, the PM of Britain would then say, ‘No need govt subsidies, I pay for my trips from my pocket.’


Canada pulls out of the F35 programme

‘Canadian Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau, who was elected on Monday, said his government will pull Canada out of the US-led air operations over Syria and Iraq and will also drop out of the F-35 program.’ Sputnitnews

Canada was one of the 9 rich countries that could afford paying US$200m a piece for this malfunction infested fighters of the future. It had pledged to buy 65 pieces but decided that the money would be well spent elsewhere. And without having to fight a war in Syria and Iraq, there is really no need for such advanced weapons. Actually fighting the rag tag desert rats there is no need for anything so sophisticated unless the war merchants keep on arming them with more deadly and more expensive weapons.

Unless the Americans could create another high tension region or war along the Canadian coasts, there is really no better reason for Canada to want to buy such expensive war machine.

Without the Canadian’s participation, the cost per aircraft would go up by another US$1m. But those countries in the programme are all very rich and throwing away another million is chicken feed. What is clear and present danger to this programme is to make sure that the remaining countries would have good reasons to want to buy the plane. Britain is likely to follow suit as it is no longer a world policeman with Bush and Blair, and the likelihood of fighting a war in Europe is slim. Now it is a matter of time when Britain decides it has had enough of killing the Arabs in Iraq and Syria and wants its troop home, and no further need for the F35s in the drawing board.

This may cause panic in the US and they would have more urgency to start another war somewhere to ensure the remaining suckers did not pull out from the Project. They have been so successful in milking these countries that have signed on the dotted line and have been paying and paying for the development cost that somehow keeps on rising. And the best part, after sinking so much money into this bottomless pit, it would be too embarrassing to cut loss and to pull out. A war in East China Sea would definitely keep the Japanese in the game. A war in South China Sea would keep Singapore and Australia in the game too, to buy an expensive war machine to fight a war they did not want but planned for them.

How’s that for stupidity? The Americans are creating the demand for such a war machine, by raising tension and creating wars and forcing its faithful allies to dig deep into their pockets to buy expensive toys they don’t need. Without having to fight a war, which country would need such expensive toys?

Is anything good coming out of the CHC trial?

With the 10 year imprisonment terms hanging in the air or more, dark clouds are forming over the City Harvest Church but hidden by the haze. Would anything good come out from these expensive court trials ending with millions changing hands?  More than $10m was quoted and the lawyers must be smiling. Imagine how this sum of money could benefit the needy.  That is a opportunity cost gone wrong. Assuming that the prison terms are unavoidable, Changi Prison would then become home to one of the great preachers in Kong Hee and he will have his key lieutenants by his sides, like the loyal disciples at the last supper.

The presence of Kong Hee and his team in Changi must be a good thing, at least to the inmates. They would then have the service of Kong Hee in person to preach to them about the good news and to be saved.  There is a new hope for the sinners. City Harvest would have a lot of new members with another church inside Changi Prison.

Maybe this is God’s work, to bring salvation to the lost sheep in Changi. Here they will have the best to be in their service and in their company. God works in a miraculous way. There will be many more happy people in Changi singing hymns and praising the Lord.

Charity begins at home. America can wait. The Crossover Project can wait. The inmates in Changi will have priority to be saved.



Heng ah! Transport fare down by 1.9%

Where in the world got transport price decrease one? This can only happen in Sin City, the country runs by the best super talent money can buy. Another miracle!

It really pays to pay super talents millions to show mercy to the commuters, the average people who earn just enough to get by in life, to get a fare cut. The net amount of savings per trip will vary from 1c to 4c with the majority saving 1c or 2c per trip. The Sinkies are now feeling so grateful and so ‘heng’. Imagine if they have not given the PAP a 70% majority vote, this thing will not happen, maybe even a price hike.

Some ungratefuls are still complaining that the price of oil has gone down by 50%, how come only 1.9% cut? Some even pointed out that in April there was a hike of 2.8% even when the price of oil was already down more than 30%. So, give you fare cut you still not happy ya? Be grateful man, be very grateful.

Now with such a great gesture, it is time the people should reciprocate and reward the ministers with a little pay hike as well. How about a 1.9% hike for the ministers? Why so little? Let me see, a million dollar salary, a 1.9% hike will mean how much? $19,000 only! Ya too little. To be meaningful, maybe 5%, not too big, not too small. After all for three years the minister did not get a pay hike and times must be hard on them. A 5% hike should come to $50,000 or about $4,000 pm. Not very much, but it will be a good gesture in return for the 1.9% fare cut.

What do you think? Got come, got go, they give you some, you give them some. Win win.

Geopolitics – Who to balance who?

In his article appearing in the ST on 23 Oct 15, Luhut B Pandjaitan, the Corodinating Minister for Politics, Legal and Security Affairs of Indonesia discussed the role of Indonesia as a regional power and where it should stand in big power politics. He hoped that Indonesia should not be put in a position to take sides between China and Japan or between China and the USA. This is about the only sensible thing that he said before turning into another parrot repeating the views of the western world. The lack of original strategic thinking is evident when he aped the West in talking about the need for the USA to balance the rise of China.

What is wrong with this concept of the American Empire, the world’s Number One superpower having to act as a balance against a much weaker rising power in China? In the first place, the USA is the undisputed supreme military power as well as economic power. The USA can do as it likes, can bulldoze its way against any country, including China. If it comes to shove, the Americans could simply walk all over China. What is this talk about balancing a rising China?

In most cases it is the smaller power that needs to get together to balance an abusing superpower. And this was admitted by Lihut himself when he wrote,   ‘inspite of their reservations about the way in which American power has been used sometimes, in the middle East, for example.’ Was he being polite or being a cock to say that sometimes the Americans abused their power? The Americans have always been abusing their superpower status to whack any country they so desired without the need for consultation, Indonesia included. Could not this Lihut see any need to balance the overwhelming power of the Americans to prevent the Americans from becoming a trigger happy gangster?  

The intervention of Putin in Syria was exactly for this purpose, to balance the power of the Americans from killing more Arab and Muslim leaders called regime change. The Russians have stopped the Americans from doing exactly this and save Assad from the same fate as Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. The rise of China would fill the same void in Asia, to balance the overbearing power of the Americans not to run wild and bully Asian countries one by one. It is the power of the Americans that needs to be balanced, not China, an emerging power that is very much weaker than the Americans. Without the rise of China, all the Asian and Southeast Asian countries will be treated and bullied by the Americans like the Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East. Indonesia is a Muslim country, remember that.

China’s claim on the South China Sea islands is within its historical right and is not the business of the new South East Asian states. It becomes an issue only when these new states started to counter claim these islands as theirs. If China were as powerful as the Americans, it would show its fingers to these pretenders to think they have a rightful claim to the islands in the South China Sea. China is not making wild claims against the territories of any Asean states. When China was sailing the high seas and marking all these islands, there was no Vietnam, no Philippines, Malaysia or Indonesia to talk about.

Would a war start in the South China Sea? Sure, when these new states are audacious enough to want to claim islands already claimed by China several centuries ago when they were not states in South East Asia but villages and tribal chieftains. Where was Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia or Indonesia?

The Americans too would want a war in the South China Sea to allow them to put a foot into the region and control over the South East Asian states by raising China as their enemy. It would then do the necessary to push China back with its superior and unchallenged military might.

The countries in East Asia and South East Asia are too used to be bullied by the Americans, with the Americans calling the shot and threatening them with interference in their internal affairs and even regime change. If these countries did not create an enemy out of China by wanting to claim Chinese territories, China would be their friend to counter American hegemony in the region and to stand up for them when the Americans try to meddle with their internal affairs or even changing their govt.
The rise of China is a balancing force for the smaller and mid size countries to stop the Americans from bullying them and taking them for granted. It is a smaller power ganging up with other smaller countries to balance the might of a super power, not a super power balancing the power of a smaller rising power.

South East Asia must not become another Middle East with the Americans calling the shot and be deceived into endless warfare, to be taken down one by one by the Americans, divide and rule, remember?

Do the British need to bring in the Americans to balance against a rising China in Europe? Isn’t the British using China to balance against the power and dominance of the USA?

On the same page of the ST there was an article by Jean Pierre Lehmann on Britain and China relations and Jean wrote, ‘That was in the “good old times”, when it was “Great” Britain that ruled the waves and pretty much acted throughout the world as a bully – as all (no exception) “great” powers are prone to do – for example, the US in Iraq, Russia in Ukraine.’

Luhut better prayed that the USA would not turn Indonesia into another Iraq. And Lihut is best advised to read what Jean Pierre wrote about the idiot called Charles who ‘boycotted the opening Buckingham Palace banquet, apparently because of “Tibet”. This idiot Charles’ knowledge of history is as far as his nose, and Jean Pierre in his article chastised him for his snobbish royal ignorance of British misdeeds in China. Actually it wasn’t ignorance but a lack of intellect to grasp history, or maybe he had no time to read them.

Can Southeast Asian leaders think? Or they allowed the Americans to think for them, to shape their thinking of what is good or bad in the interests of the Americans?