North Korean suffering under the Evil Empire

"The coronavirus issue was discussed and the committee immediately had given permission to export the equipment" used to fight the illness, said Christoph Heusgen, who heads the United Nations body that applies the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang in an effort to force it to give up its ballistic and nuclear programs.

Ill-equipped North Korea has weak medical infrastructure and has cut itself off from the outside world, closing its borders as analysts say prevention is its only option.

"The problem is that right now the North Koreans closed the borders," Heusgen said after a closed-door Council meeting about the reclusive state.

The members of the Security Council called on North Korea "to allow this equipment in. So the population can be protected," he said, without elaborating on the type of equipment.  AFP news posted in Yahoo News

During the Korean War in 1950/2 the evil Americans practically destroyed the whole infrastructure of North Korea.  Everything man made were bombed to oblivion. Nothing more than 3 foot tall were found standing. That was how heavy and destructive the American bombings were in North Korea. But that was not all, all infrastructure, dams, rice fields etc etc were also flattened. The land were sprayed with chemicals to make them barren, could not be cultivated or grow anything on it.

That was the North Korea the evil Americans left behind. And that was not all. They misled the UN to impose sanction on this country, not allowing them to trade with any country in the world, thus adding to their economic woes, poverty and suffering of the Korean people, all the works of the evil Americans and their allies and the rest of the world that were too weak to go against the Evil Empire's dictate.

So, did the North Koreans closed their own borders as the evil white men would be spouting? who closed the borders on the North Koreans? Why were the North Koreans so poor? Their own doing, mismanagement or the works of the evil white men?

How valid were the comments by this Christoph Heusgen, another unthinking white that did not know the history of North Korea and uttering nonsense just like some of the bananas here? The North Koreans would love to trade with the rest of the world if not of the bullying and unjust sanctions imposed on them by a UN that was misled by the evil Americans. The fate of the North Koreans would befall Iran, Venezuela, Colombia and many African and South American countries under the perversed economic sanctions imposed by the evil Americans. Myanmar too would end up in the same state and the evil white men would say these countries closed their doors to the world, not because the evil Americans closed it on them.

Any idiots still uttering that the North Koreans closed their doors to the world? The door was slammed in their face by the evil Americans, locked down and isolated from the rest of the world.


Heng ah, I am not a sia suay or disgraceful

I can claim this honour because I have not bought a single mask since the outbreak of Covid19. The only 4 masks I have were given free by courtesy of our very caring govt. Oh, I have not used any of them yet. I am still using an old one from a pack I bought many months ago for use in the train to reduce the smelly BOs or when someone is having a running nose and sitting beside me. And I have been reusing this mask for more than a month, just a bit of dusting it after getting off the train. If I were to discard after every train ride, I would be running out of mask in no time and would have to join the long queues or become another sia suay or disgraceful. OK, ok, I did not use the mask in highly contaminated places, and did not it use everyday, just when I need to.

I dunno how many of you have come under the sia suay/disgraceful class, but if you are, this is food for thought. There are many ways of looking at it, from the point of being kiasu, so next time if you do not want to be called a sia suay/disgraceful, do the right thing, the politically correct thing. Another politically correct thing to do is not to wear mask if you are not feeling unwell. But I can't help it because most of the time though I am not feeling unwell I still have to put on mask in the train for obvious reasons I mentioned above. But whatever you do, don't buy plentiful of toilet paper or instant noodles, and don't buy too many masks. Just buy what you need. If you need to wear everyday and throw away after use, then I think you must buy and buy more masks, and have to live with the sia suay/disgraceful tag.

For those who already got this sia suay/disgraceful tag on them, do not be disheartened. Just stop buying or rushing out to buy up the whole NTUC Fairprice next time if something like this happens. You have many more chances not to fall back into this category unless you have kiasu and kiasi virus in your blood.

I think I am a minority that can say heng ah, I am not sia suay or disgraceful. Wondering who would those sia suay/disgraceful vote in the next GE?

PS. This Covid19 is not in the air, not spreading freely at this moment in the island. The danger zone is when you are near those that are infected. And if you suay suay stands near to one, talk to one, then the chances of getting hit is much higher, and the simple mask may not really do the job in such cases as have been proven by the hospital workers being infected. The mask gives a false sense of security, but better than none in dangererous zones.


Covid-19 - Did novelists predict Wuhan coronavirus in 1981 and 2008?

Two novels have gone viral after people noticed the eerie similarity between the viruses mentioned in them and the very real Covid-19 virus which has spread to multiple countries today.The first book, titled The Eyes of Darkness, was by thriller writer Dean Koontz. According to a recent report by Must Share News.comthe 1981 book follows the story of a woman  named Christina whose son supposedly died while camping. After she gets a letter saying that her son is still alive, she goes in search of — and finds him. The intriguing thing is that  her son is being held in a military facility after having been infected by a virus manufactured as a biological weapon by the Chinese military based in Wuhan. In the novel, the virus is called “Wuhan-400”....

 The second book, titled End of Days: Predictions And Prophecies About The End Of The World, was written by Sylvia Browne and published in 2008 — more than 30 years after The Eyes of Darkness and 12 years before Covid-19 struck. Browne, who claimed to be a psychic, foresaw that “in around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tube and resisting all known treatments”. She predicted that the outbreak would not last long but that it would return later on. “Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”

The above is posted in www.theindependent.sg.  What to make out of the two novels and their similarities with the Wuhan Epidemic? Were the authors prescient to this event, have powers of foresight to see or predict the future? The second author Sylvia Browne claimed to have psychic power. The coincidence cannot be so simple as coincidence. In life, many coincidences are preplanned, premeditated and not coincidences as some may think.

Another possibility is that some organisations could have been planning some wargames using this scenario like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation planning and simulating a coronavirus attack that led to 65m infections and millions dead. Such exercise premises are often planned and tested many years in advanced and could be picked up or privy to the authors who would then write books about them. There are of course authors with great imaginative powers to write stories like Harry Potters and Lord of the Rings etc etc.

It looks like a virus attack in Wuhan has been played out many times by some groups of people and whether this turns into an inspiration for some to mount such an attack, a copycat act or just playing out the real thing after preparing it for years and decades before.

Those who believe in conspiracies, who believe in dirty wars and undeclared wars would not find such information new or bizarre but common knowledge.


Covid19 - temperature rising in public transportation

Taking temperature of staff entering building is now a must in many offices and buildings to act as an early detection and prevention to the spread of Covid19.  Staff with a higher than normal temperature are suspects and it is best to separate them from the rest of the staff as a an added precaution. Though a bit inconvenient, this is necessary given the seriousness of the Covid19 and how easily it could spread to people around the affected person.

I would believe that all govt agencies and ministries would also be conducting this temperature check on their staff. What I think is a missing link in this preventive and precautionary measure is to take the temperature of bus and train commuters.  These are the first entry points of people before they were bungled together in packed buses and trains, and if they are already infected, it would be too late to do anything subsequently.

Would it not be necessary and essential for the public transport operators to do this part of the exercise? They have many guides in the station helping passengers to get in and out of trains, a job that in many ways is not really necessary or important than to conduct temperature checks on commuters at this point in time. Or is it too troublesome and would involve too many manpower that it is better to miss this part of the exercise?

What do you think? Commuters in public transport never mind if they are sick, never mind if their temperature rising? Or since it is so burdensome, never mind lah? If there is a case and is spreading in the train or buses, ok or not?


Talking Points : War And Peace

     In 1421 when Admiral Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty  made his Seven Voyages to distant shores touching Malaya, Indonesia, India, Ceylon ( now Sri Langkar ), Middle East and Africa there was peace and tranquility in the world. China was under the rule of the glorious Ming Dynasty, the continental land mass of Asia from the Pacific coast to Russia and Hungary was under strong Mongol rule, the Middle East and Turkey was under the Turkish Ottoman Empire , while north Africa and most of Spain and Portugal were under the rule of the Moors muslims who were associated to the Turkish muslims, the Ottomans. Earlier in 1260s Marco Polo's description of the wonders of Chinese science and inventions,  the wealth and splendour and the grandeur of Chinese society in China struck the first spark and stirred the Renaissance of all Europe. However, it was the spread of knowledge of the  Zheng He's epic voyages that fired the zeal and interest of Europeans to look for the sea route of Zheng He's to China. The overland route in continental Asia was controlled by the Mongols and the Arab or Turkish muslims who guarded their rich Chinese trade with severity to the exclusion of others. It seemed many Italian merchants from Venice and Genoa used to visit Zheng He's ships when they were anchored in Middle East ports in Saudi Arabia or Egypt. It was claimed that an Italian merchant stole some of Zheng He's sea route charts and handed them to Christopher Columbus in a trade deal. Thereafter some European seamen preceded by Christopher Columbus were able to set out to sea for the journey to China in search for the fabulous wealth of the Chinese trade viz some rare products like tea, silk and spices.

Zheng He's voyages were friendly and peaceful. Everywhere he went he was warmly welcome. He gave to the rulers of each country he visited expensive gifts from the emperor of the Ming dynasty. In the Malay peninsula he protected the ruler of Malacca, Paramesuara from Thai invasion. He also prevented the Thais ( Siamese ) from attacking Kelantan and Trengganu.. In Java he was warmly welcomed by the king of Java. In Ceylon he helped the ruler to negotiate peace with the opposition rebellion and brought peace to the island. It was the same everywhere he went in the Middle East and Africa he was warmly welcome.

On the contrary right from the beginning the motives of European seafarers were evil for they were armed with the motive to conquer new lands, to rob, plunder and steal and to kill natives so as to deprive them of their lands. The diabolic and sinister motives of their voyages were poles apart from Zheng He's peaceful voyages. The European seafarers were financed by their rulers who expected rich returns for their investments. Thus for five hundred years since 1492 the Europeans were the bane of natives in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Their voyages were protected by well armed soldiers who would enforced their  plunderings and killings of natives to achieve their rulers demand for acquiring new lands and riches from natives.

These western aggressions of savage conquests, plunderings and robbings have continued unabated to the present. It is headed by the white Americans and led by the egregious American Jewish zionist illuminati cabal. In the continuity of their aggressions they not only followed their earlier evil militant religious cum political doctrine , 'the Doctrine of Christian Discovery' but also have added new potent doctrines to reinforce and justify their aggresssions and conquests. They are the doctrine of American Manifest Destiny , the Doctrine of American Exceptionalism and the latest American Jewish Doctrine of Wolfowitz that clearly stated the insidious doctrine of  the United States to hold uncontested total control and hegemony of the whole world to the exclusion of others. Under this doctrine there will never have peace in this world for the American Jews have took control of every strategic department of importance in the US administrative government. The American Jews constitute the Deep State government of the Wall Street tycoons and rogue bankers of the Zionist Illuminati cabal and the formation of their aggressive foreign policy goes a long way to preserve and maintain Israel overpowering behaviour and domination in the Middle East. 

So long as the American aggressive doctrines are in place they will continue to carry out permanent and perpetual warfares all over the earthly world.

The motive for permanent warfare against other countries is to generate perpetual gargantuan income for American Pentagon military industrial complex which is solely owned by the Deep State of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothchild's Illuminati Cabal of the Wall Street business tycoons and the insatiable blood sucking rogue bankers. The Deep State which is the real power and authority behind every US government and administration controls both the civil, military, foreign policy as well as FBI, CIA, NGOs and other intelligence agencies like the mass media viz TV, newspapers and periodicals.

China, Russia, North Korea ( DPRK ) and Iran should not delude themselves in talking and negotiating peace with the Evil Empire. The United States is not sincere and never have been sincere  in talking peace. They always make use of the iterim time in peace talks as an opportunity to upgrade  their next steps and strategy to step up their offensive warfare.

Every country outside the evil empire and its allies should familiarise themselves with the bellicose potent and toxic militant political doctrine of the American Jewish Zionist, The Wolfowitz Doctrine, to realise it is not possible for the world to have peace so long as all the American gingoistic doctrines are in place.

The Wolfowitz  Doctrine consists of many articles. Some of the more glaring ones with all their implications for war and peace are tabulated below.

The American Neo-Con doctrine of  Paul Wolfowitz, a hawkish anti-China and anti-Russian Jew.

1.     To prevent the emergence of a rival that poses a threat to the United States dominance.
Implications:   US will hold total power and complete hegemony over every other country. US will hold sovereign rights and all others will be treated as dependents of US, meaning slaves of US.

2.   To prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would under consolidated control be sufficient to generate global power.

Implications:   China would not be allowed to be the dominant power in Asia. Only US will have that power and control over Asia especially in the East China Sea and South China Sea. Russia would not be allowed to have dominant power in Central Asia and eastern Europe. Iran should not be allowed to hold sway in Iran and its neighbouring regions. The United States reserve the right to control the whole of the Middle East and all of its oil and mineral resources.

3.   US fundamental goal is to deter or defeat attack from whatever source.

Implications: Other countries have no right to arm and defend themselves. Any sign of this will be put down by US military might. Thus do we witness the over one thousand US military bases around the world threatening countries big and small.

4.   To strengthen and extend the system of defense arrangements with other democratic nations together in common defense against aggression. A collective response to preclude threats and to deal with them as a key feature of the United States regional defense strategy.

Implications:   All US overseas puppy allies will be the frontline defense of mainland US peace and security. At the end of the day the interests of these puppy states do not matter so long as US security is assured.

5.     To preclude or prevent any hostile power from dominating a region critical to USA interest and also thereby to strengthen barriers against the re-emergence of a global threat to the interests of the US and its allies.

Implications     This can be seen in US dangerous posture in the Baltic Sea region,  Ukraine, Korea, the Philippines and Middle East. If US  initiates trouble in the Baltic Sea and Ukraine the first casualties will be the small  countries in the region, as an example Crimea is now under Russia. In the Middle East the front line casualties are Syria, Lebandon, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. In the South China Sea the United States will start bellicose activities against China but the chief casualty will be the Philippines where the US military bases there will be the targets of China's missile response either conventional or nuclear. In Korea if the US starts hostilities against DPRK the main casualties will be South Korea and Japan In the meantime US will feel safe and sound in security and remain unscathed..

6.     US must convince potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests.

Implications:    This is the most consummate arrogance ever. The inherent evil and wickedness of the United States is beyond redemption. Under this article it is assumed that US will attack any country that opposes US dictatorship and tyranny.

7.     In non-defense areas US discourage other advance industrial nations from challenging USA leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. USA must maintain the mechanism for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.

Implications: Even in commercial and internal political governance in other countries, US wants to have the final say. In other words US hold the sovereign rights over every other country and the people therein are just treated as dependents of the United States. Toshiba the most advanced Japanese corporation in electronics was demolished by the treachery of the United States in the 1970s resulting in the stagnant Japanese economy for decades. Now the evil empire is trying with spurious reasons to undermine Huawei  just because they are unable to compete with Huawei on 5G, the key to artificial intelligence and the 4th great industrial revolution. Well, Huawei will not be so foolish like Toshiba for it will fight the American evil design with contempt and disdain and also it has the main support of most countries in the world as its 5G is the most advanced. Also the despicable evil empire is using undeclare hybrid warfare against China so as to contain China's peaceful rise and development. This can be seen in its implant of Coronavirus in China and the simultaneous naval threats to China in the South China Sea.

8.    Unilateralism

The doctrine downplays the value of international coalitions. US will maintain that the world order is ultimately backed by the US .

This is another ultra arrogance of a drunken power. It implies that  world order means US order and that US can and will tear away or abrogate international treaties which it feels no more serve its interests.  US did not sign the United Nations International Laws of the Seas. It walked away from TPPS and unilaterally abrogated the missile treaties signed with Russia as well as the international treaty with Iran on nuclear issues.

It is impossible for the world to have peace with an evil empire bent on creating choas and instabilities everywhere and perpetual warfare to maintain its only superpower status and world hegemony. The rest of the world's peace loving countries must unite to take down this satanic United States or face a bleak future of Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothchilds Illuminati Deep State insidious dominance and hegemony.


Tuesday, 25th February, 2020.

American agents, how to detect them

On this topic I am talking about American agents engaged in producing and posting fake news, disinformation and outright lies to smear and discredit enemies of the USA. There are plenty of them in the main media, social media, the academics and business people etc etc. You can find them by what they said, what they posted, and often than not, they tread a specific line while pretending to be talking about an issue. They would insert key words and phrases that they would repeat and repeat at every instance, to drum them into innocent readers unconsciously. Like the saying, keep repeating a lie, after some time it would stay in the minds of the unwary readers.

Remember the message they were pushing during the Aquino island claim in the fake UN court in Hague? The message they were pushing, that the fake court made up of paid judges by one party which had nothing to do with the UN but claiming to be part of the UN, the phrase they used, 'a UN backed international court'. In reality it was a commercial private court that was normally set up by two consenting parties to settle their differences. In this case China did not consent to it. It was a one sided court set up by the Aquino group with the backing of the USA and Japan.  Anyone or media repeating this phrase you can guess where they are coming from, where they got this idea from.

And when talking about this dispute, another favourite and consistent phrase is to emphasise that '
China is having a dispute in its claims on the South China Sea islands' but not mentioning that it was the Americans that agreed the return of these islands to China after defeating Japan in WW2. This is do sow discord between China and South East Asian countries. Don't forget, most of these countries were not countries until after they gained independence post WW2.

In the case of the BRI, instead of admitting all the benefits that came with the opening of these trade routes to the participating countries, the catchphrase were 'debt traps' and 'exploitation of raw material of African countries' in a way saying that the leaders of all these countries were idiots and China was exploiting them without them knowing.

And now in the case of Covid19,  it is not about the virus epidemic, the agenda is to tell the unwary that China is unreliable, untrustworthy by attacking China for lack of transparency in every article or news reported. This is the key message they want to sink into the readers mind without them knowing what is going on.

To detect when an author, journalist, reporter or a producer, or an academic is paid by the American govt, just look at their articles, documentary and commentary etc and if they include these phrases or phrases that would smear the enemies of the Americans, you can safely conclude that they are under the payroll of the Americans. And this would also include messages that they would repeat all the time, Communism is bad, CCP is bad, China is bad, Kim Jung Un is bad in their posts and works. They would include these phrases everytime, in every opportunity, to implant these ideas in the minds of the readers, exactly like what Matilah has been doing, a clear tell tale sign of where he is coming from. An innocent thinking person would not stoop so low to do such things over and over again, unless he is paid of course.

Other than the paid agents, authors, journalists and producers and academics, there are some people that are heavily influenced by such contents and would repeat them as second nature without thinking why or how they came to such a view. Many bananas are like that, thinking that this is the right view, correct position to take, unaware that the ideas have been planted in them daily by the American propaganda machine through the main media.

Be wary when you read these phrases, they are giveaways to tell you where they are coming from, where the source of the information is from, and who the writer is, paid agents. Another giveaway is for jobless people who have a lot of money and free time to travel all over the world, not for holiday but for you know what, to eavesdrop or to contact their counterparts to do what they are paid to do.


Covid19 - Exaggeration or underestimation of risks

At the time of writing, there were more than 70,500 confirmed cases and over 1,700 deaths globally. Yet, these numbers are a far cry from the H1N1 epidemic which saw more than 760 million cases and over 284,000 deaths between 2009 and 2010.

Even the common flu causes as many as 5 million cases of severe illnesses and half a million deaths in a typical year of seasonal outbreaks in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The case-fatality rate of the COVID-19 appears to be about 2 per cent of all cases, and lower for cases outside of China,which is lower than that of the SARS outbreak from 2002 to 2003 of almost 10 per cent.
Compared to these numbers, the COVID-19 should not be a cause for panic. Yet, the reaction to mainstream media reporting on the virus seems disproportionate....

This heightened public concern in the case of the COVID-19 may seem baffling given its relatively low number of fatalities compared to other viruses. But risk psychologists argue that this reaction is, in fact, expected because individuals’ risk perception tends to be guided by cognitive short-cuts such as the “memorability heuristic”.... CNA

The above is from an article in the CNA on a report by researchers from the NUS-Lloyd’s Registration Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk (IPUR). It it timely to educate the public on the power of the media and the power of certain people or parties that have different agenda to hype about this Covid19 epidemic.  Is the risk of the Covid19 exaggerated in this case?

By now we have reasonable data to show how serious this Covid19 is compares to H1N1 and SARS. The situation in South Korea seems out of control. Italy and Japan are two candidates, including Iran that may be the next centre of Covid19 explosion. We are lucky and well managed to contain our spread. We have two days of only 1 new case and a day of 2, excluding an imported case from Wuha. Yesterday we have 0 case.

At this point we may breath a sigh of relief that it is not that serious after all in Singapore, or it is, or could it be worse? Many may have taken for granted that the spread is being contained but forgotten that had China not locked down a few major cities, the spread could be horrendous given what we have seen earlier. The immediate locked down of Wuhan and a few Chinese cities have arrested the spread and kept a lid on this epidemic and today we may gloat that it is not that serious. What if China has not locked down its cities, how widespread would this Covid19 be? A few hundred million infected cases?

On the other hand the Americans have been crying hell and screaming about how dangerous this covid19 is and still blaming China for all sorts of stupid reasons and allegations. They took the lead to ban Chinese citizens from entering America and cancelling many flights, in a way cutting off people travelling between the two states. A few western countries like Australia quickly followed suit. Over reaction, over exaggeration? Did the Americans know something that the world did not, that this Covid19 is not just like a common cold and could be like H1N1 and spread around the world like H1N1, infecting millions of people and causing more deaths that what we are seeing today? Trump is furious for the return of infected Americans on cruise ships. Why?

With two sides of the coins in our face, have we over exaggerated or underestimated this Covid19 virus? Would the govt think that hey, this is not really a problem, can be easily handled and we can still go about increasing our population to 6.9m, to 10m, to 20m? Singapore has no fear of a virus or disease epidemic, we can control and manage them and we can have our cake and eat it too?

The initial contact of this virus were in the churches, a shop and a hotel. What if the initial contact was in a jam pack train? What would the scenario be like? How would the contact tracing effort be like to trace people from a moving train?  Would the seriousness of this epidemic be underestimated and all caution thrown to the wind and the govt continues to press on with its open leg immigration policy to increase the population by another few millions? Can Singapore risk an epidemic of this nature and survive or be totally wiped out in a matter of months?

Lets hope our super talented millionaire ministers would take a step back and think carefully about such an epidemic and do not underestimate the risks involved and our survival as a congested city state of 6.9m or 10m or 20m.


Uriah Heep - an American weapons system expert view on the Wuhan Epidemic


This is a very informative discussion on the Wuhan Epidemic by an expert with indepth knowledge of what biological warfare is all about. It is a bit long, 53 mins. The more important part of the discussion comes in the second half of the video. View it to get an understanding of what is going on.

For those who still did not get it, especially the silly yellow skin bananas, listen to this man Uriah Heep. He has been there and done it. And he is an American, working in the highly sensitive military complex before his retirement for 30/40 years. In his interview he has carefully and clearly put the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together to reveal the true picture of what this coronavirus attack in Wuhan is all about.

This is biological warfare 101! The Chinese govt may not say it but is dealing with it at this level and seriousness. No country has ever done a lockdown on a 11m people city. No country has locked down a province of nearly 100m population. And Wuhan is not the only city that is being locked down. Many Chinese cities are being locked down. This is apocalyse in China. China is treating this as a declaration of war.

Uriah Heep's warning, do not play with fire. Just wait for the counter attack, like a Ghengis Khan invasion. China is preparing for it and it will come, just like Pearl Harbour and its aftermath when Japan was hit by two atom bombs. The world is entering World War 3, started by the sicko American leaders led by Trump and his neocons and warhawks.

Be prepared and be warned.

PS. Imagine if the death number is as predicted by the Bill and Melinda Gates simulation, 65m death! Would China hesitate and muddle on what actions to take, trying to second guess if this is war and who did it? Or would China just press the red buttons and release all its nuclear weapons?  This is how dangerous this vicious game is all about. It could lead to end time.


Lucky Singapore - Another LKY is born

Singapore—Despite the negative feedback that emerged after the leaked audio recording of Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing at a recent closed-door meeting with the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI), many netizens are now saying they respect him more than ever for the frank and forthright manner with which he spoke. For them, the diplomatic bluntness from Mr Chan was both refreshing and relatable, and they say he is another Lee Kuan Yew, the country’s founding Prime Minister. 

“He is a good minister. He is indeed another Lee Kuan Yew for he dares to say things as they are, in an honest manner.”....

In the recording of the meeting he can be heard saying such things as “Why did the run happen? You know, run on the supermarket, right? …I damn ashamed. You know why? Xia suay… We embarrass ourselves, disgraceful, we disgrace ourselves… No paper, water also can. So why do we behave so idiotically? I cannot tahan. Then the selfish idiot go and take all the alcohol swab, because got no more clean wipe right?”....

The above is quoted from www.theindependent.sg. The leaked video of Chan Chun Sing's closed door talk with leaders of SCCCI is one of the favourite to be passed around in the social media and in whatsapp and phone messages. It should have been seen by at lease a million by now.

Lim Tean and some critics have been disgusted by the colloquialism and Singlish being used by Chan Chun Sing in his very frank discussion at the SCCCI. To this group of critics, a PM potential and a minister earmarked to be a PM, they expected him to speak in proper and good English, not chap chye English or Singlish mixed with all kinds colloquialism and dialects.

On the other hand there is another group that is praising him for his frank talk and enjoying his humour for talking like an Ah Beng in the army. They found him refreshing and welcome his straight talking and the courage to scold Singaporeans. And some even equated him to LKY for honesty and frankness to say what he thought. 

OK, some may not agree with this comment and may think it is an insult to LKY. But to those who see the LKY in Chan Chun Sing, they must be very happy that Singapore has produced another LKY and Singapore's future is going to be better, tomorrow will be better for all Singaporeans. LKY believed in improving the lives of Singaporeans, not foreigners or fake Singaporeans, not fair weather migrants that would scoot to the West immediately after getting their pink ICs or the moment something unpleasant happens to Singapore.

Let's see if the hope of this group of Singaporeans would be realised in the coming years when the new LKY becomes the PM of Singapore. Some may disagree and may want to add stupidity has no cure to this view.  It is a matter of opinion.


MH370 - Abbott talking rubbish again, what is he up to?

PERTH, Australia (AP) — Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said the “top levels” of the Malaysian government long suspected that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 almost six years ago was a mass murder-suicide by the pilot.
Abbott was prime minister when the plane carrying 239 people vanished on March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Australia, working on Malaysia's behalf, coordinated what became the largest search in aviation history, but it failed to find the plane before being ended in 2017.

Speaking in a Sky News documentary to air on Wednesday and Thursday, Abbott said high-ranking Malaysian officials believed veteran pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah deliberately downed the jet.
“My very clear understanding, from the very top levels of the Malaysian government, is that from very, very early on, they thought it was murder-suicide by the pilot,” said Abbott, who was Australia’s prime minster from 2013 to 2015.

“I'm not going to say who said what to whom, but let me reiterate, I want to be absolutely crystal clear, it was understood at the highest levels that this was almost certainly murder-suicide by the pilot.”

In response, Malaysia's former prime minister and police chief said there was no conclusive proof of pilot suicide.

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak told the Free Malaysia Today online news portal that a possible pilot suicide was never ruled out but it would be “unfair and legally irresponsible" to pin the blame on Zaharie as the black boxes had not been found. YahooNews

Tony Abbott was the first joker that called Najib to tell him that MH370 had been flown to the Antartic Ocean. He was damn bloody sure that he had to pick up the phone to call Najib in the first instance. Eventually everyone was led on a wild goose chase, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and precious time looking at the wrong place.

Today he is as good as saying the Malaysian ministers at the very top were all fools and already made their judgement in the early days of the disappearance of MH370 and blaming on the pilot. The rest of the above article showed that the Malaysians were not sure as nothing was found, no debris, no wreckage, no dead bodies.

What is the purpose of this Abbott for coming out today to talk nonsense about the Malaysian leaders? Why did he found it necessary to tell Najib that the aircraft was flown to the Antartic? This man is obviously up to something no good. His comments on the thinking of Malaysian leaders is mischievous.

The evil doers that did what they did to the MH370 and the lives of more than 200 people on board are still out there laughing at the stupidity of the whole episode and probably thanking Abbott for misleading the world in a search going nowhere. Abbott has yet to disclose who told him MH370 was flying to the Antartic and why he had to call Najib to tell him that story. And today, why is he opening his big mouth again on this sad episode?


Covid19 seems well under control in Singapore

SINGAPORE: The real estate company behind the Seletar Aerospace Heights work sites linked to five cases of COVID-19 "immediately halted construction" after it was notified of the first confirmed case on Feb 9.
Boustead Projects confirmed in a media release on Tuesday (Feb 18) that the five Bangladeshi Work Pass holders - identified as Cases 42, 47, 52, 56 and 69 by the Ministry of Health (MOH) - are all workers under the company’s subcontractors.... CNA

WHO has praised Singapore for its effort and system in controlling the spread of Covid19 in the island. The contact tracing team and the medical workers have done an excellent job in keeping things manageable. In the above CNA report, the company Boustead, whose employees have been fought to be infected did the necessary to halt construction work in its site and to do the decontamination and cleaning work.

The Chinese health food shop Yong Thai Hang, the Grand Hyatt and the DBS case did not seem to be spreading and are looking good. The only case that is a bit worrying is the Grace Assembly of God church, it is producing the biggest cluster of infected persons, 21 in total. If this case can be contained with new cases limited and getting fewer, the situation here could be improving.

We had a day when local infection was down to 1 case, plus 1 imported case of a child that was repatriated from Wuhan. It was unfortunate that the number has gone back up to 4 yesterday, with 3 coming from the Grace Assembly church and 1 connected member of the DBS case. Today new infected cases are 3, 2 from Grace Assembly church and one from Life church.

Let's hope things would not go further down. Those under quarantine are getting lesser and doing well. Those recovered and returned home are also on the rise. Both a good sign. The first foreign case from Wuhan has fully recovered and out of hospital.

Team Singapore, keep up the good work. At the rate it is going, we could return to Yellow and then to normal life soon.


American biowarfare and bioweapon industry and wicked deeds

Authored by Larry Romanoff via GlobalResearch.ca,
The US government and its many agencies and educational and health institutions, have for many decades conducted intensive research into biological warfare, in many cases strongly focused on race-specific pathogens.

In a report to the US Congress, the Department of Defense revealed that its program of creating artificial biological agents included modifying non-fatal viruses to make them lethal, and genetic engineering to alter the immunology of biological agents to make treatment and vaccinations impossible. The military report admitted that at the time it operated about 130 bio-weapons research facilities, dozens at US universities and others at many international sites outside the purview of the US Congress and the jurisdiction of the courts.

This knowledge hasn’t been a secret for a long time. In a classified 1948 report by the Pentagon’s Committee on Biological Warfare, the main selling point was that:
 “A gun or a bomb leaves no doubt that a deliberate attack has occurred. But if … an epidemic slashes across a crowded city, there is no way of knowing whether anyone attacked, much less who”, adding hopefully that “A significant portion of the human population within selected target areas may be killed or incapacitated” with only very small amounts of a pathogen....
 An additional portion was the development, testing and production of bombs containing what was called a “vegetable killer acid”, and which could destroy cereals, grains, and most cultivated vegetable crops. I have a strong suspicion that many of the recent bird flu and swine flu epidemics originated from pathogens created at Plum Island....

 They were also applied in Vietnam. The purpose of Agent Orange was never as a defoliant as claimed, but developed instead to destroy Vietnam’s entire rice crops and to sufficiently contaminate the soil to prevent re-growth....

The above are a few quotes from an article on American biowarfare programme sent to me by BC. It is a must read for those who want to know how serious and deadly this dangerous programme is and how this could be linked to what is happening in Wuhan and many parts of the world, eg Ebola in Africa.

Here is the link,  https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/geopolitics-biological-weapons-part-1-useful-and-timely-factual-overview to part 1 of the article.


US hybrid warfare against Asia, Africa & Latin America

  The United States is playing God to Asians, Africans and Latin Americans. White criminal racists and supremacists in the governments of United States and the West are assuming and usurping the power of God to decide who will live and who will die in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the forefront of these lethal plots against Asians, Africans and Latin Americans are the Anglo-Saxons and the Jewish Zionist Rothchilds Illuminati Cabal of Wall Street who had infiltrated and hijacked all the leading positions in all the strategic departments in Washington, Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, CIA and the Pentagon.

For some years the United States and the West have stated that the earth cannot sustain a high population of 7.5 billion people. They intended to take action to reduce the global population to about 1.5 billion people.  They argued that since most of the  population are found in Asia and Africa it is only right that reduction in population must take place in Asia and Africa and to a lesser extent  in Latin America.

Thus they began to work out some diabolical plans for action to take down the population in Asia and Africa. And they are (1) Use of  toxic insecticides and herbicides.  (2 )Fabricated Chemical fertisers,  (3) Unhealthy gene manipulated GMO food and fruit products, ( 4 )  Fabricated medicines both in liquid and tablet or capsule forms, ( 5 ) Biological and germ implants  and  ( 6 )  Destructive wars. All these programmes are geared to Asia and Africa to cater for the objective of killing Asians and Africans without shedding blood and without raising any suspicion of their  satanic behaviour.

For decades the United States has been exporting millions of tons of the herbiside and weed-killer 'Round Up' to Asia and African countries. Round Up is highly toxic and carcinogenic. It poisons the soil, the food crops and subsequently the people, the consumers. US also export the chemical insecticide, DDT which poisons the food crops and the soil.

The consumption of food and fruit products infected with the herbicide, 'Round Up' will disturb the development of the human embryo or fetus and can halt the pregnancy or produce a congenital malformation or birth defect.

'Round UP' is exported by US companies headed by the Monsanto Corporation, the manufacturer of 'Round Up'  which has a monopoly of 'Round Up' in US, Europe and the world. Monsanto has never revealed the toxic nature of 'Round Up' and has never informed the public that it is highly toxic and dangerous to use, and  in this cover up it has the collusion of the US administration by senior officials in the US Environtal Protection Agency ( EPA )  which is tantamount to a fraud. In the meantime in the last six or seven decades millions of people in Asia and Africa have died of sickness and diseases due to the use of 'Round Up' .

Officials in Monsanto and those senior officials in the US EPA as well as officials in the European Commission who colluded with Monsanto with intentional fraud on the world at large should be charged, fined and imprisoned.

The US and the western countries also manufactured millions of tons of chemical fertilisers and exported them largely to Asia and Africa. These fabricated chemical fertilisers have secret additives added and are used in Monsanto Genetically Manipulated ( GMO ) planting. The use of these chemical ferftilisers in  food crops like rice and maize and fruit trees has a serious  injurious effect on the consumers of these crops and fruits as the fertilisers seem  geared to induce infertility in both the male and female consumers. The chemical fertilisers poison the food crops and the soil cumulatively over a long period.

Big American and European pharmaceutical manufacturers have a monopoly of modern medicine throughout the world. They control the pharmaceutical products for Asia and Africa which are designed to  a slow but long process of poisoning Asians and Africans resulting in sickness like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, infertility and other related diseases.

Next the white Americans and the Europeans intend to decimate the population of Asia and Africa through the spread of biological germ epidemics. CIA and Pentagon have worked in collusion to implant the Ebola virus in West Africa, the MERS virus in Middle East and the current Corona virus in China. China had in the recent past helped Africa and the Middle East to control and contain the Ebola and MERS disease. But the Corona virus is a more serious strain fabricated in US laboratories intended to kill millions of people with yellow skin genes especially the Chinese. These are all undeclared germ warfare against Africans and Asians calculated to decimate their population. The evil empire must not be allowed to succeed in its wicked ways. Asians and Africans must unite to fight and bring down the wicked and satanic United States.

Lastly desperate  United States  has been  using financial wars and physical wars to destroy Asian and African countries to decimate their populations. 

The impoverishment of Asians and Africans are carried out through two distinct direct but related methods. One is to attack and weaken the financial and economic structure and well being of the countries of the two continents. The other is to create instability and destability of the Asian and African countries by provoking hostilities and wars among the countries in the two continents. America has created endless wars in the Middle East, in Central Africa, in north and north-west

In the the financial and economic front the attack is frontal through the manipulation of the American  Petro Dollar as a standard of international exchange. Every country which wants to buy or sell products to America or trade round the world must use the PetroDollar to trade. This is a clear disadvantage to Asian and African countries because US is always manipulatinng the currency to its advantage . US rogue bankers and stock brokers will always cheat and swindle unsuspecting Asians and Africans by selling them toxic financial products like mini-bonds. Be wary of American and European private bankers who will use the billions of dollars entrusted to them for sound investments by the Asians and Africans but instead they will always misuse it to deal with endless trading in derivatives and hedge funds which is nothing but pure gambling. In such cases win or lose the bankers will always award themselves first by the millions or billions as service charges. Trading in derivatives and hedge funds is nothing but a super casino which together with the PetroDollar and the toxic financial products are a form of American financial terrorism on unsuspecting Asians and Africans. These financial loses will result in the decline and weakening of the Asian and African economy and ultimately a fatal blow to human survival.

Creating wars, instability and destability is the benchmark of American foreign policy. The Americans will always sow suspicion descension and create instability and hostility among the Asian and African countries. It will then carry out endless propaganda of misinformation and disinformation with a lot of lies, half truths and insinuations to a crescendo before it starts the wars before the unsuspecting Asian and African countries.

The Americans are the masters of shedding blood behind the scenes. They have succeeded in making the Arab muslims and Iranian muslims fight among themselves. The Americans will just enrich themselves by selling weapons to the warring factions and by using the wars at the same time to test their new weapons.

The United States is trying to create civil and international wars among countries like divided Koreas, divided China - Taiwan, foment wars between Japan and China, between India and Pakistan, between India and China and between China and Vietnam or the Philippines. In this way the United States and its western allies led by the rogues in the American government will have succeeded to see how Asians will have died by the millions or billions  in a nuclear war among the Asians. This will definitely decimate Asian populations by the billions and fit in the ruthless plans of the evil Anglo-European and American Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothchilds-Illuminati cabal and the rogues and scoundrels of the American government.

America is now trying to start new wars of conflagration in the South China Sea by goading Vietnam,the Philippines and Malaysia to go against China . The US objective is to hold total control and hegemony in the region so as to take control of the vast oil and mineral resources in the region.

A wicked desperate bankrupt America must not be allowed to destroy the Asians and Africans under whatever guise and pretext. The whole world must unite in solidarity to bring down the satanic Evil Empire.


Tuesday, 18th February, 2020

Has the Covid19 infection peaking and under control in Singapore?

The above chart shows the number of cases as on 16 Feb, a total of 75 cases positive so far. Singapore has had 5 clusters originating from foreigners from Wuhan, China, considered external sources. The clusters included the Chinese health product shop Yong Thai Hang, Seletar Aerospace Construction Site, Grace Assembly of God Church, Life Church and Mission and Grand Hyatt Hotel. These were the primary locations of first infection.

There were a few cases of untraceable source like the DBS Bank and hospital workers. When the new cases could be traced to their origins, there is some assurance that the viruses are not free floating all over the island. When new cases were confirmed and sources unknown, this would raise alarm and fear. Fortunately most of the cases could be linked to the five primary clusters or known contacts. This has gradually reduced the fear that one can be hit anywhere in the island.

The daily hit rates has been hovering around 2-5 until the sudden surge with 9 cases in a day.  The previous day high was 8 cases. Luckily the next day saw a drop to 5 cases and then to 3 cases. The comforting feeling comes from no more new cases that came out of the blue.

Is the situation now under control in Singapore? Has the infection rate peaked and starting to come down? This can only be confirmed in the days ahead if new cases do not exceed 3 and could be traced to the original 5 clusters, a sign that the viruses are not running wild and in the air. And hopefully, if this is the case, the Code Orange could be scaled down to Code Yellow.

This may take a week at least for the authority to be confident that this is the case. It is easier to raise the level of risk to a higher state, but more difficult to bring it down. Yesterday was another day when new infected cases were down to 2, both traceable, one repatriated from Wuhan and the other linked to the DBS case, in a way saying generally the air is free of coronavirus except around those infected.


Covid19 - When Singapore is Code Red

The govt has just announced that it would not hastily move the country to Code Red status given the strong negative impact of Code Orange that is already hurting the country. No one would want Singapore to end up with Code Red as the consequences are grave, very grave. If you want to know what Code Red means, just look at what is happening to Wuhan and a few Chinese cities that have been locked down.

In history, locking down of cities meant that the country had abandoned everyone and everything in the city, condemned and needed to be destroyed. Some would even set fire to the city to clear all the poisonous and infectious stuff in it. The people in modern Wuhan are luckier. Though the city is locked down, medical aids and supplies of everything needed are still flowing in. China has not given up on the people in the city and is trying every way to save the people there. And the countries around the world are also scurrying to find a vaccine to treat this virus. The good news is that a solution will be found soon, and only a matter of how soon. There is no despair in Wuhan though the situation is dire. China today is big and strong enough, economically and financially able to provide for the 11m population and keep them alive and going.

What if Singapore hits Code Red? How long can we survive with most economic and social activities running to a stop, with the borders closed, no coming in or going out? How long can our reserves last? How long can the people's personal reserves last without a job, without an income? How long can the companies and businesses last unable to do their businesses? Singapore does not have a big motherland like China that could go on life as normal to provide for the 6m people under locked down. Imagine if we have the silly number of 10m people or more being locked down and waiting for food and essential items to survive.

A Code Red for Singapore would mean turning it into a ghost city with most activities confined at home, minimal economic activities going on and the streets empty, the shelves of supermarkets empty, the hawker centres, food courts, restaurants empty. Changi will not have more than a hundred visitors flying in and out daily. The only place that would be full of activities would be the hospitals.

Though the govt may still have the reserves to provide for the people for sometime, many people would run out of money in less than a month or a few months, no money to pay rent, mortgages, PUB bills, medical bills, and whatever bills.

In such a situation, Singapore would be at the mercy of the whole world, the willing countries that would be kind enough to donate to keep its people alive.

Code Red would be a nightmare for Singapore and Singaporeans and the situation makes worse with so many foreigners here needing food and shelter and financial assistance.


Wuhan, China's Pearl Harbour from a sneaky attack

https://youtu.be/1CM2z3Od9yo - The Atlantis Report on the coronavirus as a bioweapon (13.45min)

Pearl Harbour is infamous in history as the day the sneaky fake samurai warriors attacked American Navy in Hawaii without declaration of war.  The Americans suffered devastating losses in warship and equipment and thousands of lives in this day of horror manufactured in Tokyo.

Has the Americans done a Pearl Harbour on China, an undeclared war, with weapon grade coronavirus? The Atlantis Report above talked about the obvious, how Chinese agents stole weapon grade coronavirus from a Canadian Level 4 Lab and brought them to the Wuhan Lab to manufacture weapon grade virus for to be used in war. The truth, several parcels of this weapon grade coronavirus were sent to the Wuhan Lab from the same Canadian Lab, by who?.... The Chinese made a complaint about it. And a husband and wife team of Chinese virologists in the Canada Lab was forcefully evicted from the Lab. When confronted by journalists, the Canadian replied that it was an administrative matter.

A few questions other than the obvious. Is it so easy to steal highly guarded virus from a high security lab especially when all the eyes and cameras are on the Chinese virologists? Two, the Chinese virologists were likely to have genuine interests to want to take samples of this bioweapon back to China to develop vaccines against them should they be used against China.

For China to want to steal this virus, it means China did not have them. The Americans, Canadians and likely the British and French also have these coronavirus bioweapon, ie they are likely to have the vaccines as well. This makes it more urgent for China to want to have them to develop vaccine to protect themselves. From the Wuhan epidemic, it is obvious that China did not have the coronavirus in their lab as they did not have the vaccine to treat this infection.

The expulsion of the Chinese virologists might be just an excuse to get rid of them as the Canadians and the Americans were conspiring on something sinister and did not want them to be around. According to the Atlantis Report, three months before this epidemic, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation met up with the American military top brass, neocons and warhawks and a few western powers to talk about a coronavirus pandemic. It also stated that based on their simulation, an expected 65m people would die. China was not invited to this meeting and two months later, the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic broke out. Why were they prescient to such a pandemic? They were preparing for it, expecting it and wanted to know how serious would be the damage.

How involved were Bill Gates and his wife Melinda in this coronavirus epidemic? How involved is Donald Trump and his neocons and warhawks in all the flu epidemics that have been affecting China since he launched his trade war with China?

Listen to the above video for an idea of what could have happened, what is real and what is fake news. As in the case of the Pearl Harbour, the victims of a surprise attack eventually won when they recovered, rebuilt their forces and dealt a severe blow to the sneaky bastards that started the disgusting and deadly attack first. There will be justice to those that were done wrong when they have the capability to strike back when the time comes. Goodness shall triumph over evil.

PS. Important point to note from the Atlantis Report is that the Americans, Canada and a few other western powers are in possession of weapon grade coronavirus.  The chances of them planting this in Wuhan is millions of times higher than for a wild animal to pass it to humans in Wuhan. It is so easy to do so when evil men decide to do harm to other men. To pass the virus from animals to humans is by sheer accidents in nature. If it is so easy, it should have been passed to human long long ago and in many countries.

The strange thing in the Canadian lab is that they were trying to test which animals could be infected with this coronavirus, not this virus in animals infecting humans. They were trying to infect the animals with coronavirus they created and manufactured!


Philippines Termination of Defence Pact with US is Wise and Timely

     By now everybody should know that the Evil Empire, USA is the source of all troubles, turmoils, wars and destructions in this world. The US like its forbears England, Spain, Portugal and Holland  has definite plans for imperialistic empire building base on first the militant religious doctrine, 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery' and subsequently the doctrines of 'America's Manifest Destiny' and the doctrine of 'American Essentialism.' A close study of these insidious doctrines will reveal that the US has every intention to bring every other country, in fact the whole world under US bondage and absolute total hegemony. The present US sinister behaviour and diabolical actions throughout the whole world in the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia and Latin America reflects the routes and ways US is taking towards world domination and hegemony. The Philippines is only part of the piece in the chess board where US intends to make use of the Philippines as a pawn  to serve its self interests of its confrontation with China and its villainous illogical determination to stop China's peaceful development.

Philippines independence did not come easy. It was born out after years of long painful and deadly struggle against the savage Spaniards and thereafter the life and death  struggle against the most cruel and barbaric white Americans of the United States.

In the 1890s the United States stepped out to help the people of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines to fight for independence against the savage rule of colonial and imperial Spain. In the American - Spanish War in 1898, the United States managed to defeat Spain and got rid of Spain from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. However, the United States reneged on its promises to give independence to these three territories and on the contrary soon established itself as a new but more savage and cruel imperial master. The United States was on a new continuous course of its American Manifest Destiny after wresting an empire from Mexico in its expansion in 1840s. The promise to give independence to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines was a ploy to get the locals to support America's fight against Spain. In truth America justified its conquest of Cuba, puerto Rico and the Philippines is based on its belief in the Darwinian theory that the fittest survive and that it is in accordance with the laws of nature for strong countries to dominate weak countries. So America is on a mission to acquire colonies in far-flung overseas empire. And the draconian policy continues to this day of modern times.

The people of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines soon had to start a new war of resistance against the new evil colonial and imperial United States. The resistant fighters in the the three territories were all savagely and brutally put down by the imperial might of US military. The United States has in place a policy of acquiring and annexing new overseas colonies without having to give citizenship to the people who will after all be treated only as dependents of the United States, euphemism for slaves of the white Americans. New colonies like the Philippines and all the newly acquired islands in the Pacific Ocean are to serve as outlets for US trade, commerce and industries and most importantly as outposts for US military bases.

The brave Philippino resistant fighters were so determined that the Americans found themselves engaged in a long and bloody war with the heroic insurgent forces fighting for independence. In this Philippino fight for independence more than three hundred thousand brave Philippino resistant fighters were brutally slaughtered with millions of civillians died in disease and starvatioin as the result of the war. The Philippine resistant fighters resorted to guerrilla warfare against the superior American army whose commander , General Arthur MacArthur , the father of General Douglas MacArthur adopted a military offensive which became more systematically vicious and brutal. Captured Philippino guerrilla fighters were  executed as murderers and entire Philippino villages together with their farms, crops and livestock were destroyed by American troops while the surviving residents were shoved into concentration camps to die eventually from malnourishment and starvation. The Americans had treated the Philippinos as subhuman and took pleasure in killing them arbitrarily just as they had done to the American Indian natives earlier. Many philippino civillians who were suspected as sympathisers of the resistant fighters were caught and buried alive in trenches. The proud Philippinos will never forget these American atrocities to their fellow patriotic brothers and sisters in just this recent  past.

It is not until the 4th of July, 1946, in the aftermath of the Second World War and due to the fear of Soviet Russia communist influence in taking over the islands that the Americans unwillingly and grudgingly were compelled to give independence to the Philippines. The United States then did not help the Philippines in any way to help the development of the islands but out of self interests it granted massive help to Japan and the European countries as its allies which became  revitalised very rich  industrial and trading economies to the benefit of US which was indulged in the Cold War power struggle for world supremacy with communist Russia. After half a century of diabolic US imperial rule the Philippines remain a very poor and impoverish country as its wealth and natural resources like copper and sugar industries were exploited and shipped to the United States almost for free.

Now the United States has adopted an illilateral diabolical confrontational policy against China.  The Chinese in the last forty years were able to develop with astonishing speed its trade and commerce, its finance and banking, its industries and technology, its scientific development and innovation and lastly its military prowess and technology. The Evil Empire looks at China development with unreasonable awe and fear partly because it found itself lacking behind China in many areas of the new science and technology, in Artificial Intelligence, in 5G and The Internet of All Things. Therefore being irrational and mentally deranged it begins to view China as an enemy to be taken down by all means. Hence it has adopted an undeclare hybrid warfare against China viz the trade war, tariffs, sanctions, massive propaganda and demonization against China in its world dominated mass media, cyber attacks and hacking, vicious and unfounded accusations against Huawei and the illegal kidnapping of its Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wan Zhou, the US coordinated attacks and riots in Hong Kong and Xinjiang and its illicit and dangerous interference in China's internal affairs in selling offensive weapons to the renegade Chinese traitors in Taiwan and its dangerous military harassment of China in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.  Being unable to make any headway to take down China it now conducts biological germ warfare against China as seen in the Coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan.

What is most fearful is that in its last card the desperate Evil Empire may throw caution to the winds and provoke an open warfare against China. In this scenario the United States will definitely drag its so called allies especially the Koreans and the Philippines to fight in the front line as proxies to be sacrificed and slaughtered and may be their countries to be destroyed in a nuclear exchange. . Therefore President Duterte of the Philippines is far sighted and wise to waste no time to announce the abrogation of the one sided treaty of the VFA . Just recently after the broad day light assassination of the commander in chiefs of Iran and Iraq , the Iraqi people and their government ordered the Americans and its allies to leave Iraq but US refused to leave giving the spurious reason unless Iraq pay compensation for all its military installations in the country. First Iraq did not and never invite US into the country. US just invaded Iraq to covert its rich oil and mineral resources and use Iraq as a  military base to outflank Russia from the south to destabilise Russia. The Philippines must not be caught in the same evil insidious plot and scheme of the white Americans.

The Americans try to portray China as the  enemy of the Philippines and South East Asia countries. The Americans first has to demonize China to give a semblance of legality as a self appointed protector of the Philippines and South East Asia countries. But in actual fact and reality the US don't give a damn but  thinks the US as a super power reserves the right and the might to make use of Philippines and the South East Asian countries as pawns in their struggle and confrontation against an innocent but peaceful China.

The Philippines and other South East Asian countries and for that matter all Asians and the world must bear in mind that for thousands of years China has been the richest, the strongest and most powerful country on earth but she has never conquer any country or take an inch of other people's land, whereas the US like its forebears England and the European powers have for the last five hundred years been savagely rampaging throughout the world conquering, killing and taking by force all lands, resources and properties from all the non-white countries.

Even now  China goes all round the world to talk and discuss trade and commerce, help other countries to develop by giving financial aid, build infrastructures like roads and railways, buildings and factories, schools and hospitals, ports and cities. China believes in helping other countries in a win-win situation where everybody develop and prosper together and every country big or small is treated equally with due respect and dignity. On the contrary wherever US and it western allies go they treat others with disdain as inferiors and think only of their only self-interests and self aggrandizement just as Trump repeatedly like to drum into others ears that Americans will only make America First and all others can perish which is of no concern to the Americans. It is frightening all white people have been thinking in like manner for hundreds of years and that's how they severely exploited and impoverished the people of their colonies in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America.

Remember the words from the bulldog Pompeo, "Wherever we go, we cheat, we steal and we kill." In the words of Mike Esper, America's military bases in the Philippines will bolster US presence in the region to confront China in this era of great-power competition and the Philippines is a strategic location for US military operations against China. China has no interest in confronting with any country and less so with US. China just want to live in peace and harmony with all her neighbouring countries. That China has signed and ratified border treaties in a peaceful settlement with 14 neighbouring countries out of 16, ( except Japan and India ) testified to the peaceful nature of the Chinese people and country. If China had wild ambitions the whole world would have been conquered and colonised by China long ago at the time when no European country can be called civilised and developed. Before the 1500s all the civilized and develop countries in splendour and wealth were found in India, Mesopotamia ( now Iraq ), Egypt, Persia ( now Iran ) Turkey and China. The European countries took off after learning all the science and technologies from China through the Arabs and the Mongols in the early 13th to 15 th century. Thereafter it is all history when the savage European hordes went on a rampage to conquer and terrorise every corner of the globe. This white men's trait of aggressive wars of conquest and terrorism is now carried on by the white Americans whose aim of of world domination and hegemony is reflected in its perennial wars all over the world in the Middle East, in Africa, in Asia and in Central and South America. In view of this can the Philippines and ASEAN countries still trust the white Americans whom the native American Indians have always been warning others that "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted."

President Duterte must be wary of CIA and many of Philippines selfish and self-interest egregious turncoats who have been recruited as American spies and agents to turn against their own country. The sooner the Philippines get rid of the Americans and round up all their fifth columns and saboteurs the better it is for the peace and security of the Philippines and perhaps indirectly for all Asia including the South East Asia ASEAN countries.

China and the Philippines have both been victims of western colonialism and imperialism. The Philippines people can be assured China will never invade the Philippines. China and the Philippines have never been enemies and will never be one forever. The evil white Americans have always been driving a wedge between China and her neighbours to serve its imperialistic aggressive interests of perennial conquest and world domination. So let the Filippinos beware of the evil and insidious plot of the wicked satanic white Americans. Thus getting rid of the Americans and its diabolical military bases is a sound and wise strategic move. Kudos to President Duterte and the Filippinos.


Saturday, 15th February, 2020.


Just got back from China, let me tell you about the Coronavirus!


Please watch this video of an American just returned from China to know the truth from the fake news and disinformation and China bashing and smearing reports coming out from the West.

Stop reading all the fake news and disinformation about China and this coronavirus especially those coming from the West and Chinese traitors like Miles Guo who is working closely with Steve Bannon to churn out craps like the virus was manufactured in a lab in Wuhan, and China trying to get a judgement to terminate the thousands of people infected by the virus.


Covid19 - How to design the perfect biological weapon?

If any country wishes to design the perfect biological weapon, Covid19 is it.  Now that we have seen how this is being played out, we can do a summary of the special characteristics of this virus and see how effective it is in spreading fear and terror and death to a population of people caught unaware. The world should thank China for taking firm, drastic and tough measures by closing down cities to prevent this from spreading. If this is to happen in any other country, especially the so called democrazy countries when they would take ages to debate in Parliament before a decision is made, if they could come to a quick agreement on what needs to be done, this virus would have spread across the entire world. Thanks to the central govt under the CCP and a strong leader in Xi Jinping to be able to make such a decision at such a short notice, another TianAnmen type of situation, do or don't do would also die.

The world is safer for the moment and the medical experts and scientists could have some time to try to figure out what this virus is all about and to develop an antidote for it. In the meantime countries around the world could test their containment and control and contact tracing systems to make sure they work. This is a luxury that Xi Jinping, China, has bought for them.

Now lets look at how effective as a weapon this Covid19 is and its special characteristics.

1. It must have a long incubation period and initial contact or infection should give very mild symptoms, not to raise any alarm. The long incubation period would allow the virus to spread longer and to more people and to a wider area by the time the first outbreak is detected and becomes serious. It would be too late as many people would have been infected and spreading the virus around.

2. It must have some semblance to something similar in nature to give the impression that it is a natural occurrence, not man made. Give the virus some moustaches and everyone would be misled to look for someone with moustache and forget that this could be something more sinister, could be created by evil human beans.

3. It must be safe and easily portable. Nothing is better and easier to move around, concealed easily and conveniently, than a capsule of viruses looking similar to any health supplement.

4. And when the incubation period is over, the outbreak would be very infectious and could be transmitted very easily from human to human at the slightest contact or close vicinity.

5. It must be deadly to inflict more harm and fear, better still if mismanaged by incompetent govts, to spread like wildfire to genocide a whole population, like the wiping out of the native Americans in North America during the days of Columbus when the Europeans landed and robbed their land.

Now that these characteristics have been narrowed, and the virus designed and tested, the next step is the execution. This is a no brainer as a capsule of virus can be easily carried by anyone and looking as innocent as health supplement. What could make this more effective and destructive is the timing and the location where the viruses are to be released. Look at Wuhan and the Chinese New Year migration of a few hundred millions of people! The Chinese population could be totally wiped out if this virus was not contained and locked down quickly. Credit to the Chinese govt for taking immediate action to stop this from spreading getting out of control.

Oh, to make this even more effective, get a DNA map of the targeted population. How? Pretend to conduct a survey, calling for volunteers of the targeted population to donate their DNAs. Tell them that this is a scientific experiment to help them, for their own good. Then add in some goodies like some cash awards. When the DNAs are collected, do the necessary to make sure the virus would react exactly as it is designed. And here you are, Covid19, a national epidemic in China but with minor damages to the rest of the world due to some hiccups and uncontrollable factors.

The Covid19 virus has all the desired qualities of a perfect biological weapon that is too good to be a random design of mother nature. The speed this virus is spreading is extraordinary. And where it struck, the timing was perfect, to inflict the most damages it could to a country.  Or is this simply an act of God, an act of Nature?

Far fetched, wild imagination? Up to you. But this is the likely scenario when some evil minded people would want to do harm to other people or country. Heard of Project 731 and how evil and wicked those Japanese were, a national effort in using Chinese people as test specimen for chemical and biological weapons.

And who is the main beneficiary of the abominable experiments and having the biggest hoards of biological and chemical weapons? The most peace loving nation of course.

PS. China's medical scientists should stop catching wildlife to find a link to this deadly virus. Instead should spend more effort trying to find the culprits that released this virus in Wuhan.

The other grave consequences of such a biological weapon are the social and economic impact on a country, freezing many human related activities and businesses and the whole economy.


DORSCON Orange - Has Singapore jump the gun too soon?

KUCHING (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The state government has instructed those in Sarawak who have been to Singapore to undergo 14 days of self-quarantine at home.
Deputy Chief Minister Amar Douglas Uggah said the decision takes effect on Monday (Feb 10) in view of Singapore's orange alert for the coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China.
According to the island republic's Disease Outbreak Response System Condition or Dorscon, orange means the outbreak is deemed to have moderate to high public health impact.
Datuk Uggah said Sarawak was worried by the occurrence of coronavirus clusters in Singapore in a church, a health products shop and a hotel where a business conference was held. Sarawak News

The declaration of Code Orange for Dorscon is a very serious announcement on the threat of the coronavirus spreading in public areas. It is indirectly saying that Singapore is a dangerous place to be in. If this is true, then is it safe not to wear mask going around? What prompted Singapore to raise the alarm was the detection of a few cases of infection that were not linked to China tourists, suspecting that the virus is now in the air in Singapore. We have Grab driver and Cisco policeman being infected as well.

If these cases could not be traced to their sources, it could present a serious spread of the disease in Singapore. Hopefully the sources or links could be established to confirm that the virus is not free floating in Singapore air or in public areas.

The impact of Code Orange is taken very seriously by other countries as in the case of Sarawak imposing stricter measures against those who returned from Singapore. Let's hope that in the next few days the danger of free floating virus in Singapore is confirmed as not the case and the Orange code could be scaled down to Yellow to give some assurance that the risk level is not that high. The negative impact of Code Orange cannot be underestimated and must be handled with careful consideration.

The discovery that the two cases were linked to the China tourists in a church and the cluster identified and contained is a good sign that things are nothing getting out of control. With only two new cases a day in the last two days and hopefully the number will go down will give reasons to downgrade Dorscon to Yellow will be most welcome by our kiasi Singaporeans.

However, with the new DBS case, things look a bit tricky. Hope this person did not take the train to work. Can't imagine how many could be affected in a crowded morning train. Let' welcome 10m population as our gift to our future children. Make it 20m! Nothing will ever happen to us, not Dorscon Red, no way. Orange is about the worse that could be given our very efficient and effective contact tracing system and teams.

PS.  Anyone try to treat this virus with Newater?


TRE kena fixed as a malicious site

I am unable to access TRE.  Everytime I clicked on it my Norton antivirus would stop it and warned me that this is a malicious website. I could not even override it to get into the page.

Malicious Site Blocked!
You attempted to access:
This web page is a known malicious web page. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.

Guess who did this?

Trump told the Americans they have screwed the world and in the end screwed themselves

10/02/2020, 13:48 - Thomas: * Trump gave his next mid-term presidential election speech yesterday, and it is worth watching for every Chinese!  *

 Trump's presidential campaign speech yesterday reads as follows:

Twenty years of American democracy in the world, what have we got.  For the past two decades, we have been self-proclaimed by international police and democracy fighters, and vigorously promoted democracy.  We Americans took guns and US dollars, and in the past two decades, they have succumbed to Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, Turkey, and Greece.

What do we Americans get.  Our businessmen did not dare to do business in the Middle East and Africa, did not dare to play the national flag in the Brazilian Olympics, and did not dare to admit that they were Americans in the Middle East oil-producing regions, which was a direct act of death.  Offended Putin, offended the European Union, and offended China.

We in the United States controlled high technology, but we could not do China in international trade, so we had to abandon the WTO to engage in TPP.  Look at China, what have you got in the past 20 years.  Not only did they take our number one in the WTO, they also bought 80% of the world's steel, 40% of oil and gas, 70% of soybeans, and 80% of copper.  And gold, bought Ukrainian aircraft carriers, Israeli missiles, German machine tools and French red wine.  Fuck is all bought in dollars.

They bought our food, sold us hot noodles and instant noodles, bought our steel, and sold us bikini underwear.  Bought our oil and sold us toys.  This is not the main thing. China's RMB internationalization now directly uses the US dollar as a guarantee. Even if the RMB is worthless, it can be immediately exchanged for US dollars. Everyone knows that they have many US dollars, more than us.

Damn, Africa was taken away by them, and that's where we end up.  I absolutely don't support Obama's TPP. I want to make Democratic Obama and Hillary the biggest dumb in American history.

I am your next president. Please support me. We want to be glorious and independent. Whoever has the money to do business with us has a good life.  In the past two decades, the suicide rate in rural China has dropped by 90%, the illiteracy rate has dropped to less than 10%, the life expectancy has increased by more than 10 years, private cars have been traffic jams from scratch to nationwide, and high-speed rail accounts for 70% of the world and 500,000 people soon  All cities have high-speed rail links, highways are connected from nothing to more than 2,000 counties, and the world ’s longest bridge is the tallest bridge and the most difficult bridge is not taken seriously by the Chinese. The Chinese have the money to be from Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.  House prices are about to catch up with our New York, and divorce is insane.

The Chinese are anxious not to travel to any country.  If the Chinese don’t buy it, the world ’s iron ore oil will plummet. What is even more annoying is that there are basically no terrorist activities daring to carry out in China ... The United States has become a country in which the huge dollar bubble is incurable ... vote for me  Well, only I can save this terrible America!

 Even the President of the United States views China in this way, why do we not love our motherland?  Chinese people, unite, fight for the rejuvenation of China, and build the great iron and steel wall of the motherland!

PS. Above was sent to me by Virgo.


Malaysia considering restricting Singaporeans visitors

Malaysia Considering Restricting Access To Singaporeans.
I just received this clipping from a Friend across the causeway. It is today’s edition of the Sin Chew newspaper in Malaysia. It appears that Malaysia is considering restricting access to Singaporeans because of the nCOV crisis.
Already India is screening travellers from Singapore and Britain has advised its citizens to self-isolate if they have travelled from Singapore....

The above is from a post in theindependent.sg

If Malaysia really does this to Singapore, don't think they won't if the number of confirmed cases rises rapidly and the virus is found to be spreading in the city state. For the time being it is still touch and go as the two economies are too tightly intertwined and interdependent.

Assuming Malaysia did impose restriction on Singaporeans, it would mean not only the tourists cannot get into Malaysia, Singaporeans and others, it would mean businesses would also be affected as well. But this is not the only problem. Not allowing Singaporeans going into Malaysia is only one part of the problem of limiting access.

If Singaporeans cannot enter Malaysia, no Singaporeans would be able to bring the virus into Malaysia. What about the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians commuting here daily to work? They too would have to be barred from entering Singapore if the isolation is to be effective. Otherwise they would bring along whatever Malaysia does not want Singaporeans to bring into Malaysia. This development would have very serious impact on the economic activities and social life of both countries.

Malaysia would only take this drastic measure if the virus is on the loose in Singapore. Till now it is not. Let's pray it would not be the case.

The whites at their racist best

Virgo sent me this clip.


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