Covid19 seems well under control in Singapore

SINGAPORE: The real estate company behind the Seletar Aerospace Heights work sites linked to five cases of COVID-19 "immediately halted construction" after it was notified of the first confirmed case on Feb 9.
Boustead Projects confirmed in a media release on Tuesday (Feb 18) that the five Bangladeshi Work Pass holders - identified as Cases 42, 47, 52, 56 and 69 by the Ministry of Health (MOH) - are all workers under the company’s subcontractors.... CNA

WHO has praised Singapore for its effort and system in controlling the spread of Covid19 in the island. The contact tracing team and the medical workers have done an excellent job in keeping things manageable. In the above CNA report, the company Boustead, whose employees have been fought to be infected did the necessary to halt construction work in its site and to do the decontamination and cleaning work.

The Chinese health food shop Yong Thai Hang, the Grand Hyatt and the DBS case did not seem to be spreading and are looking good. The only case that is a bit worrying is the Grace Assembly of God church, it is producing the biggest cluster of infected persons, 21 in total. If this case can be contained with new cases limited and getting fewer, the situation here could be improving.

We had a day when local infection was down to 1 case, plus 1 imported case of a child that was repatriated from Wuhan. It was unfortunate that the number has gone back up to 4 yesterday, with 3 coming from the Grace Assembly church and 1 connected member of the DBS case. Today new infected cases are 3, 2 from Grace Assembly church and one from Life church.

Let's hope things would not go further down. Those under quarantine are getting lesser and doing well. Those recovered and returned home are also on the rise. Both a good sign. The first foreign case from Wuhan has fully recovered and out of hospital.

Team Singapore, keep up the good work. At the rate it is going, we could return to Yellow and then to normal life soon.


Virgo 49 said...

Helluluyah! Praise the Lord.!

Like one neighbour Praise the Lord member told me that his Hallelujah Bro, the Wuhan Doctor who told the Authorities of the first discovery of the COVID-19 had been PROMOTED to Heaven. So selfless of him that now safely in Heaven.

So Sinkieland Hallelujah members many infected there thinking of also been promoted?


Anonymous said...

It has been reported that the mother of two children attending a pre school at Trinity Christian Centre at Paya Lebar has been confirmed affected, although her children are still well. How will this turn out in days ahead is still to be seen, knowing that symptoms only appear after 14 days as proclaimed.

How did they get to the time frame of 14 days to confirm infection? This is indeed a mysterious question, judging from the claims that the antidote or vaccine for this particular virus has yet to be produced, which means not much is still known of the nature of the virus and yet they could confidently predict 14 days isolation is enough.

Or, maybe I am wrong and that some people already must have produced the vaccine before letting the virus lose to wreck havoc. Otherwise, wouldn't they be at risk too, by a stroke of bad luck and have to wait for the antidote like everyone else?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriots & my fellow loyalty Hotel patrons

Once again Hotel Singapore's management team distinguishes itself; not only protecting The Brand, but by setting themselves as the Gold Standard" on how do deal with pathogenic outbreaks.

Hotel Singapore's methods and protocols are being quickly adopted by "lesser cuntries" including the western democracies of the so-called "First World".

Hopefully the will conquer this, making it safe and secure for Loyalty Card Holders (pink NRIC) to one again patronize their favourite getaway---the awesome and unprecedented HOTEL SINGAPORE.

I look forward to booking my ticket soon. I'll KIV the stituation, and if it is "clear", I'm on that fucking plane! 😆

Well done, Management Team!

Virgo 49 said...

Today CNN reported that the Americans returning home from that cruise ship at Cambodia will still be quarantined the next fourteen days. As one of them is found to have the virus after clearance.

They also feared that even cleared also can have the virus after testing and the so called "Safe" quarantine period.

So. Nothing is safe as they forecasted and said.

You may be cleared today but surface tomorrow.

Tick, tick got use meh?

Going up Matland next week. Hopefully also clear their tick tick tick.


Anonymous said...


Viruses do not talk about race, language or religion? These are taboo subjects.

But, had some Chinese temples been the centre of infection, I can imagine the aspersions being cast upon them, fast and furious. No?

Anonymous said...

Matland looks safe, but what about the rural areas where statistics fail to record?

The problem with this outbreak is that many signs, like fever, may not be there, and there may be signs that are there, but being unknowingly being pointed to the common flu, which many of us gets every year. Thus the difficulty of verifying or doubting the figures given by China.

Furthermore, statistics have shown that few children have been affected, so far. And those that succumbed to the virus and died are mostly the aged, who have other medical complications, like diabetes or lung diseases. But when they affected and subsequently died, they are attributed to coronavirus. About ten thousand died in the USA every year due to the influenza virus. But that is not newsworthy to the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

If your old mother had gone to the supermarket to stock up some food items as a precaution due to the coronavirus scare, some PAP elite behind closed doors called her an idiot, insulted her as sia suay.

They need her election vote, yet want to scold her, so bad mouthed her behind closed doors, not openly, but kena exposed.

What does "betrayal" mean?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The right to scold people must be earned. Not any nobody can go around scolding people like he is god and thinks he can get away with it.

The simple question the people would ask, 'Who do you think you are?'

Anonymous said...


Worry not worry not!

We have pap in Sg!

They do things, you put down heart!

Next GE pap sure at least 85%!

Hahaha$$$$$$$$$$$$$... haha!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please lah. Don't be such babies.

Singaporeans need to be scolded now and then. That's why they've elected the right govt to do it!

If the govt didn't scold people, those fuckers will be still asleep walking around blur blur.

Lee kuan yew used to scold the whole country lah. Right to the end.

Anonymous said...

A person got the right to reprimand another person after he/she 'repeatedly' made the same mistake over and over again (even after giving clear instructions, protocols or advice or understanding the circumstances).If after scolding still that person still don't get it, either he is dumb,stupid or beyond his capability. If tat is the case, that person might need support or change to another person to do the job, or others. The person will have no right to reprimand another person if the person is in a fit of anger stage or without clear understanding of the whole situation.

Anonymous said...

Some high high people's wife think husband is king of the jungle, so can exercise her freedom of scolding and belittling the subjects under her Lord and master. Becoming more and more Kay poh after the Old Man was burnt into ashes. Think now she has the highest power over life and death - even more powerful than King of Hades. Better all of you don't talk too much. Otherwise, Kena POO-MAH. Pok kai liow.

Anonymous said...

MS, u could be rite lah ( minus away ur vulgarities). That's why Sinkieland is gradually under the command of the 4G & Ah Long. Once the Heng Ah or Long Son take over , Sinkieland might sink even farther as like wat u said " ...there is NoboLee to scold the Sinkies" to wake up their ideas

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies does not know that the Elites and the Professionals may be laughing and badmouthing the masses of peasants behind closed doors.

Thought they are Angels in front of them with the kissing and cuddling of the babies and smiling faces.

This is the hypocritical lifestyles of human beans.

Virgo 49 said...

Now the Best time for promotions.

Safely in the Arms of the Lord.


Anonymous said...

The Hell Lord don't even bother u r a king or Emperor or Wealthy Man. Once the person dies, he or she will be subjected to his /her Karma or by the Judgment of the Lord.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello, Mr Lim Tean, TCB. TJS and Other Party.

Pls come to Tanjong Pagar GRC.

Chances very good.

My votes for you sure and steadfast.


Virgo 49 said...

Hello Mr Lim Tean, TCB, TJS and CSJ please come to Tanjong Pagar GRC.

My votes for you sure and steadfast.


Anonymous said...

In the Land of the Blind Eunuchs (testicles cut off by Emperor's Decree), the One-Eye One-Testicle Jack of All Trades becomes the King.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who else is scolding and insulting ordinary Singaporeans behind closed doors?

The ones who visit your doorstep once every five years, shaking your hands and smiling into your face with the expression "Please vote for me" ?

Anonymous said...

ESM also stands for Eunuch Senior Millionstar.

Anonymous said...

Just look at how many eunuchs there are in the Emperor's Cupboard? ALL!

Not a single one has got balls to tell the Emperor he has no clothes.

Really pathetic state of affair - all being held at the throat by the rope of $MILLION Salary plus the Axe of $Million Bonuses.

Virgo 49 said...

Now Come and be selected at Tea parties.

Employees dared to tell the Boss off that he NOT wearing any clothes.

Last time Pioneer Ministers had minds of their own. Each implemented their policies and the Big Indian Chief won't dare to raise a whimper.

He knew that they are as Smart as him. Only simply appointed him as chief.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 9.57

Matland one Square meter only two to three souls in Kampongs and especially in Melaka.

Unlike Sinkieland, one Square meter one. Thousand Rats.

Infectious diseases like HK spread like wild fires.

That's why we break records and punch above our weights.

With so many countries issued Travel Advisories NOT to come here.

Virgo 49 said...

But I dared say that MP Lily Neo still the BEST.

She has the heart for her constituents, especially the older folks.

But as only an MP, won't dare raise that the Emperor is not wearing clothes and worst still.not putting on safety catch rubber.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1207

Aliyah, think what you like lah. The flag is A JOKE. If you're insulted by it, please kill yourself because the world needs LESS humorous people... Fuckers who take life too seriously and get "offended" by every little thing, even harmless things like a cartoon, obviously a joke flag.

Yes I'm safe in Australia. You wanna play stop talking shit and get over here, you embarrassment to all Asian races. 🖕🖕

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1106

Dun worry lah. If the hotel/ cuntry needs it, I shall return and scold Singaporeans myself if I ever thought that they were going to fuck up my favourite vacation destination. 🤓

I'll tell the young punk 4G fuckers to wake up their ideas, don't forget, I'm the same age as their fathers. 🤟

As for Ho Ching, don't worry. The non aligned to LHL cadre already know her "karat", and they already have their guard up. Even the LHL "fans" are losing their enthusiasm for supporting him. LHY is fanning the flames of discontent and he being the brother is "bullet proof" from Ho Ching.

This is going the way of a Chinese family-feud wayang for the whole cuntry to enjoy. 👍👍

Anonymous said...

Grace Assembly Church
- the number of cases is starting to slow down.


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! Praise The Lord!
The Lord of the Triple Ring.
He who comes last shall come first.
He who cometh first shall come last.
As prophesied, the end is near when plagues, locusts, viruses rule the world. Added with man-made robots more intelligent than many men, the end shall be devastating and frightening. More so if Evil Men control the Evil Forces to rampage and pillage no end. That is the sign of the end.

When a self-confessed pussy-grabber is raised upon the pedestal of the born-again Christians, all human decency has been thrown to the wind.

Crying out loud in JESUS' Name is just a show of shameful shamelessness; not a sign of piety, praise, respect nor worship.

That is a clear sign of decadence.

Anonymous said...

PAP and Lee Hsien Loong is so quick and generous to help the businessmen to overcome the slowdown due to Covid-19.

But when it comes to helping poor Singaporeans;
What did PAP say?

"What more do you want?
Three meals in a hawker centre, a food court or a restaurant?"

- the sarcastic PAP response was in answer to Lily Neo asking whether an increment of $10/month in public assistance was enough.

Ah Lee.
Fuck you.
Hope you die in a car crash next week.

Anonymous said...

The mother of all insultants must be Woody, calling those who earned less than half a million S$ as mediocre. I believe 99% of Sinkies fall into that category. Pardon me if some of you here are above that category. It is an insult that clearly indicated that the first generation ministers are also mediocre as well and their children are not pleased.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, this Wuhan virus is not that big a deal, especially outside of china.

Monitoring the rate of infections --- seems to be slowing down in recent days. The peak should be in April as China goes from winter to spring, & warmer weather occurs.

Good time to start accumulating China or HK assets.

SGD has just dropped to its lowest level in 3 years, due to MAS weakening as well as forex investors sentiments.

MYR ringgit has appreciated 3% against SGD over the past few months, which is huge in forex terms.

In terms of jobs, only those in retail, F&B, hospitality, airlines, tourism will be hit hard. Also for many in SMEs.

If you're working in large companies, should still be ok. Those in SMEs will have high chance of retrenchment.

But if you've planned & prepared well throughout the years, then even if retrenched shouldn't be a big deal.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies must VOTE in Opposition MPs as voted by the Singaporeans.

NOT Pay And Pay aka PAP MPs who are just been employees.

No guts, no balls, no empathy, no compassion for the Citizens.

Only Opposition MPs dared to raise questions on their shaft down the citizens throats.

And gaji buta only mades CRUEL jokes behind the voters who put them there.

On the coattails and sneak into Parliament without real choice from the Citizens.

Some, worse parachuted from other third world countries and ride slid shod over the Singaporeans.

Even without serving National Slavery.

See their arrogant faces in Parliament as though they are the smart ones.

Half tank shits and half tank New Water.

Anonymous said...

But watch what the MSM will say about the figures from China. Right now the USA is hammering away and questioning the transparency of the figures coming out from China.

Nothing surprising in that since the outbreak, even Canada gave substantial help in kind, but not the hypocritical USA. All along nothing positive comes out from the USA except criticisms, derisions, scepticisms, and even throwing doubts about the functionality of the hospitals that China built in record time.

Instead of compassion for the victims of the outbreak, some are even wishing that the hospitals will collapse on the patients. This is the kind of human beings that thinks someone higher up will still come to save them from punishment.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo Anon..

They already believed that they are already saved irregardless of what's Sins and Atrocities they committed.

For their Loving God loves them too much.

Anonymous said...

Now the infection numbers are increasing for Japan and South Korea. 23 new cases in South Korea linked to a church. This is not good. That is one place where infections can spread very widely.

God help Mr. Moon! Same for Mr. Abe! Same for Mr. Ah Lee! And of course same for Mr. Xi and other Asian leaders as well. Make Asia safe for Asians!

Anonymous said...

Covid-19 infections in the Korean church.
This is just God testing the faith of Korean Christians.


Anonymous said...

Matilar, u can not tahan cause u come here for cheap sex as overthere the price is 5 to 19btines unless u get the oldie one. Knn u bastard u need to be sodomized

Anonymous said...


Likewise and with the same argument, God must also be testing Sinkie's faith in the PAP?


Virgo 49 said...

This is the catch that the naive were conned.

Testing their faiths?

If their GOD really loves their children and faithfuls, HE would NOT put these disasters, sufferings on them just to test them.

Afterall, they already believed in him and already been saved.

What's the point of testing their faiths? ??

Virgo 49 said...

Just pretend to be Holy..


Anonymous said...

God is testing PAP's faith in Singaporeans.

PAP like Chan Chun Sing.
- no faith in Singaporeans
- xia suay

Anonymous said...

@ 7.22pm
What's the point of testing their faiths? ??

God also must double confirm mah.

Anonymous said...

Another Hahaha

What is the need for double confirm? God has no faith in the faith of his followers meh?

Anonymous said...

Thot God is all knowing. He did not know his believers got faith or no faith, still must test meh? Did he know or did he not know?

Anonymous said...

God (and PAP) works in mysterious ways.

You just got to have faith in God (and PAP).

Anonymous said...

Romans 13:1
GOD'S WORD® Translation

"Every person should obey the government in power.
No government would exist if it hadn't been established by God. The governments which exist have been put in place by God."

PAP has been put in place by God.
To disobey PAP is to disobey God.

Virgo 49 said...

Yes, put HIS believers into painful episodes of pains in diseases and disasters and then lovingly tell them I am just testing your faiths.

After much suffeings through his testings then have them promoted to Heavens and they cried with Joys that they are now safely in the Arms of the Lord.

Is this what their LOVING GOD?

Believe in Me and you shall have Everlasting Life.

But I need to test you your faiths by going thru these mean testings like implemented by Alamak Senior.

Sufferings would made you have faiths in Me stronger.


Anonymous said...

testing their believers ??
have no faith in their followers ?

Anonymous said...

'PAP has been put in place by God'

And who is this PAP God? Oh, it is 'The God of No Mercy' that we are familiar with.

And 69.9% of Sinkies worship this God, and it is claim by die hard worshippers that more followers will join by next election.

So you see, Sinkies have complete faith in their PAP God and the PAP God knows this. No need to test their faith like other religions, no need to double confirm.