The racist whites exposing themselves. Social media will not let them hide.

This is how the racist whites do and think they could get away with it all the time. Time is changing and their evilness and racist nature cannot be hidden and forgotten. What they did are all captured in the new media to be exposed and to remind them of what they did in the past.

They think that they can continue to rule and bully the rest of the world as they liked before.


Virgo 49 said...

Good Morning Mr Redbean.

That's a Good One.

Hope you can post more of these Whites Bullshits Hatred for the Chinese People and let the dafts especially the Bananas be aware of their Bias.

Even President Duetre of the Philippines as a Filipino knew knew the atrocities of the Whites whereas our own Chinkees, pui disgrace to their descendants bananas are sucking up to the Whites Balls.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The number of people infected with the virus in Wuhan was reported as 4,100 and the number of people who died as a result, is 224. That puts the death rate at 5.5% as against the national rate of around 2%.

The people of China, and Wuhan in particular, bit the bullet for the rest of the world.

In contrast, during the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Virus contagion, which was first detected in California on 15 April 2009, no American city was ordered on lock down even though WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Instead, life carried on more or less as usual but with precautions like screening of passengers at immigration points, quarantine of affected people, public education, development of antibodies and release of emergency stockpiles etc.

The result was that by the end of the contagion in late 2010, more than 700 million people worldwide were infected, almost 200,000 people died and 214 countries were affected.

The Wuhan virus, on the other hand, has been dealt with responsibly, almost to the point of being self-sacrificial, by the Chinese government, with the result that 99% of the infections have been kept within the country.

Foong Swee Fong

Above was posted in TRE in an article China and Hubei bit the bullet by locking up the people of Wuhan and Hubei to control the spread of this virus.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Missed opportunity,

Aiyoh, this Chinese snowflake has really embarassed himself; hopefully most people will be intelligent enough to know he does not represent the opinions of all chinese/ East Asian people.

He is a poor reasoner.

1. Racist attacks on ANYONE--is BAD,no question. Physical attacks on anyone are ILLEGAL,unless done to respond to physical threats or violence.

2. Jokes based on RACE---they're only "good" if they are FUNNY. That is the ONLY criterion. The Danish cartoonist's version of the Chinese flag is FUNNY. End of discussion


Fuck all you motherfuckers who can't take a JOKE. Fuck you with a pair of cornavirus infected CHOPSTICKS 🤣🤓

Anonymous said...

MS, the joke is on you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The "missed opportunity" is directed specifically to folks like redbean.

Without fail, his attacks on western cultures and races are a daily affair.

And yet...when H1N1 "American" virus hits, he misses the opportunity to MAKE RACIALLY-BASED JOKES targeting Americans and now he (and his ilk...like the video guy) are all BUTT HURT and crying like menstruating emotional bitches.

Fuck you cunts! 🤟💪 Behave like MEN lah, fucking crybabies.😭😭

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>>MS, the joke is on you.

February 05, 2020 9:09 am<<

Where's the joke? I don't mind being the subject of any joke.

As I said, the one-and-only way to judge a joke is: if the joke is FUNNY 🤓🤣

So if you're making a joke about me (please try, I love entertainment) just make sure it is FUNNY...🤣

Virgo 49 said...


They even draw a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad as a Joke.

These Mfuckers whites had no respects for anyone except their own cronies White Race.
No sensibilities for others besides their own.

FROM young wrong upbringings with no respect for others.

All the years and decades been aggressors and bullies to others that they imagined themsleves to be a Superior Race.

If anyone were to torch and made fun of their White God. All Hell broke loose.

Pui, even their POP POP, oops Pope scorned the coloured lady and slapped and pushed away her hand.

And yet the dafts still worshipped them.

Apologied for fark?

Virgo49 said...

Frankly, Anon 9.16

Overseas Chinese are the worst lot of Chinese on this planet.

The PRCs, on the other hand has a much love and loyalty for their own Chinese Race.

Overseas Chinese every where mentalities are just immigrants only out due to survivals out of China.

They are loose sand and are even afraid of their own one up on them.

So, their mentalities is kill ir be killed. It you

Virgo 49 said...

If you are better than me, then I must make sure to surpass you.

Everymen for themselves. You die your business.

If you are doing better than them, they will envy you and ways to bring you down. If you are beneath them, they will scorn you.

Thus, they deserved to be divided, bullied and be annihilated.

That's the true mentality and their deserved sufferings on the Overseas Chinese.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Knn, most Chinese people commenting in this blog are overseas Chinese.

Overseas Chinese, and their "derivatives" like Perankan mADE SE ASIA. Go to any SE Asian cuntry, see which race/ culture dominates business, and wealth creation? Bumiputra? Hell no. It is ethnic Chinese, descendants of overseas Chinese immigrants.

Anonymous said...

The Last Race to stand on Earth Shall be the Chinese by the Design of Nature.
No land in the World is like China. The Mainland Chinese have endured all kinds of calamities for many thousands og years, they prevail and shall prevail with the Earth.
All beings shall be in the Hand of Nature and Fate shall determine the Outcome.
From the historical perspective, the Whites shall be the First to follow the Dodo Bird.
I make my comment intuitively, therefore will not be able to entertain or enlighten any on how I arrived at the Conclusion. I am driven by Natural lnclination beyond my intellectual endowment.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1010

Nonsense. Anything "Made In China" is not built to last.🤓

Built not to last

Anonymous said...

Matilar knn you motherfucker. U need to be sodomized jialat jialat lar

Anonymous said...

@ MS
China is one longest civilization.

You know ?

Anonymous said...

Woa, look at tat Dotard addresses State of Unions at Washington DC this morning. He announced he has help to rebuild the US to be Great Ever Again! AMERICUNS stock markets soared, millions of jobs opportunities added, economy decay no more, trade strategy with China has worked, military investments increased, it's more pro growth, pro trade, pro family, pro Americuns etc. ALL these figures improved better than previous Americans Presidents for more than half a century Ever. He has lifted many people out of joblessness and poverty. He claimed this was made possible becos of 'this house' each and every one efforts. He is gonna to have better health care reform & abolished private healthcare insurance to protect Americans first, he doesn't wan socialism to destroy Americuns & forces taxpayers to pay more & more, doesn't want free healthcare for illegal aliens. He has built over 100miles southern border Great Wall of Americuns. Woa, Dotard seemed to achieved Great & make Americuns Great Again!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Heng Ong Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump has indeed lifted the US Stock lndexes to Record Highs.
He has also shown himself to be far capable and efficient than any past US Presidents in US History.
He shall be the Choice of the Americunts for another term. Hopefully,
they will rally for him to stay as US President as long as he is fit.
the Great
President Donald Trump.
May You live long long and bring the US and her People to heaven.

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Tis might be a clear cut showing tat the Americuns is the possible culprit of covertly implanting the nCoV virus in China WuHan. Can everyone sees the ploy here? -
In one part of this world is the Americuns Enjoying Growth in Economy under the Trumpet's administration ,in contrast, on the other side of the world is China suffering with nCoV virus with plummeting stock markets & its China Chinese tourists shun by many countries in the region. One side EnJoys vs other side Suffers. Is it to make Americuns great again China must Suffers? Why can't co existence ? Like the Chinese sayings One Mountian cannot have two tigers, probably this become the truth.

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah belonged to the so called chiap cheng Perkanans Race and is so proud of it.

Gloating that they are the Ones with brains that built up the economies of all SEA Nations.

Without the hardworking, preserving Chinese who laboriously built up the real economies of the SEA Nations that they had migrated, these lazy good for nothing bums natives would be still eating bark leaves.

The White Colonial Masters preferred these por lam pars Peekanans because they are the MOST servile amongst all the Chinese Race. They are the lean to chickens eat chickens and lean to ducks eat ducks most disgracefully so called still called themsleves Chinese.
Mainland Chinese and those Chinese helicopters are more rebellious and kwa lan. The Whites afraid of them.

Also, MOST are well off because they sucked up to their White Masters and are given better opportunities in Sinkieland.

So, they acted.C acted C thought they are the smart Chinkees.

With their mixed native and chow ang moh blood they are one of the most useless and lazy bums as compared to the Mainland true blue Chinese.

LKY had said. You are all just peasants from Southern China whereas they have True Blue Mandarin Scholars over there.

So, Sinkies must wake up to this fact

60 odd years on still the same pass by date servile service industries.

What's so productive and proud of these achievements?

NOT even an invention to conquer the world or lay an egg.

Only shits

Anonymous said...

No two kings to a jungle is the Nature of Beings.
one will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Let's Make China Great Again!
Swine flu, bird flu whatever flu or diseases all fly over to the Evil Americuns Empire! Let's pray the nCoV virus to go away and be destroyed soonest. Forever China Chinese PRC CCP Chinese Race! Long live All The Chinese People! Wan Sui Wan Sui Wan Wan Wan Sui!

Anonymous said...


This Wuhan virus is just another PAP foreign talent.

As usual, PAP will allow the foreign talent to enter with little control.

And will not take action until Singaporeans start to die.

Anonymous said...

Hi 334pm

You don't know meh?

You die your bu$ine$$.

Don't blame others lah!


Anonymous said...

Curse you to die within the next 3 days.

Anonymous said...

CNY period better dun curse anyone lah. What goes around comes around. Let the Heavens or The Supreme One Up There do their job ho boh?

Anonymous said...

Matilar not true lar. U as a Chinese also last what as your ass has been sodomized by so many ang moh but u are still standing right?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4.31pm.......

Please be KIND to others!

Don't open mouth only curse others!

Anyway, don't take life so so so seriously. Ok?.


Anonymous said...

Ya I agreed lar. The curser should be sodomized jialat jialat to teach him a lesson lor

Anonymous said...

And yet the Danes were shabbily being treated by Trump when he cancelled invitation to a state visit and insulted their country because they rejected his silly idea to buy Greenland.

Being bullied by one superpower but trying to bully another.
Of course, great the Chinese did not take the insult to their flag by lying down but instead did the same to the Danish flag and sent the memes to their embassy in Beijing.

Anonymous said...

Many of the white European countries would soon be taken over by the Muslims and coloured people forced to migrate to Europe. The white Europeans would become a minority just like true blue Singaporeans and the coloured and Muslim migrants would be the majority in European countries and they would force the minority white Europeans to move out of Europe.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 825

You are an example of a fuckedup Asian with no sense of humour.

The Danes never "bullied" China lah. One cartoonist drew a coronavirus Chinese flag as A JOKE.

Lighten the fuck up lah. The world is not "against" you because of your race. In fact, no one cares about you or even knows you exist.