Covid19 - When Singapore is Code Red

The govt has just announced that it would not hastily move the country to Code Red status given the strong negative impact of Code Orange that is already hurting the country. No one would want Singapore to end up with Code Red as the consequences are grave, very grave. If you want to know what Code Red means, just look at what is happening to Wuhan and a few Chinese cities that have been locked down.

In history, locking down of cities meant that the country had abandoned everyone and everything in the city, condemned and needed to be destroyed. Some would even set fire to the city to clear all the poisonous and infectious stuff in it. The people in modern Wuhan are luckier. Though the city is locked down, medical aids and supplies of everything needed are still flowing in. China has not given up on the people in the city and is trying every way to save the people there. And the countries around the world are also scurrying to find a vaccine to treat this virus. The good news is that a solution will be found soon, and only a matter of how soon. There is no despair in Wuhan though the situation is dire. China today is big and strong enough, economically and financially able to provide for the 11m population and keep them alive and going.

What if Singapore hits Code Red? How long can we survive with most economic and social activities running to a stop, with the borders closed, no coming in or going out? How long can our reserves last? How long can the people's personal reserves last without a job, without an income? How long can the companies and businesses last unable to do their businesses? Singapore does not have a big motherland like China that could go on life as normal to provide for the 6m people under locked down. Imagine if we have the silly number of 10m people or more being locked down and waiting for food and essential items to survive.

A Code Red for Singapore would mean turning it into a ghost city with most activities confined at home, minimal economic activities going on and the streets empty, the shelves of supermarkets empty, the hawker centres, food courts, restaurants empty. Changi will not have more than a hundred visitors flying in and out daily. The only place that would be full of activities would be the hospitals.

Though the govt may still have the reserves to provide for the people for sometime, many people would run out of money in less than a month or a few months, no money to pay rent, mortgages, PUB bills, medical bills, and whatever bills.

In such a situation, Singapore would be at the mercy of the whole world, the willing countries that would be kind enough to donate to keep its people alive.

Code Red would be a nightmare for Singapore and Singaporeans and the situation makes worse with so many foreigners here needing food and shelter and financial assistance.


Virgo 49 said...

Old movie "OUTBREAK" of the Angola virus transmitted by the monkeys had the Americans in Code RED.

Their National Guards imprisoned all the residents forcibly and gunned them down if they disobeyed.

Houses were burned to the ground without mercy.

The Chinese in CODE RED will send their PLA medical personnel to go in and risks their lifes to help their own.

Sinkieland- Code RED?

Orange already had them im panic and selfishly hoarded all the food for their own.

Code RED? Cannot imagined.

Virgo 49 said...

Code RED- Sinkies will eagerly expecting more GST and other give aways benefits.

Then comparing why these people gets more than me just beacuse I stay 5roomed and he 4roomed.

Not fair man!

Anyway, these election on coming pork barrel gifts are already in the budget.

Now, better still show the voters that they had very soft hearts in giving you all these chicken wings.

Wait till we take back your whole chickens and ducks.

Coming Election sure PAP- 90%

Anonymous said...

Do you think declaring Singapore at DORSCON Red is like telling your sex partners you have just been tested positive for AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Do you think declaring Singapore at DORSCON Red is like
- telling the whole world that PAP is a useless government and that PM Lee has completely failed to protect Singaporeans against Covid-19.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all you infected motherfuckers 🤡:

As long as I'm "out station", living the life...Singapore can go Code Red for all I care.

In fact, given the super-kiasu nature of the "government of the Sheeple", they will DEFINITELY go DORSCON MERAH if there's even the slightest hint of Covid19 getting the better of the situation.

As I said, many posts ago, the virus is OUT and ABOUT in Singapore. Everyday new cases, whereas in many other cuntries their governments and by SHEER LUCK have managed to contain, if not eradicate the virus.

as of 16 Feb 2020

Note the shaded (green & grey) cuntries...virus seems to be contained/ eradicated


China's death toll now over 2000 (officially---but most people know that is understated)

DORSCON MERAH? Singapore Boleh! 😆🤧🤧

Anonymous said...

RE: Matilah
You have intentionally and maliciously illustrated every of your posting and comment with a Chinese national flag inscribed with 5 Corona Viruses instead of the usual 5 stars. This is a step too far because you are collaborating with the Evil Empire to cast a horrible insult to China and the Chinese people in addition to the injury of the coronavirus implanted into China by your step father, Uncle Sam. As a paid Evil Empire's agent you have thrown caution to the winds and have indulged in insulting every Chinese in the world with all your evil comments and remarks on China and the Chinese people. Don't you know you are playing a very dangerous game with fire by continually insulting China and the Chinese people while they are at this juncture struggling very hard to fight and contain the disease. You have shown no empathy for China and the Chinese people but like the Americans you seem to rejoice and relish at the sufferings of other people. Like the white Americans you are inhuman and a beast by nature. I guess you are a paid American agent to do Amedrican's bidding to publicise American insidious and malicious demonization against China and the Chinese people. In one clear swoop you have offended all Chinese people throughout the world. You are now warned in no uncertain terms to stop collaborating with the Evil Empire to hurt the Chinese people or else you may have to watch the shadows behind your back everywhere you go. You have your choice. I guess you are a smart idiot of an ass.

Eagles Eyes for Fair Play

Anonymous said...

Hope he kena sodomized till dearh

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Presenting Alex Tan of The States Times Review---a big pain in the pantat for the PAP. See what he writes about how the govt is handling the Covid19 outbreak. He just kena POFMA, but of course he will tell the govt to 🖕"go fuck themselves"🖕 as he luxuriates in the freedom of speech offered to everyone in Australia 🦘🦘 by "default". 👯‍♀️🎉

States Times Review

Can you not access? Did that fucker Shanmugam block you from deciding for yourself what is real and what is fake...and what is just a JOKE? Well, fuck him and the whole of MoH fro trying to control your brain and treating you like a child. Try this anonymous proxy to fuck up Shanmugam's attempt at "mind control": https://hide.me/en/proxy

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Eagle Eyes

>> You have intentionally and maliciously illustrated every of your posting and comment with a Chinese national flag inscribed with 5 Corona Viruses instead of the usual 5 stars. <<

Err... no, The flag is a JOKE. I like JOKES. If you can't see or take a JOKE, you should kill yourself. 🤡 (only joking lah, I thought I'd better say in case you don't "get it")

>> . As a paid Evil Empire's agent you have thrown caution to the winds and have indulged in insulting every Chinese in the world with all your evil comments and remarks on China and the Chinese people. <<

WOW? Did I do all that? From an insignificant blog on the vast internet? I say, you flatter me beyond what I think my modest skill sets are capable of. You also suggest that MSNews is read by every "influential" world leader, and that my posts, in particular, can INFLUENCE their minds. I think you're a OVERRATING my abilities lah... 🤣

>> you seem to rejoice and relish at the sufferings of other people. <<

Oh yes, I do tend to enjoy the entertainment...depending on how FUNNY it is. Don't you? I'm sure you do. And hat's perfectly OK.

>> or else you may have to watch the shadows behind your back everywhere you go. <<

No need. Allah will protect me... even though I love bak kwa and char siew 🤡

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1130

>> Matilar u fucking slime ball. U deserved your balls to be sliced off and your dick chopped into pieces hopefully by giant aust leather jacket biker who then sodomized u jialat jialat till your ass bleed and your eye balls turn white for few seconds due to biological response before u crying father crying mother. <<

I must say, your insults are improving slightly. Wah, you have included the words "biological response". Let me say, I find that IMPRESSIVE for a loser of your caliber. And all along I've been thinking that you people cannot change nor improve.... 🤓

Keep trying. I relish the attention. 👍🏻

Anyway, Happy Code Red Day 🤧🤮 for when it comes. Yes, I will be laughing. 🤓

Anonymous said...

Singapore = now @ 75 (Covid-19)
- 3 more cases overnight


Anonymous said...

By declaring Code Red, Singapore would be making a stand and punching above its weight, unperturbed by world reaction and making its PAP 4G leaders look dignified.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ inspired by Eagle Eyes appreciation for my efforts (you're very welcome)


PUNCHLINE: BURN IT! Then you kill the virus! 🤡

Anonymous said...

Curse matilah to die within 3 days in a terrible car accident.

Anonymous said...

When the situation becomes dire, people in poor and less developed countries will survive. They can still plant some sweet potatoes, rear a few fishes in the pond or padi fields, rear some fowls and domestic animals in their backyard, and if land permits, even grow their own rice. A friend in JB even tells me he grows vegetables behind his terrace house.

More rural areas means those people can still survive on basic wants, making use of nature's blessings. Not so for countries that thrive on manufacturing, tourism, boasts of shopping malls, big airports, monumental homes etc. In times like these, astronomical reserves and lots of money does not mean anything if there is little available to buy.

Many years ago, while on a trip to Myanmar, a Burmese friend commented that in Singapore, you can't even grow one grain of rice or dig up a piece of precious stone. It hurts, but how true! We depend on others, but when others have to cater to their own needs, can we blame them? How much basic necessity reserves can be accumulated and how long will those last, if the sources tell us they need those for their own people.

Have we not learnt our lesson regarding water needs? We have written agreements to boot, but we still have been haggling over price on and off, and threats of water being cut off when relations soured.

Go figure it out. Ignorance and arrogance may yet be the downfall of the high and mighty.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 225

I hope you're right. In fact, I fully support your very humanitarian and hopeful outlook.

The developed world needs people from shit hole cuntries to survive and be healthy so that they can WORK CHEAP to produce goods and services, and be the "new immigrants" to forward-thinking cuntries like Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Though not much description of possible hardship in your comment, must say that it is the Best Comment for the lmplication of Code Red and Beyond is unimaginable and Devastating.
l did comment that there shall be increasing shooting cases in the US, Rising Matural Disaster, Boom Time for Stock Market just Months ago and that a natural disaster, likely from a disease causing the Collapse of this tiny dot.
lf disease is not comprehensive in its damage, the Element shall complete the Destruction. The Elemental Ravage shall incorporate Disease such as Tuberculosis, Dengue and Other Highly Contagious Killer Diseases of which Tuberculosis could have establish itself and embedded waiting to unleash its' great damage soon.
Be warned and be aware.

Anonymous said...

Re: Matilah

You don't joke on a country's national flag. You must treat other countries national flags with respect and dignity. You are an uncultured uncivilized barbaric half breed CIA paid spy and agent. For a few dollars you will even sell your wife and daughter and your country though fortunately you have no country to speak of. You are just like wayside a miserable vermin squatting in every dirty hole you may come across. Just remember no betrayer or traitor or low class evil empire's agent will come to a good end.

Third and last warning and we hope not to see your damn pro-American comments or remarks anymore.

A keen political observer

Anonymous said...

// Local transmission now appears to be established in Singapore, //
- Scott Gottlieb, former FDA Commissioner




Anonymous said...


Singapore: 75 confirmed cases
South Korea: 30 confirmed cases.

South Korea has a bigger population than Singapore.

South Korea is nearer to China.

And yet South Korea has fewer than 50% Covid-19 cases than Singapore.



Anonymous said...

very soon, the Airport, Seaport, So-called Tourist Attractions; Jewel, Garden by the Bay, Sentosa, Chinatown and of course all the Shopping Mall SHALL BECOME GREAT LIABILITY.

Anonymous said...

Sincere Apology.
Die of starvation for my above comment.

Anon 4:15pm.

Anonymous said...

If Sinkieland goes code red, and food becomes a problem, the elites and landed property owners can grow vegetables and potatoes and rear chickens and pigs on their spacious lawn, and also rear fishes in their swimming pool, They will survive lah! If not, most will probably already have migrated to their long prepared emergency home in Europe, US or Australia. Some even to Malaysia, like Virgo.

The condo owners likewise can rear fishes in their common swimming pool, do some agricultural work converting their common tennis courts into vegetable gardens. Only problem is, who needs to do the work and how to divide the yield under such conditions. Fights will surely break out. But they will survive, even though barely lah!

Now, HDB owners are the ones to really suffer the most and very 'jialat'. Nowhere to rear fishes or grow vegetables and most eventually may have to eat grass and tree barks by the roadside. That is the time when people will see that growing trees might serve a very useful purpose and that more trees should have been grown. But the most comforting thought for normal Sinkies, in the face of all this, is that after years of continuous upgrading and improvements, their flats are increasing in value. That is enough comforting thought to fill their empty stomachs. If they live long enough!

Pan Dora said...

CODE RED? IT Means DEATH TOLL is rising.
That is no good. Absolutely no good at all! Do the PAP leaders know something that we the citizens should know also?

Virgo 49 said...

Right Anon 2.25

The Water Agreement in 2061 is NOT too far off..though unable to see and feel it.

Bad, real sour relations and arrogance will even have the seller turned off and not willingly to sell their water to you.

In Diplomatic and having EQ relations, give and take in doing personal or even in business is a vital ingredient.

One must NOT always used the advantage in dealing with the Others.

Just let them have their fair share in their way of thinking that they are fair to demand or ask for their price.

Afterall, they are NOT demanding outrageous prices and you are able to absorb this increase.

Why used The Law and Agreement to sour the relations?

You give an inch they may also give you a yard in the future.

Must NOT always goes strictly to the book.

They must think of the populace as most if not all could just simply vanished with their Wealth like them.

Out of sight, out of mind

Anonymous said...

If code RED, I would be out of the country at an overseas place, eg Australia, where I had parked some of my assets.

Anonymous said...

If Singapore PAP Government declared CON RED. That means all voters have been cornered or conned. Not just the 69.8% of duds and dafts.

Anonymous said...

@ Idiot @ 4.54pm
"If code RED, I would be out of the country at an overseas place, eg Australia ..."

If you are in Singapore when PAP declares Code RED ... I'm afraid you are stuck in Singapore.
- no country will accept you

- when code RED is declared, everybody who is in Singapore becomes a leper

- just like everybody on board the cruise ship Diamond Princess is a leper

Anonymous said...

Not if it's PAP elites or their family members . . .

Anonymous said...

Do you think the PAP elites and their familees will evacuate BEFORE code RED is declared?

Do you think timing of code RED declaration is price sensitive information for the stock market ???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Code Red means Singapore being locked down. Not price sensitive?
Nothing can be worse than this.

Anonymous said...


If price sensitive, that means there will be many people who will know in advance tio bo?

- since locking down Singapore will be a massive logistics exercise

So that means got chance to gain an unfair advantage in the stockmarket ....