Singapore needs a referendum

The last time we had a referendum was when the govt proposed to join Malaysia with Singapore becoming a state of Malaysia. In such an arrangement, we lose our sovereignity, our future will be decided not by us but by the Malaysian govt that could be part Singaporeans, if Singaporeans were able to get elected into the Malaysian Parliament, or be wholly under the control of Malaysians like what is happening to Malaysia today.

The surrendering of a country's sovereignty is a very serious matter as it affects the life and future of all Singaporeans. Singapore belongs to the Singaporeans, and giving away Singapore to foreigners is an equally serious matter. Singapore can lose its sovereignty to foreigners through an act of war and conquest. Singapore can also lose its sovereignty to foreigners through its own stupidity by inviting foreigners to take over the country. If the Singapore population consists of 50% foreigners, through immigration, the granting of citizenship to foreigners, Singaporeans would have given the foreigners half the share of the island. If the proportion of foreigners gets bigger, it is as good as surrendering our country to foreigners.

No govt should be allowed to make such a decision to give away Singapore and Singapore's sovereignty to foreigners. No political parties or individuals elected to form the govt of the day, temporary custodians, should be given this right and authority to give Singapore to foreigners. This is an act of treason.

As the number of foreigners keeps on increasing and with the silly population policy of wanting to increase the population to 6.9m, mainly by bringing in foreigners to occupy and take over this island, soon Singapore will be in the hands of foreigners called Singaporeans by freely giving away our citizenship.

Should Singaporeans allow this to happen? Can the govt of the day make this decision for all Singaporeans and future Singaporeans? This island country belongs to every Singaporeans, not to any political party or individuals. Anyone wanting to give this island away to foreigners by whatever deceptive means must get the approval and consent of all Singaporeans.

Before Singapore ended up in the hands of foreigners, called new Singaporeans, we need a referendum to decide this, if this is the intent of the govt of the day. Daft Singaporeans cannot afford to be daft and allow this to happen in their time. If they do not do anything, they are being irresponsible to fellow Singaporeans and future Singaporeans, to their children and grandchildren. Our parents did not fight for this island to be given to people from all over the world. Our parents fought for this island to be handed down to their children and descendants.

We need a referendum now before the rice is cooked beyond recognition. Singaporeans need to decide if they want to give this island to foreigners, to share this island they built with foreigners, to allow foreigners to take over their homeland. Did the opposition parties see this development and making this their mission to prevent it from happening? Even if they don't, could not see this is happening, all Singaporeans must call for a referendum on this. This is our island, our homeland and we must not allow a few individuals, people elected for a few years, temporarily govt of the day, to decide this fate for us. This island did not belong to them but to us.

Wake up daft Singaporeans. You have been sleeping for too long and could lose your country if you keep on sleeping and do nothing to stop this trend. How big is the percentage of foreigners now called new citizens in our population? Are we now a minority and it is too late to do anything? Are the foreigners already a majority and taking over our country?

PS.  There are many stupidity has no cure type telling Singaporeans to treat foreigners well, welcome them and help them to assimilate into our midst. Mind you, the foreigners are not here just to steal your jobs, steal your lunch, your country is at stake when they eventually take over everything that once belong to us, and make them theirs. Get it?

We owe it to our children and descendants to keep this island country for them, not to hand it on a silver platter to foreigners.


VTPO LAH said...

RB, it's too late liow. Long Gor already said to u all loud and clear, Singapore belongs to everybody in this island coming from every parts of world doing their contributions to this island city. Sinkieland is now Troy as the Trogen horse already being let it a decade or more ago. The tell the ruling party or its sheeple not to support the Troy Policy is called Xenophobia or Trogenphobia. The only solution is not a referendum or memorandum or any whatsoverdum, but to VTPO (aka Vote The PAPigs Out lah).

Anonymous said...

Please treat the coming General Elections as a referendum.

Vote PAP if you want even more foreigners.

Vote Opposition if you want the flood of foreigners to stop.

It's really that simple.

Virgo 49 said...

Blessings that our generation stop at my two unmarried children.

Pity those who I personally think made their greatest mistakes in their lifes by tying the knots and have another generation in unknown scenario.

Daughter to NewZealand soon and we with our Son can sojourn to Matland.

Maybe have a better life there.

Where Land is vast and cost of living is affordable. Do not easily catch any infectious diseases easily like Sinking Land living like RATs.

Ooo Year of the RATs. Even the Leaders having xenophobia tying now to pacifify thr daft citizens with daily dose of speeches everyday.

In their hearts, they knew that they had made Blunders in their past policies with that what's wrong with making more MONIES greed.

No eyes see.

Anonymous said...

Hi 837am good morning.

Your VTPO cannot jalan lah! Cannot jalan lah!

They are too BIG to fail now! S

Like what you commented, too late too late too late!

$g already like that loong loong loong loong loong loong loong loong moons ago!

Can U turn? Very very very very very very very very difficult! TooOOOOOoooo late! TOOooooooo late!

You think $o? What $ay you?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In 2004 there were a little over 4.1 million people in Singapore, today it is about 5.7 million, an increase of nearly 37%. We only have to grow another 20% by 2030 to hit the target we all objected to so it seems little if anything changed.

But the bigger question now is where did the people come from in these last 15 years?

Well, Singaporeans only grew by 14.5% and that includes almost half of those being new citizens. Permanent residents grew by almost 48%, more than 3 times as fast as Citizens.

And the big one… foreigners more than doubled! A 122% increase from 753,398 in 2004 to 1,677,400 in 2019!

More than 10 times as fast a rate of growth as Singaporeans.

And what has that flood of non-citizens done to us, particularly around employment and our futures?....

It is time to stop the flood of foreigners and start maximising and supporting Singaporeans before the damage to society becomes irreparable. We need a full revamp of our immigration, labour and retirement policies for starters ….

….but it’s clear from the numbers that the current government has its own plans regardless of what they tell you so don’t hold your breath for them to listen and have a change of heart and fix what they have created.

If you want to make a difference it can’t be business as usual anymore, that should be manifestly clear by now.

(Figures calculated from Singstats…let me know if any errors and I will correct)

Brad Bowyer

Above posted by Brad Bowyer in TRE in his article, 'Do they really listen?'

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

I personally think that the Oppo if even become the Ruling Govt of the Day would also be like the Papies when they are in Power.

Just a fine example of the PSP Party. Just a Newbie and their members behaving just like the Papies.

Sinkies traits are the same. That's why the OPPO even after 60 odd years still squabbling amongst themselves.

Sinkies are brought up to be one up on their own but feared the outsiders.

They can slaughter and put down their own but be surprised took more good care of others NOT their own.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A similar or more deadly disease can easily spread in our MRT and this densely populated island city. Singaporeans can easily be wiped out overnight if such an event could not be nipped in the bud. See how the Wuhan virus is causing havoc to China!

It takes time to notice such an epidemic as it would take days or weeks to confirm that it is deadly and spreading. By then it would be too late. At this moment, the spread in Wuhan and Hubei could be quite widespread and China is doing its best to control and contain it.

Silly Matilah with his hatred for Xi and Kim planted into his numbskull by the Americans and behaving exactly how the Americans want him to behave and react thinks it is so easy to deal with such an outbreak.

It takes time to make a decision that it is deadly and spreading. It takes time to muster the resources to mount an operation on such a scale with so many people, agencies and space to control.

Anonymous said...

Can PApies last forever ?
How Loo.....ng is tat?
...soboli predicted another 3 to 5 elections or another 15 to 20 years PAPies to lose its majority 2/3 of parliament seats. And another 20 to 30 to 50 years time PAPies become decimated, another 100yrs PAPies is disappeared or no more, another more than 100yrs probably Sinkieland no more or taken away by others nearby cuntry ( probably China, or India).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@selective deafness:

Even if there is a referendum (there won't be...not as long as Singapore is a "guided" democracy), parliament is in NO WAY OBLIGED to take action based on the result of that referendum. Their only obligation is to take the matter "under advisement".

OK, here is the real reason why no amount of "protest" will do any good. You are far better off as an individual if you find some profit angle in this situation, then whack your money down and EXPLOIT it, laughing at the losers, all the way to the fucking off-shore bank. 🤣🤑💲

If by now you still REFUSE to accept the culture of your cuntry, and moderate your actions and thinking accordingly so that ==> YOU BENEFIT <== , then you are very mentally still-born or mentality ill, and "reality" will keep on teaching you the same lesson over and over again, until something breaks, or you finally "get it".

...but I digress...The REAL REASON for no change and definitely no referendum is :

The CUNTRY and its FUTURE are more important than THE PEOPLE of the present. Let thank sink in, because it is the underlying narrative of our POLITICS.

You and me and our friends and family, including the children are TEMPORARY and serve only one purpose: to be used and exploited for the FUTURE of the the cuntry and the ruling PLUTOCRACY.

IMO the "best play" is a NO-BRAINER: concentrate on how to profit and benefit you and your kindred,and fuck-care about the government. They play in an EXCLUSIVE CLUB of which the average Joe & Jane and their kids Ah Boi and Ah Gurl are NOT members. If you don't wake the fuck up and start taking your own life seriously, then the Ruling Elites will take over your lives, and you are the only one to be blamed for casting yourselves into Self Inflicted Voluntary SLAVERY/ SERFDOM

As they say in Thailand...Up To You, khap khun krap 🤓

I will cut off my cock and balls at high noon at Raffles Place if there was such as referendum as RB proposes.

Pioneer said...

The damage has alrdy been done. It is difficult for the Red Dot to reverse the situation of influx of foreign trashs becoming citizens. In years to come, we will have a ParLeemen of MPs or even ministars (new citizens) from Pinoy, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. including President. From then onwards, this Land is no longer our Land !

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Pioneer.

That's will be the time Sinkies will have their just desserts.

They will taste the TRUE Justices inflicted on them by the preserving and waiting for their Kills predators.

They deserved their fates.

For being cowardly, inaction and be cursed by their fore generations.

Let it be so.

Virgo 49 said...

This is the Culture been cultivated and been ingrained in Sinkies since LKY's time.

Nobody owes you a living! The Fears created after bern kicked out of Malaysia.

So, Sinkies ingrained in their mentalities kill or be killed even to their fellow men.

Up to today, its the same.

Everymen for themselves. You die your business.

We have the likes of WSG and Matilah.

Made as much as you can from even your fellow men and you are losers if you do not follow us

Anonymous said...

Dear Virgo.
I agree with you.

But even if PSP and the Oppo are just like PAP, we have to vote Oppo.

PSP may be like PAP.
But PSP is not PAP.
- so any change is for the better

Anonymous said...

Yesterday pub sent people to change electric meter and all workers are Indian. My Ho. E renovation. And new garden also Indian. So if no foreign workers who going to do the work?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

>> Everymen for themselves. You die your business. <<

I would sooner pay attention to my own life and the lives of my kin, than change to accommodate the needs of people like you.

So get fucked mate! 🤣☠️

Anonymous said...

Matilar for scolding virgo I wanted to sodomize u liao

Virgo 49 said...

Right Matilah.

These are the Monster Generations as conditioned and drummed by the Papies the last 60 odd years.

Old cocks like you still wants to pretend living manure millennial lives.

They be laughing at you old cocks.

By the way, why you chabok from Auss Land?

Must have been screwed and sodomised by the Aussies that now you seek refuge in Sinkieland.

HIV medications cheaper here than in Aussland?

Anonymous said...


RB forgot his history liao.


Barisan Socialis was created becoz of disagreement with LKY about merger --- 13 original PAP MPs were sacked becoz they abstained in a parliamentary vote for merger. These 13 went on to form the core of Barisan Socialis.

Other pro-communist and/or pro-socialist parties were also against the merger e.g. Workers' Party and United People's Party.

The 1963 Coldstore Operation was directed against these pro-communist & pro-socialist parties.


PS: Already got fat profits from my stock buys yesterday during Shanghai panic. Only used up about $30K out of my budgeted $50K.
Now I'll just sit on my $470++K cash war chest & will only buy if there're 10+% corrections going forward.

Anonymous said...

Juz do ur part by VTO all these burgers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Just to show you how motherfucking wrong you are, unless shit is going down, I will never chabot from either Hotel Singapore or Hotel Australia. My long term selfish plan was to maximise the best of 2 worlds in every respect...lifestyle, finance, number-of-fucks, arbitrage...however I can benefit, I sapu.

I ALWAYS come back to Singapore EVERY YEAR for Christmas, New Year, then CNY reunion.

I couldn't care less who laughs at me. People like you are just far too sensitive, easily offended, small ting oso "lose face" 😝, really cannot make it type.

Anonymous said...

Matilar. Most fucks u got in aust are from incest activities so don't count. To improve your sex count why don't u let virgo sodomize u jialat jialat till eyes rolled white lar

Virgo 49 said...

Dear Anon.

The Other Oppo Parties been struggling to fight for the Singaporeans for decades.

MOST are sincere but Sinkies been daft and does NOT know how to have their power bargaining chips to bring down the high and mighty papies to their terms voted the Papies every elections. Even in bye elections where an Oppo MP can have robust debates in Parliament.

I signalled this PSP as found that they seemed to have characteristics like the Papies.

Maybe, MOST of them are ex Papies members and high flying ex civil servants with high and mighty attitudes already ingrained in them.

Most ex civil servants especially those high flying ones are rubbed with the mighty powers of the PAP leaders and they behaved as such.

So, if they were to gain inroads into the Parliament, unsure whether they are for or MOT also against the masses.

Leopards will never change their spots.

Anonymous said...

Dear Virgo
Again. I agree with you.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
As long as PSP stands against PAP, then PSP is my friend.

Anonymous said...

败家子 will squander family fortune and inheritance without a care.