US hybrid warfare against Asia, Africa & Latin America

  The United States is playing God to Asians, Africans and Latin Americans. White criminal racists and supremacists in the governments of United States and the West are assuming and usurping the power of God to decide who will live and who will die in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the forefront of these lethal plots against Asians, Africans and Latin Americans are the Anglo-Saxons and the Jewish Zionist Rothchilds Illuminati Cabal of Wall Street who had infiltrated and hijacked all the leading positions in all the strategic departments in Washington, Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, CIA and the Pentagon.

For some years the United States and the West have stated that the earth cannot sustain a high population of 7.5 billion people. They intended to take action to reduce the global population to about 1.5 billion people.  They argued that since most of the  population are found in Asia and Africa it is only right that reduction in population must take place in Asia and Africa and to a lesser extent  in Latin America.

Thus they began to work out some diabolical plans for action to take down the population in Asia and Africa. And they are (1) Use of  toxic insecticides and herbicides.  (2 )Fabricated Chemical fertisers,  (3) Unhealthy gene manipulated GMO food and fruit products, ( 4 )  Fabricated medicines both in liquid and tablet or capsule forms, ( 5 ) Biological and germ implants  and  ( 6 )  Destructive wars. All these programmes are geared to Asia and Africa to cater for the objective of killing Asians and Africans without shedding blood and without raising any suspicion of their  satanic behaviour.

For decades the United States has been exporting millions of tons of the herbiside and weed-killer 'Round Up' to Asia and African countries. Round Up is highly toxic and carcinogenic. It poisons the soil, the food crops and subsequently the people, the consumers. US also export the chemical insecticide, DDT which poisons the food crops and the soil.

The consumption of food and fruit products infected with the herbicide, 'Round Up' will disturb the development of the human embryo or fetus and can halt the pregnancy or produce a congenital malformation or birth defect.

'Round UP' is exported by US companies headed by the Monsanto Corporation, the manufacturer of 'Round Up'  which has a monopoly of 'Round Up' in US, Europe and the world. Monsanto has never revealed the toxic nature of 'Round Up' and has never informed the public that it is highly toxic and dangerous to use, and  in this cover up it has the collusion of the US administration by senior officials in the US Environtal Protection Agency ( EPA )  which is tantamount to a fraud. In the meantime in the last six or seven decades millions of people in Asia and Africa have died of sickness and diseases due to the use of 'Round Up' .

Officials in Monsanto and those senior officials in the US EPA as well as officials in the European Commission who colluded with Monsanto with intentional fraud on the world at large should be charged, fined and imprisoned.

The US and the western countries also manufactured millions of tons of chemical fertilisers and exported them largely to Asia and Africa. These fabricated chemical fertilisers have secret additives added and are used in Monsanto Genetically Manipulated ( GMO ) planting. The use of these chemical ferftilisers in  food crops like rice and maize and fruit trees has a serious  injurious effect on the consumers of these crops and fruits as the fertilisers seem  geared to induce infertility in both the male and female consumers. The chemical fertilisers poison the food crops and the soil cumulatively over a long period.

Big American and European pharmaceutical manufacturers have a monopoly of modern medicine throughout the world. They control the pharmaceutical products for Asia and Africa which are designed to  a slow but long process of poisoning Asians and Africans resulting in sickness like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, infertility and other related diseases.

Next the white Americans and the Europeans intend to decimate the population of Asia and Africa through the spread of biological germ epidemics. CIA and Pentagon have worked in collusion to implant the Ebola virus in West Africa, the MERS virus in Middle East and the current Corona virus in China. China had in the recent past helped Africa and the Middle East to control and contain the Ebola and MERS disease. But the Corona virus is a more serious strain fabricated in US laboratories intended to kill millions of people with yellow skin genes especially the Chinese. These are all undeclared germ warfare against Africans and Asians calculated to decimate their population. The evil empire must not be allowed to succeed in its wicked ways. Asians and Africans must unite to fight and bring down the wicked and satanic United States.

Lastly desperate  United States  has been  using financial wars and physical wars to destroy Asian and African countries to decimate their populations. 

The impoverishment of Asians and Africans are carried out through two distinct direct but related methods. One is to attack and weaken the financial and economic structure and well being of the countries of the two continents. The other is to create instability and destability of the Asian and African countries by provoking hostilities and wars among the countries in the two continents. America has created endless wars in the Middle East, in Central Africa, in north and north-west

In the the financial and economic front the attack is frontal through the manipulation of the American  Petro Dollar as a standard of international exchange. Every country which wants to buy or sell products to America or trade round the world must use the PetroDollar to trade. This is a clear disadvantage to Asian and African countries because US is always manipulatinng the currency to its advantage . US rogue bankers and stock brokers will always cheat and swindle unsuspecting Asians and Africans by selling them toxic financial products like mini-bonds. Be wary of American and European private bankers who will use the billions of dollars entrusted to them for sound investments by the Asians and Africans but instead they will always misuse it to deal with endless trading in derivatives and hedge funds which is nothing but pure gambling. In such cases win or lose the bankers will always award themselves first by the millions or billions as service charges. Trading in derivatives and hedge funds is nothing but a super casino which together with the PetroDollar and the toxic financial products are a form of American financial terrorism on unsuspecting Asians and Africans. These financial loses will result in the decline and weakening of the Asian and African economy and ultimately a fatal blow to human survival.

Creating wars, instability and destability is the benchmark of American foreign policy. The Americans will always sow suspicion descension and create instability and hostility among the Asian and African countries. It will then carry out endless propaganda of misinformation and disinformation with a lot of lies, half truths and insinuations to a crescendo before it starts the wars before the unsuspecting Asian and African countries.

The Americans are the masters of shedding blood behind the scenes. They have succeeded in making the Arab muslims and Iranian muslims fight among themselves. The Americans will just enrich themselves by selling weapons to the warring factions and by using the wars at the same time to test their new weapons.

The United States is trying to create civil and international wars among countries like divided Koreas, divided China - Taiwan, foment wars between Japan and China, between India and Pakistan, between India and China and between China and Vietnam or the Philippines. In this way the United States and its western allies led by the rogues in the American government will have succeeded to see how Asians will have died by the millions or billions  in a nuclear war among the Asians. This will definitely decimate Asian populations by the billions and fit in the ruthless plans of the evil Anglo-European and American Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothchilds-Illuminati cabal and the rogues and scoundrels of the American government.

America is now trying to start new wars of conflagration in the South China Sea by goading Vietnam,the Philippines and Malaysia to go against China . The US objective is to hold total control and hegemony in the region so as to take control of the vast oil and mineral resources in the region.

A wicked desperate bankrupt America must not be allowed to destroy the Asians and Africans under whatever guise and pretext. The whole world must unite in solidarity to bring down the satanic Evil Empire.


Tuesday, 18th February, 2020


Anonymous said...

The ungodly Americans who are killers and murderers are human blood drinkers and human cannibals who eat human flesh of opponents and enemies. Their day of reckoning is not too far away and they will die a horrible death .

Virgo 49 said...

Fined, imprisonments too lenient for them.

Electrocuted, whiping, sodomised by our Resident Sodomiser here and finally firing squads.

North Koreans and PRCs will do for free. The expert firing squads.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This biowarfare from the coronavirus is going to cause a worldwide recession with Asian countries badly hit. Many people will be jobless especially in the retail and tourist trade.

The American and European countries would also be hurt by this man made terror.

Anonymous said...

The evil empire talks about democracy to deceive other countries. US is the most undemocratic country in the world. It uses its military might to threaten other countries to submit to American dictatorship. That was how they occupied native American self-governing states. That was how they took away lands from Mexico, lands which now comprise of Florida, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Dakota and California. That was how they forcibly wrenched away Hawaii from the nativ Hawaiians.

It seems they have not conquered enough. They now try to conquer the whole of Asia and Africa. But the Asians and Africans will surely teach a good lesson and make sure the evil United States is totally destroyed.

Anti-Yankee imperialists

Anonymous said...

Remember how in the mid- 1960s the United States illegally grabbed Diego Garcia islands in the Indian Ocean from the Diego Garcians to build a huge military base and cruelly and brutally evicted the islanders without any compensation. Almost ten thousand Diego Garcians were forcibly and hastily packed into old rotten boats to Seychelles without any provision of food or water. In the many days of sailing to Seychelles the islanders suffered tremendously as there was no sanitation. They slept and shit on deck . Hundreds died of diseases like cholera and diarrhoea. In the meantime the evil empire use the base to mass bombing Middle East Arab muslim countries like Iraq in 2003, Libya in 2011, Syria in 2015 to 2018 and Yemen 2016 to present. The Middle East Arab muslim countries should chase away the evil Americans from their shores and stop fighting among themselves.

Get rid of American dictatorship. Get rid of American tyranny

Anonymous said...

The evil empire will not allow any other country to become as rich and powerful as itself not to say richer or more powerful. It will find all ways and means to cripple any country which has shown signs of great progress in economy, science and technology and industries. This type of wild ambition of trying to maintain its number one position in the world is reckless and criminal for it will bring itself into violent confrontation with nuclear armed Russia and China. The satanic white Americans should pull back its wild ambitions before it is too late.

Damn the white Americans and may God destroy the evil empirfe, the United States.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wow! Sounds like a fantastic and bold plan.

Seems to me there's money to be made. Which are the companies involved in this grand scheme? I'd like to invest, take advantage.

Since I already live in a western free liberal democracy, I don't really give a flying shit what happens to the rest of the world. 👍🤣🤑

Anonymous said...

You don't even care who is your father and mother or your children, what else is there for you to care?

Anonymous said...

Somehow I think humans will likely self destruct and a new phase of existence comes into being millions of years later. Another cycle of life starting from micro organisms will then ensue.

There are already so many ways that humans will eventually self destruct by the looks of it. We all now look just at the nuclear factor, but this present form of biological warfare using the coronavirus, could easily run out of control and be another factor to consider. We know virus mutate, humans do not and therein lies the problem of combating them using drugs that ostensibly hasten their mutation. And there are already warnings from many quarters of AI and machines taking control of humans, as in the movies, and destroying humans as they become more intelligent.

Archaeologist have discovered remains of ancient civilisations, with particularly advanced engineering and construction skills, that even modern technology has yet been unable to explain or even emulate. How do these ancient civilisations become extinct despite their high level of intelligence?

Perhaps we are walking along the same path of self destruction and already too far into it that there is no need for a massive meteorite hitting earth to do the job.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Many people have been predicting/ prophesying / any how gasak buta ... the end of the human species.

And they've been WRONG.

Continue the party and stop worrying 🖕🖕🎉🎊👯‍♀️

Anonymous said...

No wonder Matilah's wife and family left him! Such irresponsible and irregular creature hidden behind his funs and pleasures!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Errr...I never hide my fun and pleasures...neither infront nor behind

Anonymous said...

So you have decided to change your father and mother to white man and woman. Have your done the Michael Jackson bleaching trick?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No. don't wan. I like my "char tow" complexion. Took me many years of being a jobless beach bum to achieve that "browness" which is the envy of all my white-skinned sun lovers.