American agents, how to detect them

On this topic I am talking about American agents engaged in producing and posting fake news, disinformation and outright lies to smear and discredit enemies of the USA. There are plenty of them in the main media, social media, the academics and business people etc etc. You can find them by what they said, what they posted, and often than not, they tread a specific line while pretending to be talking about an issue. They would insert key words and phrases that they would repeat and repeat at every instance, to drum them into innocent readers unconsciously. Like the saying, keep repeating a lie, after some time it would stay in the minds of the unwary readers.

Remember the message they were pushing during the Aquino island claim in the fake UN court in Hague? The message they were pushing, that the fake court made up of paid judges by one party which had nothing to do with the UN but claiming to be part of the UN, the phrase they used, 'a UN backed international court'. In reality it was a commercial private court that was normally set up by two consenting parties to settle their differences. In this case China did not consent to it. It was a one sided court set up by the Aquino group with the backing of the USA and Japan.  Anyone or media repeating this phrase you can guess where they are coming from, where they got this idea from.

And when talking about this dispute, another favourite and consistent phrase is to emphasise that '
China is having a dispute in its claims on the South China Sea islands' but not mentioning that it was the Americans that agreed the return of these islands to China after defeating Japan in WW2. This is do sow discord between China and South East Asian countries. Don't forget, most of these countries were not countries until after they gained independence post WW2.

In the case of the BRI, instead of admitting all the benefits that came with the opening of these trade routes to the participating countries, the catchphrase were 'debt traps' and 'exploitation of raw material of African countries' in a way saying that the leaders of all these countries were idiots and China was exploiting them without them knowing.

And now in the case of Covid19,  it is not about the virus epidemic, the agenda is to tell the unwary that China is unreliable, untrustworthy by attacking China for lack of transparency in every article or news reported. This is the key message they want to sink into the readers mind without them knowing what is going on.

To detect when an author, journalist, reporter or a producer, or an academic is paid by the American govt, just look at their articles, documentary and commentary etc and if they include these phrases or phrases that would smear the enemies of the Americans, you can safely conclude that they are under the payroll of the Americans. And this would also include messages that they would repeat all the time, Communism is bad, CCP is bad, China is bad, Kim Jung Un is bad in their posts and works. They would include these phrases everytime, in every opportunity, to implant these ideas in the minds of the readers, exactly like what Matilah has been doing, a clear tell tale sign of where he is coming from. An innocent thinking person would not stoop so low to do such things over and over again, unless he is paid of course.

Other than the paid agents, authors, journalists and producers and academics, there are some people that are heavily influenced by such contents and would repeat them as second nature without thinking why or how they came to such a view. Many bananas are like that, thinking that this is the right view, correct position to take, unaware that the ideas have been planted in them daily by the American propaganda machine through the main media.

Be wary when you read these phrases, they are giveaways to tell you where they are coming from, where the source of the information is from, and who the writer is, paid agents. Another giveaway is for jobless people who have a lot of money and free time to travel all over the world, not for holiday but for you know what, to eavesdrop or to contact their counterparts to do what they are paid to do.


Anonymous said...

Very agreed, so many of them also as ST, CNA commentators, even have Israeli, ang mohs, anti-china ah nehs everyday bombarding us with their propaganda ...

Virgo 49 said...

Nowadays, most Manure young dies after so many decades of brainwashing by the Western Vultures, oops Cultures think alike like them.

Have a false sense of superiority over their own kind.

Still thinking that the North Korea and China are still barbarians living in poverty and waiting to pounce and kill you.

Have talked to the young dies of my children generation and this is the usual conclusion to their thoughts.

Not knowing that the REAL Evil Ones are the Whites and their running skunks.

Once we were all watching an episode of the just completed series in the Nexflix of Korean Drama of Crash Landing on You in our flat on their visit, they exclaimed that poor thing the North Koreans are still so ignorant and poor in their country

I asked them why they believed so? They said it's public knowledge that they are such. Oops just simply believed and swallowed bait,line and sinker whatsoever others ingrained in them.

The North Koreans, frankly would not like to live their lives as their Southern cousins and bros with so much hypocrisies and strifes in their dog eat dog capitalists world.
Where their young committed suicide frequently.

Likewise the PRCs living like rats in Hong Kong and fighting each other in their survivals.

They have not open their eyes to their Idols White Masters evil deeds to rule over them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans will use their main media and the media of their crony countries to keep bombarding these phrases into the minds of the innocent readers until they stick without them knowing why.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

You should consult for ISD lah. Gotta protect the cuntry from this kind of mischief.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahaha, they should consult me.

Anonymous said...

Rb if u wanna delete my post u shld also delete urs above else u r just proving ur poor command of english to the world.

imho said...

If china is so good, why so many PRCs in western countries?
If china is so good, many will be queuing to be citizen there, why so many want to get out?
Looks at the world carefully, not one sided judgement.
Go and live there before you can judge.

Anonymous said...

if yur post deleted, see here


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Your comments are based on your perceptions and the realities of time, But realities are changing with time. China was destroyed for more than 150 years as a decaying old civilisation and the poor Chinese had to scatter all over the world to seek a living.

The cycle of rise and fall of an empire or civilisation is coming full cycle and we are witnessing the rise of China and the weakening of the western empire and civilisation. Today we are seeing a trickle of westerners starting to make China home with more and more people of the world moving to work and stay in China. This was unheard of 30 years ago.

Today there are many Chinese leaving to live in western countries. Many are running away from an authoritarian system to have a taste of western freedom and democracy and western racism against Chinese. Many are just crooks that are running away with their loots to avoid persecution.

How many Chinese are running away and not returning China compare to the 200m Chinese that went overseas and return to China?

If the Chinese are just leaving China and not returning, or there are more going out than returning, China would implode. But many successful Chinese and experts in all field are returning to China to help China to grow and develop and proper.

In another generation the world would be very different and China would be the place not only for the Chinese but the place where people of the world would want to be in.

Even today, many Singaporeans are returning to live in China, temporary, for work or as PRs. This is something that no Singaporean would even think about 20 years ago.

The smug bananas would become the outcasts of the Chinese civilisation in the not too distant future, people that all Chinese, China Chinese or Chinese around the world would despise as a rootless people who did not know who they are, who are ashamed of who they are.

Anonymous said...

"In another generation the world would be very different and China would be the place not only for the Chinese but the place where people of the world would want to be in."


Anonymous said...

WHY MUST PRAISE JESUS? Your brain something wrong? Cannot think straight already, too much Hallelujah? Addicted like drug addicts?

Anonymous said...

Chinese embassy says ex-S’pore diplomat Bilahari’s commentary is “arrogant and prejudiced”

he Chinese embassy in Singapore has spoken up regarding former diplomat Bilahari Kausikan’s commentary describing it as a misinterpretation and unacceptable.

In an official statement posted on their Facebook page on February 25, the Chinese embassy criticised the comments of Mr Bilahari published in The Straits Times and said the article has “smeared China’s political and leadership systems.”

The commentary entitled “China’s inflection point and the CCP’s fundamental dilemma,” published on February 24, was “no different from the stereotype cliché of Western anti-China voices,” said a spokesperson of the embassy.

“At the difficult periods (sic) when Chinese people are making enormous efforts and sacrifices to fight the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the sense of justice of the author to ideologically denigrate China and sell his long-held prejudice and even hostility towards China has to be questioned,” wrote the embassy.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Aiyah, please link his op-ed lah before just stating the obvious. Of course the Chinese embassy is going to complain. If you link the article then readers can make up their own mind on whether the embassy was over reacting or not reacting strongly enough.


He takes after his dad. P.S. Raman was very outspoken too and not scared even of his "boss" Lee Kuan Yew, both who shared enormous MUTUAL respect and trust for each other.

BTW Bilahari's Chinese name is Kim Hee.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Remember my post on how to identify an American agent?

See the phrases he used and the attack on the CCP instead of talking about the problem, in the below quote, the problem is the virus but the attack is on the CCP.

'The commentary entitled “China’s inflection point and the CCP’s fundamental dilemma,” published on February 24, was “no different from the stereotype cliché of Western anti-China voices,” said a spokesperson of the embassy.'

And of course Matilah is out to defend him. When is Matilah going to attack the CCP again, the same modus operandi. Die die must defend the same kind doing the same thing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The CCP is just the name of a political party, not a human bean. Why keep on attacking the CCP that is not a human bean?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

As usual redbean is going to put words in my mouth before I even thought of posting.

Bilahari is a fearless guy when it comes to making his often non PC opinion known. He's also known to let go a few VULGARITIES every once in awhile to emphasise a point or to wake people's ideas up.

So I don't think he needs a small time beach bum like me to defend him, his words or his reputation, or his right to ABSOLUTE free speech.

Redbean, sorry to say mate, but in my estimation you're no match for him. Not even close, sunshine.

He even took on Kishore M---a formidable intellectual himself---and demolishef all of Kishore's points.

The guy is fearless lah.

Anonymous said...

lt is quite unbelievable that MS has admiration for another person.
He does seem to have a little humility.

Good for him.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day citizens of China or any country will decide for themselves what kind of political system they want.

Unknown said...

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