Wuhan virus - Can China avoid this 21st Century Genocide?

As the Wuhan coronavirus story unfolds, the earlier innocent suggestions that the virus came from a wildlife market in Wuhan, a natural accident that could happen anywhere becomes more doubtful. While the politically correct and conservative thinking would like to suggest, believe and try to find the cause of this very serious spread of a very infectious virus to mother nature, it is not unfounded to suspect that this virus is man made to inflict very severe damage on human lives to the point of a genocide at a scale never seen in human history. Yes, it is extremely difficult to put a link to an evil source, that this is a result of an evil and wicked intent. Nevertheless, the suspicion that this is something very sinister and not the act of mother nature cannot be ruled out. It is also very difficult to prove scientifically that this comes from the wild, from animals and birds. So far every suggestion and guess is pure speculation.

Imagine the consequences if China mismanaged this epidemic, slow in reacting to the virus and did not lock down Wuhan and Hubei, now knowing how fast the virus can spread, and how deadly it is, today we would not be seeing 10,000 infected cases and a few hundred death. Today we could be seeing millions infected and hundreds of thousands dying, people falling in the streets of China, in every city and villages in China. This is how deadly and fearful this epidemic could have become. The entire Chinese Civilisation in China could be gone in a matter of months, and bringing along the entire human civilisation around the world.

If not properly and effective managed quickly, the death toll could be in the hundreds of millions or billions. This is not rumour mongering but a stark reality that could happen. Fortunately China took very tough preventive measures to control the rapid spread of this virus. The question is whether this is enough, fast enough to prevent an explosion of the disease. The world is still holding its breath as to how widespread has the virus gone and how best to cope with it to contain it.

When I mentioned some of the numbers I quoted from American reports about more than 100m native American Indians being wiped up by diseases planted into their villages, no one could believe the figures. How could so many American natives be wiped out from the north American continent? We are now witnessing the beginning to a possible genocide greater in severity, greater in the number of death than the biggest genocide in human history in north America, the wiping out to near extinction of the native American Indians. It is not impossible to wipe out the Chinese Civilisation in China by diseases. It has been done in north America, to the native American Indians.

How close are we to another genocide of a proportion that is unimaginable in human history? Is this genocide containable, preventable with the efforts of the Chinese govt and the govt of the world? Are we going to see an end soon or is this just the beginning of a nightmare for human civilisation?

Be frighten, be very frighten. This is a very serious threat to human civilisation that can go very wrong. For the moment things are looking well under control as the spread outside Hubei, outside China is not running wild. Many specialists inside and outside China are frantically testing out vaccines to counter this virus. Today's medical science are more advanced than the days when native Americans were terminated. Today there would be national and international efforts to fight this virus unlike the hapless native American days when help was non existence and not available and they were left alone, defenceless, to die from European diseases they had no natural immunity.

Pray that this demonic curse will be contained and put to an end and be a reminder to anyone playing with fire (chemical and biological weapons) that once started, and if mismanaged, the world human civilisation could go with it just like the wild fire in Australia, but very much worse.

May the worse be over.


Pan Dora said...

There was a suggestion in the far right website ZeroHedge saying that the Wuhan virus is a biological weapon put into China. And Twitter or Facebook was quick to ban this website's account and take it off the air.

Has Twitter or Facebook any proof that it was or was not (either way) a biological weaponized matter?

Anonymous said...

China Chinese in the past has already survived many invasions, China Chinese will also survive aeons from now to the future. China Chinese will be X men, Wolverine, Magneto, Jean etc mutants after this Wuhan virus, they wud be immune, evolved and mutated into a Super Race immune to all kind of diseases, they will be like Avengers series of the Americuns movies, a Force to b reakon with, a new Skywalkers of Chinese race evolved to go against the Evil Empire, Long Live The Chinese Race WanSui Wan Wan Sui.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

You overreact lah. The virus is not killing people in the large numbers the purveyors of fear predicted.

Also, EXPOSURE doesn't mean INFECTION. What is not mentioned is that SOME people in Wuhan/ Hubei would have developed immunity having been exposed to the virus in the filthy wet markets they visit frequently. I would suggest that those who didn't get sick have super strong defences.

The virus tends to kill those who are already weak, which means the age groups are going to be older people, because as people age they tend to suffer health issues.

Last year the flu killed 400,000 worldwide and didn't even make the news.

Banning travelers from China means there's going to be really GREAT DEALS as the global tourist and air travel industries struggle to stay in business. If one is not suck and not traveling from China, this is great news!

For eg: SIA stock price is already in the shutter, the lowest in years (Airlines are a fucked up business anyway), this Wuhan thing could punish them even further. Could be some money to be made here---from misery and fear 🤑🤣

PSA: Please stop the nonsense about face masks. If you're not sick, don't fucking wear them. If you're sick STAY THE FUCK AT HOME or put on your mask ONLY to make it to the hospital, where they will throw your ass into quarantine!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In criminal investigation, the first clue to solve a crime is to identify the culprit. If the culprit has a moustache, go catch those with moustaches and try to fit them to the identification. So coronavirus came from bats, and the source must be bats.

In the case of the moustache culprit, the moustache could be man made, fixed onto it by the culprit. So going after anyone with a moustache could be totally misled. In the Wuhan virus case, the coronavirus could be man made and/or inserted by humans, not by bats or animals.

Is this a conspiracy? Could be, could not be, until proven. Just because it could not be proven or has not been proven does not rule out conspiracy completely.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


God, the celestial comedian and creator of UNIVERSE-LEVEL ENTERTAINMENT decides one pestilence is not enough, so he wallops China AGAIN!

Highly virulent Bird Flu outbreak in Hunan☠️⚰️🥊🥊

Why is God punishing China? I have a theory. fucking cunts!😡😡

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Nevermind China's censorship of "the truth" from the average citizen. If he was in Singapore POFMA would get him

More virus outbreaks. God is working overtime! 👊🥊💀⚰️

Bird flu India: https://reut.rs/37RpozB

Bird flu Europe: http://bit.ly/39bmuX1

Praise The Lord! Maybe now the fucking markets will drop...and give some OPPORTUNITY from the profiteers of human misery, fear and extinction!💰💰 Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

@ redbean
What is not clear is whether the Wuhan virus is killing people in large numbers.

This report says no need to worry about the Wuhan virus.


This report says Wuhan virus is killing lots of people. Many deaths not reported.


Anonymous said...

Due to the conflicting nature of these two reports;
I recommend we trust in our PAP government.

With Ministers like Chan Chun Sing and Lee Hsien Loong
- what can possibly go wrong?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

It is obvious 2019_CoV is not so deadly. So far the 300+ deaths are all in China. No deaths reported outside China...yet.

H5N1 is far more deadly. Mortality rate: 60% i.e. 60% of those infected will go up lorry in a double plastic bag and tossed into an incinerator without ceremony. So far H5 has only been DETECTED and govts have been swift to deal with the outbreak. There is no evidence that any H5 has gotten out into the wild...but then, birds do fly so it's reasonable to assume that there are carriers flying around "spreading the love". 🤡

Chicken rice, anyone? 🤣

Anonymous said...

Nobody in Sinkieland had died from Wuhan virus yet.

In fact for those in Sinkieland who were infected, their conditions are improving at the NCID (at TTSH).

PAP is indeed very competent, just like what Low Thia Khiang had praised PAP before.

So don't worry, all those in Sinkieland who got infected with Wuhan virus will recover.

And PAP will sure win big in coming election. Or maybe election postponed or even cancelled because of virus? LOL

Anonymous said...

Looking at the Evolution of the Human Species,
I like to say that the Statement You(Anon 9:50 am) asserts here shall be the Ultimate Truth to prevail. The Chinese Race is Nature-made to endure, adapt and evolve to last till the End of the World.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One Pinoy down!


>> Looking at the Evolution of the Human Species,...[...] The Chinese Race is Nature-made to endure, adapt and evolve to last till the End of the World. <<

You really don't know shit-all bout how evolution occurs. 😂

Anonymous said...

MS please kindly enlighten us ?

Thank You very much !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


If I write it out, it'll take too much time of my time. Solution: Khan Academy to the rescue (thank you Bill Gates)

Evolution 101: https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/nova/evolutionlab/evolution-101/v/evolution-101

Pan Dora said...

Politics In All Aspects Of Life

Australia, the European Union, Mongolia, Russia, Singapore and USA have banned or restricted the entry of Chinese citizens, and any foreigners that have recently (past 14 days) visited China.

Other countries that have placed travel restrictions on visitors from only the Hubei province of China are Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

China's Foreign Minister and its State Media have criticised countries that placed travel restrictions on China, citing Minister Wang’s comments as saying that China “opposes certain countries’ actions that are creating tension and panic”.

While the WHO has declared the novel coronavirus a global public health emergency on Thursday, Jan. 30, it has yet to issue any advisory against travel to China.

The international organisation has also opposed any move to close borders with China or restrict Chinese travellers’ access.

China, on the other hand, has banned all outbound group travel from Jan. 27, and placed 16 cities under lockdown indefinitely in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus.

In response to China’s MFA tweet, former Mexican Ambassador to the China (2007-2013) Jorge Guajardo said that China, against WHO’s recommendation, placed all Mexican nationals in China under quarantine and cancelled direct flights to Mexico during the swine flu epidemic.

Jorge Guajardo


In 2009 H1N1, against WHO recommendation, China:

- Placed all Mexican nationals in China under quarantine.
- Cancelled direct flights to Mexico.
- Stopped issuing visas to Mexicans.
- Closed consulates in Mexico.

China never admitted this was wrong, or apologized.

https://twitter.com/mfa_china/status/1223490974178889728 …


In the same phone call, FM Wang noted certain country has turned a blind eye to WHO recommendations and imposed sweeping travel restrictions against China. This kind of overreaction could only make things even worse. It's not the right way to deal with the pandemic.

Jorge Guajardo

The only thing that’s as bad as the Chinese government’s actions on coronavirus is the US reaction. Travel bans don’t accomplish anything and are not scientifically justified. They disincentivize transparency, as governments fear sanctions.

Anonymous said...

Not a surprising response.

ln fact, most would expect to be refer to Google, Wikipedia and Other Internet and Academic Sources.

Can we have more original and radical decipherence from our Great Intellect MS instead of You quoting others and or from published materials ?

Your Sincere Fan.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 158

Er...no. I'm just an average guy... maybe below average.

Your good faith compliment is appreciated, even though it's not true.

Anonymous said...

Think MS has misintepretated the Evolution mentioned in the Discussion.

One commenter talks about Evolution of the Human Species. However, MS refers the Commenter to the Khan Academy's Theory and Research into the Evolution of the Coronavirus.


Anonymous said...

WSG also stands for Worst SG, meaning Worst Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Although it was mostly pick and paste materials from Matilda, it must be said that it reflects that he reads widely, maybe voraciously to be knowledgeable and we got to laud him for that.
Kudos to MS !

Anonymous said...

date and time determine life.

Good makes people happy.

Bad makes people sad.

Anonymous said...

Actually the China Chinese race r the most highly adaptable race on this planet, they can adapt to almost any culture, religions & languages, they do not called '龙的传人' or Dragons Descendents for no reasons ( they could have come or evolve from other Aliens Race).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Your reasoning appears to be sound. I await the Ides of March (very inauspicious 🤣🤑 in western culture)

@ all

I already told you lah, I'm not a source of "correct info". I write for selfish pleasure. Make up your own minds lah. You can learn anything on the net. You can even FACT CHECK on the net to see if what you're getting is real or fake. Do your own research lah.

Anonymous said...

U do hav a penchant to say others
know shit abt many things.
You know ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 238

>> MS refers the Commenter to the Khan Academy's Theory and Research into the Evolution of the Coronavirus.

You are a lying motherfucker. I hope your entire family gets the corona virus and chokes to death...slowly!🤟🏽🤧☠️🤡

The Kham Academy Evolution 101 is EXACTLY what it says.

@ all

If you're watching the vids at Khan academy, remember to do the quizzes to help you learn. Dun wanna boast, but I aced every quiz.

HERE is the Khan Academy's tutorial on VIRUS evolution. It is important to understand that viruses are not technically "alive". They can only do their shit when they infect a host and HIJACK the ribosome mechanism (the cell machinery which makes proteins). When they are in the host cell, random mutations occur during copying, and viruses can also "cut and paste" genetic sequences to make new (mutated) viruses.


All evolution by natural selection has one goal: to reproduce the genes and transmit them into FUTURE generations (i.e. to keep the species in continual existence). One key factor is SELECTIVE PRESSURE..i.e. here must be some "pressure" from the environment which FAVOURS the traits of the mutated genes for perpetuation into future generations to occur.

For e.g.: why are bacteria found in hospitals more deadly? Because of species of bacteria like streptococcus get hammered by antibiotics and antibacterial agents. Random variations of bacteria DNA occur during replication...because that's what happens..."copying errors" occur. (Given large numbers of possible events, the most improbable will occur at some time)

Those "errors" which produce a "survival advantage" in the phenotype (the organism which is created FROM the DNA code) will favour that particular mutant's ability to reproduce and perpetuate into the next generation.

So for a strep bacteria, the ones which have the (random genetic) mutation which is RESISTANT to the antibiotic will survive and reproduce...so after a time you get a highly antibiotic RESISTANT strain of strep bacteria...which kills a lot of immune-compromised and weak patients.

Moral of story: avoid hospitals unless absolutely necessary. The germs in hospitals are CRAZY STRONG...why? Because of EVOLUTION BY NATURAL SELECTION

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

You can already buy the gear necessary to DIY your own virus at home. CRISPR is a popular gene-editing tool found in all gene labs. But you can make your own DIY CRISPR and start engineering viruses in your own home!

Teenagers being teenagers, they love hacking, and s this is what a few of them (the smarter ones) are doing. BIOHACKING is more "garang" than computer hacking. 👍🏻

Without going into too much detail, the way CRISPR works is by using enzyme "scissors and glue" to cut and paste genetic material (bases), so that you can build up your own genes. 🤣 So far, the only people harmed by this are biohackers themselves...injecting their homemade genes into their own bodies (WTF??)

It is only a matter of time before they (fucking smart-arse teenagers) start injecting wildlife and pets just to "see what happens". Most interactions, of course, will FAIL, but sooner or later someone will get LUCKY and create a genetic monster of a pathogen, which has the potential to FUCK SHIT UP on a grand scale.

Just you wait...


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:14 pm.

Yr Comment is the Human Species Evolution that escaped the Comprehension of Sir Matilda.
He insists on delving into the Khan Research into the Coronavirus Evolution, Mutation and What Not.


Anonymous said...

" ..., but sooner or later someone will get LUCKY and create a genetic monster of a pathogen, which has the potential to FUCK SHIT UP on a grand scale."

Are Yew referring to the Lee Dynasty?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 634

>> Are Yew referring to the Lee Dynasty? <<

The Lee dynasty (as you put it) is a minority. But they are supported by the VAST majority. That is REALITY...and it doesn't give a smelly shit on whether you like it or not.

Many of us have "profited" from this reality. Those who haven't...well that's their problem. 🤣

Anonymous said...

Singapore actress Joanne Peh and family wearing face masks even though they are healthy.


Anonymous said...

MS, u got it almost half correct. The other part got to do with adaptability or re-evolution & keep on doing till it finally transcended or transforms. Currently, the China Chinese race r expose to many different kinds of viruses, in time to come this Race will Mega Evolve into a more Superior Race than the Whites or Black or Reds or any Humans Race on earth, pretty likely the China Chinese will even Mega Evolve ( sounds like Pokemon cartoon series) into a Yellow Superior Race that wud last for another Millianium or more ( into somewhat like the Aliens much superior than the Greys or Lizards like or Praying Matisse like etc). Its the Huang Zhong Zhong Hua Ming Zhu Long Ren.

Anonymous said...

Talked about the forest but missed the prominent snowy-white tree?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 731

I see you have your own theory of human evolution. 🤣

Maybe you should contact the Nobel Prize committee...see if you're a worthy contender for their prize. 🤪

Germany did all sorts of "science" to try to create a "superior race". We know how that turned out. ☠️⚰️ Entertainment! 📽️🍿

Anonymous said...

Singapore has also perfected a superior white race ... capable of earning million dollar salaries from taxpayers with a single act of parliament.

Anonymous said...

We are all descended from the blacks. The first humans evolved in Central Africa. The subsequent migration to different climates & crops and food availability led to the changes in color & appearances over hundreds of thousands of years. E.g. Malays & Hawaiians are descended from Chinese peoples from the mainland.

Anonymous said...

MS, u also hv ur own one pick up from webcides lah & trying to b a Nobel smart alec in tis blog la AI sai boh leh ka ka ka ka..ma..ka..ka..

Anonymous said...

Actually humans r beings seeded by from Those Tat Came from the Above (aka Aliens or the Anuakis ) based on the ancient Summerians text.

ETS said...

Evolution by Natural Selection? Or Darwinian Theory ? Even Darwin doubted his own theory when he got older. Some other theory also collate the homo sapiens r be developed in a lab & subsequently seeded on this planent by beings from outer space.

Anonymous said...

Wuhan Virus - Another 56 deaths (bringing the total to 360 deaths) and 2103 confirmed cases within China.

Philippines - first death outside China.

Singapore now 18 confirmed cases, two of whom are Singaporeans. No newly reported cases on Sunday.

27 countries have confirmed cases, each one of them are slowly increasing their numbers, some reported, some not reported.