Covid19 - temperature rising in public transportation

Taking temperature of staff entering building is now a must in many offices and buildings to act as an early detection and prevention to the spread of Covid19.  Staff with a higher than normal temperature are suspects and it is best to separate them from the rest of the staff as a an added precaution. Though a bit inconvenient, this is necessary given the seriousness of the Covid19 and how easily it could spread to people around the affected person.

I would believe that all govt agencies and ministries would also be conducting this temperature check on their staff. What I think is a missing link in this preventive and precautionary measure is to take the temperature of bus and train commuters.  These are the first entry points of people before they were bungled together in packed buses and trains, and if they are already infected, it would be too late to do anything subsequently.

Would it not be necessary and essential for the public transport operators to do this part of the exercise? They have many guides in the station helping passengers to get in and out of trains, a job that in many ways is not really necessary or important than to conduct temperature checks on commuters at this point in time. Or is it too troublesome and would involve too many manpower that it is better to miss this part of the exercise?

What do you think? Commuters in public transport never mind if they are sick, never mind if their temperature rising? Or since it is so burdensome, never mind lah? If there is a case and is spreading in the train or buses, ok or not?


Anonymous said...

RB, don't give the happy-go-lucky transported $8 heart by-pass multimillionaire minister another heart attack lah. His next heart attack could likely be fatal. So, how to enjoy life with his easy-come multi-millions $$$? People has been keeping very quiet for the past few months, even though his last appointment was Hell of a Minister (I mean Health Minister). Don't stir the hornets' nest lah, can or not?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone is going to be exposed at some point

Definitely a good option, but unfortunate unworkable. During SARS they set up infrared cameras. That's probably the best option although it's far from being a perfect solution.

On the plus side, Singapore is being heralded all over the world as "the Gold standard" in dealing with the coronavirus.

**I predict several scientific papers to be published on Singapore's protocols and methods and outcomes. Just wait, I'll bet money on this.**

Clusters in Italy and Iran (see photo of the health minister infected) indicates that the coronavirus IS NOT "a Chinese thing" anymore.

Unless there's govt mandated policy of community testing, I believe the number of infections stated will be ARTIFICIALLY LOW.

The reason that we haven't detected more cases in India and no cases in Indonesia is because they're NOT TESTING for the virus. And their protocols (if any) are SLACK.

It's all very well to ban travelers from China, but the virus is now GLOBALISED...ie no longer a China-thing. Anyone traveling from anywhere can be an asymptomatic carrier.

Oldies, get vaccinated against pneumonia lah. Especially you people who smoke, or are diabetic or borderline, or have any other health challenges. Because there are several different types of pneumonia that can get you---from viral to fungal, don't be lured into a false sense of security. But at least a vaccination against many strains will offer better protection than not having it.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Thousands passed thru the MRT turnstiles.

If take temp, at least few hundreds be late for work. Also sometimes takes MRT few trips for business or otherwise.

One by one tee tee, my God long queues like Eight Million Toto lines.

Also, one colored sticker can just passed to friends who want to avoid the tee tee as they have passed Muster Parade the last time.

Tee Tee at Gym and Office buildings also hassles. MRT my God. Somemore sometimes those chia pak boh sai pang grey berets suka suka check your bags and particulars. Real stress.

Wah, Matland checkpoints Tee Tee Tok Kong like Ray Guns compared to Sinkieland's toys tee tee.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


SSO said...

Top US Health Officials have started to warn Americans to brace for the "inevitable" spread of the corona-virus disease that is now sweeping the whole wide world.

The number of confirmed cases in the US has risen from 35 two days ago to 53 yesterday. Even though President Trump has said that the situation is "well under control", fears have caused the stock markets to plunge for a second successive day.

So far, more than 2,700 people have died and some 80,000 have been taken ill, mostly in China's Hubei province.

Outside China, more and more countries are reporting their first cases, while Iran, Japan, South Korea and Italy have seen sudden surge in the number of cases reported.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention experts warned Americans of the coming outbreak:

"We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad," said Dr Nancy Messonnier of the National Center for Immunisation and Respiratory Diseases in a conference call with reporters on Tuesday.

"It's not so much a question of if this will happen in this country any more but a question of when this will happen," she said, adding: "Disruption to everyday life might be severe."

And what are Singaporeans doing to prevent the disease from spreading to more and more people, locally and elsewhere? Still selling face masks to other countries to make a quick buck, instead of stocking up for the next six months for local needs?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ the human race

Here we go! Trust the math, not speculation, conspiracy theory or cock talk on internet


Anonymous said...

lt is only right for any government to comprehensively look after the wellbeing of the People.
To do a good job, the Country must have elected a non-corrupt leadrship. And the Leaders picked by the People have to be proficient, have propriety, integrity and competent.
As for preventive measures; a highly contagious disease running away is high, especially new and or mutated ones with no vaccine and worse no ready cure exists.
As for fast killers like SARS, EBOLA, MERS and the Current COVID-19, they are challenging to say the Least.

As Sin Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong put it, there may come a time when manpower and logistic get overstrain and TRACING MAY NOT BE EFFECTIVE, if l may paraphrase him.

ln Sin,
there is no place as most likely to get infected by contagious diseases as in the Train and Buses. SURPRISINGLY,
all COVID-19 Victims thus far did not get infected in any public transports.
lt appears that COVID-19 is a pious species and likes to visit places of worships and bless the Congregations more than anywhere else.
now that COVID-19 is moving around the World, an epidemic with dire consequences is on the Rage.
China has many thousand years of Chinese Traditional Medicines to help in fighting and containing disease outbreaks.
No idea how well other countries are able to deal with COVID-19,
wish they are able to cope well.

Please take care to protect oneself and



Anonymous said...

Tracing is tedious
and successful rate is not high.
Temperature monitoring helps, however it is also not a reliable and efficient tool against asymphtomatic disease.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ what's the alternative?

There ain't no such thing as a perfect tool. No detection method ever invented catches everything it was designed to do... not even the best cancer detection tools. We know if people who've been given "all clear" only to discover later (too late) that they have cancer.

The question is "what's the alternative?" If there is none, then you just have to use what you have NOW, take precautions and hope that "randomness" (luck) is on your side.

Pioneer said...

Instead of taking temperature of commuters, I suggest switch off all air-cons in public buses and mrts for the time being. This helps to have better flow and circulation of fresh natural air. Air con with cool air will help the virus stay long and inside the buses and mrts. This will not cause delay or congestion. Ask those senior citizens who are used to non-aircon buses and trains (KTM trains I mean).

Anonymous said...

PAP should implement their usual "ownself check ownself" solution.

Before leaving the house.
Every Singaporean must "ownself check ownself temperature".
- if temperature exceeds 37.8 Celsius, please stay at home

Ownself check ownself.
Just like PAP ownself check ownself that all the money is still safe in the reserves.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.39am

This is a great idea.
God is using you to help Singaporeans with Covid-19.


Anonymous said...

COVID-19 is doing precisely that by going to churches.
Praise the Lord.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.09pm

Please do not mock God.
God loves all of us.
God works in mysterious ways.

We must place our trust in God to overcome Covid-19.

Anonymous said...

Covid-19 is the work of the devil.
It's a demonic attack on Christian churches.

Anonymous said...

But is it true that some who caught the virus did not have fever? So, temperature taking also not fool proof.

PG said...

It seems that the creatures in the animal kingdom is taking revenge against mankind for killing and eating them ceaselessly. So, they came out with viruses as their weapons of mass destruction worldwide. If you have watched the Planet of the Apes series, you will know why the apes left their forests and moved into the big cities to attack mankind.

Anonymous said...

If you have the virus but no fever.
You are not as infectious as a person who has the virus AND a fever.

That's what the doctors are saying.

Anonymous said...

What if you have a fever but no virus ???

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You will be detained and tested. Twice, which is the protocol in Singapore because of the likelihood of false negatives (type II errors) in the current version of the test.

They'll then attempt to find out WHY you're feverish and possibly contain you "just in case".

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


So even if you present "recovered" you could test positive for Covid19 in follow up testing.


Anonymous said...

That means you are sick.
But not sick with Covid-19 lah.

You are Lee Hsien Loong or what?
Everything also got to spoon feed you.

Anonymous said...

Loving this wuhan virus!!!

I'm beginning to see more & more discounts for hotels & buffets & air tickets & tours!!!

Peak infections will be in April. Peak deaths will be in May/June. Peak retrenchments will be in July-Sep. Peak -ve GDP will be in Oct.

But can start bargain hunting in mid-March lah!

I've been spending last week exploring half-empty Orchard Rd malls & makaning at discounted lunch buffets --- no crowds! Shiok!!!

Pan Dora said...

Covid19 stands for China Operation Virus Invasion and Deception, 2019.

Anonymous said...

The accuracy of the test for the Covid19 virus is only about 30% to 50%, according to expert doctors in China.

Moreover, having been tested negative for to successive days does not mean that patient is cleared of the Covid19 viruses. They can still be found in the patient's urine and stools.

There are many cases of patients discharged from hospitals in China but a few days later developed fever and tested positive again. It could be a relapse or a re-infection. The doctors and scientists are still trying to find out.

So, that means you are not immuned from the Covid19 virus even though you have recovered from the initial attack.

Therefore, those who got discharged may post a greater danger to the public because they may still carry the virus in their body and could easily become a super-infector.

Anonymous said...

23-year-old U.S soldier stationed at Camp Carrol in Waegwan, South Korea tested positive for coronavirus.

But no worries. USA bio-warfare unit already have the antidote.

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

For many people especially the bananas (笨衲衲), those ignoramus about their roots and culture, 他们根本不晓得that this year the 鼠年 actually 从阳历二月四日旁晚七点正 kicks in?

And NOT from 二零二零年一月廿五日 starts?

So today is the start of the 5th day of the 2nd "moon" (and there are 13 "moon" for 2020 due to the discrepancy of computation of the calendar vs the actual solar orbit per cycle 每四年)?

Alas, it is still a long way to go for 2020
鼠年 (with 大概十二个 "moon" remaining) ...

But already so many "things" happening ...

26 Feb 2020 marked a turning point for the Coronavirus that struck the world in recent months ...?

Total new cases outside Mainland 祖国 exceeded the (original) epicentre?

Why the concern?

Possibly some countries in 西亚/ 附近地区 might become the new epicentre (or "武汉" of the world)?

The country whose shape in the map looks like 靴子 is part of the Schengen Area.

Total (Schengen Area) 人口: 四亿两千万

Totally borderless ... (in the Schengen Area)

How to do "contact tracing"?

To its north (of the 靴子 shape country) is a country (famous for its snow capped alps) NOT part of 欧盟 but part of the Schengen Area ...

Why the 担忧 (and 堪忧 going forward)?

Look at the map (the 地理)?

"JL" liao?

With the "fall" of some places in 西亚 etc to the Coronavirus, the threshold is being breached?

What next?


An irreversible "head and shoulder" downward trend starting from 911 ("left shoulder in 2001), GFC ( "head" in 2008 - another rat year, OMG)
and BREXIT cum BREXIT+++ ("right shoulder" - (6/2016 and 11/2016 respectively)?

With COVID-19 and the self-protecting measures undertaken (so far) by affected states, deglobalisation becomes a necessity (and NOT a choice) for many nation states?


And this is only the start of the 5th day of the 2nd "moon" (or 2/13 "moon") in 2020?

As if there is NOT enough headache, 在北方 potential political storm and upheaval brewing?

"JL" liao for the next few years?

The recent cny that passed has been the worst in memory for some people in some countries?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Now confirmed. Completely "globalised"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Knn. Give death penalty lah. Fuck this person.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 2:04am,

The poem is original I supposed.

Respect for your command of the language.

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