Lucky Singapore - Another LKY is born

Singapore—Despite the negative feedback that emerged after the leaked audio recording of Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing at a recent closed-door meeting with the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI), many netizens are now saying they respect him more than ever for the frank and forthright manner with which he spoke. For them, the diplomatic bluntness from Mr Chan was both refreshing and relatable, and they say he is another Lee Kuan Yew, the country’s founding Prime Minister. 

“He is a good minister. He is indeed another Lee Kuan Yew for he dares to say things as they are, in an honest manner.”....

In the recording of the meeting he can be heard saying such things as “Why did the run happen? You know, run on the supermarket, right? …I damn ashamed. You know why? Xia suay… We embarrass ourselves, disgraceful, we disgrace ourselves… No paper, water also can. So why do we behave so idiotically? I cannot tahan. Then the selfish idiot go and take all the alcohol swab, because got no more clean wipe right?”....

The above is quoted from www.theindependent.sg. The leaked video of Chan Chun Sing's closed door talk with leaders of SCCCI is one of the favourite to be passed around in the social media and in whatsapp and phone messages. It should have been seen by at lease a million by now.

Lim Tean and some critics have been disgusted by the colloquialism and Singlish being used by Chan Chun Sing in his very frank discussion at the SCCCI. To this group of critics, a PM potential and a minister earmarked to be a PM, they expected him to speak in proper and good English, not chap chye English or Singlish mixed with all kinds colloquialism and dialects.

On the other hand there is another group that is praising him for his frank talk and enjoying his humour for talking like an Ah Beng in the army. They found him refreshing and welcome his straight talking and the courage to scold Singaporeans. And some even equated him to LKY for honesty and frankness to say what he thought. 

OK, some may not agree with this comment and may think it is an insult to LKY. But to those who see the LKY in Chan Chun Sing, they must be very happy that Singapore has produced another LKY and Singapore's future is going to be better, tomorrow will be better for all Singaporeans. LKY believed in improving the lives of Singaporeans, not foreigners or fake Singaporeans, not fair weather migrants that would scoot to the West immediately after getting their pink ICs or the moment something unpleasant happens to Singapore.

Let's see if the hope of this group of Singaporeans would be realised in the coming years when the new LKY becomes the PM of Singapore. Some may disagree and may want to add stupidity has no cure to this view.  It is a matter of opinion.


Anonymous said...

The impression is that the fellow Chan is in cahoots with the SCCCI behind closed doors to screw ordinary Sinkies and import more of their pet foreigners.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I personally have no problems with PAP Minister Chan Chun Sing using Singlish.

But I do have problems with Minister Chan over the follow issues:

1.His salary is paid by ALL Singaporeans.
- so why is he holding secretive closed door dialogues with small selected groups only?

Is he the Singapore Minster for Trade or is he the Singapore Minister for SCCCI ?

Anonymous said...

2. I was extremely alarmed with PAP Minister Chan's use of rhetoric in his one way "dialogue" with SCCCI.

- Minister Chan uses a lot of empty rhetoric in his "dialogue" ... but he offers no evidence to support his arguements.

Anonymous said...

Hence the SCCCI used words like "leaked", "betrayal" when the audio file was inadvertently made accessible to ordinary Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

3. PAP Minister Chan says SARS lasted for 6 months

- elsewhere, his PAP colleagues claim that PAP has learnt valuable lessons from the SARS episode that happened more than 10 years ago.

Clearly, if PAP has learnt from the SARS lesson .... then there should be at least 6 months supply of face mask and hand sanitizers in the national stockpile.

- so PAP please come clean.
- How many face masks and hand sanitizers do you really have in the national stockpile? ... please don't tell me it will take 50 man years to do an audit like the money in our reserves.

Anonymous said...

4. More than 40% of Singapore residents are PAP's foreign talents.

Where is the evidence from Chan Chun Sing that it is Singaporeans (and not PAP's foreigners) that bought up all the instant noodles and face masks?

Anonymous said...

5. Typical behaviour from all these PAP Ministers.
- always blaming Singaporeans for bad social behaviour ... without any evidence.

- maybe it's Lee Hsien Loong's foreign talents that are buying up all toilet paper?

Virgo 49 said...

That's why all the while he been chosen to stand in Tanjong Pagar- LKY's Constituency since becoming an MP.

Legacy of LKY. See how he propped up LKY in the NDP Parade.

A replica of LKY. LKY had forefight that he is the ONE.

The One and Chosen One.

Now temporarily let GoldFish Eye be the chosen one. Though NOT by him.

By his equally Daft Dishonorable Son.

Anonymous said...

Chinese nationals living in Singapore buy masks to send back home


As you can see above, even PAP newspaper, The Straits Times is saying the sia suay behaviour of buying face mask is coming from PAP's foreign talents.

Virgo 49 said...

Last time also blamed Singaporeans for littering.

Sinkies alreday kwa kwa kena the Big Stick for sixty odd years.

Cannnot be the SCAVENGERS, locusts meh?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You'll have no argument from me. when this guy came up on my radar a few years ago I said "He's a future PM of Singapore", and all my mates lost their minds and began attacking my claim.

The guy oozes ambition lah. You can tell he's on track and he's playing a hard game with only one goal in mind. And he'll win.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This fellow speaks "good English", like Mat Saleh, in fact better than most mat salehs. But voters rejected him and his party. "Singaporeans got the government they deserve"...a man after my own heart๐Ÿคฃ

So CCS can talk like chin-chye kanninabu Ah Beng lah. And win the PM's seat. Because Singaporeans will ALWAYS GET the govt they deserve, and CCS knows it

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning everyone.

What's wrong with his talk? What's wrong with speaking Singlish An Bengish to'ka-key-lans' (own SINGAPOREANs)?

Nothing wrong nothing wrong at all?

Yes! He has the support of many many many many many many many many many many people on the ground!.

Not to worry..pap smelly smelly surely 85% at next GE!

In fact he is one of the bestest top top top top leaders! Can be PM tooooooo!

All the best to him!

Anonymous said...

Yes if he cares for sinkies I will switch my vote for him from opposition lor

Anonymous said...

If you are PAP, then by definition, you do not care about Singaporeans.

CCS is a PAP member.
So by definition, he does not care about Singaporeans.

Virgo 49 said...

Frankly, nowadays very hard to get these types of straight talk no pretensions mavericks around.

Right, if he truly cares for Sinkies will make a good MP, Minister and also PM.

One look and you cannot vote for that CB faces of Edwin Tong, that CB Chee, LowRan Wong and that's Lee Yock Suan's son etc.

Lily Neo best and LBW not too bad.

At least they asked some probing provoking questions.


Anonymous said...

for Cute Boy Chan Chun Sing
to cleanse Your Homeland of sin.
is most capable of doing a good job of ridding the Regime for Good.


Anonymous said...

Hello all..

Sg should have many many more leaders speaking Singlish and Bengish! After all we are SINGAPOREANs! Correct?

What so bad and shy about speaking Singlish and Bengish?

Please be proud as a Singaporean speaking Singlish!

Please lah! Please lah!

Anonymous said...

"Right, if he truly cares for Sinkies will make a good MP, Minister and also PM."

"Lily Neo best and LBW not too bad. At least they asked some probing provoking questions."

That's why they say Sinkies are idiots & easily con.

That's also why the next GE will see PAP get 75++%

Virgo 49 said...

Must give credits when credits are due lah!

Dr. Lily Neo is a caring MP even though she is PAP.

LBW also another kamikaze shot from the mouth Ex Matland asked provoking probing questions lah.She asked whether our Justice System only favoured the rich and Elites! No?

Unlike even some NMPs and WP MPs.

Where is Our WP MP scholar ex Taiwan?

No sight no sound?

Virgo 49 said...

Lily Neo loved by Kreta Ayer old folks dearly.

She asked many questions pertaining to their welfare many times but was shut up by the callous Ministers.

Willingly to spend millions on trashes but not a single extra cent on the citizens.

Anonymous said...

@ PAP arse-hole @ 2.25pm

The issue is not Singlish versus English.

The issue is the fucker Chan Chun Sing accusing Singaporeans of buying up all the face masks without any evidence.

Anonymous said...

"The issue is not Singlish versus English."

PAPies know when to use singlish --- that's why they can win big in GEs.

They also know when to use proper english --- e.g. contracts, laws, regulations --- that's why they can also win big & earn big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Oppo sadly dunno how or when to use singlish or proper english --- that's why most sinkies cannot relate to Oppo --- that's why always lose, many times lose big big.

Only 1 Oppo know how to use language effectively --- LTK usage of Teochew during GE. HOWEVER, only effective in small area like Hougang --- and more & more Sinkies are losing their knowledge & appreciation of non-Mandarin dialects. So LTK's teochew huay will be LESS & LESS EFFECTIVE. That's why he stepped down from Secretary General. LTK knows.

"Dr. Lily Neo is a caring MP even though she is PAP."

Lily Neo is PAP's Useful Idiot --- just do job quietly, make residents happy, shut up & sit down. She used to be the balancing act for LKY --- LKY the sia lan one balanced by LN the merciful one.

The 1 time she open big mouth kena slammed by Vivi.

"LBW also another kamikaze shot from the mouth Ex Matland asked provoking probing questions lah"

This one I don't trust. She is like any other opportunistic PAP no difference from other PAP when it doesn't affect her. E.g. support of foreigners, CECA, open-leg to foreign workers, increasing cost of living in many years like 2008-2017 etc etc. Don't forget she runs an engineering company that relies on A LOT OF FOREIGN WORKERS.

Besides bringing in all the China table tennis people (where is Li Jiawei & Feng Tianwei & Yu Mengyu & Chen Feng & many many others now?????) & pushing out those who were against this move, another famous comment is the below:

"increase of the water price, is just to bring up the awareness of the importance of water --- CNA interview, Budget 2017, regarding 30% increase in water tariffs.

Anonymous said...

Why Uncle Virgo not appreciate Chan Chun Sing for his candid, frank and spontaneous straight talk ?
Chan not afraid of hurting fragile feeling or offending the People leh.
Many in Josephine Teo's and Ting Peiling's Wards are all praise for them too.
Please be less personal and emotional in judgement.
Birds of the Same Feather are together. They belong to the Same Gang with Common Characteristics.
Dafts are just gullible folks.

Virgo 49 said...

Read properly, I "admired" CCS for his candid frank no pretentious straight talks character. Many in China and even other countries including many sinkies praised him for his candid remarks.

Likewise, You must also appreciate some Papies MPs who also have the hearts for their constituents.

Unlike those who put on their CB faces high and mighty pretending they are are Smart.

Those few that I had mentioned. Including that Orr bin kwang Kong.

Virgo 49 said...

Then Lily Neo can always don't open her mouth and get slammed by that Vivi.

Just be like the balance deaf, mute and dumb PAP MPs.

Why put her head on the chopping board.This shows that she had thoughts for her elderly residents

Even some WP MPs brought up trivial and NOT of real importance matter regarding Singaporeans REAL issues.

So you cannot said that she just simply worked quietly.

Where is that Chen Sow Meow.?

You ever hear him speak in Parliament just aa what's Lim Tean said. How many MPs absented themsleves throughout their five years terms.

Virgo 49 said...

Back in Taiwan and changed Sin Dollars into Taiwan's currency?

Anonymous said...

The only good PAP MP is a dead PAP MP.

When they are dead, they cannot do bad things to Singaporeans anymore.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Chan Chun Sing to Lee Kuan Yew is like comparing a drain cockroach to a widely revered god !

Anonymous said...

We ordinary Sinkies don't mince our words!

Anonymous said...


Comparing Chan Chun Sing to Lee Kuan Yew is like;
Comparing a drain cockroach to a blood sucking vampire.

Anonymous said...


Q: What do you call a plane full of PAP MPs at the bottom of the ocean?

A: A very good start.

Anonymous said...


Q: Why doesn't PAP Minister Shanmugam like to go bungee jumping?

A: He was born because of a broken rubber and he does not want to die for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

South Korea - Corona-Virus infection soars over-night by an increase of 229 confirmed cases in a single day. From the previous total of 204 confirmed cases, this brings South Korea's latest total of confirmed cases to 433, taking over the first place outside China. It has also been reported that South Korea's military forces have also been infected in large numbers, but the numbers must have been classified as military secret/confidentiality.

In Japan more than 200 cases is estimated (excluding the more than 600 cases on board the cruise-ship Diamond Princess).

Elsewhere in Europe, Italy is locking down nine townships.

Singaporeans are still having difficulty in buying face masks from the usual outlets like Guardian, Watson, FairPrice, etc. It has been more than a month or so already . Wonder why no million-dollars-salary leaders are willing to take concrete, effective, efficient actions to expedite the supply to meet the great demand?

Has the Task Force tasked itself to do the needful? Or still waiting for one of the Ministers or their children to be infected?

Anonymous said...

So lowly rated now meh? Thought he was specially selected and parachuted in and touted as PM material? Go down so fast meh? Got holes in his parachute ah?

Anonymous said...

In China, more than 2300 deaths from the corona virus infection has been reported.

World-wise more than 76,000 confirmed cases.

The director of one of the hospitals in China has died from the corona-virus infection. Hope none of Singapore's medical directors, doctors, nurses and staff would have to succumb to the infection.

In the USA, confirmed cases has risen to 35.

Many countries like Russia, North Korea, Indonesia and India are not reporting or refuse to report about the corona-virus situations in their countries. Silence is golden?

Anonymous said...

Corona-Virus Infection: Iran now reported 5 deaths and 28 infected cases. Probably under-reporting. If there are five deaths, probably there are at least 250 cases, based on 2% death-rate.

Anonymous said...

Silence is golden? It's ok by the West. Just keep an eye on China and continue targeting her in transparency and under reporting. Then the world would be fine!

If Europe, US and others continue taking it easy, they will end up like South Korea and Japan.
No other country in the world will be able to build two hospitals in ten days or carry out the scale of isolating whole cities without problems. Then they will realise the immense scale of what China is doing to stop the spread. China is said by the WHO to be buying time for other countries to prepare for what is coming.

Anonymous said...

That's why after kena slammed she tiam tiam already. Not much sound from her except to praise PAP policies & annual Budget statements.

And regarding LBW now you also tiam tiam after I reminded you of her past behaviour??? Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

"prepare for what is coming"

I'm preparing to get super cheap tours, plane tickets, 5-star hotel suites, michelin restaurants etc. Also preparing my cash to buy cheap condos & maybe stocks too.

Hope for some to die in spore to expedite cheap sales.

SSO said...
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Anonymous said...

Except for the comment that you can use water to clean aftr shit-ting avoid toilet paper, I support Chan Chun Seng.
Yes, yes and yes again,>>>> "if not sick, dont wear, IF SICK PLEASE WEAR.". <<<<<

I fully agree, this is in fact not Pap idea, it is WHO recommendation, you can google. Virus size is merely 0.12 micron. If it should land on your mask, your own breath, like a vacuum cleaner will surely, in a few minutes suck in your body. If you didn't wear, at least maybe the virus may fall to ground before you suck!!!. In fact, i suspect that due to electrostatic, it might even be possible virus attract towards your mask. Therefore you are not protected actually by mask!!!( You should wear a helmet visor totally block forward particles.!) On the other hand, for sick people they MuSt wear mask because when they breathe out the moisture and virus get stuck for a while to the mask, so delays or impede from.airborne. I support our Govt's stand, because it is also WHO recommendation by real doctors. Masks create psychological protection only. If sick peole wear mask, it will help tremendously, not healthy people. Please check out below video,

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

The habit of cleaning your arse with water even after wiping with toilet paper is so much cleaner and hygienic

The Malay Race been doing this. Though they don't wipe with Toilet paper. Maybe some do. You never know.

Why the Japs even have their toilet seats as invented with flushing water?

I loved Matland Genting where they have a spray hose for washing after your toilet job.

Tried it. You be surprised that even wiping with toilet paper, it's still not 100 percent clean.

Why some have bowels problems with what's ass holes sores and lumps that needed for surgery?

You felt very comfortable after flushing with water as most old folks unable bend back to clean their arses.

Also can have more sales if you need monies in Bugis Street or Johore Road


imho said...

Yes, CCC is like LKY - very manipulative.
Beware of very manipulative people.
They are extreme blood sucking capitalist.
They can change form as and when to seduce their audience.
Once seduced, they will suck them dry.
He is learning from Trump- speaking like a primary school.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Chan Chun Sing's Degree

Next time he starts a speech to scold the nation, I want him to begin with "Nee Nabay cheebye"

LKY used to fuck the people in perfect English.

Chan is definitely more ON POINT. There's nothing like giving The Sheeple a nice verbal fucking than to do it as a pissed off Ah Beng in melodious Singlish or Hokkein like This Guy (I nominate him for National Day Honours)

๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ Kanninabu Chow Cheebye! ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ

Anonymous said...

virgo. The problem is the shit is upsidr down. How you wash with water your anus sittin on the WC,?? Some people say use bidet or special bidet adapter. but this will spray upward your anus and spatter shit!! also wet arse how to wear pants?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please lah. In Japan even the public toilets have bidets lah. In Malaysia and most Muslim cuntries thre is a hand-held spray to clean your fucking arsehole to perfection, so your boyfriend can lick your "brown starfish" like ice cream, before he shoves his cock into it. ๐Ÿ˜‚

All Peranakan children are trained to "chebok" (wash your arse with water). Toilet paper is a good "on the go" method, but if you're serious about arsehole cleanliness, use BABY WIPES (flushable type!).

Keep your arsehole ready for "action" at all times!

Anonymous said...

matilah. i no understand you. Please make video demo How To clean the shit sitting on wc bowl?

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyoo, like a lost little baby?
Sit on toilet seat and spray the water into your Anuu or Anus ond hand and use the other hand to scrub your Anu or anus. After all you already wiped with paper.

Then use dry toilet paper to clean your Annu or anus.

Your pants hang up on the toilet door. Or even in public toilet down to your knees just pull up after cleaning with dry toilet paper.

Like a kindergarten kid or already dementia grandpa totally lost all motion and can claim eldershield insurance payouts.

In Hokkaido and even Jeju they these flushing bidget though flushings not so strong.

Just tickle your Annu or anus.

Must use your fingers to scrub lah! Guarantee no need surgery for piles.

Made love lick here lick there NOT dirty..Scrub your own anus dirty?

Like some hypocrites licked every woman's parts but said woman panties suay.

Cannnot touch or cannot strike 4Ds.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1239

I try not to use store-bought cleaners. My go-to is BORAX and ammonia, Can clean anything lah, is completely 100% environ friendly and cheap.

Unfortunately in kiasu Singapore, you cannot buy borax or ammonia...so I don't know lah.

Here are the products I use to clean my whole house shiny like pin and clean as hell:

1. chlorine bleach (kills all known viruses and bacteria and fungus)
2. Oxygen bleach sodium perchlorate (hydrogen peroxide)
3. Vinegar
4, Baking soda
5. Caustic soda
6. Isopropyl alcohol
7. Methylated spirits
8. Turpentine
9. Borax
10. Ammonia

any other cleaner if needed is INDUSTRIAL type. I dun waste money or time at shit the supermarket sells.

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah, in Melaka those Chinese ting ting tong tong shops selling brooms, pails etc have their strong home made factory made detergents,Sanisters and Borax and even those listed in your list on the cheap.

Some even in big bottles at RM3.00, Sinkies one dollah.

Used to buy by the dozens and back. NOT scared KeeChiu scold sia suay and gian png.

Can use for months. Matland, they had pretty strong chemicals and even medicines like extra strong pink pandols for sale which unable to get in Sinkieland.

Next week up to replenish stocks.

For RM300 to 500 can have groceries and necessities that last for several months in Sinkieland.

Extra strong Panadol only for those who frequent Genting Highlands which i don't require.


Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo Matilah.

This phase used in the 60s and early 70s by the Old SIRs, PDF AhBeng instructors.

Now cannnot

Detention barracks you go.

Virgo 49 said...

Also, the blurred blurred manure Millieninals be goggling at Goggle to find what's is the meaning?

Anonymous said...

After centuries, how come we are still trying to teach each other how to clean our 'ka chng' after doing our business?

Singapore education system is so bad meh, that they have to give extra lessons on how to manage your money, and now how to manage your 'ka chng'. And I can see other nonsense like why we are drinking water the wrong way, still arguing how many cups of water to drink each day etc. Nonsensical stuff all around!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 228

Ok, I'm a very old timer and have fucked many women for 50 years already. So I have a "healthy" data set, let's assume for argument ok?

Women have to clean their arse more carefully than men because a dirty arsehole can "infect" their puki. A tell tale sign is the smell you get when you venture South to lick and suck the goodies.

In my time, cleanliness rankings for Singapore chicks as follows in descending order:

Champion #1: Malay girls
Close 2nd: Peranakan girls
3rd: Pakistani
4th: Indian, Bengali, Chinese and "others" chicks.

Overseas: Mat Saleh girls: always suggest a shower before banging. Otherwise chow cheebye.
Japanese, Thai, Indonesian: very clean
Filipina: need to shower

Ok, gentlemen, go do your thing