Swine fever hit the Philippines, the USA announced vaccine developed!

When the Philippines and other parts of the world are falling victims to swine fever, the Americans proudly announced that they have perfected the vaccine for it. What a coincidence, what perfect timing.

There is a saying that all the computer viruses were developed and inserted into the computer systems by developers of anti virus softwares. Any truth in this? Who are the biggest beneficiaries to a world full of computer viruses with new ones being created daily in a never ending race of new viruses and new anti viruses. And who is benefitting from it and who is paying for it?

Why would people work full time to develop computer viruses? Are they being paid and who is paying them for their hard work? And why are govts and international bodies and organisations seemed to be hapless against this bunch of mischief makers, apparently unable to deal with them and allowing them to continue with their game of destruction and reconstruction and the poor innocent victims, the computer users, paying for their mischief forever?

The swine fever, bird flu, now the coronavirus, Sars etc etc, some people and countries are suffering and paying for them. But some countries are profiting from them and who knows who is behind these mischievous diseases and benefitting from them like the creator of computer viruses and computer anti virus systems.

There is no proof to support any of these suspicions, so to some, these are wild allegations, fake news, rumour mongerings and should be punished. Who should be punished while the devils are laughing to the banks?  And the victims would have to seek help from the devils, pay for it and be very grateful for it.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

What do I think? I think these people should be sodomized jialat jialat lor

Virgo 49 said...

One Fine Day just like the Whistle Blower who blown the Whistle on Dotard Trump on his current impeachment case, another whistler maybe against his conscience also blows the Whistle on the wicked UAssA that they are the culprits of the Coronvirus Wuhan Virus on China, then may be, just maybe the Rest of the Daft World just like the Daft Sinkies would wake up to their evil deeds.

Best way for the Rest of the World to turn animosity against China and the PRCs.

Secondly, to tank the Chinese Nation and the Rest of the Asian Markets so that they can what's wrong with making more monies.

As compare to their own H5N1 virus which killed hundreds of thousands, their evil deeds on China is been monitored and controlled by China effectively.

If this incident were to be UAssA, you think they can controlled their Americunts so easily??

They, bunches of unruly and fighting cocks barbarians also looking for troubles.

And, World NamparOne Democracy and Freedom? Where they covered their own on the impeachment case.

Anonymous said...

This business strategy is called, I fixed you up and then offer to help you, and you pay for it without knowing who fixed you up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ All of Humanity

One of the many reasons I wake with a smile every morning at 0430 is that I just know Humanity is going to deliver ENTERTAINMENT content unsurpassed by the best of what Hollywood creates.📽️🍿

Hong Kongers have long believed that their mainland cuntry bumpkin cousins are a filthy and unsophisticated waste of skin and oxygen.... and now they are protesting Beijing's lapdog and ball-carrier Carrie "Fucking Useless" 💩💩 Lam from not shutting the borders to prevent virus-ridden mainlanders from entering HK, and BLUDGING OFF the fantastic HK healthcare system...as if they are ENTITLED even though they are non-resident and non-taxpayers.



Anonymous said...

American imperialist lackey can't resist attacking China and siding with the useless Hongkies.

Anonymous said...


While losers here are masturbating who create what virus .... I'm busy making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in stock markets.

Shanghai just dropped 8% .... SHIOK!!!!!

I've expended $20+K in the last 1 hour collecting China ETF & China stocks that other weak hands are willing to sell at big discounts.

Another $20+K bullets to ease my itchy fingers over these couple days! No hurry ... stocks will keep moving from the top-left to the bottom-right in an Up & Down fashion till March.

Plenty of time for GSS shopping!!! LOL!!!

Okie ... I go for 1-hour nap first before ordering FoodPanda lunch later...


Virgo 49 said...

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Shumber

"America will remember this day, unfortunately, where the Senate did not live up to its responsibilities, when the Senate turned away from the truth and went along with a sham trial"

So much for their so-called First World Democracy and Land of the FREE.

Statue of Liberty

Anonymous said...


But only in politically & socially open countries can such things e.g. political bribery, be exposed, and the Oppo & the press be allowed to say and print such things.

In other politically closed countries including SG & CN & RU, such things won't even see the light of day. And even if leaks happen, the ruling govt as well as the press will say nothing wrong, everything is correct & fine. Any Oppo (or citizen) who dare open mouth either disappeared in the night or made a fool of on TV & newspapers, or destroyed financially.

And it is foolish to think that politically closed countries don't have such shenanigans going on with their top leaderships.

Anonymous said...


With every death from Wuhan virus, I stand more & more vindicated in NOT renting out my condo to china chinese.

My friends who have rented out their condos to PRCs are now terminating their tenancy contracts. Compensate them 1 or 2 months rental for immediate termination also never mind.

Hearing from grapevine about MOM & EDB receiving plenty of complaints from MNCs about Sinkie landlords terminating their china chinese staffs' rentals.

For those looking to profit, can take in these china chinese at INCREASED rental rates.

Anonymous said...

Japan Set To Release 1.2 Million Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water Into Ocean, Causing "Immeasurable Damage"

And still PAP and Ho Ching insists that Singapore should adopt nuclear energy.

PAP Bastards will completely destroy Singapore unless we vote Oppo.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 103

I'm racist. I only rent to ang mohs and Malaysians. So far, damn fucking good.

Anonymous said...

Hi 106pm

You think the masses will vote them out?


Anonymous said...

"Reality is not real. Real is not reality."

"Relative Truth is not Absolute Truth.
Absolute Truth is not Relative Truth."

"Fair is foul. Foul is fair"

Who said the above? What do they mean?

Anonymous said...

@ 106 pm

PAP is very smart one. Otherwise, how to stay in power for 54 years?

The truely stupid, stubborn and blind ones are The 69.9% voters.

Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

Bad News Is Good News?

Chinese stock and commodity markets wiped US$420 billion off China's stock market in their first session since Jan 23, when the outbreak of the newly identified virus had claimed only 17 lives in Wuhan city in Hubei province.

And Good News can be Bad News?

Fake can be real and real can actuary be Fake?

Fakers can be whistle blowers.
Suppressors of fakers (whistle blowers) can be the most notorious but shrewd liars?

Generally, politicians can never tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So, help us, God!

Anonymous said...


Cases Deaths
Mainland China 17,205 361
Hong Kong 15 --
Macau 8 --
Taiwan 10 --
Rest of Asia 95 1
Europe 21 --
North America 15 --
South America -- -- Australasia 12 --
Rest of the world 7 --

17,388 cases 362 deaths

Anonymous said...


So you belong to the 30%?

Anonymous said...

Chinese singer Hu Haiquan sends 160,000 masks back to China from Changi Airport


Now you know why face masks are all sold out in Singapore.

India has already banned the export of face masks from India.

Isn't it about time PAP banned the export of face masks from Singapore?

Anonymous said...

160,000 face masks at a profit of $2 per piece means she makes at least $320,000! In just a single transaction.

Anonymous said...

Wuhan virus: PAP should quickly address shortage of masks issue, cease all propaganda



Anonymous said...

2.55pm anon why u asking? U wanted to be sodomized is it?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

In the end, most probably Dotard Trump will get an acquittal.

So much so for a Sham Trial. As what you said politically closed countries like Sinkieland and many so called Democratic countries are worse than what's they claimed to be an open transparent democratic nations.

Think CN as a a Socialist and feared Communist Nation is even much open with their system.

Still, it all actually depended on the Top Leaderships of any particular Nation whether practising their systems.

If they are really clean with desires to serve their people then the masses are blessed.

If you have those greedy and self servings shenanigans that you are cursed.

But most of the times, the masses are blind to the leaders that they had chosen. Those for the people are been casted away from those who exploited them.

At least the Chinese had their stringent system of choosing and sieving their best leaders unlike bullshits Democratic countries that voted in clowns, actors and conmen to be their leaders.

Those Elites from wealthy or even those who benefited professionally in their lives from the people are usually the same with their high and mighty scorns for the peasants and poor.

Just like that PSP TCB what's Secretary How lian joker.

Scorning other OPPO parties leaders like sinking rats clutching to straws just because they tried to form an Oppo Alliance.

Alreday so haughty and mighty even have not even been elected.

What happened he become an MP and Minister?

With his attitude scorning the Rest of the Masses.

Will be no difference like the Pap Elites.

Virgo 49 said...

PSP members thought that their Party would be the most influential and powerful party amongst other Oppo Parties.

Their members already behaving just like the Papies members.

Maybe, as most are also ex Papies benefited class of elites and that why they behaved as such.

Fearful also if they were to be the Ruling Party of the Day just like the Papies.

Anonymous said...


If you have planned for yourself & your family, you should have no fear even if PAPies rule forever and a day.

Even if tomorrow the members of WP, PSP, and SDP are taken to the Padang & executed publicly .... you should have no fear.

Anonymous said...

US F-35 Can't Shoot Straight, New Pentagon Report Warns


Ah Loong.
Why you and PAP so stupid?
Why buy such a lousy aeroplane for Singapore?

How much money have you wasted?

Anonymous said...

Japan gets US nod for $4.5 billion F-15 upgrade package


Ah Loong.
You should have just upgraded our F-15 like what Japan is doing.
- the cost is just 10% of your usrless F-35 jet purchase.

Whose the dumbest mathematician-politician in the world?
- yes, you are
- yes, you are

Anonymous said...

Long live The China Chinese Race. Wansui Wansui Wan Wan Wan...Wan Sui Heng Ong Huat Ah...