Covid19 - How to design the perfect biological weapon?

If any country wishes to design the perfect biological weapon, Covid19 is it.  Now that we have seen how this is being played out, we can do a summary of the special characteristics of this virus and see how effective it is in spreading fear and terror and death to a population of people caught unaware. The world should thank China for taking firm, drastic and tough measures by closing down cities to prevent this from spreading. If this is to happen in any other country, especially the so called democrazy countries when they would take ages to debate in Parliament before a decision is made, if they could come to a quick agreement on what needs to be done, this virus would have spread across the entire world. Thanks to the central govt under the CCP and a strong leader in Xi Jinping to be able to make such a decision at such a short notice, another TianAnmen type of situation, do or don't do would also die.

The world is safer for the moment and the medical experts and scientists could have some time to try to figure out what this virus is all about and to develop an antidote for it. In the meantime countries around the world could test their containment and control and contact tracing systems to make sure they work. This is a luxury that Xi Jinping, China, has bought for them.

Now lets look at how effective as a weapon this Covid19 is and its special characteristics.

1. It must have a long incubation period and initial contact or infection should give very mild symptoms, not to raise any alarm. The long incubation period would allow the virus to spread longer and to more people and to a wider area by the time the first outbreak is detected and becomes serious. It would be too late as many people would have been infected and spreading the virus around.

2. It must have some semblance to something similar in nature to give the impression that it is a natural occurrence, not man made. Give the virus some moustaches and everyone would be misled to look for someone with moustache and forget that this could be something more sinister, could be created by evil human beans.

3. It must be safe and easily portable. Nothing is better and easier to move around, concealed easily and conveniently, than a capsule of viruses looking similar to any health supplement.

4. And when the incubation period is over, the outbreak would be very infectious and could be transmitted very easily from human to human at the slightest contact or close vicinity.

5. It must be deadly to inflict more harm and fear, better still if mismanaged by incompetent govts, to spread like wildfire to genocide a whole population, like the wiping out of the native Americans in North America during the days of Columbus when the Europeans landed and robbed their land.

Now that these characteristics have been narrowed, and the virus designed and tested, the next step is the execution. This is a no brainer as a capsule of virus can be easily carried by anyone and looking as innocent as health supplement. What could make this more effective and destructive is the timing and the location where the viruses are to be released. Look at Wuhan and the Chinese New Year migration of a few hundred millions of people! The Chinese population could be totally wiped out if this virus was not contained and locked down quickly. Credit to the Chinese govt for taking immediate action to stop this from spreading getting out of control.

Oh, to make this even more effective, get a DNA map of the targeted population. How? Pretend to conduct a survey, calling for volunteers of the targeted population to donate their DNAs. Tell them that this is a scientific experiment to help them, for their own good. Then add in some goodies like some cash awards. When the DNAs are collected, do the necessary to make sure the virus would react exactly as it is designed. And here you are, Covid19, a national epidemic in China but with minor damages to the rest of the world due to some hiccups and uncontrollable factors.

The Covid19 virus has all the desired qualities of a perfect biological weapon that is too good to be a random design of mother nature. The speed this virus is spreading is extraordinary. And where it struck, the timing was perfect, to inflict the most damages it could to a country.  Or is this simply an act of God, an act of Nature?

Far fetched, wild imagination? Up to you. But this is the likely scenario when some evil minded people would want to do harm to other people or country. Heard of Project 731 and how evil and wicked those Japanese were, a national effort in using Chinese people as test specimen for chemical and biological weapons.

And who is the main beneficiary of the abominable experiments and having the biggest hoards of biological and chemical weapons? The most peace loving nation of course.

PS. China's medical scientists should stop catching wildlife to find a link to this deadly virus. Instead should spend more effort trying to find the culprits that released this virus in Wuhan.

The other grave consequences of such a biological weapon are the social and economic impact on a country, freezing many human related activities and businesses and the whole economy.


Anonymous said...

Probably, most likely the Culprit could never be found. And don't discount another possibility of Divine Intervention or what u can it as Aliens or even ETs from outer space travel thru some kind of of time warp time traveling in another dimension or hyperspace technology tat not even the earthlings could ever detect it, maybe it's not sci-fi but aliens cud hv been in tis mother earth since ancient times probably during dinosaurs ruled the earth. See the Canadians found another new dinosaur species that lived millions of years prior to T-rex and become extinct, probably the aliens wanto make homo sapiens transform into or evolve into a more resilience species, the days of future past is near as earthlings gradually being mutated into X men like or even supermen type on the future r all not impossible.

Anonymous said...

USA is the Great Satan, no doubt about it!

Anonymous said...

Where is the evidence? U can't say tat when there isn't any evidence.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ CoVid@Kopitiam Singapore

Actually there are plenty of conspiracy theories...all variants of the "bio weapon" idead. Did the Yanks do it? Or Canada...or China with its not one but TWO biolabs in Wuhan?

I don't give a shit. If the bioweapon idea is true, I would like to buy a round of beers for the team who did it, because in general markets haven't reacted much to the event. There have been some declines, but nothing driven by "doomsday fear" yet. This leads me to conclude that risk is severely MISPRICED which means hidden opportunities for massive gains.

The fun and games hasn't begun yet. China's in a hard place having virtually shut down a significant amount of export-driven revenue production.

Unconfirmed "new theories" are that the incubation could be as long as 24 days, the virus can remain active for up to 12 days on surfaces, and that it is airborne. Temperature probes used for SARS are ineffective for this virus as infected people can be asymptomatic until much later.

China's hard decision is that they have to either contain more to limit the infection...thus shutting down more of its economy, risking permanent loss of customers OR getting back to production and re-opening everything.

They have decided to reopen the factories in a short time, meaning there will definitely be infected people travelling around and some factories will become "super infectors" as workers infect each other...and then their families, and infect the goods that they produce for export. Imagine, your next Made In China $1500 Apple iPhone could be carrying Covid19 because the person who packed the box was infected...or the truck driver handling the crates...whatever lah...so many ways.

So when China opens the factories and gets the economy going again, markets probably will go ape-shit, straight UP TO THE MOON.

But wait...in a short time infections will appear again in China and the world, and this time spread very fast.

Then, I make my move.

What about a vaccine? Yeah, good luck on that one. Even if they succeed, which they will...have you ANY IDEA how long it would take to produce enough and immunize the whole world? Fucking 1 or 2 years, at least

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Covid19...coming to an Apple Store near you

Apple is a more than $1 trillion market cap company. Of course they want to male money lah! 🤧🤧🤑🤑

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats...the SHOW is just about to BEGIN.

My money and business FIRST, you die, your business! 💲💲🤑🤧🤧☠️⚰️🤣😂

Wah, all going as planned! Thank you Jesus!👍🤟

Anonymous said...

Matilar u got nothing better to do early morning posting nonsense. U really needed to be sodomized jialat jialat lar

Anonymous said...

It reminds how Rex Tillerson, then U.S. Secretary of State in early 2018, gloated over the deaths of North Koreans due to US sanctions.

Tillerson told reporters: “We are getting a lot of evidence that these sanctions are really starting to hurt. More than 100 North Korean fishing boats had drifted into Japan waters and two-thirds of those aboard them had died. They are being sent out in the winter time because there’s food shortages and they are being sent out to fish with inadequate fuel to get back.”

Anonymous said...

Covid-19 is a great social equalizer.

The PAP bastards are just as vulnerable as Singaporeans.

But I hope to see more PAP bastards fall ill and die.

Anonymous said...

Why did the PAP leaders advised all Singaporeans "NOT TO WEAR MASK IF YOU ARE WELL"???

This advise is a REACTIVE ACTION.

A PROACTIVE ACTION would be like the Macau government advising its population to "WEAR A MASK WHENEVER YOU GO TO PUBLIC PLACES"!

To advise people "not to wear a mask if you are well" is like when you see a devil, do not run. Run only when the devil has possessed your body. Or when you know there are thieves lurking around your house, do not lock your door; lock only after your house has been robbed!

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP does not have enough masks in our Singapore stockpile?
- that's why PAP say not to wear mask if you are well

Just like if there is not enough money in our Singapore reserves ... then you cannot have people like Tan Cheng Bock become President and asking awkward questions

Anonymous said...

The idea
"No need to Wear a Mask if you are Well, and implied corollary "Must wear mask if you are unwell" is brilliant.
If everyone follow, then we will automatically stay clear from those wearing mask. Then how can you be infected?
Good job Lee Hsien Loong. It saves Singapore millions of masks. Follow the 4 quack doctors, wear a mask the moment you leave home, will drain our limited stocks of masks in no time. They don't understand GOVERNMENTS ARE COMPETING TO GET MASKS WHICH ARE IN VERY SHORT SUPPLY. THUMBS UP LHL.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

I tell you. Awesome cuntry lah.

Lui Lui Lai lo! 💲💲


SSO said...

Many things are not transparent, whether deliberately or not.

Many things are intentionally hidden, classified as higher than "Top Secret". This happens in EVERY COUNTRY, every Government, and every Big Multinational corporations.

However, there are certain things that should not be covered up - things that involve life and death, things that involve people's livelihoods and things that involve people's money.

Anonymous said...

@ PAP IB @ 2.36pm

Chinese nationals living in Singapore buy masks to send back home


Is this is the reason why Singaporeans are unable to buy any face masks in Singapore?

LHL's foreign talents have been exporting our face masks to China.

And LHL does not want to implement an export ban to stop this.

Do you think LHL has betrayed Singaporeans during this crisis?

Do you think LHL is a traitor?

Do you think LHL is slow or incompetent in the way he has managed this crisis?

Anonymous said...

Is it far fetched to think that this is not a biological weapon created in a laboratory? Not so. True or not, Indian and Japanese scientist have been claiming that this virus could not have originated naturally because it also harbours the characteristics of SARS, HIV etc that could only be intentionally inserted into the genes of the virus.

Is it also far fetched to claim that this virus comes from eating wild animals? Not really so. The Thais, Indonesians, Chinese and many other people all over the world have been eating anything under the sun, including insects, wild or not for thousands of years. Why did this virus only surfaced after all this time? And why so conveniently close to the Chinese New Year where everybody knows that millions of Chinese will be travelling home, giving the opportunity to test the extent of the ability of the virus in spreading in China and worldwide.

Is the story of the Chinese scientist stealing this virus from a biological lab in Canada and accidentally letting lose the virus while experimenting with it in a Chinese biological lab also true? If so, it clearly supports the claim that this is a human created biological weapon. And why is Canada involved in doing such biological weapons research? The one possibility is again at the behest of the evil empire, just like the Huawei issue.

Last, but not least, it is claimed somewhere by someone that the UK already had the vaccine for this virus, which begs the question of how did they create this vaccine if they did not know this virus existed. Perhaps the reason why the USA and European countries have so few victims of this virus infection could shed some light as to the veracity of this claim.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea are nearer to China than Singapore.

Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea have bigger populations than Singapore.

So why does Singapore have 58 confirmed cases of Covid-19.
... so many more cases than

Japan (35)
South Korea (28)
Hong Kong (53)

Do you think LHL & PAP are more incompetent than the leaders of Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong?

Anonymous said...

- closer to China than Singapore
- bigger population than Singapore

Taiwan only has 18 confirmed cases !!!
- Singapore has 58 cases !!!

- do you think our PAP Ministers can still justify their million dollar salaries during this crisis?

Anonymous said...

Activist Roy Ngerng says Taiwan is managing Covid-19 outbreak better than Singapore


Anonymous said...

The Western countries planned their biological weapon to strike on the Chinese on China's first Lunar New Year after its 70th nation-founding anniversary in September.

Anonymous said...

@ PAP IB @ 2.36pm


China government has no problems buying up 3 months supply of face mask from Indonesia.

Why can't PAP & LHL do the same?
- paid million dollar salaries
- and yet unable to perform the simple action of buying more face mask

Got masks? China orders three months' supply of Indonesian face masks amid coronavirus outbreak



Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

My Singapore breaking news:

One of my spies just informed me that level 9 at the NEA was just evacuated due to a suspected Covid19 "situation".

You heard it here first. Yet to be confirmed.

Anonymous said...

@ matilah @ 7.03pm

Yawn. Yawn.

Wake me up when a PAP Minister catches the Covid-19 virus and then dies.

Virgo 49 said...

Top Evil Serpent at 66 already chee ko molested two women colleagues also mature already.

Sure cover up just like the trial in camera.

Must protect his identity. Must be a TOP brass which can bring disgrace to the Govt.

Or even political suicide to the PAP.

Top brass can be Sperm Sex oops Perm Sec. Or Ministxxx?

Anonymous said...

Knn true lar

Anonymous said...

COVID-19: Singapore confirms 9 new cases, 6 linked to Grace Assembly of God church; total at 67


- what happened?

Anonymous said...

Singapore = 67 (Covid-19)
Taiwan = 18


Anonymous said...

Virgo fake news lar. Never heard of this case

Anonymous said...

18lm anon u be careful what u posted lar. Cause if not careful u kena tangkat and kena sodomized by tuakee jialat jialat till u ass bleed and u die first. God bless and be careful before u open your mind

Virgo 49 said...

You must have not following the news on print and web.

Think just to protect that TOP brass identity in the case he is innoncent.

So that he can safely resumed his duties.

They need their own kakis for supports.