Talking Points : War And Peace

     In 1421 when Admiral Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty  made his Seven Voyages to distant shores touching Malaya, Indonesia, India, Ceylon ( now Sri Langkar ), Middle East and Africa there was peace and tranquility in the world. China was under the rule of the glorious Ming Dynasty, the continental land mass of Asia from the Pacific coast to Russia and Hungary was under strong Mongol rule, the Middle East and Turkey was under the Turkish Ottoman Empire , while north Africa and most of Spain and Portugal were under the rule of the Moors muslims who were associated to the Turkish muslims, the Ottomans. Earlier in 1260s Marco Polo's description of the wonders of Chinese science and inventions,  the wealth and splendour and the grandeur of Chinese society in China struck the first spark and stirred the Renaissance of all Europe. However, it was the spread of knowledge of the  Zheng He's epic voyages that fired the zeal and interest of Europeans to look for the sea route of Zheng He's to China. The overland route in continental Asia was controlled by the Mongols and the Arab or Turkish muslims who guarded their rich Chinese trade with severity to the exclusion of others. It seemed many Italian merchants from Venice and Genoa used to visit Zheng He's ships when they were anchored in Middle East ports in Saudi Arabia or Egypt. It was claimed that an Italian merchant stole some of Zheng He's sea route charts and handed them to Christopher Columbus in a trade deal. Thereafter some European seamen preceded by Christopher Columbus were able to set out to sea for the journey to China in search for the fabulous wealth of the Chinese trade viz some rare products like tea, silk and spices.

Zheng He's voyages were friendly and peaceful. Everywhere he went he was warmly welcome. He gave to the rulers of each country he visited expensive gifts from the emperor of the Ming dynasty. In the Malay peninsula he protected the ruler of Malacca, Paramesuara from Thai invasion. He also prevented the Thais ( Siamese ) from attacking Kelantan and Trengganu.. In Java he was warmly welcomed by the king of Java. In Ceylon he helped the ruler to negotiate peace with the opposition rebellion and brought peace to the island. It was the same everywhere he went in the Middle East and Africa he was warmly welcome.

On the contrary right from the beginning the motives of European seafarers were evil for they were armed with the motive to conquer new lands, to rob, plunder and steal and to kill natives so as to deprive them of their lands. The diabolic and sinister motives of their voyages were poles apart from Zheng He's peaceful voyages. The European seafarers were financed by their rulers who expected rich returns for their investments. Thus for five hundred years since 1492 the Europeans were the bane of natives in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Their voyages were protected by well armed soldiers who would enforced their  plunderings and killings of natives to achieve their rulers demand for acquiring new lands and riches from natives.

These western aggressions of savage conquests, plunderings and robbings have continued unabated to the present. It is headed by the white Americans and led by the egregious American Jewish zionist illuminati cabal. In the continuity of their aggressions they not only followed their earlier evil militant religious cum political doctrine , 'the Doctrine of Christian Discovery' but also have added new potent doctrines to reinforce and justify their aggresssions and conquests. They are the doctrine of American Manifest Destiny , the Doctrine of American Exceptionalism and the latest American Jewish Doctrine of Wolfowitz that clearly stated the insidious doctrine of  the United States to hold uncontested total control and hegemony of the whole world to the exclusion of others. Under this doctrine there will never have peace in this world for the American Jews have took control of every strategic department of importance in the US administrative government. The American Jews constitute the Deep State government of the Wall Street tycoons and rogue bankers of the Zionist Illuminati cabal and the formation of their aggressive foreign policy goes a long way to preserve and maintain Israel overpowering behaviour and domination in the Middle East. 

So long as the American aggressive doctrines are in place they will continue to carry out permanent and perpetual warfares all over the earthly world.

The motive for permanent warfare against other countries is to generate perpetual gargantuan income for American Pentagon military industrial complex which is solely owned by the Deep State of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothchild's Illuminati Cabal of the Wall Street business tycoons and the insatiable blood sucking rogue bankers. The Deep State which is the real power and authority behind every US government and administration controls both the civil, military, foreign policy as well as FBI, CIA, NGOs and other intelligence agencies like the mass media viz TV, newspapers and periodicals.

China, Russia, North Korea ( DPRK ) and Iran should not delude themselves in talking and negotiating peace with the Evil Empire. The United States is not sincere and never have been sincere  in talking peace. They always make use of the iterim time in peace talks as an opportunity to upgrade  their next steps and strategy to step up their offensive warfare.

Every country outside the evil empire and its allies should familiarise themselves with the bellicose potent and toxic militant political doctrine of the American Jewish Zionist, The Wolfowitz Doctrine, to realise it is not possible for the world to have peace so long as all the American gingoistic doctrines are in place.

The Wolfowitz  Doctrine consists of many articles. Some of the more glaring ones with all their implications for war and peace are tabulated below.

The American Neo-Con doctrine of  Paul Wolfowitz, a hawkish anti-China and anti-Russian Jew.

1.     To prevent the emergence of a rival that poses a threat to the United States dominance.
Implications:   US will hold total power and complete hegemony over every other country. US will hold sovereign rights and all others will be treated as dependents of US, meaning slaves of US.

2.   To prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would under consolidated control be sufficient to generate global power.

Implications:   China would not be allowed to be the dominant power in Asia. Only US will have that power and control over Asia especially in the East China Sea and South China Sea. Russia would not be allowed to have dominant power in Central Asia and eastern Europe. Iran should not be allowed to hold sway in Iran and its neighbouring regions. The United States reserve the right to control the whole of the Middle East and all of its oil and mineral resources.

3.   US fundamental goal is to deter or defeat attack from whatever source.

Implications: Other countries have no right to arm and defend themselves. Any sign of this will be put down by US military might. Thus do we witness the over one thousand US military bases around the world threatening countries big and small.

4.   To strengthen and extend the system of defense arrangements with other democratic nations together in common defense against aggression. A collective response to preclude threats and to deal with them as a key feature of the United States regional defense strategy.

Implications:   All US overseas puppy allies will be the frontline defense of mainland US peace and security. At the end of the day the interests of these puppy states do not matter so long as US security is assured.

5.     To preclude or prevent any hostile power from dominating a region critical to USA interest and also thereby to strengthen barriers against the re-emergence of a global threat to the interests of the US and its allies.

Implications     This can be seen in US dangerous posture in the Baltic Sea region,  Ukraine, Korea, the Philippines and Middle East. If US  initiates trouble in the Baltic Sea and Ukraine the first casualties will be the small  countries in the region, as an example Crimea is now under Russia. In the Middle East the front line casualties are Syria, Lebandon, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. In the South China Sea the United States will start bellicose activities against China but the chief casualty will be the Philippines where the US military bases there will be the targets of China's missile response either conventional or nuclear. In Korea if the US starts hostilities against DPRK the main casualties will be South Korea and Japan In the meantime US will feel safe and sound in security and remain unscathed..

6.     US must convince potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests.

Implications:    This is the most consummate arrogance ever. The inherent evil and wickedness of the United States is beyond redemption. Under this article it is assumed that US will attack any country that opposes US dictatorship and tyranny.

7.     In non-defense areas US discourage other advance industrial nations from challenging USA leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. USA must maintain the mechanism for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.

Implications: Even in commercial and internal political governance in other countries, US wants to have the final say. In other words US hold the sovereign rights over every other country and the people therein are just treated as dependents of the United States. Toshiba the most advanced Japanese corporation in electronics was demolished by the treachery of the United States in the 1970s resulting in the stagnant Japanese economy for decades. Now the evil empire is trying with spurious reasons to undermine Huawei  just because they are unable to compete with Huawei on 5G, the key to artificial intelligence and the 4th great industrial revolution. Well, Huawei will not be so foolish like Toshiba for it will fight the American evil design with contempt and disdain and also it has the main support of most countries in the world as its 5G is the most advanced. Also the despicable evil empire is using undeclare hybrid warfare against China so as to contain China's peaceful rise and development. This can be seen in its implant of Coronavirus in China and the simultaneous naval threats to China in the South China Sea.

8.    Unilateralism

The doctrine downplays the value of international coalitions. US will maintain that the world order is ultimately backed by the US .

This is another ultra arrogance of a drunken power. It implies that  world order means US order and that US can and will tear away or abrogate international treaties which it feels no more serve its interests.  US did not sign the United Nations International Laws of the Seas. It walked away from TPPS and unilaterally abrogated the missile treaties signed with Russia as well as the international treaty with Iran on nuclear issues.

It is impossible for the world to have peace with an evil empire bent on creating choas and instabilities everywhere and perpetual warfare to maintain its only superpower status and world hegemony. The rest of the world's peace loving countries must unite to take down this satanic United States or face a bleak future of Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothchilds Illuminati Deep State insidious dominance and hegemony.


Tuesday, 25th February, 2020.


Anonymous said...

The Jews are indeed very savage and wicked. The American Jews are making use of the United States to destroy its enemies to save Israel. With the American help and protection they have been taking full advantage to declare wars on the Arabs and to grab Arab territories. They had illegally occupied the Syrian territory of Golan Heights and taken almost all the lands of the Palestinian Arabs. The wicked Jews should be exterminated from the earth

Anonymous said...

Trump and his rogue American leaders want to make America great again. America had never been great in the past so how to make America great again. The white Americans in the past were known for committing wanton atrocities against the natives to exterminate them and against the Mexican Americans and the African Americans. You don't become great by killing other people.

Anonymous said...

The United States thinks it can win all the wars by attacking small and weak states. But they had lost the Korean war and the Vietnamese War inspite of superior military might. It is now mired in Afghanistan after almost 20 years of war and is still unable to get out of it.

War is easy to win. That's what the Evil Empire thinks.

Anonymous said...

It seems for some years the United States have been preparing for confrontation against China to contain China's peaceful rise and development. It has prepared its military bases in the Philippines as a beach head against China. Fortunately President Duterte is wise to abrogate all the defense treaties with the United States and demand all American military bases close and American military personnels leave the Philippines as he and his colleagues realise that the Americans are using the Philippines as part of its dangerous strategy to start a war with China. President Duterte and the Filipinos will never allow the evil white Americans to make use of the Philippines bases to attack China and thus invite massive retalliations of Chinese nuclear missiles which will devastate the Philippines and its people. It matters not to the Americans whether the Filipinos die or survive so long as the bases serve American interests.

Astute political observer SS

Anonymous said...

The irrational gingoistic behaviour of USA everywhere has made the world less safe.

Anonymous said...

The world must not be made to pay the price for USA self-interests in its irrational confrontation and trade war with China. It is unable to compete with Huawei on 5G the internet of all things and so it is using all spurious reasons to undermine Huawei.

Anonymous said...

America is getting very desperate. The trade war it imposed on China is a cover for starting wider wars to contain China's rise and development. However, this may backfire and hasten the speedy demise of the evil American imperial empire. Today's China is rich, strong and powerful and well armed with a powerful nuclear arsenal. So US should take heed and not miscalculate in its gingoism against China.

Anonymous said...

If America wants to be great it must stop all aggressions against other countries. It must get rid of all the bellicose hawkish Jews like Peter Narvaro who have infected all the American strategic departments like cancer. Only by getting rid of all the warmongering Jews America can then be saved and the peace and security of the world assured.

The Jews must die for the world to survive.

Anonymous said...

Ehh must be grateful to jews lah. Without them S'pore will be conquered by matland already & we will be paying S$30 instead of 3 sen for matland water.

imho said...

Any kind of race also have good and bad.
If you cannot see that, you are too naive.